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steven raichlen

The Potato Grill Rack by Steven Raichlen is AMAZING!

I have been shopping and winning on DealDash for over 2 years and recently discovered an amazing item by Steven Raichlen.

I generally bid on the things that everybody knows like gift cards for restaurants, retailers like Walmart, and online stores like Amazon. I also love kitchen items and have bid on well-known brands like Rachael Ray and Paula Deen. So who in the world is Steven Raichlen and how come I haven’t heard of him before?

This is where you do your homework. You can Google just about everything these days so I googled Steven Raichlen. Well come to find out I have been living under a rock. He is a well-known journalist, tv host, and culinary writer. He put out numerous books and is an award-winning writer. They say he has reinvented modern BBQ. Well slap me! I think I might bid on his stainless potato grill rack which DealDash is auctioning off!

Steven Raichlen Stainless Potato Grill Rack

When I received the potato rack it took a few days before I actually used it. When I did it was amazing! It made the best baked potatoes I have ever had! You use this potato grill rack on the outside BBQ. Just start the potatoes before you start your meat.

Just like described it cooks the potato faster than in the oven. If you rub it with a little olive oil and salt, cook it until it is done in the middle you get a nice crisp skin on it. I love a crispy skin! I liked this product so much I had to get another one to have in the camper. Not a problem, there will be another auction again for this product. That is the good thing about DealDash. If you want a second of an item you liked so much you can bid again on the same product so long it’s not a one-per-user item.

In the end I won one rack for a penny and used the Buy it Now on the other one to get my bids back.

So when shopping on DealDash, you can bid on things you know or try bidding on things that you have no idea who made them and you might be surprised with how great the item is!

Check out this YouTube video where Steven Raichlen shows how to make BBQ Beer Can Chicken!

Shopping for Deals on the Necessities

Shopping for deals on necessities is made easier with DealDash and is happening right now.

When shopping for deals online most people would think about electronics, kitchen appliances, yard tools, televisions, and computers. That’s because these items are generally cheaper online, or you can check numerous suppliers for the best deal.

While all of these items are available on DealDash, did you know that you can be shopping for deals on everyday household items too? Everyone uses things like dishwasher detergent, paper towels, dish soap, Kleenex, and toilet paper. Yes, I said toilet paper. These items that DealDash offers are not the dollar store off-brand items, either. Most days and numerous times throughout the day you will find brands like Tide Pods, Bounty paper towels, Scott, Finish dishwasher detergent, and Dawn dish soap.

Toilet Paper

Just like commercials will try to tell you, it has been my experience that using a better made product will save you money in the long run. You will end up using twice as much of the cheap brand to do the same amount of work.

Another good thing about shopping for deals on DealDash is that as time goes by they will change and add new products as necessary. I started shopping on DealDash over 2 years ago, and at that time I never saw these products come up in auction. When they were first added I thought “Really? Toilet paper and soap?” Well, people need these items too, so why not? After all, if you can save money on everything else then why not everyday items too?

Plus which is more fun, going to the big box stores and dealing with people who get in your way when you are in a hurry and checking out in a long line, or sitting at your desk with a good cup of coffee? Which by the way, you won on Deal Dash, by bidding and having much more fun!

Keep in mind that these products come up frequently over time and you do not have to bid on each and every one. If you go to the auction’s page you can type in the item you are looking for and find it that way. Or you can go to the category that these products are listed in and put it on your bookmark page.

If the item is listed but not scheduled yet you can set a reminder and DealDash will notify you when it does come up. Then when you sit down to bid and have some fun you will know exactly what to bid on that particular day. Most of the products I talked about are necessities that people purchase monthly, so be patient. You don’t want to stock up too much or you won’t have a place to put these things. Or someone might think that you have lost your mind and are hoarding toilet paper!

So grab a cup of coffee, check the auctions you put on your bookmark page, and have fun bidding!


Restaurant Gift Cards on DealDash

Hungry? Get a Deal on Restaurant Gift Cards

Did you know that DealDash could make it possible for you to never cook again? It’s true. Whether at home, away, or a combination of both you can get great deals on restaurant gift cards from DealDash.

For breakfast you have a choice between Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King, or Subway. I prefer Dunkin’, they have good coffee, donuts, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches. Burger King is OK if you can stomach fast food. My husband travels weekly and would prefer not to have Subway sandwiches because he has eaten so many while traveling. It’s to the point of calling him “Jared“. You even have a choice of IHop and Cracker Barrel if you want a hearty sit down kind of breakfast.

For lunch and dinner you have many great options. Some restaurant gift cards cover more than one establishment because of the parent company. This makes your choice on where to eat while traveling even more convenient. On one card you have Outback, Carrabba’s, Roy’s, and Bonefish Grill – one of my favorites. You must try their “bang, bang shrimp,” it’s to die for.

Restaurant Gift Cards

On the Darden brand card you have Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn, and Bahama Breeze. There are many single restaurant gift cards like Panera Bread, Chili’s, Applebee’s, Red Robin, Texas Roadhouse, TGI Friday’s, and Ruby Tuesday’s. I know I have missed some because there are so many to choose from.

So when my husband and I travel, if even for just a day, I pull my little case of cards out. Then I read the signs on the exits that give you a list of places to eat, and tell my husband what our choices are. He knows for sure we will not eat anywhere that I don’t have a card for, heaven forbid. I think it’s quite ingenious myself.

Try to keep in mind how many restaurant gift cards that you have to choose from. My recommendation is to bid on numerous different cards so you can have many choices. You can stick to the outlets of your choice while at home but it would be to your advantage to have different cards when you travel either for work or pleasure. Bid on numerous auctions using your BidBuddy, but never use so many bids that it would take you past the break-even point. Always get out of the auction before that occurs. It is not necessary to overbid. You can use the BIN (Buy it Now) on the gift card and get all of your bids back. You would still end up saving if you use the BIN card with another one that you got for a really good deal. You always have to look at the bottom line, plus it’s just really fun to say “Where do you want to eat, I have a card I won on DealDash!”  

Happy Bidding!


Dunkin Donuts Gift Card


A new product that DealDash has offered up for auction recently is EOS lip balm. EOS stands for “Evolution Of Smooth.”

The EOS company was founded in 2006 in New York, and while it’s most popular product is the lip balm that everyone from teens to grandma loves, they also make shave cream, body lotion, and hand cream.

EOS focuses on making products with natural and organic ingredients. There are many flavors and scents, including: Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, Tangerine, Lemon Drop, and more! You can get EOS in the United States, Canada, China, and Hong Kong. Some of the places that carry EOS are: Target, Wal*Mart, and our favorite, DealDash!

EOS is a really great lip balm, I have many different flavors, and I was very excited to see that DealDash was going to start having EOS up for bid. EOS is a very smooth lip balm, and everyone I know just loves how the container is a little egg shape.

Eos Summer Fruit Lip Balm, 0.25 oz

Eos Summer Fruit Lip Balm, 0.25 oz

DealDash has the Summer Fruit EOS lip balm up for bid soon, and it’s one of my favorites. My suggestion to you would be to go ahead and hit the “Alert Me” button on the auction page, and DealDash will send you an email when the EOS lip balm will be coming up within a day or so, and then you can book your bids into your Bid Buddy. I would go ahead and book as many bids into the Bid Buddy as it would take to reach the BIN (Buy It Now) price, and then sit back and wait to see if you win!

Good luck everyone!

Written by Dawn Xu, a mom of 2 living in Massachusetts. I love DealDash and YouTube, so I make “Unboxing” videos of my DealDash WINs. If you would like to see one of my DealDash themed videos, click here.

