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DealDash Brotherly Love

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When I came to DealDash, at my brother’s suggestion, I had been bidding on other penny auction sites that have since closed their doors. It was a good move on my part, however, as a newbie I made lots of “newbie” mistakes.

I bought 200 bids to get started and immediately went after the $100 Shell card, why not? After all, with 200 bids I would certainly be able to win the card. Or, so I thought. After losing my 200 bids and having nothing, nada, zilch to show for it, I sent a scathing email to customer support about what a poor site this was and I would never bid here again. I also should mention I had no idea what the bid buddy was or how it worked. (BOO, ya gotta know the rules if you want to win. READ.)

I would think they had a good laugh when they read my email since I am sure there are a lot of other newbies out there who think slamming is the only way to win. After I got a very nice response from them I was assured they were not “out to make millions off of me”, I tried again with a little more patience and practice. I read, I watched, I bid, I bid again and eventually came away with the prize I wanted. As you may have learned already, or should know, patience is probably the best solution to win at an auction. If you wait to get into an auction that suits you, you really can be a winner. Watch for the item you would like to win, check and see what the last auctions were selling for and be sure to stay out of the way of the bidders who think slapping you is going to mean a win for them.

Slappers, as I call them, spend so many bids foolishly and really are not in it to win it, but bully others around. I am grateful to DealDash for having the six win limit for cards or items under $200; the slappers can only be around for a short period of time depending on their bankroll and how fast they actually win. Setting your bid buddy is also the best way to keep to your own budget and limits. NEVER let emotions get you into a bidding war. The “I’ll show them” attitude only sets you up for a long day or night and possible disappointment.

I have watched many auctions that I do not bid on and see how some more experienced bidders come away with some awesome deals. In those cases it is mostly luck and that is not something you can learn or plan for. It is just luck. After nearly two years of bidding on DealDash, I was right to leave the other site and I am delighted with the customer service, free shipping, and quality items available every day on DealDash.

By Joan Vith

About Author: College graduate with over 30 years work experience in professional organizations. Worked mainly for non-profits. Really enjoy working with people and making a difference in our world. I love my grandsons, who still think I am cool, and I am very proud of them. Live in the Midwest. Looking for Spring soon!!!

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2 thoughts on “DealDash Brotherly Love

  1. joanb1947

    Thanks for the nice comments. I really do think patience is the key, however, I really do let emotions get into my head sometimes, have to learn to stop that!

  2. luvmypets1

    I agree 100 percent. Very nice article. I have written several articles about how patience is the key. Eventually, I think all of us learn that lesson if we are open to reading and learning how the auctions work.

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