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DealDash Review TV Auction Winner

DealDash Review Screaming High Def

I’m giving my DealDash review of a TV I won on DashDeal … I mean DealDash, Lol!!

After I won my high definition TV I got an e-mail telling me I could get extra free bids for submitting a picture testimonial and DealDash review of my wins. DashDeal 🙂 will give you 200 free bids if the value of the item you’ve won is worth $200 or more when you post the picture to the DealDash Facebook page. As an added bonus, your picture is automatically entered into a weekly contest for a chance to win a $500 gift card of your choice. Can you believe DealDash gives out a $500 gift card away every week for submitting a picture of your winning item! I know of no other bidding sites that will do something like that. One more reason why my DealDash review is 5 stars!!

I submitted my TV picture for the contest and received my 200 free bids right away! To top that off, by the end of the week I got an e-mail saying I won the $500 gift card!! Again I just couldn’t believe it! So I chose a Walmart gift card because I’m always shopping there.

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One week later I’m sitting in our family room and it’s my birthday and I’m feeling a little down because I miss my Mom and the UPS truck pulls into the driveway and I’m thinking what? I didn’t order anything. I received a envelope from DealDash with my $500 Walmart gift card inside! That brightened my Birthday so much! Again deep down I know my Mom had something to do with that too! That’s my DealDash review! My favorite bidding site to shop and win?

What about you? Would love to hear your DealDash review and story of an item you won!

By Dan Boles and Donna

P.S. I used the $500 gift card to buy christmas gifts for my family and friends!

DealDash Review of TV Auction Winner

Pink Tool Set Sold on DealDash

Bidding Sites for the Best Tools and Tips

My husband is a master finish carpenter and as the old saying goes, “The shoemaker’s children have no shoes.” Advice for choosing the best bidding sites with great tools and tips for you to have the best experience.

If you’re thinking about trying some bidding sites, let me share my story about a couple items I won on the bidding site This story may especially work well for the folks out there who have a difficult time getting their honeys to hit the “Honey Do” jar.

I have always had a few miscellaneous tools and my own drill in the house because I can do some small things myself.   Recently, I needed a few cable ties and a particular wrench for a project I was planning and I had to wait two days for my husband to loan what tools I needed from his shop! By then, I was out of the mood.

I decided then and there that I needed my very own tools kept right here in the house and because DealDash is my favorite among all other bidding sites, I went to check out what they had up for auction.

Shortly thereafter, there was an auction on DealDash for a $29 iWork 50-Piece Pink Home Tool Set which came up for auction during a Free Final Price promo as I remember. I thought “this is the ticket!” By the way.. most other bidding sites don’t have the fun bidding promotions DealDash offers in my opinion. I really wanted this tool set so I’m so happy DealDash offers a Buy it Now option to anyone that does not win.

I had used 211 bids that cost me $31.65 so I smartly stopped bidding and “BINed” it (used the Buy it Now) to get my 211 bids back. I really recommend only using bidding sites that have a buy it now program like DealDash does. If you don’t win the auction you can buy what you wanted and get your bids back free plus they’ll send you the item free!

Here’s an image of the Tool bag I won! It’s a very nice, quality bag and tool set!

Pink Tool Set Sold on DealDash and not other bidding sites

The Original Pink Box 30-piece Pink Tool Set. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Sold on DealDash

Recently, to add to my little tool bag, I won a $47 Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level for 131 bids and $ .01 during another Free Final Price promotion. Whoohoo! Love hanging these pictures to keep them perfectly straight!

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Mmmm… what else do I need. I have the drill and drill bits but I sure could use a variety of pliers and small wrenches now. I know what to do! I will use the DealDash search functionality to locate what I’m looking for.Again I must say that out of all other bidding sites DealDash has a really good search functionality. As you begin typing what you’re looking for the auto-fill feature kicks and and makes suggestions for you.

If the item you’re looking for is not up for auction I can set an alert so I’ll be informed if and when it get’s scheduled for auction. Of course I also have the option to email the customer support team (best of all bidding sites) and ask for it to be added to the diverse item catalog.

What are your favorite bidding sites?

DealDash coffee addicted

Signs You Need A DealDash Intervention

As many people have declared in their Bio’s “I am addicted to Dealdash”, “I need a Dealdash Intervention” – I concur, it is easy to get addicted to shopping on Dealdash!

I feel the same way! When I first began bidding on in September 2012, I was skeptical about how it all worked, and if it was legit. Now two years later, I am on Dealdash daily, checking out the current items up for auction, and what is the current price of bids. I often fall asleep at my computer, late at night, watching my bookmarked auctions page. That alone would not be bad if I didn’t wake to find the auction ended right after my bid buddy ran out leaving me the next to the last bidder!

I find myself thinking about the auctions I have bid on overnight as soon as I wake up in the morning, wondering if I was lucky enough to win one. I will check auctions on my smart phone at work, while I eat my lunch. When I get home at night, I head to my computer to check out the latest auctions coming up. YEP I am hooked!!

Then I have to tell everyone I know what happens on Dealdash. I tell my co-workers what I have won, or what auctions I have lost by a hair. Then there are those “other” bidders. The one’s we love to hate. We critique how they bid and the sheer number of auctions they seem to win.

So I guess when you admit you wake up thinking about Dealdash, go through the day thinking about Dealdash, and drift off to sleep thinking about Dealdash, It’s time for a “Dealdash Intervention” I wonder how many of YOU will be there with me?

By Kim Finnegan

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I have been a bidder on Dealdash since Sept 2012. I have won over 170 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons {one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart}

DealDash coffee addicted Auction Win Deal Product Review

Save Summer Sensations and Drink Up Before It’s Too Late

One of my favorite items to bid, win and save on are the K-cups for my Keurig coffee maker.

I love to shop on DealDash for these because they actually have a really great selection of flavors from coffee to tea; and I have managed to save a lot by winning many of them. I like to take advantage of the fact that the retail price for the K-cups on the website is the same, if not cheaper than what I can find the store. With that added bonus of having the chance to win and save of course.

