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Bidding For Fun on DealDash

Bidding for Fun and Knowing How

Ever wonder why the blogs posted about DealDash include all kinds of bidding tips and strategies? Do you really not care about what other bidders have to say because you are just bidding for fun?

There just might be a few things that you should listen to. Yes, bidding for fun is great but you will eventually stop bidding when you just can’t seem to get that “elusive” deal or you are out of bids.

The reason some of us give you the tips about bidding or bidding for fun is because it makes our time on DealDash more productive and well.. fun!  Bidding competitively or bidding for fun in an auction many times will come to the same results: you win some, you lose some. I consider that a bidding for fun mentality and it’s definitely apart of it. Bidding against someone that is bidding for fun and in a responsible way is the fun part of it! There is nothing more aggravating than bidding against a bid jumper who doesn’t have a clue as to how auctions are played. Many times someone will stay in just to make sure you don’t win and that does not make it feel like you’re bidding for fun.

Go to the DealDash site to check out the tips they provide and read the DealDash Official Blog. You can even contact DealDash customer support and they will give you tips and strategies to help you with knowing how to win a DealDash auction on a limited budget. With everyone’s help you will start bidding for fun, winning, saving money, and have a much better experience. All of the other bidders will enjoy having you around and that way you will be here for a long time to come. All and all we do want you to be here and enjoy the bidding for fun mentality.

By Donna Smith

Fisher Price Step N Play Piano won on DealDash

Toy Around To Get Great Deals On    

I saw this adorable Fisher Price walker and play toy on and just had to have it! This children’s play toy was so cute I knew I wanted to bid on this and win it for my grandchild!

I booked bids into my DealDash BidBuddy and won it! Of course it took awhile to win because everyone must of thought this toy was as cute as I thought it was! Although there were a lot of bidders going for this item as well, I was bound and determined my grand-baby was getting this toy as the first christmas present from us! I ended up finally winning this for $21.76 and I did not overspend on bids therefore it turned out to be a really good deal and savings!

Of course everything ships free from DealDash and most of the time very fast to! This toy arrived just 2 days after winning it and it is adorable! This toy has the capability of a normal walker but it’s more fun with piano keys that the baby stands on, so as the baby walks from side to side it makes music! It has flashing lights and attachable toys so it grows as the baby grows! This toy can start off as a walker, then you can convert it when the baby can stand so it becomes a table too. When the child starts learning how to walk they can push it along and walk behind it.

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I know our son will get a kick out of it as much as his baby because he loves music and has been in bands since he was 14 years old and he is now 29! He will be playing his guitar while his baby is playing piano in this toy walker. Too cute! If you’re looking for a fun and  interchangeable toy as a baby gift for your friend or family member, this is a good one to consider. Although it’s pretty expensive for a toy (retails around $100), lists them up for auction so you’ll have a chance to get a good deal like I did.

By Dan Boles and Donna

Fisher Price Step N Play Piano toy won on DealDash

Best Time To Bid on DealDash

When is the Best Time to Bid on DealDash?

Have you ever thought about when is the best time to bid on DealDash?

It is easy to look ahead to the upcoming auctions, and see an item you want which may be scheduled to start at 2:30am in the morning. You may be thinking.. “It’s 2:30am, not many people will be up then, this is the best time to bid”. Not to burst your bubble, however you may be surprised this is not the best time to bid.

Remember there are time zones, and DealDash is nationwide. Just because an item is going off at 2:30am in the morning does not mean it’s the best time to bid because others are asleep. Especially if you’re on the east cost time you need to keep in mind that the west coast people may also want the same thing and it’s much earlier for them.

This is something that is very simple, however it took me a few weeks and some wasted bids in my bid buddy to realize that what I thought was the best time to bid, was actually not. I would often look ahead to the auctions going off in the middle of the night or very early morning, depending on your point of view, and assume that the item would go cheap since no one would be likely be up to bid on it. I was wrong.

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I have over a years experience and have noticed people are up at all hours of the night. Whether they are east coast or west coast, it doesn’t really matter. Many people have different schedules and are willing to use their bids at four in the morning just the same as they would at four in the afternoon, there really is no difference. So when is the best time to bid? I must say the auctions are really unpredictable so I don’t think you should assume you will score something cheaply just because you stay up to win it. Also, it’s easy to book a bid buddy in advance for any auction you want. Remember you’re not required to actually be present when the auction starts in order to bid on it, you can be sound asleep while you bid buddy works for your auction win.

Sorry there’s no real answer as to when it’s the best time to bid on DealDash. If you’ve found the secret time please let us know! 🙂

By Erica Baughman

Best Time To Bid on DealDash


Toys-R-Us DealDash gift card auction

Free DealDash Auction Bids Help You Win     

Hello DealDash community! Winning auctions is a lot of fun and I’m super excited to share with everyone my recent DealDash auction win for a $100 Toys R Us gift card.

What’s really important to know when bidding on a DealDash auction that you can earn free bids in a variety of ways. For example the more you bid the more bids you earn free as you collect time as highest bidder. Also, DealDash allows you to post pictures of your wins to their Facebook page, Google plus page, Twitter page, and Pinterest page to get even more free bids and more DealDash auction wins! I love receiving free bids to help me keep bidding and keep winning so I recommend you learn how to earn free bids on DealDash.

After collecting my free DealDash auction bids I placed a few of those free bids on a $100 Toys R Us gift card and yes I won it! I am so excited about winning this because we went to Massachusetts to get our two grandsons and bring them to our house in Ohio for awhile and now we can take them to Toys R Us and let them pick out a couple of toys for free!

They will each able to pick out something worth 50.00!

I won the Toys R Us gift card during a DealDash auction free day so I only paid 1 cent for the card plus free shipping as always! I won this gift card at 1:34 am est., and it took 148 of my free bids to finally win it. I like to go on a DealDash auction in the late night or very early morning because I seem to have more luck at these times!

