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Win Learn Play DealDash

Do Work | Calculate Math | Have Patience

Win Learn Play DealDash

It takes time to learn the ropes to bidding on DealDash. However, you can win some really nice items at incredibly low prices if you are willing to do the work, the math and most of all have patience! If you are a newcomer, watch a couple of auctions from the beginning to end before bidding. You learn a lot watching the bidding practices of others!


Plan before entering an auction. Buy your bids when they are at the lowest price. The lowest I’ve seen is 220 bids @ .15 cents each totalling $33. I personally would not enter an auction with a buy it now price (BIN) of more then $30 based on 220 bids. Hope to Win but be prepared to lose. Find an auction that you would not mind buying now.


Most important! Deal Dash is awesome in that you can still bid, have a great time, buy your item if you are not lucky and still get all your bids back! Resist over-bidding and spending way too much for the item you have selected. Say you choose to bid on a $10 Wal-mart gift card. Do the math first: $10 divided by .15 cents equals roughly 67 bids. There is a catch… you have to include the going auction price at all times! Say you jump in the auction at $4. Don’t place 67 bids on a $10 BIN auction that has reached an auction price of $4 already. If you won on the 67th bid you would be paying a total of $14 dollars for the auction you’ve just Won! Bids + Auction Price = Money Spent.


The secret to Winning! It’s fine to bid and buy now because Deal Dash is not going to rip you off! But we are all here to WIN! Do a quick google search of the item you’ve chosen to bid on. You’ll find Deal Dash is fair at listing the BIN price competitively. Every auction you enter is going to be different from the number of bidders entering the auction, bidding practices of your competition, ect.. I’ve found that I love to set a bid-buddy up of maybe 5-10 bids before the auction even begins. Many bidders place 1 bid go off and forget the auction only to come back and find out that the auction ended at .17 cents! If you are going to leave, make sure some auto-bids are happening first! It’s better to not leave at all! Patiently wait, watch and find the perfect moment to really enter the
auction! I like to wait until there are only three auto-bidders running. Eventually one of them is going to drop out and that is when I like to jump in! Of course I don’t mind jumping right back out for awhile if I happen to see a 4th bidder join in. I like to save as many bids as I can for the win but you got to watch the auction really close! Just the strategy that works best for me. I did all my Christmas shopping with items I won on Deal Dash for 2013!

Helpful Note

The free bids that Deal Dash offers is a really cool feature! Try not to abuse it and stomp on others to get free bids. Bid-Stompers rarely win an auction! They only accomplish irritating their opponents, raising the auction price and are most likely going to get stomped back! It takes an awful lot of bids to move that meter as you level-up! In the end they really only cheat themselves.

Thanks for reading, Happy Bidding & Good Luck!

– kgthan

Giving DealDash Love

The Love Of Winning And Giving

Giving DealDash Love

I do love winning items on Dealdash but I also love winning for others.

I feels very good to give friends and family items I have won on Dealdash that they otherwise wouldn’t have or perhaps couldn’t afford.

One example is the Honeywell Portable Electronic Ceramic Heater I won for $1.88. During the colder months, we get super cold at work so I knew if I won the heater, it would be perfect for my co workers. They loved it when I brought it in and plugged it in, it heats beautifully!

Then I also won an Emerson 0.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Microwave, Black for $0.79. My Mom owns a small business and her microwave was given to her several years ago and is in dire need of replacing. She doesn’t know it yet but hers is about to be replaced! Shhhh…

My daughter joked that she has a hard time sleeping and really wanted a sound machine. So I won this Conair Sound Therapy for $0.28. Boy was she surprised when I gave it to her. She said it has helped her relax and get to sleep.

So Dealdash isn’t always about what you win for yourself, It’s also what you can win to improve someone else’s life. Dealdash gives you that opportunity to stretch your dollar in this economy. Thanks Dealdash!

dealdash auctions


Happiness consists of giving

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How To Find The Average Selling Price Of DealDash Auctions

Bidding in a pay to play online auction like DealDash is all about discipline, patience and having realistic expectations.

Terry B. explains the patience aspect well in his article Patience Patience Patience. Keep in mind that although someone may win an Apple iPad for $0.37, does not mean that’s always going to be the case. As you can see the average selling price for the Apple iPad Mini 32GB Black Slate is $79.22.

Apple iPad Sale DealDash

Click To View Auction

In case you don’t know how to find the average selling price of an auction, just log out of your DealDash account. If you’re logged into your DealDash account you’ll see this normal view of the auction, what it sold for, who won, etc.

The logged out view displays the item and average selling price of that item on DealDash. This works for any auction so go ahead and try it yourself. Hopefully this helps with your overall bidding strategy. Average Selling Price

I believe the secret to winning auctions is by staying active in it. However, before deciding to get involved and commit to an auction, it is imperative to stack up on bids. Eliminate the possibility or need to purchase bids after an auction has started and rather stay focused on the auction itself. This way you’re not scrambling to buy more bids or use one of your Buy it Now options to get additional bids loaded to your account in order to stay active in the auction you are bidding in.

Good luck!

– Sivaraj


DealDash Bidding Tips

6 DealDash Bidding Tips To Help You Win Auctions

I’ve been a conservative recreational bidder, winner and shopper on DealDash since 2011. I’ve won approximately 50 auctions and used the BIN (Buy it Now) on approximately 50 auctions.

Here’s an example of one of the large TV’s I won on DealDash at 54% off retail price.

LG TV WON On DealDash

Here are 6 bidding tips I recommend to follow to help you win more auctions when bidding on

1. Try bidding on something that you want which is of lower value at first and would buy anyway even if you did not win.

2. Place a bid on the item to “get in the auction” and then watch how the auction unfolds and how the bidding action takes pace. The reason you have to “get in the auction” is because on DealDash all auctions close to new bidders that did not place a bid before the auction reaches the $5 No Jumper limit. This helps keep reduce the amount of competition in the auctions.