Attention Coffee Lovers! DealDash has your fix!

Do we have any drinkers out there?  I’m not talking about adult beverages people! This is a “G” rated site.  I mean coffee, tea and cocoa, of course.

I had you going for a minute, didn’t I? I believe it would be against the law for Deal Dash to offer anything stronger. I know they can’t ship adult beverages across state lines. But if you love coffee and tea you are in the right place.

Before joining DealDash I had already purchased a Keurig brewer. I fell in love with it except for how costly it can be to purchase the coffee. I usually drink 3-4 cups per day. So over a week’s time that can come to 21-24 cups a week. In the old days boxes of coffee had 18 cups in them, but times have changed. You still pay about the same for a box but now there are only 12 cups, did you notice that? You can end up spending close to $60 a month on coffee! Really? I guess you should not add that up. I won’t get into the environmental factor of how many little plastic cups we are all throwing away using these K-cup packs, however Keurig is working on it.

Keurig Green Mountain’s efforts for increased sustainability

Keurig Green Mountain has VUE brewing systems available, which utilize recyclable #5 plastics in their coffee pod construction. They also have reusable K-Cup containers. Long term, Keurig Green Mountain has set 2020 as the target date for which they intend all K-Cups to be 100% recyclable.[13] They plan to accomplish this by replacing the non-recyclable hybrid #7 plastics used in the K-Cups today with fully recyclable #5 plastics, as well as finding ways to make separating the components of K-Cups for recycling easier.[13] They also intend to offer more programs nationwide for the responsible disposal of K-Cups.

So here’s where DealDash, what I consider to be the best online auction site in the world, comes in to help. They offer the top name brands in coffee and give you the chance to win incredible deals! I have either won or used the Buy It Now on many boxes of coffee. Most of the boxes of coffee on Deal Dash have 18 cups instead of 12. There are brands like Green Mountain, Starbucks, 8 O’Clock, Donut Shop, and Tully’s. Deal Dash also offers Tazo Tea, iced tea, flavored coffee, and hot chocolate. You can drink ’til your hearts content!


search “coffee” on DealDash to filter your coffee search

I had so many boxes of coffee and tea I had to add additional shelves to a big closet under the staircase. It looked like a grocery store in there. When a few friends used to come over for a long weekend I would normally have to take out the old 12-cupper to make enough coffee, but not anymore!  My friends know how expensive the K-cups can be so they try not to drink as much coffee when they are here. You should have seen their faces when I opened up the closet and said “take your pick”. They said, let me guess, Deal Dash. Yup!

My tip when you are bidding on DealDash is to put in enough bids to break even on the total out-of-pocket expense. If you don’t win you can BIN (Buy It Now). You will get all your bids back to use again on another box of coffee, get free shipping, and on average you will save you a lot of money on something you use everyday. You might want to get some decaf too!

Happy Bidding.

Keurig Coffee K-Cups


How Black and Decker Makes the Kitchen More Fun

Are you serious, Black and Decker isn’t just making quality tools but also things for the kitchen?

For the longest time Black and Decker has had the reputation for producing quality tools for all kind of jobs around the house. I have several items such as drills and battery-powered screw drivers that I used all the time after moving into my new home. Having a quality brand to depend on makes doing household fix-it’s a lot easier and stress free.

Several weeks ago I noticed DealDash had a lot of household items for the kitchen made by Black and Decker. Since I had not associated the brand with kitchen appliances I was hesitant, yet curious to see what retail prices were like and whether or not these appliances could be won in auctions for less than retail. I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of the auctions were going for reasonable prices and I decided to watch for Black and Decker kitchen items my family or I might need.

How many choppers and dicers have you been through? I have gone through a ton since setting up household a long time ago. I have never found one that did the dicing or chopping the way I liked it, so lo and behold DealDash has a Black and Decker 1 ½ cup electric chopper on auction. I thought why not try to win one? I don’t make potato salad much any more because all that chopping and dicing is a lot of work. I set my bid buddy (your best friend when bidding) and waited to see if I could win. I did! Congratulations across the screen is a wonderful feeling.

For only $1.61 the Black and Decker chopper was mine. When it arrived so quickly (DealDash shipping is awesome!) I could not wait to try it and see how it worked. It works so well that I could chop a whole 3lb bag of onions in just a few seconds! I am not kidding. For such a small product and not all that expensive if you had to buy it, the Black and Decker chopper/dicer is fantastic!

Thanks DealDash, what a great find!

Black and Decker Electric Chopper

rubbermaid deals

Great Deals on Rubbermaid Products

A few months ago I noticed an auction for some Rubbermaid Take Along containers.

They caught my eye because they were packaged in a large reusable tub that can be used to store other items in. The tub itself is a great benefit since you can see through it and know what you have packed inside.

I have two married children and they are always needing more to-go containers. The lids get lost, the dishwasher eats some of them, and the containers get left at school or at work. It can be really expensive to go out and buy more of these containers so I decided to get these Rubbermaid containers from DealDash.

I have used Rubbermaid products in the kitchen for over 25 years. I have never been disappointed with the quality of anything with the Rubbermaid brand. The plastic is durable, my dish racks and drainers last for years, seals are tight-fitting, spatulas never wear down, and being able to see inside these containers when sealed is a real benefit, too.

I only tried once to win the auction for the Rubbermaid 60-piece take along set. It was my lucky day! Not only did I win the auction on DealDash but it did not cost many bids either, the auction cost me $5.53. This was for a 60 piece set of quality Rubbermaid containers in all shapes and sizes. What fun it was for me to share my DealDash win with my family!

rubbermaid container set

Won on! Click to view!

We all shared the different sizes and I was able to get new containers to replace older containers that I have been using for years. The rest of my family got all kinds of pieces too, and I know the Rubbermaid brand won’t let them down in durability and quality.

Thanks DealDash for having such great every day items we can win! With the quality brands available I always know if I don’t win the auction I can Buy It Now and be completely satisfied with my purchase, plus…..I get all my bids back for free!


cheesecake stuffed strawberries

Sweet Wins and KitchenAid Desserts

DealDash is the BEST bidding site I have ever been on. It is easy to win, a lot of fun, and a great place to discover sweet KitchenAid desserts!

I have won many items on Deal Dash. My most memorable win is the time I won the 6 quart KitchenAid Stand mixer during a free to the winner weekend! This stand mixer retails for $600 and I only used 326 bids to win it! 326 bids @ 15¢ per bid = $48.90.

DealDash has great promotions such as discount bids as low as 14¢, 50% off wins, and even FREE wins!  Well it was one of those times when they were doing a FREE win promotion and I was bidding on a cheaper 4 quart stand mixer that everyone else seemed to bidding on as well. Just as I thought I should go all in, the 6 quart stand mixer auction started so I decided to go all in on that instead and I left the other auction. This was a great decision because the next thing you know I got a notification telling me that I won!!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Blue

Won with 326 Bids on

I did not have to pay for the win and DealDash always has free shipping! I love bidding on Deal Dash!  I received the KitchenAid stand mixer in no time at all and I was able to use it for the holidays. The first thing I made was bread. The dough came out perfect! I also made a wonderful cream cheese icing that I stuffed in strawberries…YUM! They were a big hit at my holiday get together and the KitchenAid stand mixer allowed me to make a lot without the work. Here is the recipe:

cheesecake stuffed strawberries

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

  • 1 lb strawberries
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup confectioner sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Graham crackers

1. Cut the top of the strawberries and core to create a hole.

2. Using your KitchenAid stand mixer cream together room temperature cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until smooth and creamy.

