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Game Shopping Chess DealDash

Know Who’s Won What Deal Dash

Game Shopping Chess DealDash

A great tip for Deal Dash bidders, is to know who has one the “BIG” item you may have your eyes on.

This goes right along with knowing who the bidders are in the auction. Taking the time to go through and see if the “big bidders” have won a particular item could help you win it for a great price.

This is how I was able to win my first big item, which was a $500 Nikon digital camera with camera lenses. I was browsing the camera web page and I came across this Nikon camera which had actually been featured as a prize on Deal Dash since May of 2013. Looking through the winners list, I saw a lot of the “big bidders” had actually won this camera, which made them ineligible to enter the auction for a chance to win it again. It was a Deal Dash One Per User auction.

Great news for me! I used the bid buddy, and booked 50 bids into it. The auction did not go on for long, because I ended up winning the camera for $1.42 and only used 13 bids. I got the $500 camera for under five dollars, because I took the time to get to know the bidders, and waited until they won the item. This made it much easier, and cheaper to have a great win.

Cheap Nikon Camera DealDash

I won this Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm and 55-200mm Lenses with 13 bids and final sales price of $1.42 on

Written by Erica Baughman



SodaStream On DealDash

A Well Deserved Win On DealDash

After I purchased the SodaStream Genesis Soda Maker for $105.99 using the Buy It Now option on DealDash. I received my 474 bids back which I invested $85.32 in bids so really the SodaStream only cost me $20.67.

Deal Dash auctioned off a tray to keep the SodaStream organized.

I happened to be on Deal Dash one day and won the Mind Reader All-In-One Storage Tray during a free auction win sale. I needed a place to organize my SodaStream with all of the various flavors that I have. I don’t recall how many bids I used but I’m certain it wasn’t over priced but in the end I was able to win this at a bid of $3.50 but only had to pay that fabulous price of $0.01 plus Free Shipping. This win was very useful because as you can see from the video the storage tray really helps to keep the SodaStream and falvors organized to help prevent a cluttered counter top.

DealDash Tips To Friends

I have never been disappointed with any of my Purchases or wins at DealDash and I recommend it to all of my friends with the following rules to follow.
  1. Don’t stomp my bids.
  2. Patience is a virtue to winning auctions on
I also always show them my wins and tell them “See how much you can save” on; after all it really is the fair and honest penny auction site.

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About Me
I live in Michigan, I have 2 grown up kids and 2 animal kids; one being Chloe the Beagle/Shepard and Milo the Fearless Feline. I also am a Registered Nurse but currently retired. My favorite activity is when the wind is up enough for me I love to go and fly my 8 foot kite. I usually get it to go up at least 500 feet and my record was 1250 feet when I lived in Florida. My daughter graduates from College next week “GO JILLIAN and my Son Steven lives in Indiana with his fiancé. I have become somewhat of a DealDash addict but limited on how much I can spend do to the limited income but I do enjoy watching other people bid. 
Written by Michael Barnes
Dealdash gift giving

My Grandson LOVES When I DealDash

Dealdash gift giving

Ever since I began bidding on DealDash in Sept 2012, my decisions on everything I bid on has been motivated by my family.

By that I mean “who can use this item”. I try never to just bid for the sake of bidding. That’s why I bid a lot on items for my 5 year old grandson. He loves his video games so of course I focus on those auctions. I showed him a picture of an upcoming auction of a Nintendo 3DS XL, Blue/Black. He said “Nee are you gonna win that for me?”, I said “I’m gonna try”. Well I loaded some bids into my bid buddy and went to work. I checked my auctions at lunch and low and behold I had won it for him for $0.20 and used only 3 bids! 

I have also won 22 Nintendo 3DS Games to go alone with his unit. Most recently the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for Nintendo 3DS for $1.43 using 44 bids, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded for Nintendo DS for $0.12 and 5 bids. He loves having a wide range of game choices for his Gameboy, all complements of his “Nee” {that’s what he calls me} and DealDash.

Thank You DealDash!!! 

– Kim

I have been shopping as a DealDash bidder since 9-2012. I have won over 150 auctions. I live in Ohio with my family.

DealDash Customer Service

Customer Phone Interview with DealDash Employee

DealDash Customer Service

“I’ve just had a call with Gina from Ohio! She’s been shopping with DealDash since 2012 but only really started bidding earlier this year.” – Chris, DealDash employee.

