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DealDash Special Events Halloween Sale

DealDash Special Events Like Halloween Are To Die For

DealDash special events often come on special days like Halloween and Black Friday! No doubt, this is one reason customers come back to shop with DealDash on a regular basis.

Three of my favorite DealDash special events are:

  1. ALL auction wins FREE—DealDash special events make participating in auctions so much fun! With the “free to the winner auctions” customers only pay for the cost of the bids it takes to win it, plus only a one penny transaction fee. I noticed that when customers do not have to pay a closing cost, it usually takes more bids to win the auctions. The reason for this is because customers can bid more because they can afford to bid more since they are not accounting for the final sales price. If, however, I get into the right auction at the right time I can really save a lot of money during this event. It’s a lot of fun too!
  2. 50 percent off auction wins—When offers this event, the winning customer pays only half of the closing cost and pays the rest. For example, if the closing cost is $100 the customer only has to pay $50. Therefore, I can also win some great deals during this event, too. During both the free to the winner event and 50 percent off to the winner, I am sure to calculate this savings into my strategy to determine how many bids to use in the auction.
  3. 3X time as highest bidder—I really like to bid in auctions when DealDash special events offer 3X time as highest bidder because this means I am able to earn THREE times as many free bids! The time as highest bidder meter will fill up three times faster during these DealDash special events!

Today is Halloween so of course the DealDash special events is a FRIGHTENING deal with bids being offered at only 13¢ per bid. This is the Cheapest price DealDash has sold bids for in 2014 and will only last for this one day! Not only that but all auction wins are FREE to the winner and you can collect 3X time as highest bidder – WOW!!

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Shopping on DealDash is a Thriller

(Includes Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video)

DealDash Thriller

Customer Service DealDash Ranks High in Customer Service

The support team always makes customer service a top priority. That is the reason I left another penny-auction site and became a loyal customer in the first place.

David O’Weger, Community Manager, was the first team member I spoke with on the phone. Unknown to him at the time, I was writing a survey report comparing the kind of customer service provided by several penny auction sites.  In other words, I was an irate customer, this was a test and he passed with flying colors. Since then I have had contact with several other members of the support team and every single one of them provided outstanding customer service.

Customer service can make or break a company. In fact, something happened to me today to prove it. I will not mention the name of the company, but the story is true.

I stopped by a store to do some shopping with a gift card I won on I was dreading my shopping trip, however, because the last time I visited this store the customer service was really awful. Five employees were standing around in a gab session and I could not get any help from anyone. Some of my friends experienced the same thing at this store and said that is why they now do their shopping at another store, where customer service is much better.

RelatedCustomer Service Experience – How DealDash Does It

This time, however, an employee asked if he could help me with anything. I was so surprised that I turned around to see if I accidentally walked into the wrong store. Then I responded by saying, “Wow! You are really on your A game today. In the past, I could not get any customer service in this store, and the employees acted like they hated their jobs. Nobody smiled. What happened?” The employee laughed and said, “Well, we just got new management!”

It took me less than 5 minutes from the time I walked into that store to notice that things had changed.

Good customer service makes a huge difference and that is one difference the team has always understood. Thank you DealDash for your outstanding customer service!

Customer Service DealDash

Written by Barbara Sellers, aka SorryMyTurn, Tacoma, Wash. Barbara is a retired Army newspaper journalist. She has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012 and won over 500 auctions.



Accessorize your win

Accessorize Your DealDash Win


DealDash Winner I had been a member of the Deal Dash website for about six months when I finally won my first big item, a Nikon digital camera with extra camera lenses. From that moment on I always kept my eyes open to accessorize my camera win with other items that would compliment it.

The great thing about Deal Dash is the wide variety of items they have to choose from. If you win a camera they most certainly at some point will have lenses to go with it; or a tripod to use; or even a camera bag. These were the things that I kept my eyes out for.

After I won my camera I went out to actually buy a camera bag, thinking they were not that expensive. Since I now have a nice expensive camera, I want to make sure that it is stored properly. However, I soon found out they cost more then I wanted to spend. I therefore searched Deal Dash, and sure enough I found a great camera bag that would accessorize my win perfectly. The best part is, I happened to get very lucky that day and only had to use 2 of my 10 bids booked in my bid buddy. The camera bag works great for my new camera, and looks great as well.