I think that another advantage of winning the K-cups on Deal Dash is the fact that they are somewhat of a specialty item. In order to use them you need to have a Keurig one cup coffee maker and in my mind that makes the amount of people who try for them smaller. It’s not like trying to win and save on a computer, camera or kitchen appliance, or something anyone can use. Since they are a specialty item I find less people bidding on them giving you a better chance to save.

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By throwing 10 bids into a coffee pack you can usually tell if it is going to go cheap or not. My stopping point is 50 bids, because that will put me $7.50 into the coffee. If I happen to get carried away in the bidding, it is very easy to simply buy the K-cups and get my bids back; and in a few days I will have great coffee delivered straight to my door, with free shipping.

During this summer I’ve really been enjoying great refreshing and summer iced drinks of Green Mountain Lemonade K-cups The best part is that the 16 pack only cost me 2 cents and 1 bid so I was able to save quite a lot!! Now that is a Deal Dash Deal – yippee!!

By Erica Baughman

Save on Keurig K Cups on DealDash

Win More Auctions on DealDash

Win More Auctions on Deal Dash by Counting

A great tip for any DealDash auctioneer is to not only be aware of the auction you are in, but also the other auctions happening around you. One must pay close attention to the amount of auction wins a bidder has in order to improve their chances to win more.

Deal Dash does a great job as far as limiting the amount of auctions you can win in a week. This lets a wide variety of people play and win which ultimately leads to a better shopping and bidding experience for everyone.

The win limits are the same for all Deal Dash bidders. Everyone is allocated the same amount of win limits so no one has a competitive advantage over others. The win limits state you can only win six items per week that are valued under two hundred dollars, and three items per week that are valued over two hundred dollars. It is very important to pay attention to those limits, not only for yourself but also for other bidders.

Example: If you have won 2 out of 3 auctions on your big item limit for the week (above $200), it is really pointless to throw your bids into multiple big ticket auctions at the same time, since you can only win one more item valued above $200. 

This sounds simple, however if you watch the auctions carefully you’ll notice there are several people who are not thinking about the winning limits and therefore are not being smart in the way they bid.

Example: If you are in an auction with only one other person, who is one item away from their win limit, look around and see what other auctions they may also be involve in. If the other person is bidding in multiple auctions maybe you can get lucky and they will win another auction causing them to automatically drop out of the auction you’re participating in – resulting with you as the winner.

In another scenario it may be beneficial for you to drop out of the auction and let the other person win so that they will automatically drop out of the other auction and again awarding yourself the win. 

Important Win Limit Reminder:

The system will not allow you to bid after you have reached your limit. All remaining BidBuddies will be automatically cancelled. Please plan your bidding strategy with this in mind.

What Deal Dash bidding win tips and reviews do you have to share?

By Erica Baughman

Win More Auctions on DealDash

DealDash Bidding Tips

5 Bidding Tips To Overcome Your Losing Streak

I am happy to share some of my strategies and bidding tips for winning more frequently to help promote auction eduction and responsible bidding.

I have collected bidding tips on DealDash for over 4 years and play on over 15 other penny auction sites. DealDash is hands down the best site with the most items, remarkable shipping speed, fantastic customer service and truly fun and fair auctions.

Some basic bidding tips and strategies:

1) My number one bidding tip is to know your opponents.

I can’t stress this enough. If you are jumping into an auction blindly then you are going to lose far more often than you win. A key bidding tip I can share is to keep track of who your bidding against.

One way to track your opponents is to watch the site to become familiar with people’s bidding habits. There are some bidders who go “all the way” every single time and it isn’t wise to challenge them. I keep a list next to my computer with these names and avoid auctions with these people in them. I know if I go against them I have very little chance of winning without putting in a large number of bids, if I’m lucky enough to win at all. If you’re not tracking your bidding opponents, start practicing this bidding tip for more chances of winning.

2) Second bidding tip is to choose which auctions you bid in wisely.

In addition to choosing the auctions you bid in based on who is in them, DealDash gives you another tool to help find auctions where you have the best chance of winning. For higher valued items which are marked “one per user” you can see the “blocked bidders” list. If I see items where most people who are heavy bidders that I wouldn’t want to challenge are on the list, then I know this is something I have a better chance of winning since there is less of a chance of a heavy bidder joining the auction.

previous winners list on DealDash

3) Bidding Tip number three is to Be Patient. Be VERY Patient.

Just because you really want the item that is coming up doesn’t mean it is wise to bid on it. If there are people that you have researched that are very difficult to beat in the auction then it is usually better to wait for the next one. Many don’t realize that these items are up again and again on the site, and if this time isn’t a good time to get in just wait for the next one where you have a better chance at a good deal (don’t forget this bidding tip: once a person wins a one per user auction, they are blocked from the next time it is available making your chances that much better!). If you have a hard time being patient here’s a practice guide on WikiHow to be patient.

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4) Number four bidding tip is to understand your odds of winning.

DealDash shows you how much competition is in an auction and for most part there are 30 to 110 people that place a bid before it locks. That’s a lot of competition with only one winner, and you have a much greater chance of winning against 30 people than you do against 110 people. If you look at both the number of people in an auction, and take into account the other things mentioned above you will increase your chances of winning by a gigantic amount.

5) My final Bidding tip for you is to: check prices before you bid.

I hope the above things help you win more often. There is more than enough out there for everyone, and bidding can be a LOT of fun! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win right away, with more observation and following the above tips you will improve your chances drastically and you will be winning a lot more often!

By Zyekad

I’ve saved thousands of dollars shopping on for over past 4 years. 

DealDash Bidding Tips

Bid Smart on DealDash penny auction

Penny Auction Tips To Keep You From Making A Mistake

My first experience with a penny auction was with another company and I thought my relationship with that company began without too much drama.

Within just a few days of trying my first penny auction, I had won a cruise, 260 e-books, a beer bottling system, and a health and wellness gift card. My total winning bids had me spending less than $50.00. This sounds like I got some terrific deals, but there is more to the story.

