Bid Smart On DealDash To Avoid Over-Bidding


Thank goodness for the day I found DealDash on September 2, 2012.

I am retired and on a pretty much fixed income. Christmas 2012 was one of the very best years ever. I was able to get all of the gifts I gave from bidding and shopping on To boot, they were all expensive, high quality items, and I got them all at amazing prices with free shipping.
I am not in a position to always buy items at full price (BIN) so I am careful to budget the bids I use and make sure that I have the time to be patient with the auctions and watch as they progress before I commit too much. Granted, shopping on DealDash can be fun and because of this I have over-spent on many items, but I try very hard not to. If I am careful to bid with my head and not my emotions things go so much better for me and I get good deals by bidding smart.
I see so many people these days over-bid ridiculously. They will eventually learn that bid stomping and bidding with emotions will put them hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the hole. I won’t mention a name, but I was completely shocked the other day when I checked the stats of someone on APA and they were $219,000 in the hole!!! That is insane!  That person has a lot of money to burn or a definite gambling problem.
Please bidders let’s get back to bidding sensibly, using the Bid Buddy, and actually folding sometime.
Written by Dianne Aikman

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2 thoughts on “Bid Smart On DealDash To Avoid Over-Bidding

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  2. sgdd13

    I wish everyone would visit APA to see how they are doing. That site is so helpful in shocking bidders on just how much they spent without winning and maybe pushing them to bidding better. I too use Deal Dash for gifts needed for holidays and birthdays. It is really nice to give good gifts without spending too much.

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