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Not All Penny Auctions Are The Same

Being an experienced penny auction player, I can tell you about the biggest scam out there and it is NOT DealDash!. I won 2 big gift cards on another site.I even received the congrats email. One was for a $200.00 Walmart and the other was a $100.00 Target. Both times, after not receiving the cards, I called. Both times, I was told that there was a technical error and they cancelled the auction. How can you cancel something already won??
Let me assure you, this would never happen on DealDash. Good business practice would mean that you send the gift card regardless. Deal Dash is honest and the customer service only wants to make their customers happy. After reporting this other incident to the Attorney General in North Carolina, I am sticking with DealDash – the best in the business of penny auctions.

Sincerely, Grandma

DealDash Bidding Tip – Study Auction for Success

This year has been a good one again at DearDash!

I find there are new people having problems as I read reviews and want to encourage them to try a few things for better success. First, take some time to read some of the blogs about DealDash and some of the suggestions that are there. When starting out I recommend to choose a small item at first, watch the bidding and see who is bidding A LOT. study watch learn In time, you will learn who the bidders are and how they tend to bid. Don’t try to outbid anyone by immediately bidding over the other person – some bidders play this ” immediate outbid game” and neither one will end up winning in the end most times. Best beat is to find another item to bid on instead. The same item or gift card will be coming up soon again any way so wait and bid on that one.

It takes time to learn, but with a bit of patience and watching many auctions, you will start to develop your own strategies on how to play. Another thing that will save you bids when others are bidding over and over not waiting for the 10 seconds on the clock to count down is to use the BidBuddy option. The BidBuddy will place your bids during the last few seconds of the auction and help conserve your bids while others are placing theirs back to back to back.

DealDash is Fair and Balanced!

Deal Dash is a fair auction site, even forgiving – as you can buy the item if you don’t win the auction and get back all the bids you have placed. Veteran bidders will often call this “BIN” for Buy It Now.

New Bidders should do some “homework” before jumping into the auctions, or they can lose a lot of money not knowing what they are doing. It may be a good place to save money for those of lower economic means, if they are smart and careful.

It’s a new world for them to click on the title of each auction, which is a blue link. Open the auction and place the number of bids you want to put in and Bid Buddy works for you. There are some great help tips on the website and on this blog.

Click on Auction Picture or Title to Open Full Auction Page

Some of my favorite ideas are as follows:

1. Bid on any auction before it opens. Scroll to the bottom of the page and go to page 2 or 3, find out where the auctions say “Stating Soon”, open the auction, and place at least 1 bid into the Bid Buddy. When the auction goes live, you will be assured the right to bid in that auction. Place more bids if you think the item will go quickly or if you are heading out to work or off to bed and not able to monitor the auction.

2. Try to only get into serious bidding with no more than 2 other bidders. You may have to “babysit” your favorite auctions until they drop down to 3 or less bidders, and jump in when you see only 2 left. It’s best to already have at least 1 bid in the auction before the $5.00 limit.

3. You can go in and out of an auction as often as you like, if the population goes above three bidders, drop out until it comes back down. This will save your bids for when they matter most.

dealdash auction

Main Auction Page

4. You can check the number of bids, or average price an auction item sold for at this site: All Penny

> Cut and Paste the auction title from the Deal Dash site
> Right click and Paste it in the box that says “Enter Bidder, item, or site” – and press Go
> You”ll see recent history of that exact item and how it faired on Deal Dash

Then you will have an idea of how many bids you might need to win the item, etc.

Happy Bidding!

What Should I Buy for Christmas?

Hello DealDashers!  This week I am going to talk about Christmas bidding and answer your question, What Should I Buy for Christmas?

With a shorter than normal holiday season and less Christmas shopping days available to you we see many people already buying gifts for Christmas well ahead of Black Friday.  Also, by using DealDash to purchase many of the gifts you need, you save yourself time, trouble fighting the crowds at the store and save on all the gas you would use driving from store to store.  By shopping on DealDash you avoid all these problems and headaches as you shop in the comfort of your own home.

