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Royal typerwriter

The Classic Royal Typewriter and New Laminator

As a kid growing up I was crazy about learning how to type. Luckily I had access to a business office and was able to hone my typing skills on the manual typewriter in the office.

Taking business classes all through school I begged for my own typewriter and received the Royal Portable Typewriter for my own use. It was manual of course and used the old-fashioned spool ribbons. This typewriter lasted me well into my early twenties.

When I researched the Royal Laminator I found up for auction on DealDash, imagine my surprise to find the Royal Consumer Information Products Company is the same company that manufactured my old manual typewriter from many years ago. Founded in 1904 in Brooklyn, New York, the Royal Company began production in an old tool shop. The first Royal typewriter was sold in 1906. In 1927, the president of Royal wanted to prove the ruggedness of his products so he purchased a tri-motor airplane and dropped over 200 typewriters in crates with parachutes across the Eastern seaboard. Over 11,000 typewriters were delivered this way and only 10 were damaged! After being owned by several foreign companies Royal Information Products became an American owned company in 2004.

Royal Laminator

After reading the reviews about the new Royal laminator I found on DealDash I knew this was an item I would find useful and durable. I can use this for personal use and at the office for small laminating chores that can be done quickly and economically.

I am delighted with the new Royal Laminator I received from DealDash. I have read several reviews about the laminator and feel for my purposes this is going to fit my needs perfectly. Again, DealDash is coming up with great product offerings for their customers. We get free and fast shipping and some of the best finds we can really use in our homes. Thanks DealDash!

Flexrake Classic Set

Get Ready for Sping with the Classic Flexrake Gift Set

Being a proud homeowner requires a lot of hard work in the spring and summer to keep your outdoor areas landscaped, pruned and clean. Thanks to the Flexrake, the job will easier.

When winter ends this year there will be a lot of debris from the snow and blowing of items around our yards. Picking up the debris and getting our shrubs and trees pruned back will be a challenge. When DealDash offered the Classic Flexrake gift set which includes a four-piece set of pruners and knife with heavy wood handles, and sharp forged steel blades, I knew this was something I was going to want for my yard work.

Flexrake manufactures quality landscaping equipment and tools for all types of users. An individual homeowner who maintains their yard will find these hand-crafted tools to be a definite asset. When I received the set I was impressed with the weight of the items. I have purchased pruners so often I can’t count them. Always disappointed, I was anxious to receive these and test them in my yard this spring. One of the best things about shopping on DealDash is finding items that are not in your scope of experience. The quality of these hand tools and the 5-year guarantee makes them a bonus find for me.

Reading some reviews from previous buyers and users, I feel confident I made a wise decision trying to win this 4-piece set. While I was not successful winning auction for these tools, the buy-it-now feature is always available so I used this option to get the tools plus all my bids back. As always shipping items from DealDash is always free and fast, I wish spring would come as fast! But, the items are ready when spring does arrive and I am looking forward to trying out the new Flexrake Classic set.

While the auctions are not always to win, their buy it now option allowing a user to get all of their bids back for free is a great advantage.  Thanks DealDash for offering quality items in your auctions!

Flexrake Classic Set


AMC Movie Gift Cards

Grab Deals on AMC Movie Gift Cards

DealDash has been offering auctions for movie theaters gift cards for a long while. They have the Regal movie gift cards and the AMC Movie Theater cards too. I really enjoy movies and DealDash has offered enough opportunities to bid on and win gift cards to help me see more movies than ever before.

In my neighborhood we do not have Regal Theaters, so I am bidding on the AMC Movie Theater cards pretty regularly. As my grandsons become a little more independent going to the movies with their friends is a regular weekend routine and I am happy to share my movie gift cards wins or purchases with them.

Not being a regular movie goer for years, I now have a reason to see movies I would like to and even see some of the Oscar nominated movies I heard about but never went to see. Going to the movies is a great past time and can be really expensive these days, but with the DealDash auctions I can feel good about winning and or buying the gift cards and seeing as many of the latest movies at the AMC Theaters that I want to see.

My family and I have made a weekend event out of going to the movies and then going out to a nice restaurant for dinner. The latest movies are always at the AMC Theaters and I have the Minion movie in my sites. The Minions from Despicable Me are always fun to watch.

We just saw “McFarland USA” and I give it 5 stars! The audience cheered when it was over and we have not seen or heard that in a long time. A moving performance from Kevin Costner and his supporting cast, adding to that it is a true story, it was a real tear jerker for all.

Thanks DealDash, you are always good to have great items up for auction and I am happy to be an avid customer!


Six Year Celebration on DealDash

Six Year Celebration on DealDash

So, as DealDash celebrated their six year anniversary last week, they offered the bidders a huge gift!

They offered 6-times free bids on your time as highest bid meter plus free auction wins meaning if you won an auction you did not have to pay the final sales price. Obviously if one looked at the final cost of the auction winners, the bidders were taking full advantage of the offer to earn free bids.

An example of that is a $10 gift card that sold for more than $80! That means over 8,000 bids were placed on a single auction which was also offered free to the auction winner. I know DealDash is happy but so are their customers. We got to earn more bids than ever and if the auctions went your way, then the free bid meter filled up and the reward was more free bids! Of course the other bidders used the Buy it Now option on the $10 gift card to get their bids back. This was a great promotion and I believe DealDash was thinking of the bidders as much as they were celebrating their own six year success.

Six years ago I was not a bidder on DealDash. I had found another auction site that I was mesmerized with and convinced I could win all sorts of prizes. Unfortunately the executives on the site made some bad decisions and customer service began putting off their customers and even exaggerated and mis-spoke about some circumstances regarding deliveries. Some winnings were never delivered and many customers totally lost their accounts and never got paid when the company closed with little warning.

Luckily I got out of the site and received all of my items from them. I realized earlier than many that the company was having a tough time meeting their promises. Not having merchandise in their inventory to cover the auction wins was a huge red flag and I learned to be more cautious with any bidding I might do.

