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Making a Move? DealDash can help

Making a Move? Help Your Moving Budget

Did you know that according to ACS data, it is estimated that a person in the United States can expect to move 11.7 times in their lifetime? This is based upon the current age structure, average rates and allowing for no more than one move per single year.

This fun fact may not be important to you now, but it sure is at the forefront of my mind lately. My boyfriend and I are about to take the next big step and move to a new house we’re buying together. We have been looking for the past few months, and today is the big day when we sign the Purchase & Sale agreement. What does this move have to do with DealDash you might ask? Well, quite a lot, actually!

When I first found out a few months ago that I was going to be moving I started thinking about all of the things that I would need for the move and what kinds of things I would need when I was first getting settled. The first things that came to my mind were “storage” and “Home Depot”.

Luckily for me, DealDash has both of those items covered! I got to work doing a little research trying to find the best storage solutions that would work for me. In our new house instead of having their toys in the living room my kids are going to move to their own separate playroom, so I decided that I would get a bin rack for each of them, and one for shared toys.

I was able to get this Delta Children Disney Mickey Mouse Toy Organizer for only 11 bids and $6.42 for my son.

won on DealDash

Whitmor Kid’s 9-Bin Organizer for only 78 bids and $7.60 for the two of them to share

won on DealDash

and for my daughter I ended up BINning (Buying It Now) this Disney Multi-Bin Toy Organizer for $40 and getting all of my 276 bids back.

Buy it Now from DealDash

Now when we move to our new house all of their toys will have the perfect storage solution thanks to DealDash. 

As for the Home Depot gift cards I have been WINning and BINning them like crazy! Gift cards are one of the best deals that you can try for on DealDash, because even if you don’t WIN the auction you can just pay face value with the Buy it Now (BIN) and get every single one of your bids back. So far the best deal that I have gotten was a $25 Home Depot gift card for only 20 bids and $1.67!! My advice to you is to see how many bids will equal the value of the gift card plus the final auction price, set your bid buddy, and come back later to see if you won!

So as you can see, DealDash can make your move a lot easier. Get moving and give it a try!

Making a Move? DealDash can help

My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 7 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 140 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings”, check them out here: 



5000 Bid Pack is the Biggest

How My Biggest Mistake Changed My Bidding Strategy

Ironically, the biggest mistake I ever made on also turned out to be my best win—same auction, two different times.

When I first saw the 5,000 bid pack go up for auction on, I wanted to win it in the worst way. At first, I did not bid on it because I knew everyone else would want to win it just as badly as me, but I kept checking it out, anyway.

One day it appeared that not very many customers were going for it and I thought it might close early. Therefore, I decided to go for it. Every time it looked like it would soon close, however, someone new would jump in and start bidding.  Before I realized it, I had over-committed myself, but instead of quitting at that point, I felt an even stronger need to win it. Well, that turned out to be a huge mistake. I bought (on sale) and used more than 5,000 bids in my effort to win the 5,000 bids, and I still do not win. I ended up having nothing to show for it, and that taught me a lesson. It is so important to know when to quit, and sooner is often better than later.

After that, I decided the only way I would ever try to win the 5,000 bids again would be to place only a reasonable number of bids in the beginning of each auction. That strategy paid off. One day I only had 153 bids left and I placed all of them on the 5,000 bid pack just before going upstairs to watch TV.  Later on, I came downstairs to see who won and I was shocked to find out it was me. That 5,000 bid pack auction closed at only $9.26 and it was my very last 153rd bid that won it. Talk about luck!

Note: Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012. Barbara is on Level 48 and has won over 560 auctions.

5000 Bid Pack is the Biggest

Creative Bidders on DealDash

Creative Bidders Become Successful Winners 

Successful customers on often learn to be creative in how they approach an auction. They learn to think outside of the box. I tell you how I mean and how they do it.

Let’s say you see a lawn mower or a pressure washer go up for auction on and let’s say these are both items you might need. Therefore, you immediately start bidding in those auctions, regardless of the fact that many other customers are also involved in the same auction. A few of them are power bidders who will probably outbid you, but you decide to bid, anyway. Hold up! That might not be the best decision. You may want to try thinking outside of the box and find a more creative way at getting the item you want.

People who think outside of the box realize there could be a better way to get the lawn mower or pressure washer they need. If you’re familiar with you’ll know they also put Amazon, Home Depot or Lowe’s gift cards up for auction too and on a regular basis. Creative thinkers might first check to see if any of those companies have the items they need. If it looks like it could be easier to win gift cards with fewer bids, smart creatives might be able to get what they need by bidding on the gift cards instead of an over packed auction.

Successful customers also know that brand new auction items are often more difficult to win the first few times they are listed. Keeping this in mind and knowing those same products might be listed again at a later time, when the competition might not be so intense, is a good option for success. Having a little patience and bidding in a later auction could pay off and help you win more auctions. So before you jump right in, take some time to research and discover the secret to winning auctions on DealDash.

Creative Bidders on DealDash

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012. Barbara is now on Level 49 and has won 560 auctions.

Thankful for DealDash

Why I’m Thankful and Grateful for DealDash

I have been a bidder on for over two years. I have won over 200 auctions and have earned many free bids as I worked through the different levels of bidding and being the top bidder – for that I am thankful.

While there is no set reason for a person to become a bidder on a penny auction site such as DealDash, I have found delight in this entertainment shopping. The bidding has helped me accumulate gift cards, gifts and possessions I would never have been able to afford on my own.

I first began bidding on other penny auction sites to try and conserve the dollars I had for entertainment purposes and also to see if I could successfully win a “deal”. A bit skeptical, I made the mistake and began on sites that were not nearly as customer friendly as DealDash. Not only were they not friendly, they were also dishonest in their dealings with their customers. After witnessing my own success and failure rates with these other sites, my brother encouraged me to try DealDash, and I am thankful I did!! Their slogan is the Fair & Honest Bidding site and take it from a two year shopping veteran with the site, it is true. DealDash has offered me the opportunity to win or buy it now the many items I wanted but could not afford to buy all at once and for that I am thankful.

This holiday season I am going to be able to give gifts to my family and friends whom I would never have been able to buy for before. The gift cards I have accumulated over the past year are allowing me to share my winning delight and give back to my dear friends and family. With these gift cards I can buy items I want from Amazon, Land’s End, iTunes, Toys ‘R Us and more. My gift cards for Home Depot will let me buy a much needed snow blower for my dynamite son-in-law who has helped me so much over the past several years, which I’m so very thankful for. I could have never done this without the DealDash experience and ability to receive so many great deals – for that I am thankful.