Here are the questions Gina answered while speaking with Chris over at DealDash.

What items do you generally bid on?

Mainly gift cards but if I see something that could be good for my three sons then I’ll bid on it. I like to watch to see what the competition is like. ”I throw 10 bids in and see who bites!”

What items would you like to see?

Garden Furniture (Table and Chairs) and Swing sets. Also, battery powered cars for my kids.

Have you had any issues with delivery?

Not at all. Thought the delivery was really fast.

Have you had to contact Customer Support at all?

Once, the customer service rep was super happy. 🙂

Best DealDash Win?

Won a DeWalt Drill set for my oldest son for $2.06 which is worth $200. He uses it for work and loves it.

Any Frustrations?

Bidders who push the auction to the $5 No New Bidder Limit. Feel these people have too much money! As I watch auctions before diving in, I wont bid when I see overbidding. Also I want to see a bigger variety of items on the site. Chris: With new supplier partnerships DealDash is forming, this should be something everyone will notice – a lot more products going forward.

How is the mobile experience?

Did struggle with navigation initially. Was not sure about the ‘Burger Menu’. I have my own site and think it would be good to have an info bar that pops up, letting new customers know all the different icons on the page. I use an iPhone so have not experienced the Android App.

Overall Experience?

Love it! I have referred over 25 colleagues and friends to the site. They have subsequently won loads of items too.

Thank you Gina for the wonderful phone call. Good luck in the up-coming auctions!


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The Deal Dash Deal You Deserve

DealDash ipad won

I have been a member of Deal Dash for almost two years. In fact, my two year anniversary is coming up in one month on May 22nd. I have purchased many items using the buy it now feature to get my bids back and I have been able to get some real good deals.

One of my best wins is the white Apple iPad Mini 16GB. I won this during a 50% off promotion – this is where the winner only pays half of the final sales price. I paid a total of $7.89 with free shipping and used 199 bids at 15¢ per bid. That comes to $29.85 worth of bids + $7.89 = $37.74 total price including the cost of my bids.

Some of the best bidding tips and advice I can share is for you to keep a count of the number of bids you are using. Make sure you know when you are coming close to bidding the equal value of the item so you don’t over bid or over spend. There’s a good article called Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping which I recommend you read to get a good idea about knowing when exactly to stop bidding. 

My Deal Dash bidding strategy is to always stop bidding at the point it is time to use the buy it now feature and get my bids back. Take it from my experience that when bidding, even at 15 cents per bid, it does not take long to spend a considerable amount of money. So be careful, count your bids, know exactly how many bids you are going to use in the auction, and do not over spend; otherwise you’re not getting the deal you deserve.

– Bigr74

One Customers Grand Shopping Experience On DealDash

In almost 2 years of being a DealDash auction shopper, I have won some of the most awesome things.

I have outfitted my kitchen with a stunning Breville toaster/convection oven. I won a blue KitchenAid mixer and every attachment except the ice cream maker. I was able to snag a 4 slice toast and most recently, I won an over the range microwave oven. In addition, I have won small items such as cookware, knives and bowls. I think I am set now. The only thing I’m missing is a brand new stainless steel range. 🙂

My home office has been upgraded with 3 laptops and a brand new printer. I have been enjoying my 45 inch flat screen TV in my bedroom for some time. I have won several pet beds and a large cage for my Foster animals that I care for when volunteering for our local county animal shelter. In addition, I have received many, many Amazon gift cards that I have used for pet supplements and food. During Christmas 2012, I was able to purchase a bicycle for my husband and an adult tricycle for myself using the Amazon gift certificates I received from shopping on

Then there are the two Nikon cameras. One for me and one for my husband that we took to the Grand Canyon last year!!!

I want to thank DealDash and their superb support team and employees for giving me the opportunity to obtain so many grand deals for me, my pets, and my family. There is never a need to go shopping elsewhere. If I need something I go straight to DealDash!

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 Written by Dianne Aikman
bidding on dealdash

How More Expensive Items May Surprise You

bidding on dealdash

The next blog I would like to write is about bidding on the more expensive items. Many times I have avoided bidding on the more expensive items, because I thought they would go on for a long time and that many people would be bidding on it, but then I look and see the “expensive item” has sold for a lot less than many of the “less expensive” items.  