Since I have been on DealDash and going on my third year now, I have not been misled or treated poorly at any time. Their customer service is excellent and their staff really listens to any customer concern, opinion, and suggestion. While my suggestions are not always implemented I always feel that I at least got listened to and my opinion mattered. Not many companies with a million “likes” are going to listen to the small consumer. DealDash really does! I am grateful to DealDash for the opportunity to be a “winner”, see the fireworks and even get my bids back in a buy it now offer if I need to. Happy Birthday DealDash, thank you for being “fair and honest”, and I wish you many more prosperous years!

– Joan

Six Year Celebration on DealDash


Kawaii Cooking in Your Cookut Kitchen

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I LOVE things that are “kawaii” (Japanese for cute), and I also love to cook! Cookut puts both of those things together and makes me a happy cook in my kawaii kitchen with Cookut products.

Cookut is based in France and has stores all across Europe, and also a few in select countries including the USA and Hong Kong. Cookut utilizes 9 different designers for its products, and they each have their own unique style and flair when creating the different products. Their brand is new, but they are already gaining respect and recognition in the design world, they are being featured in the 2015 Maison & Objet trade show in Singapore next month.

There are so many amazingly cute and useful products it’s hard to pick just a few to highlight, but we definitely have to talk about their salt & pepper shakers. They are absolutely adorable! They come in fun and colorful animal designs including blue dragon, pink pig, red crab, gray elephant, and my personal favorite, purple elk. They also have the same animals available in egg cups, egg timers, and bottle stoppers. They are so useful and kawaii that I wish I could get the whole set of each animal, but I’m not really sure why anyone would need multiple egg timers.

Another super cute thing that Cookut offers is multi-colored ceramic knife sets. Cheap ceramic knives are easy to find, but these are of exceptional quality and are fairly priced. They come in a beautiful range of colors including purple, baby blue, gray, green, and more. These knives are sturdy, and even though they are cute don’t be afraid to use them regularly, they are durable. If something were to happen they even have a TWO year warranty! That’s a very generous time frame in case you get a little too rough with the knives.

Cookut Knives

Cookut actually offers a two year warranty on almost every single product that they sell, the only exceptions that I was able to find were the case that the knife set comes in, and the coating on the pans does not fall under the warranty if you happen to use a metal utensil and scratch it. This is definitely a very fair offer, and you should be able to try Cookut products resting assured that they are good quality and have the warranty to back it up.

I like my home and especially my kitchen to be unique and custom in every way. That’s why I love Cookut, because I know that if I were to peek into every kitchen on my block I bet no one else would have any of these amazing and smartly designed products. It seems like every time I have someone new come into my home they are always interested in my kitchen because I have so many unique yet useful things.

If you would like a little whimsical fun and originality in your kitchen you’ll be happy to know the new Cookut products will be available on DealDash soon.

Magisso Tea Cup Colors

Magisso is Perfect for Tea Lovers

Are you an avid tea drinker? Do you love gadgets? Well, then I have something you will be interested in learning about.

I recently heard about a company called Magisso that makes the most fun and functional tea cups that I have ever seen. The tea cups are excellent for tea connoisseurs and just everyday tea drinkers because you are in control of the strength of your cup of tea. They work with a very simple but genius idea. They are smartly designed with two sections, one for the leaves, and one for the hot water. What makes them so special, however, is that the bottom is made with two flat surfaces. All you have to do is tilt it so the leaf side when you pour your hot water in the other section, and let it steep for a few minutes, then tilt it to the other side, and your tea will stop steeping, but you will still get the aromas of the leaves that are left in the other section. Isn’t that a great idea? That way everyone can have their tea just how they like it.

The tea cups are not only useful, but also very beautiful. They come in a standard black or white to match any decor, they have also come out with many new colors to choose from so you can personalize your experience. The other colors currently available are: Mint Green, Fresh Lemon (yellow), Tea Green, Cherry Blossom (purplish-pink and my personal favorite!), and lastly Coral Red.

Magisso Tea Cup Colors

Speaking of tea, if you are a tea lover you are definitely going to have to check out Magisso’s Magnetic Tea Ball. Here are some simple step-by-step instructions:

  1. Fill teapot with hot water and the Magnetic Tea Ball with tea.
  2. Attach the sucker of the Magnetic Tea Ball inside the teapot lid.
  3. Put the teapot lid back on: the Magnetic Tea Ball is now under water and is brewing tea.
  4. When tea is ready just lift the Tea Ball with a spoon and connect it to the sucker.

Tea Ball hangs inside the pot above tea. Brewing stops and there is no dripping on your table. You can also use the Magnetic Tea Ball in your tea cup, too!

Magisso was started in 2008, and they have grown in the past few years. They have several designers on staff, and have won many awards, including the Red Dot: Best of the Best award in 2011, and most recently the GIA (Global Innovation Award)  for the Best Collection Design of 2014. GIA is the leading housewares industry awards program in the US. Magisso is really doing a wonderful job, and they have the awards to show for it!

If you enjoy tea and are looking to stretch your budget, then you will be happy to hear that DealDash has some of their products up for bid. You can set an alert to send you an email when the tea cups, ice bucket, or even the cake server (which was the first product that Magisso patented) comes up for bid. There are several ice buckets coming up soon, so you have a great chance at winning one. Good luck everyone!

Staples Easy Button

Staples | Make More Happen with Gift Card Deals

“Make more happen” is the latest branding slogan Staples, the office supply supermarket, started using in 2013.

When Staples began in 1985, the owner/founder Tom Stemberg, could not find a replacement ribbon in his home town for the typewriter he was using while working on a business plan. On a holiday weekend, some stores weren’t open and others just did not have the right ribbon, thus the idea became a vision to offer office supplies to businesses and customers all over the country. That first store which opened in 1986 in Massachusetts has grown into a multi-million dollar office supply chain throughout the United States.

While the new tag line is recognizable, the older line of “that was easy” is memorable. That big Staples button surely comes to mind when thinking of office supply needs for business owners and private users.