3. If you notice that way too many people are bidding in the auction, it may be a good idea to wait until the same item comes up for auction again.

4. Know what the item you are bidding on is worth and how many bids it makes sense to use in the auction. Also see these other articles: Part One: Computing Bidding Cost and Part Two: Bidding Strategy

5. If you decide to bid, use the BidBuddy! You can always cancel your BidBuddy and the unused bids are returned back to your account or you can add more bids to the BidBuddy at anytime.

6. Be prepared to Buy it Now and get your bids back in case you lose the auction. This is a smart way to bid and keeps you from having to purchase more bids.

Choose to follow some of these bidding tips for a better shopping experience on!

– sgtfn2

The Most Challenging Auctions To Win On DealDash


Apple iPad Air DealDash

I have been bidding and winning on DealDash since September 2013. I have enjoyed the time spent and the thrill when I win. There are a few items that are the most challenging auctions to win on DealDash so if you are going to join the fray, you better have lots of bids and lots of time. Here are a few items I recognize as hard to win on DealDash.

Gift Cards

$500 Walmart Gift card – Average selling price on DealDash is $190.67

  • I have tried to win this $500 Walmart gift card on many occasions without success and believe this is a difficult auction to win. It’s a “One-Per-User” auction meaning you can only win this particular item one time. You can bid on as many times as you want and use the BIN (Buy it Now to get your bids back) however once you win it, that’s it, you can’t bid on this item again. Generally any gift card over $200 whether it’s a gift card for gas, home improvement, or Amazon; they are always in demand so you better plan if you try for any of these.

Computers, Laptops & Tablets

Apple iPad Air with Wi-FI 16GB Silver – Average selling price on DealDash is $115.40

  • Computers, laptops and tablets are popular and always bring a lot of bidders. To have a chance at winning these, it will take time and patience. Most of these items are also “One-Per-User” auctions, however there’s a variety of different types of computers, laptops and tablets available to bid on. Keep in mind the “One Per User” only applies to a specific model. So for example, someone could actually bid to win a “One-Per-User” Apple iPad Air 16GB Silver and they could also bid to win a Apple iPad Air 16GB Space Gray. Why? Because these are technically different auctions because they are a different color. A different color technically makes it a different item.

This may seem strange, but even the $10 Burger King gift card can be a difficult auction to win. I have seen a $10 Burger King gift card auction close at almost the value of the card itself. Three recent auctions have closed at $9.95, $9.79 & $9.05. Add the cost of the bids used for each of these and you know the winner has paid more than $10; if they actually paid for the gift card to have it shipped. Another option when you win a item is to not pay anything and simply exchange it for some extra bids. Although I’m surprised to see this auction close at such a high price compared to the value, I have won this card twice. Both times I used Bid Buddy and left the computer to do other things only to come back and see I won!

My suggestion to DealDash would be to close the auction on these high value items earlier than the $5 No Jumper limit. This lessens the pool of bidders giving each of the bidders a better opportunity to win. If these items are “One-Per-User”, you can also check to see who won the auction previously to help with your bidding strategy.

Also, remember Bid Buddy (it does help) and keep an eye on the number of bids you have and make sure you enough when you try for a high value item.

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Below is a list of DealDash users who have won the “One-Per-User” Auction for the Apple iPad Air 16GB Silver and Space Gray. You can see the date it was sold, final selling price and which user won it! Calculate all these together and you’ll come up with the average selling price on DealDash.

Apple iPad Air DealDash

Apple iPad Air with Wi-Fi 16GB, Silver: Average selling price on DealDash is $115.40


3/20/2014 | $15.17 | tanksprincess

3/16/2014 | $172.52 | lk4753
3/8/2014 | $44.34 | botkind
3/4/2014 | $185.48 | dew1111
2/26/2014 | $123.53 | quocle
2/18/2014 | $9.85 | ductman1979
2/13/2014 | $146.37 | Phylis41
2/5/2014 | $53.08 | notstopp1ng
2/1/2014 | $188.22 | Keone
1/25/2014 | $85.00 | bsr551Saint
1/23/2014 | $46.22 | merse1949
1/20/2014 | $225.38 | tari
1/12/2014 | $216.91 | brumfield12
1/1/2014 | $127.31 | dolfan410
12/20/2013 | $109.56 | MuyBella
12/11/2013 | $74.22 | Afriganqueen
12/8/2013 | $49.27 | Bombadero
12/8/2013 | $186.98 | Parkway1432
12/7/2013 | $38.52 | Bidconstantly
12/5/2013 | $31.20 | telcom
12/4/2013 | $99.57 | JugglinAct
11/25/2013 | $41.70 | jackieugenia
11/24/2013 | $145.93 | rmb1671
11/23/2013 | $84.30 | WINBL0CKER
11/18/2013 | $131.88 | pataki1100
11/17/2013 | $41.84 | determined
11/17/2013 | $38.36 | Cheri127
11/15/2013 | $602.00 | 4boss (Known Free Auction Win)
11/15/2013 | $29.71 | dariandelanatj
11/14/2013 | $25.04 | solidc
11/12/2013 | $197.93 | tompakov
11/7/2013 | $286.21 | linkdab3240
11/7/2013 | $28.08 | Huggsmom
11/6/2013 | $70.00 | LocaPete
11/6/2013 | $13.83 | IHaveItNow
10/31/2013 | $212.32 | ez2luv
10/29/2013 | $337.25 | akadata
10/28/2013 | $158.55 | SweetAfliction
10/28/2013 | $14.39 | mastermindtech
10/27/2013 | $127.97 | GrandTheftAuto
10/26/2013 | $36.60 | NUTTERSDOG
10/26/2013 | $82.99 | Michhay
10/26/2013 | $172.19 | Trena1106
10/25/2013 | $63.11 | isawitfirst
10/23/2013 | $22.30 | OCDOCDOCD

Apple iPad Air with Wi-Fi 16GB, Space Gray: Average selling price on DealDash is $123.89