Now I keep my eyes open for some lenses to go with the camera. I know that they can cost lots of money, so I make sure that I do my research into the camera lenses that I want. I am not a professional photographer yet so I know that I do not need the lenses that cost thousands of dollars. Who knows, maybe someday I will.

DealDash Winning Product Review

About me: I have won over 100 DealDash auctions. I also enjoy painting, and my new hobby of photography.

who plays on DealDash?

Who’s Bidding On DealDash?

Ever wonder who is bidding on DealDash? Ever wonder who these people really are ?

I’ve noticed there are many grandmas bidding on DealDash! Do you think that you might make friends with some of the bidders in real life? I notice that at different times of the day you’ll find different types of people bidding on Deal Dash.

Early in the morning are the people who need a few minutes to themselves before they go to work. I’d say there are also a few moms that have sent the kids off to school. Mid-day there are the stay at home moms and retired folks. Just before the kids get home from school there seems to be numerous people on. Then the moms go away for a short time. Ever notice that the “grandmas” disappear in the afternoon, perhaps a short nap?

After everyone has had dinner the site seems to get busy again. This is when all sorts of people with nothing else to do come to the site and bid on just about everything simply to be playing the game. I imagine for some it is not even about wanting or needing the item or even saving some money – they just want to play.

I love to watch some of the bidders. There are many that seem to have “good sense” and I would probably make friends with them in real life. These are the people that make Deal Dash fun. It’s nice to see someone get a good deal on something. I like to win but it’s fun to see your would be friends win too.

So who are you out there in Deal Dash land ?


who plays on DealDash?

DealDash Thriller

Shopping on DealDash is a Thriller

I was thinking about the ABC’s of bidding and the 1,2,3’s of what not to do when bidding and shopping to see if I could educate the new bidder a little better.

For some reason Michael Jackson’s song came to mind. The “A” stands for Auctions, the “B” stands for Bids, and the “C” stands for Cost. When shopping on DealDash bidders have so many auctions to select from that a new bidder should have no problem deciding which one to get started with. The Bids come in packages from 200 to over 1,000. Buying bids on sale is really the only way to go. With bids being offered for 15 cents from time to time, a smart bidder will only buy bids on sale. This way, if you spend 100 bids or $15 to win a $25 item you are really a “winner”. And, the Cost of an item is the amount of bids you put on an auction, plus if you win, the final price you will pay for the auction. Remember, there are NO shipping charges when shopping on DealDash, unlike other penny auction sites.

Here are a few other good rules to follow when shopping on DealDash

1. DON’T be in a hurry! If you do not have the patience or time to watch an auction and bid, then you are simply throwing your money away.

2. You must NOT slap bids at auctions or other bidders. The timer is there to help all bidders earn free bids. Let the timer work for your benefit as well as other bidders. Free bids are a great reward for bidding and shopping on DealDash, let everyone get in on some free bids.

3. DON”T spend more than the item is worth to get the “win”. Paying $14 for a $10 gift card is crazy. I actually won a $10 gift card for $14, having put on the bid buddy and leaving the site. After all the slappers and over-bidders got done, I won the card for a few bids! I am grateful that DealDash lets you exchange your win in for bids, which is what I chose to do.

I have watched a new bidder who had become an incessant slapper. This bidder will eventually think about their penny auction experience shopping on DealDash and blame everyone else for their lack of good and genuine “wins”. In reality, if this bidder had done his homework, he would realize jumping on every bidder costs him 5 times what it cost everyone else and even if he did win, he would be losing a lot of money.

I could name other countless tips to use while bidding and shopping on DealDash auctions. The best advice is use the BidBuddy. You set how many bids you are willing to pay to win the item and watch the auction. The BidBuddy prevents you from over-spending your bidding budget and also keeps you in the game. Watch auctions, learn what techniques others use, and you will be a “winner” on DealDash. Last of all, DealDash offers you the buy-it-now option. You get the item you were trying to win, you get ALL of your bids back and you get to try your skill at another auction. DealDash is a great site to bid on, learn and enjoy the fun of being a competitive bidder! Happy bidding and enjoy this excellent video in the spirit of Halloween!

