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My Unexpected DealDash Win

DealDash reviews and tips

I know there have been several posting’s on the merits of single bidding on Sometimes this is a good method however I’ve found most of the time it does not work.

During the generous ‘Free’ weekend from Deal Dash, a $50 WalMart gift card came up for auction. Experience has shown me that these are hard to win, however I thought I would give it a try. The auction opened and I placed 1 bid planning to wait out the flurry of bidding that occurs when most auctions open. I watched and noticed that one bidder was jumping on everyone (single bidding) and since I don’t want to waste bids I continued to wait. I finally entered the fray and to my great surprise I won. I used only 21 bids to accomplish this. The closing auction price was $22.17 and, by waiting as I did, I really got a bargain.

That bidder that was jumping everyone well he used 848 bids trying to win this gift card. If he bought bids at $ .15 he spent $127.20 in bids and did not win. Deal Dash offers new bidders many good tips and this blog is really helpful, if only there was some way to direct newbies to this site before they start, it may save all of us money when the price goes up unnecessarily by bid jumpers.

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4 thoughts on “My Unexpected DealDash Win

  1. kymm115

    I agree ! I have an upcoming Blog article that addresses the ” newbies “. LOL

  2. sorrymyturn

    Nice post. I noticed the same thing. Most of the time, single bidding is not the way to go, but sometimes shoppers just get lucky doing it. I also agree that the WalMart gift cards are usually difficult to win.

  3. joanb1947

    Nice post! You are so right. I have done the same thing and come away with some really good deals just by watching and waiting. The bid jumpers really do cause alot of unnecessary high prices. These posts should be required reading!

  4. Dianne Aikman

    Yes, I agree. Maybe these articles should be “required” reading before someone can bid at all. I think I have even suggested that 🙂

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