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When bidding on a DealDash auction I always use the bid buddy because I have never won a auction by only using 1 bid. As a DealDash auction tip and if you are new to DealDash, please USE your bid buddy! Otherwise you will just waste your bids by jumping over the other people who have their bid buddy booked and make us even more determined to win the auction! So please be kind and you might get the kindness returned to you too. Here’s an article you may want to check out if you’re not sure what bid buddy is: DealDash Tip – BidBuddy and how to use it.

By Dan Boles and Donna

Toys-R-Us DealDash gift card auction




DealDash Social Sites

Why Staying Social with DealDash Pays Off

DealDash is not just a shopping site, it’s more of a social community. It’s a huge business that really cares about its customers.

There are a lot of ways to get involved in what’s going on in the social life of DealDash. In this article I am going to tell you a few different ways on how to stay connected and why it pays off to stay social with DealDash.

Facebook, the most popular social network, for one is a awesome way to see who is winning what. You can visit DealDash on Facebook and view hundreds of photos with different folks showcasing their winnings. This is also a good way to see who is winning what. I personally like to see how much people are paying for the items I may want to win and this is a great social place to do just.

You can also visit the DealDash Reviews Tips Strategies page on Facebook to find out how folks are winning and what tips and strategies they are using. In fact, all of the articles you read here on this DealDash Reviews blog site are posted to the social page: DealDash Reviews Tips Strategies on Facebook. So if you use the ultimate social network yourself and follow that page, you’ll get the new articles posted directly to your news feed.

Another social site is Pinterest which has lots of updates too! DealDash has a pin it to win it board you must check out!!! This is a great way to earn some extra free bids just for pinning some pictures when there’s live contest happening. You can also follow DealDash on twitter to say on the up and up with promotions and special social offers! Following DealDash on Google Plus is also very good to follow. This way you can make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to collect free bids to help you win more auctions and develop better DealDash winning strategies.

Last but not least, watch your email for surveys and opportunities to speak on the phone with DealDash employees to provide feedback about your experience for free bids. DealDash has a lot of things going on and although you may need to get a little social, it’s well worth it. So don’t be afraid to get social and comment, share or post an image of your wins to collect some free bids!

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One Bidding Tip before you go: Always use your BidBuddy. This is the best chance for a win on DealDash.

By Nicole Kososki

DealDash Social Sites

Date Night on DealDash

How To Have A Great Date Night

Coming up with date ideas can be super fun, however they can also cost an arm and a leg. How can you have a great date night without breaking your budget?

Having date night is a lot of fun! My husband and I been married for 36 years and I recommend anyone that has been married that long to have a date night at least once a month. We’ve been enjoying several wonderful “date nights” compliments of DealDash offers a wide variety of great gift cards to help supplement a perfect date night and give you that reason to go out even more often.

Once I’ve stack up on gift cards from DealDash, my husband and I are prepared to have a great time without the need to spend. All we need to worry about is getting dressed up and out the door! Our first stop is usually to see a movie, preferably a matinee, with a theatre gift card won on DealDash. AMC theatres gift cards make regular appearances on DealDash and a great item to win.

Then my husband will ask “where are we going to dinner?”. If you have been bidding correctly you will have a choice of restaurants as DealDash offers cards to numerous restaurants. You can win an auction for a gift card to the Darden group which has a choice of Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn, or Bahama Breeze. Then there’s a card for Outback, Bonefish Grill or Carrabba’s.

If you want your date night to be adventurous you can take a walk around Walmart to work off your dinner – hehe! If you need a few things you can get what you need with a Walmart card you won on DealDash. Walking around Walmart is not exactly my idea of a date night, but to each their own. After enjoying a nice walk I recommend going out for a coffee and dessert. Just so happens there is an Applebee’s down the street from us so we can easily stop in for a piece of cheesecake or ice cream, which is always fun! Movie, dinner and dessert all compliment’s from auctions won on! Hey, if your date night goes really well perhaps you could try your luck with 3:00 AM DealDash Wins.

Enjoy your date night whatever you decide to do.

By Donna Smith

eBay on Steriods is DealDash

eBay on Steroids

I like describing to my friends how DealDash is like “eBay on steroids” for many reasons.

While eBay has its perks, DealDash really shifts up the gears to give you the thrill of the win, the ability to find just about anything you’re willing to pay for, money and bid back guarantee, and the opportunity to get your item for less than it’s retail price.

Sure on eBay, you are bidding specific amounts and you know exactly how high you are willing to go because it’s based on the price of the item. You don’t have to pay for bids and there’s a good chance you could end up paying retail after all. DealDash allows you to bid on brand new items and for every bid, the price goes up a penny. There could be twenty other bidders but you only pay for each bid you placed and the final price of the product, however that changes frequently with different types of promotions. Of course there’s a pretty big difference between eBay and DealDash where it’s important to take into account the amount of bids you’ve used.

On DealDash, the main idea is to try and win the auction when the cost of your bids added together with the final sale price of the item is lower than the retail price. When you achieve this, you are a WINNER because you placed your bids and got your product for less than the retail price.

eBay has a way of taking the fun out of bidding, there isn’t the thrill of not knowing if the other bidders have run out of bids and if you’re going to win or not. I definitely recommend DealDash however if you’re planning to participate I recommend you also check out my other article on DealDash responsible bidding tips.

By Gigi Pence

A little about the author: I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years and really like it. I like to frequent DealDash because it is fun and entertaining. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash. 

eBay on Steriods is DealDash

tips to stay cool

Stay Cool in Summer with this Shopping Strategy

It can be tough to stay cool in summer, especially on those super hot days with no breeze. My family and I were able to stay cool this summer with a few things we got from DealDash at major discounts.

One of the best things I got was a Hunter outside ceiling fan. This was valued at $141.00 and I only used 6 bids when I won it. The total cost including my bids was $2.14, that is amazing! Just in case the ceiling fan isn’t enough when it’s 100 degrees outside I thought we might need another fan. So I bid on numerous amazon gift cards. See how you can save with gift cards on Deal Dash.

After a few great deals I had enough cards to go to Amazon and purchase a very nice powerful floor fan. I paid for the entire order with Amazon gift cards I won on DealDash. If you find a particular item on DealDash to be difficult to win, don’t worry. You can either buy it now to get the item directly and any used bids back or you can go shopping for gift cards like I did so you can purchase the item you want another way.

