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DealDash Tip Use BidBuddy

Lean On A Buddy… BidBuddy

DealDash Tip Use BidBuddy

I’m learning that bidding on DealDash is not just about luck… but a lot about timing. The right time to buy bids, the right time to use them, and the right way to use them.

Bidding when you are on a limited budget is tricky business so you want to make educated decisions when you spend any money. Recently I decided to take a risk and try for something about 4 times more expensive than my usual limit. Keeping in mind that if I really wanted the item I would need to have the money to pay to get the win. I also was hoping for a fabulous DealDash win that I could brag about.

I knew exactly what I wanted and having done my research, I knew what it had sold for during previous auctions. I knew that personal previous auction wins usually happened at a certain time of day for me and that distractions are best kept to a minimum.

Limiting myself to spending no more than $5.00, for an item that retailed for $150.00, I watched the auction action for a few minutes. When I saw that only 10 people were participating, I was confident that I had found the perfect opportunity for me. I waited until just three people were actively bidding before I placed my first bid and then set my BidBuddy. As I watched the auction for a few minutes and saw that the price was up to 96 cents, I also noticed that another bidder had joined the auction so that there were now four active bidders. Wanting to conserve my bids, I cancelled my BidBuddy, with the intent of going back in when there were just three other bidders. Yes indeed, I had a plan and was sticking to it!

Now, as I sit here without my $150.00 pans, I am acknowledging that I blew it. The very next bid brought the price to 97 cents, and that was the winning bid! You see, I’m not crazy; it is possible to pay less than $5.00 for a 12 piece set of cookware. I did however, learn a lesson… there are times when you really should… “ just let the BidBuddy do its thing”.

– marysbear

T-Fal Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set Discount Sale

Watching DealDash Auctions

Observations From The DealDash Sidelines

Watching DealDash Auctions

I have been watching DealDash auctions for the past couple of weeks, participating in a few, but trying to figure out the best system to aid in winning.

A few observations I’ve recently noticed:

  • $10 Burger King gift cards – closing over $8.00 not counting the number of bids the winner had to place. I have closing costs of $9.95, $9.79 and $9.05. Where is there a deal in that? I give up on bidding on those for now.
  • New bidders seemingly do not equate bids with money. They waste bids, run up the cost for everyone and do not allow the clock to run down so everyone can earn free bids. If you look at the most frequent bid jumpers and see the date they joined it is normally within the last few days.
  • High value item auctions can go for days. The auctions eventually get down to 3 or 4 bidders in sequence. Once the auction closes I will check and most of the time, the last bidders will have come close or gone over the value of the item itself. I really question the math ability of some.

I come at this entire venture from an accountant’s point of view. If I can get an item for no more that 25% of value (bids & final cost combined) then I know I got a bargain. The most I will go is 50%. So anytime I see something I want, I figure what my max will be, enter the fray and watch what happens. If I see it will go for more than I am willing to spend I leave.

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I know that there is no way for DealDash to monitor or shut down abusive bid jumpers, but I can hope that someday, DealDash will set something up so that when a person joins, they must view all the hints and tips, plus suggestions from this blog, before they can bid on anything. At least they will read what is said on the various methods of bidding before they start.

I will keep watching and taking names so I know if a name pops up in something I am bidding on, I may just leave and wait for the item to come up again.

Happy bidding everyone, and lets be successful!

Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping

I have had a lot of experience with DealDash. I have learned a lot about winning and it does have a lot to do with patience as Terry B. explains in his article Patience ❤︎ Patience ❤︎ Patience.

Using the BidBuddy and having lots of patience are very important in winning. I also like to put a few bid on lots of different auctions because sometimes auctions will come around where you just get really blessed and the auction will end early and fast! Sometimes by just placing 3 or 4 bids would land me an easy win.

Before you ever start bidding, I suggest to look at the winners page and find out the names of the bidders that bid a lot of bids. Plus studying the winners page can give you an idea on what type of items sell at lower prices and what items will likely require you to bid a long time to win. If you want to be sure to not lose money, only bid on items you can afford to do the buy now on if you don’t win. That way you get the item in the end and all your used bids back. Dividing the cost of the item by approximately 15 cents per bid will give you an idea when it’s a good time to stop bidding and do the buy now.

How many bids should I use before stopping and using the Buy it Now to get bids back? Let’s take a look at an example of a $50.00 item and dividing the cost of the item by $0.15 per bid.


In this example, stopping around 333 bids is a good idea because otherwise you’re likely going to overpay for your gift card. Remember you also have to pay the final sales price of the item so it’s good to calculate that cost as well.

DealDash can be a great place to get great deals, if you are smart about your bidding. Get in at the beginning of the auction and see who all is in the auction with you. Once you know who the big bidders are, you will get an idea of how high the auction price will go. Most important is be considerate not to do what is called stomping on others bid time, or the other bidders can get mad at you and bid more than normal just because they wont want you to win. Remember everyone gets credit while they are high bidder that goes towards earning free bid rewards. So bidding right after another bidder can cause some hard feelings. The only time I bid quickly is when I am wanting to get the price to the $5 cutoff period / No Jumper Limit to prevent other bidders from joining. Hopefully other bidders understand me bidding quickly then. Sometimes I mention it in my profile comments so other bidders know that I plan to quit bid stomping once it gets to $5.00.