Over the course of several months, I had numerous unsatisfactory communications with the online customer service at this penny auction and had to threaten to report the company before they gave me an actual phone number to speak directly with someone. I received emails directing me to claim numbers, which gave me further directions for redemptions, followed by additional membership fees. In short, there were a lot of extra expenses and delays that I had not planned on. It took weeks, and in some instances months, for my wins to arrive. To add to the frustration, the products were not as advertised, unless you could read the small print, which was not available until you had paid for your win and received the redemption details.  One example of the unpleasant surprises was the e-books; you could only select from a list of classics. I had paid for something that most eBook readers can access for free, but I didn’t find out any of these things until I had already paid for my wins. Eight months have passed and I still have not accessed any of the eBooks I paid for.

One day as I was trying to communicate with that other company when I heard an advertisement for DealDash. The woman on the commercial said they were “The Fair and Honest Bidding site”. That was nice to hear. I went right to the DealDash site and saw that it even looked dramatically different than the other penny auction site I was having problems with. 

The items listed had clear photographs and detailed descriptions of both affordable and luxury items. There were winning limits in place to prevent the same people from winning and best of all, if you were not the winning bidder you could still buy the item at retail cost and get the bids back that you used for the auction. There are also opportunities for you to earn free bids, see who else was bidding, and DealDash stated that all items come with free shipping and would be shipped within 4 days of receipt of my payment. The more I read, the more excited I got.

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My first bidding session with DealDash started out great. I purchased the smallest bid package, at a cost of $30.00 for 200 bids, when they were on sale for 15 cents each and began enjoying and winning auctions. The shopping experience has been exactly as you would expect with no hidden fees and no hassle. Customer service is not only prompt and easy to communicate with, they are very courteous and helpful to ensure a good experience. The penny auction site will even give you a full money refund on your first purchase if you’re not satisfied for any reason which is valid for 90 days from when you make your first purchase. 

As a result of the very positive shopping experiences I have been a happy DealDash customer ever since the day I joined one year ago on August 25 2013. My tips to you if you’re planning on trying a penny auction site is to chose a site like DealDash, one that has been in business for several years and has a proven track record like DealDash does. They treat their customers good and you won’t be disappointed.

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013.  I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia.

Bid Smart on DealDash penny auction

Lanterns won on

Yes Has Your Back and Guarantees

Lanterns won on is the first place I check when I am looking to purchase anything at all.

I am happy to be living in sunny South Florida. Whenever thinking about when and where to do my shopping, I always check the auctions on I love to shop for spring and summer items in the fall and winter because I seem to get the best deals. Likewise, if I lived and the cold north, I’m sure I would shop for winter items, such as a snow blower, during the summertime.

I have four rescued dogs and three rescued cats so my back yard is fully fenced. I like to hang baskets of flowers and lanterns on the fence for decoration. I realized this past winter that my lanterns were getting old and needed replacing.

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I went onto DealDash and was able to WIN or BIN the 18 San Rafael II Smart Solar Mission Lanterns that I needed for the entire yard at a great discount. I figured it out and the full retail price for all 18 lanterns were going to cost me almost $600. At final count, I spent just under $200 between bids and the final auction cost on That is a 66% savings!

Unfortunately, one of the lanterns did not work properly and one had a small crack in it. I was not worried because I simply returned them with no problem at all and they shipped new replacement lanterns to me without delay. That is one of the beauties of shopping on Everything is guaranteed and brand new. 🙂 is so easy to do business with why would I ever go anywhere else?

strategies to win auctions on DealDash

Strategies to Successful Auction Bidding

There are many different strategies on how to bid and win auctions. Some bidders only use one bidding strategy while others are more calculated, analytical and diverse using numerous strategies.

The more you bid yourself and observe the auctions, the better you’ll be able to spot the different bidding strategies from particular bidders. For example, some bidders may try many different strategies or change their strategies depending on what type of auctions is going. Some bidders unfortunately just bid an excessive amount until they win, which in that case they won the auction but didn’t really win because they probably spent too much after factoring in the cost of bids and amount paid. I don’t think there is any preferred bidding strategy except to use the Buy it Now to get your bids back in case you don’t win the auction. This is a good bidding strategy because it allows you to continue playing without always needing to buy more bids.

The auctions can be really unpredictable which is part of the fun and excitement of bidding so you may have to test different bidding strategies yourself to see what works best for you. Here’s an article from Forbes called Five Steps to a Strategic Plan – perhaps this could be useful in helping you develop your DealDash bidding strategy.

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If you stay with DealDash long enough the only method that most bidders will agree is totally wrong is the “late bidding”  method. It is rude. I have been a victim of this myself and have to own up to the fact that I stayed in longer, well past BIN, to make sure that they did not get the auction win cheap. I then quickly left the auction, went to BIN and that “winner” paid more than I did. There is a point of no return in the auction when it is better to simply Buy it Now and get your bids back so it’s important to be able to recognize this.

Playing with integrity always surpasses rudeness. I apologize to anyone that I may have affected in a rude manner, it was not my intent. If we all play fairly using whatever strategies we choose sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t.  If you see someone had invested a lot of bids, do the right thing and get in on the next auction. This is why Deal Dash puts up numerous auctions of the same item over and over again. Everyone can eventually get the item they wanted and at a good price.

What’s some of your DealDash bidding strategies?

Happy Bidding.

By Donna Smith

Deal Dash Candy Bar

What Deal Dash And Candy Bars Have In Common

I just love the deals I have made by shopping on Deal Dash.

Deal Dash has helped more than just my family when it comes to savings. Since I started playing on Deal Dash almost 2 years ago I have won lots of great deals, especially on gift cards which are one of my favorite things to bid on. Here’s a few examples of the deals I have received.

  • $50 Home Depot gift card for 47 cents
  • $100 Toys R Us gift card for $1.43
  • $50 Applebees gift card for 1 cent
  • $25 Red Robin gift card for 14 cents
  • $25 AMC Theaters gift card for 1 cent
  • $25 AMC Theaters gift card for 35 cents 
  • $50 Red Robin gift card for 37 cents

Oh my goodness there are so many deals I have made on Deal Dash I could go on and on and really the shopping experience is so much fun!

One day my son and I were in Home Depot picking up a few things and there was this cute old lady checking out behind us. She started talking to my 4 year old about candy bars and of course that turned into “Mommy can I get a candy bar?” Of course I said yes, especially because the $50 gift card I was using only cost me 47 cents!