By Joan Vith

bidding recommendations and tips

DealDash Bidding Recommendations and Tips

I have had a wonderful time over the last year bidding on Deal Dash to improve my home with items I love, without always having to pay the full retail price.

I have won over 100 auctions and used the Buy it Now option to get other items I was not successful winning. I have reached over 30 levels bidding and I am well on my way to receiving more free bids for reaching the next level. Shopping on DealDash can be a lot of fun, but just like anything – moderation is important. This is what I consider to be a key part of responsible bidding and shopping.

When I bid, I have always learned to calculate, in advance, how many bids I am willing to spend to win the auction and stick to my number. Here’s an example as to why I always calculate bids in advance and stick to my number. I was bidding on a set of soup/cereal bowls. The first time it came up I used 84 bids then dropped out thus not to exceed my limit. Later, this same set of bowls came up for auction again. I set my budget, started bidding and guess what? I won the set of soup bowls for 18 bids at $.99! This is why I always calculate bids in advance and stick to it. Most of the time the same item will come up for auction again where you’ll have a better chance at winning within your budget.

I only buy bids when the price is $.15 per bid, I always use my bids carefully and only go for items I will really use. We all eventually find what works best each of us and keep us going with this great site that helps us all.

Thanks Deal Dash for being there to provide a fun shopping experience!

bidding recommendations and tips


character traits

3 Character Traits of Winners

As you’ve probably noticed there are many people who play on All with different and interesting character traits displayed in their bidder bios.

One bidder bio might say, “All it takes is patience. Patience is the key!”. Another might say, “All it takes is persistence and I am very persistent.”. Reading these remarks in the bidder bios of customers made me think about some of the character traits the most successful customers might display, so I made a short list:

  1. Curiosity—A little curiosity can go a long way. Curious people often ask more questions, get more answers and soon know more than the average customer. Information is power. The more you learn about how works, the better prepared you will be to use all of the tools and winning strategies available which is why I consider curiosity character traits of a DealDash winner.
  2. Courtesy & Respect—Winning bidders usually show the same kind of courtesy and respect that they want themselves. They do not cut the clock. A bully seldom wins that way. Rude bidders only irritate others and waste an excessive amount of their own bids. By playing that way, bidders do not improve their chances of winning.
  3. Patience—If you take the time to stop, watch and learn how the site works before jumping in with both feet, that takes patience. Therefore, patience has important character traits that most winners display. It also takes patience to wait for the right auction, place bids only on the right day and at the right time of day. The more patience you have, the better bidding decisions you will make.

Have other character traits to add? Please comment below!

character traits

Written by Barbara Sellers, aka SorryMyTurn, Tacoma, Wash. Barbara is a retired Army newspaper journalist. She has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012 and has won 537 auctions.



Share DealDash with your Friends

Surprise your Friends with DealDash

Have you told your friends and family about DealDash and to give it a try?

Over the last few months I have told my friends about DealDash. I have three of my friends who decided to give DealDash a try after hearing about the great experience I was having and so far they think it’s been great! They really like it and have been having a lot of fun shopping for their friends and family too. I regularly get phone calls and messages from one of them telling me about the new winnings or sales going on. It’s a great feeling to know my friends and family are now sharing the excitement and savings I get from DealDash.
One of my friends recently bought his first bid pack for $32.00. He won some of the low end beginner auctions like a $15 Walmart gift card, a $15 Amazon gift card, and a major league baseball. He then started to move up in value and was able to win a $25 AMC Gift card and a grill set all with just his first bid pack – savings over $50 just to get started!
Did you know that if you don’t win an auction with your first bid pack, DealDash will return your bids free for a second chance? On top of this, if for whatever reason you are not happy, you can get your money back from your first bid pack purchase within 90 days. This is unconditional if you win or lose auctions, or whether you use your bids or not. This is part of their satisfaction guarantee and one other reason to choose DealDash over any other penny auction site / pay to play site.
Another one of my friends won Adobe Photoshop for just 17 cents!!! I was so excited for her to be able to win like that. I find it’s a great feeling to share my favorite shopping sites, like DealDash, and experiences with my friends and family. Now they are able to also have a fun shopping experience and even take me out to lunch with the gift cards they win!
Give it A shot, and if your friends are not happy, DealDash guarantees their first bid pack so they will not be out anything to try it!
One DealDash tip: make sure they know about using Bid Buddy and Buy it Now. These are the most important things about DealDash. I see new folks bidding like a crazy person and just wasting their bids while others are conserving their’s because they are using the BidBuddy. Perhaps recommend they start off slow and read articles in this blog like 6 Tips of Advice for Beginning Bidders.
Bid Pack Winners