Remember when shopping on DealDash that shipping is always free.  So there is no extra cost to you simply because you wanted to avoid the crowds at the Malls and retail stores in your area.  Much of the items you purchase on DealDash come from reputable stores such as Sears. DealDash also has a host of various gift cards to pick from.  Stores such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Chili’s, Subway and many others when shopping for those picky or hard to buy for family members.  I have personally purchased two gift cards on DealDash and never had any issues in using them.  And don’t forget the batteries this year mom and dad.  Don’t you hate when your children open up a toy from Santa and there are no batteries.  Your children are crying and you are out running around all over town on Christmas morning trying to find that one store in town that is open so you can get batteries for your child’s new toy?  Disaster!  But DealDash has many batteries to select from.  So don’t forget to put those on your Christmas list of things to buy on DealDash.  Perhaps you wish to purchase larger items for a family gift.  Something like a new TV or Computer.  DealDash has you covered with a wide selection of those big ticket items.

Another thing that is good about shopping on DealDash for Christmas is the Buy It Now option.  Okay, so you did not win the item you were bidding on or the auction continued past your price point.  Just use the Buy It Now option and make the purchase on that item.  You will get all your bids back as well and you get the item you want to purchase.  It is shipped to your door free and still avoid all the crowds at the retail stores.  You then have all your bids back so now you can continue shopping for those other family members and friends on your shopping list.

So sit down and plan your Christmas shopping list and get on DealDash and get your Christmas shopping started today.  Avoid those crowds at the Mall and make your purchases right in the comfort of your own home with a nice cup of hot chocolate while others are out freezing in the cold weather and fighting the crowds that you just avoided by smartly using DealDash!

Gus S./naskippy



Have you seen

Have you seen This is a new blog website dedicated to providing penny auction bidders with strategies and tips specifically for The site is just getting started and there have not been many posts just yet, however the quality of the content posted has been in depth and useful.

For instance the first post DealDash Demystified aka “to make DealDash less mysterious” is a great introduction post which breaks down what DealDash is, what a penny auction is and what it means to be a pay-per bid. There are several great screen shots to display how the site functions to help paint the picture where different features on DealDash can be found. For example the Buy it Now option and what the screen looks like during checkout. also breaks down a three part series focused on the Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions.

The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions Part 1 of 3

The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions Part 2 of 3

The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions Part 3 of 3

A common tip DealDash bidders continue to be outspoken about is to study, read and learn how the site works before jumping in with both feet. There’s several good guides and tips to getting started found here in like What are the best times to bid on DealDash?

Funny Bidder Bio goes out to btgttr… “My glass is always half full, with a few cracks”

Can you relate to that?

DealDash Customers Blog Here!

As you may have noticed the blog posts you see on this site are written by real DealDash customers that have been bidding, winning and shopping on DealDash for several months and even years. This blog site is a compilation of different stories and tips from these customers sharing tips and recommendations so that You may have a better bidding and shopping experience on DealDash.

Here are a few different blog entries you may have missed but are worth the read! If you’d like to share some bidding tips and contribute to this blog, please feel welcome to email community (at) Thank you!

Newbies on DealDash

DealDash Tips

Pay for your DealDash Wins

Would you like to contribute to the blog and share some bidding tips and recommendations? If so please get in touch by sending an email to community (at)

