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Anatomy Of An Auction

DealDash Universe

The word anatomy is defined as “the study of the body plan of animals” so you may be wondering why I’ve chosen to use it to describe an auction.

The reason is that I view an auction as a “living” thing.  Each auction has it’s own individual “personality” based upon the various bidders involved.  Every auction is unique, but watch enough auctions and you will notice that most auctions follow a certain pattern.

When an auction begins, it typically goes through a stage which is a bit like throwing a piece of raw meat into a cage filled with hungry lions.

Bidding is usually quite frantic as people seem to be trying to establish their dominance.  During this stage there is often a lot of “bid stomping” and a general lack of civility.  To give you an idea just how wild this stage can be, I’ve actually gone into auctions with my BidBuddy set before the auction began and had the $5.00 limit reached before even one of my bids was placed. I’m not sure if people are intimidated with all of this aggressive behavior, but auctions do sometimes end during this stage.  Mostly auctions that end during this stage end because there are very few bidders involved. Obviously, bidders who are lucky enough to win during this stage are BIG winners.

Eventually, an auction settles down and most if not all bids are placed by BidBuddies.

This stage is the realm of a particular type of bidder known as the “power bidder”. The power bidder’s one objective is to win the auction by simply outspending the competition. Power bidders have no problem blowing through vast amounts of bids to take home the prize, and most of them have a “win at any cost” mentality.  One of the best bios I’ve seen on DealDash read “When I grow up, I want to be a power bidder”.  I got a big laugh when I read this since I’m quite certain it was said with tongue-in-cheek.  Now hopefully I’m not going to offend too many of you, but power bidders are not to be confused with intelligent bidders. There really isn’t much thought or strategy involved with loading up the BidBuddy with hundreds of bids and letting it run from beginning to end. Believe it or not, there are actually people who feel that bidders who are willing to “go the distance” by bidding continuously from beginning to end are somehow “entitled” to win. This idea is absurd! That may be how it works in a standard auction, but penny auctions are an entirely different animal.  For the most part, bidders during this stage accomplish only one thing, they earn DealDash a lot of money. Many auctions do end during this stage, but the “winners” often realize little if any savings. In fact, power bidders often bid beyond the point where the cost of their bids plus the auction price equals the retail price of the item. I don’t understand what it is they hope to accomplish by bidding so foolishly other than to scare people away from bidding against them again. Considering DealDash has more than 2 million members, it could take quite a while to scare them all off. Another indication that bidders during this stage are not concerned with wasting bids is the fact that they often bid against more than two other bidders. In my opinion, this is a complete waste of bids! What are the chances that two bidders will suddenly drop out simultaneously? Yes, it does occasionally happen, but is it really worth wasting hundreds of precious bids to protect against this happening? If you said yes, you need to remember there will be more other auctions. It’s not uncommon to see as many as five, six, or even more bidders throwing away bids accomplishing nothing more than jacking up the price of the item. There’s really no good reason to bid during this stage.

Now, if you think about it, penny auctions are really not about what price the item sells for.

I believe this idea is so important that it’s worth saying again. Penny auctions are not about what price the item sells for. To prove my point, let’s look at the $300.00 iPad Mini 16GB. The average selling price is currently $70.83. Who wouldn’t buy this item for $70.83? Anyone would buy it, but you don’t get this price unless you are the bidder who places the final bid. Penny auctions are all about one thing – placing the final bid. In the case of the iPad Mini 16GB, it’s about placing the final bid without spending more than $229.17 worth of bids. Nobody understands this better than bidders known as “jump bidders” or “bid jumpers” or simply “jumpers”. We’ll use the term “jumpers” since DealDash uses the term “No Jumper” to refer to the practice of jumping into the auction late in the bidding. The term “bid jumper” can be confusing because it is often also used for bidders who bid before allowing the clock to run out. I like to call these bidders “bid stompers” instead. That aside, jumpers are perhaps the most despised bidders, but in my opinion, this is very unfair. As Robin points out in the article “In Defense Of Bid Jumpers” this is a legitimate bidding strategy, and actually requires the bidder to do their homework. I agree completely, and have a lot of respect for bidders who are able to use this strategy successfully. I’m sure I probably lost a few readers with that statement, so my thanks to those of you who are still here. People like to accuse jumpers of “stealing” auctions. This argument is simply ridiculous. Nobody OWNS anything until the final bid is placed. The fact is that winning auctions in this final stage requires more skill than at any other time in the auction. If you’re like me and see no reason to bid against more than two other bidders, you too could end up being called a “jumper”. 

To sum up, most auctions involve three distinct stages, one requires luck to win, one requires money, and one requires skill.

Luck and money are something you either have or you don’t, but skill is something we can all have if we’re willing to work at it. I wish you much success.

slow down

4 Smart Bidding Tips For Beginners

slow down

You joined Deal Dash, bought bids and are ready to go, Whoa…wait a minute.

Have you bid before? If not here are four Deal Dash bidding tips to keep in mind.

Bidding Tip Number One: Watch Before Bidding

Watch a few auctions before you join in the bidding. See how different bidders play, when they bid, how frequent they bid. You will need to figure out your own strategy once you start however watching the auctions before bidding is important.

Bidding Tip Number Two: Start Bidding On Small Items First

I would suggest you start with a small value item, like a gift card. Search the gift card category for a card you could use and bookmark it. The item will then show up on both your home page and under bookmarked auctions on your Dashboard.