I am thankful and grateful I found DealDash at a time in my life when I could really enjoy this entertainment of bidding, winning, and buying experience. I eat better, shop better, look better and feel great, knowing I am sharing my success with others.

Thank you DealDash for a great year and I look forward to many more! Thank you to the polite bidders! May you all have a happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful for DealDash

By Joan Vith

Try Stress Free Sleep Shopping This Holiday Season

This holiday season how would you like to do all of your gift shopping in the middle of the night? Getting a good nights sleep will help you keep your figure, concentrate better, and you’ll have better sex. Have you ever heard of sleep shopping?

Sleep shopping is something I do and I love the benefits of a good night’s sleep and of course the no stress, no crowds shopping. I’m a planner and try hard to do my homework for whatever it is I’m partaking in. One of my sleep shopping experiences was when I was looking for a set of barstools for my counter.

The first order of business was to go to my favorite shopping site DealDash (I’ve been shopping with them for over 2 years) and look through the upcoming auctions to see if there were any barstools available. Check, I found two different types of bar stools coming up soon.

The second order of business was to check the online retail stores for the same products and look at the reviews. I found both the items and product reviews were pretty good. The retail prices were approximately the same, within a few bucks, so I thought why not bid on them on DealDash where I have a chance at saving, plus I could catch up on my sleep which scientists have found will improve the ability to make better informed decisions. There was no reason not to. As the auction started in the evening and went into the night, I decided to make this a sleep shopping experience!

I had to go to bed so to let the sleep shopping begin, I set the multi talented BidBuddy to work for me. I first figured how many bids it would take to go to Buy it Now price and put that number of bids in. I ended up winning the Avery Bar Stools for $14.60 using 536 bids all while I slept. All in all, I still managed to save $30.00 at DealDash over what I would have had to pay somewhere else.

Some of the advantages of DealDash are that you can do all of your research in the comfort of your own home get great deals on products while you’re sleeping. I didn’t have to set up another account at another online site, I didn’t have to pay any sales tax or shipping fees! Even if you end up losing the auction, there’s the option to Buy it Now so you still get the item you wanted plus all your bids back. You won’t find the term sleep shopping on the DealDash website. That’s a term I use and you are more than welcome to try it!  Happy Bidding sleepyheads.

Sleep Shopping on DealDash

Free Bidding Lessons

Five Bidding Lessons I Learned On  

Since I started shopping on, I’ve learned some important bidding lessons that I wish someone had shared with me when I was a new bidder on the site.

Here are five of the most important bidding lessons I have learned so far:

  1. Only bid in auctions if the product is something you would go to a store to buy. It is so exciting and fun to bid on that it is very easy to get carried away and start bidding on items that you do not really need and will not use.
  2. Before bidding, watch and learn who the “power bidders” are and avoid getting into the same auctions. You will only waste your bids if you get in an auction that has bidders with an endless supply of bids. Save your bids for the next time the same product comes up for auction or bid in other auctions you know you can win.
  3. Mainly bid in auctions you can afford to BIN (Buy-It-Now) if you do not win, so you can get all your bids back free.
  4. Only bid in one or two auctions at the same time. Granted, I might put a few bids on several gift cards at the same time so I do not get locked out. However, I watch to see which ones I might have the best chance of winning and then I seriously bid on one or two.
  5. Make a monthly spending budget. Decide how many bids you will buy for the month and how much money you can afford to spend. Write it down and stick with it.

If you follow these basic bidding lessons I learned on you should have a happy and positive bidding experience. Do you have any good bidding lessons to share? Post in the comments below!

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012. So far, Barbara is on Level 49 and has won 560 auctions.

Free Bidding Lessons

window shopping pays off on DealDash

Window Shopping and Discovering New Unique Gift Ideas

Have you ever gone “window shopping” ? Whenever I do, I usually come home with stuff that I really didn’t need but thought would be nice to have.

My favorite place to do window shopping is on DealDash! I love to do window shopping on DealDash because there are so many up-coming auctions, over 1,000 per day, and I discover so many unique items and get wonderful gift ideas!

One day I was just sitting there browsing the auctions, also known as window shopping, on DealDash when I noticed a silk ficus tree was starting soon. I haven’t had one of those in years. I thought for a moment and decided to go ahead an bid on it because I tend to have trouble keeping the real trees alive on my deck; so wouldn’t a silk tree look OK..  It’s valued at $57.00 and thought I would go for it even though this is an item I would not use the Buy it Now option on.

Before joining the auction I wanted to make sure this window shopping experience was going to pay off with good savings, especially because I decided I was not going to Buy it Now. I therefore went to check what the average selling price for this item was.

To find the average selling price, you have to log out of your account. Then go to the auctions until you see the item you are interested in. Click on the item and it will give you the average selling price. This article better explains how to find the average selling price of a DealDash auction.

Once you find the average selling price, decide if you want to go for it or not. For those of you who don’t understand averages it really could go either way. You can win it for mere pennies or it could go for retail. The average selling prices is the sum of the all final prices the item has sold for divided by the number of times it was auctioned. I decided to start bidding in this auction pretty early, before the price reached 40¢. Shortly thereafter I happened to win my Nearly Natural Ficus tree for a total of $1.18 including the cost of my bids. 75¢ in bids + 43¢ final price. This was a great window shopping experience I had on DealDash and it payed off! The Ficus Silk Tree is actually really nice.

window shopping pays off on DealDash

Track DealDash Bidding History

Track Your Bidding History and Progress

When you joined DealDash did you ever think that you would have bid on so many auctions that you would lose track of them? I love that DealDash tracks and keeps records your history.

Having a dashboard to track my history is something that has helped me become better a bidder and one of the reasons I’ve been a loyal shopper on DealDash for more than 2 years. The fun and excitement of getting a tremendous deal or simply using the Buy it Now (BIN) option to get my bids back makes the entire shopping experience very fulfilling. Not to mention the fast free shipping and attentive customer support team ready to help answer any questions. I always check with DealDash first before shopping any where else.

With so many auctions, so many bids, so many BIN’s and so many WINS it’s important for me to track how much am I spending and what is my real bottom line. Your DealDash account keeps a record of all this information. Just go to your Dashboard page and you will find links to track your transaction history, your bidding history, your won auctions and more.