Staples Gift Cards on DealDash

Staples Gift Cards on DealDash – Up for Auction Daily

Since Staples is one of the biggest suppliers of office products in the United States, and there is a store nearby, when I saw DealDash was offering Staples gift cards up for auction, I decided to try to win the $10, $25, and $50 gift cards if I could. I have purchased laptops for myself and others, so we always need software, paper, and printer ink. When I could not win a card I would often buy the Staples cards, and get my bids back to try another auction. Once I had accumulated enough gift cards I went shopping at the local Staples. I was able to buy the Microsoft Office program for my newest laptop and installed it quickly. The support staff at Staples was very helpful in helping me determine which software was going to be the wisest purchase for me. The Staples staff is always friendly and wanting to assist if there are questions you have about a certain product. They remind me of DealDash, where Customer Service is always top rate!

Since I have had the opportunity to shop at Staples online and in person, I have found they carry thousands of items that can be used around the home. I now have the best electric pencil sharpener and my grandson was able to select his backpack for school supplies. With the best selection around town and top notch customer service, Staples is the supermarket for office supplies for me with a price match guarantee!


Four Sigma Foods

Four Sigma Foods | Superfood Effectiveness

Are you or a loved one trying to get healthy or improve your general well-being? If so, there’s a great new product that I just heard about that might interest you.

Three words – Four Sigma Foods. They are the epitome of a health food company, all of their products are mushroom/fungi based and have other natural ingredients such as herbs in them. They are an American company that was founded by Finns in 2010. Even though their company is still basically in its infancy they are heavily into philanthropy and for every Four Sigma Foods Super-food Mushroom Drink Box that you buy they donate one portion of medicinal mushrooms to a cancer patient!

Cancer is definitely a health problem that everyone young and old needs to think about, and some top cancer organizations even recommend using mushrooms as a complementary or even alternative medicine to regular cancer therapy. Unfortunately these mushrooms are very expensive so not everyone can afford to use them, especially on top of their other medical bills, so this is where Four Sigma Foods is able to really help and make a difference in people’s lives.

Four Sigma Foods

Four Sigma Foods has a considerable catalog of various mushroom-based products, but let’s focus on one of the most popular ones – Instant Shiitake Herbal Mushroom Tea bags. They come in a box of 20, and each sachet contains 1500 mg of shiitake extract. The benefits of shiitake are numerous, but they are absolutely wonderful for the skin and complexion, great for the liver, and helps detoxify the blood. Isn’t it amazing what one little tea bag can accomplish?

Some other great products from Four Sigma Foods include “Mind Herbs“, which are sachets of four powerful herbs that can improve memory and learning function, improve concentration, and restore balance and calms stress. Another is “Sport Herbs“, which increase stamina and recovery response, helps prevent exhaustion, and balances the nervous system. As you can see, Four Sigma Foods has plenty of variety if you are looking to improve your health.

If you are interested in trying any of these amazing new products DealDash has them up for bid in the near future. Go ahead and book your BidBuddy early, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of these great auctions that can help your health and well-being.

Four Sigma Best Sellers



1-800 Flowers | Gift Baskets, Spa Packages and More

Have you heard of 1-800 Flowers? Not too long ago DealDash began auctions for the 1-800 FLOWERS gift cards.

The available gift cards are in the $25, $50 and $100 price range. With auctions available on these cards, I thought it would be interesting to see what types of items are available besides the commonly expected floral arrangements. A family owned business, 1-800 Flowers has a 100% Smile Guarantee. The owner and founder, Jim McCann, began the business with his first store front believing that customer service and bringing smiles to those who receive their gifts is what the business should be all about. There are now locations throughout the United States, but one of the easiest ways to shop is on-line.

While you might think about floral arrangements, 1-800 Flowers also offers an array of items, like gift baskets, candies, spa packages and more. Their belief is if the customer calls with a concern, then the whole company is concerned and wants the customer to be happy so they will go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction.

The 1-800 Flowers Gift Card offers shopping at 6 different companies. These include: Harry London Chocolates, Fannie May Candy, The Popcorn Factory, Cheryl’s, 1-800 and the 1-800 Flowers site. Your gift cards can be used in the stores where available, on the telephone, or on-line. Online shopping offers a huge selection of flowers, candies and gifts. The selection for some of their gift baskets is going to make shopping for birthday gifts and special occasions much easier this year.

While DealDash offers the cards in different denominations my first win was for a $50 card. Anytime you can win a $50 gift card for less than $20 I think it is a  bargain. These are the kind of deals we seek on DealDash when we begin to bid. Knowing I am going to be able to send beautiful flowers and amazing gifts to my family and friends in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New Jersey makes me really happy I am shopping on DealDash. Thanks DealDash for offering such awesome gift card options!

1-800 Flowers Gift Cards

1-800 Flowers Gift Cards


Get in Touch with iTouchless

Do you have that one friend or relative that makes you take your shoes off at the door, follows you around with a dust buster when you’re eating something crumbly, or is constantly washing their hands after they touch just about anything?

I admit it, that’s me! I’m a germaphobe, and I’m not ashamed. You can imagine my distress when my kids don’t bother to use the step to open the garbage can, but instead just lift the lid with their hands! Well, that’s where iTouchless comes in to calm my nerves. iTouchless, as you might imagine, is a garbage can that’s lid lifts automatically when you put your hand within 6” of its sensor, and making me very happy.

iTouchless has a variety of different garbage cans for different needs, the particular model that I have is the IT13RX. The IT13RX is a 13 gallon can with a square opening that is 11.75”, which is large enough to hold a pizza box. It’s a beautiful stainless steel design that matches all of my other kitchen appliances and fits right in.

iTouchless Trash Cans

iTouchless also makes a round version of the 13 gallon can, as well as a smaller 8 gallon can. iTouchless even makes robotic vacuum cleaners and UV sanitizers for toothbrushes, yet more items that are great for your germ-killing frenzies.

You might not believe it, but iTouchless has actually been around for 15 years. Even though they have been around for over a decade they are always coming up with new and interesting products. They are currently developing a product that unlocks your door with a fingerprint instead of a key! Isn’t that one of the most innovative things that you have ever heard? Me too!

If these iTouchless products sound like they would fit in at your house, you’re in luck! DealDash offers all of these products and more. If you just do a simple search and type in “iTouchless” in the search bar all of these great products will pop up and you can choose which ones that you would like to set an alert. When you click the “Alert Me” button DealDash will send you an email when they are coming up for bid. That way you’ll never miss a product that you are interested in. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

iTouchless DealDash search

How to get Deals on Zales Jewelry Gift Cards

I have an appetite for bling! And, the bigger the stones the more I like them. While some DealDashers may be thrilled with the latest Rachel Rae cooking utensils, I would be a whole lot more excited about some gemstone earrings or a new ring.