Bidding Tip Number Three: Determine Your Total Costs

Be sure to determine how many bids and how much cash you are willing to spend, without going over the retail cost of the item before you start bidding. Remember your bids cost money too. Your cost for an item is not just the final sales price it is the combined cost of your bids used and the final sales price. This is important to keep in mind when Deal Dash offers “50% off” or “Free deals”. That is when bidders seem to go wild with using more bids then they might have otherwise.

Bidding Tip Number Four: Let The Frenzy Die Down

When the bidding starts, enter 1 bid and then watch what is going on. At the beginning of any auction there will likely be a lot of bids entered in rapid order, you need to let the frenzy die down a little. When there are 3 or 4 individuals bidding in sequence consider joining in. Just keep in mind what you determined the most you will spend on bids and cash. Try not to get caught up in the craziness of bidding as that will get you in trouble and you will spend more money both in bids and cash.

Finally, read other articles about bidding tips and strategies. You may find many of the same times overlap and are repeated over and over – this is for a reason. One article you may like is on the site called A Simple Exercise To Find The Perfect Auction

base jumping

In Defense Of Bid Jumpers

base jumping

Nobody likes the “Bid Jumper!!” GEEZ…

This poor soul gets beat up and called out in other Bidder Bios all the time!! I have even seen those that say that these Jumpers are breaking the rules!! While in reality this is not true!! Many say they swoop in at the last moment to “steal” the win from those who were bidding from the start. Others think that they are bid wasters or that they just drive up the cost of the ending price. Ehhh… again, not necessarily true.

First lets define a “Bid Jumper!”
In my mind there are at least two types…

The first bids ferociously right from the beginning. This person is not concerned about the bid clock and is certainly not concerned with your frustration with this style of bidding strategy. In actuality this is what they are hoping for. They want to intimidate the other bidders or “jump” others bid clock time in order to get all others to drop out! This is a viable and legitimate strategy and regardless of what others think… it does work. Especially if you do your homework on the bidders you are up against. You should, as in all cases, be prepared to Buy it Now! You may not make any friends, but is that what we are playing for? No, we play to win!

The second type of “Bid Jumper” swoops in at the end of the auction and watches for the auction to get down to two bidders. This person put in one or two bids at the beginning of the auction but doesn’t participate throughout the auction until what they believe to be the final moments of the auction. They will jump in after they see a couple people going toe-to-toe for awhile and then all of a sudden they will swoop in. They have paid attention to how many bidders have entered the auction and the amount of bids used by all participating. They have carefully noted who is in the auction and what style of bidding they use. They watch to see if they are bidding against “Die Hard” Bidders (those who wont give up on an auction no matter what, oblivious to how many bids they have spent or even worse, someone who just must win at all costs – here’s a good article about winning at all costs and what we can learn). A lot of times the auction will go at a higher price, but no matter, because they have only spent a fraction of the bids the others have. Again, they have paid attention to how many bids the others have spent. So out of all of the strategies, this may be the most calculated of them all. This person has done their homework, they HAVE been watching the auction all along and studying it (they have chosen to stay anonomous intentionally!) You may not like their methods, but you have to admit it is a sound and viable strategy and above all, it is NOT against DealDash rules! So don’t yell at them, don’t get frustrated. Learn about the tactic and use it to your advantage!

bidding mistakes

Critical Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Bidding In Auctions

bidding mistakes

Since joining DealDash back in August 2013, I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes. Hopefully I can help you avoid making some of the same mistakes I’ve made.  Why, you may be asking, would I be interested in helping you avoid making mistakes.  Great question!  Most of the mistakes we make result in something nobody wants – HIGHER PRICES!

If we were to talk about all the mistakes I’ve made, we’d be here for a long time, and I know you’re anxious to get bidding so let’s just look at the three most critical mistakes.

One of the most critical mistakes is having unrealistic expectations.  This one mistake is responsible for just about every other mistake we can make.  We see someone snag an iPad Air for $37.35 and decide we’re going to do the same.  Could we be so fortunate to get a deal like this? Absolutely.  Unfortunately, we could also end up spending lots of bids and ending up with nothing.  Many people might be surprised to learn that most bidders average less than a 5% win ratio.  This means that most bidders lose more than 95 out of 100 auctions they participate in.  If we’re talking about an item like an iPad Air, our chances are even lower.  I’m not trying to discourage anyone here. I just want to make sure you take off your rose colored glasses before you start bidding.

As I mentioned, having unrealistic expectations ultimately leads to other mistakes.  The primary mistake we’re likely to make when we begin bidding and our expectations are too high is to become emotionally involved.  

Let’s just say we set our sights on that iPad Air, and say we’re looking to get it for less than $50.00.  Seems reasonable.  After all, we saw someone on a TV commercial who got one for less than $50.00 and we just personally witnessed one go for $37.35.  So, we decide to go for the next iPad Air we see.  Guess we should probably buy some bids, but how many should we buy?  We’re feeling lucky so we get 200, and start bidding.

Fast forward several hours….

Our iPad Air is currently at $53.50, we’ve exhausted our original 200 bids, bought another 200 and those are running low. The good news is we’re down to only 2 regular bidders besides us, so surely the other 2 will drop out soon.  Maybe we miscalculated a little bit, but we’re not too worried yet.  After all, even $75.00 would still be a great price for a brand new iPad Air.  And, let’s face it, we’re having some fun!!  

