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A years experience Deal Dash review with 160+ auction wins!

I began bidding on Deal Dash just over one year ago. In fact, I registered on October 25, 2012 and what an amazing journey it has been winning over 160 auctions to date. It all started when the color on my TV went out.  Not being able to afford a large size TV for the living room I thought I would try Deal Dash.  I wanted to make sure I started properly so I read all the rules, hints and suggestions first.  Then I started off by bidding on smaller items and worked my way up.

I made sure to use the Buy It Now option (BIN) when I lost the auction. With BIN you actually never lose since you buy the item at regular price and get your bids back to use again. Sort of recycling your bids. I won numerous items and gift cards which I love and then I took a  gamble on a few things I couldn’t afford to BIN (like the TV) and low and behold I won a 50″ LG HDTV valued at $1200.00  for only $50.00! How cool is that!

I invite everyone to try the site, oh wait! That means more competition in the auctions! But really, try the site and I think you will agree it is a fun way to shop, possibly save you quite a bit of money on day to day items and maybe a big win on something really nice. Be sure to read all the rules and tips. If you have any questions at all contact the best support team any company could have. I plan on being a Deal Dash customer for a very long time.

– newfden

won on

Total Bids Used = 125

Submitted on behalf of customer username: newfden

Christmas Shopping and Gift Giving with DealDash

I love giving gifts; especially gift cards! They are small, flexible, can be very valuable and my kids always love them which is why I routinely give gift cards to my family members each Christmas to various retail shops, restaurants, and other fun places. Last Christmas, I was able to provide everyone with at least 4 gift cards that I had won on!

I started my winning spree with a $25.00 gift card + 30 free bids to IHOP for 0.67! Since I have a husband, 3 daughters, a son-in-law and a grandson, I knew I would need to acquire a few more! So, I continued bidding on DealDash and my next win was a $10.00 Walmart card for $0.17.  My husband loves to read so I bid and won him a $25.00 gift card to Barnes & Noble for $0.71 so he could pick himself a good book. I continued and won a $25.00 GameStop card for $2.20!

These are just a few examples of my wins on Deal Dash. I made several more auction wins for numerous other gift cards at a fraction of what I would have paid at the stores themselves! Many of those gift cards also came with additional free bids so I got all my bids back plus a few extra. All in all I ended up with gift cards to Claires, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Cracker Barrel, GameStop, Subway, IHOP and Starbucks! Needless to say, my family loved them and I hope to be able to do the same this Christmas season. I love DealDash and love the free shipping they provide too!

If you also love giving gift cards, then I recommend shopping for them on You have to buy Bids in order to participate in the auctions, however you can really get some good deals when you win auctions. If you don’t win, it’s okay too because DealDash has what they call a Buy it Now option (BIN). You can get all your bids back if you buy the item at the regular ‘Buy It Now’ price, listed in the auction.

Won on

I won this IHOP gift card on DealDash for $0.67.

Won on

I won this Barnes & Noble gift card on DealDash for $0.71.

Won on

I won this GameStop gift card on DealDash for $2.20.

Tips for Using DealDash to Help

Today, I will discuss about my personal DealDash experiences for the past month. First off, the mail delivery service has been busy coming to my home delivering all the items I purchased using the Amazon Gift Cards I won on which has been simply awesome! Just the other day I received another electric pressure washer to back up the well-worn one I won a year ago on DealDash. I did have to Buy it Now (BIN), but I truly needed it, and was prepared to Buy it Now to get all of my bids back in case I lost. It came from Sears, was priced competitively and is one of my very favorite cleaning appliances.  It is electric and super easy to use! Read more about this and my strategy in a previous blog entry I wrote: A Good DealDash Strategy.

Helping a kitten

In loving memory of Lucy

If you’ve read some of my other blog entries you’ll know that my true passion is fostering and helping animals. It’s clearly stated in my DealDash user name: LuvMyPets. To help the animals I shop on which has a variety of pet supplies and gift cards that allow me to purchase needed supplies. Here’s a list of some of the items I bought using the Amazon cards I won on DealDash.