3/18/2014 | $117.16 | Southpoll
3/10/2014 | $20.86 | rockafella812
3/7/2014 | $287.82 | rustypill
2/26/2014 | $8.41 | notstopp1ng
2/20/2014 | $27.85 | btonner17
2/16/2014 | $246.43 | mlizzy
2/14/2014 | $91.74 | toertchen
1/31/2014 | $48.94 | iraqivet33
1/26/2014 | $122.81 | Counterfeitbid
1/19/2014 | $49.16 | Lam29
1/16/2014 | $130.72 | Lake247
12/31/2013 | $86.61 | jinzilla
12/21/2013 | $35.80 | propstar
12/21/2013 | $86.77 | eravea
12/20/2013 | $153.15 | allover
12/19/2013 | $104.43 | zacharysmomma
12/19/2013 | $35.27 | fbailey19
12/19/2013 | $282.43 | ez2luv
12/19/2013 | $60.03 | MENS678
12/17/2013 | $48.98 | EGuiliante
12/16/2013 | $102.75 | Teense
12/16/2013 | $194.69 | simon302
12/15/2013 | $152.97 | shadowlife89
12/14/2013 | $59.91 | cbarlow40
12/13/2013 | $48.84 | zgraviss
12/13/2013 | $175.10 | Bobby180
12/12/2013 | $61.39 | NUTTERSDOG
12/12/2013 | $134.29 | SanchezDrty
12/11/2013 | $332.06 | appleguy3
11/27/2013 | $143.82 | DLiles
11/26/2013 | $51.81 | mlark9191
11/24/2013 | $37.89 | Tambopm
11/24/2013 | $294.24 | wegn0059
11/24/2013 | $97.86 | Scjdirac
11/23/2013 | $154.02 | Fishbot
11/19/2013 | $107.43 | Justlearning
11/17/2013 | $24.40 | telcom
11/17/2013 | $206.80 | Glen1925
11/15/2013 | $385.43 | onlinebattle
11/11/2013 | $144.48 | okdrewok



Deal Flash Dash

Deal Flash: A Picture’s Worth……$500.00

Deal Flash Dash

As soon as I discovered that DealDash rewards bidders for posting pictures, I did whatever I could to acquire free bids by posting pictures to the DealDash Facebook page, or to my Pinterest profile and tagging DealDash.

I was making sure I got a picture with every item I won.  I had also read that they pick one photo each week, that has been posted to the Facebook page, as their “Best Photo of the Week” and reward them with a $500.00 gift card, letting them chose from 4 or 5 retailers of choice. I signed onto Facebook one morning to see a notice that someone had commented on one of my posted photos. I clicked on it to see what comment was left. I was shocked to read…

DealDash Facebook

Click to see photo on Facebook

What? Was this real? I was elated! I then received an e-mail from DealDash customer service confirming that I had indeed won the weekly contest and ask me to chose a preferred retailer such as Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, etc. Since I work at Target and could stretch my winnings even farther, I chose my prize to come from Target. The card literally arrived in 3 days.

What to buy, what to buy… I had tried many times to win the elusive Apple iPad so I used my $500.00 gift card to buy my very own iPad. I don’t know of any other Penny Auction website that rewards their bidders with gift cards or free bids. DealDash is leaps and bounds above the other auction sites and they have won me over!!

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DealDash Tips

What To Do When Many People Are Bidding

DealDash Tips

Here are a few DealDash bidding tips and strategies to keep in mind. Follow some of these basic steps when trying to win the more expensive items and when there are many people bidding in the auction.

1. Make sure you get a bid in before it gets to the $5.00 range.

Why? DealDash has No Jumper™ Auctions.

The big difference between No Jumper™ auctions and normal auctions is that new bidders can’t enter the auction after $5.00. This means you won’t have to compete with users that didn’t bid in the auction from the start, before the price reached $5.00.

2. Keep watching the item to see when the amount of bidders get less.

No sense in bidding while you can see several others are bidding; especially if you can tell they are on their BidBuddy.

3. Occasionally put in a few bids, but not many. Save your bids.

This helps you keep a pulse on the auction and how it’s developing.

4. Be aware that sometimes bidding can go on for more than a day.

With a high value item; be prepared to follow, watch and study the auction as it’s possible to go on for more than a day.

6. Once the bidding is between two and three people, starting your bidding.

Once you see the auction calm down to just a few bidders, make your move.

Hopefully the other bidders are almost depleted of bids and you have yourself a winning outcome. This process has worked for me on several occasions, but not all which is why it’s good to also be prepared to use DealDash’s Buy it Now option. If you don’t win the auction, you can buy it at normal price to get the bids you used in that auction back. The Buy it Now option is available for a full 7 days so you have a good amount of time to decide, even though it’s good to make this decision before entering the auction.

– dondra48

Focus on DealDash Auction

Tips On Staying Focused Like Indiana Jones To Help You Win Auctions

Focus on DealDash Auction

As I was bidding on a DealDash auction earlier today and again this evening, I noticed many people bid on many of the auctions at the same time.

It would appear to be counter productive to bid on too many auctions at once since you are limited to 6 auction wins in one week under $200 and 3 auction wins over $200. If a bidder is serious about “winning” an auction, I would recommend concentrating on one or two auctions at a time. Spreading yourself too thin causes several things to occur.

  1. There ends up being 40 bidders on the auction, however, there are only three or four serious bidders.
  2. You run out of bids and end up winning no auctions, because you were not focused on the prize.
  3. Other bidders see you not as a serious threat but as an auction jumper going from auction to auction with no real intent or plan to win.

Having won my share of auctions during the past year and a half I really believe the best advice is to study the auctions you want to bid on, know what your limit is and stay committed to that one or two really choice items you would like to win. Using the bid buddy is a must. This is the process most often over looked by new bidders who think if you stomp on other people they will go away. Most likely, however, the bidders have their bid buddies set, are in for a hundred bids or more and your slamming means nothing. Especially if the bidder sets the bid buddy and comes back later to check on the auction site. The slapping is never even seen. Free bids at the higher experience levels take many hours to accumulate, so rarely will I bid on auctions to get free bids. I am trying to win the auction and the item I have set my sights on, not get free bids. While the free bids are a great side light to the auctions, after a certain level, like 25 or more, it is just not that important. Slapping my bid does nothing but burn your bids faster and I win!