When I noticed DealDash was offering gift cards for Zales Jewelers my interest was piqued. I have an eye on specific stones from time to time and thought why not try to win some of these gift cards and save them for me? I mean, almost all of the items I win, bid on, or buy it now are for things I want others to have. I can’t count the amount of gift cards I have given away to family and friends. I even donate them to non-profits to be raffled or auctioned off. But, the Zales Jewelry cards are going to be for me!

Zales Gift Cards

Zales Jewelers began in 1924. Their belief was that everyone should have the opportunity to own higher priced items and they began a revolutionary credit plan of “a penny down and a dollar a week”. Their first store was in Wichita Falls, Texas and this single store has grown into the largest fine jeweler in retail shopping malls across North America. They have an on-line site you can go to and narrow down your jewelry selections. The only problem is the selection is enormous!

I am having a hard time choosing just which item (or items) I am going to purchase. Having so many items to choose from is a great benefit and DealDash offers these gifts cards up for auction quite often. I have won some and I have used the buy it now option and gotten all of my bids back on others. Either way, I know I am a winner and I am going to have  the chance to select a jewelry item I will be proud to wear.

Thanks DealDash for always having the top of line in quality merchandise and gift cards!


Discover the Sport Fanatics Paradise

A very important part of and using the site as a shopping tool, is being able to find sites to buy things you are not finding in your local shopping malls. The gift cards are a great example of these finds.

Before Christmas last year DealDash offered gift cards for auction. Having two grandsons who are into all kinds of sports both in school and out, I am always looking for ways I can get them things they need for their sports. As the oldest, at 15, continues to explore his favorite sports football and baseball, we are seeing more accessories than I ever knew existed. This includes underwear, mouth protectors, and bats to name a few. Also, the boys like to wear the latest jerseys of their favorite players in professional sports. Finding the jersey in the right color, number and name is a challenge every year. That is….. until I found Gift card

Fanatics is one of the largest online retails of officially licensed sports merchandise. Their mission statement says it all, “To consider the customer first in everything we do.” With a 365 day hassle free return policy, you can’t make a mistake with your purchase. You have a full year to return your purchase! Not many companies, if any, offer this generous return policy. As a top 50 Internet retailer company you can be sure you are getting the quality and customer service you need. With a flat rate shipping fee of $4.99 no matter how many items you purchase, there are no exorbitant charges you aren’t expecting. If you spend more than $50 on a purchase, then shipping is always free with a code.

As I have won and bought the Fanatics gift cards on over the past few months and wondered what I will use them for, my grandson showed me his latest finds for HIS team, the Baltimore Ravens. I know now what my next purchase will be at and why you can never have enough gift cards!


Cooking with Heuck

Improving the American Kitchen with Heuck Cooking Tools

Recently I bid and won a 3 piece set of Red Stainless Steel Bowls with lids made by the brand name Heuck.

I bid on them because they seemed not only functional but really pretty. There are many different levels of stainless steel, some thin as paper, others top notch. The brand Heuck are top notch!

I decided to google the brand Heuck to see what other products they made. Upon my research I found out that Heuch has over 500 different items. Mathilde E. Heuck founded this company in 1922. A company that has been in business that long has to have quality products or they wouldn’t have lasted just shy of 100 years! Ms. Hueck traveled the world to seek ideas and recipes to improve the American kitchen. By God I think she did it.

One of the most well known products is the famous Heuck Turkey Lacer.

Heuck Turkey Lacer

The design of Heuck’s products are still made today with the original mission in mind, to improve your kitchen. They have non stick, stainless steel, and ceramic cookware items along with all kinds of tools and gadgets including a long list of items for use with cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. I didn’t know that there were so many different turkey basters, lacers, brinning bags, oven bags, and lifters. There must be over 50 items devoted to cooking a turkey on their website. People back in the day must have loved turkey!

When it comes to their seafood items they carry those shellfish pickers, crackers and mallets that you would be hard pressed to find in the big box stores today. They also have those cute plastic bibs with the lobster on them that you get in seafood restaurants when you order a lobster. Wouldn’t it be fun to have some of those this summer when you have a backyard lobster fest!

Looking through my extra utensil drawer where I put the things I don’t normally use I found a cracker and a pick that my mother gave to me years and years ago. I would bet that they came from the Heuck company. Goes to show you, do what you do well with quality craftsmanship and the product will last a lifetime. Thank you Ms. Heuck and your company for your devotion to good american products.

Thank you to Deal Dash where you can bid and win amazing quality items from some of the best manufacturers out there making it possible for us to find great brands we didn’t know about. Happy Bidding!

Heuck Bowl Set

Radio Flyer and great gifts for kids

Radio Flyer and Great Gifts for Kids

I just want to say THANK YOU to DealDash. This site is truly great and they have great gifts for kids.

Over the holidays I bid and won many items on DealDash! But one of the items that I won which stands out is the Radio Flyer rocking horse. I won this for my son who is two.

When he unwrapped this horse on Christmas Day he was so excited!! He loved it so much that he was going crazy as we tried to put it together. He wouldn’t leave it alone and kept taking the parts to try and put it together himself so it would be ready faster. When we finally were able to put it together he rode it for almost an hour before getting tired. If you’re looking for great gifts for kids, consider this! It was such a great gift to give.

More great gifts for kids include the Step and Play Piano activity center. I wanted this for my daughter who was six months old. Although she was only six months old she was so excited to play in this! She loved all the lights and sound that it makes. She loves that the seat can turn 360 degrees. She also can practice walking in it as it moved a good bit back and forth. The piano keys on the floor encourages her to move to step on them! I love this activity center and she loves it too! Also the seat is detachable and the whole thing becomes a toddler entertainment toy! Here’s a video review of the Fisher Price Step and Play Piano which is available on DealDash too.