DealDash vs Quibids and other Penny Auction Sites

DealDash Vs Penny Auctions I started bidding on in September 2012. I had never bid on an auction site before, but I really wanted to try it out. I saw an ad for the site come up on my Facebook page so I clicked the link and began to read all about DealDash. I finally took the plunge and began bidding. Well after I won my first auction and was hooked. I then decided I wanted to see what other auction sites were all about, so I clicked on a couple others. I went to Quibids and Zbiddy. Both were hard to understand how the whole process worked. I only bid on one of them but had no luck. The bids also cost a lot more and the site was confusing. I knew I had picked the right auction site the first time so I went back to DealDash. Now early on , there were some issues with merchandise being out of stock, and the site freezing up. All things that a new, blossoming site has to work through to improve. At first, it would take several days to get a reply from their customer service and it was frustrating. Then I received an e-mail from DealDash customer service, detailing to me, the customer, just how they had remedied the recent issues with delays in responding to their e-mails. They had hired more customer service reps to handle the e-mails and resolve any problems. That tells me that DealDash values me as a customer. I have also participated in survey invitations, sent to my e-mail and spoke with representatives from DealDash about my thoughts and feelings about their company. Any company who reaches out to speak directly to their customers, is a top notch site !

Another reason I believe DealDash is the cream of the crop, is they reward their customers for spreading the word about their site. I have received free bids for posting pictures of my wins to the DealDash Facebook page and the DealDash Pinterest page. I even won best photo of the week and received a $500.00 gift card to Target !! I don’t know any other penny auction site that does that ! Yes I am hooked on DealDash. They are extremely customer service driven and have earned my loyalty ! I’m a DealDasher for life ! Try it and you will be too !

winner on

Won with 23 Bids! Great Savings on

Big or Small… DealDash has Deals!

Hello fellow bidders. Some people feel that they are wasting their time bidding on the “small stuff.” Well, it is extremely difficult to win the big stuff…believe me, it is pure luck. Okay, so it’s luck on all of it, but the big stuff is a lot more luck. I see a lot of the same bidders on every large ticket item, including bid packs, on the page.

I’m here to tell you that a deal is a deal, no matter how big or small the item may be. I have won a lot of smaller items and only one big ticket. What a deal that was. I had wanted a really good shredder for a long time, but they are too costly. One came up on DealDash and I thought, “what the heck”. I put one bid on in the beginning and then on about my business. I came back later, thinking that it was already gone, but it was still running. I put a few bids on it, knowing I would never win it. Well, guess what? I won that shredder. Yes I did and that $269 shredder cost me a grand total of .56 cents, including final sale price and the cost of my bids. My husband thought I had flipped my cork when I started yelling “I won, I won!” This shredder is so awesome. I save paper for my Grandson to shred. He’s only 4 and loves to watch it and then run his fingers through the little tiny beads it creates. Let me see someone try to tape those together.

As I said, I have won many smaller items, e.g., rice cooker/steamer, electric cookie press, mini food processor, deep frier, $10 and $25 gift cards and a lot more. The best small item so far…the fluffy bed I won for my little dog Chloe. Of course, it has to be on the couch, and it’s too big, but she snuggles into the fluffy pillow and sticks her little nose under the edge so her eyes are covered. She is a very small Yorkie and the pillow just sort of fluffs up around her. She loves it.

Anyway, there are a lot of really great items out there to bid on that aren’t worth $1500 or the ever elusive $600 iPad. Start small and work your way up if you like. The small items add up a lot faster than the larger ones do. Some bid for the win…I bid for the deal and only because I really want the item.

Play fair, have fun and good luck.


won on

Won with 39 Bids!

Examples of other small great deals:

DealDash Bios and Bid Buddies

I have been watching and bidding again this week and continue to see the newcomers with intimidating names and bios that are supposed to scare away other bidders. The bios really don’t mean much to serious bidders. I have been bidding on DealDash for over a year now and know very few of the threatening names and/or bios are serious. The “I won’t quit” and “You might as well buy it now, I put 1000 bids on this auction” are just a few of the bios written by bidders who DO quit and who DON’T have 1000 bids on the auction. I also am at a level of bidding where getting the “free” bids is not why I am bidding. So if you put, “Please don’t jump my bids, we all want free bids”, you are screaming at me that you are really new at this and getting 20 free bids is more important than seriously trying to win an auction. It takes me a long time to get my free bids now, so that is not why I am bidding and that should not be the most important thing to a new bidder. It’s nice, just not that important.