DealDash is the best penny auction site in my opinion because of the buy-it-now feature, no new bidders after $5.00 (usually) and the free shipping is huge. Other sites charge $2.99 or more to ship a $15+ gift card that you won. Really? Not such a good win there. Customer service is excellent as well, and I can honestly say I have never had a negative experience with anyone I have had contact with in all this time. My site of choice for sure!

By Joan Vith

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Three Potential Ways DealDash Bidders Could Get More Free Bids


I love that DealDash is an open minded company, listens to their customers and welcomes new ideas from their Bidders.

Here I will briefly share some of the ideas I have on how to reward the Bidders with more free bids.

1. After purchasing a determined number of bids the bidder receives a specified amount of free bids. For example: for every 1,000 bids purchased, the bidder would get 10% or 100 Free bids!

2. Shorten the amount of time to receive free bids or make the Time As Highest Bidder Rewards more frequent and fun!

The Time As Highest Bidder reward is a really nice bonus DealDash offers its members. After the set amount of time spent as the highest bidder, you earn free bids. I am up to 200 free bids when my amount of time is met and I reach the next level.

3. On your yearly DealDash anniversary date from signing up, you get some type of anniversary bid reward. Perhaps this could be tiered rewards. For example: 1 year = 100 free bids | 2 years = 200 free bids | 3 years = 300 free bids, etc. DealDash recently had their 5 years in business anniversary last month so the DealDash members who signed up with them back in 2009 would be receiving a 500 free bid reward for their loyalty.

These were just a few thoughts I had about how DealDash could possibly improve their service and reward their customers with free bids. I love how DealDash really listens to customer suggestions and takes them into serious consideration. Can’t help but like a company with such willingness to accept new ideas and talk with their customers.

As for sharing some bidding tips and advice, I wish and would like to recommend to bidders to use your Bid Buddy. By using the BidBuddy your bid is placed at the last second of the auction. Plus, by using the BidBuddy you’re not only conserving your bids when someone places a single bid but you’re also allowing others to collect their Time As Highest Bidder rewards. It can get frustrating when people out bid you after every 2 seconds. That makes it so mush longer to collect enough time to reach your next bid reward level. Please be fair, and let the other bidders get their time on the clock.

– suvgal

Beginner Auctions on DealDash

Navigate Past Beginner Auctions

Beginner Auctions on DealDash

70+ auctions won and still saving!

Looking back, I remember the first day I played DealDash. It was June 28th 2013. I was at home that afternoon. I’m a teacher, but I hold a summer job each year. Kind of have to. Supporting a family of four off of a single income from a teachers pay is no easy task. I’m not complaining though…we make it. My summer job is evening shift, Sunday through Thursday.

But, this was a Friday. I had the day off. I just finished mowing the lawn and came into the house. The TV was on with a commercial…about DealDash. I had never heard of Deal Dash before. It was certainly intriguing, the commercial had a great number of personal stories about how customers purchased amazing products at unbelievable prices.

I was skeptical, but intrigued, so I visited the website. When I learned that you had to pay in advance for bids, I almost exited the website. But, those personal success stories from the commercial echoed in my mind. Money was tight, but what the heck…I bought one bid pack.

Not sure what I was doing, I first targeted a $15 Amazon Gift Card. I bid twice…AND WON!!! An energy and excitement ran through me. This DealDash thing is real! Part of me new this may be beginners luck, but I tried again.

I spotted a baseball in a case. $32 retail value. This would be real cool for my son. I placed two bids on it…AND WON AGAIN!!! You can probably imagine the adrenaline I felt. I never win, but to win these items felt so rewarding. Especially when you are bogged down by the stress of finances so much. I got nervous and hesitated though. This was beginners luck, didn’t want to waste my bids. Maybe I should watch for a while. The next few minutes blew my mind. A $10 Duncan Donuts card sold for a penny. A $10 Burger King card received no bids at all. A $10 Walmart Card sold for 3 cents. Wow!!!

I bid again. This time on a pair of binoculars. Another cool item for my son. I WON…WITH ONE PENNY! I bid again, on a 3 piece grilling set and easily WON AGAIN!!!

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Feelings of excitement and thrill pumped through my veins. This Deal Dash thing was the answer. It was the answer to providing my family with things I just couldn’t give them. I went wild. I bid on all kinds of things. But I didn’t win again…at least not with that first bid pack.

So I bought another bid pack. But I didn’t win. I couldn’t shake it off though. I knew I could recreate what I had started.

The problem was, with each bid pack I purchased I was losing money. I wanted to win so bad. To get things affordably for my kids, and to gain back the money I had lost trying to repeat these early wins. I bought more and more bids packs. Over the next several days I began to slow down, but damage had been done to my budget. Fortunately, I had my summer job.

Although I slowed down on buying bid packs, I could not quite shake off those early wins. Those FOUR wins could not have been a fluke. There must be something I am missing. Over the next few weeks I slept less, did less around the house. Turned to the computer every break at work. I watched Deal Dash..,always watching Deal Dash.

Those early 4 wins had left a feeling in me. A feeling I couldn’t shake off. I needed to recreate the feeling. Next paycheck, I bought more bids. I tried different strategies and times of day. I knew there was something I was missing…I had to find what conditions led to my early wins…maybe it was time of day. Or time of month. Or something.

It took me a while to realize I would never recreate that same set of wins. I didn’t truly give it up until I recruited family to join DealDash. That’s when I realized what happened.

