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Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron

Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron, Style it Up

Get ready to give your look a new model style makeover with the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron.

This little gem has 30 distinct heat settings to cover all needs regardless of the hair type or preferences. The Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron has a conveniently placed rocker switch so you can easily distinguish if the appliance is on or off.

Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron

This iron is not like the rest; it’s completely professional style and only takes about 30 seconds to heat up so it’s perfect for women on the go. The Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron is one of the most effective beauty appliances you’ll find and is made from only the highest quality parts.

The tourmaline ceramic barrels are able to give your hair a healthy look and shine without the feeling of being fried. You can use the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron on large chunks of hair for excellent results. The beauty is you can use any or all of the three jumbo barrels depending on your own personal preferences.

There is a quick locking ring so you can store the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron fast and make transporting it simple and easy.

DealDash carries the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron and other beauty appliances and items so you can count on always getting what you need. There isn’t a more efficient curling iron on the market and it shows by its popularity which is quickly spreading to professional salons and for home use as well.

Getting that look and feel of a glamour model is only possible with high quality products and appliances and with the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron you can count on a pro look and feel from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron

And with the handy travel option you can take your Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron anywhere and everywhere. If you’ve been searching for a curling iron, beauty supplies or other home appliances head over to DealDash today and check it out along with other items they have available.

The site is easy to use and always provides a 100% money back guarantee.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill, Heat Things Up

Even though summer is on its way there will still be plenty of chances to you the Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill

April showers and other springtime storms will call for several days of cooking inside. When the time comes to cook inside you may as well have a Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill so you can still cook great tasting food.

The indoor grill is excellent at cooking just about anything. You can easily grill up chicken, fish or beef as well as pork and lamb. Veggies and potatoes come out extra delicious with the Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill, making it one of the most versatile cooking appliances available.

The cool-touch handles make for easy moving and the non-stick surface makes for fast cleaning after a meal. The entire appliance breaks down and disassembles for safe and effective trips to the dishwasher.

The whole Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill measures in at a massive 20 ¾” wide by 14” deep so you know you have room for even the biggest steaks. This wonderful piece of kitchen equipment is ideal for burgers and other family favorites.

DealDash brings you the Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill and other useful kitchen appliances from one convenient source.

The grill also boasts a full range of safety features to ensure any kids will be safe. It’s a sleek and elegant design that is ideal for any modern home and its kitchen. The grill heats quickly and cleans quick making meals fast and efficient when the time calls for it.

Since it’s a non-stick grill, there are several health benefits, you don’t have to use excessive amounts of oil like you do during frying and grilling is naturally a much healthier method of cooking all the way around.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill

The all black color is universal to match any kitchen and add another depth of luxury and class. The Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill is the perfect gift for any chef and makes an excellent addition to any kitchen.

If you’d like to find out more about the Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill, head over to DealDash and take a look for yourself. There are dozens of handy household items, and remember there is a money back guarantee at all times.


Magisso’s Ice Bucket

The Magisso products really are designer pieces that can be showcased in anyone’s kitchen or dining room.  Made in Finland,  the unique styling offers the owner an opportunity to show their good taste in design.

Magisso’s ice bucket is one of particular interest to me. It has a unique finish that allows the owner to write in chalk across the face of the bucket. The message can be erased and another one written for your next occasion.

Magisso Furthermore, along with the other Naturally Cooling Ceramic barware the Magisso ice bucket can be chilled by running cold water over it for a couple of minutes. This will keep your ice ready for your summer beverages or keep your bottled water cold on a warm summer day. You really cannot appreciate how attractive Magisso’s ice bucket is until you see it yourself. The design of the lid with the crease in the top for your tongs to fit in is unique as well. Once again, DealDash has given their bidders an opportunity to own exceptional items through their auction site.