  1. 5 cases of kitten food for my 10 foster kittens and 1 foster cat
  2. A 45 ” soft sided kitty/puppy playpen for a foster Momma cat and 4 kittens
  3. Nutritional supplements of NutriCal, vitamins, and Geneflora for cats/kittens
  4. A fold-up tripod laundry line for sheets and freshly washed kitty towels and rags
I am always super happy when I see items on DealDash for pets and always look forward when more useful pet items will be added. So far, I have acquired two high quality pet beds, an extra large wire pet cage, and a Suncast dog house. I don’t only shop on DealDash for my pets though. Just recently I also got a few other personal items I wanted thanks to DealDash.
  1. A bicycle and a tricycle cover for the bikes I purchased from Amazon last Christmas with my Deal Dash Amazon Gift Cards
  2. A generic Kreepy Krawley swimming pool cleaner

Play Pin Just in the past week I won another $600 in Amazon cards.  I can’t wait to go shopping on Amazon again!  That’s even more money for foster food and supplies; plus some goodies for me! If it were not for DealDash I would not be able to provide so well for the orphaned, rescued foster animals and I would not be buying all these “extras” for myself. Clearly, DealDash has been a good deal for me. 🙂

Tips for the new and inexperienced players:

  1. Rapid bidding on top of every other player is detrimental to you, and good for the rest of us, who know better. If you don’t figure that out soon enough, you will eventually be very sorry for over spending and destroying your Return on Investment.
  2. Check the stats of some of the bidders you are playing against. If you see that that they just won a huge bid pack, you may want to drop out of that one and get in the next auction.

I really love Deal Dash!!!  I love the promotions, support staff, and prompt attention and response to inquiries!!!

Thanks for reading!

Have you tried the DealDash Marketplace?

Wooohoo!!! Deal Dash has out done themselves this time! What if I told you… You can now play on and never buy bids again!!! What if you could not only bid on the things you wanted in the traditional way but also sell and buy items for specific prices or in this case bids!! Now for the first time ever on a penny auction site you can list items for a determined amount of bids to sell in the “MARKETPLACE”.  Marketplace

Listing is simple! Just a title, description and number of bids you want for the item. Sellers must ship the item with tracking information. Once the item has shipped and the tracking info submitted, the seller will receive the bids from the buyers account. Very simple! And what makes it even better is that once again Deal Dash has got you covered!! They have extended their 100% satisfaction guarantee to the Marketplace with buyer protection!! That means if you are not satisfied with your “purchase” Deal Dash will return your bids!! You can’t beat that!! DealDash Buyer Protection

I have personally sold several items already and haven’t paid for a single bid since the “Marketplace” opened! The “marketplace” is really in its infant stages right now with many more things to come as far as functionality and fun is concerned! So stay tuned and watch for even more fun and more great deals on DealDash!!!

DealDash Marketplace

How to Win a DealDash Auction on a Limited Budget

Hello Deal Dashers!

When I am on Deal Dash I see so many people from different regions and also different financial backgrounds. Some are business owners, some are retired, housewives & husbands. Some are on fixed incomes and take what they can afford to buy some bids in hopes of winning. While I observe the patterns and read the bios of many, it came to me how to win a DealDash auction on a limited budget.

One way to do this is watch for those great deals and buy bids when discounted at 15 cents. Buy what bids you can afford, and do not use them right away. When the opportunity arises again, buy more bids to increase your stock pile. Look at it like a savings account, that you are trying to save money in. 50% Off Sale on DealDash Once you have acquired an amount of bids that you are ready to use, be patient and wait for the great promotions, like half off and free wins! That is when you take the opportunity to use the bids that you have saved up for and make the best use of them.

This is one way of saving money and also giving you better chances of winning an auction. As Deal Dash is growing in popularity so are the number of people that are now bidding. Some are aggressive bidders that may be at times wanting an item so bad, they may not wait for the clock to tick down to hit the bid button – some call these “Bid Stompers”.

DealDash BidBuddy Don’t forget use Bid Buddy, this too is also a way to make best use of your bids without wasting them. Most auctions are won with the use of the BidBuddy.

Remember be patient. It is easy to get caught up in a bidding frenzy when you see an item you would love to have. That item you see usually shows up minutes, hours even days later. So start saving those bids up and jump in on the fantastic promotions.

Happy bidding on and Enjoy!

Is My Privacy Protected on

Hello DealDashers, I am back to answer yet another question for you today about DealDash.  This is very important to know for all DealDashers, so I hope you take this question seriously. “Is My Privacy Protected?”. 

Actually DealDash does a pretty good job in keeping your privacy protected.  They do not allow you to directly contact other bidders on their website.  People cannot post random comments during the auctions.  People cannot lookup your account information and DealDash does not share your email or other personal information.

Here you can read more about DealDash’s privacy policy:

So is your privacy protected on Yes it is, however there are some things you can personally do on DealDash to help ensure more privacy as well. As we all know there are some pretty scary people in this world and the last thing you want is some crazy tracking you down because you out bid them or something in an auction. Not that anyone would do that… buy hey, just saying… you never know.