Another thing I won for my daughter was the summer activity seat for the floor. We just tried it out last night it was a big hit! This summer seat is like a bumbo seat but with a 360 degrees interactive table tray attached to it that has toys and a cup holder and a snack bowl. I love this seat because it allows my baby girl to play on the floor with her brother and I don’t have to worry about him stepping on her or tripping over her.

Summer Infant 3-Stage Booster SuperSeat

I can’t wait to win more things for my kids on DealDash. DealDash has many great gifts for kids and if you don’t win you can just buy it now and get your bids back to try again.

Crystal M. (Ramkelawan)

Regalo Cot

Let Your Kid Snooze in Stye with Regalo

Do you have any small house guests on a regular basis? Maybe a grandchild or a friend of your children?

If so, you probably need a Regalo My Cot portable travel bed! The Regalo My Cot is a child-sized portable sleeping bed that folds up and comes with a carrying bag and sheet. This bed is made for children up to 50 inches, which is just over 4 feet. It has a sturdy steel frame and a canvas “mattress”. The extra fun thing about this cot is it comes in a variety of colors, including blue and purple.

Regalo My Cot Portable Travel Bed

The Regalo company doesn’t just make cots, they have a huge product line including safety gates, booster seats, bed rails, chairs and more! Their slogan is “For the Most Important People in the World,” and they certainly do live up to it, they have one of the best safety records in the industry, all of their products are made with non-toxic paint and their products have received the JPMA certification.

JPMA stands for Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, and the JPMA has been giving out safety awards since 1976. If you see the JPMA seal on a children’s product, it means that the product has been sample tested for safety annually by an independent lab so you know that the product is safe to use on/with your child.

All of this means that you can feel safe using any Regalo product on your precious child and not worry that they might be harmed by faulty products. I personally have a few Regalo products including the (purple!) travel cot, and also a toddler bed rail. I feel confident that Regalo makes safe products, and I can vouch that both of the Regalo products that I own are sturdy, well constructed, and have stood up to use by two children.

Not only does Regalo make safe and useful products, they also give back to the community. They support many different charity organizations including the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.).

If you are interested in getting a handy product that your little visitor will enjoy head on over to DealDash and set your BidBuddy to the limit on a Regalo My Cot. If you don’t win you can always Buy It Now (BIN) and get all of your bids back. The current BIN price on this cot is only $37, which is an awesome deal even if you don’t win! Good luck everyone.

My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 7 months, but I am very patient and I have already won 200 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings”, click here!

Thin King

Lose the wallet, drop the cash, and get Thin King

A friend told me about a fun and new product the other day – Have you ever heard of the Thin King wallets? If not, you’re in for a stylistic treat!

They are really cute and unique wallets, and they are made for holding credit cards. The Thin King wallets are made out of anodized aluminum, which means that they are extremely durable. Do you know what else is made out of anodized aluminum? Airplanes! Another bonus that comes with being made out of anodized aluminum is it also protects your cards from RFID scanners and skimmers.

Skimming and scanning are terms for stealing your credit card information. This usually applies to RFID cards. RFID means Radio-frequency identification, which is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. This means that a criminal can scan your pockets and steal your credit card numbers without you even realizing it. The Thin King has you covered – it just isn’t possible to skim or scan your card when it’s inside the Thin King.

Forget all of that practical stuff for a second though, and look at the Thin King! It’s got a classic, sleek, modern design, and comes in 9 standard colors (including a beautiful purplish-pink!) and they also have special edition colors from time to time.

The Thin King was designed by Volver Creative, who are located all the way in Finland. And if you are familiar with the Finnish, you know that they are really on top of style and fashion. They make beautiful, sleek products that give you a great value for your money.

If you think the Thin King sounds like a great alternative to a wallet, you’re in luck! DealDash offers the Thin King credit card wallet up for auction, and you just might be lucky enough to win one. If you aren’t ready to completely get rid of your wallet yet, the Thin King would be GREAT to hold your gift cards that you win from DealDash so you have easy access to them at the cashier stand.

Good luck everyone!

Kmart Sears Lands End

Kmart, Sears and Lands’ End Gift Cards Can Be Combined

Did you know gift cards from Kmart, Sears and Lands’ End can be combined and used together?

For a long time I had been bidding on the $25 Kmart gift cards. One of the main reasons I was interested in these cards from Kmart was because Kmart cards are also welcome at Sears. Sears has been a favorite place of mine for automotive needs. They have a good automotive repair/maintenance garage nearby and I have found their tire prices and/or battery replacements to be fair in pricing and exceptional in value. A little like DealDash.

I then realized the Kmart and Sears cards are also welcome at Lands’ End. If you combine your cards together whether you win them or use the buy it now feature, you can get lawn items, and vacuum cleaners at Kmart, tires, batteries and lawn mowers at Sears, and the latest fashions at Lands End.

I have a hard time finding the right sizes in local department stores. Therefore being able to purchase exactly the right sizes and items I want online from Lands End has made a huge difference in my shopping habits. The latest purchase I made was for a new winter coat, in the perfect size and color I was looking for. Lands’ End also has some great sales if you don’t mind being an on-line shopper and you can usually get free shipping too. Again, kinda like DealDash.

Being able to win the variety of gift cards on DealDash makes shopping that much nicer. If I win a $25 card and buy a $25 card it is like I got a 50% off sale price on things I was buying anyway. I must say DealDash my favorite place to bid, win and shop!


Backyard Organization with Keter

Even though it’s snowy and cold right now, I am already thinking about summer. This is going to be the first summer that I have ever owned my own home, and luckily enough for me I have a deck and a nice backyard.

When thinking about decks and yards one of the first companies that comes to my mind is Keter. Keter has a really amazing selection of different outdoor products, from sheds and deck boxes to playhouses and water tables for the kids. They also have some great indoor products for storage and the laundry room, but their focus lies upon their great outdoors’ products.

Keter is short for Keter Plastic Ltd, plastic being what 95% of their products are made from. Keter is a really interesting and innovative company, which has won numerous awards in the past few years including the Red Dot Design award in 2010, 2011, and 2013. Keter even won the DIY Product of the Year award in 2010!

Keter is known all over the world, they have 29 plants in the USA, Israel, and Europe. Not only that, but Keter products are actually available in over 90 countries. Even though Keter makes new and interesting products, you might be surprised to know that Keter Plastic Ltd. was actually started in 1948!