I had been looking at the auctions for the Magisso ice buckets for a week or so when I decided the time was right to try to win one of the auctions. I actually tried a few times to win the ice bucket for my daughter. She entertains a lot in the spring and summer and she has not had a nice ice bucket for a couple of summers. This was going to be a surprise gift for her. Since the Magisso ice bucket is expensive I was not going to try to use the Buy-it-Now option. So, after two attempts and not winning the auction, I was successful on my third try. I won the auction for a selling price of only $1.47! I was so excited to win and could not wait to receive my package.

Unfortunately, the shipper was not as careful as they should have been and my item arrived in pieces. I was really upset and contacted customer service about returning the ice bucket and getting a new one.  As has been my previous experience I heard from customer service right away, they sent me a return shipping label to be used on the package. In this particular case I needed to pay the shipping to return the item and they would send me another Magisso ice bucket. However, when I returned the item as instructed and sent DealDash a copy of my shipping receipt. Not only have I received the new item, but I also received a refund for my shipping costs. How can someone not be happy with DealDash and their excellent customer service?

I have written blogs regarding the customer service at DealDash since I had some issues with other auction sites. Since I have been a DealDash bidder since 2012, I haven’t had an occasion where the DealDash Customer Service was not exceptional.

Thin King

Thin King keeps your cards secure

DealDash has a way of providing innovative items before you are even aware they are available!  Somehow the development staff has a way of finding new products to offer for auction on DealDash before a customer even knows such an item exists.  This is especially true of the Thin King.

Thin King is a case for credit/debit or ID cards, or other similarly sized cards. It is lightweight and holds up to 4 cards. The design is stylish and appropriate for both men and women to carry.

Thin King

Recently on a local Chicago network, a special investigative report showed the latest technology thieves were using to scan credit, debit and ID cards with electronic devices. This was most newsworthy since all consumers have been on alert about identity theft, and breaches of secure systems when you are using your credit/debit and ID cards for purchases and health care. Huge health care providers have had their health care records breached and millions of people are at risk of having their personal information used by scam artists.

When I saw the auction for the Thin King card cases on DealDash, I knew this was something I would want to have. The anodized aluminum on this Thin King blocks RFID scanners and Skimmers from penetrating to personal information on your debit, credit and ID cards. Knowing this is the best way to prevent theft of my personal information I immediately tried to bid on these card holders.

Thin King

First I tried to win the silver Thin King, which is quite eye catching, but unfortunately I was not successful. I was determined to win one so I tried again, this time on the case that appeared to be black in color. I won the auction and was thrilled to get it at a 50% off on the won value! The card case arrived a few days ago and I was impressed with the color, it is not a bland black but an attractive color that fits well in my purse. I am able to put my three cards into the case and I have started using this immediately. I liked this so much that I bid on another auction, this was silver, and I was able to win the silver one too. I am giving this to my son-in-law for his use. He travels much more than I do and I know he will be grateful to have a Thin King.

Thin King

The Volver Thin King is made of anodized aluminum and has a coating to help prevent discoloration and makes it super strong. Moreover, the inside of the case is designed such that it allows you to keep only one card inside and not be afraid of having it fall out. The coating, aluminum, and insides keep the cards protected and the magnetic strip on the backs are not affected in any way. Again, a great product from DealDash and something all consumers can use.

Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter, Extreme Fun for All

When was the last time you enjoyed a ride on a high-powered Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter?

It’s important to have fun every now and then and if you have children, they are gonna love this thing. It’s fun, it’s quick and it’s suitable for the whole family. The Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter is top of the line when it comes to excitement and quality products. There isn’t a kid on earth that won’t have a blast with one of these durable little machines.

C:\Users\Hank Klinger\Pictures\dealdash\today\Evo_Powerboards_2x_50cc_Scooter.png

For those of you who are tech hungry, the Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter has host of highly advanced reasons it shines above the rest. For example, a tough reinforced frame, a front end cam-link suspension and a top speed of 25-30 miles all help to take this wonderfully manufactured vehicle to the next level above the competition.

