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Why It Pays To Sit Back And Watch DealDash Auctions

DealDash Tips

Over a week ago, DealDash offered 5x your free bids to generate more bidding on auctions. I have been a bidder since 2012 and have never looked for a reason to continue bidding! I am hooked and really enjoy the challenge of possible winning a great item or gift card.

Free bids have lost their attraction for me as I continue to move up in levels. It takes a very long time to fulfill the time required to earn bids. So free bids usually does not cause me to bid more or take more chances on auctions I know I will not win. However, the day I was bidding just happened to be the 5x your bid day. I tried repeatedly to win auctions, usually items I would buy anyway, but kept getting over bid by some zealous bidders looking for the 5x offer. It took me a while to determine the bidder was not wanting to win an auction at all, he was just wanting to get his time in. He (or she) must have bought more than fifteen $10 cards that day, he just slapped everyone that was on an auctionto be on top until the card went over $5, then he stopped. It did take me a while to see what he was up to and, knowing this bidder like I do, this was totally out of character for him. I actually won a card that day with less than 66 bids and the price was over $14! Needless to say I did not pay for the win but took the bids instead. Thank goodness DealDash offers this choice.

I have been very fortunate on some of my wins and I do not have rose colored glasses when it comes to my expectations of what I may or may not win. I stay on gift cards that I will really use and do not waste my bids on frivolous items just to get a win. I would rather enjoy what I won than be stuck with an item I have no use for. Imagine my surprise last week when I won a set of Panasonic phones! And, not only did I get a great deal, but they were delivered in two days.

Sometimes it just pays to sit back and watch. You have to know that you will pick the right auction and get a great win and not be influenced by other snipers, slappers, or over-bidders. DealDash is the best penny auction site on line and the trustworthiness of the organization is A+. My top choice by far!

By Joan Vith

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