In Israel, Keter actually owns and operates its own retail stores. Keter in turn uses some of its profits to support a charity called “Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises,” which is the largest sports organization for development and peace in the Middle East. Mifalot was founded in 1997 and operates numerous social projects in villages and towns across Israel. Below is a quick 30 second video showing some of the children that Keter helps by supporting Mifalot.

The good news is if you are interested in Keter products you can win them on DealDash! DealDash offers a variety of some of Keter’s most popular products including various deck boxes, sheds, and even rattan planter sets. That way you can set your Bid Buddy and get one of these great products for a fraction of the cost! If you don’t happen to win the auction, though, you can still be a winner by using BIN (Buy it Now), because not only will you get the product that you wanted, you will also get all of your bids back AND free shipping! Win-Win!

Keter 3-Piece Rattan Planter Set

Tools for Women

Useful and Cute Tool Kits for Ladies

One of the most useful and cute tool kits for ladies I found was the Apollo Precision Tool Kit in hot pink which came with over 130 pieces!

Not only was the color ideal, but the assortment of tools in the compact and organized carrying case was exactly what a housewife, single girl, or busy woman, etc. could use.

This Apollo Precision Tool Kit came with all the tools necessary for fix-it projects, and the carrying case is molded to fit the tools inside. No mess of tools and questions of where I put that screw driver or where the tape measure is. Everything is right inside the case with it’s own crafted spot.

Apollo Precision Tool Kits for ladies in pink

Apollo Precision makes perfect tool kits for ladies of all ages. My daughter had asked her husband to buy her a tool kit a few years ago and replied, “Why? I have every kind of tool you could possibly need”. What he didn’t understand is her need to “know where things are”. If you can’t find the right tool, you can’t even begin to try to fix something.

I purchased the Apollo Precision tool kit on and got back all of my bids to try for something else. This tool kit was going to be a great surprise for my daughter!

I then discovered another brand on DealDash which also makes tool kits for ladies. This one is by Essentials Tools and came in a purple canvas tote bag! I have a niece who just purchased her own home and she has no assortment of tools to go to when she needs to put things together, hang pictures, or make any simple repairs around the house.

The Essentials Tool Set came with a canvas zip-up bag. This bag had a smaller amount of items, only 32, but I thought it was perfect for my niece. I set my bid buddy on DealDash for a pre-determined amount of bids and for only 63 bids I won the auction! Now I had two useful and cute tool kits for two of my favorite ladies in my life. Another great thing was that I won it during a free win DealDash special. Therefore, I only used 63 bids and paid just $0.01 for the tool set.

Essentials Tool Kits for Ladies

Purple Essentials Tool Set won with 63 bids on

My niece thanked me a zillion times for the great gift. With you can discover a great variety of items which you’re able to win or buy it now and get your bids back. DealDash is a really fun place to shop! Give DealDash a try or learn more about how you can get Deals on Black & Decker and Remington.

Nine Stars Motion Sensor Trash Can

Nine Stars Motion Sensor Trash Can Gets 9/10 Stars!

The Nine Stars Motion Sensor Trash Can offered on DealDash comes in two styles, one is a double opening can with a recycle side and a general trash side. The other style is a single opening trash can that holds a 13-gallon trash liner.

The 13-gallon size is pretty common for trash cans offered for home use. The wonder of these cans is the can lid opens with a wave of your hand. The lid opens with a pass over the “seeing eye”. This allows you to swipe over the “eye” and the lid will open. No more using one hand to open the can while you hold your trash with the other. This is a great convenience when you are cooking, have food on your hands or just have your hands full of papers and will drop something if you have to try and open a regular trash bin.

Since DealDash was offering the Nine Stars touchless trash cans in these two different styles I did a little research to see if the quality was there, was the price competitive if I wanted to buy one, and would current owners give good reviews? These questions were all answered during my research. In fact, Nine Stars was the first company that successfully patented the motion sensor technology onto trash cans. The reviews I was able to read were complimentary and most of the owners gave these 4 out of 5 stars.

Knowing I would really like to have one of my own I set about to bid on an auction for the double compartment Nine Stars can and was disappointed to not be able to win the auction. I decided to use the buy it now option and purchased the Nine Stars trash can. Once I received the can I decided to offer it to my daughter. She was delighted with the concept and was happy to change out the trash can she had been using for the new Nine Stars Motion Sensor can.

Not wanting to be out of the loop I decided to bid on the next auction I saw for these cans. Alas, I was not successful on this auction either. But of course I am happy using the “Buy it Now Option” on DealDash, and decided this was something I really wanted. I got all of my bids back and received the trash can very quickly with free shipping.

I am really happy with this product, however, my daughter and I traded cans. She really needed the single opening can with her family, and I was happy to swap out the two sided can for myself. I have to tell you after 30+ years of keeping my nasty trash can under the kitchen sink, what a pleasure it is to have this very attractive stainless steel trash can in the kitchen in full view. I may even try to win another one on DealDash for everyone in my family I like this so much! Thanks DealDash for offering such great products we can all use in our homes.

When I purchased the Nine Stars trash cans on DealDash, they came brand new with free shipping directly from their suppling partner Walmart. Here’s a brief video overview of the Nine Stars Motion Sensor trash can from Walmart. has been offering quality products for the home for years. While bidding on DealDash does not mean a win for every auction you try, with their “Buy-It-Now” option you can always come away with the bids you spent on the auction and you are able to purchase the item without any increase in price. If the item value is $75 you will pay $75, there is never a charge for shipping.

Shop for your Nine Stars Motion Sensor Trash Can on DealDash Now! 

Sterilite Made in USA

Sterilite Storage Containers | Made in USA

I enjoy shopping on DealDash and many times will often see household products available. These products can be anything from Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to Dyson Vacuums. While the products are varied, some of the most useful I have found are the Sterilite storage containers which come in several different sizes.

The Sterilite Products company is the largest manufacturer in North America of household plastic products. One of the most impressive things I find about the Sterilite products is they are made in the USA. As we become more conscientious about buying products made in America, it is great to see these quality items available on DealDash.