The bid buddy is the bidders best friend. I bid once while someone who is slapping everyone else spends 4 or 5 times the bids that I do. When the “slapper” runs out of bids or finally realizes he just put 300 bids on a $10 card, dropping out and buying it now is the only rational thing to do. Now, please note, I said “rational”. Sometimes there is nothing rational in bidding on an auction! After I have told myself repeatedly not to let emotions get in the way sometimes you just can’t help slapping someone who is just not getting the drift about the bid buddy. Please do yourself a favor, learn about the bid buddy and how to use it to your advantage. We all win our auctions at some point and the bid buddy has helped me numerous times to be the winner. “Congratulations”, is what we all want to see. DealDash delivers on all of its deals so rest assured you are in the safest place to do your bidding. Good luck to us all!

Ho Ho Ho – Christmas Shopping on DealDash!

With the holidays fast approaching and the site already crawling with hundreds if not thousands of bargain seekers, I am thinking that this is only going to ramp up as the holidays get closer. So, with that knowledge in mind, I have already secured all of my gifts PRIOR to the holiday rush. If I were a newbie to DD, I would certainly start shopping now BEFORE the onslaught of desperate holiday shoppers begin to inundate any and all auctions, especially electronics which are already harder to win than they were even just 3 or 4 months ago.

So, if you are going into the holiday season thinking that you are going to score little Susie an I-Pad for 20 bucks, I would rethink that strategy if I were you because these auctions are getting more and more expensive and harder to win. I would bid on things you were going to buy anyway so the stress level is cut way down. If you don’t win the auction, you can always use the wonderful “Buy it now” option and get all of your bids back that you gambled on that I-Pad.

Deal Dash will even ship it out for FREE!

One thing that has become crystal clear to me as I spend more and more bids trying to win items I had previously won for a lot less is that I should be willing to shell out the BIN price BEFORE I go for the item so I am not crushed when I drop 1K bids on that item I thought would be mine for just a few dollars. That way I still get my item and I can take those bids and try to win something else. You never know….every once in a while, you can get VERY lucky. I won two 100.00 Amazon gift cards with 100 free bids attached just a week or so apart and I paid 86 bids for the first one (less than the 100 I got back when I won) and just 32 bids for the second one. The total in money was less than 4.00 for both (one was during free auction weekend) so based on 16 cent bids, I paid less than 25 bucks for both 100.00 cards AND 200 bids! Not too shabby!

Happy Holidays and bid with your head – not over it!

DealDash Tip: Use a Nice Bidder Bio

I wanted to write here to address some of the comments I see from people who write in their bidder bio. I’ve seen some people write…“let me win and you get your bids back.”  Well, letting someone else have the win does nothing to help you get your bids back. Please be sure not to buy into these types of comments people post on their bio. The only way you will get your bids back is to “buy it now” in case you lose the auction. You pay full price for the item listed, and your bids are put back in your account to spend again. Be careful and watch how often you do that. It can be easy to get caught up in the auction and spend way too much so make sure whatever you are bidding on is something you like and don’t mind paying full price for. Bidder Bios

Bidder Bio's on

Also, be cautious of the comments that may be playing on your sympathy. There have been many bios I have read which are similar to… “I have cancer, 9 children and no job. Let me win for my family” or “I am a disabled vet who needs help; I’m broke and I need this.” Some of these bios may be true, but if you are broke, shopping on an entertainment auction website may not be the place to be spending your money, unless it is for something you absolutely are planning to buy anyway at full price.

Bid smart, play fair and have fun!


DealDash Bidding Experiences

Last Christmas was my first chance to try to win gifts and gift cards for friends and family. I found I was able to win more auctions by staying focused on the item I wanted. There was a Himalayan lamp that was perfect for my home and I wanted one in the worst way. I tried to win one several times before I figured out I was competing against people who were more determined to “WIN” than I was. I realized there are certain times of the day when the competition is not so fierce and some of the big spenders were either not home or had reached their limit. With this in mind I set the bid buddy and was able to win my lamp for less than 100 bids. With a retail value of over $75 I got my DEAL. I have it proudly displayed and always smile at the thought of how I really learned to bid by watching and not being impatient.