From DealDash’s Biggest Fan: BigDaddy33

DealDash target price

Know Your Limits To Get More Wins Using Less Bids

DealDash target price

If you have an unlimited supply of cash, you may not want to read any further. If, on the other hand, you’re like most people and you don’t enjoy wasting your hard-earned money, you’ll benefit greatly by setting reasonable limits and sticking to them.

While the Buy It Now option provides an excellent “safety net”, it should only be used as a last resort. After all, your ultimate goal is probably not to pay full retail. Hopefully, your goal is to save money on the items you bid on. One thing’s for sure, you do not want to pay more than retail, but that’s what can happen if you fail to Know Your Limits.

Going into an auction without a game plan is never smart and will often lead to overbidding.

My suggestion is that you begin by setting a reasonable limit for what you’re willing to pay for an item. A good place to start in determining this number may be to look at the average selling price for the item. In case you didn’t already know it, if you log out of DealDash and view any of the current auctions, you will see the average sale price for that item.

DealDash Average Selling Price

While determining your limit or “target price” you must take into consideration the cost of the bids you’ll need to win the auction. For example, let’s say you’re looking at a $100 gift card, and, based on the average sale price, you decide $65 is a reasonable “target price”. At this point, it’s a good idea to look at things in terms of percentages. This makes it easier to quickly determine your limits for any auction. For this example, our $65 “target price” represents 65% of the retail price so we must decide what portion will be used for bids and how much will be sale price. You’ll want to experiment with different numbers and probably want to use different numbers for different auctions. For the sake of this example, let’s start out with 15% going towards bids and 50% going towards the sale price. I like using 15% because it makes it very easy to quickly determine how many bids to limit myself to. Here’s what I mean. 15% of $100 is $15 and, of course, we only buy bids when they go on sale for $.15 so $15 worth of bids turns out to be 100 bids. $100 retail price equals 100 bids, $200 retail price equals 200 bids. You get the picture. Now, some of you may be thinking that 100 bids is just not enough to win a $100 item. If that’s the case, then simply increase the percentage to suit your own bidding style. But, make sure to decrease your sale price percentage accordingly. Once you’ve determined the number of bids you plan to use, you’ll want to split them up rather than using them all in one shot. You might like to try using a portion of your bids early in hopes of capturing one of those “early bird specials” that happen occasionally, then save the majority of your bids to use after the others have reached the point where it makes more sense to Buy It Now. See “Patience, Patience, Patience“.

Again, the numbers you feel most comfortably using will vary. What’s important is that you have a game plan going into every auction, and that you stick to your plan. Placing limits on the number of bids you spend will make you a much more disciplined bidder, which will most likely result in more wins using less bids.

Making The DealDash TV Commercial See How Much You Can Save

Did you see the TV commercial?  If not, you can see it here:

I am one of the lucky three customers featured in the commercial — the one who won the 55-inch TV set. Yes, used real customers in its first-ever commercial, not actresses, and I think they are to be commended for doing that. It is another reason why DealDash is known as the “fair and honest” penny auction site. One of the most common questions I get from former high school and college classmates, friends and my 11 siblings still living in six other states is, “Did you really win everything you said you won?”  My answer, of course, is, “Yes!”  Before flying down from Tacoma, Wash., to do the commercial in a Hollywood, Calif., studio, Dave O’Weger from the DealDash staff asked me to send him a list of some of the favorite auction items I won.  When I arrived at the Hollywood studio, duplicates of auction items the other two customers and I won were already on the set, so we could point out some of the products we actually won. Therefore, everything we said in the commercial was true. I won the TV on a “free to the winner” weekend, on my birthday, which happened to be on the same day DealDash celebrated it’s annual anniversary.

In fact, a group of my friends came over to my house to throw a surprise birthday party for me. They said, “Let’s play some games.”   “Wait a minute,” I said. “First I want to place some bids on DealDash!” Then my friends said, “Okay, time to open your gifts!” “Wait a minute,” I said, “First I want to place more bids on DealDash because they are featuring a ‘free to the winners’ weekend to celebrate their anniversary.” Then my friends said, “Time to light the candles and cut your cake!” “Wait a minute,” I said. “First I want to see how I am doing on DealDash!” Just as I clicked on my mouse, we all saw the word “Congratulations!” flash across my screen. My friends and I got so excited we all jumped up and down like happy 10-year-olds yelling, “We won, we won, we won!”  Suddenly I turned to my friends and said, “No, you didn’t win. That’s not your TV. It’s mine!” 🙂 We all laughed and (in a way) my friends really did win, too, because now they often come to my house and we watch movies together. That was my first big win on DealDash, and I really did win 104 auctions in the first four months I was bidding on the site. Not long after that I received a phone call asking me if I was interested in being in the first DealDash TV commercial, and I am glad I agreed to participate because it was a pretty awesome experience. I learned that it is not nearly as easy as it looks to make TV commercials. It is actually hard work. I believe it took a full day to film us three customers, just to come up with a 30 to 60-second commercial.  I have not timed it yet, but I think that is about how long it lasts.