I travel with my dogs very frequently and they need to stay cool in the summer heat too. So just like using the Amazon gift cards, I used Home Depot gift cards to get a portable a/c unit. I had won enough home depot gift cards to pay 90% of the cost. To run the a/c unit I then decided I might need a generator therefore I went back to bidding on the Amazon gift cards and again won enough gift cards on DealDash to pay 70% of the entire cost of a generator.

Does any of this make sense? DealDash offers enough products and gift cards to stay cool in the summer and make anything you might need achievable. You might have to be a little inventive but it will work. Might I add that it is super fun to figure all of this out! I have a blast on DealDash and continue to shop with them year after year.

By Donna Smith aka Newfden

Gift Cards Available on DealDash

Why Gift Cards Make a Perfect Gift

Do you enjoy gift cards? I certainly do. When giving gifts, and no matter who you’re giving to, gift cards make the perfect gift.

I shop for my gift cards on DealDash where I also have a chance to win them at incredible discounts. Although I have won a few other types of auctions on DealDash too, I typically only bid on gift cards and gift cards with extra DealDash bids attached.

I usually bid for gift cards the most because of two main reasons.

  1. I can “re-gift” gift cards.
  2. I can bid on more things when I win bids, like more gift cards.

Gift cards make perfect gifts because they allow for versatility, randomness, variety and most of all, the opportunity to not buy the wrong thing for that good friend and perhaps the somewhat “picky or difficult to buy for” type. I know I have friends that I just can’t find the perfect gift for and these gift cards have been used on many occasions to get myself out of some sticky situations. Best of all, my friends get to purchase what they want and I only paid a fraction of the cost that I would have normally paid if I bought these gift cards in a store and not DealDash.

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When shopping on DealDash for gift cards, the ones I like to bid on the best are the gas cards. These are always welcome when it comes to giving as a gift and I have never disappointed with this card. I will bid on specialty stores when I’m looking for someone specifically. Otherwise I will tend to always go for gas gift cards until me and my friends are all driving electric cars which no longer require gas.

What do you consider to be the perfect gift.

By Gigi Pence

A little about myself:  I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years and really like it. I like to frequent DealDash because it is fun and entertaining. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash because of the ability to buy it now if you lose an auction.  

Gift Cards Available on DealDash

Here’s an example of different gift cards available on DealDash



DealDash People

DealDash People Making Your Shopping Experience Fun

Who are these DealDash people who run the site 24/7 making sure you have a fun shopping experience? Do they really care about you? Absolutely they do, and I have two years of experience dealing with them.

In fact I have not had any real problems at all since joining nearly 2 years ago back in October 2012. I did get confused with one of their promos one time however when I emailed the DealDash customer support team I got a very quick response. The DealDash people care a lot about their customers and the service they provide service. The DealDash people are always very happy to answer questions and explain in more detail for a better understanding. Although my question at the time was very simple they were very nice and provided me with great service.
Shortly after I started on DealDash the company was overwhelmed with new bidders. The staff tried to keep up but they had no idea that they would grow so big so fast. There were some delays with getting the won items shipped out, however this is very understandable with the amount of growth the DealDash people were facing. As fast as they could they added new DealDash people to their staff to get everything back on track and make sure their customers did not have to continue waiting for their items or replies to emails. They even sent free bids to everyone with an apology for the delays and got all the products shipped out. Could anyone ask for anything more?
If you go to the bottom of your screen when on you can look up who the DealDash people are. There is a link to the DealDash team and pictures of these nice people. There is a page explaining how they put the customer first and how they believe in providing a fair and honest website. There is even a link to the careers page so if you’re interested in working with the nice DealDash people you should check that out! There aren’t many companies out there that will post this information so readily available. Believe in DealDash and believe in the DealDash people, they are a legit and honest people running a fair bidding site.
By Donna Smith aka Newfden
When To Stop Bidding

When to Stop Bidding and Let the Win Go


We all want to win every auction we enter right? But reality and the laws of probability tell us that just isn’t going to be the case. When to stop bidding?

After all, you win some, and you lose some and in many cases you may lose more auctions than you win. I think a great tip is if you are going to stop bidding on an auction, stop bidding and give it up to someone who has been in the auction with you most of the time.

This is something that I do on a regular basis. I will go into an auction with a set amount of bids that I am willing to put into that item. If I’m lucky I win or if I’m I lucky someone will keep jumping after every single bidder, making my bids last a bit longer. That person is known as a Bid Stomper. Here’s someone sharing more about it in an article titled: What I Learned From Being A Bid Stomper.

Now there are times when I am in an auction, and I am familiar with some of the bidders going against me. I know that I simply do not have the bids to win, so in that case I will just stop bidding and conserve my bids for something else. Other times I will put my bids into an item and if the same person is bidding against me in that auction the entire time, I will sometimes give it up to them. I figure they have the same amount of bids in so they deserve the win just as much as I do.

In the auction below I was willing to put 25 bids in for the lamps however then decided to stop bidding. The other bidder was with me the entire time and I guessed that she was willing to put 50 bids into the auction, so rather than have someone else come in, and win the auction for a few bids, I chose to stop bidding and let her have the win. Just something to think about the next time you are in an auction.

stop bidding and move on

By Erica Baughman

When To Stop Bidding


Omaha Steaks on DealDash

Omaha Steaks For Dinner On The Cheap

Omaha Steaks for dinner is a high quality meal which is so easy and so very good!

