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Dreaming About Winning A 2000 Bid Pack?

Dreaming about winning a 2000 Bid pack on Here’s how…..

I tried and tried to win me a 2000 bid pack for months now. I tried many different ways and finally found one that worked!!! A few weeks I finally won my 2000 bid pack for ONLY 22 CENTS!!! That’s right, it only cost me 22 cents for a 2000 bid pack valued at $1200.
I can’t stress how important it is to study your auctions. But here and now Im going to unleash my secret to you. The answer has been right in front of you the whole time.
On the One-Per-User auctions there is a previous winners list on the bottom left side of screen. Look for the pattern there. Not with the winners but with price. If you see that 2000 bids has sold for $1.00, Ask your self why you would bid to $30.00. The key here is to be in EVERY 2000 auction. Put 10 or 20 bids on each one and be patient and don’t go crazy, there will be another one.
4/17/2014 $1.16 bigdaddys1956
4/16/2014 $2.21 BidsandHoes
4/16/2014 $1.33 dboffill
4/16/2014 $3.75 TooBadTooSad
4/16/2014 $13.63 Ellenaj12
4/16/2014 $50.95 joanieberg
4/15/2014 $61.16 Gabana
4/15/2014 $10.70 rholliday
4/15/2014 $9.54 ashleyjade
4/15/2014 $0.30 ElleBelle55
4/14/2014 $51.94 gmccoy
4/14/2014 $48.96 dbigchop
4/14/2014 $3.52 stoppeck10
4/14/2014 $48.21 efflanrames
4/14/2014 $21.34 steves2
From the dates selected above you’ll see 6 out of 15 have sold for under $5.00 and 3 out of those 6 were around $1.00. So if you follow my advice and are willing to spend 10 to 20 bids in each 2,000 Bid pack auction you may eventually come across the cheap win you’re looking for!
Good luck to everyone and congrats to all of the recent winners of a 2000 bid pack!!!
Written by Nicole Kososki

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6 thoughts on “Dreaming About Winning A 2000 Bid Pack?

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  3. michaelb1203

    Great advice Nicki! I got very lucky with my first win on DealDash it was a 2000 bid pack during a free sale. I think I used 5 bids and boom the “Fireworks” appear. My final cost $.01 so it is very possible to win for under $5.00!

  4. joanb1947

    Love the info. I noticed this has happened many times and you are right. Better to go in a little and leave than try to out bid the big pockets! Lesson learned. Thank you!

  5. sorrymyturn

    Great information, especially for new customers. The same strategy works well for nearly every other high-end product that goes up for auction. Instead of placing 500 bids on an auction item one time, you could greatly improve your odds of winning that auction by placing 50 bids on the same auction item 10 times. At least one of those 10 times, the auction will most likely close at a low cost. That is one lesson I wish I had learned much sooner!

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