Track Your Bidding History

Transaction history will give you a track list of all of the bids going in and out of your account. If you reach a new level the free bids added to your account will show here. If you use the Buy it Now, the bids returned to your account will show here. If you access the winning limit user list, the subtracted bid it costs to show that list will be recorded here. If you exchange a win for more bids, the exchange and added bids will show here.

Your Bidding history will tell you the name of the auction you bid on with a direct link to the auction page, the amount of bids placed in the auction, what time it was when you placed that first bid and the status if you won the auction or if it was sold to someone else.

The Won auctions link will list all your won auctions, the final selling price, and the status of that auction like if it it expired or exchanged to bids. This will also tell if you if the item has shipped and include a reference link. Click on that and it takes you to a page giving you more details about the estimated delivery date and how to track your package.

Similar to the Won auctions page is the Buy it Now history and My orders page. I recommend reviewing this from time to time. I have checked these lists many times to make sure everything balances out and I have never found an error.

Did you go through the lists? Sometimes you don’t realize how much you are spending until you see it in print. Did you put too many bids in on certain things or did you put too few? If you track your wins and bids spent, it may help you refine your bidding strategy or tell you that the way you have been playing is pretty darn good. I think I have done pretty well bidding and also have had a whole lot of fun. Happy bidding to you and happy Thanksgiving!

By Donna Smith

Winners List on DealDash

How the Winners List Helps You Win

Do you periodically check the winners list before you invest a large number of bids in an auction? I started doing that. Why? The winners list provides valuable information that could help you win auctions using fewer bids.

For example, on Nov. 19, I looked at the winners list to see who recently won big bid packages. I saw that jeanice083071 won 2,000 bids, Melgrant44 won 800 bids, Car7570 and ilmnanaag each won 600 bids, FelixtheCat won two bid packages of 300 bids each and lynn1998 won 300 bids. I wrote down those screen names, knowing that if I were to get into the same auction with any of those bidders, chances are they could easily out-bid me.

I looked at the auctions I wanted to win and I found two of those bidders in the same auctions. Therefore, I immediately cancelled my bids and decided to save them for later.

It is especially important to pay attention to the winners of the 2,000 and 5,000 bid packages. They will have a lot of bids to waste. If you get into the same auction with a big bid winner, chances are slim that you will be able to win the auction, unless you won or purchased an equal number of bids. However, even if you do have an equal number of bids, would you really want to spend your bids by going up against someone who might still have such a good chance to outbid you?

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In summary, you could save a lot of bids by periodically checking the winners list to see who the biggest bid winners are. Once you know that, look for auctions where those bidders are not going to compete with you or wait until those bidders have had enough time to burn up some of those bids.

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012. Barbara is on Level 49 and has won 560 auctions.

Winners List on DealDash

Toys, Kids & Baby on DealDash

Toys, Kids & Baby is Fun for Everyone on DealDash


Hello fellow DealDashers, today I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite sections that DealDash has called “Toys, Kids & Baby.”

This is an absolute great category that DealDash offers, no matter if you are a New Mom, a Mom of Many, a Father, Grandma, or just someone who enjoys things traditionally labeled as “kid’s” things such as Lego sets. I’ll admit, I am a grown woman with 2 kids and I still like to play with Legos occasionally– It’s great that my son likes them, too, it’s a great bonding activity and I don’t have to feel embarrassed that I like to play with Legos!

There are always so many fun and interesting things that you can get in the Toys, Kids & Baby section, such as the aforementioned Lego sets, but also everything from baby teething toys all the way up to big ride-on RC cars and even nice wooden Train Tables. Traditionally this section has been very good to me – it seems like even though you end up BINning (Buying It Now) once in a while these auctions are a little bit easier to WIN than some of the other sections such as “Cameras & Camcorders” or “TV and Home Theater.” You always have to remember, if you have joined an auction and it seems like you are up against some bidders who are way more experienced than you, or they are just throwing the bids around like they aren’t even worried about the cost you can always back out and try again another day if you don’t have too many bids invested already. DealDash will usually offer the same item again in the next few days, so you can have a second chance at getting a great deal.

I have done a lot of my Christmas shopping already in the Toys, Kids & Baby section, hoping to beat the crowds at the stores. I used to go out in the cold at 2AM on Black Friday to go shopping, but I will definitely NOT be doing that this year, since I found DealDash! I have a TON of presents stored away just waiting to be wrapped and put under the tree. So thank you to DealDash, for saving me the aggravation and sleep-loss that I would have gotten this upcoming Black Friday. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

By Dawn X

About me: My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 7 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 140 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings”, here you go!

Toys, Kids & Baby on DealDash

Bid Better on DealDash

Ways To Help You Bid Better

Often the opportunity to bid on an auction comes up and you think, “Boy, I could really use that!”. After buying your bids and settling down to see who is in the auction, you decide to start bidding without using your bid buddy. Here’s a few ways to help you bid better.

After 10 bids you are not seeing the result of the win and hardly noticed who else was on the auction.  Here is where “waiting your turn” and holding up your bids comes into play for a way to bid better.  Isolate the auction to see how many bidders are playing in the auction.  Once you have determined the amount of bidders, you then choose to continue bidding one at a time, or setting the bid buddy for your pre-determined amount of bids.

If you want to bid better, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to set yourself a limit.  This will save you a lot of self-talk at the end of the auction, “what have I done, all my bids are gone, and I didn’t win.”   Slappers, bid stompers, and new bidders who have not learned patience would have much more success and bid better if they would wait their turn and use the bid buddy.  When I say “wait your turn”, there are several ways to do that.

One, you put a bid on the auction and do not bid again for what may seem like a long time.  While other bidders are putting their bids into the auction you can watch to see who is a serious bidder.  The slappers or quick bidders are not serious in my opinion.  They are in a hurry, want to intimidate other bidders and get a quick win. Learn to bid better by recognizing the serious bidders.

Two, you can set your bid buddy before the auction even starts with a pre-determined amount of bids.  This technique helps you bid better and stay within your budget.  Your bids will go into the auction one at a time when another bidders time is up. You might get lucky and win the auction within just a few bids, or you can be up against a lot of other bidders who set their bid buddies too.  In this case patience is your best friend.

Remember DealDash offers many of the same items day in and day out.  There is no reason to over bid for that one item since another identical item could come up soon.  DealDash offers the most fair and honest penny auction site there is.  With fast free shipping and the buy it now option to get all of your bids back, you are always in a win-win mode.  Good luck, happy bidding and hopefully some of these tips will make you a better bidder.