Other options you may find attractive are an optional quick release seat, tough knobby tires on front and back and a two-speed gear box with thumb shifter. Yep, when you see one of these go, it’s easy to see the time spent in design and manufacturing. The Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter is a step above the rest and fun for the whole family.

Along with all the above benefits, the scooter weighs in at a sturdy 58 pounds. The weight is perfectly balanced to keep you grounded while still being light enough to maneuver and handle for anyone.

The disk brakes guarantee that anyone riding can stop on the drop of a hat, and the weight allowance of 265 pounds means it’s safe for most members of the family to ride.

Your kids will love having fun with the Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter. Whether they’re heading to school or going to the corner store to get a pop, they’ll be glad they have one of these babies to get them there and back safely.

Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter

DealDash carries the Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter as well a full range of other fun items for entertainment. They also give a guarantee on all products, so I suggest you head on over and check out what they have to offer. You’ll be happy you took the time and may find yourself as the proud new owner of a Evo Powerboards 2x50cc Scooter.

impact spinner luggage set

Impact Spinner Luggage Set, Take Your Life with You

Are you a traveler? Then you’ll want to hear about the Impact Spinner Luggage Set.

I’m a traveler and I can tell you it pays to have high quality luggage. There is something about good luggage that makes the experience of travel a whole lot more enjoyable.

impact spinner luggage set

And the wonderful thing about the Impact Spinner Luggage Set is you have everything you need regardless of how long the trip is. Whether you’re heading to Southeast Asia for the month or too your folks house for the weekend, the Impact Spinner Luggage set is ideal.

There are four pieces in the set and each has its own purpose. For the quick weekend getaway you can take the 18 inch and 22 inch pieces and for longer trips you can option to take the 26 inch or 30 inch larger pieces. If you’re going for an extended stay you can take a combination or all of them to fit everything you need for your trip.

The Impact Spinner Luggage Set comes in a beautiful black designer color and style. Each piece is made of a high quality and very tough 1680 denier nylon material. The handle is built tough from high impact aluminum, complete with a telescoping handle.

You can easily maneuver the luggage set as each piece is complete with highly maneuverable, multi-directional wheels. The Impact Spinner Luggage Set has all the space you could ever need whether you’re traveling around the world or to the next town for a business trip.

impact spinner luggage set

DealDash is one of the best sources for high quality travel products and luggage like the Impact Spinner Luggage Set. I know from my own experience that when it comes to luggage you get what you pay for. Once I started buying high quality luggage like the Impact Spinner Luggage Set my traveling life changed dramatically.

My best piece of advice to you is to go to DealDash yourself and check out their excellent offers on Spinner High Impact Luggage and other quality products. DealDash is great because they carry great products and always keep a 100% money back guarantee.

mainstay office set

Mainstay Office Set, Straight to Business

The Mainstay Office Set is perfect to help you create an area you can focus in.

Focus is fundamental to successful work. Whether you’re at home or at an office, it’s important you’re comfortable and well-organized at all times. A quality desk is therefore fundamental to the quality of work you produce.

mainstay office set

The Mainstay Office Set is a beautifully designed desk that fits most anywhere.

Sometimes space can be an issue and larger desks simply won’t work for our needs. The team at Mainstay has solved this problem with their 3-piece of office set.

The Mainstay Office Set comes with a black sheen finished office desk. There’s a convenient bookcase with an adjustable shelf and if you’re anything like me than you love to read and having a place for your favorite books is a must.

Thee storage cabinet is fully adjustable with a shelf and file drawer so you can keep your paperwork and other essentials organized and easily accessible.

There is some assembly required with the Mainstay Office Set, but it’s fairly straightforward and easy to achieve. In most cases it shouldn’t take long to have the desk unpacked, put together and fitted with all your important business items.

I know from my own personal experience that having a quality desk truly changed my working habits. The Mainstay Office Set seems to be the perfect solution for anyone looking to get organized and take their professional life to the next level.