I said “Zack get 10 candy bars if you want too” With his BIG blue eyes he looked back at me with a smile and said THANK YOU MOMMY!!! When he grabbed his 10 candy bars, he kept one for himself and started to pass the rest of the candy bars out to the other people in the store. Everyone was shocked that I would buy candy bars for my son to pass out that I had to tell everyone about Deal Dash and that everything I just bought including the candy bars only cost me 47 cents! Needless to say they were all shocked too. It was the best feeling to see the folks in Home Depot smiling because of Deal Dash and my 4 year old son 🙂

DealDash Auctions

Auctions In September Are My Favorite Auctions

Exactly 11 months ago today, September 19th 2013 at 1 am, I couldn’t sleep so I decided to go online to check the online auctions DealDash was offering.

As you may know DealDash has a wide variety of different auctions so I decided to buy 200 bids for 34 dollars and continued to browse. As I was trying to figure out what auctions I wanted to bid on, out of the blue a username popped up that had my moms initials in it. You see we lost our mom due to complications from a surgery to remove cancer in her throat in December 2011. Prior to this when she was in a nursing home we initialed all of her night gowns and I happened to be wearing one of them that night.

Of course when I saw that username I superstitiously thought “wow.. that’s Mom telling me to bid on that item”. I booked some bids into that auction using my BidBuddy and shortly after ended up winning the auction, which was for a 2000 bid pack, with just 19 bids!! Yes!! I only used 19 bids and only paid 1 cent for the 2000 Bid Pack auction. I just couldn’t believe it! So after I won I was seeing what else to bid on! My DealDash bid balance had just suddenly increased to 2180 bids so I started bidding on a couple of things.

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One of the auctions that caught my eye was for a 42 inch LG HDTV. I decided to place bids on this auctions and kept watching to see if I won. Of course it took a long time to watch but after 955 bids I won the TV auction! Of course this was also during a free auction day so I only had to pay out 1 cent for the TV too which came with free shipping! I just couldn’t believe it! Again I knew it was my mom sending me signs from heaven. To keep tabs on what’s happening with penny auctions be sure to visit Penny Auction Watch to keep up with the latest auction trends.

By Dan Boles and Donna

DealDash Auctions

From DealDash with Love

DealDash Shopping Opens My Heart and Helps Me Give

Shopping on DealDash is a blessing for my single, busy, professional daughter who’s everyday is improved by my love for shopping on DealDash.

As a busy professional my daughter is, I try to do what I can to help her out and that’s where shopping on DealDash comes into play and helps her out. Her job is not only high power but it includes quite a bit of traveling. Her traveling includes furthering her education and certification in three states so that she may continue teaching diabetes. She has saved many lives, going out in the field to detect diabetes in people unaware that they are walking around with this serious disease. She has even traveled to Haiti and Saint Lucia to help locals.

My daughter lives in New York City and as you may know, living in New York can be very expensive. Especially when it comes to dining out and socializing. DealDash helps me help my daughter! There is a restaurant in Staten Island called Bonefish Grill which is a partner restaurant listed on the Outback Steakhouse gift cards. My daughter found out that between certain times, there are tasty discounted appetizers and cocktail hour, therefore after a long day she welcomes and uses the gift cards I send her. When bidding on I like to bid for the gift cards as they are so versatile and make great gifts. Therefore as soon as I win one of these gift cards to the restaurant she enjoys, they are sent ASAP to New York from Boston.

Yes, I am guilty of spoiling my kids but it is much tougher on them then it was on me. This is yet another reason why DealDash is such a hit in my family. I’ve been shopping with DealDash for several years and I’m not disappointed. I look forward to continue shopping with DealDash for many years to come.

Sincerely, Grandma Debbie

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DealDash giveaway

DealDash Winning Giveaway

I consider myself a generous person as my big DealDash wins were given to my two grown daughters.

Who couldn’t use a $250.00 Exxon gas card? At one point, I was on Deal Dash so much, one daughter was actually putting in her requests. Because she is saving to buy a home, I concentrated on Home Goods and started winning auctions such as a Boss Executive chair for her office, Rachel Ray pots and pans, a Breville Hot Wok, a $200.00 Target gift card, a $100.00 TJX gift card, and a $300.00 Amazon gift card.

The only question I had was… I never saw my daughters cook? One daughter lives in NY and the other one eats here just about every night. So, there is a little confusion on my part. 🙂

One of the only winnings that I kept for myself was the multiple CVS gift cards I won on At my age, I am on multiple prescriptions and the CVS cards became a necessity. In a few months, I will be on Medicare!

My advice and bidding tips to all shoppers on DealDash and those considering to give it a try is to…

  1. Learn how to play first
  2. Be prepared to Buy It Now
  3. Use auto bid (BidBuddy)
  4. See who you are bidding against and get to know your competition
  5. See what previous winners paid.
  6. Most of all, do not overpay just to win
  7. Have fun and Happy Bidding

What do you do with your DealDash wins?

Sincerely, Grandmadebbie

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DealDash giveaway

How to Win on DealDash

DealDash Competition

I have been writing about events and things we can all do to be better winners and fellow bidders on DealDash.

When you think about penny auction sites, being a winner is the main goal. Who wouldn’t want to win a flat-screen tv for $5? I think we are all alike in the fact we want the best deal possible on the prize we try to win.

Knowing we can’t win all of the auctions we bid on, why do we keep bidding? I have gone into auctions knowing full well I was not going to win. But, “you never know”, keeps creeping into your mind. It happened for someone else, why can’t it happen to me too?

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When I was in grade school, high school, and even college, I found my competitive urges were high. I strived to be the best in all of my classes. This urge was even stronger when I returned to college after 20 years and found I was competing with 18-20 year olds who had just graduated from high school. What was the difference? I knew I had to do better to get ahead. Having worked for over 25 years I knew my supervisors and colleagues got ahead by striving to do more, do things better, and generate ideas for even smarter ways to get the job done.