I just love telling my family when I’m preparing something for dinner from Omaha Steaks because they know dinner is going to be good, and of course Mom’s cooking is always the best! LOL “ya, ya, ya I’m patting my own back”.
I’m pretty fortunate and happy my family is able to eat good home cooking from Omaha Steaks on a regular basis thanks to DealDash. A while back I was playing on DealDash when I won the Omaha Artichoke Parmesan Chicken Breasts, and oh my they were so good! My family just loved these and we ate the entire 8-pack (valued at $88) in just two days! The best part about this is I only paid $1.25 because I was able to win them on What a great deal and they were delivered with free shipping directly to my front door.
Im even more excited because just today I got a knock knock from my favorite UPS guy. He brought me my most recent win. The Omaha Steaks Fantastic Feast, This one has it all!!! Regularly priced at $185 I paid 1 penny from DealDash.
The Omaha Steaks Fantastic Feast comes with:
  • 4 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins
  • 4 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops
  • 2 (4.5 oz.) Stuffed Sole with Scallops and Crabmeat
  • 8 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks
  • 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers
  • 4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (1 lb. pkg.)
  • 4 (5.75 oz.) Stuffed Baked Potatoes

All I can say is “it’s barbecue time at my house”! I’m planning to have the family over for a wonderful Omaha Steaks feast dinner. It’s great to be able to feed my whole family a BBQ dinner and only cost me a penny!!! Omaha Steaks food has been so good, I cant wait to hear what my family has to say about this one.

By Nicole Kososki

Omaha Steaks on DealDash

How to give great gifts

How To Give Great Gifts

How to give great gifts can be challenging however, I’ve learned how to become the best gift giver with a little help from DealDash.

DealDash has been helping people give great gifts since they started making shopping fun in 2009. All the items they offer are brand new and come directly from their supplying partners with manufacturers warranties. With so many different products that Deal Dash offers you don’t have to be a “re-gifter” ever again. DealDash offers everything from home improvement items for men to personal grooming products for women. They really offer just about anything and everything for yourself or to things to give great gifts for everyone in your life.

With DealDash I was able to win items for cheap and therefore be able to give great gifts to my husband like a battery operated blower and chain saw which works great! We had a few little trees that had to come down and these electric tools were a lot less strenuous to use than the gas powered versions. If you want to give great gifts like the gas operated tools, well DealDash has them too.

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I replaced a lot of my old kitchen utensils and pots & pans. I liked them so much that I went back and placed bids on the same items to give at my friend’s birthday. I gave my friend a Paula Deen saucepan and a set of kitchen knives. She was very happy to receive and I was so happy to be able to give great gifts like this.

There are friend’s and family birthdays, anniversary’s, weddings, and don’t forget about Christmas. You don’t have to wait until the occasion arrives. The same products come up on DealDash time after time so you can bid on things that you may not need for awhile. It takes some time to win enough presents for everybody but you should see the look on people’s faces when they say “Wow, where did you get this” and I say DealDash.

I love being able to give great gifts to my friends and family!

By Donna Smith aka Newfden

How to give great gifts

Additional Info: WikiHow has a good article called How to Give a Great Gift to Someone which covers these 12 steps to giving great gifts.

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Research
  3. Pick a Hobby or area of Interest
  4. Get creative
  5. Give the gift of written word
  6. Listen up
  7. Draw on your own experience and those of others
  8. Spend time with the recipient
  9. Go shopping with recipient and see what they gravitate towards
  10. Consider personalizing a gift
  11. Ask
  12. Wrap the gift attractively once you select a great gift
Backyard Budget with DealDash

How To Build Your Backyard On A Budget

Wow! I have turned my backyard into a wonderland play area for my two younger boys and I did it all on a budget for under $5.00 thanks to my favorite site!

How can it be possible to turn your backyard into a wonderland play area on such a low budget? The answer for me is playing the online auctions on DealDash, which really is a fair and honest bidding site. Perhaps you’ve heard of penny auctions before? DealDash is different! They are not your typical penny auction site. They are a great alternative and have differentiated themselves by helping those that lose the auction and don’t just give the great deal to the one person who wins. I have been shopping with DealDash for over two years so I know what I’m talking about and I have won over 200 auctions from them, all which have been delivered promptly with free shipping and brand new as described. All items sold on DealDash are in fact brand new, they don’t sell used or refurbished items.

My two young boys Zander (11) and Zack (4) enjoy being outside as most young kids do during the summer months. This past summer I was able to turn our backyard into a great play arena for my boys and on an amazing budget. Here’s what I was able to get!

I won them a Intex 10-Foot x 30-Inch Metal Frame Swimming Pool valued at $115 for just 15 cents!! actually sells it for $129.00. Talk about a budget savings to get the summer going. This pool is awesome and a really good alternative if you don’t have a ground pool already. Great way to beat the heat! They have been swimming non stop since we filled it up. We have really enjoyed the pool and look forward to the rest of what’s left of summer.

Intex 10-Foot x 30-Inch Metal Frame Swimming Pool from DealDash

Along with the pool I won a very nice 30 inch fire pit, valued at $61 for only 23 cents. On those chilly summer nights we will be able to relax by a fire and enjoy family time together. Once again, another great buy to keep within the low budget of $5.00 to make the backyard wonderful.

When the kids can’t make it into the pool they now have a nice sand box to play with as well. This one has actually been a huge hit!! Valued at $76 I won it on DealDash for $1.44.

Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

Last and but not least, this one is for Mom! One on my biggest deals yet and one that really gave me that BANG for my budget to make our backyard dreams come true was when I won a Chase lounge. Valued at $308.00 I won this for only $1.32!!! That is over 250% savings!! Very relaxing to chill out by our new pool. 🙂

You can’t get better savings than this! You will only find these deals on Everything ships for free so you only pay the cost of the auction if you win and the bids you purchased however it’s possible to get many bids for free – definitely another great thing to help you with your budget. This has turned out to be a great s summer thanks to DealDash!

Happy Bidding and don’t forget to use your BidBuddy 🙂

By Nicole Kososki aka Loveablenicki

Backyard Budget with DealDash

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Win DealDash Auctions

Win and Sing the Baseball Boogie!

Spending the weekend in Illinois for a baseball tournament with my grandsons and daughter, we found ourselves starving after a well-earned win.

In the heat of the day, we were determined to win the game and head on home but we were all starving and dying of thirst. Armed with my DealDash wins and bins (Buy it Now’s), I suggested a variety of restaurants where we could cool off and have a really good meal with the gift cards I like to win on DealDash.