The desk is perfect for children as well; we all know the importance of having a safe and sound work environment with little interruption. The Mainstay Office Set could make the difference between A’s and B’s and how your child is able to focus.

mainstay office set

DealDash carries these offices sets and other useful home furnishings and office equipment at one convenient and easy to use website. The Mainstay Office Set is beautiful and practical and is the perfect addition to a new or pre-existing home looking for some nice new furniture.

Head over to DealDash today and check out the Mainstay Office Set and other products you can use to help bring your home to life and more.


NewAir Icemaker, Cool Down For the summer

One of the most convenient items you can have this spring and summer is a NewAir Icemaker.


The weather will soon be getting nicer and that means barbecues. They’re stand alone and top of the line quality meaning you’ll always have ice on hand to keep those refreshing beverages nice and cool during those hot summer months.

The NewAir Icemaker is pretty amazing; the handy little machine can produce up to 28 pounds of ice in a 24 hours period. That means you should never run short on ice. The cubes can be frozen in three convenient sizes and even if you do run out it only takes about 6 minutes for the NewAir Icemaker to make new cubes.

Your drinks will be nice and fresh at all times and you’ll never have to worry about driving to the store in the middle of the party to pick up more ice. There isn’t much you can’t do with the NewAir Icemaker in terms of keeping things cool.

The beauty is this sleekly designed appliance is small enough to fit just about anywhere, at only 12 inches you can place it in your kitchen or your back patio. You could even move it around when needed, that makes for quick and easy ice at all times.

newair icemaker

The freestanding attribute is only one of the benefits you’ll get when you purchase a NewAir Icemaker. Along with that, the device comes with a removable ice bin so you can fill up chest and other containers when needed. There are indicator lights so you know when your ice is ready and it comes with a convenient ice scoop to keep things nice and clean.

Yep, the NewAir Icemaker is one of the premier freestanding ice machines on the market today and you can pick one up at an excellent price on DealDash. The next time you have company over and they ask you what they can bring, you can leave ice out of the equation and never have to worry about it again.

To pick up a NewAir Icemaker and other useful home appliances for the upcoming summer, head over to DealDash today and take advantage of their great prices!

kitchen aid 5-Speed hand mixer

KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer

One of the most trusted names in home cooking is now bringing you a powerful tool with the KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer.

The powerful KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer will help complete any kitchens list of needed equipment. The modern look and highly effective design offer beauty, elegance and usage, all in one compact package. KitchenAid is a brand that has gained trust in the home culinary world by providing its customers with state of the art, high quality kitchen equipment, for more than 90 years.

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer delivers the reliability, durability and versatility that the corporation is known for. The mixer accomplishes this and operates at same effectiveness that all KitchenAid products do.

If you’re a dedicated home chef or aspiring to be one, you will love the handiness of this stylish KitchenAid 5-Speed Mixer and its wide range of uses. DealDash is glad to bring this and other KitchenAid products to you from one easy to shop location.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer is excellent for a varied list of applications in any home kitchen. You can quickly and easily whip up everything, including: mashed potatoes, whipped cream, meringues and sauces. All with this is accomplished with ease by this beautifully designed, modern piece of kitchen equipment.

Even professional kitchens and chefs worldwide respect and use  KitchenAid products. The KitchenAid name guarantees the level of quality and reliability that professional chefs care about. For anyone looking to turn their home kitchen into a replica of a high-end culinary establishment, the KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer is just the piece of equipment they’ve been looking for.

KitchenAid equipment is known for staying effective after years of hard use in even busiest home kitchens. Whether you’re a baker or a chef, you can count on getting all your favorite recipes done with ease with the KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer

The Mixer has several speeds to select from, as well as well as different attachments that can be used for everything from beating eggs to kneading bread dough. To See a full list of high quality KitchenAid products and other home décor, head over to DealDash and see what they have to offer.

You can easily find everything you need to complete your kitchen and get it operating at the same level of effectiveness as professional kitchens everywhere. Plus DealDash also keeps a 100% money back guarantee for products and new customers.


GoPro your camera of choice

With the right tools, you have the ability to record all the important moments of your life for you, your family, and friends.  That’s where GoPro comes in.