How the Winners Page Helps Your Bidding Strategy

The DealDash winners page is a great place to view what deals people have recently won and can give you an idea of what certain items are selling for. Paying attention to what people have won, especially bid packs, can be very useful towards developing your Deal Dash bidding and winning strategy.

When I am participating in an auction, and it gets down to a handful of people, I will scroll through the recent winners page and see if any of those people have recently won bid packs. The smaller bid packs do not concern me so much, however if I see that they have recently won an 800 bid pack for three dollars, I may get a little concerned and will reevaluate my bidding strategy. As for the 2,000 and 5,000 bid packs, this is a different story. I recommend going directly to these one per user super packs to see who just won, otherwise you may find yourself bidding against someone that just received a truck load of bids and you’ll have no idea.

To find out who the winners of these super bids packs are, just go to the main auction page and filter by categories. Select Bid Packs and then find the 2,000 and 5,000 Bid Pack auction. Open the auction page up and check under the picture to see the recent winners.

Bid Pack Winners

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The final selling price of the bid pack is something I pay attention to as well. If I have not researched the auction, I can’t tell if the 2000 bid pack win for $60 bucks is an actual win. The person may have put 1500 bids in for that win. But if I see that a large bid pack has been won cheaply, and that person is up against me in an auction, I have a decision to make. Most of the time I will drop out of the auction because if someone just won 800 bids, and I only have 150 left, it’s likely I will not win unless the other drops out for some reason. In most cases I will conserve the bids I have left and go for something else. The other option is to Buy it Now – of course depending on how many bids I have used.

What types of bidding tips and strategies are you using? Share in the comments section below!

Recent DealDash Winners

Bid Packs on DealDash

Two Types of Bid Packs on DealDash

There are two types of bid packs on DealDash. You have the regular bid packs that get your started and are on sale most of the time and you have bid packs which you can win and regularly come up for auction.

The normal bid packs are great because you get exactly what you pay for. For example if you are buying a bid pack, let’s say for 180 bids, you can expect to pay $32.40 for them and you get exactly that: 180 bids for $32.40.

These bid packs go on sale frequently. Depending on the holiday, day of the week, or whenever DealDash has a sale, you can purchase these bid packs at a variety of different prices and always less than 60¢ per bid which is the “normal cost of bids”. I particularly like it when the bid packs are on sale at $0.15/per bid and DealDash has a promotion when the Free Bid Timer is multiplied by 2X or 3X. This generates your time as highest bidder free bid rewards much faster and you earn way many more free bids!

Bid Packs for sale on DealDash

RelatedLet’s Be Real: Buy it Now On Bid Packs Is Out

The other kind of bid pack is the one you can bid on to try and win. I personally like bidding on DealDash bid packs and on gift cards. To me bidding is fun and I like the entertainment value I get from bidding. Of course I like winning stuff, but I really enjoy the bidding aspect and what goes into bidding. With the time as highest bidder free bid rewards, the more you bid the more you earn free bids! This is very exciting and DealDash is the only online pay to play auction site that rewards its customers with free bids like this. I like it and it keeps me entertained.

Bid Packs on DealDash

By Gigi Pence

A little about myself:  I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years and really like it. I like to frequent DealDash because it is fun and entertaining. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash because of the ability to get your bids back with the buy it now option. 

When to Buy it Now on DealDash

When to Buy it Now on DealDash

One thing many customers appear to be most confused about is when to Buy It Now, also known as BIN.

Perhaps some new customers do not yet know when to buy it now because they are not even aware they can stop bidding at any time during the auction, buy the auction item at retail and get all of their bids back free to use again in another auction.

I once stopped bidding on a $25 gift card, did a BIN, got my bids back and put them on a $50 gift card (with fewer competitors) instead. I ended up winning the $50 gift card (worth twice as much) for half the bids. You need to know when to buy it now because once you win an auction, it’s no longer possible to use the BIN option on the item you win.