Isn’t that what we are doing now on DealDash? I enjoy the competition on and winning feeds that desire to continue striving to do better. Sometimes I do and sometimes I really get bombed. But, the competition is still there and I keep on using whatever knowledge I have gained on the site to come out on top. Competition is missing in my day-to-day life and I find DealDash helps me keep a strong competitive edge in other venues. DealDash is the best penny auction site online and their customer service is excellent. Free shipping is a bonus, too. Happy bidding fellow bidders, new and old, let the competition begin!

By Joan Vith

How to Win on DealDash

spend and save on DealDash

Stubborn DealDash Bidders = Overbidding

I know we have all seen DealDash auctions that last days upon days and we wonder how many bids has each bidder used.

Most of the time it’s two bidders who have been in since the beginning of the auction. I figure they have been trying for that item for sometime and decided “today is it.. no backing down this time”. The problem is if two bidders have that same philosophy, that will surely become a train wreck.

I recently witnessed such an auction. I have wanted to win that elusive projector I can’t seem to win, so I enter every auction I come across for one. I usually bookmark the auction, bid till I win or decide I have used enough bids, then watch to see how much it went for. This particular auction had been going on for over 24 hours so just out of curiosity I decided to log onto All Penny Auctions when it existed to dig deeper into how many bids the two bidders had each used. I know for a fact both have been in it from the get go and to my surprise, each had used 3400 + bids. WOW On APA you can open the auction and see how many bids each current bidder has used and how much they will “save” if they win. Both bidders have spent so many bids they are now in the “bidder loses” category! Let’s just add that up for a second and see. 3400 x 0.15 = $510.00 each. The projector retails for $600.00.

I would be very upset with myself if I lost that much money and had nothing to show for it in the end. I just hope the “loser” uses the BIN although at this point I believe if that happens, the loser is actually the Winner!

By Kim Finnegan

spend and save on DealDash

DealDash Bidders

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Winning on DealDash is an exciting way to save big on everything from toilet paper to top name electronics.

There is really no one way or no one secret someone can offer that will allow you to win every time. However with patience and a combination of different strategies, you can grab savings of up to 99%.

In my opinion, the first thing you should do is become familiar with many of the bidders who frequent the site. This takes time and effort. You probably see their names pop up on auctions you are bidding on. Before acting on an auction, check out the competition and take note of their bidding behaviors.

The testing the waters bidder

These players will place 1 to 5 bids just to get a feel of auction, or to check how many players use BidBuddy by placing some bids into the BidBuddy rotation. They come and go quickly, however, every once in a while, if they feel there are few bidders entering the game, they might stand a chance of winning and will remain in the auction.

The thrifty bidder

While a number of bidders drop out of an auction after 25-50 bids, you are left with the ones that will take it all the way to retail. Those bidders stand a good chance of winning by hanging in there while everyone else gives up. When some of THOSE players reach their BIN limit, they will drop out and buy the item to get their bids back.

The over bidder

Just because that player hit the retail mark, it doesn’t mean he/she has to stop. This is when you run into the overbidder, and they can be cruel! Overbidders tend to be players who have been bidding from early in the auction, and if they don’t win the item, they will bid up until everyone else who came in late is paying retail, too. Then, they strategically drop out at the last moment, use BIN and get all their bids back, while everyone bidding against him/her barely walk away from a deal.

The win at all costs bidder

At the very top-level of bidders to watch for are those that want to win at all costs. Seriously, they have either lost grip with reality or are stinking rich! This play, usually in from the beginning, will refuse to lost at any cost, no matter what the cost. Have you ever seen someone bid twice the value of the item and win it? For these hard-core gamers, it IS whether you win or lose. They just want the win.

The I only want Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards bidder

Knowing what items certain players favor can help you predict future behavior. Currently, there is one DealDasher who seems to bid on every single Bed Bath and Beyond card all the way to retail and then some! Once you see that player in that auction, your best bet is to wait them out or you will be bidding right up to retail with them.

The newbie bid jumper time stealing bidder

These bidders are mostly newbies, maybe just joined the site and are stoked at the idea of getting free bids when they are at highest bidder. They don’t realize yet they are taking time away from others, or just don’t care. These are not the bidders you need to worry about, because they usually blow through all their bids quickly and disappear. Set up a bid buddy and wait them out. Yes you do lose time, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not worth blowing through your own bids to “teach him a lesson.”

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Now that you have an idea of the different categories of bidding behavior, you can make better choices as to which auction to bid in. DealDash offers any chances to get an item you are interested in. Do a search and bookmark the item you want. Set your BidBuddy as close to auction start as possible. Then watch the auction. If you see names you know to avoid, cancel your bid buddy.

Think about what that bidder may or may not do and proceed accordingly. DealDash is wonderful in that if you make the wrong choice, you can always Buy-It-Now and get your bids back. If you chose not to bid at all after watching the competition, don’t worry,

DealDash probably has the items coming up again soon and you can try again. For me, the fun comes when I am able to recognize an auction I can win and then I ACTUALLY WIN! Knowledge is power. So sit back, watch the auctions, take notes, predict an auction end without actually bidding in it and see if you are right. With practice, you will get better, until finally, you set your BidBuddy, and be thrilled that your informed decision prediction has just placed you on the winners board.

By MrSimon

DealDash Bidders are different

DealDash bidding on Home Computer Or Mobile Device

DealDash Bidding on Mobile or Home Computer

Do you prefer bidding on auctions using your home computer or a mobile device when shopping on DealDash?

Perhaps it might be more difficult for a senior citizen like me to make the leap from using my home computer to bidding with a mobile device, but I wanted to at least give it a try to keep up with my granddaughter’s generation. Therefore, I stared bidding on DealDash auctions using a mobile device I won!

I was lucky enough to win my first mobile device, a $499 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, 16GB white, for only $18.46 and 290 bids on DealDash. At 15 cents a bid (which is what I usually pay) my Samsung Galaxy note cost me a total of $61.96 which is a savings of $437.04 from the retail price.

Before that I always used my home computer to shop on … and I still do. Why? I am retired and I am now writing my first novel, so I am usually working on my home computer, anyway. Most of all, I prefer using a big monitor screen and an actual keyboard.