I tried other penny auction sites in the past, but is the only penny auction site for me. After conducting an in-depth study of several penny auction sites, I know DealDash is the best and most fair and honest penny auction site online. To learn everything you need to know about winning strategies on, read my other blog entries at:

Happy bidding everyone!

Written by Barbara Sellers

DealDash Bidding Tip

5 Simple And Useful DealDash Bidding Tips And Strategies

DealDash Bidding Tip

I love DealDash and am writing here to share some of my useful DealDash bidding tips and strategies; so here goes:

Don’t Make It Personal

Just because you might spot an aggressive or obnoxious bidder, remover yourself from any personal reaction. Focus on the bidding process of the auction and not on the bidder(s).

Remain Detached

If you HAVE to have something at all costs, you will lose. See Winning At All Costs And What We Can Learn

Set A Budget

Decide how much you want to spend and remember bids are not free they are cash (often 17 cents a piece.) Do the math.

Keep To Your Budget

Decide what that item is worth to you and do not spend more.

Timing Is Everything

I will let you all figure out what that means.

Good luck & bet with your head; not over it!

– Anne0135

DealDash Wish List

DealDash Bidders Wish List

DealDash Wish List

We all know the wonderful and wide selection of items that are available on

There is something for everyone and all items are well received and fought over. You only need to look at some of the bidding to know how valuable we find the goods we can bid on.That said, are there items that you are looking for, do not want to pay full price for and haven’t seen on yet? If you find yourself in this same place as I am, then we need to find a way to let DealDash know what we wish for.

My DealDash item wish list:

Upright Digital Scale

Larger variety of food gift cards

  • Jack in the Box
  • Wendy’s
  • In & Out
  • Denny’s
  • El Pollo Loco
  • Pick up Stix

More items under Computers, Laptops & Tablets

Not everyone is a gamer and smaller computers such as Microsoft laptops & tablets would be nice. Not everyone is an Apple user.

So, my thought is, at the top of the home page, there are tabs for ‘How Does It Work’ etc. Perhaps DealDash can combine two or add another tab headed ‘BIDDERS WISH LIST’. Then when we have an item that we would like to see on DealDash, we click the tab and add our item description. If we also include our bidder name, then Deal Dash would be able to let us know if they have been successful in getting the item and when it will come up for bid.

My thought for the day and I hope others will echo this request. What do you think? Comment with your wish list below and share your thoughts because DealDash will see them.

New DealDash Bidder Tips And Etiquette Guidelines

Bidding Etiquette and Tips

Are you a new bidder on DealDash? Here are some general bidding etiquette guidelines and tips I wish everyone would follow.

DealDash Tip Number One (and the most important): DON’T STOMP OTHER BIDDERS!!

Take if from experience, Bid Stomping makes more experienced bidders a tad angry causing them to a sit back and wait until you get the “I’m going to win an auction” tantrum out of your system which basically means you will…

  • A.) Run out of bids
  • B.) Need to buy MORE bids
  • C.) Become angry because you’re out of bids, can’t buy more and therefore can’t bid anymore

Meanwhile you’ve lost your bids, money and the auction while the other bidder who was sitting back and waiting for your bids to expire has only spent a bit of money, a few bids and won the item.

DealDash Tip Number Two: Try lower retail price items first before bidding on higher valued items.

Only after you’ve gained a bit of bidding experience should you move up to higher valued items. Give yourself a chance to become more familiar with the bidding process and with the other bidders. Read their profiles, notice how long they’ve been a member, how many items they’ve won and if you don’t remember anything from this blog post, try to remember this.

The longer time someone has been a DealDash member = a bidder with LOTS more experience.

These are a few tips from what I’ve learned. Start small and go slow. If I see something coming up for auction that I am interested in bidding on, especially high ticket item, I’ll place one bid before the bidding reaches $5.00. This 1 bid placed guarantee’s me a spot in the auction in case the item reaches a high dollar amount. In case you did not know, when the auction price goes above $5.00, the auction is closed only to those bidders who placed at least one bid before it reached the $5 No Jumper limit. If you don’t bid at least once before this limit, you’re not eligible to participate in the auction.

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This is my first blog entry and I’m going to try and post one a week but no guarantees because I’m a very popular guy ;). Oh, and BTW, I only have 22 wins under my belt so far and a whole lot of Buy It Now’s.

Good Luck, Happy Bidding!

By Michael Barnes

DealDash Break

Knowing When To Take A Break

I love winning and shopping on DealDash but sometimes it’s important to take a break and especially being able to recognize when you should.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the auctions, but lately I’ve found myself bidding on the same things that I already have. For example I already have about 50 Amazon cards (or more), 25 Walmart, 25 Burger King, CVS, Walgreens, JCPenny, etc. and to many others! So with that said, I’ve decided to take some time off, do some other things and give someone else a shot at winning without me in the competition. Especially because I need to use what I have before bidding on anymore. There’s another great article called 5 Symptoms To Let You Know It May Be Time To Take A Break From Shopping which is also great and promotes responsible bidding and shopping.

