How to win on DealDash

Lessons Learned To Win DealDash Auctions

How to win on DealDash

As a long-time, loyal customer, I am now on Level 41 and won more than 400 auctions.

That is not too bad, but I could have done better. If an award was ever given to the bidder who most often came in second to the winning bidder, I think I might have a very good chance to win that award.

Based on my bidding experiences on DealDash, the two most common reasons I do not win are:

1) Falling asleep at my computer. This is the most common reason I fail to win auctions. In fact, it just happened to me again a few minutes ago while I was bidding on the movie Frozen. If you look it up, you will see that “SorryMyTurn” had the second to the last bid. Once again, I fell asleep, failed to add more bids, and woke up just in time to see my only remaining competitor win it.

Lesson Learned: To win more often, we should never bid when we are too tired to pay attention or else we must do something to stay awake. Perhaps we could chew gum or put a cold wet wash cloth on our face every few minutes.

2) Bidding at the same time I’m doing other things and have too many distractions. Sometimes I shop on when I am busy making dinner. The kitchen is upstairs and my computer is downstairs. When I bid and cook meals at the same time, one of two things usually happens. I lose the auction while I’m cooking or I burn the food while I am bidding. The reason I bid on Paula Dean’s pots and pans as often as I do is because I ruin so many pans by burning food while I’m playing on DealDash. I also try to bid while I am busy writing my book. This might work if I always remembered to check back with DealDash more often. However, I usually get so involved with my writing; I often forget that I am also bidding on DealDash and I end up checking back too late.

Lesson Learned: To win more often, we must get rid of all other distractions and do not try to multi-task. We should only bid on DealDash if and when we have a big enough block of free time to give the bidding process our full attention.

What are some bidding lessons you have learned?

By Barbara Sellers

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5 thoughts on “Lessons Learned To Win DealDash Auctions

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  2. kymm115

    Being on the Eastern side of the USA, a lot of auctions I want to bid on start in the wee hours of the morning here in Ohio. I can’t count the number of times I have fallen asleep and LOST ! I thought it was just me. LOL I was beginning to feel these points you make only happened to me. Glad to hear it’s not ! Misery loves company you know..LOL

  3. sorrymyturn

    Thank you for your comment. If 1947 represents the year you were born, we have that in common, too.

  4. joanb1947

    Have to smile as I read your post. Yes, we do get busy and forget to check back. The funny thing is we all seem to do the same things while we bid. I have never fallen asleep, but knew I was close and had to quit bidding. I think I get the 2nd place prize. My name shows up alot against all kinds of bidders. Nice post.

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