Bid Better on DealDash

By Joan Vith

holiday dinner parties with DealDash

Spice Up Your Holiday Parties

Of course everyone thinks about birthdays and Christmas when shopping for gifts on DealDash. What about different events, parties or happenings year round?

Especially with the holiday season upon us, let’s face it! We’re hosting dinner parties for our family and friends. Normally we don’t need several pots and pans for just our family, but all of a sudden when our guest list starts filling up and we’re going to be expecting more people than usual for our dinner party, one could use another pot or two. Since the holiday parties don’t not happen that often, it’s better not to spend too much money on something we are hardly ever going to use. This is where DealDash comes in! Using DealDash to help plan parties can be a great way to save money because it’s possible to get a set of pots and pans or other party necessities for 90% off retail price! If we are getting a really good deal the only thing we are short on now is cupboard space!

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Not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas, I always have friends over to celebrate the 4th of July. We party with a big cookout using a smoker I purchased by way of Home Depot gift cards I won using DealDash. Of course I have one friend that’s a vegetarian so I have to make separate beans for her without the bacon. Knowing I could use a slow cooker for this party and others to come, I went to DealDash and found a Nostalgia Electrics Triple Slow Cooker. It’s valued at $75.00 however I won it for a total of $2.68 including the cost of my bids! Problem solved! With this slow cooker I was able to easily make two pots of beans that had bacon and one pot that did not.I find it’s better to feed everyone quite easily and worry about storage later. Can’t wait to use this slow cooker again for the up-coming holiday party season!

Happy Bidding everyone and may your parties be filled with joy and laughter!

holiday dinner parties with DealDash

By Donna Smith

Surprise Wins on DealDash

Surprise Wins Are The Best

Having been a member of for over two years, I still get a nice surprise when I get an amazing win.

One of my biggest DealDash surprise wins was for an HP Laser Jet Office Pro printer (a $300 value) which I was bidding on while I was at work. I set my bid buddy with the number of bids I wanted to use in the auction and left it alone. As I arrived back home from work I found I had won the auction with 198 bids! I love the printer and had a wonderful surprise winning it at a great price thanks to DealDash!

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I love to read and have an older version of the Kindle which I use all the time. Kindle’s are great for travelling and make reading super simple while on the go because it does not take up a lot of space! Of course while playing DealDash one morning and to my surprise, I won a NEW Kindle Paper White for only twenty-two bids!

My strategy to win this was to set my bid buddy when I noticed only two bidders were left in the auction. It must have been a surprise to the other bidders too, when I won, because both of them must have stopped bidding because they were thinking the other would stay in the auction. The surprise was also all mine and turned out to be a wonderful win! I must say it’s always a joy and surprise to see congratulations come across the screen with shooting fireworks. is the best site for playing online penny auctions. They offer free shipping, the buy-it-now option where you can get back your bids for free, and excellent customer service. If you’re looking for a more exciting way to shop for your holiday gifts you should definitely try DealDash. They even offer everyone a 90 day money back guarantee on their first purchase if not satisfied for any reason.

Good luck to all bidders, may we all be successful!

By Joan Vith

Surprise Wins on DealDash


Saving Wins and Bins

I am not so good at saving. That is the whole truth. Finding the cash to buy expensive items for the home has been a struggle for me.

When I found a few years ago, I realized with the bidding, winning or buy-it-now options I might be able to get ahead on saving towards large ticket items I have not been able to save for before. I have been bidding on Home Depot gift cards quite often and find the time of day has a lot to do with the competition and your saving ability. In the morning hours when others have gone to work, I have set my bid buddy, won and saved a great deal on Home Depot gift cards. I even won two in a row on two different days!

When I set my bid buddy on day three, I was not as lucky, but I did use the Buy-it-Now option and paid $25 to get all my bids back – plus I received free shipping!

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Now we all know $25 does not buy you a lot when you are a home owner, but, I started saving the gift cards I was winning on DealDash. The last Home Depot card I won cost 65 cents! How did that happen? I can’t answer that, but I do use my bid buddy on almost all auctions I would like to win. And, it works. I know because I just bought a new hot water heater at Home Depot by saving the gift cards I won our purchased on DealDash using the Buy it Now option. How happy I was to hand them my gift cards and pay for it! Thanks, DealDash. Your auction site is the best!


Gift Cards for Traveling Can Help

How DealDash Helped Me “Deal” With a Tragedy


Normally I bid on DealDash just for fun, it’s something to keep me occupied while I am home with the kids during the day. It’s such a great feeling to see those fireworks and “Congratulations, LandOfNope!” across the screen.

I bid and WIN and BIN a good amount of gift cards. I WIN and BIN them for my own daily use, to save for the upcoming Christmas season, and also as little “tips” for my mailman, lawn guy, etc.

I have a pretty good stock of gas cards, department store cards, and of course restaurant cards which came in very handy a few months ago. Unfortunately my Father passed away on August the 3rd, very unexpectedly. So unexpectedly in fact he just bought himself a new (classic) Mustang three weeks prior! Anyway, it was a tight financial time for me since my family just got back from our summer vacation a few weeks earlier and used up our travel budget, and my Father lived about 8 hours away. That’s where DealDash came in and made a bad situation a little bit better.

On our way down to the funeral we used up my stock of 5 Shell gas cards and 1 Exxon Mobile card. Once we got there we used up most of my restaurant cards – Applebee’s, Subway, Panera Bread, and Dunkin’ Donuts. It may not have made the situation any happier, but it was definitely a relief to be able to use my gas and restaurant gift cards from DealDash to alleviate some of the financial tension.

My advice to my fellow DealDashers – have a small stock of gift cards WINned or BINned from DealDash, because you never know when they might come in really handy. And if you find yourself being very lucky and WINning more than you think you might need, they make excellent tips for service people, or little pick-me-ups for friends in need.

By Dawn Xu

Gift Cards for Traveling Can Help



Simple Exercises Make a Winning Difference

I do not know about other shoppers out there in land, but I know I often get sleepy, a stiff neck, sore shoulders and mentally sluggish after I spend too much time sitting in front of my computer. This is why I practice simple exercises and let me tell you they make a winning difference!

Whether you are playing from your home computer or a mobile device, I discovered it is important to take a few seconds, about once every 15 minutes, to do a few simple exercises.  By doing that, you are less likely to doze off and you are more likely to remain mentally alert.