Let’s look at some tips together to keep your information private.

  1. When setting up an account/username on DealDash, I recommend to not use any part of your real name.  If you use the username JaneSmith and that is your real name, everyone now knows who you are.  You then add in your profile that you are from Glencoe, MN.  You now have just set yourself up for possible disaster for some crazy person to try and find you.  Never use as your username any part of your real name!
  2. Never put your home addresses in your profile bio.
  3. Never put telephone/cell phone numbers in your profile bio.
  4. Keep good privacy settings on your Facebook account if you link the service to your account.
  5. Do not disclose detailed information about your family in your profile bio.
  6. I recommend to select one of the generic pictures DealDash has to offer or a random picture you downloaded from the Internet you like such as I did rather than a personal photo of yourself. Using pictures of your dog or cat is okay so long as they cannot identify who you really are. 🙂

I hope these suggestions will help you be safe on DealDash and keep the crazy people of the world from finding out who you really are.  It is always better to be safe than sorry as the saying goes.  You can never be too careful on the Internet these days and I hope you find this safety information for you and families useful. If you have any suggestions to add please do so in the comments below.

Now it is time to start your bidding on DealDash.  Also be sure and stop by my personal Blog called DealDashNews for some more tips on DealDash and other fun and funny Blog entries related to DealDash.  Good Luck Bidding!  Now go be safe and have some fun.


My Furry Family Loves DealDash

As an animal lover, I am always looking for things I can use at home to make our pets more comfortable. DealDash has many items listed for pet friendly bidders such as myself. Having three dogs and 2 cats, I am always looking for pet items. Won on

I saw The 57-Inch Cat Tree in Ivory coming up in an auction and I knew I had to try and win that for my 2 sister cats. I tried a couple of times before finally winning it for 18.19. To view the auction I won just click here. It was bigger that I thought when it came so I was pleasantly surprised. The cats loved it! They could look out the window and stay away from the one dog who isn’t very found of the cats.

Now I had to look for something for the dogs. As soon as I saw the Couch Pet Bed, Large, 28-Inch by 40-Inch come up for auction, I knew they would love it! I bid and won it for 0.09! Yes, 9 cents! I placed 3 bids and got free shipping.

Won on

Well… with three dogs, I knew one wouldn’t be enough so I had to try to win a second one. To my surprise, I won the second pet bed for 0.79 cents – link to view! Both beds arrived and they were huge! Two dogs could share one bed while the third dog has a bed to herself. They spend LOTS of time on those 2 dog beds and the quality is awesome. The cover even zips off for easy laundering.

These are some AMAZING DEALS! I love that tries to include items for every ones needs and wants… even our furry family!

Thanks DealDash!!

See my other guest blog posts is Above Par and – My Secret Source for Christmas Deals

The Marketplace – A New DealDash feature!

DealDash has continued to expand and today that includes
“The Marketplace”

What is “The Marketplace”?

It’s a place to Earn FREE BIDS while selling things you no longer need.  

It reminds me of a flea market but instead of walking around for hours looking at all the things for sale, its online… Everything up for grabs is in one convenient place and easy to see.   It is a place where buyers and sellers come together to negotiate a price (In Bids) for items that are New or Gently used and no longer needed. 

When you shop at the Marketplace, everything will be laid out for you.   The cost of the item(s) are listed in BIDS, and you’ll get a clear picture of what you’re paying for.   Let’s not forget one of the most asked questions, No Shipping fees!  The seller is responsible for getting that item to you at no additional cost. 

There is “No Obligation to Buy Anything”, you can just Browse –
However, if you love shopping and would like to use your BIDS instead of CASH to pay for some great items, then take a peek at the Marketplace.
New items are being listed everyday. 

Maybe you’d rather sell some things like I did.   

I listed an item and it sold within 24 hours. I barely blinked and I had an email waiting to let me know where I was to ship my item. Once I did and confirmed tracking – the bids were transferred to me.  That had to be the easiest sale ever!   

What to Sell?  New or Gently Used unwanted items.  They don’t have to be from DealDash either.  Do you have a hobby creating jewelry or another craft you think others would enjoy? What about extra items around the house that you really don’t need and someone else could use?
Why not put those items up for sale and Earn some extra free bids by selling them in The Marketplace!   

  • List your item(s)
  • Set your price in BIDS 
  • Wait for someone to buy your item
  • Ship it out with Tracking and get the Bids transferred into your account.   

How easy is that!