A little while later…

What the heck is wrong with these people?   Don’t they know this is my iPad?  One of the other bidders finally dropped out, but then some other jerk jumped in out of nowhere and started bidding.  That’s just wrong, we think (actually we shout it out loud), don’t they know how long I’ve been bidding here?  Guess what?  We’ve become emotionally involved!

I’m going to spare you the details of how our pretend auction ended up, but let’s just say it got pretty ugly.

I promised to talk about three critical mistakes, so here’s number three. As they say, I’ve saved the worst for last.  While the first two mistakes are very easy to make and can be very difficult to break, there is no reason for anyone to make the final critical mistake.  So, what is it?

People begin bidding without doing their homework.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the TV commercial where the man tells the woman about DealDash for the first time and seconds later she tells him she’s got to go start bidding.  She’d be much better off is she said she was going to go visit DealDash Reviewed, of maybe go watch a few dozen auctions instead.  The fact that you are here reading this blog puts you ahead of a majority of your competition, but don’t stop there.  For every auction you participate in, sit out 10 or 15 and just observe what happens.  While you’re watching all those auctions, you won’t be winning any of the great items available on DealDash, but you also will not be losing even a single penny, and you will learn a lot.  I can just about guarantee you will be much more successful in the auctions you do take part in.

Had our pretend bidder done their homework there’s no guarantee they would have won that new iPad Air, but they could have saved a lot of money and unnecessary frustration.

I challenge everyone reading this article to go find the average selling price of an iPad Air with Wi-Fi and 16GB in Space Gray, come back and post a comment .

dealdash listens to customers

DealDash Listens To Customers!!

dealdash listens to customers

I have been a loyal bidder on DealDash for several years and have always found DealDash to be entertaining, diversified and they have always had superior customer service!!

If you have an issue, comment, complaint or question, they are always there to listen and be quick to respond. In this particular case I made a suggestion. I happened to mention that I would love to see travel-typed prizes. This morning what did I log on to see, but a $250 American Airlines gift card up for grabs!!! Yay!! Well, I did bid, but today wasn’t my day. Congratulations to “cidoutbid” for the win at only $19.30!! Okay so I didn’t win this one… No problem!!! I did a “buy it now” and got the gift card plus my bids back!! My main point is that DealDash listens to customers! They listened to suggestions and implemented them. As with all my other dealings with the Customer Service staff, they are friendly, courteous and quick to respond. I would recommend anyone to contact DealDash Customer Service with questions, concerns, suggestions or if you just plain need help. They want to know what you think too!!

Tip for this post

If you haven’t already done so… Check out the “Help” column located at the bottom of the screen for MANY helpful hints which give you a better understanding of what to expect when bidding on DealDash. For an even more in depth look at DD check out the DealDash Official Blog!!!!

American Airlines Gift Card Sold on DealDash

DealDash Listens to Customers

Deal Dash

3 Smart Questions To Ask Yourself Before Bidding

Make a Deal Dash I love a deal and Deal Dash provides the opportunity for some fabulous ones.

Depending on the time when you obtain your bid pack you could pay as much as 60 cents per bid, as little as 15 cents per bid or or, even better, you could earn them for free. Let’s assume that you purchased 200 bids during a 15 cent sale at a cost of $30.00. You want to bid on a laptop cooling fan, that retails for $20.00. Before you go too far you would want to determine several additional factors.

  1. How much do I want to pay in the end?

  2. What would I consider a deal?

  3. How many bids am I willing to use?

This is Deal Dash after all and one of the main reasons you come to the website is to get deals.

If you use 100 bids, and win, you have used $15.00 in bids plus you have to pay the winner’s final sale price. Let’s say the fan sold for the final sale price of $2.95. Your total cost is $17.95. Yes, it is cheaper than what you would pay if you went to a retail outlet, it didn’t cost you shipping or gas, and hopefully you had a little fun playing too, but, do you feel you really got a bargain worth bragging about?

Now, let’s assume that the bids you had were free bids that you had earned. You opted to work with some of those bids to bid on the lap top cooling fan. You were the winner and the final sale price was $2.95. Your total cost is $2.95. Now that is a deal!

PS: If you really wanted a deal that can’t be beat, use the free bids you have earned to bid during times when Deal Dash offers specials where you only pay 50% or when they offer free win days. Free days are when you only pay a 1-cent transaction fee and Deal Dash sends the winner their product for free.

shopping addiction

5 Symptoms To Let You Know It May Be Time To Take A Break From Shopping

shopping addiction

Do you have any of the following 5 symptoms of DDD (DealDash  Disorder)

1) Frustration due to not winning an auction?

2) Irritability toward other bidders?

3) Angry bidding?

4) Boredom and bidding just to bid?

5) Spending more than you really should?

If you have been feeling one or more of the above symptoms, well, then that’s a signal it may be time to take a break from shopping!

Perhaps it starts one day when you feel a bit frustrated.  You haven’t won an auction in awhile and it doesn’t matter what strategy you try you just can’t seem to get the win!  You try different bidding strategies, different times of day and to no avail.  Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do I just end up bidding on the wrong auction as I see the exact same item I am presently bidding on in a second or third auction go under a buck or two and the auction I am in is heading for $5!  Sometimes its just not your day or week.