3. Using a zip lock bag, pipe the cream cheese icing into strawberries.

4. Crush graham crackers and dip the cream cheese end into it.

5. Place in refrigerator and let cool.


Thank you DealDash for my KitchenAid stand mixer! I love it and your site!!!

By DealDasher crissyxoxo – shopping on DealDash since 2012. 

This year is my third year of bidding on online auctions. I began like many others with a few sites I really liked, a few that were not very good, and others that were outright bad news.

Being fairly new to online auctions I was not sure what I needed to look for or what my expectations were. Winning was the goal, of course, but being a winner beyond the “Beginner” stage where winning was pretty much a given took a lot of perseverance and money to become a winner with any consistency.

I began the process of elimination where most sites were eliminated because shipping was horrific and sometimes scary whether or not you would actually receive your wins. Once I narrowed down my choices to two or three sites, it became clearer every week why DealDash is really the best and most fair out of all the online auctions available today.

The free bids offered to bidders are unique to DealDash. While other sites offer special promotions for free bids of one type or another, DealDash offers free bids to anyone who is bidding and spends time at the top of an auction. The “free bid” meter at the bottom of the bidders screen shows the amount of winner time necessary to earn free bids.

Collect free bids when bar fills up

At first those bids 10,20,30, 40 came very quickly and it was nice to get them just for bidding on auctions you would bid on without an incentive.  If you read some of the other blogs written, some winners actually have earned their free bids during an auction that was quite costly, meaning they bid 500 or more bids on the auction and got to claim their free bids during or right after the auction win. If you have gotten to a higher level you can earn more than 500 bids for free!

Look around at other sites, there are no other offers out there that are not gimmicks of some sort. By offering the free bid meter to all bidders without any exclusions everyone who bids on DealDash is earning their fair share of free bids. Fair and honest are two words that describe DealDash and they have earned the right to say so, they truly are.

Online Auctions vs DealDash


Decorate Your Home with DealDash

Decorate Your Home with DealDash

Has anyone been paying attention to some of the really unique and interesting items that DealDash offers up to decorate the home? They seem to have some really great items to decorate every room of your home.

I’ll take you through room by room and show you some of the items that you can bid on that will help your home look wonderful.

Kitchen or Dining Room

Dale Tiffany Flower Vases. Who doesn’t like a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table? DealDash offers a few different types of flower vase, and they are all beautiful.

Dale Tiffany Spring Time Porcelain Vase

Sold for $0.51 on


DealDash has started offering the Interdesign Twigz toilet paper roll stand in bronze, and I am seriously contemplating not putting a toilet paper holder in one of my bathrooms in my new house, because I love this beautiful stand so much, it’s really a work of art, even though it’s meant to hold toilet paper! DealDash also offers different bathroom accessories such as soap and toothbrush holders that will make your bathroom look very put together.

InterDesign Twigz Toilet Paper Roll

Sold for $0.63 on


DealDash always has desks available, some of them are very business-like, but others are really beautiful decorator pieces, my favorite one is Sauder Harbor View Computer Armoire. It holds your computer and all of your miscellaneous papers, but when you fold it up and close the doors it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture that would look at home even in the fanciest house.

Sauder Harbor View Computer Armoire

Sold for $0.17 on

Living/Family Room

One of my favorite things that DealDash offers that would look great in any living room is the Southern Enterprises Loft Portable Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace. It’s made with glass and brushed nickel, and it looks not only fancy but also really is functional and puts out heat.

Southern Enterprises Loft Portable Indoor / Outdoor Fireplace

Kid’s Bedroom

There are SO many adorable things that DealDash offers for a kid’s bedroom, it’s hard to just pick just one to tell you about. Since I have both a boy and a girl, I will go with something gender neutral, and that is the Peel and Stick Wall Decals! DealDash has many, many different kinds, just a few examples are: Hello Kitty (my favorite), Cars the Movie, Alphabet Animals, Cupcakes, Puppies, and many more. Kids love these decals to decorate, and the best part is you can easily remove them and put up new ones without any damage to your walls.

Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Master Bedroom

My suggestion for the Master Bedroom might surprise you, since you are probably thinking that I am going to suggest something expensive for this last room, but my favorite item from DealDash to decorate my bedroom is the WBM Himalayan Salt Table Lamp. It serves multiple purposes, it’s a very pretty and unique lamp, but it’s also a natural air purifier. I love mine, and it always makes me feel very soothed when I turn it on.

WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp

I hope that some of my DealDash decorating suggestions have inspired you. Go out and bid your way to a more beautiful home!

My name is Dawn and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love YouTube almost as much as DealDash. If you would like to see one of my newest “Unboxings” that feature DealDash WINs please visit the link below:

Tide Pods

Ways to Save with Tide Pods

When you shop on DealDash nearly every day like I do, you will see many of the same items come up several times during the day and night. Tide Pods are one of those useful items.

Since my friend started using the Tide Pods she claims to be saving a lot of money since she is no longer doing a “free pour” from the Tide liquid jugs.  The Tide Pods are single use detergent and whitener all in one. They are convenient to use, and end up saving you money while using a quality product like Tide.  Who doesn’t like clean clothes that smell great too???

I bid on the Tide Pods and was not able to win the auction, however I wanted to try them so I used the buy it now feature DealDash offers and got all of my bids back for free, the pods shipped for free, and they arrived very quickly. These are some of the reasons why it’s so much fun to shop on DealDash. You really cannot lose.

So having used the Tide pods myself I now see how convenient they are and my friend was right, they do save you money. I never worry about my clothes coming clean and they smell great too.

I decided to try to win another Tide Pod auction so I could surprise my friend with her own Tide Pods from DealDash. Using my bid buddy to set the amount of bids I was willing to spend, I realized more auctions were coming up with the same item. I stayed with the original auction and won! This was a free auction week so not only did I win the Tide Pods but I only paid 1 cent for the win! Now that is savings! Yes, I can count the cost of the bids into the final price (83), but this time these were FREE bids too.

We are all on budgets and the free bids, free auctions and free shipping makes shopping on DealDash a wonderful way to save.  I can’t wait to give my friend her surprise DealDash gift!

Deals on Tide Pods

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

I am originally from North Carolina, I moved up here to Massachusetts in 2004, so you would think that I would be used to the weather by now! However, every time the weather turns cold I dread the ice and the snow. Luckily, Dealdash offers some awesome winter products, including Snow Joe!

The first product that DealDash offers that’s great for the winter is probably the most obvious– The snow blower! There are a few different brands, but the one that I think that I see come up most often is the Snow Joe brand. There are a few different varieties of the Snow Joe, but the one that I think I see come up most often is the 18” electric snow blower. 18” is a great width for a snow blower– It’s wide enough for a sidewalk or walkway, and perfect for a small to medium size driveway. It’s the perfect size because it takes much less space to store than one of the wider ones, yet it still has a lot of snow clearing power. This snow blower has a 13.5 AMP motor, which translates into being able to move up to 800 pounds of snow per minute! Can you imagine how much your back will thank you when you use this snow blower from DealDash?

Another great winter product that DealDash offers is ice scrapers with brushes for the car! I have no idea how, but it seems like I misplace my ice scraper every year or so and need to get a new one. It was time to get a new one this year, and I was so happy that I started seeing them come up for bid on DealDash last month. The one that I got was the Hoppy Ice Crusher Extendable Snow brush, and I have used it a few times since it arrived. It breaks up the ice really well, and the extending brush is really great for shorter people (like me!) to be able to brush the snow off of the top of the car. I am really very happy with it, it feels very sturdy and works well. Dealdash also offers a smaller scraper, made by Snow Joe, that has a brass blade and is compact and perfect to stash in your glove compartment for when you need it.