As a Buyer:

Buyers can enter the Marketplace anytime.  Browse around and if you see something that interests you – BUY IT with your BIDS!  If you don’t have enough bids in your account there is an option on the page to buy a few more to make your transaction. 

Have a question before the purchase?   No problem, you can ask the seller a question on the products page, located at the end of the Description.   Remember, there is No Obligation to Buy Anything.

As a Seller, you will list your item for sale by creating an AD.   You will create a Title, Category, Description, list the condition ( New or Used ), Set the amount of BIDS you are willing to sell your item for as the PRICE, and add images.   At least ONE REAL photo is required.   Then you will check a box committing to shipping the item to the buyer at your own expense and you need to provide tracking information. 

You will receive a confirmation email for listing your item from DealDash Support. While your items are up for sale, you can adjust the price or add any additional information you like.    If anyone has a question about your item you will be notified by e-mail.   Answering the question quickly and accurately will give a positive impression and may very well help you sell that item. 

You can remove the listed item any time BEFORE a buyer has confirmed their payment in bids.   Once their payment has been confirmed, you will not be able to remove the listing and will be committed to sending the item to the buyer.   DealDash will send you an email with the Name and Address of where the item is to be shipped.   In this email sent from Customer Support is a link to add your tracking information, so don’t delete that email until after you have visited the ENTER YOUR TRACKING information page.   This will then show under your “My Dashboard”. 

That’s It….  

Buyers and Sellers helping each other out in “The Marketplace”…. another avenue in the wonderful world of Entertainment Shopping provided by DealDash.

You can find a link to the Marketplace at the bottom of any page in the footer under Site Links.  

Go visit and see what goodies are up for grabs! 

Don’t forget to visit with me at my site, where you will find hints & tips, strategies along with my blog, my pick for Winner of the Week and the Monthly Top Ten List.   Have a question?   Check out my Q&A page, send me an email or tweet me.  

~ LadyK

Lost The Auctions Did Not Get Bids Back…Why?

Hello DealDashers!  Today we are going to address another common question frequently asked by new DealDash members.

” I did not win and did not get my bids back… why?”

When bidding on DealDash, regardless of whether or not you win or lose, no one gets their bids back automatically,  so using your bids wisely is very important.  You must formulate a good strategy so you are not furiously wasting your bids.  Once you use a bid it is gone.

There is, however, one way for you to get your bids back.  If you lose the auction and you really want or need the item, and you were planning on going to a local retailer and buying it anyway, just use the “Buy It Now” option. This is easy to do – simply go to your “My Dashboard” tab located at the top right of your screen.

Then select “Bidding History” in the bar located on the left side of your screen.  Find the auction that you didn’t win that features the item you would like to buy.  Once you select the item, you will be taken back to the screen page for the auction.  Look at the bottom of the page and you will see a tab labeled “Buy It Now (dollar amount) and Get (your bids made) Back”.

Simply click on that tab and you will get a payment screen to pay for the item,  and once payment is made you will get all your bids back.  So you get both the item and the bids back that you placed in the auction.

Lets look at an example of a recent auction I lost, but decided NOT to “Buy It Now”.

If you click on this link you will see an auction for a Shell Gas Card.  I spent 160 bids.  My strategy was not very successful that day, and the item sold for $76.06.  I did not feel this was a good enough buy to purchase the item as a “Buy It Now”,  so I lost my 160 bids.  Had I wanted to make the purchase I could have just made the purchase using the “Buy It Now” option at the bottom of the page and gotten both the $100 gift card from Shell and my 160 bids back.

I hope this has illustrated for you DealDashers why you do not get your bids back, and how to use the “Buy It Now” option so that you can get both the item and your bids back to use in other auctions in the future –  so do not be afraid of the “Buy It Now” option and make it work to your advantage.

Please make sure you stop by my personal blog website for more DealDashNews and information about DealDash.  There are good stories and bidding tips and strategies that you may find useful to you on DealDash.


Don’t forget to PAY for your WON & BIN items!

Check your Dashboard Often!

It does not matter if you have Won or Lost, this one simple task of paying for a win or to get your bids back can be forgotten.  I can’t say this happens to everyone, but it does happen and Yes.. I’ve done this big boo boo before!

Forgetting to pay for your won items is something you just don’t want to do.  Not only will you NOT get the item but your bids will not be refunded to you either.  It’s your responsibility to remember to pay DealDash for the items you won.   They won’t remind you via email, but there is a countdown in your dashboard!