When a new user first signs up he/she has some auctions meant only for new the users. They are the lower valued items like a $10 Walmart card, $10 Burger King card, $10 Duncan Donuts card, etc. It’s designed so that a new users only compete with each other making the auctions easier to win. I admit, I felt scammed. I didn’t know those items were only part of special auctions for new users. I betrayed my family when I became blinded by cheap wins and spent a great deal of important funds. At least it was a lot to us. Even more, I had betrayed time to my family as I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong and studying how to recreate the conditions that gave me those early wins.

I’m still with Deal Dash though. I’ve moved past those early losses and time spent studying Deal Dash…wondering why I couldn’t recreate those first wins. Now I know how to bid, I know how to play it right, and I now know how to save on Deal Dash winning and saving on over 70 auctions. Am I still bitter that not knowing this led to me spending important money and invaluable time focusing on Deal Dash? Absolutely – if only I knew those were beginner auctions…it would have changed a lot for me last summer.

Would I, and do I recommend Deal Dash? Absolutely.

But, if you are a rookie, heed my warning. If you win a string of low value items early, like I did, you need to know, those easy wins may have come from auctions with only rookies which often only have 2 or 3 people in them…if anybody.

Deal Dash is great. But learn from my mistake. DO NOT let yourself get caught up emotionally in those first wins…the feeling is addictive. Fight it, and play intelligently.

St Patricks Day DealDash

St Patricks Day “Free Auction Win” Special On DealDash

St Patricks Day DealDash

Deal Dash gives us the chance for a really great bargain especially when they have a ‘Free Sale’ like this year’s St. Patricks Day Special!

The opportunity to acquire an item you want for only a penny plus the cost of your bids may be too good to pass. However, you MUST consider the cost of the bids you use to be sure you do not exceed the retail value of the item. As an example:

Saturday March 15th, a lovely Tiffany Modern Lamp came up for auction at noon. The bidding closed after 12 hours and the winning bidder would have paid $51.70 if not for the free weekend. He used 1,037 bids to win. Let’s do the math using $.16 as the bid cost.

Retail Value: $151.00

Out of Pocket: $0.01
Bid cost: 1,037@ .16 = 165.92
Winners cost $165.93

Potential Loss: $14.93

The reason this is a “potential loss” is because it’s possible for bidders to earn many free bids such as collecting time as highest bidder rewards and up to 300 Free Bids every single week simply by posting pictures of their other wins. The winner may have also recently won a Bid Pack therefore does not value each of their bids at 16¢ per bid.

If this had not been a ‘free’ weekend and he paid the final auction price, it would have been 34% of the retail, if he had to use the same number of bids, his potential loss would have been $66.63. Not a good outcome. The winner was also a bidder that had been in the thick of bidding from the start. With the time and effort plus the number of bids used to acquire the lamp, it does not make this a great deal.

Even with the joy of not paying more than a penny out of pocket you still have to be sure you do not overbid. Nothing is a bargain if you over-pay. This is why I am very careful when bidding on these specials days. In fact I often sit out the entire ‘Free’ period and wait to pay when I win.

So the moral of this story is ‘Count your bids like money and make sure you do not exceed the retail value of the item you are bidding on’.

DealDash Auctions Google Glass

Two Bidding Tips From A Third Year DealDash Veteran

Being a DealDash customer since January 2011, I have won 130 auctions and used the buy it now option at least 50 times.
I use DealDash for almost all my gift buying and personal needs. All my family now has KitchenAid Mixers, and Rachel Ray cooking items. I have also won two 32” Televisions and two laptops.
Having been to New York and met most of the staff, I can tell you they are friendly and hard working people just like most of us; and they have a bend over backwards mentality to accommodate their customers. Living in a rural area I have had internet issues and they always work with me when this affects my ability to use the buy it now within the 7 day time limit.
When I tell someone about DealDash I let them know it takes time watching the site and learning how people bid differently. Some people seem to have all the money in the world and you can never win against them.  A few recommendations I have for you is to read bio’s about other bidders; sometimes you can learn a lot about the other bidders by what’s written in their “about me” bio. Also, buy a few bids at first and play with little items until you fully understand how it works. I think that luck has a lot to do with it sometimes because sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but I always try to bid on items I want or probably would buy anyway or give as a gift.

Thanks DealDash!
Patience Discipline Education DealDash

Top 3 Traits Of A Successful Bidder

Patience Discipline Education DealDash

Before we talk about what makes certain bidders successful, let’s define “success” as it pertains to penny auctions.

If you define “success” as simply winning auctions, here’s something to think about. Say you “win” a $10 gift card for $3.50 and you spend 50 bids in the process. Was this a “successful” auction? I would say the answer depends on what your 50 bids cost you. If those bids cost you 15 cents each, you just spent $11.00 to “win” $10.00. Some would call that “success”. I don’t.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to define “success” not only as winning auctions for less than retail, but doing so consistently. The successful bidders are the ones with a positive return on investment.

So, what is it that sets successful bidders apart from the rest?


In “Patience, Patience, Patience” we talked specifically about patience during the bidding process, but there are countless other ways patience is important. Here are just a few:

  • Waiting to buy bids when they are on sale
  • Waiting until you have enough bids in reserve before bidding (keeps us from needing to buy bids when they are not on sale)
  • Waiting for the best time of day to bid
  • Waiting for the best auction that isn’t full of overbidders
  • Waiting for DealDash to run promotions (free auctions, 5X time as highest bidder, $.20 buy it now on bid packs, etc.)
  • Waiting until later in the week (after many have reached their limit) to bid


Having discipline is a lot like having patience. While having patience usually results in us “spending” less of our money, having discipline will result in us “losing” less of the money we’ve already spent on bids. Here’s what I mean. The more disciplined we become, the more likely we will be to:

  • Not get emotional while bidding which leads to stomping, overbidding and all sorts of other bad behaviors
  • Have more realistic expectations which keeps us from bidding on every item we see
  • Set reasonable limits on what we’re willing to spend and sticking to our limits which keeps us from wasting bids


Finally, the successful bidder is educated. Many people approach penny auctions strictly as entertainment, much like gambling in a casino. This is fine as long as they’re willing to accept the same odds of winning as they’d get from a typical casino. I can assure you that successful bidders are not willing to accept those odds. Yes, there is certainly an element of chance involved in every auction, but there are also many things we can learn to greatly increase our chances of winning. Do you think it would help if you knew:

  • How many bids the other bidders have placed in an auction?
  • The average number of bids other bidders have used in past auctions?
  • The win/loss percentage of the other bidders?
  • Whether or not a bidder has recently won a large number of bids?
  • The average as well as historical selling price of an item up for auction?
  • The best time of day to bid?
  • The best day of the week to bid?