So when to buy it now on DealDash? That mostly depends on the cost of your bids and the closing cost of winning. If the cost of your bids and the final closing cost combined are about to exceed the retail value of the auction item, it is definitely time to BIN. That is the point at which it makes no sense to continue bidding. Let me give you an example.

According to my calculations, a long-time Deal Dash customer “won” a $25 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card for a total cost of about $59.33—more than enough to do a BIN on two $25 gift cards. Her first bid was placed at 26 cents and she continued to bid until the auction closed at $9.83 (which I will round off to $10 because she used even more bids at the end). Based on the number of bidders actively participating in that auction, she must have used at least 33 bids for every dollar. That means this bidder used about 330 bids to win a $25 gift card. Even if she bought her bids on sale for 15 cents each, she used $49.50 in bids and still had to pay an additional $9.83 when the auction closed. *Of course it’s possible to collect free DealDash bids and win bid packs, so perhaps many of the bids were free bids this bidder had earned which we are not aware of.

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The point of this article is that you have the option to gain the best shopping experience from DealDash when utilizing the features offered to you. Take some time before jumping into an auction and determine when to buy it now. If you do not win an auction, you have seven full days to go to your dashboard and do a BIN. Compared to other penny auction sites, has the best BIN option I could find.

When to Buy it Now on DealDash

winning on

Examples of Winning on

What Does Winning Mean to You? To me, winning on means more than seeing the words, “Congratulations, you won!”

What some DealDash customers call winning, I would not call winning on at all. Whenever the total cost amounts to more than the retail price of the winning item, I call that losing!

Let me give you an example of what winning on means to me.  

In the early morning hours when most people are sleeping, I won a $100 Safeway gift card and a $100 Albertson’s gift card. Both of those chain grocery stores are conveniently located within walking distance of my house, so I immediately placed one bid on each so I would not be locked out of the auctions.

Only about four bidders were actively bidding in for the Albertson’s card, so I placed my bids early. Many more bidders were participating in the Safeway card auction so I waited and got into that auction much later.

To win the Safeway gift card, I used only 17 bids (15 cents x 17 = $2.55) and paid a closing winning cost of $18.40. That means I paid a total of $20.95 for the $100 Safeway gift card–a savings of $79.05 off the full retail price. That is what I call winning on!

To win the Albertson’s gift card, I used 342 bids (15 cents x 342 = $50.30) and paid a closing winning cost of $18.51. That means I paid a total of $68.81 cents for the $100 Albertson’s gift card–a savings of $31.19 off the full retail price. Because I paid less than retail, I can still call that winning on, but my Safeway win was a much better deal, even though both auctions ended up closing within 12 cents of the same price.

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Therefore, the next time you see the words, “Congratulations! You won!” ask yourself, “Did I? Did I really win or did I lose by not using the Buy it Now?”

By Barbara Sellers

winning on

how to have fun shopping for kids

How to Have Fun Shopping for Kids   

I’ve discovered how to have fun shopping for kids and so has my husband!

I’ve been shopping on DealDash for over a year and recently got my husband hooked too! Let me tell you if you want to know how to have fun shopping for kids this is a great way! During one of his first shopping experiences on DealDash he won a wonderful Graco Childrens Products DuoDiner LX 3-in-1 High Chair for our grandbaby to be!

He was looking on DealDash and saw this high chair and thought “I can win that!”. So he purchased some bids – bids can be purchased on sale for 14 to 15¢ each and come in packs of different sizes. He placed his bids in the bid buddy, the automatic bidding tool, and ended up up winning the auction for $8.30! It is valued at $170.00 and the average selling price on DealDash is around $16.00. He had 200 bids purchased at 15¢ per bid equals $30 and won it using 199 bids! He only had 1 bid left when he won! Now thats luck! One important thing he did when bidding which I think helped him win was he used the DealDash bid buddy. Using the bidbuddy will help you conserve your bids and is the best way and only way we have won so I highly recommend using the bidbuddy. You know how to have fun shopping for kids when you’re laughing and smiling yourself the entire time and especially after you win!