My grandson, the ball player, loves Red Lobster. Luckily, there was a Red Lobster Restaurant just across the street as we navigated our way home. My grandson was already excited just knowing he was going to Red Lobster, and the rest of us knew it was a win win because you can get a good meal there no matter what city or town you are in.

As we ordered our dinners, my grandson was so happy, he thanked me a zillion times. When his Ultimate Feast arrived, he was half way through when he decided to break out into song. “Keep on bidding, keep on winning, go Grandma!” Not sure what tune he was singing to, but everyone started to laugh and say here is another DealDash story. We could not have this much fun without winning and buying the restaurant cards offered on

With the buy it now option I get to keep bidding and try to win the cards I want. My family is loving the restaurant cards especially and now we can sing a song to Grandma! “Keep on bidding”, and I will, too! Thanks, DealDash, this is a great way to win gifts for the family and spend my time and money. I love the penny auctions you offer.

By Joan Vith

Win DealDash Auctions

won shopping on dealdash

Shopping on DealDash with Seasons

As each new time of year approaches I daydream about all the different items one could use seasonally that are available when shopping on DealDash.

Summer in Virginia is hot, even if you live near the mountains. Of course if I had one of those 12 x 42 inch Splash Pool Deluxe packages I might be convinced to spend more time outside. Or, I could drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway and get on the section called Skyline Drive where the temperature is at least 10 degrees cooler. I could take in a day hike and follow that up with something prepared on the Chef Buddy Portable Grill and Cooler Combo Set. All items mentioned are ones you could get from shopping on DealDash.

Fall brings cooler temperatures and enticing colors. It would be perfect for a late afternoon or early evening ride on the mountain, and with a Trademark Tools 12 volt Electric Blanket for the automobile, we could keep the windows open and watch for the animals as they come out of hiding in search of food. As a bonus, if we timed it right we could even go to the section called Big Meadows, lay out that blanket and enjoy the night sky using the Celestron SkyMaster 15 x 7 Astronomical Binoculars before venturing home. It’s also possible to do shopping on DealDash while out and about thanks to good accessibility with mobile devices these days.

Brisk winters have me envisioning the fun the grandkids would have on the BenBat Winter Fun Walrooz Connectible sleds as they slide down the hill at the side of the house.

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While I love all the changes in seasons, my favorite season, Spring, would have me outdoors to work on the garden with my son-in-law. I wonder if that tiller has enough life left in it so that we can plant a vegetable garden. If it does not work right, I might have to encourage him to pitch in on the sale price of the Earthquake Front Tine Rototiller.  Oh, I almost forgot, I’d really like one of those Poly-Tex Mythos Series 6 x 8 foot Greenhouses too!  Guess what? Yes, it’s possible to get a good deal on that when shopping on DealDash.

So as you can see, I dream seasonal, and while at times, I dream big, my pocket-book deals in reality, so when shopping on DealDash I saw a Ludell 1.5 lb Tiller Mattock with a 16 inch American Hickory Handle available and I bid on it. It retailed for $20.00 but I won that auction, participating against just four other bidders. I used my bid buddy and only 14 free bids, and ended up paying just 38 cents. When shopping on DealDash one can get several great deals making the experience really exciting!

My garden is coming along, slowly but sure, and I’m getting some exercise in the process. When all is said and done, I hope to have some corn, sugar peas, wax beans, zucchini, summer squash, strawberries, green peppers, beets and several kinds of tomatoes. The beets are not looking too promising but at least I got some fresh air and we will enjoy whatever manages to reach edible stage… hopefully before the animals get to it.

By Mary Dowdell

I have been shopping on DealDash since August 2013.  I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia. Here’s a picture of me in the garden using the 1.5 lb Ludell Tiller Mattcok with the American Hickory Handle. When shopping on DealDash I won this with only 14 bids! 

won from shopping on DealDash

Customer Service DealDash

Customer Service Experience – How DealDash Does It

Have you ever had an experience of great customer service and told others about it? How about awful customer service? Have you told others about it? The answer to both questions, of course, is “Yes!”

I had a customer service experience at a local grocery store/pharmacy many years ago and have repeated the horror story so many times, it seems like yesterday. The experience for me was so horrible that I have never set foot in that store again. It is a good store, has lots to offer, decent prices, and awesome produce, but my treatment at Customer Service was so bad that I swore I would never go back and I have not.

Now, on the flip side of this is customer service that is so good, so respectful, and so timely that you can’t help talking about the experience either. I have had occasion several times to contact customer service at and the results have always been surprising.

I had been bidding on another penny auction site and the customer service had gotten to the point that you would dread contacting them.

  1. No one answered the phone, so you left a message.
  2. Your call was never returned.
  3. You contacted them by email and you never got a response except for an acknowledgement that they had received a query.
  4. It got so bad that if you contacted them with a complaint the person you did get to speak to came very close to suggesting you were lying about your concern.

At, whenever and for whatever reason I have had to contact someone I have been treated with respect, kindness, and concern. I witnessed what I supposed to be an advertisement for someone’s on line business on the bio of a bidder, within a few minutes the bio had been removed. I contacted customer service for what I took as a nearly obscene user name, it was gone within minutes. When shipping became very slow one Christmas season, DealDash apologized often and promised it was going to improve. Guess what? It DID. Within a few weeks, the shipping was fast as ever, and we all received our items. I contacted customer service because I had put the wrong state on my order for a recent win. I was so upset, it was clearly my fault. The customer service person told me the item had already been shipped with the wrong state printed, but I should call them back if I did not get my item. In two days, I received my item even though the state was wrong. I did not call customer service back to let them know I had received my card. Shame on me. THEY called me!! Who does that??

DealDash, they really care about their customers. If you truly want to bid on a penny auction site that listens and tries to help their customers, is your site. It is definitely mine!

By Joan Vith

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Customer Service DealDash

DealDash Bid Packs

How Small Bid Packs May Help You

We all know that you can spend a lot of money on bids and still not win the items you want when playing DealDash. You can use all the tricks in the world like waiting people out and bid buddy, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to win you that elusive auction. One of my DealDash bidding recommendations to remember is to slow down and don’t forget to go for some bid packs.