The only problem is that my computer is downstairs and my TV is upstairs, so I thought I might be able to win more auctions if I used my notebook to monitor the bidding process whenever I am upstairs. After having my new mobile device for a year, I finally asked my son Shawn to show me how to use it. First, he performed his magic to make it recognize my home Wi-Fi. Then he went with me to a local coffee shop to show me how to connect to Wi-Fi when I’m away from home.

Whenever connected to DealDash my mobile device appears to work just as well as my home computer, but I forget how to make the keyboard pop up, causing unnecessary delays. After I get used to it, I might eventually learn to like using my mobile device. In the meantime, I still find it a lot easier to run downstairs and place all my bids from my home computer.

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since February 2012. So far, Barbara is on Level 41 and has won 460 auctions.

DealDash bidding on Mobile Device or computer

DealDash Amazon gift cards

Start Your Day with DealDash

Early this morning as I got ready for work, I thought about the products I was using and where I had purchased them. I washed my hair with Bath and Body Works shampoo and used their conditioner too. Hmmm, the body wash I was using was from Bath and Body Works as well! The really nice triple thick body lotion, guess what? Bath and body Works too.

As I brushed my teeth with Crest, hmm, this was from Amazon, and oh yes, so was the hair gel, hair spray, and even the Kleenex. I purchased all of these items with gift cards I have won or bought on DealDash. Oh, and don’t forget the pain reliever for the head or body aches that may come. This comes from Amazon too.

As I dressed in my Land’s End slacks and shirt, I realized they had come from Deal Dash gift cards. The Kmart cards offered at are good not only at Kmart, but Sears, Land’s End, and Banana Republic. The finishing touch, the shoes, oh, they came from Amazon. The great thing about shopping online is that the sizes are right and the colors you want are there. No longer do I trek through department stores looking for sizes, colors, right fit, etc.

For those who are concerned about sales taxes in your state, many of the sites I buy from charge state sales tax. I feel the convenience and selection of shopping with my buys/wins really makes shopping on DealDash a grand shopping experience!

Happy Bidding!

By Joan Vith

DealDash Amazon gift cards

Outdoor Fireplace Won on

Double DealDash Win    

Earlier this year I was shopping on DealDash, when I came across two different outdoor fire bowls for our deck.

I decided to place bids on both of them hoping to win at least one of them. I booked 200 bids in my BidBuddy on one valued at $298.00 and 100 bids on the other one valued at $147.00. I continued to look at all the other items being auctioned off when I happened to win!

I was so excited I had won the copper roof outdoor fireplace for $4.18 and 98 bids! I couldn’t believe it! So I placed my order and paid for it and remembered I had booked 200 bids on the other one. So I clicked on it and was going to cancel my bids when all of a sudden it popped up Congratulations you won!

I won the Uniflame slate tiled outdoor fire bowl for $8.27 and 98 bids! So now we have two! I plan on using one to roast marshmallows with our grandsons this summer! The other one I haven’t decided yet what I will do with it, maybe give it away for a gift or keep it for next year! Either way they both will come in handy this summer!

Outdoor Fireplace Won on Outdoor screen fire pit won on


By Dan Boles and Donna

Computer Bike DealDash Win

Win Laptops, Bikes and more on DealDash

My 1st big win on DealDash was an HP Pavilion laptop computer. It has everything you could want on a computer. Windows 8, touch screen and it’s wireless.

The best thing about this computer is I won it on a during a free auction weekend where DealDash paid the final winning sales price. After I won this computer I then had to work hard to convince my kid that I was not going to give them the computer but keep it for myself to enjoy it while bidding on Deal Dash in the future. With the win of this computer my sister and best friend also decided to give DealDash a try. They have some great experiences and won some nice items too!

I must say I was so happy to win this computer. This DealDash win is the computer I wrote this blog entry on. I also recently won two bicycles and did a Buy it Now on one bicycle. The two are identical, I bid on them for my granddaughter and myself to spend quality time when she has sleep overs at grandma’s.

The other bicycle was a 15 speed bicycle. I wasn’t paying attention while bidding and did not read that it was a 15 speed bicycle. A speed bicycle wasn’t what I wanted, so I donated it to a charity that collect bicycles for less fortunate children. I surely hope it made a child very happy.
My winning bids for the bicycles were priced at $3.87 and $8.53! You can’t hardly beat that! My granddaughter says “I have the best Grandma in the whole world.” That meant the world to me. I also like to win movie gift cards on DealDash because they make for great rainy day time for grandma with the grandkids. When it’s rainy we don’t ride the bikes but I do wish DealDash had more bicycle accessories to bid on like front and rear baskets, handle bar rear view mirrors, bicycle locks, etc.
How about you? What was your first win like?
By suvgal
Play to Bid Bid to Play on DealDash

Play To Bid Bid To Play – DealDash

One of the most important and valuable tips of advice I can give you when bidding in the auctions on DealDash is to concentrate!

When you decide to bid make sure you focus on what you doing otherwise you may end up hating what happens. Here’s what I mean. You open up and start scanning the auctions to see what’s up for auction. You move a few to your favorite auctions to your bookmark page because it will be a few minutes until they start so you go check your email or Facebook page. You then get caught up with email and go back awhile later and low and behold someone wins the auction for a few pennies! Darn it!
This just happened to me yesterday! What did I learn from this? If you’re going to bid then do it. That’s even what the bookmark page is for after all. To put your favorite auctions on that page so you can check on the auction faster. Also, don’t forget to actually put some bids on what you want also! Yikes, that’s a mistake! Have you made that one before?
Another thing that happens is putting in too few bids in on something. I tried to win a pressure washer half a dozen times but I only put in a few bids and was going to come back later to find it had been sold. If I had only put more bids in chances are I would have won it. I finally put enough bids in on a All America Electric Pressure Washer and finally won. The total cost with ending price and bids was $12.83.  It was valued at $117.00.  Now that’s I call a good deal dash deal.
Use your bookmark page for what it was designed for.  You might just win more auctions.  I will try to not make the same mistake and I hope this article possibly helps someone else to do the same.  Happy Bidding!
loveablenicki DealDash review

Like Kitchen Appliances? You’ll Love DealDash

I have so much fun shopping on DealDash for all kinds of fun and unique kitchen appliances for my home.