My DealDash bidding tip to you is don’t be afraid to bid on the more expensive items, you may be surprised. You can sometimes use less bids to get a $50.00 gift card then you can the $10.00 gift card. Or sometimes you may end up bidding more on a 150 bid pack then you would a 600 bid pack.

I recently tried bidding on a bid pack. Thinking it would be easier to win the 150 bid pack, I wouldn’t bid on the 600 bid pack. But when I looked back at the 600 bid pack someone had won it for only $2.38 and I was still bidding on that 150 bid pack.  

I’ve been a DealDash bidder since June 2013 and still shopping with them! I am the mother of four adults ages 26 – 30. I am an Allied Health Advisor and adjunct instructor. I like a bargain, great deals, and love giving and sharing with my family; especially on their birthdays and during Christmas.

Thanks, Dondra 

How to bid on DealDash

The 5 W’s Of Penny Auctions

The 5 W’s of penny auctions and bidding on DealDash.

As we all know, penny auctions can be fun, but can also be very frustrating.  Just when you think it’s going your way, here comes that other bidder that’s been sitting back patiently watching you bid to your limit then jumps in at just the right time to take it home. How do they always jump in right when your close to your stopping point?  Well, they’ve probably taken the time to research the items and the bidders, before they go “all in” so to speak.
Lots of patience and a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in helping to increase your winning edge. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.
Who? Know your fellow bidders!!! There are lots of resources you can use to your advantage. Always look at the bidders that have placed a bid on the auction that could possibly be a threat later. Deal Dash has made this easy for you, just hover over the avatars and see who you’re up against. Pay attention to bidders that are frequently aggressive and remember those names. It may save you a lot of time and bids to know who your up against before you get too far invested and end up with another BIN (Buy it Now).
– What? Bid on items that your are willing to buy anyway.  At least this way if you don’t win the auction, the BIN option will allow you to get your bids back for another auction.
When? Pay attention to the winners list and see what the items you want are selling for. When are they going for cheap and when are they bidding through the roof. Certain times of the month and even certain days of the week can make a difference. You can usually find a pattern if you take the time to research.
Why? We’ll we can all agree on this one… Because it’s fun! Why else would we be here?
And finally….
Where?  Deal Dash of course! Learn how DealDash works in this video.
Remember, it’s as much a game of skill and knowledge, as it is luck. With a little research, you can enter your next auction armed and dangerous!
Happy bidding!

5 Of My Favorite DealDash Bidding Tips

I am 44 years old and love to shop! Like many of you, I am always looking for a great deal for birthdays, Christmas, and just for me! DealDash is a one stop shop! Here are my 5 favorite DealDash bidding tips I recommend following for a better shopping experience.

When bidding on DealDash it’s good to keep a few things in mind:

1) Buy bids when they are on sale! Sales happen almost weekly and you can get bids for as low as 15¢.

2) Bid responsibly!! One part of this means to let the clock run out for others so they will do it for you! Doing this allows your clock to build up towards free bids! Free is good. Really good.

3) Wait for auction sale days. DealDash runs 50% off and even FREE auction wins frequently! This means that if you win the auction you either only need to pay 50% of the final sales price or then if it’s “Free”, just a 1¢ transaction no matter what the cost. DealDash foots the bill for you.

4) Wait for the “No bidders after $3” days. These auctions alleviate much of the competition! All auctions are “No Jumper Auctions” which prevent new bidders from jumping into the auctions after the price normally reaches $5. When the bidding is closed to no new bidders after $3, the competition is less. 🙂

5) After winning and receiving your item, be sure to post a picture of you and your win to the DealDash Facebook page to receive free bids. Plus, by doing this, you are automatically registered into the weekly running for a $500 gift card! Every week someone who posted a picture wins a $500 gift card if they had the best photo of the week! Also, pin that picture to Pinterest for extra free bids! And remember, you are saving a boatload of money on shipping because on DealDash it is always FREE!  DealDash is an awesome site and they are truly trying to help the bidders! If you play fair, it is fun for everyone!

On DealDash there are a wide variety of items for every need. From baby items, children’s toys, and video games to camping gear, 35mm camera’s, and wine coolers! Have fun shopping on what you love!


Know When To Fold ‘Em

I have been a DealDash bidder since September of 2012 and have won 298 auctions to date.