The Christmas rush will start soon and I would suggest to bidders old and new to try the system of watching and waiting, your item will come along, you just have to be patient and wait it out.

On a lighter note, the AA batteries I won for only a few pennies are still in demand! I also won those before Christmas. My grandson needs them for his Wii remotes and I am only too happy to bring over several when he asks for them. I always have the batteries I need and he does too. Thanks DealDash for fast customer service, excellent items up for auction and free shipping. Love your site!

What are the best times to bid on DealDash?

Hello there DealDashers!  Time for my weekly blog posting to answer your questions.  One question we get regularly is “What are the best times to bid on DealDash”? 


The simple answer is there is no “Best Time” to bid on DealDash.  It is just that sometimes can be a little better than others.  There are a lot of things you have to look at here in figuring out what time to bid is to your best advantage.  But remember this does not guarantee a win. 


I will use myself for an example here.  I live in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States.  I have found trends that are helpful when I find fewer bidders bidding on items.  But a lot of the secret is up to your discipline too.  For me I have found that very early in the morning is a good time to be bidding on items.  But you would not know it from my track record lately. LOL  But let’s look at the reason why early morning is a good time for those of us on the eastern time zone using our common sense. 

1.    Early in the morning for those of us in the eastern time zone, the majority of people in other time zones as you move further west are still in bed sleeping.  Focus on items that will sell pretty fast or go over the $5.00 jump in amount before they wake up to enter auctions.

2.    Early mornings during weekdays are good.  Why?  Because lots of people have to go to work or head out to their college classes when they do wake up and their focus is not getting on DealDash.  And the housewives are getting kids off to school, hubby off to work or sleeping in.  But when the housewives start filtering in they get relentless because they have lots of free time on their hands to focus on DealDash until the kids get home from school.

3.    Another good time to focus on DealDash is on three day weekends and holidays.  This is due to people being busy with their families during these times.  If you are one of those that are not, this is a time for you to take advantage of their lost time on DealDash.

4.    Never get on DealDash and get into actions that you cannot somewhat closely monitor.  Believe me, watching a NFL football game and bidding on DealDash is only to your disadvantage and you will just be wasting bids.  I have learned that the hard way.  You must have time to devote to DealDash and monitor what is going on to be successful.

5.    Develop a good personal strategy when bidding.  I saw one of the biggest deals go flying out the door today that I have seen in a long time when DealDasher pammydear won a $250 American Airlines Gift Certificate for $4.40!  Yes, there are deals out there.  You just have to find them, have a little luck, and use a good strategy.


For those on the West Coast or Pacific Time Zone, you can kind of use this information in reverse.  Staying up late and bidding while all us Eastern Time Zone people are fast asleep in bed.


I hope this helps in answering your questions and gives you some good bidding tips to utilize to your advantage.  Be observant, look at trends, and be wise and utilize a good strategy and you will win lots more auctions.


Also, I want to direct your attention to a new DealDash YouTube video.  This is very good for all DealDashers.  It is short but the information good.  Go take a look at it!


Good luck DealDashers.  Now head on over to DealDash and use your new found strategy.


Gus S./naskippy





DealDash Auction Bidder Bios

see no, hear no, speak no evil Many of us shopping on DealDash are guilty of wanting to admonish someone in our bidder bio. Someone who is stomping bids all of the time or threatening everyone with their millions of bids or tons of money. We all want to say something witty and put them in their place. What I have found is that most of the people we are trying to reach with our “message” never even look at those little bios! They are the ones that are pressing that “bid button” like their life depends on it, never once actually logging in to the item page to set their Bid Buddy but playing from the auction page where you can’t even see a bio!