I think you’ll agree these are all valuable pieces of information that would greatly contribute to more successful bidding. All of this information and more is available to members of If you’ve never visited this site, I suggest you check it out.

We’ve talked about the value of patience, discipline, and education. Put these three things together and you’ve got a winning combination that’s sure to make you a more successful bidder.

I’ve said this before, but I believe it’s worth repeating. Most of the mistakes people make end up costing everyone in the long run. If all of us would learn to bid more responsibly, we’d see a lot less bids being spent foolishly, resulting in bigger savings for everyone. So, go have some fun, but please bid responsibly!

DealDash Bidding Tips

Maximum Bids Maximum Price

DealDash Bidding Tips I think Deal Dash is fun, and really addicting!

A lot of the bidders I watch seem to be out of control, overbidding and end up taking the “Deal” out of Deal Dash. I believe other bidders don’t even realize they are overbidding because it’s so easy to get caught up in the WIN. The win certainly is a big temptation and we all want it, however it’s good to make sure you’re not overspending when trying to get it. Here’s a few simple tips to keep in mind when bidding.

I think the best thing for bidders to do is to know, and have in their minds, the maximum amount of bids that they are willing to use when bidding on the item. They can then set up their Bid Buddy. The Bid Buddy helps relieve the stress of bidding because you are not required to sit at the computer all the time just staring and waiting on others to bid so you can place yours. When using the Bid Buddy or even bidding manually, it’s important to know how many bids to use. So how do you determine how many bids to use? Here’s a good blog article to help you calculate how many bids to use in an auction: Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping.

Another thing the bidder should know is the maximum price they are willing to pay for an item and still be considered a deal. People need to be sure they are adding up all of the costs which include their spent bids plus the final selling price of the item. Remember it can become really expensive if you are not keeping track of what you are spending or how many bids you are using. Bid responsibly and know in advance how many bids you are going to use in the auction and make sure the total cost of bids plus the final price of the item does not exceed the item value – this way you can keep the “Deal” in Deal Dash.

Personally I think the easiest thing to win are gift cards. This way if you lose, you can just buy the gift card you needed and get your bids back.

Enjoy your bidding!

– davidswife777

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The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good The Bid And The Ugly

The Good The Bad The Ugly

I don’t know how much longer I can participate in auctions with new bidders who do not understand the clock, the bid buddy, or the buy-it-now option. I have been a DealDash bidder for a year and a half. I have had some good, bad, fast and not-so-fast auction wins. I’ve seen the good, the bid and the ugly.

I liked the concept of DealDash because you really could win an auction quickly. As the new bidders join the auctions, lately, you see right away they do not understand what the process is truly about.

I just completed an auction that I did not win, nor did I expect to, where the new bidder slapped every person who had the bid buddy set. I guess if you are new and don’t know about the bid buddy function it can be confusing and they must be thinking there are some awfully stubborn people out there bidding. We are like the Energizer Bunny and just keep going, and going and going. I would really like to see DealDash require a new bidder go to DealDash 101 Bidding Basics before they can get into auction bidding with actual bidders. If they realized how bid buddy worked they would know that slapping a bidder (also known as immediately outbidding another) will only cause the auction sale price to go that much higher. And, make a poor name for themselves with other bidders.

It is so important to know who the bidders are and what their individual style is. Some bidders only come in under the wire before the auctions close to new bidders. You can almost guarantee that bidder will be back when it is down to two bidders and they will try to pick it off as a cheap win. It also pays to study that winners list and see who won all the bid packs and who recently got the 1,000, 2,000 or even 5,000 bids. This will help you know who has more bids and is probably going to be in the auction for a long time.

DealDash Wins

Recent 2000 & 5000 Bid Pack Winners

With another penny auction site going under this weekend, it makes me want DealDash to stick around for a long time. The best way for this to happen is to educate bidders. Let new bidders know what the process is, how to go about winning or bidding on an auction and to make it as fair as possible for others. I think beginner auctions could help new bidders learn about the process earlier. No bidding on regular auctions until 5 beginner auctions are won would be my recommendation. I would also like to see more auctions opening at the “high” or “busy” times of the day or weekend. The more auctions the more chance a bidder has at finding the right auction for themselves.

Of all the penny auction sites I have used, DealDash continues to have all the right things going for them. Fast free shipping, excellent customer service, and the latest electronics and gift items bidders are looking for. Happy Bidding to everyone and may we all find the “Deals” we are looking for!

By Joan Vith

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About AuthorCollege graduate with over 30 years work experience in professional organizations. Worked mainly for non-profits. Really enjoy working with people and making a difference in our world. I love my grandsons, who still think I am cool, and I am very proud of them. Live in the Midwest. Looking for Spring soon!!!

300 Free DealDash Bids

How I Get 300 Free DealDash Bids Every Week

300 Free DealDash Bids

I have had so much fun shopping on DealDash since becoming a member back in November 2012.

I have won so many things to give as gifts as well as things to keep around the home like this Red KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer I won with 11 bids and final sales price of 61¢. The savings are endless!!!

KitchenAid Sale

In this article I am going to share with you how I get up to 300 free DealDash bids every week just by sharing my winnings on social sites. Here are a few ways DealDash let’s you get free bids with the items you win.