I am honored to be a part of the DealDash community and be able to express my opinions and tell my stories here on this blog site which provides excellent reviews of DealDash along with bidding tips and strategies to help others. I read all of the articles that are published here on a daily basis. DealDash empowers us to share with one another and the opportunity to help others by promoting auction education and responsible bidding.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” 
– Charles Dickens

For me, as far as DealDash bidding tips go, the three most important ones are to
1. Have patience
2. As Kenny Rogers would say… “Know when to fold em”
3. Read these blog posts!
If you will read these blogs, you will learn absolutely everything you need to know to be a successful DealDash bidder.
You can even share your own tips and experiences on this blog! Just email for an invite! I love to read stories about auction items people have won and how they use them or whether they were for themselves or an exciting gift for others.

DealDash Tips

Why It Pays To Sit Back And Watch DealDash Auctions

DealDash Tips

Over a week ago, DealDash offered 5x your free bids to generate more bidding on auctions. I have been a bidder since 2012 and have never looked for a reason to continue bidding! I am hooked and really enjoy the challenge of possible winning a great item or gift card.

Free bids have lost their attraction for me as I continue to move up in levels. It takes a very long time to fulfill the time required to earn bids. So free bids usually does not cause me to bid more or take more chances on auctions I know I will not win. However, the day I was bidding just happened to be the 5x your bid day. I tried repeatedly to win auctions, usually items I would buy anyway, but kept getting over bid by some zealous bidders looking for the 5x offer. It took me a while to determine the bidder was not wanting to win an auction at all, he was just wanting to get his time in. He (or she) must have bought more than fifteen $10 cards that day, he just slapped everyone that was on an auctionto be on top until the card went over $5, then he stopped. It did take me a while to see what he was up to and, knowing this bidder like I do, this was totally out of character for him. I actually won a card that day with less than 66 bids and the price was over $14! Needless to say I did not pay for the win but took the bids instead. Thank goodness DealDash offers this choice.

I have been very fortunate on some of my wins and I do not have rose colored glasses when it comes to my expectations of what I may or may not win. I stay on gift cards that I will really use and do not waste my bids on frivolous items just to get a win. I would rather enjoy what I won than be stuck with an item I have no use for. Imagine my surprise last week when I won a set of Panasonic phones! And, not only did I get a great deal, but they were delivered in two days.

Sometimes it just pays to sit back and watch. You have to know that you will pick the right auction and get a great win and not be influenced by other snipers, slappers, or over-bidders. DealDash is the best penny auction site on line and the trustworthiness of the organization is A+. My top choice by far!

By Joan Vith

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About AuthorCollege graduate with over 30 years work experience in professional organizations. Worked mainly for non-profits. Really enjoy working with people and making a difference in our world. I love my grandsons, who still think I am cool, and I am very proud of them. Live in the Midwest.

Big Wins Small Steps DealDash

Why I Bid Small

I’ve been shopping on for over 1 year and my auction bidding strategy is to bid small.

I enjoy bidding on the lower valued items DealDash lists up for auction. Why? I continue to choose this strategy because I am able to win easier and I enjoy winning auctions. Since beginning my shopping and bidding experience on DealDash I have won 93 auctions in total and have received some really great deals. Another reason I like bidding on small items is because I have not been as successful with the big ticket / high value items like I have been with the smaller items, which I love.

I mainly like to bid on gift cards but here are a few of the items which I have won.

  • Foscam Wireless IP Camera = 52 Bids used
  • InnoTab 2 Learning Tablet by Vtech = 21 Bids used

DealDash Auctions

In total for these two items above I used 73 of my bids. Here’s an article worth reading about how you can get free bids on DealDash. It’s called How I Get 300 Free DealDash Bids Every Week. Did you know it’s possible to collect that many free bids every week just for sharing pictures of the items you won?

More examples of auctions I have won:

  • $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card = 62 Bids used
  • $25 Cabela’s Gift Card = 30 Bids used
  • $10 Cabela’s Gift Card = 3 Bids used
  • 25 Bid Pack! = 11 Bids used
  • 60 Bid Pack! = 32 Bids used

I may have won 93 auctions so far, however I have also used the buy it now probably 150 times to get my bids back! This helps me prevent from having to spend additional money on new bids in order to play. Rather I can continue shopping normally and I always have bids loaded back to my account. If you don’t know what the “buy it now” is, you better learn it! It’s pretty simple… if you don’t win, you can buy the item you tried to win and get your bids back.

I say let the big fish try for all those laptops, large TV’s, pro cameras, etc! I am happy with my gift cards and the little items I can easily give away as presents.