So, I am finding that it is really a waste of space for me. From now on, if I can help myself, the only thing my bio will say is Good luck or something in a similar vein. Why? Because it falls on deaf ears and besides, it can annoy the DealDash crew and they will end up pulling it off anyway and then everyone will see the sentence. Yeah, you know the sentence “Please write something interesting about yourself here” or something to that effect. Then they will know DealDash staff pulled whatever you wrote there off and you got your hand slapped…LOL!!

Have fun and happy bidding to everyone on!

Incentive to outbid other DealDash bidders

Please think about what you put into your bio.

As a satisfied DealDash customer I just want to share a few thoughts about participating on this auction site.

For starters, I’d like to make reference to other bidders and the things I see bidders write in their bidder bio. Although some may be a veteran, disabled, unemployed, etc. will other bidders really cut them a break? Personally it gives ME more of an incentive to outbid them and win. After all, this is an auction, not a charity.

Furthermore, if you think “stomping” or “rapid fire bidding” is a useful strategy, check out the wins of other stompers. Usually they are 0 for 6 on their win limits meaning they have not won and this is not a good strategy. Bid stompers / rapid fire bidders are only placing their bids fast and preventing other bidders from collecting Time as Highest Bidder so they can level up and get a free bid reward – not cool! Personally this also gives me more of an incentive. An incentive to sit back with my BidBuddy on and watch these bid stompers waste their bids, eventually run out of bids and then me or someone else win the auction. Take away… don’t stomp on others or try to intimidate other bidders with rapid fire technique. This will likely only make the other person angry because you are taking away their time to collect free bids.

Lastly, if you have overbid, bid too often, or spent too much time and money on the site; remember it is YOUR fault and you need to think about what you are doing. I can’t understand why people blame DealDash. They have a great auction and shopping model where DealDash is able to make profits while also providing consumers with some of the best deals that can be found the internet. Not to mention it’s a fun and entertaining place to shop. I only wish I had thought of it first!

Out-of-Season Shopping on ~~~ No Way!

Okay, it’s November, and even in Florida, unless you have a heated swimming pool, the water is a bit nippy to actually go swimming.  So why would I bid on a swimming pool lounger on at this time of year?  If you have read any of my blogs, you must know that almost everything I bid on benefits a rescued cat or dog.

My Cats

Ricki (Left) and Lucy (Right)

I have a 1 ½ year old female cat named Ricki (her sister’s name is Lucy by the way).  Ricki was one of my county shelter foster kittens.  She was, as they say in the business,  a “foster failure.”  She was one of the ones  that was just “So Special” (they ALL are) that we had to keep her and give her a Furever Home.

Ricki is a Russian Blue kitty and is already 15 lbs. at one year old.  From the beginning, Ricki had a very cute and funny fascination with water, no matter the source.   She played in water constantly.  She loved to flip it out of the container or swat the stream in the bathroom sink.  She adores the $69 DrinkWell Pet Water Fountain I won on for $12.27, and swats the flowing stream with her paws.

Won on

Anyway, her latest fascination is with our swimming pool.  She hangs over the side, touches the water surface about 8 inches below, and drinks the water.  I saw a pontoon-type pool lounger auction coming up on DealDash and thought,  “Wow, if Ricki would sit on the lounger while anchored at the side of the pool, she wouldn’t have to lean down so far to play in the water and get a drink .  And, I could take a cool photo or video”!

Won on So ….. I proceeded to bid on, and win, the Swimways Newporter Lounge during the FREE Promotion for ONE PENNY and Free Shipping!

I’ve been working with Ricki for about a week and so far, she won’t even step on the lounger. A real trainer I’m not!  I’m still trying to lure her 🙂  Perhaps, eventually, I will get that great photo or video with the $799 Nikon 5100 DSLR Camera I won on last December for a mere $19.49!