This brings me to three DealDash bidding strategy points I would like to share with you:

  1. Bid on the gift cards you need. When you win them, use them!  You can always bid on more.
  2. Start out small, and bid on some of the least expensive items, so if you don’t win, just buy it and get your bids back. This way you can play again since the bids are returned to you.
  3. Don’t overspend or find yourself bidding on that 50th gift card if you know you don’t need it.

Don’t worry, I’m not gone for long, just taking a little vacation so that I can play with the many items I’ve won on DealDash. Yesterday it was my Apple TV, today it’s the Neat Machine my son won and gave to me. Tomorrow it’s the tablet.

Enjoy and Happy Bidding!

DealDash Break


Experience Of A New DealDash Bidder


I’m a fairly new bidder on DealDash and this is my first experience with penny auctions.

After registering in December 2013 I began bidding immediately! I actually thought that I was going to be a winner immediately as well and I must say I lost all my bids. This was due to the fact that I didn’t try to educate myself about the auctions or read any of the reviews from experienced members like what you’ll find here in this customer driven blogging website DealDash is reviewed by real customers with real stories. If you’re in the same situation and have not read any reviews or studied any tips or bidding strategies, I would recommend reading some of the articles other customers have written here as well as the articles you’ll find on these other sites: | | DealDash Reviews Tips Strategies |

When I first started bidding, I used my first bid on a Acer Aspire laptop and then many more bids on a 300 Bid Pack. I won my first auction when I focused on some of the lower valued items and ended up winning a 40 Bid Pack, 25 Bid Pack and a 80 Bid Pack. Taking these bids I then won a beginner $10 Walmart gift card auction, a Epson WorkForce Wireless All In One Printer and another auction win to compliment the printer was a 500 pack of multi purpose paper for the printer.

printer and paper

I would say I’ve learned a few things by reading articles from experienced members and carefully selecting which items I bid on. My advice to new bidders is to read reviews and try to learn a few tricks to develop your own strategy so you can be a winner too!

Winning DealDash Auctions Requires Patience

Patience ❤︎ Patience ❤︎ Patience

Winning DealDash Auctions Requires Patience

You’ve heard it said that “good things come to those who wait”. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of penny auctions.

Now, you may be thinking I’m referring to patiently waiting for the auction to end after you’ve loaded up your BidBuddy with 5000 bids. Actually, that’s not at all what I have in mind. Hopefully, this isn’t your idea of what it takes to win auctions. I call this the “set it and forget it” approach to bidding, and while it can result in a fairly high number of “wins” it rarely results in significant savings.

In “Learn To Swim Before Diving In” we talked about the importance of taking some time to learn how auctions work before getting yourself in over your head. This requires patience.

How about waiting for an item to come up for auction that you really want rather than jumping in and trying to win every item you see. Once again, patience required.

So, what about once we’re involved in an auction? Why is patience so important here? Because, you don’t just want to “win” auctions, you want to win auctions without spending more bids than needed. You don’t have any control over the ending price of an auction, but you can control the number of bids you use to win. There are essentially two ways to win auctions without spending lots of bids. One is to win very early in the auction because of little competition. These wins don’t come often, but when they do come they are very profitable, so you may decide to risk a small number of bids in a large number of auctions and simply play the odds. Using this strategy will result in a very small percentage of very profitable wins and will require something in particular. Yes, you guessed it – patience.

The other way to win auctions without overspending your bids is to outwait your competition. Anyone who has used this strategy will tell you that it requires an extreme amount of patience.  Success with this strategy requires you to wait until all other bidders have exhausted all the bids they’re willing to spend.  Bidders who are willing to Buy It Now routinely bid right up to the point where the cost of their bids plus the auction price equals or even exceeds the retail price of the item. As bidders begin dropping out of an auction, you’re going to feel a strong temptation to jump in. Remember, patience!  Even when an auction comes down to only two bidders, you can’t get too anxious. You’ve got to keep in mind the fact that there are most likely others, just like you, waiting as long as possible to get in.  At this point, you’re engaged in a game of “chicken” with the others waiting in the wings. The waiting can be a nerve-racking experience, to say the least, but success often goes to the bidder who can hold out the longest.

Ask any real estate agent the three most important factors when valuing a property and they are sure to tell your Location, Location, Location. Ask any successful bidder the three biggest factors when it comes to winning auctions, and you’re sure to hear Patience, Patience, Patience.

Two Voices DealDash

Let DealDash Hear Your Voice

Two Voices DealDash

I often think about what items I would love to see DealDash list up for auction.