Here are some simple exercises that work for me:

  • Stand up and swing your arms back and forth or flap your arms up and down like wings on a bird about 10 to 20 times
  • Raise your arms above your head and stretch
  • Put your right hand on the back of your chair and swing your left leg back and forth, and then put your left hand on the back of your chair and swing your right leg back and forth about 10 to 20 times each
  • If you have a mini trampoline nearby (like I do), jump on it between auctions or while your BidBuddy is booked. You can substitute this with about 10 jumping jacks
  • If you are near a set of stair steps, swiftly walk or run up and down the steps a few times

These simple exercises could help to keep your blood flowing and mind sharp so you can make better bidding decisions and increase your chances of winning more auctions.

If you’re really looking to get healthy and exercise more frequently but don’t like going “to the gym”, there are some great and simple exercises you can do at home. Here’s a list of 25 simple exercises to try at home.

simple exercises By Barbara Sellers

Competition on their winning limit

Knowing Your Competition and Why it’s Important


Let’s talk about an important fact of knowing your competition when playing DealDash auctions.

You see an auction coming up that you like, you do your research to see if the Buy it Now price is something you’re willing to pay if you don’t WIN, you check the reviews of the product online, and you decide that you really want this item. Guess what? So do a lot of other people!

According to Wikipedia our beloved DealDash has over four million registered users! Of course, a good portion of those users probably have dormant accounts, or just don’t bid all that often, but let’s face it – there is some stiff competition out there, especially for the most sought-after items like laptops and iPhones.

That’s where this article is going to assist you. I am here to tell you that before you bid on anything even halfway popular you need to get to know your competition. I personally usually bid on lower-end household items, toys, and gift cards on an as-needed basis. I see the same people bidding on the auctions that I’m interested in again and again. Here is how I “got to know” my competition: I made a spreadsheet.

I work over-nights, and as long as there are no emergencies I have a lot of downtime where I am free to go online as I wish, so I spend hours and hours watching auctions even if I’m not planning on bidding on them. I tend to look at auctions that come up pretty frequently, say video games, and I watch and record the user names of people bidding on them. I also record the approximate amount of bids that I think they put in, by dividing the current auction price by the amount of people using Bid Buddies. It’s not an exact science, but you can tell when someone has put in a fairly low number of bids like 10 versus a higher amount like 50 or 75. Then after every auction is done I alphabetize the names on my list, so I can look them up easily the next time I see them bidding on something that I’m interested in.

Another way to know your competition is to pay 1 bid to see “Who’s on their limit”, which means you can see who has already filled their 6 under $200 and 3 over $200 slots for the week. This can be helpful if you primarily bid in one category and see the same names coming up over and over. If they are on their limit it means that they won’t be able to bid against you in that day’s auctions.

Competition on their winning limit

Captured on November 12, 2014 – Does Not Contain Full List

I hope that these tips have helped you, and good luck to everyone!


Reasons Why I Bid on DealDash

Why I Bid For Gift Cards

My house is now 38 years old and any house that old is usually in need of renovation and repairs. That is why I bid for gift cards to Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond and more.

I am now in the process of renovating every room in my house, one room at a time. Therefore, I know I can use those gift cards which is why I bid on them.

I use my Home Depot gift cards to purchase items like paint, paint pads, brushes, sand paper, green frog tape, new light fixtures and/or lamps, updated floor registers, door knobs and locks. I even discovered that I could purchase liquid wood to repair gouges and scratches in my bedroom and closet doors. I simply patched the damaged areas of my doors, sanded them down smooth and then painted them. Instead of buying all new doors, I was able to make the doors that I already have look new again. I also plan to refurbish my kitchen cabinets.

I use my Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards to purchase items like new curtains, linens, sheets and other bedding, new bathroom towels and shower curtain rings, scatter rugs, and hand mirrors.

Attached is a photo of one of my newly renovated bathrooms. The gold paint on the walls was purchased with my Home Depot gift cards won on DealDash and the new towels and hand mirror were purchased with my Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards. Winning some of those gift cards on has not only been a lot of fun which is one of the main reasons why I bid there but it has also helped me save money on everything I need to do home repairs. That’s why I bid on gift cards and play DealDash.

Reasons Why I Bid on DealDash


Thank you, DealDash!

Top Tips for Using Gift Cards

Top Tips for Using Your Gift Cards

It seems to me that most of the newer members of DealDash seem to go for the low value gift cards. That’s a smart strategy, because when you’re bidding on a $10 gift card, $10 isn’t too much money to have to part with in case you lose and the buy it now and get all of your bids back is also very affordable. Here are some of my top tips for using the gift cards that you win or BIN (Buy it Now) on DealDash.

1. My first top tips is don’t be afraid to get in there and bid against people, that you see from their profile, who have been on DealDash for years. In my experience, they are not really looking to get into a bidding war with you on these small value gift cards. Most of the time, it seems to me that they have just set their bid buddies for 15 or 20 bids just to see if everyone else will give up after just a few bids then they will get an easy win to fill one of their 6 under $200 weekly win spaces.

2. My second top tip is to stack your gift cards. Pick a certain type of gift card, for instance, one of my first gift card wins was a Bass Pro Shop card. Let’s face it, there isn’t a lot of things that you can buy at Bass Pro Shops for just $10 unless you are going for snacks or socks. So what I did was I started bidding on multiple small value Bass Pro Shop cards and eventually I had enough cards that I was able to order a new North Face hoodie.

3. Top tip number three is to bid on gift cards that you can redeem online. A lot of the gift cards that you can win or bin on DealDash can be redeemed online. For example, Bass Pro Shop, The Children’s Place, Bed Bath and Beyond, and of course Amazon can all be redeemed online, therefore saving you a trip to the store and gas money to get there.

4. Stack your gift cards with store coupon codes. For example, I won a $100 Children’s Place gift card a couple of months ago. $100 will get you MANY outfits for your kids at Children’s Place, but if you stack your gift card with extra coupons from the store you can get almost twice the value of your gift card. I had a code for 40 percent off and free shipping that they had sent me in my email, which I used in conjunction with my DealDash gift card and was able to maximize my profits. Almost all stores that have a website that you can order from also have a newsletter that you can sign up through email and they will occasionally send you coupon codes to use on their websites.