Happy Bidding!


DealDash Bidding Tips Winning DealDash Auctions DealDash Average Selling Price


How to Contribute as a DealDash Guest Blogger


Would you like to contribute as a DealDash guest blogger? Do you have good bidding tips, recommendations, or any other bidding advice which promote auction education and responsible bidding? How about a great experience using one of the brand named products offered on DealDash?

In order to contribute as a DealDash guest blogger it is required to be a customer with experience bidding in the DealDash auctions. If you are interested and would like to help contribute as a DealDash guest blogger towards this effort of promoting auction education, responsible bidding, and brand promotion, here are the details:

1. Select a topic which promotes auction education, responsible bidding or promotes a brand item sold on DealDash.
2. Write a 300+ word article – a full 3 to 4 paragraphs should be enough.
3. Email us your article and include a 2-3 sentence author bio with your submission.

Questions to ask for writing a good article as a DealDash guest blogger

– Why is this topic important?
– Why should readers care?
– How does it help others?
– What tips does it provide?

Contribute as a DealDash Guest Blogger

We want you to contribute as a DealDash guest blogger!

Email your article or any questions to or simply contact DealDash customer support. We look forward to reading your story and having you contribute as a DealDash guest blogger.


DealDash Bidding Tips Collected Since 2012


I am a 60 year old grandmother hoping to retire soon and have been bidding and shopping on since September 2012.

When shopping on DealDash it’s important to keep some things in mind. For example when purchasing bids, DealDash has many bid sales. I only buy bids when they are 15 or 16 cents. You need to be a responsible bidder by remembering what you paid for your bids and what the item will cost you because if you don’t know this, it is easy to spend more on the item than it is worth. See Track Your DealDash Stats for a good article about this.

I also recommend you let the clock run down. This is common courtesy and let’s others and you collect time as highest bidder to get free bids. BidBuddy is the way to bid because the BidBuddy will place your bid during the final second of the auction. Using the BidBuddy helps conserve your bids because if someone else places a manual/single bid, it will be placed before yours, therefore you don’t use that bid and conserve more! I try never to bid on something I am not willing to buy so I always go to to see if I can buy it cheaper there.

Some of my best auctions I won have been a Kindle Fire HD for $15.35 and I think about $10.00 on bids. I gave this to my granddaughter.  Also, I won an Apple iPad mini on a free auction day and I spent $7.45 on bids and 1 cent for handling this. I was able to give my son a great gift!  I also love to bid  on gift cards because when I get close to the value of the card I go ahead and buy it and get all my bids back using the Buy it Now (love this)! I love giving gift card as gifts and also for no reason. My smart phone broke so I am currently bidding on a new one but in this case I won’t buy it for $600.00 but if I can win it for much less that’s great. I rarely do that but once in awhile I do take a chance.

– MeMe2727

DealDash Shopping

How I’ve Become A More Responsible Player With Self-Control

DealDash Shopping

I love Deal Dash; I have done so well on this website.

I have managed to win 34 auctions valued over a $1000.00 and only spent approximately $500.00. That’s double the profit therefore it makes it very hard not to become addicted to shopping on I know that control is a huge part of loving this website and enjoying the experience. I’ve found myself playing auctions it in the middle of the night, during work, etc. and must say it’s addicting for me.

In my experience the profits outweigh the losses. With the BIN (Buy it Now) feature, you always feel like a winner; however, you need to be able to limit and control yourself. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now and why I’ve decided to give up DealDash during Lent.


noun: Lent
  1. the period preceding Easter that in the Christian Church is devoted to fasting, abstinence, and penitence in commemoration of Christ’s fasting in the wilderness. In the Western Church it runs from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday and so includes forty weekdays.

It has been tough but worth it. I have been able to use up some of the gift cards I won on DealDash and I have become a more responsible player with self-control. Easter will be here soon enough and I will be back to win some more stuff.

– Janice


How to win on DealDash Winning DealDash Penny Auctions How DealDash Auctions Work Reviews Tips Strategies

How to bid on DealDash

Enjoy Wasting Bids And How To Stop

How to bid on DealDash

Over the past few months I have watched “new” bidders come to DealDash, and waste their purchased bids and free bids by jumping into an auction and bidding after every single person places a bid.