Now when I say bid packs, most people think the 1000 to 5000 bid packs are the way to go. Which is really great if you get lucky. However, be sure to remember and not to under estimate the power of a small bid pack, because that can always take you a long way. The 40 bid pack for example can be just enough to get you that item you have had your eye on. Just remember not to pay 40 bids for the pack! A lot of the time the smaller bid packs go a lot cheaper than the larger ones which can make it a little easier to win.

You never know when it might just be your lucky day, and winning a small bid pack can lead you to a big win. There have been times when I was down to my last 20 bids and rather than throwing them into an item, that I probably wouldn’t win anyway, I threw them into a small bid pack instead. My motto is 40 bids are better than 20, and 70 bids are better than 40.

Another important DealDash bidding tip to remember is not to over bid in the auctions. Here’s a good blog article with a Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping.

By Erica Baughman


DealDash Auction Review Winner


DealDash auctions have deals on hairdresser products

DealDash Auctions Help Hairdressers

My middle daughter is a licensed hairdresser. In her profession, she needs to supply some of her own items when she does a clients hair. DealDash auctions are a place you can get some really great deals on hairdresser products.

Just starting out in the business, she has limited funds to work with so that’s where my duty comes in to try and win some DealDash auctions! While out shopping one day, my daughter asked if we could buy her a clipper set. Although I was reluctant, I knew she could really use them so I bought them. A day later, I saw a bigger and better set in the upcoming DealDash auctions. I thought “why not”, I will try bidding on it and see what happens. Well 1 bid later, I won the Chrome Wahl Pro 25-Piece Haircut Kit for only $0.02!! Needless to say, I returned the smaller set we had just recently purchased because my daughter was soon getting a better set. 

As you know, every hairdresser also needs a hairdryer. Not surprisingly, the DealDash auctions have some up for bid.  In fact, DealDash auctions lists several different ones to choose from. I bid on a few before I was able to win her the Conair Infiniti Ionic Cord-Keeper Hair Dryer for just $0.18 using only 3 bids!

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Finally, I wanted to win my daughter a nice mirror. Once again DealDash auctions offer several great options. I just had to pick the right auction to bid in and I was able to win her a great mirror! I ended up winning the Conair Classique Collection Lighted Mirror for $0.90 and 28 bids! 

There are many other items that DealDash auctions offer which an up and coming hairdresser would love to have. Curling irons, straighteners and clippers just to name a few. Hopefully I can add those to her collection in the near future and you can get the hairdresser in your life a great deal.

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on Dealdash since Sept 2012. I have won over 170 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons (one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart).

DealDash auctions have deals on hairdresser products


Shopping on DealDash

Shopping for Gift Cards Make My Day

I recently went on a casual shopping trip to my favorite TJ Maxx store using the gift cards I received from

I have won and bought many gift cards while shopping on during the last 2 years for TJ Maxx. I love to use these gift cards and wander around shopping for that special something for my home or for my family. I was looking for new clothes for my grandsons who are growing an inch a day and outgrowing all of their clothes! While shopping I was able to find the right t-shirt and shorts in red for the youngest and a very nice dress shirt with matching t-shirt for the oldest. I knew the dress shirt (a Ralph Lauren) might get worn once or twice this summer, but with the good deals I get on the gift cards from DealDash, I don’t mind paying the price for nicer items at TJ Maxx.

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Recently, my daughter received an email from the boys’ school. Both boys will be honored at the school for outstanding achievement for their grade point averages. The oldest has earned a 3.0 or better for three years consecutive in middle school and the youngest is receiving an award for the all “A” honor roll at the middle school. What an honor it is for me to be able to see them receive these awards. I know the new clothes will be worn for the recognition breakfast and it is because of DealDash I am able to go shopping and buy the items I want them to have. DealDash is the best penny auction shopping site around. Free and fast shipping, great customer service, and the chance to win items you will use or need. It’s a great place to bid and shop!

By Joan Vith

Shopping on DealDash

Cost to bid on DealDash

Cost to Purchase Buying Power on DealDash

So you’ve looked over the DealDash site and found a number of items that interest you. You’ve decided which one you are going to focus on, how much you are willing to pay for that item and are planning on sticking to that budget. Have you bought your bids yet? What was the cost or how much did you pay for them?

My advice is “don’t buy bids at full price unless you absolutely cannot avoid it”. In my opinion, if you paid full price for them, you did not make an educated decision and here’s why I say this. While DealDash does sell bids for 60 cents each, they frequently run sales on their bids at a reduced cost. The minimum purchase of bids is usually for 200 – 220 bids. When DealDash has a sale on bids, the discount available reduces the cost by as much as 75 percent. Once you have purchased your initial bid pack, you can bid on any item you want including other bid packs available at auction. The bid backs available at auction come in a wide variety of packages, including packs that have as few as 25 bids and as many as 5000 bids.

While DealDash provides discounts for purchasing some of their bid packs, they also have special auction times when the winning bidders pay either 50% of the cost for the winning bid, or get it free except for a 1-cent processing fee. Honestly, because of my limited budget and cost of bid packs at full price, I haven’t even really considered bidding on the bid packs. There seems to be such a crowd trying to win the big bid packages that I imagine I would go through my purchased bids way before the end of an auction.

What is wonderful about DealDash is that if you do bid on something, and you are not the winning bidder, you can purchase the item for exactly what it retails for and get back the bids you used on the auction. This is called the BIN (Buy it Now) option. Something else you may consider is the Exchange for Bids process. This is when you “give up your win”, in exchange for bids.

Yes, it will cost you to play and you will need to buy some bids initially at retail price. Then you have to strategize on how you use those bids in the most cost effective way. In 12 months, I have earned more than 1500 free bids just by filling my bid meter and taking advantage of participating in auctions during the times when DealDash offers double or triple credit for the time you are the highest bidder.