This leads to irritability toward other bidders.  I start thinking about changing my Bio to something like “hey do you realize you just spent $50 for a $25 gift card?  Seriously?!?!”  I start talking to the screen as if the other people can hear me!  Yikes!

Then can come the angry bidding…  Oh now I am going to punish that other bidder…  If they think they are gonna get this one they are crazy!!  I will buy it now before I give it up to them!!  This is MY AUCTION!!  UH OH!!

Sometimes I find myself bidding on something I don’t really need or I already have 3 Applebees gift cards, 2 Walgreens, and 2 Chilis and well you get the idea…  I have seen the same kids toy or tool a hundred times and I feel a little bored.

One day you open your credit card bill and get a little SURPRISE!!  Buy it Now is great, but if you get carried away so will your credit card balance!!

So what can we learn and what can we do to avoid the above distressing symptoms?

First and foremost…  have a plan of attack, or really just a plan!  Budget how much you want to spend taking into account the real possibility that you will probably have to Buy it Now. This is a shopping site after all.  Now stick to that budget.

Remember sometimes auctions can go for a day or sometimes even longer depending on what you are bidding on.  That is a long time to be devoted to your computer.  Make sure to use that BidBuddy so you can walk away from it all for a while.  Get up and stretch, go for a short walk, whatever, but after a long bidding session take some time off.

Bidding frustration and angry bidding lead to an unnecessary loss of bids and usually just on your part.  You really aren’t hurting anyone but yourself.  If you find yourself in this situation, remain calm.  Sometimes it is worth finding another auction and cut your losses. Or maybe sit and watch for a bit to regain composure.

Again… DON’T BID ON WHAT YOU DON’T NEED!  Eliminate excess in your life…  You have never camped a day in your life…did you really need to get the tent?  I have so many gift cards people look at me funny when I pay the cashier at Walmart with six $25 Gift cards!!!  LOL!  Bidding on only what you need will also help with the overspending aspect of this issue.

If all else fails… IT’S TIME TO TAKE A BREAK… and that’s okay!  Deal Dash wants happy customers, wants them to have fun and wants them to come back again and again, which means being a responsible & conscientious bidder!

How have you dealt with any of these symptoms? Leave a reply below with your tips of advice.

Bidding Tips

Smart Bidding Tips To Keep In Mind

Bidding Tips

Hi all! I’ve been a member on DealDash since March 2012 and I have a blast on this auction site!

I’ve even stopped going to the other penny auction sites because DealDash is my favorite. I have won a lot of great stuff, like one day I won a Women’s Pearl Dial Silver Tone Leather Watch Set for $6.59 with a retail price of $249 and only used 48 bids in total, not bad. On a another auction I won a Fish Eyes Rod & Reel with Underwater Video Camera and I only paid $0.42!

The best bidding tips I can give you is:

First is to have patience and once you decide on what you want, watch it and get at least one bid in on time (before the No Jumper™ Limit) so you can bid later on it.

Second is to know how much you want to pay for it and wait to bid on it until there are only two bidders. If for example there are four people biding on it, don’t bid yet because all you will do is waste your bids. I wait until only two people are biding before I seriously bid on it.

Finally, I buy bids win they go on sale and store them for later. Now don’t get me wrong, I have lost a lot of auctions too but all in all I have lost about the same amount as I have won.

Good luck all!

color choices

What is DeaDash? What Makes DealDash Legit

I am a bidder on DealDash since 2010. I bid for many reasons and will let you know a bit about DealDash and why it is not a scam.

Here are a few reasons why I like to bid on DealDash auctions.

  1. Fun and entertainment
  2. Great deals on merchandize
  3. Gifts for family and friends
  4. Upgrading items I need for my home

I have won or used the Buy it Now option for many items. Lately I have been almost offended at a few bidders that bash DealDash. I feel like these bidders do not understand the process of bidding. So I would like to help you understand DealDash.

You must understand just because you bid you will not always win. But the beauty of DealDash is that they offer a buy it now option.

Here is how DealDash works

color choices

You place the number of bids you are willing to bid on an item either by bidding live or by placing the number of bids you are willing to risk with BidBuddy (BidBuddy bids for you automatically). Remember you can win or lose with either option. But losing is not really losing if you have planned you bids properly. Let me explain: If I was willing to use 25 bids to try and win an item; and both the live option and bid buddy has been completed, I then use the buy it now option. The buy it now option is the ability to purchase the items at a normal retail cost plus get your bids back. Now that is a great deal!

Another great deal is DealDash regularly offers bids at a reduced rate. They return bids with the buy it now option. Also, they give you options of winning bids or getting free bids in many ways.

I believe DealDash go out of their way to make your experience of bidding successful. Plus bidders like me are trying to help others by answering your questions and attesting to winning many items.

I am taking time out writing you to let you know how DealDash works, how to make you successful, and explaining the process of bidding. I love DealDash and I will continue to bid.

By Victoria L Overton

Leave your comments below!

DealDash Tips

6 Tips Of Advice For Beginning Bidders

If you are a beginner with DealDash, there are a few things you should know. Follow these 6 beginning bidder tips of advice for a great shopping experience.

1.) Start small

When you’re bidding for the first time be sure to start small to get the feel of the bidding process. Start bidding on the under $25 items such as $15 gift cards, or other items in that price range as these will generally be easier to win. The larger, more valuable, items are typically harder to win because they are more popular and tend to have more bidders. If you’re not comfortable yet with the bidding process, stick to the smaller items until you’ve developed a good bidding strategy.

