Win DealDash Auctions Even When You’re Not Looking


I began bidding on DealDash in September 2012 and have not looked back.

I was pretty determined to bid and win the auctions for items I could really use or wanted from the prizes being offered. I had been using another printer from my laptop for a while, but somehow became disconnected and could not re-install. After several efforts I just gave up having a printer and would send things to others for them to print for me.

One morning before work I looked at the auctions being offered and realized I could bid on an HP Office Pro Jet wireless printer and maybe, just maybe, I could win one. I loaded all the bids I had left after a few days of bidding and set my bid buddy. I knew I may not win the printer, but at least I was willing to try.

That evening when I returned from work I looked at the DealDash auction site and noticed I had bids in my account. I thought that was odd since I had put everything on the printer. WOW! I checked my dashboard and there it was, I had WON the $300 HP Office Pro Jet printer and still had some bids left! Darn, I had not gotten to see the auction and did not know who, how or why. Did not matter, though, I was thrilled with my Deal Dash auction win! The cost was $12.78 and free shipping! Who could ask for more?? By the way, I got the printer in two days! WOW! Freaky fast! LOL 🙂

I was able to hook it up pretty easily and it is wireless so no big cords running all over the floors. Now I print the coupons I receive by email, receipts for purchases I make online, and the photos I get of my family are easy to print too! Free shipping, fast shipping, and buy it now if you don’t win, makes the best place to bid on penny auction sites!

By Joan VithDealDash WInner

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