Taking advantage of one of the free weekends, I bid and won a Science Tech Galaxy Planetarium with Night Light. It was a big hit at Christmas time for six year old and 8 year old brothers who share a bedroom. The item retailed for $37.00. It sold for $7.34 and I placed 104 bids to get it. I used 75 of those free bids I earned so I only had to consider the cost of the remaining 24 bids, approximately $3.50, plus the 1-cent administrative fee payable during free weekends.

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013.  I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia.

Cost to bid on DealDash

Bidding Strategies of DealDash

Bidding Strategies and 2+ years DealDash Experience

In the past almost 2 years, I have tried all sorts of bidding strategies to determine the best way and the best times to bid.

I literally must have read every tip and all bidding strategies available. However, I have never seen anyone else talk about the bidding strategies of seasonal bidding. I was looking around my backyard, patio, and pool the other day and realized that I have a great many DealDash items out there …. AND … I got practically all if them in the fall and winter!!!

CAUTION: A dozen auction wins ahead…

  1. Swimways Newporter Pool Lounger
  2. Pool cleaner bought with Amazon gift cards from DealDash
  3. 18 fence lanterns that I won or “BINed”
  4. Schwin adult tricycle and a man’s bicycle bought with won Amazon gift cards
  5. Solar powered window thermometer
  6. Hedge shear
  7. Toscano Garden Gnome statue
  8. Touchless Automatic Stsinless Steel Trashcan
  9. Dyson Air Multiplyer Fan
  10. Flowerhouse Storage House
  11. Lorex 4 Camera Indoor/Outdoor Security System
  12. Suncast Large Dog House

…just to mention a few.

I haven’t done the math but I know my bidding strategies of going for items in the fall and winter have saved me thousands of dollars shopping on Recently I won a Razor E200S Electric Scooter for $ .01 and 411 bids that I collected as FREE BIDS from promotions that I participated in.

SO… I have learned that my very best bidding strategies and best deals come from shopping for off-season items! I live in south Florida, so you won’t see me requesting an auction for, and bidding on, a snow blower anytime soon! 🙂

Thank you DealDash and all of the fabulous Support Team!!!

Happy bidding! Read the reviews and bidding strategies daily, comment on them, and use your brain and not your emotions when bidding. It makes for a better deal and a great experience. 🙂

Free Auction Win on DealDash

Free Auction Wins and Promotions

I was hoping and praying for a win recently during one of the free auction times, a time when if you win an auction, all you pay is the 1-cent transactional fee and Deal Dash pays the winning bid amount.

Sadly, I did not win the item that was being auctioned at that time and even though I lost the free auction item, I do not consider my efforts a total loss.

I was using bids that I had earned from prior auction efforts when I filled the bid meter. The free auction bidding session was taking place during one of the times when you could fill your bid meter 2 or 3 times faster than normal.

As I said before, I did not win the item I was bidding on during the free auction win and 3X faster time promotion, and even worse, I did not follow my personal rule of avoiding bidding on something more expensive than I could afford to pay using the Buy It Now (BIN) option. However, the mere act of participating in the auction helped me fill the bid meter faster, and that action put me well on my way to earning the next round of free bids (Round 15 for 75 free bids) thanks to the generosity of DealDash and activating my bid buddy.

It wasn’t too long before I put those free auction bids I earned into action when I bid on a Puzzled Fantasy Villa Wood Puzzle that retailed for $62.00. I won it and it only cost 52 of my free bids and $1.73 for the winning auction. The villa was a precut dollhouse with doors that really opened and when my 8-year-old great niece saw her grandmother putting it together, she wanted it for herself. It was just a few days later that they went in search of miniature furniture for it.

Now her little brother wants to know when his grandma will build him something.

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013.  I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia.

Free Auction Win on DealDash

DealDash Christmas

Christmas Is Four Months Away

I know we are still four months away from Christmas but I am starting my DealDash Christmas shopping now!

I need to stretch my gifts budget as far as I can so before the Christmas shopping rush gets too overwhelming, I’m stocking up on my stocking stuffers and gifts. 

My oldest daughter is married and they live on the income her husband makes as the sole bread winner. I know they need household items, including furniture, so I scanned the pages of DealDash auctions in hopes to find something suitable I could win and gift to them. I saw an upcoming auction for a Faux Leather Club Chair. I have never won furniture before, so I was unsure of how it would go but I wanted to try. With my luck, I would get into an auction with one of those power bidders who have an endless supply of bids at their disposal. However, to my delight I was able to win the chair for $5.24 using 145 bids. The value of the chair is listed at $194.00. The furniture they have in their living room now, will go perfectly with this new chair. 

I’m excited and can’t wait for Christmas to give it to them! I know she will like it! Now I just need to find a place to hide it till then. Now that I have won my first furniture auction and feel a bit more comfortable with these types of items, I am going to try again to win more furniture. Although, I am sure they will not all be quite so easy to win as this one was. But for that, I am grateful! 

Tell me about some of your favorite DealDash wins and what bidding strategies you use.

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.

DealDash Christmas

DealDash Username

DealDash Username – What Does It Say About You?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in William Shakespeare‘s play Romeo and Juliet. This got me thinking about my DealDash username.

What’s Your DealDash username and what does it say about you? Is it tricky? Is it threatening? Is it cute? Or, is your DealDash username just your name spelled out a bit differently? On there are over 4,000,000 registered users all with unique DealDash usernames. Think about the different usernames we have to come up with in order to be unique or different!

Some of the usernames I have seen recently have me questioning what the motives are for the choices. When I first see the person’s username come up I always check the bio to see where they are from. The California choices are alot different than the ones from the deep South. Other names are specifically geared to all of the grandmas out there that are bidding on all kinds of items for their families and grandchildren. It is a wonder that the grandma and grandpa names are not all used up!

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The threatening names, while they might be intimidating at first, are really not indicative of the way the user actually bids. Example: Gonnabeatyou Really? In my experience bidding on DealDash I can tell you the way the person bids shows more about the person than the DealDash username ever could. When my brother was registering he made a typo which he has to live with. It’s kind of funny though and I definitely know when he is bidding since no one else has or is even close to have that spelling!

