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What Motivates Someone To Bid On DealDash?

Being “Grandma” to two grandsons, I have always been challenged with what I could give them that they would truly appreciate and/or use? I happened to come across iTunes cards on DealDash and thought I don’t know what you would want those for, but I bet my grandson might have a use for it. So, I started bidding on iTunes cards and won them fairly easily. I got some great deals on the iTunes cards and collected them long enough to be able to give him one or two when he made good grades or accomplished something wonderful on the ball field. The big grin I got from him made my day! Not being that savvy on the iPods, I realized this was a good way for me to “seem” to be with it, even though I really am not.

The younger grandson has a passion for Mario and Luigi so I purchased him a WiiU system with Amazon cards I won on DealDash. I was also able to accumulate enough Toys’RUs gift cards to reward him for good grades and other personal achievements so he can buy the games he wants to play. I don’t buy any games for him, he gets to select the games he wants. He also has an assortment of handheld Nintendo DS games and the cartridges are pretty expensive. If I can win a card or cards, on DealDash, I can give him what he needs to keep up with the ever changing variety of games they have. “You’re the best, Grandma”, is music to my ears.

Both of the boys are extremely slim and finding the right jeans for school can be a challenge. Lo and behold, DealDash has Old Navy gift cards. Did you know Old Navy carries a slim jean? Both of them can wear these jeans comfortably. Back to school shopping was a lot easier for my daughter when I handed her the stack of Old Navy cards I had won and purchased over the past few months last fall.

Bidding and winning on DealDash has allowed me stay in the loop with these two boys. I am so proud of both of them and even more proud that I am able to give them something they really want without struggling to “find”, the perfect gift. DealDash ships fast, the gift cards are always right, and I get to feel special. Thanks DealDash for having the variety of cards that you do! This is my motivation and I am a true Fan!

By Joan Vith

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3 thoughts on “What Motivates Someone To Bid On DealDash?

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  2. kymm115

    I also have won a lot of items for my grandson. He loves video games, of course, so I won him the Ninetendo DS3 and loads of games over the last 2 years. He loves them

  3. sorrymyturn

    Good article. I started bidding on for similar reasons — to get some of the latest gadgets to stay better connected to my granddaughter. My one and only granddaughter will be a sophomore in the fall at Pacific Lutheran University. As a college student, she’s on a tight budget, so I also help her out by giving her movie and food cards.

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