These great winter products come up pretty often on DealDash, so my best advice would be to do a search for the winter product that you are interested in and hit the blue “Alert Me” button at the bottom of the product screen, and DealDash will send you an email when there is one coming up for bid soon. That way you will know when they are coming, and you can go book your Bid Buddy! Good luck Winning some great winter items!

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

My name is Dawn, and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love DealDash as well as YouTube, if you would like to see one of my DealDash “unboxing” videos, check out the link below:

circut Expression 2 Teal

Cricut Crafting Machines Available on DealDash

I love all things creative, from sewing to embroidery to scrap booking to painting. Scrap booking is something that the whole family can enjoy, and I am very hopeful that my kids will be crafty, like Mommy. DealDash has the tools to help me succeed with that goal.

You may have noticed that DealDash has kid’s craft sets from time to time, some of the sets I have seen are The ALEX Toys Loop ‘n Loom weaving kit, The Sew Cool Machine, The Knitting Machine Set for Kids, and many more. This is great for a crafty Mommy, because sometimes it’s hard to show kids how to be creative with adult craft supplies. With these fun kid’s kits it’s much easier to get them started.

circut Expression 2 Teal

Another thing that I am really excited that DealDash offers is die cutting machines. There are three machines in particular that DealDash offers, two of them are made by the Provo Craft company, called Cricut machines. There is the Expressions 2, and also the Explore that I have seen offered on DealDash. These are very expensive machines, The Expressions 2 goes for $241, however the last time that it was offered on DealDash was November 26th, and the final auction price was only $3.04, and the winner actually only had to pay a 1 penny transaction fee, because it was offered on a Free Auction Weekend. The other machine that has been offered a few times on DealDash is the Brother ScanNCut Home and Hobby Cutting Machine, which goes for a whopping $491! However, I have seen this machine have a variety of final auction prices, the lowest of which was only $4.05!!! All of these machines are great quality scrap booking and home hobby cutting machines, and I am lucky enough to own the Cricut Explore. I am definitely looking to expand my collection to include the Expressions 2 the next time it is offered up for bid.

The last crafty thing that I would like to bring to your attention that DealDash has quite frequently, and that is both sewing and embroidery machines. DealDash has quite a few different models of Brother sewing machines up for bid, two of the ones that I see most often are the Brother 17 Stitch Machine, and the Brother 20 Stitch machine. I personally was lucky enough to WIN the Brother 20 Stitch sewing machine just last week for only $14.06! That was a great WIN for me, because my old sewing machine is really on it’s last legs! So thank you DealDash, you saved me from having to spend full price on a new sewing machine!!

If you are interested in WINning any of these great creative products I would suggest to you that you do your research before you bid, and figure out exactly how many bids that you are willing to spend on each item. Once you figure that out you should book your Bid Buddy and let it do the work for you. It’s really the best feeling to book your Bid Buddy and come back to find out that you have won. Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone.

My name is Dawn, and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love DealDash as well as YouTube, if you would like to see one of my DealDash “unboxing” videos, check out the link below:


Auld Lang Syne meaning Times Gone By


Auld Lang Syne meaning Times Gone By. This is the feeling I have as a veteran bidder even though I only joined DealDash in 2012.

I have seen other bidders who had their bidder anniversary dates as long ago as 2010, so I certainly can’t count myself in that group of long-timers.

As we learn to bid on DealDash and what types of others are bidding we cannot forget some of the bidders who made us really angry or upset, or the bidder who was relentless and would not quit. These and other types of bidders are what keep us coming back day after day. The hope is the negative bidders or those who make you feel hopeless are not in the auctions at the same time you are. This at least makes you feel like winning is a possibility.

Since DealDash is the most fair and honest deal site there is online it is easier to learn how to bid and what to watch for. There are a lot of tips and advice points on their website that make it a lot easier to learn how to win and what to avoid. There are two ways to identify new bidders: the start date they joined DealDash or the immediate outbidding which they think will make them winners. A little education on the bidding process keeps most newcomers in the game a lot longer than those who know nothing about how the auctions work. 

I look back on 2014 and wonder what happened to some of the bidders who made their presence felt quite strongly and now have disappeared. What happened to these bidders? I could name some user names who made the auctions quite challenging and difficult to win for what I call a “deal”.  While they made the auction wins more elusive, I  will remember them with a smile, knowing the ”beat them at all cost” attitude is not what wins auctions, but education and discipline does.  For “Auld Lang Syne, my friend, drink a cup of kindness . . . . ..


Black & Decker

Deals on Black & Decker and Remington

Have you ever run across an item that you thought would make a job easier if you had it? That’s one reason why DealDash is here. I constantly find new and interesting from brand names like Black & Decker and Remington that I didn’t know I needed, and when I start using it I wonder why I hadn’t thought about it before.

Once I have used the item a couple of times it even starts getting fun! DealDash is how the Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer and the Remington Pole Saw came into my life. I needed to do some end of the year cleanup of bushes and trees, and our old chain saw and hedge trimmer were just worn out. I really didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on equipment that we would use once then put up for winter. I had never even thought about using the electric variety.

Remington Pole Saw


Black & Decker and Remington are pretty good versions of these items. I like not having to worry about gas, and these versions are a lot lighter and easier to use. I started trimming away and just couldn’t stop! It was fun! Then my husband wanted his turn and I couldn’t give it up. Just be careful when you’re trimming bushes not to cut your electrical cord.

Now the yard is nice and tidy, and there is no maintenance needed to put these items up for winter. They will be ready for next spring, all you do is plug them in.

One thing to wonder about on an item you never used before is how much do you like it, and how much is someone else going to like it? How many bids will this cost you? Are you willing to BIN (Buy-It-Now) on something like this? To get an idea you can use the average selling price of an item and the Winner’s list.

On the main page you will find a link to the Winner’s page. If you have been watching an item and the item has been sold just click on “Winners,” and you can scroll down to see how much it ended up being won for. Another good way to find information on an item is to see what the average selling price has been. When your item is coming up shortly you will need to log out and go to the auctions page. You will need to find the auction that you are interested in, and if you click on the item it will give you the average selling price for that product. That way, you can get an idea if it was very popular or not and decide if you want it. These are just some of the tools that DealDash offers to aid you in being a good bidder, and getting things for what you would like to pay at least most of the time.

Happy Bidding everyone!


Black & Decker 16-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker 16-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer retails for $43, but the average selling price on DealDash auctions is $5.37 (87% OFF!)


How Moms and Grandmas are Winning and Saving

I think many of the bidders on DealDash would be surprised to find out that the majority of us are female. The majority of the bidders who you think are so aggressive are actually Moms and Grandmas; and they are winning and saving BIG on DealDash!

DealDash has been the most honest site I have bid on since I started bidding on the web a few years ago.  My brother was an advocate of several different penny auction sites, and yet he kept expressing to me that I may want to try bidding on DealDash since there were so many auctions for me to choose from. However, I did not want a case of snacks and/or potato chips, and at the beginning there were a lot of auctions for those types of items.

I decided to give DealDash a go and see what I could win. I bought my first bid pack, 200 bids, which seemed like it should be enough. I had read nothing about how to bid, what the bid buddy was, or any of the tips and suggestions for being successful. I quickly slapped my way through the 200 bids and complained loudly to customer service about how awful I thought the site was. Customer Service at DealDash is the best of any site on which I have bid. They responded very quickly and returned some of my bids to me so I began anew.