2.) Review, watch and study the auctions

Review, watch and study the auctions for a while to get familiar with the patterns of how others bid. There are many strategies people use when it come to bidding so it’s a good tip to take the time to watch some of the auctions first to try and spot the rhythms and patterns of bidding. You’ll likely begin to notice the same bidders repeating in the same bidding order over and over. This means they have bids booked in their BidBuddy. If you can spot when others have a BidBuddy booked, you’re likely going to greatly increase your odds of winning!

3.) Set your bid limit

You should always set a limited number of bids for items and don’t go over your limit. Calculate in advance how many bids make sense to use in the auction. Once you’ve placed that number of bids in an auction you should not overbid. Instead, stop bidding and use the Buy it Now to get your bids back and the item you want. Also see: Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping.

4.) Use your BidBuddy

BidBuddy is a great tool and places your bids during the last seconds of the auction. Place a few bids and watch for a while. You don’t have to put all your bids in at one time and you can cancel at anytime. When you cancel or win an auction, all the unused bids you booked in the BidBuddy will be returned back to your account.

5.) Buy it Now if you Lose

If you followed tip 3 and set a limit for yourself and stuck to it but still did not win the auction, use the Buy it Now option. You can buy the item at normal price and get all your bids back to try again. It’s available for 7 days from when the auction sold so you have plenty of time to decide if you really want the item. For the best experience it may be good to make this decision before the auction even begins, leading to the next tip.

6.) Only bid on items you really want

By following this tip and only bidding on items you really want or need, you’ll probably be more comfortable using the Buy it Now option in case you don’t win. This helps ensure you don’t lose your bids and you still get the item you were in the market for. Of course if you know you want something, why not just go and buy it at the store somewhere else? Well… you can certainly do that but if you’re looking for a more fun and exciting shopping experience, why not try and win it first on DealDash?

Bonus Tip:

New bidders have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t win an auction with your first bid pack purchase, DealDash will return them free for a second chance so you can try again. If for whatever reason you are not happy, you can also get your money back from your first bid pack purchase within 90 days. This is unconditional if you win or lose auctions, or whether you use your bids or not. It’s called the DealDash Promise and it is by far the most extensive, new user satisfaction guarantee refund policy in the marketplace. Just contact the DealDash customer support team for more details!

What do you think of these DealDash tips for beginners? Share other tips in the comments below. DealDash Tips

do not overspend

Winning At All Costs And What We Can Learn

I recently witnessed the most ridiculous bidding ever! Ok… I’m the first to admit, I am probably guilty of this myself.

Two bidders were  overbidding on a $10.00 gift card and when I last checked, it was  at $12.50 and  was  still going on. Please do the math and include the number of bids you had to use plus the purchase price. I just can’t bring myself to look at it to see the final selling price.

Why? Why? Why? are the questions I ask myself as they bid since I can see no one is willing to concede. I say to them out loud… just Stop Bidding and Buy It! You can try again later!  Of course they can’t hear me, but if only they could I would encourage them to stop and read all of the helpful tips posted on DealDash.

Tip of the Day: When bidding, don’t overspend.

You might win but the truth is you never come out ahead. Learn from others, and try not making the same mistakes those before you have. We share our successes and failures so others can learn from us. Remember when people post on here that they do it for free and the love they have for you. Look, listen and learn!

And on a final note today, I had to go back and check on the selling price of the gift card. It sold for even more!

Happy Bidding!

Tips and Tricks

Why I Highly Recommend DealDash

Tips and Tricks

I became involved with DealDash in October 2012.  At first I was skeptical about the website according to the reviews about other penny auction sites, but that soon changed.  I am impressed about everything DealDash has to offer.  For instance, if you are new to the website it is really easy to get acquainted to how things work.  BidBuddy is a useful tool to get acquainted with and  I am a huge fan of the free bids on the site. Take a moment and read the advantages of using your BidBuddy on DealDash to learn more about what BidBuddy is if you’re not familiar with it.

DealDash has different tiers to where if you are the lead bidder for so long then you earn free bids.  I currently am on level 16 and will earn 125 free bids if I am the lead bidder for 23 more minutes.  With free bids, this makes buying things much more enjoyable!

The Time as Highest Bidder Clock is a timer that measures how much time bidders spend as the top bidder in every auction. Once the Time as Highest Bidder Clock reaches a certain level bidders can claim free bids!

Another thing I like about the site is free shipping.  I have won several items and DealDash always send the items asap which generally come from USPS, FedEx or UPS.  If I do not win the item I bid on, I get all of my bids back when buying the item at normal price so it’s a win-win situation.  I highly recommend DealDash which is a safe and secure website!

If you want my advice on winning or getting involved in DealDash just leave your comments below. Also check out these 10 ways to bid smarter on DealDash.

reasons I love you

Reasons I Think DealDash Is The Best Penny Auction Site

Here are my tops reasons and tips why I think DealDash is the best penny auction site available.

They are fair to everyone with the win limits

  • Everyone has a limit of 3 winning auctions worth 200 dollars or higher and 6 winning auctions under 200 dollars per week. Therefore making it fair for everyone to win!

Buy It Now option

  • If you bid on a item and don’t win you have the option to buy it at regular price and get what bids you used on that item back to try again.