Items that are not already part of their large product catalog. When I first began bidding on Dealdash, I won my husband a golf bag and a couple clubs. I would love to see more golf items added so I could complete his set. If you’re a female bidder, you have to love all the home decor items that have been coming up in auctions. I would love to see that expand to include more furniture, rugs, pillows, silk floor plants, even wall art. Outdoor decor is another category I would like items added to. I love lighted outdoor topiary’s or decorative landscape items. More solar items in auctions would be lovely to see too. I frequently decorate my grandson’s grave and solar items are near and dear to my heart. Perhaps even holiday solar.

Home improvements anyone? I won a vanity light over a year ago but haven’t seen much in the way of home improvement items since then. Perhaps Dealdash could add more of those items to go along with the numerous tools that are available in auctions. These are just a few of the things I personally would love to see added to the items up for auction. What would you like to see DealDash add to the auctions? Comment below so DealDash can hear our voice!

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Two voices are bidder than one!

DealDash Shoppers & Steelhead Trout

What Do Steelhead Trout And DealDash Shoppers Have In Common?

DealDash Shoppers & Steelhead Trout I am what you might call a “kitchen” shopping person.

Among my favorite things are quality linens and quality kitchen things. When I have fun and excellent kitchen appliances and gadgets, it makes cooking a complete joy for me. My favorite brands have been OXO and Oster.

From Wikipedia: OXO was founded by Sam Farber, an entrepreneur in the housewares industry, and his son, John Farber.[1] Sam Farber, chose the name “OXO” because whether it’s horizontal, vertical, upside down or backwards, it always reads “OXO.”[2] Noticing that his wife, Betsy, who suffered from mild arthritis in her hands, was having difficulty gripping ordinary kitchen tools, he saw an opportunity to create more comfortable cooking tools that would benefit users.[2] The first group of 15 OXO Good Grips kitchen tools were introduced to the U.S. market at the Gourmet Products Show in San Francisco, California, in 1990.[2]

I’ve never had to contact OXO but I have had to use contact support from Oster/Jarden several times about my FoodSaver and Toaster/Convection oven. I rarely use my big stove oven unless I am holiday cooking. They do have excellent, rapid customer support and I’m always happy with the result. The new Oster oven I ordered recently has a manufacturer’s flaw in that it does not broil properly and my unit has been replaced twice. After the 3rd one was defective I decided it was time to switch brands. Nothing against Oster but I found something even better!

My newest love is the Breville Smart Oven Convection Toaster/Pizza Oven that I won on The Breville takes up less counter space and has nearly the same capacity. All of my casserole dishes and pans I normally use fit perfectly. The BREVILLE is a $250 oven and I won it with 265 bids and $14.08 in a half-price auction. My husband broiled Steelhead Trout in it 2 nights ago and it was perfect!!!!

I’m super happy with this high quality oven and highly recommend it. Check it out. Search auctions and request an alert to be notified when it comes up for auction again.

DealDash Bidder Bio & History

  • Joined DealDash: September 2013
  • 284 Won Auctions

Retired Executive. Volunteer Animal Foster and Rescue. We are ALL in it to win it … duh … please read tips & instructions for better deals. Using Bid Buddy is SMART. Stomping is DUMB!

Written by Dianne Aikman 

Bid Different on DealDash

Important Info To Know About DealDash One Per User Auctions

Bid Different on DealDash

I have been a bidder on DealDash for 18 months now and recently learned something that I want to pass along. I thought I knew pretty much everything with 280 DealDash wins under my belt and was more than a little surprised to learn this.

On January 30th, my husband was bidding in a 5000 Bid Pack auction. Although he signed up with DealDash about 11 months ago, he has not been a terribly active participant.

NOTE: two people in a household can have a DealDash account BUT CAN NEVER bid together in the same auction. DealDash has security measures in place to detect this form of cheating.

Anyway, to continue with the story, 5000 Bid Packs are among the One-Per-User auctions. The auction was down to my husband and two other bidders. I showed my husband how to check the wins and current participation of the two other bidders by viewing statistics on I like to see if the others are using large bid packs that they have recently won. I was stunned to see that one of the other bidders had won a 5000 Bid Pack on January 27th. To beat all, he had only joined about a month before! How could that be? I was sure there some kind of glitch going on so I instantly wrote to DealDash Support. As usual, I received a swift reply from Support and this is what I learned.

This very lucky new user had won his first 5000 Bid Pack during the Buy-It-Now Bid Pack Promotion for 20 cents a bid instead of the usual 60 cents per bid! Therefore, there was a different auction description and technically a different auction even though the ultimate prize was the same. With that information, I advised my husband to drop out of the auction. It was not wise to bid against someone who had that many bids at their disposal. I already knew that I could win, say, two KitchenAid Stand Mixers as long as they were a different color because this technically made them a different item but had no idea that a difference in price also makes it different…. Did you know?

Basically because DealDash had a special promotion for Bid Packs where the BIN price was slashed to 20¢ per bids instead of 60¢ per bid, it technically made them a different auction – similar to the different color for the KitchenAid Mixer example.

Written by Dianne Aikman 

animated movies

Christmas Holiday Shopping Break Over | My Bidding Strategy

animated movies Now that the Christmas Holiday has passed, it is time to slow down and take a break from shopping on DealDash…..OK break over!