5. This may sound silly, but make sure that you actually USE your gift cards! When I first started playing penny auctions I was signed up to a bunch of different sites, and I had all sorts of gift cards — Too many! I just kept accumulating them with no clear plan on how I was going to use them. I know for a fact that I lost a couple in the shuffle, switching them from one purse to another. I am still mourning that $25 Subway gift card that went missing. Use and enjoy your cards, fellow DealDashers, life is too short to hang on to them and just look at them.

By Dawn Xu

When To Use BidBuddy

How and When to Use BidBuddy

After I wrote the article DealDash in review – understanding and winning auctions that many bidders have read these past few months, I noticed one comment from a new bidder who really wanted to know how and when to use BidBuddy.

Having been caught up in auctions where new bidders are immediately outbidding others and wasting their bids, I thought I may help you to know how and when to use BidBuddy.

If you scan the front page of DealDash you’ll notice each auction is in a small separate box. If you double click inside the box you will get to see the BIG picture which includes all of the avatars of the current and past bidders on an auction. You can scroll over those avatars and see the names of the bidders and at what price in the auction they put in their first bid. For example if it says… “ibidtowin $.10”, this means that bidder came into the auction at 10 cents. Knowing how many bidders in an auction is important towards a winning strategy. The less bidders, typically the better chances you have at winning. Since many of the bidders may not be active, it’s important to determine how many active bidders there are in an auction. You can do this by looking at the recent bids placed and who placed them. Knowing how many active bidders are in the auction will help you know how and when to use BidBuddy.

If there are 9 seconds between the bids then you know someone has set their BidBuddy. Although you cannot see here how many bids they set buddy for, you are able to determine how many other bidders also have the BidBuddy set.  Beware, though, some very quick bidders can bid at just the right moment and appear to have the BidBbuddy set when they do not. If you continue watching and studying the auction from this view you will find exactly how many people have bid buddies set which will help you know when to use BidBuddy and enter the auction yourself.

Below the timer you’ll notice the yellow bid now button and the section to book your BidBuddy. Just type in the amount of bids you want to spend on the auction and the BidBuddy will automatically bid for you during the last second of the timer. You then will have the option of adding more bids, or, you can cancel yours bids if you are thinking this is not going to be a successful auction win for you. When cancelling your bids, and unused bids are returned to your bid balance.

If you are the last bidder and “Congratulations” comes across your screen notifying you won, all of your unused bids are also returned to your bid balance. Keep track of your bid balance in two convenient locations. One is at the top or bottom of your screen, next to your winning limit marks and login button and the other is located on your lower profile bar, where you can see your time as highest bidder levels.

DealDash profile bar

Using the BidBuddy can be especially useful when you are really busy or unable to watch the auctions. This can be a real blessing. I have won many auctions setting the BidBuddy and coming back to see my win. It is still exciting to win an auction even if you aren’t watching it right then and there. The BidBuddy let’s you do this. is the best penny auction site and using the tools and advice available to you can make us all “winners”. I hope this helps you better know how and when to use the BidBuddy on DealDash! Happy Bidding!

When To Use BidBuddy

By Joan Vith

high-value auctions

How to Win High-Value Auctions

If I cannot afford to Buy-It-Now, I seldom bid on high-value auctions because I know I will have to let it go and lose all my bids if I do not win.

I’ve been shopping and bidding on DealDash since I joined on February 8, 2012. Here are a few of the high-value auctions I’ve won and some tips on how I did it so that you can hopefully win some high-value auctions too!

high-value auctions

By looking at my list, I can see that most of my best high-value auction wins closed in the early part of the auction and did not require many bids. Therefore, instead of placing 1,000 bids on one high-value item, I believe we would have a much better chance of winning a high-value auction by placing 100 bids on that same auction 10 times. After all, winning is often a matter of being in the right auction at the right time and that would increase our chances of hitting a lucky one.

It might also help to be patient and not bid on high-value auctions until after the well-known power bidders have already won and get eliminated (blocked out) from the competition. For example, screen name RichnBorrd won the $500 Amazon gift card and he already won the $1,000 Amazon gift card, too, so this rich competitor with endless bids has now been blocked from returning to both of those high-value auctions for gift cards. Couples rickyandann and SandraandTom, who appear to be more competitive by putting two incomes together, have also already won the $1,000 Amazon gift card. Therefore, now that they have all been eliminated from that auction, the rest of us might have a better chance of winning it in the future.

I hope this helps you develop your own strategy for how to win a high-value auction on DealDash!

By Barbara Sellers

How DealDash Can Help You Save

How DealDash Can Help You Save

DealDash gives you numerous opportunities to help you save.

For example, I only buy bids when they are on sale. Bids go on sale just about every day of the week so be sure to stay on the look out for these special promotions to help you save on the price of bids. I will usually buy bids when they are down to 15 cents or 16 cents. Occasionally DealDash will even mark the bid price down to 14¢ however it’s more rare.

When making your purchase, be sure to buy enough bids to be able to win what you are looking for. You don’t want to be in the middle of an auction and run out of bids. What if this happens just after a sale ended? Then you might have to pay as much as 60 cents per bid for them and that would raise your bottom line and not help you save.

Another way to help you save is to watch for special promotions when DealDash offers a half off ending price day to the winner. That’s when DealDash pays 50% off the ending price for you. Even better, there is the FREE ending price day to the winner. This is where your winning ending price is free. You will only be charged one cent just to process an official transaction.

Have you ever thought of ways you can you add to these bargains you already get on DealDash to help you save even more? If you have won something like a restaurant gift card at a pretty good price, why not add to it with a local coupon. I occasionally get coupons in the mail from Ruby Tuesday or Olive Garden. I can then use their coupons which may be a buy one get one free entree. I’ll then pay for it with a gift card I won on DealDash and also have the buy one get one free offer.

So if you won a gift card at let’s say 50% off and used a buy one get one coupon at the restaurant, that would bring you down to paying, say five bucks for a steak dinner! Use everything in your arsenal to get the lowest price on products and gift cards. Be creative! Happy bidding!

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By Donna Smith

About author: I’ve been playing on DealDash for over two years, won 275 auctions and love it! 

How DealDash Can Help You Save

Thanksgiving DealDash

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Watching a few of the latest auctions, I decided to write about what Thanksgiving would have looked like with some of our fellow bidder.