Two-plus years later I am a returning bidder every week to try my luck with auctions. My expectations are that I will win an auction, but the Buy-It-Now option (purchasing the item at fair market value and getting my bids back for the item I did not win) is still a win-win since I can bid again with those re-cycled bids. I am only aggressive on auctions when someone slaps me or takes my time off the clock. I do enjoy those fireworks when “Congratulations” comes across the screen, and it is a sense of triumph when I win. I give away a lot of my auction wins and I try to win things with others in mind. I do work full-time, so my bidding time is limited to the early morning hours and evenings. This is a little about me; so who are we?  I think we are all vastly different from each other, and yet have similar goals. Why not tell us who you are?

DealDash has possibly the most up to date and well-made line of products anywhere. I just love bidding on kitchen items. One of the best product lines is the Paula Deen cookware.

Ok, so Paula Deen has had some issues, but who hasn’t? Some people just get into the spotlight more than others. I personally believe she just got caught in the middle more so than others have. That does not have anything to do with the quality of her brand. The line of red cookware is not only functional it is also very pretty to look at. I leave the red kettle on my stove at all times. One does need a splash of color!

Paula Dean Teakettle Deal

Won for $8.68 on DealDash!

I also have two of her 2 quart saucepans, the 5.5 quart casserole, and her paring knives. I liked the paring knives so much (which comes with all 3 knives each in their own case) that I got another set for my girlfriend for her birthday.

Paula Deen Pairing Knives Deal

Won for $9.52 on DealDash!

Sometimes you want to shop. Sometimes you want to save some money. Sometimes you are bored and have nothing to do. Sometimes you want to play a game. Sometimes you have no earthly idea what to do with yourself. For all of these there is a solution – DealDash!

At some point in the last two years that I have been bidding on Deal Dash I have frequently fallen into one of these categories or possibly a combination of them. The most important aspect of any reason to bid on Deal Dash (and I believe this happens most of the time) is that it is fun. Bidding on DealDash is very fun almost each and every time.  Deals…you bet. Cool products…you bet. Uses up free time…you bet. If I wasn’t writing this I would be bidding! It’s just a lot of fun and a different way to shop!

Browse the DealDash website and use all of the useful tips and tricks that DealDash is more than happy to give you. Deal Dash wants you to have a good time bidding and winning! The bookmark page is a very useful tool.  Look up the auctions that you would love to bid on and put those on the bookmark page. The is no maximum on how many items you can put here, but fair warning, the human in you can not keep track of too many at once. You can bookmark a few auctions that come up around the same time, and then put up a few more for later and even the next day. So bookmark a few at a time and bid til your heart’s content. Happy bidding all.


cosco steel step stool

A Great Deal on the Cosco Step Stool

As I have begun putting away all of the Christmas and holiday decorations this winter,  I would like to share one of my DealDash experiences using the Cosco Step Stool.

Being vertically challenged all my life, step stools are a way of life for me.  I have been using the same wooden hand-crafted step stool for at least 25 years.  It is nice and small, easy to use, but it is sometimes a little hard to store away.  So, I have kept it out in the kitchen area for a long time.  Recently DealDash had a small Cosco step stool that caught my eye and I decided to try to win the auction.  DealDash usually offers the same item a few times during the day or week so if I did not win the first auction I could try again.  I placed my bids on Bid Buddy, the only way I play, but this auction went to someone else.  Since I had used quite a few bids in the auction I decided to use the Buy It Now option and got all of my bids back for free (another unique and great thing about DealDash).  I placed my order, and in just a few days my step stool arrived.  Wow!  What a great find this is!  It is light weight, folds away easily, locks in place when you use it, and can be put just about anywhere until you need it again.

cosco steel step stool

This Christmas my daughter came over to bring me my new Christmas tree I bought at Target (with my DealDash purchased and won gift cards).  She is quite a bit taller than I am, but as she assembled the tree she needed just a little more height.  Alas, there is the new Cosco step stool in the other room.  She grabbed it to use and thought “Here goes a struggle.”  To her delight, it was easy to unfold and lock in place.  Not at all heavy to carry, and she got the top of the tree just right.  Of course she had to tell me what a great stool that was and ask “Where did you find it?”  Always happy to share my DealDash stories, I told her I had purchased it for only $22, got all my bids back, and free shipping too.  She thought that was quite a deal and she would love to have one of her own.

I set about my mission in December and found the same stool up for auction.  This time I won!  The auction ended for $4.46.  So, for a total of $26.46 I got two quality Cosco step stools that are really nice, one serves me well, and I got a really good deal for my daughter.  Putting away my Christmas decorations has been a whole lot easier than past winters.  We love DealDash and the products they offer. What a great site!

By Joan Vith


Pearl Harbor DVD Set

The Best Bidding Sites

Online bidding sites are super hot right now. I found this out for myself when I started using Deal Dash. I’ve been an avid bidder on the site for a couple of years now. Once you win an auction or two, you are hooked. Hooked in a good way, though.

On Deal Dash, you are able to purchase bid packs that allow you to bid on great name brand products. It’s not a bunch of clearance junk like on other bidding sites. Deal Dash allows you to bid on products one penny at a time. While the bids themselves can range from $0.12 up to $0.20 each in the bid packs, they allow you the opportunity to win incredible deals. Not only can you save money on Deal Dash, but you also have fun!

One of my first experiences on Deal Dash was amazing. I won the Pearl Harbor 2 Disc Anniversary Edition for $0.07. Yes that is 7 cents! It was a movie that would have normally cost me anywhere from $13-$20 if I bought it online.

pearl harbor anniversary dvd

The bidding experience is a lot of fun. You get to see familiar faces in the rooms as you tweak your bidding skills. Of course, there are times you can’t win or someone in the room becomes a “bid stomper”. A bid stomper is someone who doesn’t allow the clock to run down before placing another bid.

Another thing I like is that DealDash allows bidders on the site to regain bonus bids to their account when they allow the clock to run down. It depends on the promotion going on, but there are days when you can gain bonus bids up to 5 times faster than a typical bidding day.

Your best friend, however, is the “bid buddy”. The bid buddy is a tool where you can place a number of bids and it will bid for you. This way, you can set a bidding limit on certain items. Doing the math when you bid is key. If you really want the item, but see it might cost you more, you have the option to “buy it now” and get your bids back. This option is great for those who want a good deal on a product but would like their bids added back into their account. I have used all these tools in the past and have gotten great deals. I even got an amazing deal on a Twilight Movie Collection on Blu-Ray for $7 which would have cost me $60 in the store.

twilight forever the complete saga blu ray

With all the tools, promotions, and fun this shopping experience offers, I would recommend DealDash to anyone. It doesn’t cost a lot to get a great deal and practice makes perfect on this site. I continue coming back daily, weekly, and monthly because at some point, you will have an amazing winning day. Keep at it and if you feel lost, contact one of the awesome customer service reps that work for Deal Dash. They are amazing and want you to have fun and also want you to get a great bargain. Have fun and Happy Bidding!!!

Guest blog entry by Dean Harris

ladies mountain bike

How DealDash is Helping my Weight Loss Goal

So after a very long year of winning for everyone else I decided to attempt to win something for myself. Not very often do I even try to win for myself but this was different, I have a weight loss goal.

During 2015 I’ve made a weight loss goal to drop 10 pounds. As this thought comes to mind I just so happened to see a awesome mountain bike coming up on DealDash and thought to my self….. what the heck!!! If it is meant to be, it will be!