Free shipping

  • What can I say, Dealdash always has FREE SHIPPING on every item!

Special promotions

  • Free auction wins. I love these! On special days DealDash has free auction wins, this is when no matter what price you win your auction, DealdDash picks up the tab and you only pay 1 penny for the item you won!
  • 50% off wins. This means if you win your auction item you only pay 50% of the price and always free shipping!
  • Free bids. If you win an item worth 199 dollars or more and submit a picture to DealDash’s Facebook page showcasing the item you get 200 free bids, if the item is 99 dollars to 198 dollars you get 75 free bids and if the item is less than 99 dollars you get 10 free bids.
  • Free 500 dollar gift card. When you submit your picture with auction wins to get your free bids, you get entered into this drawing to win a $500 gift card for Walmart, Target, etc. Dealdash chooses 1 winner every week!
  • Special bid prices. I try to buy bids when they are marked down, which is all the time!

Good chances to win and save

  • I have won 76 auctions since august 2013.
  • My first auction win I purchased 200 bids for 32 dollars and I used 30 bids to win a 2000 Bid Pack! I then placed bids on a 46 inch led TV and won that too! It was a free auction week so I only paid 1 penny plus 32 dollar bid pack.
  • But thats just the beginning! I submitted my picture with my TV for my free 200 bids and I won the best photo of the week contest for a 500 dollar gift card! That got me hooked! I have also won 25$ ,50$ gift cards and my grandsons toys and household items!

DealDash Bidding Tips

  • Always use Bid Buddy! I have won most of my auctions using this feature.
  • Never bid stomp! This means Do Not immediately bid after someone else bids. Let the timer countdown before bidding, that way everyone has a chance to get their time in to collect free bids. Bid stompers never win and they waste a lot of bids!
  • Do research on DealDash auctions. I watch auctions to see what price certain items go for and what time of day is best to bid!

So what are you waiting for? Go to right now and start winning! Happy Bidding!!

– suncrafts

losing is winning

Why Losing Is Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Losing in some cases is really like “winning”, you get the best of a fun shopping experience.

Bidding on Deal Dash is like shopping at the mall.  Once a decision is made to begin bidding the auction goes at a snail’s pace or quick as lightning!  Depending on how many people are bidding, and you can see that when you isolate an auction, the auction can take off quickly and end just as fast.  If there are only a few “serious bidders”, those that set their bid buddy, the auction could take a while.  I have found that I can make up my mind pretty quickly about how much I am willing to spend for an auction win.  If a $25 gift card has alot of bidders the price can go up to as high as $25 or more! Who would spend $25 on a $25 auction win?  It really does not make any sense.  If I find the auction has gone beyond what I am willing to spend for the card, I cancel the bid buddy and settle for the buy it now option to get my bids back.

You know DealDash is the only penny auction site that lets you buy it now AND gives your bids back.  Now how sweet is that?  I get the card I wanted, and now I have the bids back to set my sites on another auction. Losing in some cases is really like “winning”, you get the best of a fun shopping experience.

Oh, by the way, shipping from DealDash is top rate! You never wait long for your cards and/or items and it’s free no matter how BIG or small the item is. DealDash really is a great place to shop!

By Joan Vith

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Leave a comment below about how your DealDash shopping experience been.


What's In and What's Out

Let’s Be Real: Buy it Now On Bid Packs Is Out

What's In and What's Out

We all would LOVE to win Bid Packs when they come up for auction on DealDash. Realistically, it rarely happens, at least for me.

When we spend our bids trying to win, we love to use the Buy it Now (BIN) and have all those spent bids returned to us. But Lets Be Real [DealDash Tip] – It is cheaper to buy more bids then to BIN on a Bid Pack. Why? Because the BIN price is always the normal cost of the bids, which is $0.60 per bid, not the “sale” prices we have become accustom to {and prefer}.

DealDash Tip: Buy Bids on sale instead of using the Buy it Now option on Bid Packs. You’ll likely be saving yourself some money.

Auction example of why it isn’t cost efficient to us the BIN on Bid Packs.

DealDash Sale

At the price of $0.17 per bid, you could purchase a bid package of 200 bids for $34.00. I was fortunate to win a couple of Bid Packages, one being to 2000 bid pack for $0.01 {winning bid was $8.00 on a free auction week} having used 238 bids to win it. Because every bid is precious to me, I am stingy when I bid on Bid Packs. I prefer to get in, watch and see how people bid, then decide if I want to have a run at it. It is great to see those fireworks pop up telling you “Congratulations You Won”, we all love when that happens. Just be careful not to get caught up in winning the auction and spend 250 bids to win a 200 bid auction. [DealDash Strategy] Know when to get out and decide how many bids you are willing to invest before the auction starts and stick to it.

DealDash Strategy: Calculate in advance the number of bids to use in an auction and Buy it Now if you don’t win with that amount of bids.

What DealDash Tips and Strategies do you have to help win? Leave a comment below. Good Luck and Happy Bidding DealDashers !!

Bidding Tips

Three Good DealDash Bidding Tips

Each month I like to decide what I’m going to bid on and how many bids I need to invest in. When I buy bids I always try to get them when they are the cheapest (15¢), this also helps to increase my return. So this month wasn’t any different…after thinking about it, I purchased some bids and decided to bid on several items including Lowe’s gift cards. As faith will have it, I won some and lost some! Guess what…I was fine with that since I was going to go to Lowe’s and purchase some new ceiling fans anyway. Now, I can go shopping with my gift cards and purchase those ceiling fans at a deep discount. Wow…I love to save and I’m doing just that!