So much fun in fact that I’ve now been playing and shopping on DealDash for a few years now and have won so many nice things for my kitchen!!!

At least once A month my fiance comes home and says “That’s new”! It’s almost like a guessing game. 🙂 My big win for the kitchen that I got on is for my new set of pots and pans which I absolutely love! They are Cuisinart 13-Piece Cookware Set, Stainless-Steel and I got them for only $1.79 (normal value about $200). I can tell you they are so nice to cook with. 🙂

Keep reading along to see pictures of my winnings and what else I won but when you have a moment I highly recommend checking out my other article about how I get free DealDash bids each week to help me win more auctions. 

I won my Keurig Mini Brewer ($100 value) for only 1 penny and this K-Cup Drawer valued at $25 for 1 penny as well. Have you tried the Keurig and coffee pods. I can review them with 5 stars – yummy, they are so good! The coffee is awesome and it’s so easy to make and no more coffee grins. 😛

To further add to my kitchen collection of items I’ve won on DealDash, I won two of these Corelle Vive Noir 16pc Dinnerware Set valued at $67 each. One was sold to me at $2.35 the other $0.19. I gave one to my son for Christmas and kept one for my house. They are so easy to clean and dish washer safe.

I love my penny wins!! Every now and again DealDash will pay the cost of the auction when you win the item. When they do this you end up paying 1 penny for what ever you win. This is one of my favorite sales they have on this site because you can follow the auction and as long as you are the last one to bid, you win and don’t have to pay the final selling price. Remember too, if you don’t win you can buy it now and get your bids back plus the item you were bidding on with free shipping. So if you like to have fun while you shop, DealDash is a great place!

iPhone 6 mockup

Failure to Fortune: My 1st DealDash Win

Discount Samsung S III DealDash

My very first win on DealDash was a Samsung Galaxy S III Phone (Pebble Blue). I won it for $16.44 using 105 bids.

It was also a 50% off day so my final price was $8.22 + free shipping. I already had a Samsung Galaxy S III but my daughter was in need of an upgrade so this was to be her new phone. It finally arrived and she was anxious to get to Verizon and transfer her info to her new phone. 

She took her new phone to our local Verizon store, expecting to leave with her new SIII active and ready to use, the ESN on the phone could not be found in the system. Verizon then offered to buy the phone, but I wasn’t convinced yet that there was a problem so I had her bring it home

So I did some research online about how to unlock a cell phone even though it was supposed to be unlocked, but I wanted to make sure I followed the steps to make sure the phone wasn’t still locked.

After making some phone calls to Samsung, I discovered the phone was registered in Hong Kong and could only be used with a few select carriers in the USA and Verizon wasn’t one of them. Remembering Verizon’s offer to buy this phone, my daughter and I returned to the store to see what they were willing to pay me for the phone.

After looking at the available phones, my daughter decided she would rather have a Apple iPhone instead of the Samsung Galaxy I had won. I presented the Samsung phone I had won on DealDash to the salesman and they offered to trade in the Samsung for the Apple iPhone with a $10.00 upgrade cost.

I don’t know if I missed the part in the product description that stated which networks the phone would work on or not because this was my first win back in 2012 and I was super excited!! Now when I look at the descriptions of all the cell phones offered on I see a disclaimer stating which networks they will work on. Keep this in mind next time you’re bidding so you know exactly what you’re getting. All in all, my win turned into a big win for me and my daughter got her new cell iPhone!

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Have you seen the rumors about Apple’s iPhone 6 coming next month?

Supposedly Apple’s iPhone 6 line will sport faster Wi-Fi, improved fingerprint reader, A8 chip confirmed (exclusive) a 4.7-inch model will be ready to ship mid-September, while the 5.5-inch model is likely to ship several weeks or even a month later. Also, that the new screens will be made of ultra-durable sapphire glass. Source: Venture Beat – see full article here

iPhone 6 mockup

Above: An iPhone 6 mockup based on leaked schematics
Image Credit: Martin Hajek/


By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on since Sept 2012. I have won over 170 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons: one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart. 

cincinnati reds

Cincinnatti in the Summer

cincinnati reds

I’ve never been to Cincinnati before, but I have a small vacation get away planned for this summer. Knowing I would need to eat along the way, I was determined to get as many gift cards from DealDash as possible to pay for my meals while I was away. has just about every restaurant gift card you can think of. Bidding on, and winning alot of these gift cards has helped me be well within my budget for this trip!

Checking out the Cincinnati restaurants you will find: Burger King, Panera Bread, Chili’s, lots of Darden Restaurants, including Red Lobster (one of my grandson’s favorites) and the Olive Garden. Just in case we decide on a higher end steak house, we also can try Texas Roadhouse Restaurants and the Outbacks are there too. Staying with these national chain restaurants when you are away from home helps take the stress out of “Where should we eat? Do you think the food is any good?”

With all of the gift cards I have been able to win and buy on DealDash I know I am well within my budget for the week and I am going to have left over money to enjoy the sites while I am out of town. And, with the fast, free shipping, I have all of the cards I need to take along. Thanks DealDash! I am so happy you have such a great assortment of gift cards to win and buy!

By Joan Vith


dealdash tips and reviews

Preparation Pays Off

My youngest daughter travels back and forth to college, which is a 40 minutes drive. I always look for things that would be a benefit to her in case she breaks down. An auction on DealDash for a red Trademark Tools 12 volt Electric Blanket caught my eye. Especially since we had a terrible winter here in Toledo, Ohio, being voted the city with the worst winter 2013-2014 by the Weather Channel.

electric blanket won on DealDash


I often worried about my daughter both being on the road, and possible breaking down while traveling to and from college. Her car is several years old so I figured if I won her the blanket, it would keep her warm should she break down till help arrived. The blanket plugs into the cars cigarette outlet to keep you warm. I bid and won the blanket on for $4.07 using 116 bids. The value of this item was $42.00. I gave it to her once it arrived and she tried it in her car and absolutely loves it! FYI: 116 bids @ 15¢ per bid = $17.40. 