  1. Posting your photo to Facebook can earn you up to 200 free bids every week! Plus a chance to win a $500 gift card if the item you are showcasing is valued at $100 or more! Keep reading on but you can find the guidelines to this promotion by clicking here.
  2. Pin it on Pinterest for another 50 free bids!!! Click here for details.
  3. Tweet it on Twitter, and again 50 free bids!!! Again, click here for details.

For a grand total that is 300 free DealDash bids you could earn every single week! Just make sure your photo is great and creative because DealDash selects the best photo posted every week and awards the winner with a $500 gift card – wow!! You can read more about the Best Photo of the Week Contest and see the previous winning photos of people who won the $500 gift card!

I like to use the same photo on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter once a week to help keep track of which photos I have posted, but if I do happen to post the same photo again they will let me know to post something new. This is a nice way to get a head start on bidding for the week, and a little extra to go on top of my purchased bid packs!!

One last thought… I just found out that if you have a specific item your looking for, you can go search for it on DealDash and if the item is listed you can have DealDash remind you when it is going to be a live auction by setting an alert for yourself. DealDash will then send you an email reminder when the auction is scheduled and when it’s about to start.

KitchenAid sale on DealDash

Good Luck to all of you, and remember to USE YOUR BID BUDDY 🙂

Written by Nicole Kososki

Part Two: Bidding Strategy

DealDash strategy

This is part two of a two part series which focuses on computing the cost of bidding and my auction bidding strategies. Here we will review the bidding aspect and how I implement my personal bidding strategy on DealDash.

When I locate an auction item that I want, I make one bid as soon as it goes live and of course before the $5 No Jumper limit. I then just sit back and watch the auction bidding patterns for a bit. For those of you not aware of what the $5 No Jumper limit here’s a clip from the Official DealDash Blog Glossary.

No Jumper™ auctions is a type of auction that makes winning easier. The big difference between No Jumper™ auctions and normal auctions is that new bidders can’t enter the auction after $5.00. This means you won’t have to compete with users that didn’t bid in the auction from the start, before the price reached $5.00! (sometimes the price is set at $3.00 too!)

Depending on the item you can sometimes just leave and come back in an hour or so. It just depends on how valuable the item is. Usually the higher the value the longer it will take for the auction to end, however this is not always the case.

DealDash deals

Here is the trick. Watch and try to determine who is bidding on auto bid / Bid Buddy. Keep track of that, and when you see that it is down to three people that is when you start your auto bidding. Put in the whole amount that you want to bid and then just let it run. Keep checking it and watching, so if it goes back up to like four or five bidding again on auto, take your bids out and conserve your bids again until you get back to just three bidders, and then you jump in again. Eventually what happens is it will be you and 1 other person, and if you have more in your Bid Buddy then the other bidder does, you will win. Just remember to figure out the total cost and then only bid the amount that you know you can and still save money. Sometimes you will just have to walk away and bid the next time or use the Buy it Now, but do not just waste your bids.

Thanks for your time and happy bidding on DealDash, what I consider to be the best auction site on the net after trying many!

– Fred

Cost of Bidding on DealDash

Part One: Computing Bidding Cost

Bid Pack Auction on DealDash

Hello everyone, first of all I want to just say that Deal Dash is by far the best auction site on the internet. I have compared all of them that I could find and there is just no one that is even close.

Since I have joined I have won many different auctions, and let me tell you one thing. There is nothing more exciting then to be able to get a tablet like I did for 1 red penny, that’s right everyone 1 cent, nothing more because shipping is always free. Now I have won several auctions that I have only paid a penny, but most of the time you will pay more then that but what you do end up paying is far below any retail pricing out there. I have saved 95% 72%, 60%, 98%. and that list just goes on and on. I have never had to pay anything even close to retail for anything that I have won. But there is one thing that I want to cover here for everyone, actually two things and I will cover them in a two part series
The first topic I will cover will be on your bidding and computing the actual cost. This will be covered in this article entry as part 1. The second thing will be on how to bid and the strategy I use which will be covered in the second half of this two part series. So lets get started!

Part 1: Computing Bidding Cost

Ok first you need to know just what you are paying. For example I watched an auction a couple of weeks ago where the person that won the auction had used just over 9000 bids. Now the item they were bidding on was a 50″ TV and the buy it now price was $699.00. He won the auction with a price tag / final sales price of $254.53. So the question here is… how much did he pay for this item? Most of you will want to say $254.53 and that really is half right. That is what he had to pay to DealDash after he won the auction, but remember he had used over 9000 bids. So now lets look at that. Even if he got all 9000 of them at the cheapest price which is 15cents a bid that would be $1350.00 plus the $254.53 equals $1604.53. As you can see he really did not get a very good deal at all.
One of the most important things when it comes to bidding is to keep track of your bids. Just remember when calculating the cost of your items you have to take the cost of the bids plus the final cost of the auction. If you do not do this you will find that many times you are paying more then the item would have cost you at retail. But if you keep track of this you will find that you are winning some super great auctions and saving a ton. So who in their right mind would pay $900.00 more than the TV is worth? We must remember that many people do value their bids differently because they may have won a 5,000 Bid Pack very cheaply, recycled many bids using the buy it now, saved up free bids from posting weekly photos to Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter, or achieved high bid rewards from collecting time as highest bidder, etc. Not everyone values their bids the same therefore some may bid more than what others expect. 
Happy Bidding on DealDash – Fred

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Breaking Bid DealDash

What I Learned From Being A Bid Stomper

Breaking Bid DealDash

While I will never fully condone bid stomping I do feel like it is a valuable tool to keep in your bag of bidding tricks when bidding on DealDash.

Many people feel that most bid stompers are just trying to annoy them and keep them from holding time on the clock and to them I say, you are probably right.

While I see nothing, at all, wrong with trying to maximize your chances of winning by limiting others from getting free bids there is a bit of weighing that must be done. People that you stomp and/or people that are watching you stomp tend to view it as bullying and nobody likes a bully. In fact, I caught someone blatantly bid stomping another player a few weeks ago and I hammered them hard in defense of the other player.  So, while your bid stomping may be targeted at a single person it can also put a target on your back! This may not be a smart thing when you consider a future auction that you actually want to win. As you all know, some names are not easily forgotten.