Three DealDash Bidding Tips:

  1. Buy bids on sale
  2. Decide how many bids to use in advance
  3. Bid on something you need or want

Win or Lose…I love this site. Thanks DealDash!

Lowe's Gift Cards on DealDash

Examples of recently sold Lowe’s gift cards on DealDash

Red Cardinal in Snow

Reasons You Can Win More in January!!

What a good time to bid! The holiday madness is over and we can take advantage of less people on board. If the auction numbers hold steady, it only makes sense that with less people, the better our chances to win. I know I will be shopping on DealDash looking for gift cards or other unique things that may come up for auction.

Red Cardinal in Snow

I always keep gift cards or gifts won so that if there is an occasion, I have gifts on hand. Especially, since we have brutal winters, this is the best way to shop.

How easy is it to pull out a gift and send it to my out of state relatives on their birthdays or surprise my grandaughter with a TOYSRUS card. Deal Dash has been a good alternative to shopping at stores, the customer service is great, and the shipping is free. Take advantage of this time of year when others are not shopping as much and have fun!

Sincerely, Grandmadebbie aka surfergirl1963

DealDash Scam

DealDash Scam | Why DealDash is NOT a Scam!

No Scam

Some say DealDash is a scam. Here are some excellent points as to why I know DealDash is NOT a scam…

– Customer Since 2011

The definition a scam… Scam (skm) Slang n. A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. tr.v. scammed, scam·ming, scams To defraud; swindle.

Definition of Scam

DealDash does not defraud or swindle any of its customers. All information about how the site works is clearly stated and their customer service department is so helpful to answer any questions.

Risk free to try – 100% money back guarantee:

DealDash offers a 100% money back guarantee on your first purchase within 90 days. Win or Lose if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you are entitled to a full refund – no questions asked. DealDash wants customers that are satisfied with their shopping experience. Would a fraudulent or scam business provide this option to its customers?

Did not win? Get a second chance:

Anyone that does not win an auction with their first bid pack can have those bids returned free to their account for a second chance. Does giving your bids back free for a second chance in case you don’t win with your first bid pack purchase defraud you?

Buy it Now option:

As in any auction, there is just one winner. To help with a satisfying experience, bidders that don’t win can buy the item they were bidding on at regular retail price and DealDash will return all the bids used trying to win the auction so that you can use those bids to try for something else. They even ship the item free. If you use this strategy and only bid on things you’re willing to buy anyway, then it’s a win win situation – you get the item you wanted and the bids to try again. And if you win, then you’ve gotten a great deal on something you wanted anyway. This is a great option to have in case you don’t win and is no scam.

In business since 2009:

DealDash has been providing the fun auction and shopping service since 2009 and is the longest operating site of its kind in the USA. Fraudulent and scam businesses go out of business and don’t develop and improve over the years as they have done.

Free shipping:

No matter how big or heavy the item is, shipping is fast and free on all items. Does this seem like a swindle? I don’t think so… DealDash is NOT a scam!

I have been a customer and bidder on DealDash since June 2011 and have over 200 wins! All of which have been received in a timely fashion! No I am not always a winner, but with the “Buy it Now” feature I am never a loser either. I always bid on items I want or need so I am not out anything but a little of my time. DealDash is a respectable and fun auction site and I am very comfortable recommending both family and friends to the site. Take the time to learn about the site and you will find how exciting and fun it can be!!

I am a very happy customer and have been using DealDash for several years. I can guarantee it is no scam.

Helpful DealDash Tips

5 Tips to Boost Your Winnings

Like most of us, I have had my ups and downs winning on DealDash. Now that the holidays have past, I hope to have a few more wins on DealDash this year. These are 5 tips to help boost your winning on DealDash in 2014.

1.  Buy Bids on Sale – I prefer to buy most of my bids while they are the cheapest at $0.15. I feel that way if I have to use more bids that I want to, I can maximize my out of pocket when I do win this auction.

2.  Bid at Different Times and Keep Tabs on Your Auction – Timing is everything. I have won some of my best auctions while working or sleeping. It doesn’t always happen but you will never know unless you try. I usually plug in my starting bids into my Bid Buddy then check periodically to see how I am doing and if I need to add more. The worst feeling in the world, is to check your auction, only to see you were the runner-up. In others words YOU LOST

3.  Identify Power Bidders – I try to stay out of the auctions with the Power bidders. You know who they are, hopefully ! No need to name names. Those bidders usually do not care how much it takes to win and you are just a stepping stone. Oh I admit I may “waste” a few bids to “teach” them a lesson. Yea right ! In my mind anyway.

4.  PAY ATTENTION – So many times I get off doing other things, like Blog posting, and I realize I am bidding via my Bid Buddy, only to go back and find out the auction ended in the meantime. Makes me very sad. Here’s a good article to help with paying attention – 7 Tips For Staying Focused On Your Auctions.

5.  Bookmark the auctions you really want to bid on or watch. If the price goes to high just uncheck that auction and refresh. This helps me to have all the auctions, both ongoing and up coming, so I can see them all on one page. I don’t want to sift through all the auction pages to find the auctions I am interested in. That’s what those little stars are for in the top right-hand corner of the auction window.