This bike is awesome and a great push for both me and my family. I have been putting this weight loss goal off for way.. way.. way to long. I opened the auction and as I always do I put 10 bids on this ladies mountain bike to see just how many times I would get to bid before 20 cents. At 11 cents my first bid was placed witch is awesome, but now I have to wait to see how long it takes for my second bid to take place. Sure enough my auto bid was placed at 15 cents which means there can not be more than three other people on auto. But that was not even the case… People were just randomly bidding which means they are just pushing the BID NOW button. I find this just CRAZY that people do this because with me on auto they have no chance on winning. All it takes is for the clock to run down to ZERO one time and I win, so you are just wasting your bids for nothing.

I always watch the clock to see if it is running to zero and try to figure out who is using the BidBuddy and who is not. If you are not on auto I do not consider you a threat because you are bidding much more than I am so I will stick it out. In this case I was the only person using BidBuddy and won my brand new Titan Wildcat Ladies Mountain Bicycle in Lime Green and Black valued at $209 for a whopping 30 CENTS!!!! Oh my goodness I have not road a bike since I was a teenager – LOL! Wish me luck in my 2015 weight loss goal journey, I’m sure it is going to be quite interesting.
Ladies Mountain Bike

I used 5 bids to win this ladies mountain bike.

The lesson here is to always make sure you are using the BidBuddy. I find this is really the only way to win auctions DealDash. Also watch the clock, when it runs to zero and than a bid is placed more than likely they are on auto. Once a pattern is formed you will be able to tell how many folks are on auto (using BidBuddy) and decided if it is worth sticking out or not. Good luck 🙂
By loveablenicki
DealDash Reviews

Filling Christmas Gift Requests, 1 Auction at a Time

Knowing that DealDash offers a huge array of items to bid on, I began to listen, or pay attention to what items my family mentioned in passing that they would like to have. I knew with Christmas fast approaching, I would need to make a mental list of what they wanted and who wanted it. If I could win these items on DealDash, I could afford to accommodate their desires, without them knowing. It would certainly make for a wonderful Christmas surprize. In our family we have a $20.00 to $25.00 dollar limit, but I knew I could hold that in check by “shopping” on my favorite Penny Auction site, DealDash.

I took every opportunity to let my family know when I had won an item and interject into the conversation, what other auctions were coming up that I had my eye on and would be bidding on. That led to them expressing their desire to have this item or that or even the same item I had just talked about winning.

I started with my mother who I knew needed a GPS in the worst way. Hers had just “recalculated” it’s last route and was officially kaput ! I didn’t realize so many people needed a GPS until I started my quest to be one of them! It took me awhile to win but I was able to win the Garmin Novi 52lm Essential Series 5 inch GPS valued at $100.00 for $4.11 using 73 bids.

My sister wanted a popcorn machine after she saw the one I had won & my brother-in-law really, really wanted a metal detector. I was very fortunate to win a Nostalgia Electrics Retro Kettle Popcorn maker / red valued at $86.00  for 7.96 using 222 bids, and for my brother-in-law, I won a Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector, valued at $82.00 for 2.56 using 44 bids. The look on his face when he opened it was priceless !!

DealDash Reviews

For my son-in-law, it was easy to decide what I was going to try to win. I had given him my old Kindle so he could download and read books, something he enjoys doing when possible, and it had recently stopped working. I came home from work one day from a short shift and trolled over the available auctions and one was starting for an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 inch Tablet with 8GB Memory (2nd Gen.) valued at $140.00. I won it for $0.92 and a handful of bids. My daughter is into photography and auctions for photography related items are plentiful on DealDash. I had previously won her a tripod so I found a Power Zoom AutoFocus Flash for Nikon Digital Cameras by Bower that was compatible with her current camera, a Nikon digital camera.I won it for $3.19 using 118 bids. She is trying to build a career in the Photography business so I will be on the lookout for more auctions to aid in her future. 

My family was more than thrilled with all their gifts including several others I did not list here. I told them to get their orders in early because now that Christmas had come and gone, I would be taking Christmas requests for 2015 !!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

About me: I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012. I have won over 225 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons {one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart}. 

As I was sitting at my computer, bidding on a baby shower gift for a coworker, my daughter informed me she would be having a baby shower for one of her friends. Since her budget was slim {TO NONE}, she asked me if I could try to win her some baby gifts to give her friend. Of course I could ! Since Dealdash allows you to search by Categories { dropdown arrow to the right of Browse Categories, under the Dealdash Banner}, I went right to the Toys, Kids & Baby Category to begin my search.

I scoured the pages of auctions for just the right items. Since she knew she was having a boy that she would be naming Christian, I ruled out anything pink ! I decided to try for the Bright Starts Jammin Jungle Activity Gym, retailing for $33.00. My winning bid came in at $2.20 and I used just 25 bids. I always buy my bids as low as possible {watch for Dealdash’s many specials on bids} so @ .15 per bid, my total investment was $5.95.

Next on my list was an adorable Disney all in one, My Friend Pooh Swing. Retail value $94.00. It took me just 26 bids to win, with my winning bid being $1.29. Total out-of-pocket, $5.19. Third item I went for was the Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer / Blue, retail value $60.00. Using 28 bids, I won this item for $1.22, final out-of-pocket spent, $5.42.

I was careful to find items that could be used for different stages of Christian’s growth, so the fourth item I set my sites on was the Fisher Price Luv u zoo Jumperoo with a retail value of $85.00. I used 65 bids to reel this item in and paid just $1.92  FREE. Another wonderful DealDash promotion is the Free week. All winning items cost you just a $.01. So instead of paying $1.92, I paid $.01, making my total investment $9.76. Last but not least, I wanted to get her some Baby Bottles, so one of the upcoming auctions was for the Tomy Infants 10 piece Baby Bottles, valued at $33.00 . I won these for $2.88 using 75 bids. Total cost of $14.13.

DealDash Baby Shower Gifts

Recapping this Baby Shower, I won 5 Baby items , using 219 bids, $7.60 total winning bids, equaling a total out-of-pocket $40.45 !! If I had bought these items out in the store, I would have spent $305.00 !! That’s a whale of a savings !! Thank You DealDash !! She loved every gift. Her beautiful baby boy arrived safe and sound !!

About me: I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012. I have won over 225 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons {one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart}. 

Donate and bless others

Donate and Give Blessings

Now that the Christmas shopping season has come and gone, what do we need DealDash for? My advice is to get deals all year round, don’t be that last minute shopper, and donate to bless others.