I am already starting to bid for next years Christmas gifts. I got such a late start bidding on last years Christmas, I fell short of what I wanted to win so when I saw the Philips Portable DVD Player with 9-inch Display coming up for auction, I knew my 5 year old grandson would love watching his favorite animated movies. He has quite a collection of DVD’s at his disposal and this would be great for him to watch those on and use while he is in the car on short trips.

Since you never know how many other bidders are interested in the same auction you’re planning on bidding it, I use the bidding strategy where I plugged in several bids into my BidBuddy then sat back and watched the auction run. A good DealDash tip is to use the BidBuddy as this is the best way to place your bids because it always places them during the last second of the auction. Therefore if someone else is placing manual / single bids their bid will be placed before yours and you conserve bids. In this auction I only ended up needing 7 bids to win and my winning bid was at just $0.28 ($100.00 retail}. With the super fast and free shipping that DealDash offers, it was here in a few days. I am off and running…after all… Christmas is only 10 & 1/2 months away!

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des sculptures vegetales monumentales installees dans les jardins de montreal

What’s The Best Bidder? A Power Bidder? A Bid Stomper? An Over Bidder?

des sculptures vegetales monumentales installees dans les jardins de montreal

If I could sculpt the perfect DealDash bidder, what would he/she be like? A Power Bidder? A Bid Stomper? An Over Bidder? None of the these.

My hope would be that he/she would be someone who allows the clock to count down so bids could be accrued with the DealDash feature called Time As Highest Bidder.

The Time as Highest Bidder Clock is a timer that measures how much time bidders spend as the top bidder in every auction. Once the Time as Highest Bidder Clock reaches a certain level bidders can claim free bids!

The perfect bidder would be someone who could grasp the concept of a “good deal” by never over bidding on an item, one who is taking into consideration the total amount of bids placed, not just what they have invested. I am always amazed to see an auction go for hours and hours. Seeing a $200.00 item at a current winning bid price of $125.00, and when I do the math, should that auction end there, DealDash has made 1,875.00 @ 0.15 per bid. Even though not all bids are “paid bids” and people who use the Buy it Now get their spent bids back from DealDash, I still imagine even DealDash says “Wow Really”? Now some of you will say “I don’t care as long as I win it for a few bids of my own“. That’s the mentality that keeps the “deal” out of a good deal. Remember the bidders who have pulled out of the auction, making you the winner {even if they fall asleep bidding like I have before}. Be the kind of bidder you would want bidding in your auctions. Winning is great, don’t get me wrong, but losing is a humbling experience. One we try to teach our kids everyday. “Winning isn’t everything“.

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History of Online Auctions

My History of Online Penny Auctions Since 2011

History of Online Auctions

I began bidding on some online penny auction sites at the urging of my brother in 2011. He had been extremely lucky on several different sites so I started watching him and tried to determine what the best techniques for me would be. As I watched and learned how he was able to win, I realized that I did not have the same “luck” he did, nor did I have the desire to “always” be at the top of the board, nor did I like being a bully.

One site in particular was putting up new auctions often and the types of auctions were not always the same. Some auctions were for gift cards, household items, electronics, and of course you had the auctions for bids. There was no bid buddy on this site unlike DealDash. There also was not a buy it now option, and when they started to offer the buy it now, your bids were NOT returned to you. When shipping of your wins and buy it nows slowed down to a trickle and I got more excuses than items, I started watching other sites to see if I could find another legitimate penny auction site where winning was not so hard, not so costly, and where your auction wins and buy it nows were actually mailed to you. Not a promise to mail, but REALLY mailed.

I moved on to several other sites and tried my luck. Again, my brother was a big influence because he continued to be “lucky”, he encouraged me to try DealDash and I watched the auctions for a several weeks before I thought I might go ahead and try it. Boy, did I make a mistake! Thinking I knew what auctions were all about I slapped repeatedly through my first 300 bids and never won a thing. I couldn’t believe it. Why weren’t the other bidders quitting? Didn’t they see I was serious? I wasn’t going to quit! Ha Ha. All my bids were gone and I had nothing to show for it. Now, I look back on the whole experience as a “newbie” who really had not done her homework. I could have saved myself a lot of bids if I had sat back a while and really watched how DealDash worked.

Still searching for a site to be comfortable with, I went to several other sites that are listed on the All Penny Auction site. I tried many but did not do well after my first beginner auctions were won. The beginner auction is a great way to learn how a site works, but it is also a great way to feel super confident until you get in bidding wars with the big fish! Not realizing the big fish can’t swim in the little pond, you really can’t see what you are in for once your quota of beginner auctions is met and you are out in the deep water!