He won this at 10:34 am eastern however knowing when is the best time to bid on DealDash is difficult but there are theories from many people. This high chair is a 3-in-1, it goes from an infant chair to a toddler chair to a booster seat all in one! Very nice! My hubby liked the colors too because we live in Ohio so the brown white and orange for the Cleveland Browns football team was well suited.

Either way this high chair is another baby shower gift! All we need now is a baby bed and stroller, DealDash has some nice ones, and our grandbaby will be set! Boy, I hope our daughter in law doesn’t read this article and spoil the surprise! I told her not to buy anything for the baby until after the baby shower! We have won alot of nice things so far for our grandbaby and plan on winning alot more! Nooo we don’t spoil our grandchildren!!!! Dealdash does!! 😉

Know that we shop on DealDash we certainly know how to have fun shopping for kids and everyone else, including ourselves.

By Dan Boles and Donna

These ladies know how to have fun shopping on DealDash too!

Experience DealDash

Experience DealDash and Learn From Others

DealDash is growing and improving the experience by leaps and bounds.

We always have awesome promotions to experience and look forward to when playing DealDash. We also have a new DealDash app and we can experience the thrill of winning free bids in various ways. Plus we are sure to get a great experience from the support staff who is always there for you.

When I found DealDash two years ago it was fairly easy to win auctions. However, in order to continue the experience of great wins, we must work hard to develop and learn strategies to get the best deals possible winning experience. That’s why it is imperative to read tips, strategies, and articles from other bidders perspectives which you can try and experience on your own.

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I urge everyone to experience the ways to earn free bids anytime possible by posting photos and videos of their winnings and participating in customer satisfaction calls. In order not to waste your money, I recommend to be selective about the auctions you join and know when to just stop. With more bidding experience you’ll begin to see that there is usually an auction for the same item coming up again very soon. You can even search for an item and ask to be alerted by email once it comes up again.

I read the biographies of others and look close at bidding patterns. It pains me to see that some are obviously bidding to win anything at all and for only the thrill of it. Please, please don’t do that! When you over spend, your DealDash experience is not as pleasurable as it should be. I know this from my own experience!

And lastly, please don’t simply waste your bids by bid stomping :(. That is completely counterproductive 99.999% of the time. I don’t mind if I am stomped because it actually benefits me when my Bid Buddy is set. So really you are actually helping other bidders by doing so! My goal in writing this is to help others gain the best DealDash experience possible with the least expense. I hope it helps and you continue to enjoy your shopping experience on DealDash.

By Dianne Aikman

DealDash Sales and Promotions

DealDash Sales and Promotions

DealDash sales and promotions are diverse and many times offer something new and exciting.

I recently participated in a DealDash sales promotion which offered 50% off the entire weekend to a person who won an auction. The winner only needs to pay half the final sales price during these specials. These 50% off DealDash sales are very similar to what you’ll hear people call a “Free Auction Weekend”. During the DealDash sales free auction promotion, the winner does not have to pay any portion of the final sales price. They only need to process the transaction with a 1 cent charge and that’s all. No other charges are involved and the item ships free.

I love when DealDash sales team hosts both the 50% off promotion and better yet the free auction weekend promotions. Not only is it a great time to buy bids but it is a really good time to win.

A couple of my wins during the 50% off DealDash sales weekend was a 70 bid pack for $2.45 where I only paid $1.22. Another win was for a Lego Duplo Disney Planes Skipper’s Flight School set. This win was a $40.00 value and the final selling price was just 51 cents. Of course as it was a 50% off weekend, therefore I only needed to pay 25 cents for the Disney Planes Lego set.

You just cannot get better deals than that. I wanted the Disney Duplo Plane’s Skipper’s Flight School Lego Set because of my 2 year old grandson, Luke. He is absolutely crazy about Dusty that I think he is going to be a pilot when he grows up.

A few other DealDash sales I enjoy are when you are able to collect 2X or 3X time towards your high bidder rewards. These DealDash sales are so fun because they give you a chance to collect many more free bids than you normally can.

DealDash Sales and Promotions

I enjoy the DealDash sales and being a savvy shopper. DealDash saves me a lot of money on the things I want for my family which is why I continue to shop with them even after four years!!

Thank you Deal Dash!!!!!

By Victoria L Overton

I’ve been shopping with DealDash since September 2010.