DealDash gives you 16 days after you win an item to pay for it.  This is because not everyone has that extra cash right at the moment of winning to pay the final price especially if it’s a larger amount.  It’s nice to have that two week window for the next paycheck to come in to pay for your wins if you need it.

However this window can also be forgotten and unless you check your dashboard under the Items Won List and make sure DealDash shows everything paid… You may find an item or two expired and you out of luck.

Don’t forget to check your dashboard every time you log in, that’s what I do…. and Pay for anything won before they expire on you….

Buy It Now items too!

Oh and let’s not forget about those items you lost but would like to pay for and get all your bids returned to your account.

BIN = Buy It Now!

You need to pay for these items within 1 week to receive those goodies!

CAUTION when using a Credit Card directly during checkout!

DealDash accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.   I use PayPal for all my transactions with DealDash.  You may want to make a note when using one of your major credit cards at checkout.  When I first started out at DealDash I used my credit cards directly at checkout, then I noticed small additional charges on one of my statements.   I asked my bank about that extra fee.   My bank told me those are fees that are charged by the individual card and not the bank or DealDash.   It’s an additional international fee to use one of those cards by Visa and MasterCard.  I’ve not used my AMEX directly so I’m not sure if they charge this extra fee but just be aware you may incur an additional small fee to use those cards when paying for your items at checkout.

This is the reason I ONLY use PayPal to pay for my wins and bins.  If you don’t have a PayPal account I encourage you to get one.  You may already know that PayPal allows you to save all these cards into your account so if you want to use any of those cards, you can and PayPal will NOT charge you any fees to do so.   It’s also a great way to keep track of my spending.  PayPal allows you to view all your transactions with DealDash in one place, regardless of which credit card or bank account you use.

Just one of my tips I wanted to share with you today.  Don’t forget to visit with me at for more hints and tips, my very own DealDash Blog and more winners news!

~ LadyK

Newbies on DealDash – What you need to know

I’m a huge DealDash fan and have been lucky enough to win several auctions while having a great time doing it. There are some very important “tips” I think new “bidders” should know about before jumping right into an auction. First of all, everyone loves DealDash, but the people who REALLY love DealDash know how to play the game. is an online retail site, however in my opinion a gambling game; just like being in a real auction.

DealDash Newbie Tips So Newbies, remember these tips:

• If you’re bidding on something worth $10, don’t spend $9 worth of bids to win an auction for $4, i.e., you’ve actually lost $3.

• Learn how to use BidBuddy! Too many newbies have no idea about BidBuddy, and they sit at their computer and just hit the “BID” button every time someone else bids. You end up throwing away all your bids and old timers like me are screaming at the computer screen trying to tell you to stop and learn how to bid reasonably with BidBuddy.

• In addition, you have a chance to win free bids the longer you’re the high bidder on an item. When you jump someone, i.e., bidding right after someone else has bid, you’re taking away the time they’re the high bidder. It only makes people mad while you’re wasting bids.

• Remember, DealDash will often give away items for free, which means that camera you just bid on and won for $50 is now yours for free! EXCEPT, for the bids you used to get it. And when things are free, people have the tendency to bid MUCH, MUCH higher on an item because when they win, they don’t have to put out any cash for it. But boy, the bids that are spent are enormous….beware! This happens even when DealDash gives things away at 50% off.

• If you want to win, you really need to keep an eye on the auction. I don’t bid when there’s 8-9 other people bidding….I wait until it’s down to 2 or 3 bidders.

• We all love that feeling of winning an auction, and some people will actually bid enormous amounts of bids, just to win the auction. Even if it means bidding more bids than what the item is worth. Beware of these people.

• Finally, the number one tip and thing to remember, ONLY BID ON SOMETHING YOU REALLY WANT, AND BE PREPARED TO PAY FOR IT AFTERWARD IF YOU DON’T WIN! We often get so excited about winning an auction, we’ll bid on something we’ll never use or know what to do with it. I’ve done it…..I won a vegetable cutting board, and I don’t even cook!!

So newbies, enjoy DealDash! It’s fun, it’s addicting, it’s a great way to get valuable gifts……only if you use your head. Good bidding!!!

Entertainment Shopping at it’s Best!

I Love “Bidding For Deals”….  You can too!

If you could shop for products you would normally pay full retail for, but could get them for up to 90% off, would you?    I bet the answer to that one is YES!

Well I do, and so do many others just like me.  Before I buy anything extra for my family, I always check DealDash first to see if they have what I’m looking for or something similar. I know I’ll have a better chance at getting it cheaper than driving down to the mall to buy it.