Last year I was actually done with all of the stress of Christmas shopping by July. I don’t know of many folks that could say they were done with all of there Christmas shopping by July, but I was. This made this past Christmas so much fun because I had so many extra winnings I could not give them all to my kids. I went hunting looking for families who were in need of help this Christmas and was fortunate enough to donate my DealDash winnings and bless many kids.
I knew my kids were taken care of so I put all of my focus of other kids. The gifts were so meaningful because, if it was not for DealDash, these kids would not have had a Christmas. I don’t know about you but the chance to bless someone else is the best gift I can ever receive.
To do this it takes planning and I want you on board too! I believe every child needs, at the very least, one gift to open on Christmas day. Here is what I did this past year and what I am going to do next year. Something I hope you’ll also join.
Once I new there was nothing more I could get for my kids, I just started bidding on everything toys!! You would be surprised when you are not bidding for anyone you know, how much you can win. I have won so many toys because I had opened my eyes to all auctions (not just things for my own kids). The trick is to bid on everything, for all age groups! Ok, so you win a baby bath tub for 1 penny… if you don’t have use for, it donate it! I’m sure there is someone who could really use it next year for Christmas. If you have all girls to buy for, don’t be scared to bid on that car set. Maybe it will only cost you a penny and if you don’t need it, donate it next Christmas.
It’s amazing when you’re bidding for things to donate you will win more than you can think of. This past year I won a set of pots and pan valued for $200 for only 2 bucks!!! I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I was sure there was a reason for my win, and there was.
A family of four lost everything to a house fire. As they were rebuilding I felt they needed pans to cook with, and they did! How cool would it be to just go up to a total stranger and say “here is a brand new set of pots and pans!!!” or “here are some toys for your kids this year”. Whatever it may be, you can do it too! And I’m sure it will make all the things you need to win come more easy when you are winning for others too.
Have a blessed and Happy New Year!!!
Printer Deal on DealDash

Best Deal Win Stories by Heada68

The best deal I received from Deal Dash was when I won a Epson printer valued at $140.00 for just $0.07!

I also won a $60.00 crock pot 3-in-1 for on $0.04 which was a great hit when I used it at my wedding! I was able to brag that I only paid 4 cents for it and when my friends and family asked how, I was able to recommend them to Deal Dash. Plus everything comes with free shipping too!

Another “best deal” I got on DealDash was for a $100.00 gift card from Home Depot plus an additional 40 bids for only 23 cents… what a bargain!!! I used the $100.00 gift card I won to Home Depot for heating purposes which saved me $100.00 out of my pocket.

$100 Home Depot Deal on DealDash

I used 7 bids to win this!

Although I don’t win every time I buy a bid pack, I really enjoy when they have a bunch of things that you can bid on at the same time. Sometimes when people aren’t paying attention you will win really good deals on DealDash and in case you don’t win, you can just buy the item at normal price and get your bids back!

This is a very fun website and very safe but it’s important to bid responsibly because your bids can be lost if you don’t take advantage of the deal at the time. I enjoy playing on here during the week and the weekends but I haven’t found I find that it’s easier to win in the early morning hours. I have been playing on DealDash now for 3 years and have saved over $2000.00. DealDash customer service is very helpful too when you email them with any questions. They also answer you in a timely fashion which is great.

All in all DealDash is a great company and it’s great doing business with them.Thank you DealDash for all the money you have helped me save. I will continue to be on DealDash as much as I can in 2015 and look forward to more best deal stories!

Printer Deal on DealDash

Won for just 7 cents on DealDash

Skeptical at First, DealDash is Legit

Skeptical At First – DealDash is the REAL Deal

When I first heard about Deal Dash two years ago, I was skeptical at first, thinking there must be a “catch” or I am going to have to pay huge shipping fees, this can’t be as good as they say!

However skeptical, to my surprise DealDash had all my questions already answered for me! When I went to the website, it was explained how everything worked and while I still could not help but think this was too good to be true, my husband and I decided to give it a try to find out for ourselves. After all, DealDash will refund your first bid pack purchase in full if your not happy. All you have to do is email

Within 15 minutes we had realized there was no reason to be skeptical and had already won three auctions which included winning gift cards to our favorite food places for a pennies! Not only did that help the wallet, but having “date nights” again was amazing. With today’s economy, it’s nice that a few pennies could go a long way!

DealDash also offers so many unique and hard to find items as well. Items that you could not just go to a store and buy. For example have you heard of the new sleep tracker called Beddit? Read more about the Beddit sleep monitor here.


The bid packages that are also offered to win makes it even more affordable to continue the bidding process considering bids are cheaper on DealDash than any other sites. Don’t forget free shipping on ALL items, which makes winning even more affordable, and don’t forget on ALL items you do have the option of “buy it now” and any bids that you had placed will be credited back to your account. This is a great option to have!

I have recommended DealDash to all my friends and would say by far that DealDash stands by their word “Fair and honest bidding site”!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the deals!

Skeptical at First, DealDash is Legit

Best Bidding Site Offers Tips

Best Bidding Site Around

I don’t often write about a company but DealDash is one of the best bidding sites I have ever dealt with.

The first time I went on DealDash I was very sceptical about the whole auction thing. After playing awhile, I won a $100.00 BP gas card for only $2.83! I couldn’t hardly believe it! I really like the fact that DealDash offers lots of different gift cards. I have won several of the gift cards DealDash offers which come in handy so often. My husband and I like to save them up for vacation and our vacations cost us so much less thanks to the gas and food gift cards I get on DealDash. Also, if we need something from Kmart or Walmart, we usually have a card for that store as well. DealDash truly is the best bidding site around.
DealDash has saved me a lot of money on a lot of items. I continue to play a few times a week and have won several nice items and all the items are shipped free and come exactly as described. That in itself is a big savings. I have bid on several small appliances and have won each appliance I bid on for under $5.00.  I won a pair of chairs a few weeks ago for less than half of what they would of cost in a furniture store and even the heavy furniture is shipped free of charge.  hat’s one expense you’ll never have to worry about on any item no matter how bid or heavy. 
There are lots of large items to bid on like indoor furniture, patio furniture, benches, BBQ grills, tables, lawn equipment, etc. and everything is shipped free of charge unlike the other auction sites I’ve visited. Your items are also shipped fast too. Everything with DealDash is up-front and honest and they provide great customer support to help with any questions. I have not had one bad experience from dealing with DealDash. 
You have to try it. It’s fun, exciting, and easy to do. Try the best bidding site around and get in on the action! 
dealdash beauty skin care

Nurture Your Health and Beauty

I love so many things about DealDash, and one of my favorite things to browse for on DealDash is Health and Beauty products.

If you have a certain item in mind you can search for it, but my favorite way of seeing what new things DealDash has to offer beauty-wise to to browse the Fashion, Health and Beauty category, which can be found on the drop-down menu on the left side of the DealDash homepage.

Fashion, Health and Beauty

DealDash Fashion, Health and Beauty Catergory

I really like using the browse feature of DealDash, it helps me discover new items to bid on that I might not have thought to do a search for.

Health and Beauty products can be very expensive, but as a woman with long hair, I make very good use of the awesome products that DealDash has to offer. I am so happy that I can get things that I would normally buy at Target or Wal-Mart on DealDash, for a comparable price, and with the added excitement of bidding and WINning.

If you decide that you would like to buy a certain product that DealDash has to offer, you really can’t go wrong by setting your Bid Buddy to the amount of bids that it would take to reach the BIN (Buy It Now) price. If you don’t WIN the auction, you can buy the item for the BIN price, and DealDash will return all of your bids to you. As soon as you buy the item all of the bids are immediately returned back to your account and you can use them right away. I use this perk a lot, it’s really wonderful that DealDash offers this option on every single item, and even includes free shipping, too.

Some of the great beauty products that I have won for myself and friends are: Remington Pearl flat iron, Conair Hot Clips curlers, InfinityPro Spin Air rotating hot brush, Conair Ceramic flat iron, Laila Ali purple hair dryer, multiple SpaSonic Face and Body Polishers (they make awesome gifts!), Body Innovations neck massager, and a Revlon Moisture Stay paraffin spa.

There are many other great products that I have BINned and gotten all of my bids back, the ones that stand out most in my mind are the FitBit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker, and the Remington IPL6000USA i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System.

FitBit and Remington Hair Removal


These are both high dollar items that I did not WIN, but I gained free bids for every second that I was the highest bidder, and then when I BINned the items I got all of my bids back. So really, I came out ahead of the game bids-wise!