I noticed an auction coming up for the Sterilite storage containers several weeks ago. Often DealDash will have more than one auction available for the same item. This makes bidding on and possibly winning an auction for the item you want somewhat easier. I have been using Sterilite storage containers for several years, and I was in need of additional storage bins as I prepared to clean out a room. The 6-pack of the 66 quart Sterilite storage containers is exactly what I needed.

I was delighted to win them on DealDash and only used 95 bids for a set of 6! These Sterilite storage containers retail at local stores for around $60, so I am pleased with the savings I received by deciding to get them on DealDash. Of course, the durability of these storage bins is well known and the fact they are clear make them the absolute best for storing items away and identifying what is inside very easily and quickly.

As I prepare the spare bedroom into a more modern room, I have made good use of the storage containers and I am hoping to win another set. You can never have enough Sterilite Storage containers! Thanks DealDash for offering quality products like Sterilite that are made in the USA and for giving everyone a fair and honest place to bid, win or buy it now.

Sterilite Storage Containers

Keurig Coffee Lovers

A Fun Way to Discover and Buy Keurig Coffee

As a leader in specialty coffee, coffee makers, teas, and other beverages, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is recognized for its award-winning beverages but they’re much more than that!

The Harris Poll EquiTrend® Equity Study named Keurig® the coffee maker “Brand of the Year” for 2012, 2013, and 2014. Keurig’s brewing platforms include the Keurig® 2.0 brewing system, the Keurig®K-Cup® brewing system, the Keurig® Rivo®Cappuccino and Latte system, and the Keurig® Bolt®Carafe brewing system.

For most of my life I was the only person in the house who enjoyed a good cup of coffee, but I would only drink a cup or two. Using the old coffee pot, I would drink my cup and dump out the rest. This was very costly, but I had to have my coffee.

I was at work one day and saw this company coffee machine and had a WOW moment…I had to try it out! They had the Keurig 2.0 brewing system and LOTS of coffee choices. I thought to myself “THIS IS GENIUS”. One cup at a time I would try many different coffees and find my favorite. One cup after another cup, and another cup I found myself getting carried away. They were ALL so delicious! There was however one that I kept coming back to, and it was not even coffee. I love the Keurig dark chocolate hot coco, it is just amazing. The sad part is with my job I move from place to place so after 5 days of great coffee and coco, I had to move on.

I thought to myself “if only they made this for home” so I went looking for one, I discovered that Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. have all kinds of Keurig makers, which put a huge smile on my face. Some are very simple, and some are very high tech but they all do the same thing, make a great cup of coffee!

The Keurig machine is a good thing because every cup is hot when served and I no longer waist a whole pot of coffee. Keurig has every kind of drink you could think of… Hot, Cold, Tea, Coffee, Sweet, Spicy, Seasonal, etc. Keurig continues to broaden their beverage offerings through owned and partner brands thereby offering consumers over 400 kinds of brews! You can pick your favorites or get a variety pack which contains all different kinds of drinks. The best part is that DealDash offers many different types of Keurig brews and makers. It’s a fun way to get a deal or simply buy your coffee online with free shipping
Xbox Live

On the Fence About Xbox? Why I Love it!

I believe when you can’t see someone it’s really important to keep the relationship strong and Xbox has given my family that chance.

The Xbox has been one of the number one selling game systems since it was released in 2005. Last year I won a $500 Walmart gift card on and went right out to buy an Xbox for my kids as it has everything you could want in a gaming system. My kids really enjoy playing Minecraft, this is a very cool Xbox game for those who like to use their imagination and it’s great for all ages! They also like, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and of course Toy Story 3!!!

We have Xbox live which gives us the option to watch Netflix! I’m not so big on gaming but I sure enjoy cuddling up and watching a good movie. With Xbox live my kids can use a headset and talk with their friends while playing the same games together. This is really nice when you have family or friends in another state that you don’t see often because it allows you to share entertainment with each other. I believe when you can’t see someone often its really important to keep the relationship strong and Xbox has given my family that chance.

Xbox Xbox also comes with a blue-ray player which makes your movie watching experience much more exciting! The color and graphics are much more intense, it almost feels like you are right in the movie with blue-ray.

With the Xbox live you can connect to the Internet right through you TV. This makes YouTube and much more right at your finger tips. My son likes watching train videos on YouTube so instead of taking up my computer I can set him up on Xbox and he can click through the videos by himself. Xbox is so easy to use, even a 4 year old can do it.

DealDash offers a large variety of Xbox products and many other great brands. You can get some great deals on DealDash and it’s a lot of fun, which is why I do my shopping there.


GreenLife Cookware

Find Your Inner Chef with GreenLife Cookware

What’s your favorite color? The chances are high that you will be able to find a Greenlife “Foodies” series pan to match it!

Have you used the new fun and colorful ceramic pans yet? Not only are they exceptionally cute, they are also much healthier for you than aluminum or Teflon pans. Some of the best ceramic pans are called Greenlife Cookware, and they are made by the aptly named “The Cookware Company.” The Cookware Company originated in Belgium in 2007, their first product was called “Greenpan”. The Cookware Company was actually the first to introduce PTFE-free non-stick cookware into the market.

What is PTFE, and why don’t you want your cookware covered in it? PTFE is short for Polytetrafluoroethylene, and the reason that you don’t want it on your cookware is when used at higher temperatures it can become toxic. PTFE is stable and nontoxic at lower temperatures, but it begins to deteriorate after the temperature of cookware reaches about 500 °F, and decomposes above 662 °F. The by-products that are left behind can cause flu-like symptoms in humans and be lethal to smaller animals such as birds. That’s why great companies like Greenlife Cookware makes sure their products are PTFE-free.

In short, Greenlife cookware is good for your body and good for the environment. It is non-stick cookware, so you need to use either nylon or wooden utensils because metal ones can scratch the coating. However, small scratches over time are normal and won’t affect your cooking or health. If your pan gets stained over time you can always take the stains off with a piece of melamine foam, also known as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This is great cookware for either a beginning cook or a more experienced chef, with prices ranging from budget for a single pan to gourmet for a full set.

Click on the video below to see an unbiased “Unboxing” of GreenLife from Chef Kendra Nguyen

It really gets good heat distribution and it has an EXCELLENT non-stick surface.