The major plus – Staying at home, avoiding the traffic and wasting gas,  running all over the place to just come home and unload it all.  Whew, that was exhausting.

DealDash saves me money on the products my family wants.  I’ve stopped paying those high retail prices on the extras we could not afford before.  They even ship my items right to my front door for FREE.  That’s right,  Free Shipping!

What better way is there to shop and it’s entertaining too, than bidding for deals!
It’s what I consider Entertainment Shopping at it’s Best!  

Ok, let’s get back to the up to 90% off.  It’s really hard to believe isn’t it?  Well let me just say that I’m proof that you can save while shopping on DeaDash and here’s why.

My youngest daughter is a budding photographer.  Cameras are NOT cheap and she was looking for a new one to add to her equipment bag. Her birthday was coming up so I asked her what type of camera  she would like to have.   A new SLR would be good she told me.

Yes, a Nikon was coming up, a $999.95 camera.

I decided to bid on it because I had just purchased a few more bids because of a bid special.  I was not too sure if I’d have a chance because this camera had not been offered before.  New items usually have many bidders and it’s hard to know when the right time is best to get in on the action.  She really wanted a new camera and I was determined to try to get it on sale.

I decided to GO FOR IT… and I’m glad I did…
I set my BidBuddy (Automated Bidding Tool) with the amount of bids I wanted to spend. I got up to go check on dinner I was cooking and when I returned…
CONGRATULATIONS LADYK  was on the screen.  WHAT? — I’d WON?

I was so excited, now I’d be able to give my daughter a new piece of equipment that I’d never be able to afford at my local stores.  Not for this price…. 

I won it for only $0.30….
30 CENTS!!! and I used only 8 bids…. with the Free Shipping,

I paid less than $2.00 for a $999.95 Camera…. That’s what I call 90 % OFF…

		Nikon SLR Camera for 30 cents

Since this time I’ve bid and saved on many more items up to 90% off, and you can too.  It’s easy to join, and easy to have fun shopping while saving on the products you and your family may want.

I’ve been a loyal customer of for over 3 years.  I love sharing my own savings stories, hints and tips and other information about this amazing shopping site with others.  I’ve dedicated an entire website to DealDash because I want to help others win and save too.

Please join me over at my site: for product reviews, strategies, site helpers, monthly top ten list and more.  I even have my own blog about DealDash.

Check back soon right here on to find more amazing stories just like mine, by other happy DealDash customers. I’ll be back soon to share more reasons why I love bidding for Deals on DealDash.

(My bidding name on DealDash)

How to make DealDash a WIN-WIN Auction for you

Hello DealDashers, My name is Mom2Makayla and I would like to share some pointers and great deals that I have received using DealDash. I have been involved with auctions for over 30 years, starting with auction houses and estates. Now technology makes it possible to be involved in auctions online.

Unlike many auctions I have been to and used, DealDash is by far the best auction site I have used. Here are some tips to follow for a great experience and how to make DealDash a Win-Win auction for you.

  1. I know I will receive new and quality items. No more sorting through junk and throwing away broken items along with much wasted money. No more researching what is a good quality item to keep, nor items described as mint condition, only to be disappointed by a seller that took my money and receive an item that was far from workable or was not even in good condition. I have won through DealDash a Samsung 32″ LED TV , Bose Head Phones, and several Gift Cards which are great for gift giving. All new items with no defects or issues.
  2. Set a budget and stick with it. This will keep you from over spending which will only add stress to you, and may cause you to make hasty decisions to spend much more than you can afford which takes the fun out of bidding.
  3. Keep an open mind and don’t give up. If you see an item you would like to bid on, ask yourself… “Would I buy that item if I saw it in the store?” If the answer is yes, then purchase the amount of bids you can afford and add them to Bid Buddy. This gives you a better chance of winning. Bid Buddy does the bidding for you so you don’t miscalculate the time to place your bid.
  4. Buy it Now if you don’t win the auction! Remember this option when bidding. What makes this a great deal is you get the item you wanted and receive back all the bids you used during the auction to try for something else.
  5. How to deal with Bid Stompers. These are bidders that, most of the time, do not use Bid Buddy and do not allow other bidders time to finish before placing a bid. This not only wastes their money, it also wastes your money because you don’t collect your time as highest bidder towards your free bid rewards. How I deal with this is many times I will cancel out my Bid Buddy, sit and wait until they have either used up all their bids or have moved on to another auction item. The only fall back to this is you could lose the auction if you don’t have any bids booked. Another approach you may want to do is have a few bids on the item to keep you in the auction until the auction becomes more stable.
  6. I keep a notebook next to me. I do this for a couple of reasons, one I am able to know what I am spending to keep within my budget, and I also write names of what I call high bidders – those that have a lot of bids to use. I try to avoid an auction if I know they are in the auction, and most of the time the same item will come up for auction usually within minutes or hrs. So use patience and wait if you have to.
  7. Have FUN! Many people take things very seriously which I believe takes away from the true fun of a win. So remember, be patient, stick with a budget and don’t get caught up in an auction frenzy. By using some of these simple tips. You will find it enjoyable and win some GREAT items!
DealDash Auction