There is another technique I like to call bid shaving. Bid shaving is where a person lets the clock run for 6 or 7 seconds before stomping. This is a bit sneakier approach to accomplish the goal of limiting peoples time on the clock. Again, doing this too much or too often can draw unwanted attention from the users with a trained eye.

I hear people say in their comments all the time “Let the clock run so we can all get free bids!”. Really?!?!? If I’m being honest I really don’t want people getting free bids. In fact I want to slow them down as much as possible. For this reason I like the bid shaving technique.

So you may ask, how is bid stomping good? Well, I see a few instances where it is a GREAT tool. The first is near the end of an auction. When an auction is past the “no new bidder” mark and it appears to be down to 2 people I feel like a bid stomp is perfectly legal. In fact, I’d say you aren’t very smart if you are not doing this. Why? Because at that point you want the auction end. You want to win right? And, you don’t want another user who may have walked away to come back and see the auction is nearly over only to jump in and create more competition.

Another place where I see the bid stomp as being a valuable tool is early in an auction. Sometimes people will set up a bid buddy and not monitor their bids. The reasons for doing this are obvious. It’s time consuming. But consider the alternative. While you are away someone starts bid stomping you. Now, you are not accumulating time on the clock and you are being set up to win an item and lose a lot of bids. To the bid stomper, it’s important to know who is active and who isn’t. While the goal is to win items for less than face value, I see another goal… Stick people with items for little to no profit while sucking out as many of their bids as possible.  Some people would say this is mean but do you really appreciate the person that logs 200-500 bids on a $25 gift card and then walks away? I say stick it to them if you can.

Now, I’m not all bad. When I bid shave or bid stomp I will typically stop if the other person stomps me back. Remember, I want to balance my negative perception with one of good will. But, I want to identify these people who log bids and walk away. I want to find them and monitor them so I can better determine when to jump them in future auctions. The bid stomp helps to identify them.

One last comment, I think bid stomping is acceptable within 50-25 cents of the “no new bidder” limit. Why? Simply put, you want to hurry up and hit that mark to prevent new jumpers from getting into the auction at the last possible second. I think, under these conditions the use of a bid stomp outweighs the negativity of how people view them. You are trying to help the group as a whole by eliminating potential last second jumpers. After the “no new bidder” limit I think it’s poor etiquette.

Persistent, unprovoked bid stomping is always bad unless you are trying to end an auction or get past the “no new bidder” limit. But as I’ve shown there are some good uses for the bid stomp if done properly.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts.

STOOL 60 | Designer: Alvar Aalto | Year: 1933

Three’s Company

STOOL 60 | Designer: Alvar Aalto | Year: 1933

STOOL 60 | Designer: Alvar Aalto | Year: 1933

They say “two’s company, three’s a crowd”, but when it comes to DealDash auctions, I’d say “three’s company, any more is a crowd”.

Every time I see more than three bidders actively bidding against each other, I have to ask myself “Why?” When an auction comes down to only two bidders, obviously it is in danger of ending at any time. But, when there are three bidders involved it’s a relatively safe bet that two of those bidders will not drop out at the exact same moment. Does it happen sometimes? Sure it does, but is it really worth spending bids to safeguard against this happening? What’s that you say? You’re heavily invested in the auction, and you’ve got to step away from the computer for a bit. Ok, that’s a pretty good reason to be the fourth bidder, but can anyone tell me why they would want to be the fifth, or even the sixth bidder? I’m sorry, but I just can’t think of a good reason to bid in an auction that already has four active bidders. Unless, maybe you’re concerned that DealDash isn’t making enough money and you don’t want to see them go out of business. Well, I don’t want to see them go out of business either, but I’m pretty sure we don’t have to worry about that.

Let’s think about this as a stool. A stool needs at least three legs to stand. And, a stool with four legs is sturdier than one with only three legs. But, you tell me, how many stools have you seen with five legs? How about six? Probably not too many.

Obviously, everyone has their own style of bidding so don’t think I’m trying to tell you how to bid. I’m merely suggesting that the next time you consider firing up your BidBuddy in an auction that already has three or four active bidders, you think about that five legged stool. You just might find you’ll save yourself a few bids.

Have fun, and please bid responsibly.

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first penny auction

How I Chose My Penny Auction Site

first penny auction

I stumbled upon the DealDash Auction website one day and wondered how legit it was because I had tried other Penny Auctions where I was not impressed with the results.

I did a little research on my own to see if there were any negative comments about this auction site and when I was pleased with the positive information that I had read I decided that I would try this auction website. There were several factors that I immediately liked when I joined DealDash.

  • First was the reduced bid prices.
  • Second was the massive selection of merchandise
  • Third was the limitations on auction wins (One Per User & Weekly Win Limits)
  • Last but not least was the “No Jumper” auctions.

When bidding in online auctions it is very easy to get caught up in trying to win an auction and not pay attention to the number of bids you are using (not to mention adding in the initial cost of the bids) because you can very easily overpay for an item just to win. A few things I try to do when bidding is to read other bidder bios as they are bidding on the same item as me. I have noticed that there are some cute, funny bios and then there are a few that may seem like they are trying to intimidate other bidders. Don’t let any of those bother you and simply try to enjoy your experience on DealDash which is incredibly awesome penny auction website compared to others.

I have personally won a few auctions where I got a great deal. I have also got caught up in a couple auctions and used a lot of bids and still didn’t win the auction. So if you pick an auction to bid on thinking that there won’t be that many people interested in it because it isn’t a “High Retail Price” auction and think you will get it real cheap, well you will be totally surprised at the number of people that start bidding and you may not win it at all so be prepared for that. DealDash has a Buy it Now option too which allows you to buy the item you were bidding on at normal price and get your bids back in case you don’t win it which is a great option to have.

DealDash Member Since June 2013 – smallfeet88

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