Well my middle daughter saw it and wanted to know where hers was. So I waited for another auction to come up and saw the same blanket in another auction, only this one was blue instead of red, which was perfect. They could each have a different color. I won it for $0.37 using just 11 bids! She drives a convertible so she loves having it in her car just in case. I have one more daughter that wants one too but I haven’t tried yet to win her one yet. Hopefully soon! 

Whether you’re playing on or taking a trip, preparation pays off. Be sure to read more bidding tips, reviews, and strategies on how to win auctions on DealDash for a more prepared and enjoyable experience.

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.

Get discount Toys R Us gift cards on DealDash

Toys R Us Bonanza on DealDash

I was on a mission – a Super Grandma mission! I was determined to accrue as many ToysR Us gift cards as I could. My goal was to be able to provide lots and lots of gifts for my one and only grandaughter on her holiday. I saved all the cards that I would win and bin on DealDash so that she would have a spectacular Hanukkah in 2013. In total I accured 26 cards and her 8 day celebration was a hit.

She got a scooter but because we live in a cold, snowy climate, I let her ride up and down my long entryway which spans the length of the entire house. Her Auntie even had a hat made that said, “scooter girl” on it. It was too cute!

To further spoil her, I was able to get a Victorian dollhouse, Barbies with clothes, Monopoly, and more with the gift cards from Although some cards were obtained using buy it now to get my bids back, my plan was to keep winning $10.00 cards which were more attainable and generally easier to win than the higher value gift cards on DealDash. I was racking those cards up. If I had more grandchildren, the bounty would have to be shared but life is short and she will have these memories to keep with her forever.

I recommend Deal Dash to people who have some time to play, compete, and concentrate on winning auctions. As one of the biggest tips is to have Patience Patience Patience.

I would rather shop at DealDash than deal with crowds, the horrible cold weather, and being disappointed because the store was all out of the item. Gas in the Northeast is ridiculous too, so it helps to be able to shop from my own home and get free shipping with Deal Dash. can be trusted to say what they mean and mean what they say. In my case, it has been a win-win shopping situation and my UPS man is sure to keep his job too with all the packages I’m receiving.

Sincerely, Grandmadebbie

Toys R Us Gift Card on DealDash

Recently Sold Toys R Us gift card sold on

Electric Fire Place Review Won on

DealDash is Hot

I Won this Electric Fireplace stove on DealDash for 75 cents and 9 bids! I plan on using this in our family room this winter! It puts off a lot of heat and will keep us nice and toasty!

My husband recently turned our attached garage into a family room so there is no heat in there which is why this heater will come in handy this winter to help keep us warm! I’m still going to try to win a bigger fireplace too so we will be really warm, however this will do in the mean time. We have lived in our home since 1990 and my husband has remodelled almost every room! We still need a bathroom make over, which is next on our list of to do things so hopefully DealDash will have some great bathroom items up for auction.

I’m looking forward to my next win on! It is so exciting and addicting lol! I can’t wait to get my grandchildren more items and to get the one due in October a few things too! I’m waiting till we find out if it’s a girl or boy. So far we have all boys. Ultrasound nurse says it’s to early too tell, but she has never been wrong, and she says it’s a girl! But as long as it’s healthy I don’t care what gender it is!

Electric Fire Place Review Won on


By Dan Boles and Donna

Birthday DealDash

Making a Birthday Great with DealDash

Birthday DealDash

My daughter’s 3rd birthday is coming up in September, and since I am extremely frugal I like to plan (and shop!) ahead on DealDash so I can get the best bargains.

After thinking for a while on what might be the best gift for her, I decided to get her a LeapPad2 Explorer tablet. I saw them come up occasionally on, and after price-checking around various stores such as Target they seemed to range in price from $69-$89, depending on if you got just the tablet or if you got the accessory kit to go with it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the BIN price on the Disney Princess-themed LeapPad2 Explorer was only $66 AND included not just the basic (but cute!) Princess decorated tablet, but also a carrying case, 7 Princess wallpapers, 2 sticker sheets, and 5 apps! I actually didn’t even think that I was really going to WIN, but I figured even BINning this tablet would be a bargain since it came with the extras.

But I did win!

DealDash Auction Win LeapPad2 tablet

I used 263 bids X .15 for a total of $39.45, and there was NO final auction fee, because it was a “Free Auction Weekend,” and of course DealDash always provides free shipping.

Since I was so successful in winning the LeapPad2 I figured that I would try and win some of the cartridges to go with it. I was able to win 2 of them at a great price and I ended up BINning the 3rd (and getting all of my bids back). Here is a short video showing how many bids I put in and how great my savings were.

Hint: About 50%!

Thank you DealDash, she is going to have the best birthday yet!

By Dawn X

DealDash Christmas Santa

Getting Deal Dashing For Christmas Gifts

DealDash Christmas Santa

Don’t wait 3 weeks before Christmas to start your gift shopping Start NOW!!!

Yes you will need a place to store all of your winnings between now and Christmas but, why wait??? Last year I did all of my Christmas shopping for under $500 on and my kids got everything they wanted. Video games for my younger ones and kitchen appliances for my older son. They woke up Christmas morning and Santa really came!!! My kids knew there was no way Mommy could buy all of that stuff, it had to be Santa (or DealDash) LOL!. 🙂

I have all ready started my shopping for this Christmas. So far I have a few things lined up, such as…

That is 3 Christmas gifts I already have sitting away which I won for less than $2.00 on

You might be wondering.. oh yeah, well what about the cost of bids? Well any bids I need to buy I buy at 15¢ during a sale or I get them for free? See How I Get 300 Free DealDash Bids Every Week.

Looks like Santa is going to do it up this year too!!!

So how do I win auctions on DealDash?

I like to take my time with the auctions. I may not win this time around and I don’t like to feel like I have to always win. I can wait till DealDash has the same item up for auction again, and try another time. I save my bids this way. If I feel like this may be my last chance to win something my kids are wanting. Because I’m starting my Christmas shopping now, I can take my time and wait if I have to because I still have 5 months to Christmas.

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Happy Biding, and good luck!!!

By Nicole Kososki