If you want some quality non-stick cookware, I would recommend them.

Note: GreenLife Cookware works on all stove tops except induction.

GreenLife Cookware

DealDash often offers the GreenLife Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick 2-Piece Open Fry Pan Set up for auction. This is a great duo of GreenLife pans to start your collection. Lucky DealDasher Bagman1 won a set of the GreenLife Ceramic Non-Stick pans with just 14 bids and final selling price of 85¢. What a deal!

GreenLife Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick 2-Piece Open Fry Pan Set

Beddit Sleep Monitor

Trouble Sleeping? Get Your Beauty Sleep with Beddit

Have you heard of the Beddit Sleep Monitor? The Beddit Sleep monitor tracks your sleeping patterns, heart rate, breathing, snoring, movements, and environment all in the comfort of your own bed. In the morning, Beddit tells you how you slept and how to improve your sleep and wellness.

How does Beddit work?

Well, the sensor in Beddit tracks small vibrations caused by our heartbeats, breathing and movements. When falling asleep our resting heart rate and respiratory rate fall and we lay still. Algorithms in Beddit know this as sleep. Similarly, Beddit recognizes the night-time waking events and absences from bed which significantly affect sleep the quality.

When you think of the concept of “sleep monitoring” you probably picture someone in a lab-type setting with sticky sensors and wires going everywhere. Beddit is nothing like that, though, it’s a long strip that slips underneath your sheets so you don’t have to wear anything. It monitors your movements, sending data via a Bluetooth wireless connection to an Android phone or iPhone. There, an app processes your data and presents you with a daily report.

Beddit is a Finnish high-tech company specializing in sleep and recovery monitoring. The Beddit Sleep monitor actually got its start on Indiegogo, which is a crowd-funding site that connects new gadgets to customers who are willing to pay to see them produced. That’s also how the Misfit Shine activity tracker got its start – and now Misfit is selling Beddit through a partnership for people who want round-the-clock monitoring.

If the Beddit sounds like something that would be helpful for you, then you’re in luck! Recently DealDash has started offering the Beddit up for auction, and there have been some really great final auction prices, lucky winner Meagle99 got their’s with only 12 bids –  isn’t that amazing?

You have plenty of chances to get your very own Beddit, there are multiple Beddit auctions this week alone. And never fear, if you don’t win you can get all of your bids back when you BIN (Buy it Now) for the retail price, $149, which is the same price as on Beddit’s own website. However, when you BIN the Beddit on DealDash, you also get FREE shipping. So you see, you really can’t lose!

Beddit Sleep Tracker and Wellness Coach

Written by Dawn Xu, a mom of 2 living in Massachusetts. I love DealDash and YouTube, so I make “Unboxing” videos of my DealDash WINs. If you would like to see one of my DealDash themed videos, click here.


cuisinart cookware set

Get Deals on Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware

I have been playing on DealDash for a few years now. Looking back on all of my winnings there is one that really stands out. It’s the 13 piece set of Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware.

This is a high quality set of cookware which I happened to get an incredible deal on by shopping on DealDash. Cuisinart has so much to offer when it comes to their products. The Cuisinart line of products include:


Blenders, coffee makers, electronic cookware, food processors, juicers, grills, popcorn makers and more

Cuisinart BAKEWARE

Cookie sheets, muffin pans, mixers & baking tools

Cuisinart COOKWARE

This is where they have a little bit of everything! I love the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware set. I can cook just about anything using these pans. My favorite piece would have to be the stockpot! This stockpot makes cooking any kind of pasta so convenient, and look how beautiful it is in the stainless steel.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware 6 Qt. Pasta Pot with Lid Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware Product Features

  • Premium stainless-steel cooking surfaces do not react with food or alter natural flavors
  • Tempered-glass cover with stainless rim, ensuring durability.
  • Stay-cool comfortable stick handle contoured to your hand for extra comfort.
  • Aluminum-encapsulated base for even heat distribution.
  • Unique belly-shape design with a stainless surface for professional cooking techniques.
  •  1½-Qt. Saucepan with cover
  •  3-Qt. Saucepan with cover
  •  4-Qt. Sauté Pan with helper handle and cover
  •  8′ Skillet
  •  10′ Skillet with cover
  •  9-Qt. Stockpot with cover
  •  20 cm Universal Steamer with cover (fits 3-qt. Saucepan)
  •  24 cm Pasta Insert

I won’t have to think about getting new pots and pans for a long time thanks to my new set of Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware. Whenever you play on DealDash, make sure to use your BidBuddy! The BidBuddy will help you by placing your bids automatically during the last few seconds of the auction, and it´s the best way to help secure your win!

Good luck!!!


Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware 13-Piece Set

Winsome Trading Ava accent table

DealDashing for a Winsome Trading Accent Table

Since Christmas and the main holiday shopping season has come and gone, bidding on DealDash changes, too.

The ideas of gift cards and gifts for family and friends turns to thoughts of the new year and the kinds of changes I would like to see in my home. My spare bedroom has not been decorated since my son got married so I thought it would be nice to start adding a few touches here and there to his old room, so I went out and won the Winsome Trading Ava accent table.

DealDash often has furniture pieces up for auction. I have looked at some of the auctions and thought it might be nice to start small and see if I could win some new pieces I could add to the room. The Winsome Trading accent table came up often and I thought I might try to bid on one and see if I could win, and on my first try I won!

The bedside Winsome Trading accent table sold for only $4.35 and I used 76 bids bringing my total spending to approximately $15 for the new table. I know I could not go to the store and buy a new table for $15 so I was very happy with this deal!

The instructions do say some assembly required, and they were not kidding. In total it came with 105 pieces (including screws and bolts, etc.). The wood sides, top and drawers are solid and I was able to put the entire table together without any help. I was determined to put the table together and be ready by the weekend and it was complete! The Winsome Trading accent table is perfect for the bedroom, and for my first piece of redecorating the room. Plus it’s a quality piece of furniture I am proud to own. Here are the before and after pictures of the Winsome Trading accent table I won.

Winsome Trading Ava accent table

I can always count on DealDash for quality, fast shipping, and fun auctions!