While many of the pilgrims came here with the best intentions, so do the majority of DealDash bidders. We buy bids, do a little research and hope that all we have studied helps us become winners. Much like the Pilgrims, the majority of bidders want what they bid on, really don’t care to intimidate or blame, merely want what they perceive as attainable goals. Maybe it is a new chair, a new computer, or a gift card to a favorite restaurant. These are not lofty goals, just a wish list of things that could be.

When a new bidder comes to town, much like the new pilgrims coming to our land; they have a few choices to make. You can be a pleasant addition to the group or village; or, you can be an instigator causing havoc on every auction you bid on. I prefer the former, let’s all bid together, knowing the outcome will be determined by fairness and a little logic making a happy Thanksgiving for all.

If you are a bidder that creates havoc, the auction takes on a whole new life of its own. Stomping, slapping, or just denying anyone time on the free bid meter, makes you an unwelcome guest to any auction. Sort of like showing up for the Thanksgiving feast a day late and expecting the dinner to be great. It usually does not happen that way. Late comers, slappers and stompers may win an auction or two, but over all the wins will go to those who are patient and smart in the bidding process.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow bidders, may the Cornucopia be filled with wonderful DealDash treasures for us all!

By Joan Vith

Thanksgiving DealDash

DealDash Secrets Facebook

Secret to Winning Auctions on DealDash

As my husbands asks from across the room… “Are you on DealDash again?”. Yes, of course! I have a secret to winning auctions and patience patience patience is one of them honey!

That’s right, I have a secret to winning auctions on DealDash and patience is one of them. I will share a few others with you in this blog article. Before I jump right into it, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. First of all, I’ve been shopping on DealDash for over two years now so I’ve had my share of bidding experiences and over the course of these two years I’ve been able to gather what I like to call a secret to winning. I do have a regular job working many hours per week however I’m afforded the luxury of working for a while, breaking a while, back to work and so forth. Fortunately DealDash offers auctions 24 hours per day so I’m able to play at anytime. If you’re just getting stated with DealDash, one thing to keep in mind when joining an auction is to make sure you bid in the auction before the price reaches the $5.00 No Jumper limit.

DealDash also provides a ton of information for you to study which will help give you the best chance at winning and understanding how the auctions work so be sure to take the time and research how to play. For example here’s one article found on the Official DealDash Blog titled: Looking for the Best Time to Bid? Asking These Questions May Help. I could say that simply reading the bidding tips in the blogs about DealDash is a secret to winning auctions.

In my personal experience I find certain bidders are only on at certain times of the day while some people only bid on certain items and others bid on just about everything they can. A secret to winning auctions is to study the habits and the amounts certain bidders are willing to bid. Although bidders may sometimes change their bidding strategies to appear unpredictable, most of the time they fall back to the same bidding patterns.

Another secret to winning auctions on DealDash is to check the average selling price for an item. There’s a couple ways to do this. 1). Log out of your account and visit the particular auction. 2.) Open a new browser window and look at the auction – this prevents you from having to logout of your current browser and log back in. Here’s an article about how look up the average selling price of an item. Knowing the average selling price is a secret to winning auctions because it will give you a good idea as to when you should join the auction and increase your chances of winning.

The blog articles about DealDash post all of this information for you to read and study. Be sure to read the tactics and tips page found on which will also give you some good bidding guidance.

What’s your secret to winning auctions?

Secret to Winning Auctions on DealDash

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Customer Service Superhero

Customer Service Superheros

It’s been said before but I have to say it again. The customer service team at DealDash is the best I’ve ever encountered, like Superheros!

The customer service is so good that I’ve been bidding on DealDash for nearly 2 years and I am as loyal to them as they are to me. One of my favorite things to bid on are the Keurig coffee K-cups. If I don’t win these auctions I always use the Buy it Now feature (BIN) to get my coffee cups and my bids back so that I may continue playing. The BIN is the feature of DealDash that if you have used all of the bids you allotted for an item you can Buy it Now at retail price and get all the bids back for free. So if the item retails at $10.00 the maximum number of bids you should use is 66. That’s $10 divided by price per bid ($0.15). The number of used bids would also depend on the ending price of the item and if it’s free or not. In general if you get to your 66 bids for a $10 item, it’s best to stop bidding and Buy it Now to get your bids back, otherwise you’ll risk overbidding on the product.

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One time I did the obvious and had to BIN a box of coffee. When it arrived it was a week past the “best by” date. At first I thought that was odd. I have never had that happen before. I was actually more worried about it having happen to someone else so I emailed DealDash customer service and in only a few hours they replied. No problem. Either return it to a local store or we can send you a return label to mail it back and we will replace it immediately. DealDash is a company that stands behind their customer service and treats their customers fairly.

In the end I received a new box of coffee and I didn’t have to make my husband drink the old one to see if he noticed any odd flavor. The customer service rep at Deal Dash informed their supplier to not let this happen again. Who could ask for anything more. Way to go DealDash, thanks for treating your customers great! You’re customer service superheros!

Customer Service Superhero



movies on DealDash

Movies For Less on DealDash

On DealDash you can get great deals on many different types of things, especially movies!

I’ve gotten some great deals on movies, much better then if I rented one using my satellite or Apple TV. Having some good movies around is especially great on those rainy weekend days or when the grandchildren are coming over! If you like movies or want to add to your existing DVD collection, look no further then DealDash where you have the opportunity to get some of the best movie deals anywhere!

I had a couple of great wins on DVD’s from DealDash. I bid on the new Superman movie Man of Steel and won it with an ending price of $0.08 and 2 bids for a total of $0.38 with free shipping! I also won the Gravity DVD valued at $15.00 for only 6 bids and ending price of $0.21 for a total of $1.11. You can’t beat that. That’s $ 25.00 worth of movies for only $1.49 and of course all items from DealDash come with free shipping so there’s no need to worry about that.

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DealDash makes it possible to win movies for less than a box of popcorn. Both of these movies came up for auction numerous times so you have many chances at winning them.

Most of the movies that DealDash has up for auction are new releases that haven’t been out for very long. If you missed it at the theatre you can always watch it at home by way of great deals with DealDash. Personally I enjoyed Man of Steel but really didn’t care for Gravity even though I do like Sandra Bullock, but no great loss since I only spent $1.11. I recently ordered a pay per view movie with satellite last week and didn’t like it so much therefore switched it off early; but still had to pay the $6.99. For me it’s been cheaper to win a movie on DealDash instead of rent!

movies on DealDash


To find what movies DealDash has available, simply go to the front home page and use the category filter feature. There’s a section called Video Games, Music & Movies which will allow you to filter the auctions and see just what you’re interested in. You can then move the auctions you like to your bookmarks page by simply staring the auction. DealDash will usually show you all the movies coming up for auction within the next 24 hours.