Bookmark Auctions

Just remember to also be a good person when you bid. Our desire to win tends to bring our the claws ! It happens ! I try to be a good bidder while I am in an auction, allowing the clock to run so all can accumulate free bids. I like to show the occasional bid stomper that I am indeed there and watching and I do care that you are chomping into my highest bidder time. But try to be the kind of bidder you wish everyone was.

Have you read this article? Knowing “when” to concede and playing fair on DealDash

Friendship Quote

15 Inspiring Quotes I Read About DealDash

Have you been thinking about giving DealDash a try but are still on the fence? You’re not alone. There’s been a lot of hype about penny auctions these days and with so many to choose from, which one do you go with? Here are 15 inspiring quotes I read about DealDash along with a few extra tidbits of information you should know.

Let’s start with a few good facts to know about DealDash

1.  It’s said DealDash is the longest operating online penny auction in the United States – this is nice to know because it proves DealDash is legit because they’ve been doing this for a long time. Well, at least since the beginning of penny auctions. They were established in the beginning 2009.

2.  DealDash only want customers who enjoy their shopping experience. Unlike some of the other penny auctions out there who just want your first purchase and don’t care if you come back; DealDash has opted for a really different and fair approach. DealDash provides all its customers with a 100% money back guarantee on the first purchase. That’s a really nice option and basically let’s you try the site risk free. This really shows their commitment to the customer. If you’ve never tried a penny auction site before wouldn’t you want this option? Plus, this is a no questions asked guarantee. They’ll even let you keep any item you may have won. After all DealDash’s tag line is “Fair and Honest” and clearly they are stepping up to the plate to provide their customers with a fair and honest guarantee such as this. I don’t think any other site provides this type of guarantee to their customers.

3.  Auctions can only have one winner which means the odds are against you and you’re probably going to lose most of the time. So what happens if you don’t win? DealDash provides customers with a Buy it Now option. This means you can buy the item at the normal store price and get back all the bids you used in the auction for free. As their Community Manager put it in his quote found on DealDash’s Google Plus page, I’ll start with this one to count down the 15 inspiring quotes I read about DealDash.

Number 15:

Why not shop on DealDash for a fun chance to win and save if you’re planning on buying the item anyway? Even if you don’t win the auction, you can purchase the product at regular price using DealDash’s unique Buy it Now option and get a full return on all the bids you used back to your DealDash account to try for something else. DealDash is not just a bidding site, it’s a fun and entertaining shopping site! – Dave, Community Manager

Number 14:

I was given a fully explained answer as to why I have yet to receive my product. I don’t use deal dash often but the reply I received is something I’ll tell others about when suggesting they look at the site.

Number 13:

Dealdash support has got to be the fastest company to respond to their customers. Anytime I’ve had an issue or even a basic question they respond sometimes within minutes where other companies out there respond days and days later or not at all.

Number 12:

For my money, DealDash is the best penny auction site out there and has the best support team in the Industry

Number 11:

Being new to this I thank all the support team who have ALWAYS answered my questions even when I am the frustrated one. The support teams goes out of their way to help and are always pleasant under the worst of times. THANKS FOR BEING THERE, grtgramto8

Number 10:

Extremely nice. As a former supervisor, I always trained my staff on the importance of respect and listening skills. Chris was very professional in his emails. Job well done.

Number 9:

I didn’t understand how it works and it was explained very well, also I was told I would get my bids back, since this was my first time and I appreciate that. I’ll try again, more cautiously this time. Thanks for taking the time to explain.

Number 8:

I’m in sales / customer service for 11 years now and it is very hard to come by these days. Wonderful/ helpful experience with Andrew. Thank you for setting the bar Deal Dash 🙂

Number 7:

Chris has been SO helpful with my return issues and questions. I have to say, ANYTIME I’ve needed to contact customer service, I’ve always been happy with the service I receive. Deal Dash, you hire some awesome folks to take care of your customers, and I appreciate that IMMENSELY!

Number 6:

“Shopping was never a game before; it was just shopping. But times are a change; and so is shopping.” “DealDash makes shopping a game” – Huffington Post

Number 5:

When you play, play for items you really want or need and if you lose the auction, be prepared to purchase it.  This is a win win for you too.

Number 4:

Let the clock run down so that you and everyone can earn those free bids.

Number 3:

If you post pictures of your wins on DealDash’s Facebook page, you’re given free bids to use in the auctions.

Number 2:

I love shopping on DealDash. It’s the first place I go online everyday and it’s the last place I check before I go to bed.

Number 1:

I like deal dash because of all the diversity as a penny auction. All the different ways to win free bids is awesome. The communication with staff is excellent. No other penny auction is this involved with its customers as Deal Dash.

Look what may be up for auction soon on DealDash – the funny Anchorman movie!

Anchorman DealDash

Penny auctions may not be for the faint hearted or busy people because there’s no guarantee of winning and it can be very time consuming. However, for those with time on their hands and patience to learn how it works, shopping like this can be a lot of fun and people are really getting some great deals. DealDash is known to list over 1,000 items up for auction every single day so there’s A LOT of variety and auctions to choose from. They also just posted a blog post on their official blog site with an article listing the Best DealDash Wins in 2013 – have to say there are some great deals there.

Here are some other websites about DealDash where you can see what people are saying along with tips and bidding strategies.

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Friendship Quote