So what were you thinking when you chose your DealDash username? It’s kind of fun to look at the varieties out there and while you are waiting to get into an auction, let your imagination roll, who are my fellow bidders?

By Joan Vith

DealDash Username

Buy it Now on DealDash

Buy it Now After Quick and Easy Math

Before I begin bidding on I figure out how many bids I am willing to use to win each auction, based on the retail value of the item I want and the final closing cost before I decide to move forward with the Buy it Now option.

It is not necessary to use a calculator to get an exact figure. Instead, I found a quick and easy way to do the math and still get a pretty good idea how many bids I can use in an auction without paying more than an item is worth, and know when to Buy it Now.

I purchase most of my bids when they go on sale for 15 or 16 cents a bid. During a “free to the winner” special, I could use up to six bids for every dollar value of the auction item. That means I would be spending 90 to 96 cents per dollar (15 x 6 = 90 and 16 x 6 = 96), only slightly better than breaking even. Regardless what I am bidding on, I know I never want to use more than six bids per dollar during a “free to the winner” special. Whenever there is a closing cost in addition to the cost of my bids, I never want to use more than three or four bids per dollar to get a good deal or break even. This helps me quickly decide when it’s the right time to Buy it Now.

For example, if a $25 gift card closes at $5 (when it is not free to the winner) I would take $25 – $5 = $20. Then 20 x 6 bids per dollar = 120, the maximum number of bids I could use to win a $25 gift card without over-bidding. If I do not win that card for 120 bids or less, I am better off using BIN, the Buy it Now option, and getting all of my bids back free to use in another auction.

I see some long-time customers who apparently do not know how to use the Buy it Now option. They must not be doing the math or they must be too addicted to stop. Otherwise, why would anyone use 2,000 bids or more, to “win” a $200 Amazon gift card? Even with the bids on sale at 16 cents a bid, a 1,800 bid package costs $288.00. I witnessed one customer use $300 or more worth of bids to “win” a $200 Amazon gift card, over-bidding the value of the card by at least $100. Why not just Buy it Now and get your bids back?

Winning at any cost only hurts the bidder financially, defeats the purpose of the site and ruins the fun for everyone. Therefore, please do yourself and other customers a favor. Do the math and use the Buy it Now.

By Barbara Sellers

Buy it Now on DealDash

DealDash BidBuddy Alarm

DealDash BidBuddy Alarm

Have you lost track of the number of auctions you have lost because the bids ran out on your DealDash BidBuddy while distracted?

I have to say this is the most frustrating thing, to click back on my auction tab, and see that I lost. Then to add insult to injury, see I was the next to the last bidder – AKA first loser! The DealDash BidBuddy is a great thing because, and I admit, I get bored watching an auction so I will surf the web, read e-mail, pay bills, or get on Facebook.

On one of my customer service calls with David, we discussed the possibility of a DealDash BidBuddy alarm. I, for one, love the idea especially with continuously having my bids in my DealDash BidBuddy run out while distracted. Having a notification of some kind, would solve this issue and help remind me when to add more bids.

How could something like this be achieved with the DealDash BidBuddy?

One possibility to improve the DealDash BidBuddy system would be a verbal alarm that sounds when you are down to 1 or 2 bids. Then if you are on another page, you can flip over in time to add more bids or let the auction go. A second option would be to have the auction tab blink to alert you that your bids are running out. Since most of us use web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) that allow you to open multiple tabs, your eye would be able to see the auction tab blinking from whatever page you were looking at. A final option might be to actually have a pop-up come up {with a pop-up you would probably have to add DealDash to your pop-up exceptions if you have a blocker} that would show you how many bids are left and even allow you to add more right then and there, without clicking off the tab you are currently looking at.

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What do you think? Would this benefit you and your bidding with the DealDash BidBuddy?

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on Dealdash since Sept 2012. I have won over 170 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons {one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart.

DealDash BidBuddy Alarm

Penny Auction Sites Vs DealDash

Penny Auction Sites vs. DealDash

Of all of the penny auction sites I have bid on, DealDash is the best. If you are looking for a penny auction site that you feel is honest and trustworthy, DealDash has met the challenge.

I have bid on at least ten other penny auction sites and here are some of the differences.

Bid packs – on DealDash – usually can get them on sale for 18 cents or less. Today (Labor Day) they are on sale for only 14 cents!
Bid packs – on other penny auction sites – could be anywhere from 60 cents to 80 cents depending on the site.

Shipping – on DealDash – free – ALWAYS no matter how big or small the item.
Shipping – on other penny auction sites – anywhere from $1.99 to more than $7.99 depending on the item.

Buy it Now option – DealDash – available and you get ALL of your bids back.
Buy it Now option – other penny auction sites – available, pay shipping, and you do not get your bids back.

Customer Service – DealDash – always speak with a friendly person on the phone or get a respectful response to my emails.
Customer Service – other penny auction sites – don’t get an answer on the phone, leave messages that are never returned, speak to a customer service person who implies you are lying when you state you have not received your items. (Really happened)

Listen to the Customers – DealDash – in 2012 when shipping went to long delays, several new customer service people and shipping staff were hired.
Listen to the Customers – other penny auction sites – in 2012 when shipping slowed, not only were customers ignored with their requests for their items, but the delays went from one week shipping to two week, to three week, to never shipped! Alot of promises and no action. This particular site went out of business not too long ago and left their customers owed a lot of items and money!

Bidding on DealDash is never a given that you will win. What it does give you is a fair chance to win an auction item or gift card that you or someone in your family can use. You will never pay to have it shipped and often you will receive it within just a few days. DealDash cannot prevent bidders from over bidding or using their big pockets to win items at exorbitant prices. But DealDash does allow a smart bidder and a wise shopper to get items they want, have fun winning and if the win isn’t there, you can buy it now and try again.

DealDash offers so much to the consumer who wants to do this kind of bidding and buying compared to other penny auction sites. Try bidding with the best, you won’t regret it. Happy Bidding fellow bidders and happy Labor Day. May we all have some awesome stories to tell about our auction wins!

By Joan Vith

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Penny Auction Sites Vs DealDash