Enjoy the movies!

movies on DealDash



relax and have fun on DealDash

Relax and Bid to Have Fun!

Don’t let bidding be stressful, have fun with it and relax! After all bidding is supposed to be fun! This is entertainment shopping at it’s best and you’ll find it on DealDash.

So you’re going to sit down, relax and have some fun bidding on Deal Dash. You scroll through the auctions and find two things that you would like and they are starting at almost the exact same time. Darn…. how can you bid on both at the same time? Easy answer, use your Bid Buddy.

You have seen it many times, people placing single bids one after the other. Do they win? Usually not. This is the reason to use the fabulous tool called Bid Buddy. It’s simple, easy to use and will conserve your bids by not placing them until the final second of the auction. Go to the auction you want and set whatever number of bids you would like to spend on that item in the Bid Buddy. Go to the other item you want and do the same thing. Done. Sit back, relax and watch. Have a sip of coffee or a snack and enjoy the fun!

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Occasionally open the item you are on and check the progress. You can add bids or get out of the auction at any time. You will be in that auction until you run out of bids or you pull out yourself and any unused bids are returned to your account. That’s how you use a friend called Bid Buddy. So put your bids in and wait until you win!! No stress about missing the timer if your bid doesn’t get in. No wearing out you finger or bid now button. Relax already. Have Fun. Sometimes I will scroll through other auctions to see what’s coming up and wouldn’t you know I go back to the auction I am in and I have won! So go win something already and take your friend along!

relax and have fun on DealDash You may also like to know 40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less – a blog article by Shana Lebowitz @shanadlebowitz



Chevron Gas Gift Card

Chevron Gas Gift Card Available on DealDash

One of my best DealDash wins ever was for a $100.00 Chevron gas gift card.

I was bidding on this gas gift card during a 50% off to the winner special and I ended up winning it with only 14 bids and an ending price of 50¢! Calculating the cost of my bids and final price and I paid a total amount of only $2.60 for a $100 Chevron gas gift card. All I can say is WOW – to say the least!

One strategy I use when bidding on DealDash is to bid on something as popular as gas cards numerous times. On popular items like a Chevron gas gift card it may take quite a few bids or sometimes you can just get lucky as in this case where I won this gift card at such a great price! Although some items on DealDash will not come up for auction again, I find they put many of the same gift cards up for auction over and over again so everyone can have a chance to win one! If you don’t win in one auction, simply go to the next one, then the next one and so on. Remember to use the Buy it Now option too in case you don’t win so you can get your bids back and try again.

Even if you used a few bids each time the win will be exciting! On average for me it takes a few times bidding on the same item before I end up winning it. I always look at the overall expenditure on a certain item which also includes the cost of my bids. For the Chevron gas gift card I used 14 bids + final price to equal $2.60 total spent. When winning and total it all up, you most likely will always come out ahead. Plus look at all the fun you had bidding on DealDash.

I will be saving this Chevron gas gift card to use on a trip out of town. You can use this gift card at any Chevron or Texaco all over the country. Who doesn’t need gas cards!

So rev the engine and toot your horn for DealDash! Yippee!

Chevron Gas Gift Card

high-risk winning strategies

High-Risk Winning Strategies on DealDash

Some customers can afford to purchase plenty of bids and some cannot. If you only have a small number of bids, you might believe you could never win an auction on DealDash. I have been testing a few high-risk winning strategies for those with only a few bids to prove otherwise. Here’s how they work:

How to use high-risk winning strategies – No. 1

  1. Place one bid before the auction closes at $5 so you do not get locked out with the No Jumper limit.
  2. Go to the winners list and see how much money that same auction closed at the last two or three times it it’s not a one per user auction. If it’s a one per user auction you can get the list of previous winners and prices it sold for directly from the item auction page.
  3. Figure out the average price that item usually sells for and wait until the auction reaches that price before using any more bids.
  4. If more than three bidders are still bidding, wait even longer.
  5. When the auction gets down to the last two bidders, place the rest of your bids into BidBuddy.

How to use high-risk winning strategies – No. 2

  1. Follow the same steps from 1 to 4 above.
  2. When the auction gets down to the last two bidders, wait until they use up another 10 to 100 bids (based on the value of the item and at what point the last two bidders entered the auction).
  3. For every 2 to 6 bids the other bidders place, use only one of yours.

Of course, both of these are high-risk winning strategies (especially the second one) because the auction could close before you even get into the game. However, I did win some auctions using the first strategy and came awfully close two times (right next to the winner) using the second one.

high-risk winning strategies

Written by Barbara Sellers, aka SorryMyTurn. Barbara is a retired Army newspaper journalist. She has been shopping on since February 2012 and has reached level 46. 



adapt to your environment

Adapt To Be Successful on DealDash

I have seen and experienced a lot of changes in the bidding habits of long-time bidders, which I presume have occurred because of new bidders and of course the need to adapt.

Having been on for over two years now, I have watched and participated in many auctions. I have had to adapt my own bidding strategies by tweaking, readjusting and tweaking again in order to be successful and stay competitive. Knowing that you’ll have to adapt and continuously adjust your bidding strategy is important and will help you stay competitive too. What may have worked for you six months ago may likely no longer be a viable bidding strategy.

While “newbies” have had the advantage to adapt quickly by reading some great tips and hints about being successful on auctions, not all of them have taken the time to adapt to those tips and have instead used all of their bids on any and all auctions.

In a recent bidding experience with several 2014 bidders, many were using their bid buddy and what I would call “playing nicely in the sand box”. Unfortunately, just because someone is using the bid buddy and letting others earn their time for free bids, they can also be driving up the cost of winning an auction. Rather than being focused on one or two auctions, one particular bidder was bidding aggressively on more than four (4) auctions at the same time! Since he had already won 5 of his 6 win allotments for DealDash’s Weekly Winning Limits.

The mentality of driving up prices and hoping to get “lucky” on one of those four auctions caused the price on all of the auctions to be higher. Of course knowing your DealDash competition is critical if you would like to win the auction. If you want to win and experience the “deal” in DealDash, then stay focused, use your time and bids wisely and adapt to different bidding strategies. We all benefit from those strategies. Happy Bidding!

By Joan Vith

adapt to your environment