This must seem like a good idea, and a very easy way to win some great items.  The problem with this type of bidding is that very rarely will it result in a win. A simple DealDash tip is to study the auction and look who all is involved in an auction and how they are bidding.  You’ll notice most people will use the BidBuddy feature.

The BidBuddy allows you to bid on auctions even when you can’t be on the computer yourself. It will automatically place bids for you within last seconds of the auction clock.

Jumping in after every single person, or (my favorite to watch) bidding back and forth with another bidder will only waste your bids. Perhaps these bidders enjoy it and therefore don’t think their wasting them. As the saying goes “The Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time” – are the bids you enjoy wasting not wasted bids? That’s up for you to decide.

I have actually jumped into an auction (just to get into the auction) and booked my bids into the BidBuddy. While the “new” bidders are going back and forth, wasting bids, I have my bids booked and ready to bid automatically in case the timer gets down to the last second.  I can easily walk away from an auction having only used 50 bids at $25 while the ”new” bidder will be 500 bids at the $25 mark.  In the end they usually do not win the auction, it is someone who was using the BidBuddy.  This is just something to think about next time you decide to bid in a DealDash auction.

– e4481girl

I have been a member of DealDash for almost a year.  I go for lots of bid packs, but my biggest win was a Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm and 55-200mm Lenses. Valued at $500 I got it for only $1.42 using the Bid Buddy.

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera Sale DealDash


Golla Sling DSLR Camera Bag


DealDash Easter

DealDash “Free” Wins

DealDash Easter

Deal Dash gave us all a lovely pre-Easter gift with a week of ‘Free’ wins. We all know that means Deal Dash covers the final cost of the item and the winner only pays 1 penny for a transaction fee plus the cost of the bids used to win. Not a bad deal at all, we can try for an item that in the past was not obtainable, but with such a small final out of pocket cost, why not try.

However, when this generous offer is on the table, common sense and math ability seem to go out the window. I participated in a number of auctions during this ‘free’ week and did not win anything.

Why? I saw many new bidders having joined Deal Dash within the week of ‘free’ wins. They have not had time to learn Bid Buddy or how to join in without jumping on bids. I saw many bidders jumping others with no regard to what the potential cost to them their action may be. When I see one bidders name 5 times on the list of the nine most recent bids, then I know to go away and come back to this auction later.

One example of math ability going out the window, is on a $100 Walmart gift card. These come up frequently so there is no reason to lose your head and use bids like this is the only time this item will ever come up. This auction started on April 5 about 9:50am. As of the writing of this article, the final sales price is up to $189.56 at 7:40am on April 7. There are four bidders using bid buddy so this may go on a while longer.

If we use the lowest cost Deal Dash offers for buying bid packs of $.15 per bid, then if any of the bidders has used over 667 bids they have over-spent on this item. Once this action ends, I will check All Penny Auctions to see how they did.

Overall, when Deal Dash gives us this great opportunity to save money and try to win items we might not otherwise try for, please remember how to add so you do not over-spend. There is no joy in spending bids that cost more than the item you won.

DealDash Cost DealDash Bidding Statistics DealDash Bidding Advice Tips

Pac Man Level Up Free Bids DealDash

DealDash Always Finding New Ways To Reward Bidders

When I started as a bidder on DealDash in 2012, I was excited each time I reached a new level and could claim my “Free DealDash Bids” !!!

As I have continued to climb to higher levels, it has taken me longer and longer to claim those “Free Bids” I love. As always though, DealDash has listened to their faithful bidders and found new, and awesome ways to help us reach those ever increasing challenges of claiming free bids. DealDash introduced a promotion that multiplied your Time As Highest Bidder rewared 2X, 3X, and even 5X for each second you remain the high bidder in an auction, therefore reducing the time it takes you bank those free bids at each level up.

DealDash Free Bids

They also recently had a promotion that multiplied the amount of free bids added by 2 and then 3 times the amount you would normally get for moving up a level. Personally I was getting close to level up so fortunately I was able to take advantage of this promotion and claim 2X my normal free bids of 540 and bank a whopping 1080 free bids for reaching my next level !!!

Free Bids on DealDash

I am always impressed with DealDash’s desire to help us bidders and reward us in ways that help us stretch our dollars. That’s why I am a faithful DealDasher.


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 14.19.39 Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 14.20.26 DealDash Reviews Tips Strategies

Experience DealDash Oscar Wilde

Learn To Play DealDash With Informed Bidding Decisions

I’m usually the good guy, women, or person, but tonight I want to talk about how people play on DealDash. How can we focus on playing our own game…win or lose? How can we prevent being effected by the way others choose to play their game?