I won these for $12.19 during a 50% off promotion so only paid $6.09 plus my bids.

A Good DealDash Strategy

What another learning week I had on!  The auctions can be really unpredictable.  You never know what is going to happen or how many bids you will need for any given item!  However, with that said, it really only takes one bid to win. Just scroll the winners list and see for yourself. Here are some examples of recently sold auctions where the winner only placed 1 single bid!

Won with just 1 bid

I won a Campbell Hausfeld Electric Pressure Cleaner last November on DealDash and this has been among my VERY favorite and useful items I won on DealDash.  The list price is $199 but the final sales price I paid was $5.75. I used a total of 174 bids and if you calculate the bids cost of 174 bids at 15¢ per bid that equals $26.10. Add the final sales price of $5.75 and  the total cost is $31.85. However, when shopping on DealDash it’s always possible to collect free bids so I really did not have to pay for all those bids. My husband and I live in Florida and have a large patio and swimming pool so I have used this pressure washer no less than every week for the past eleven months!

Last week I happily decided to empty my in-ground swimming pool by myself.  I wanted to give it a thorough, end-of-summer pressure cleaning. I turned on the cleaner and it operated for about three minutes… and then NOTHING!  Although my husband easily fixed the problem later, I was clearly not a happy camper at the time and could not imagine scrubbing that monstrosity by hand with a hose nozzle.  In the end, the pool was successfully cleaned by my husband with his big gasoline pressure cleaner but now I need a new (easier to handle) pressure washer.

The very next day on 9/30 a friend told me that there was an auction on DealDash for a Craftsman 3000 PSI Pressure Washer (Retail $503).  I saw it and placed one bid while I checked it out and BOOM it sold for $5.74!!!! Then I saw another, even better, cleaner retailing at $915.  I bravely invested 61 bids and then stopped and watched that cleaner sell for $7.28!!!  Obviously, I gave up too soon on both of these and did not stick to the strategy which is to bid on an item up until the equal item value and if I don’t win, use the Buy it Now to get the bids back.

So what am I to do? How many bids do I use on any given item?  There is no pat answer because the auctions are unpredictable. A good DealDash strategy is to bid on items you want or need up until you’ve used the value in bids compared to the item value and then Buy it Now if you lose.  I also do my best to check out the other bidders in any given auction, try to play at the least busy times like the late night, and try to purchase bids whenever they are on sale for 15¢.  I am generally not a very lucky person. I win some and lose some. Key takeaway… you’ll have better chances to win when sticking to a strategy.

What’s your DealDash strategy? Comment below. 

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How Do You Know When The Auction Will End?

Hey there fellow DealDashers! This is the first of my weekly series where I will be answering your questions or frequently asked questions about DealDash. Your questions can be directly submitted to me for consideration at my personal blog DealDashNews. Please be aware that this is a once a week series and all questions may not be able to be answered that are submitted.

A very common question submitted to DealDash is, “How do you know when the auction will end?”. The simple answer to that question is, You Don’t. Basically, when people stop bidding the DealDasher with the highest bid at the time that everyone else stops bidding will win the auction for that item. So if it is an item you want and you see the auction winding down it might be a good time for you to step into the auction and start bidding so you do not get shut out and lose your opportunity to win the item when everyone else decides to stop bidding. Here are some examples that might help you to be able to identify when an auction is winding down.

  •  Auction gets down to only three bidders continuous making bids and no one else is bidding.
  • Auction gets down to the last two people who have been going back and forth bidding with each other for a while.
  • Price of the item is getting high compared to its value. An item that retails for $50.00 is most likely not going to sell for the face retail value.
  • Research and see what this item has sold for before. That should give you info to know when the item you are bidding on is closing in on the price it most often sells for. This is very easy to do on big ticket items such as computers and TV’s, as it is listed when you go in and view the item you are wanting to bid on.