I have clearly been thrilled with DealDash for over a year now!  The friendliest and most helpful support team and staff I’ve ever come across.  Thanks DealDash for all the fabulous deals I have won and bought on your site!!!

Won on

New Bidder Tips for

Helpful DealDash Tips Hello, fellow bidders.  Thought I would put my 2 cents worth in today.  I have read through most of the tips here and they are quite helpful, so sorry if I repeat anything that has already been said.

One of the first things I learned as a new bidder was to not go “click” crazy.  It is really easy to just keep bidding and not pay attention to how much you are actually spending.  Remember, your total cost of any item is the final sale price, plus the cost of each of the bids you just spent.  So, if you are bidding on a $25 gift card….you used 100 bids (spending 15 cent for each bid) and the final bid price was $15.75…well, you just over paid for that $25 card (100 bids @ .15 ea = $15.00 + $15.75 = $30.75).  You have to factor in the cost of your bids.  It is not a deal if you over pay for an item, just to win something.  Bid smart and research the cost of the items before you bid.  Figure out how much you are willing to spend and go for it, without over-bidding.

There are a lot of people who are only in it for the win and not for the deal.  That drives the prices up for everyone else.  If you are willing to Buy It Now and spend as much as you can, well, it’s your money.  Yes, you get your bids back if you BIN, but please, be fair to the other bidders who are looking for a real deal.

Won on

Won with just 33 Bids on

My advice to new bidders would be to just watch the bidding on certain items that interest you for a few days.  You get a much better feel as to how it works.  You also learn very quickly who the “bad” bidders are.  These are the people who jump your bid without letting the clock run down.  They just don’t seem to understand that they are not intimidating anyone by doing this.  If you watch the clock, and see that there is 9 seconds between people, these people are on Bid Buddy and are not watching you jump their bid, so you aren’t scaring anyone off by doing that.

As I said, bid smart.  Play fair and have fun.  It is so much fun to win something and get a great deal doing it.  I just won a 10 piece set of pots and pans yesterday for my daughter for Christmas.  Here’s the breakdown of my win:  value of set was $149, I placed 33 bids which I paid .15 each for which equals $4.95, the item final bid sale price was $15.47…I paid a total of $20.42 for this $149 set of pots and pans.  Now that’s what I call a deal!

Happy bidding and good luck!


DealDash Tip – BidBuddy and how to use it.

Hello DealDashers!  I am back again this week to answer a very common question that members have about DealDash.  What Is BidBuddy ?

BidBuddy is a very underutilized tool used for bidding on DealDash.  Mainly because people do not know what it is or how it works and the advantages that it can be used for to help them win more auctions.

When you go to the item that you are interested in bidding on, under the Timer, you will see the “Bid Now” yellow bar.  This allows you to make one bid at a time.  Below the “Bid Now” bar you will find your BidBuddy tool and basic information.  BidBuddy is an automatic bidding tool used so that you do not have to keep clicking the “Bid Now” button every time you wish to make a bid.  BidBuddy will do this automatically for you. In the white “Add Bids Here” box simply put in the amount of bids you wish to make.  Let’s say 25 bids in our example are the number of bids you would like to start with.  You can always add more bids later or stop BidBuddy at anytime.

Just because you put in 25 bids does not mean you have to use them all.  You could have bid 10 times and see that the auction has got hot again and you want to stop bidding for now and just cancel BidBuddy and it will return to you the 15 unused bids you had not yet made.  So you never lose unused bids by using the BidBuddy bidding tool.  Let’s say you wish to add 25 more bids to the BidBuddy system because us have almost used up your first 25 bids.  Simply go to the white “Add Bids Here box and click on Book a BidBuddy again and 25 more bids would be added to your remaining bids from the first time.

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Of course just like making individual bids you have to develop your own strategy that works for you in using the BidBuddy system.  Maybe you want to jump in early in the bidding and try to get the item quick.  Perhaps your strategy will be to wait until the bidding cools down.  You have to use BidBuddy with care and develop a strategy just like when using the “Bid Now” bar making bids manually.