Providing helpful tips and explaining the games strategy are wonderful, but what I’ve found is we can’t tell others how to play. What we can do is focus on what works good for us and pass those tips and strategies forward to others. Perhaps they will listen and implement some of the strategies we find useful; especially since we’ve already learned from the mistakes we’ve made…hopefully.

Experience DealDash Oscar Wilde

There are so many games for everyone to choose from these days. Gaming has become much more apart of everyone’s life. Mundane actives and even some work places are adding games to stimulate people and make the experience more fun. Similar to what DealDash has done with shopping. DealDash makes shopping more fun by making it more like a game. But what do we do if we don’t like the way someone is playing? We can try and educate them on responsible bidding manners. That is what this blog site is intended for after all. Here we can read about the experiences others have had and eventually learn to make better decisions and play smarter. We can also choose to play another game which provides us with enjoyment if we no longer enjoy it. I’ve been a DealDash member for almost 1 and 1/2 years watching and bidding, and it’s so funny just how many complain about how others play but end up doing the very same thing they complain about. Even if may not like a particular bidding strategy, maybe it’s part of the game and maybe it can help you get to the end goal which is to win the game.

After all we are all here to win on DealDash…no one wants to lose, right? I understand that it is foolish to waste money and I hate when other people overbid in auctions, however how do we really know if a person was overbidding. Perhaps they were using bids that they won, and this is why they overbid. Maybe it’s cheaper to just spend another dollar to win, rather than BIN (Buy it now) to get the item and your bids back. Whatever the reason, it’s the individuals reason, and for me that’s good enough. I encourage you to make informed decisions when it comes to bidding on auction sites. Learn how the auction site works and make informed decisions. Read what other experienced bidders have to say and decide for yourself if that strategy fits into the way you play. Finally, don’t let others influence how you play. Stick to your bidding strategies and what works good for you.

DealDash Statistics

Track Your DealDash Stats

DealDash Statistics

There’s no doubt that bidding in auctions is lots of fun and very addictive. You can get some great deals, but if you’re not careful, you can also spend more money than you want to.

The problem I’ve noticed is that it can be very difficult to really know where you stand as far as money spent vs. auctions won. There are lots of factors involved in getting an accurate picture of our overall profit/loss from our bidding activity. Probably the most important factor is knowing the exact value of each bid we spend. Here’s what I mean. Say we get down to 0 bids in our account and then we purchase 200 bids @ .15 per bid. At this moment, each of our bids has a value of 15 cents. Now let’s say we spend 100 of those bids on a 1000 bid pack and win it for $5.00. What is the value of each of our bids now? If you answered .03 per bid, you are correct.

Before 1000 bid pack auction:

  200 bids                           $30.00    = .15/bid

After 1000 bid pack auction:

  200 bids                           $30.00
– 100 bids spent
+1000 bids                           $5.00
1100 bids                         $35.00    = .03/bid

Now let’s say we did not win the 1000 bid pack auction. We would have lost $15.00 worth of bids and our remaining 100 bids would still have a value of .15 per bid. As you can see, the outcome of this one auction had a major impact not only on our overall profit/loss, but also on the overall value of our bids.

I’m pretty certain that most people don’t have the slightest idea how much money they are winning or losing. I know I didn’t until I began to track my own stats. attempts to give you an idea of how well you are doing, but there are some big problems with the way they do their calculations. First, they use a constant .16 per bid for every auction. As we’ve seen above, that number can vary dramatically. The next thing they do is to value bid pack auctions at the full .60 per bid. This means that you could spend 2000 bids to “win” a 1000 bid pack for $60, and according to them your profit would be $220. $600 (1000 bids @ .60) – $320 (2000 bids @ .16) – $60.00 = $220 profit. This, of course, is completely insane, and may explain why some people bid the way they do. You and I both understand that the real impact of this auction is that we spent $60.00 to loss 1000 bids.

As much as I enjoy looking at the $6462.63 that APA says I’ve profited, I decided I wanted a more realistic picture of my bidding activity over the past 7 months since I joined DealDash.