Remember to use BidBuddy to your advantage when you see an auction winding down. This will help prevent you from not getting your bid in on time and losing to another DealDasher simply because you forgot to push the “Bid Now” button in time.

Hope this is helpful in answering this question for you “How do you know when the auction will end?”. Will see you next week with more answers to your questions. So now head on over to DealDash for some competitive bidding! Also, don’t forget to visit my personal blog, DealDashNews to read other helpful blog entries and submit your questions.

You won the auction!

Gus -aka-naskippy is Above Par

My husband likes to golf occasionally, but spending several hundred dollars on a set of golf clubs was not in cards for us anytime soon. So whenever he would golf in golf outings at work, he would always have to borrow a co-workers extra set of clubs. I was elated to see golf bags and a couple of clubs coming up for auction on .

The first item that came up was a Odyssey White Ice 4 Putter. I started bidding and to my surprise, I won it for $0.98. The retail price of the putter was $80.00! Then I saw another auction for a Callaway Golf RAZR Stand Bag, which I proceeded to win for $0.36. Since the auction was won during a Free week, I paid $0.01 final price! The bag retailed for $259.00. WOW that was a steal! Finally, I saw one more auction coming up for a Callaway Forged Copper Finish Right Hand Wedge. I knew I had to add it to the bag and putter I had already won. I was fortunate to win it with a $2.02 winning bid. As luck would have it, that auction was won during a 50% off week so I paid only $1.01 for my winning bid. The wedge retailed for $189.00! I was well on my way to building my husband his own set of golf clubs.

I still have more clubs to add, and as DealDash continues to post others clubs to bid on, I plan to slowly add to his collection. A collection he wouldn’t have if not for . When I add all three items together, I paid $2.00 for a gold bag, wedge, & putter that retails for $528.00! He has had the opportunity to try his new putter and wedge and loves them. He has told all his golf partners that his wife won them for him on DealDash. I Love DealDash!!

Won on for 98¢ Won on for 36¢ Won on for $2.02

How to win auctions for pennies on DealDash

My Bidding Experience

I am proud to say I have been shopping on DealDash for over a year and plan to shop at DealDash for many more years to come. DealDash has the best items to bid on (all brand new) and they have the best customer service there is! No other penny auction site can even come close to being as good as DealDash. Not to mention on DealDash everything comes with free shipping and there’s a great Buy it Now option for everyone that does not win the auction.

My Bidding Tip on how to win auctions on DealDash

I would like to tell you in my experience how to win auctions for pennies on DealDash. First thing I do is view the new auctions that are starting soon. I pick out only the things that I would want to buy, even if I did not win. I watch the auction closely and place a few bids in the BidBuddy to see how the bidding patterns go. Watching and having patience is key. Be sure to set yourself a limit on how many bids you will use in the auction and stick to it. For example, If I’m going to spend 40 bids on an item and it starts going over that 40 bid limit which I’m willing to spend, I wait and go for the same item which will come up again soon. Winning bid packs are great as well because they will help keep you going to bid more. Also, be sure to claim extra free bids by sharing a photo of yourself on the DealDash Facebook page. Speaking of extra free bids, PLEASE let the clock run down! Each second you are the highest bidder on DealDash, you collect time. When your time meter fills up you can collect free bids and these are always helpful! Have fun with it.. 🙂

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Time as Highest Bidder Meter

This is located at the bottom of your screen. Here’s what it looks like. As you collect time as the highest bidder on DealDash, the bar fills up green. Once that fills up, you’ll be able to collect free bids and level up! Make sure you let the clock run so everyone can collect their free bids… otherwise you may upset other bidders and be in their cross hairs.

Collect free bids when bar fills up

It’s important to bid smart. If an auction is going past your limit/budget, let it go. That same item will likely be up for auction again very soon so just wait a while and be patient. I cant say enough about this site. I would list everything I’ve won for less than $5.00 but that would take all day, LOL!! Here’s a few items I’ve won! Good luck and enjoy bidding on

My DealDash Wins

How my family saves on

I have been a DealDash player now for three years! It is my favorite penny auction site, hands down! Part of my strategy is only bidding on items I need! Namely gift cards for restaurants, Walmart and Amazon. I need these anyway, so if I win its a big boost for my budget and if I don’t win, well, that’s okay too. I can just purchase it doing a “buy it now” AND I get all the bids I used on that auction back, so I am not out anything and I live to play on!!

See more about it in my YouTube video! GOOD LUCK bidding on!! Also, a great way to get free bids is to take advantage of DealDash Facebook promotions!

Watch my YouTube videoDealdash Review – How helps my family save