I love health and beauty products, but I love saving money even more! May you continue to be nurture your health and beauty into 2015.

health and beauty

My name is Dawn, and I love DealDash! I also love Youtube, and I make videos. If you follow the link below you can see a quick video that I made that explains the basics of getting started with DealDash:

Top Chef Santoku Paring Knives

Become a Top Chef with these Knives

Ok I will have to admit that I love bidding on kitchen items. I may not be a Top Chef everyday but when I do it is a must to have the proper equipment.

My friends used to laugh at me when they would come over and try to help in the kitchen and would have to “saw” through something with my knives. Think you might need to sharpen these? Or possibly buy new knives? Well that’s exactly what I did.

I bid on the Top Chef line of knives on DealDash. DealDash offers a few different Top Chef knife sets so why not replace the knives I have. I ended up winning the Top Chef Santoku paring knife set and the 9 1/2 utility knife set and what a world of difference! Top Chef quality knives do make your job easier in the kitchen. Not to mention that it is much safer to use sharp knives.

The word Santoku refers to the three cutting tasks which the knife performs well: slicing, dicing, and mincing. The Santoku’s blade and handle are designed to work in harmony by matching the blade’s width/weight to the weight of blade tang and handle, and the original Japanese Santoku is considered a well-balanced knife.

I have not only honed my chopping techniques with this Top Chef knife, I am also not missing any fingers!

Top Chef Santoku Paring Knives

This Top Chef Santoku and Paring Knife Set retails for $36, but the average selling price on DealDash auctions is $3.52 (90% OFF!)


When you see an item that you would like on DealDash go for it! Always keep in mind that if you do not win the first time you can try again when that item comes up again. One good strategy is to put in enough bids to go to BIN.  BIN is the Buy It Now option that Deal Dash offers.

If you really want this item you of course want to get it at a discount but if you have to pay full price just buy it on Deal Dash. The BIN option is available on every single item. So say the item you want is a retail value of $30.00. If you purchased your bids on sale say for 15 cents each the highest number of bids to put in that auction would be 200.  Also factor in the ending price. Many times Deal Dash will offer free ending price events so you are good to go. When you get to your total out of pocket equals what the BIn price is…STOP bidding and go to BIN.

Deal Dash will ship it free and there is no sales tax unless you live in Minnesota where the DealDash office is located and where they are BBB accredited. Only thing left to do is wait for it to arrive, which doesn’t take long.

So the moral of the story is have fun bidding on DealDash, save some money on very good quality name brand items, get fast free shipping, and you won’t lose any fingers!  Happy bidding all.



Get Crafting with DealDash


When someone says Stack-On 39-Bin Plastic Drawer Cabinet I am betting that they aren’t thinking about crafting.

They are thinking that a Stack-On 39-Bin Plastic Drawer Cabinet is probably meant for the garage, the workshop, or maybe the shed. These cabinets are made tough to stand up to daily use, and they are proudly Made in the USA. When I saw this item come up on DealDash, however, the first thing that came to my mind was CRAFTING!

I absolutely love all forms of crafting, from sewing and embroidery to scrap booking and making jewelry. And as most crafters know, there are so many bits and pieces that come along with crafting it’s hard to keep them all organized. Before I saw the Stack-On 39-Bin Plastic Drawer Cabinet I was keeping all of my crafting bits and pieces in different sized glass jars that I had saved from cooking. This looked very disorganized and messy. So when I saw the cabinet I was SUPER excited, and immediately did a search to see how many were coming up for auction that day.

It’s really easy to do a search, you can just search in the search bar, or you can also browse through the categories if you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for. When I did my search, I was excited to see that there were TWO Stack-On 39-Bin Plastic Drawer Cabinet, Silver Gray coming up within hours of each other, and I decided to bid on both to the BIN (But It Now) price, because I really needed both of them. I went ahead and booked enough bids in my bid buddy to equal the amount of the BIN price and hoped for the best.

Well, it was my lucky day! I actually won BOTH of the cabinets, the first for 216 bids, and the second for 124 bids. Both of the cabinets only had a .01 transaction fee and no final auction price, because I was lucky enough to WIN these on a Free Auction Weekend. I love Free Auction Weekends, and I am very grateful to DealDash that they offer them. Happy Bidding everyone!


My name is Dawn and I have been bidding on DealDash for 8 months and I have won over 160 auctions. I also make videos on Youtube. If you are interested in seeing a short video about how to get started with DealDash please follow the link below: 

American Tourister Luggage

How to Travel In Style and On Budget

Several weeks ago I saw an interesting item come up that I thought my daughter might like. It is an American Tourister luggage piece that has a purple/black leopard print. I knew it was a quality item. I have an American Tourister suitcase in the same size and absolutely love it!

One afternoon she came over and was looking at DealDash with me to see what items were up for auction. We saw the travel set of the spinner luggage in purple and she said “Now, that’s something I wouldn’t mind having.” This luggage then became a purpose for me to win.

I started bidding on the American Tourister luggage set and with just a little over 100 bids I won the auction! Just so you know, on DealDash you have to buy bids in order to play. 100 bids at 15¢ per bid = $15. The final selling price was $5.30 so I spent in total about 20 bucks! This was something I was so excited to give her last Christmas Eve.

American Tourister Luggage One of the nicest things about bidding on is that they offer some of the best quality items you can buy. I would not have tried to win an off-brand luggage piece for my daughter. I know how American Tourister luggage stands up to time and use. Luggage takes a beating at all airports and for the smart traveler/shopper American Tourister is often chosen for its durability and style. This suitcase is going to be great when she travels next summer!

Thanks DealDash, I could not be so generous without you!

Lipper Bamboo Cutting Board

Like Cooking and Bamboo? You’ll Love This Brand

Have you ever found a product that was so good that you would never think about buying any other brand?

I certainly have with the items available on Deal Dash. When you first decide to play on online auction sites you would come to believe that the products on there would be stuff you buy retail at places like the Dollar Store. Not on Deal Dash. They carry some of the top brands on everything from kitchen appliances to hardware.

One of the best products that I have won has been from the Lipper branded items. I had never used this brand before and after winning a Lipper Bamboo cutting board I was very pleased.  I love to cooking soups & stews and my cutting board needs to handle the constant chopping of numerous vegetables. This Lipper bamboo cutting board has held up quite nicely and probably better than my Mario Battalli cutting board. Hate to say that one.

Lipper Bamboo Cutting Board

I liked the Lipper brand so much that I bid on their Bamboo tray with folding legs. Let’s give that a try. I couldn’t wait until I received it and when I did I again was very pleased.  So much that I decided to get 2 for home and 2 more for the camper! Yes, so now I have 4 of them. You can use these trays with out the legs to serve or put the legs down, put it across your lap go do what you aren’t supposed to do… go eat in front of the TV!

Lipper Bamboo Tray

So how did I accomplish getting 4 of the same item? That’s the best part. DealDash puts up the same item numerous times. It’s not one right after the other, it probably took me a few months. I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon so I was patient.

One of the best things you can do is when you see something you want, you can search for it. Go to the auctions page, then to browse categories. Then you can go to the kitchen section, as in this case, and scroll through that to find it. If you find your item and it is not coming up for awhile you can have DealDash notify you when the item does come up. Isn’t that crafty.

Another way is to go to the auctions page and type in the item you want under search auctions. Either way you do it, with the helpful pages on the Deal Dash site, you should be able to find the items you are looking for or even find things that you didn’t know you needed in the first place. Happy Bidding!