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Needless to say after a few “not so nice” emails to customer service at DealDash, about how I could not win on their site, I decided to try to be a little more patient, pay a little more attention to the bidders who are in an auction, and only bid on items that I am willing to buy. Let me tell you I never received an unkind word from anyone at DealDash, nor was I ever told to try another site if I wasn’t happy. (This was suggested at the first site I mentioned.) It didn’t take long for me to “get it”, and I began to actually win. My gift cards and auction items I win are mailed to me within a week and sometimes even sooner. I have won some amazing items on DealDash but I usually go after the gift cards. Gift cards make great gifts, they help me save for the big items, (I just bought a Toro snow blower at Home Depot), and I only go after the cards I know I can use nearby.

The most valuable item I have won so far is an HP laser printer. The most surprising part of the win was I set my bid buddy and went to work. Imagine my surprise when I got home and looked at my win counter at the top of the screen and I had won an item worth more than $200! The auction sold for only $12.74 and I received the printer in 2 days! Imagine my surprise to have it delivered that quickly.

So after several attempts at other sites I have come back to DealDash and appreciate the site for what it has to offer.

Customer service at DealDash is excellent, I always get a response to my emails, and the buy it now feature lets me replay the bids I used earlier. I am a true fan and look forward to a future of bidding and winning on DealDash. This is MY history of penny auction sites. Do your homework, learn what you can from others, and I know you won’t be sorry.

By Joan Vith

DealDash is the longest operating penny auction site in the United States.

Established in February 2009.

Olympic Medalist Dara Torres training in Coral Springs, Fla.

Learn To Swim Before Diving In

Olympic Medalist Dara Torres training in Coral Springs, Fla.

When entering a swimming pool, some people prefer to dive right in, while others like to ease in slowly. Assuming we already know how to swim, either approach is perfectly acceptable. But, what if we haven’t bothered to learn how to swim? Which would be the wiser approach?

The same holds true for entering a penny auction for the first time.  Unfortunately, many new bidders dive right in before taking the time to learn anything about how penny auctions work. The sad thing is that many of these new bidders end up “drowning”.  The good news is “drowning” here only means losing money. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your head above the water.

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Ease In Slowly

If you’re new to penny auctions, you’ll be much more successful if you ease in slowly. So how do you ease in slowly?  For starters, explore the DealDash website completely. In particular, learn about the BidBuddy and DealDash’s incredible Buy It Now option which takes all of the risk out of bidding. Once you’re familiar with the mechanics of how auctions work, it’s time to learn to swim.

Learn To Swim

The best way to learn anything new is to find an experienced teacher. Fortunately, you can find lots of experienced teachers right here on DealDash Reviewed so I encourage you to read through the articles here and learn all you can. You’ll also want to read the Tactics & Tips page on the DealDash website. What’s that you say, you’re getting tired of reading. Fair enough, let’s go study a few auctions.

Clearly there is no better way to learn how auctions work than by studying as many as you can.  From the main auctions page, pick an item that interests you and click on the picture of the item to move to the auction detail page. I point this out because there are new bidders who don’t even realize this detail page exists, and bid directly from the main page. Once on the detail page, you’ll want to first take note of the overall number of bidders involved in the auction. Remember, only one bidder will win the auction.  Let’s say there are 50 bidders involved in the auction. This means each bidder has a 1 in 50 or 2% chance of winning. As the auction progresses, the field will narrow down to several active bidders. Many bidders place a single bid early in the auction so they have the option to bid after the price hits $5.00. Many of these bidders will never place even one more bid, but (and this is a HUGE but) some of these bidders may very well decide to “jump” in much later in the auction after the active bidders begin dropping out. In fact, they will usually wait until the auction comes down to only two active bidders. Suppose you were one of those two bidders who has hundreds or even thousands of bids invested (depending on the cost of the item) when this new bidder comes in with their 2nd bid. What would you do? Well, hopefully you’ll never find yourself in this position unless you entered the auction knowing that you may end up having to use the Buy It Now option, and you’re willing to do so. If you’re willing to use the Buy It Now option and you’ve used more bids than you’re willing to lose, you’ll probably want to continue bidding until you reach the point where the cost of your bids plus the price of the auction equal the retail price of the item (often referred to as “bidding to retail”). If you’re not willing to use the Buy It Now option and you’ve used more bids than you’re willing to lose, guess what, you’re about to “drown”.  Think of the Buy It Now option as your personal flotation device. If you’re willing to swim without it, you swim at your own risk.

Now you may be thinking that this late bidder would almost certainly end up winning the auction. Not so fast. If the price of the auction is not yet too close to retail, we may actually see this pattern of active bidders being “jumped” by yet another late bidder repeat itself several more times. Yes, “jumpers” often end up getting “jumped” themselves.

Hopefully, you’re beginning to see the value of studying many auctions before diving in. The more auctions you study, the more familiar you will become with the patterns most auctions go through. You will also begin to identify certain bidding tactics used by some of the most prolific bidders. For example, you may find that a bidder with the username CuteLittleKitty is a notorious overbidder who stops at nothing to win, and WontStopTilIDrop usually bids heavily in the beginning of auctions, but quits after about 30 bids. Note: both usernames CuteLittleKitty and WontStopTilIDrop are fictitious.