If you go to the main DealDash page to the bottom of the page and look under the HELP section you will see FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  If you click on FAQ it will take you to this webpage and about half way down the page you will see a good explanation of the BidBuddy system which may further help and guide you.  Here is a direct link to the FAQ page: You may also access the FAQ page by pushing the FAQ button located at the top of your screen located next to your “My Dashboard” button.

DealDashers, go out there now and get ready for some more exciting auctions and test out the BidBuddy system as a part of your strategy to win more auctions!  Remember to visit me on my personal Blog site DealDashNews.

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Gus S./naskippy

DealDash promotes education through it’s Auctions

My youngest daughter is currently a Sophomore in college. Because she loves to read, I thought it would be nice for her to have a Kindle. DealDash just happened to be having a mega book reader auction blast. What luck! There were 40 auctions, all starting at the same time for various book readers. I knew my daughter really wanted a book reader so I put a bid on all 40 of the auctions, then decided which three or four I would invest in. As the auctions went along I noticed that I was bidding with several of the same bidders in each auction. Won on I watched as I bid. Two different auctions, for the same Kindle Fire, had me and another bidder trading bids, with a couple of bidders jumping in here and there. I knew if he won the other auction, I would have a great chance to capture the other auction. As luck would have it, he won the other auction and therefore was blocked from bidding on the second auction. A couple more bids and it was mine! Victory!

My daughter Loves her Kindle Fire. My original thought was to also buy college books she would need, and download them onto her Kindle. We decided against that, for now. She downloads several books a month for casual reading and Amazon always has free book downloads to choose from. The Kindle Fire has a great battery life so she only charges it every 4-5 days. We bought a cover for it to keep it from getting damaged. With the internet option, my daughter can also connect to a browser, Facebook, and many other favorites. We Love !

What penny auction should you try? DealDash

If you’re thinking about trying a penny auction site and you don’t know what penny auction should you try, do not be afraid to try DealDash. There are hundreds of penny auction sites, most very small and some fraudulent but DealDash is great. They have been in business over 4 years, longer than any others in the United States. I personally love DealDash. Once you understand the bidding game and process, you can win fabulous deals… some for even a penny!

The main concept is to learn about using your BidBuddy because most auctions won are with people using DealDash’s BidBuddy / automatic bidding tool. DealDash also provides an extra cushion of comfort. If you do not win whatever you are bidding on, you can buy it, and YOU GET YOUR BIDS BACK! So, whenever I don’t win I always buy it. This way I am always using what I call free recycled bids to win more auctions.

The wide range of merchandise DealDash offers varies from all types of gift card (including gas cards), perfume, kitchen appliances, electronics like Apple iPads, iPhones and on and on. Just check the website and see for yourself all the merchandise they offer. Also, if something goes wrong, they have the best customer service and shipping department so there’s no need to worry. They will help you. Try it out and you will like it, especially compared to other penny auctions in the market. Just be sure to learn the game first.

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DealDash Auction Advice

When I first started bidding on DealDash over a year ago I thought it was just like other penny auction sites, bid fast, bid often and win. Well DealDash does not work that way. To win an auction a bidder has to have the knowledge of who is bidding and if they have their bid buddy set. Isolate your auction by clicking on the one you are wanting to bid on, then see the avatars pop up. The more avatars there are the more bidders you will be bidding against.

DealDash Bidders

Other Bidders in the Auction

Take your time to watch the auction, determine how many bids you want to bid on the auction and set your bid buddy. Stomping on other peoples’ bids or just stomping in general is not a good way to make a name for yourself. Be smart and be patient. The “Congratulations!” at the end of the auction is what we all bid for and it can be well worth the wait.

The buy it now feature is a real bonus too. I don’t think there are any other sites out there that will allow you to get your bids back when you buy it now. Just one more reason to be a “Deal Dash” bidder. Good luck and happy bidding!