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DealDash Is My Morning Brew

Keurig Deals on DealDash

Here I am loving my Keurig coffee set up from DealDash!

I have been a member of DealDash since 2012. I have 4 kids and a very busy work life. I have won lots of things on DealDash and saved tons of money. Last year I did all of my Christmas shopping for under $500 for 4 kids!!! I also had a blast doing it too. 🙂

This year I thought it was time for me to do something for myself. I decided it was time to win my Keurig that I have been wanting for years now and that’s exactly what I did. I won a Keurig Mini Plus Single-Serve Brewer, Red during a Free auction day where DealDash pays the final price and I only used 10 bids to win it!
Keurig DealDash

This Keurig Mini Plus Single-Serve Brewer, Red retails for $100, but the average selling price on DealDash auctions is $17.50 (83% OFF!)

Now I wake up to a fresh cup of coffee every morning and my kids know Mamma is happy. Than I got to thinking, I’m going to need a place to put all of my coffee cups. So I turned around a few minutes later and won this nifty K-cup drawer.  
K-Cup Sale DealDash

This Nifty Under-the-Brewer K-Cup Drawer retails for $25, but the average selling price on DealDash auctions is $5.32 (79% OFF!)

Again this was won during FREE auction day and I only used 4 bids. I was so excited that I had won over $100 worth with just a few bids!! This is one HAPPY MAMMA 🙂

Thanks to DealDash I have saved thousands on my shopping needs!!!

Written by Nicole Kososki

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