Okay, so you’ve explored the DealDash website, read every article on DealDash Reviewed, and studied hundreds of auctions. You’ve learned to swim, so what’s next?

Always Use Your Personal Flotation Device

As mentioned earlier, the Buy It Now option is your personal flotation device, and it will allow you to bid 100% risk free. My recommendation is that you only bid in auctions that you are willing and able to buy in the event that you do not win the auction. If you will do this, you will never lose money – guaranteed.

Start Out In The Shallow End Of The Pool

Unless money is no object to you, it’s probably best to not dive right in to the $1000.00 Amazon gift card auction. If you do, you will most likely end up buying it for $1000.00.  If you really want $1000.00 worth of Amazon gift cards, you’d be wiser to bid in 10 auctions for $100.00 cards, 20 auctions for $50.00 cards, or 40 auctions for $25.00 cards. I promise you will gain much more valuable experience bidding in 40 smaller auctions than you would bidding in 1 large auction.

A Few Final Thoughts

A day at the pool can be lots of fun, but only if you’ve taken the proper precautions to assure the safety of you and your family. The same goes for playing on DealDash or any other penny auction site. Bidding can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite addictive, and if you’re not careful it can be very costly. So please learn to bid responsibly and we’ll all have some fun.

Simple And Useful Auction Observations

DealDash Auctions Explained

Have you really looked at all the information on the auction screen?

Here is what you will find and why it’s important.

1. A listing of the 9 most current bids, this shows you the time the bid was placed, who did the bidding and what the item cost is currently.

2. You will see the amount of time between bids, this helps determine if you want to join in the bidding. If you see that time between bids is a second or two you might want to wait.

3. You also see information on the current bidder such as their win limit status, how long they have been a member and what state they are from. You will most likely see that those that bid frequently without allowing the 10 second bid clock to run down have recently joined Deal Dash. These new bidders have not learned that frequent bidding does not ensure success.

4. You will see a description of the item. Read the description carefully, you want to be sure that you will be able to use it when it arrives. If measurements are not listed for furniture, contact support for that information. If it is electronics, make sure you have the right iPhone, iPod if one is needed. If you want a gift card, make sure that the company is in your area. Why get a gas gift card is the station is not anywhere near. If you are not sure, do an internet search on location for the vendor to verify. I have saved many bids by doing this search when thinking about a gift card.

5. Using Bid Buddy really can help you be successful. Several times I have booked bids and then gone away from the computer and when I return several hours later I find I have won the item. Of course, this does not happen all the time. But what a great surprise to go back to Deal Dash and see you have won.

6. Other bidders in the auction! You can count the number of bidders involved in the auction. If you scroll your mouse over the avatar image of the bidder, you can read their bio and see at what point they placed their first bid.

7. The Buy it Now price and how many bids you will get back if you don’t win the auction. This helps to keep count of how many bids you have used so you can calculate when it’s the best time to stop bidding and use the Buy it Now to get your bids back.

8. Timer cock and Bid Now button. With each bid placed the clock resets to 10 seconds allowing the chance for someone else to place a bid. If you don’t want to use the BidBuddy you can place manual (single) bids by pressing the Bid Now button.

9. Final Sales Price shows what the current price of the item is selling for. This is the price you will have to pay if you win the auction. Sometimes DealDash provides “Free” auction wins (winner pays 1¢ transaction fee) or “50% Off” auctions where the winner only pays 50% of the final sales price.

10. Buy it Now price is always shown here and on the Buy it Now button from point 7. The Buy it Now price is a fair market price and the same price you would pay if you ordered from DealDash’s supplying partners Walmart or Sears.


watch and learn

3 Tips To Become A Winner On DealDash

watch and learn

Having been a bidder on DealDash for about 1 ½ years, I have learned some interesting things from other people by just watching the auctions. Here are my three tips to become a winner on Deal Dash!

My first DealDash tip is: DO NOT become a bid stomper.

Bidding quickly against other bidders really wastes your own bids while others have their bid buddy set. If you do not isolate your auction you cannot tell who has the bid buddy set and who is just bidding occasionally. You’re also taking away from others trying to collect time as highest bidder in order to reach the next level and claim their free bids rewards. By stomping on their bids quickly preventing them from collecting time and ultimately free bids; it may create some resentment.

2nd Deal Dash Tip: Isolate your auction so you can see WHO is bidding and HOW

By isolating your auction you can tell who has their bid buddy set. Someone who has a bid buddy set bids after 9 seconds, not 5,6,7 or even 8 seconds; but always 9 seconds. This tells you who has pre-determined how many bids the auction is worth to them and booked bids in the bid buddy.

3rd Deal Dash Tip: Use the buy-it-now option when you have not won the auction.

This is probably the best feature Deal Dash offers. The buy-it-now allows you to redeem the bids you spent on the auction and you still get the item you were bidding on. I love using the gift cards I have won and bought.

We all want to win and getting a deal is really what we are hoping for, but when the auction goes on long, it is always good to know you can buy it now and bid on a later auction. Good luck Deal Dashers, it really is a fun way to spend your time!

By Joan Vith

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