For more than 10 years, I’ve used an amazing database manager called HanDBase which allows you create databases to keep track of anything on your Windows PC, Mac, or any mobile device. The database I created to track all my DealDash transactions provides all the statistics needed to get an accurate picture of where you stand. With each transaction an accurate cost/bid is calculated which results in realistic profit/loss statistics. The database tracks win/loss/BIN percentages as well as the total spent to Buy It Now. It even keeps track of bid pack auctions and shows how many bids have been won/lost. Here are a few screenshots.

PA Stats Screen  PA Stats Screen  PA Stats Screen


DealDash Free Bids

New To Bidding? Stop Single Bidding And Use BidBuddy

DealDash Free Bids

Time after time, I see DealDash bidders jumping in immediately after someone places a bid (call it Bid Stomping if you will).

As one of my DealDash strategies I will often count how many different bidders are actively pursuing whatever item I am bidding on at the time. Usually it never fails that there are 6, 8, or even 10 different bidders in an auction, yet someone chooses to bid after each bid placed. I wonder if they know they can’t outbid the Bid Buddy?

Nine times out of ten, when I look at the Bidder who is jumping in after every new bid (Bid Stomping) I see it is a new bidder who has just joined DealDash within the last few days or weeks. Keep in mind if there are even just 6 different bidders who have each plugged 20 bids into their Bid Buddy, that’s 120 of their bids against 120 of the Bid jumpers/stompers bids. This is because they bid after every other bidder and automatically are going to be outbid by the next persons Bid Buddy. These “Bid Stompers” usually do not ever win the item.

Although it’s possible the auction perhaps ends a little earlier by jumping, it doesn’t happen that often; especially on big ticket items. I wish newbies would take the time to observe a few auctions and learn what it’s all about before storming into multiple auctions and outbidding everyone immediately. Most seasoned bidders are going to sit back and watch you spend 6 times more bids than they do and when you are “done”, they will swoop in and claim the prize. I was a newbie once but I was raised knowing a fool and their money are soon parted and Mama didn’t raise no fool !! I admit, it is getting harder to win with all the new bidders joining but I manage to still win a few auctions. Do your homework and stop wasting your bids and others bids. The Bid Buddy places your bid at the final second of the auction and will help conserve your bids. DealDash says the majority of auctions are won with the help of the BidBuddy.

How to access BidBuddy? Click auction on front page to open the auctions main bidding page

DealDash Bid Buddy

Hope this helps, good luck !!

Color Love KitchenAid DealDash

DealDash ‘One-Per-User’ Auctions Explained

Color Love KitchenAid DealDash

Deal Dash offers many high value items that are marked ‘One-Per-User’. This is to be sure that all of us have an opportunity to win something of significance.

However, as I discovered myself and reading comments from others, this does not always hold true due to item specific details which technically make the same item… different.

For example: If the same item comes up for auction with the same description but color is the different, then it is considered a new item and you can bid again even if you already won this item. Say you win a Kitchen Aid mixer in yellow, then the same mixer comes up again in blue, you can try again. The same holds true for all items. If there is any difference in the item size, color, etc. then it gets a new SKU number and therefore is considered a different item.

You would think this ‘One-Per-User’ would be easier to control on bid packs, but no, when Deal Dash offers the promotional discount on the Buy it Now (BIN) price of a bid pack at $0.20 per bid, the bid pack is considered a new item and therefore you can bid to win it even if you already won the regular 2000 Bid Pack.

These two Bid Packs are considered different “One Per User” auctions. You can win each of these Bid Packs one time. Reason: the BIN price is different due to the promotion, technically making these different auctions.  Similar to the example of the different color KitchenAid mixer.

One Per User Auctions DealDash

When bidding on a $500 Walmart gift card I discovered that if you lose and BIN (Buy it Now), you can bid on it again when it comes up for auction to try and WIN it. One of the other bidders did just that, on March 16th he chose the option to BIN on the $500 Walmart gift card and get his bids back. On March 19th he comes back and goes for another $500 Walmart gift card and this time he won. So in three days he gets two $500 Walmart gift cards. When I questioned Deal Dash, the answer was, a BIN does not restrict you from trying again to WIN on the same high value item. I get the feeling from a few other bidders, that this is not fair. If it is marked as ‘One-Per-User’ then regardless of how you obtained it (WIN or BIN) or if the item is another color then that is the only time you can try to win the item.

Deal Dash, seriously re-think how ‘One-Per-User’ should be handled, it really should be exactly that – ‘ONE-PER-USER’

What are your thoughts?


DealDash One Per User Auctions