A vital part of our everyday lives in today’s world is capturing and sharing our experiences with friends and family.  Social media has made it easy to both stay connected to old friends and also to make new friends with common interests.   Technology is just as important in documenting your life whether it be for yourself and family or to share with your social media community.

Based in San Mateo, California, GoPro, Inc. is an American-based corporation that is in the high-definition personal camera business. GoPro was made popular by extreme action and extreme sports enthusiasts who used the cameras to document their stunts and adventures by mounting GoPro cameras onto their vehicles or themselves.


GoPro was even started by a surfer named Nick Woodman who started the company in 2002.  While on a surf trip in Australia, he was disappointed that he couldn’t get quality action photos of his surfing because amateur photographers couldn’t get close enough or afford the quality equipment needed.  Woodman wanted a camera with professional results that was affordable.

Over time, Woodman developed his camera and accomplished his goal and the company sold the first GoPro in 2004. GoPro maintains its affordability today.  For example, you can easily find GoPro  cameras and related accessories on DealDash.


You don’t have to be extreme to acknowledge the benefits of the GoPro.  It is a compact, lightweight, and rugged camera and a great investment for any level of photographer or videographer.  You have the choice to take still photos or shoot video in HD through a wide-angle lens.  Users can even choose to be in the shot by using a remote control. This means that when your child blows out the candles on their birthday cake, you can be right there in the shot.

The sooner you get a GoPro, the sooner you can start recording your own history.  With the functionality, quality, sharing options, and storage options that GoPro gives you, your memories will last a lifetime and beyond.

stamina adjustable kettle bell

Stamina Adjustable Kettle Bell, Sculpt the Body of Your Dreams

 If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life, than the Stamina Adjustable Kettle Bell is for you.

Summer is approaching fast and there isn’t much time to drop the pounds.

stamina adjustable kettle bell

Why would you choose a Stamina Adjustable Kettle Bell?

There are several reasons to incorporate kettle bells into your active workout routine. They are versatile and create functional movement so you’ll be working out in a way that is natural and beneficial to your everyday life.

The Stamina Adjustable Kettle Bell is fun to use and there are endless exercises that can be performed with them. Plus when you use these effective pieces of equipment you get a complete cardiovascular and strength training workout at the same time. DealDash carries this and other high quality fitness equipment you can purchase so you can get ready for the upcoming summer months.

The best part of the Stamina Adjustable Kettle Bell is it is perfect for all fitness levels and with the weight being so easy to change, you can adjust accordingly. The adjustments are perfect if you need to change the weight for different exercises or when you start to get stronger and need more weight to push yourself.


The Stamina Adjustable Kettle Bell is the complete package when it comes to home fitness. And that is yet another benefit of this intelligently designed piece of exercise equipment. You can easily tuck it away or place it in your garage and it won’t take up needed space.

If you’re like me than you’re like me then you don’t always have the time to go to the gym, that’s one more beneficial reason to use the Stamina Adjustable Kettle Bell. You can get a full body workout routine from the safety and convenience of your own home.

One last thought I want to leave you with, people oftentimes desire to work out from home. But they are usually shocked when they realize how many different options there are for exercise equipment. This is why the Stamina Adjustable Kettle Bell makes so much sense, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars one countless pieces of equipment. You can get your entire fitness routine completed with one simple to use piece of equipment.

To pick up a Stamina Adjustable Kettle Bell and other fitness equipment head over to DealDash today and check out what they have to offer. Remember, DealDash always gives a 100% money back guarantee!

Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware, Cook Like a Pro

Stainless steel is one of the most attractive materials a cookware set can be made of. And since the Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware is made out of 100% stainless steel, it is both luxurious and elegant.

One of the reasons that stainless works so well with cooking is it is very non-reactive to most foods. For example, Tomatoes and other acidic foods cook wonderfully in the Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware.

Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware

Other metals like aluminum tend to react with foods, limiting your ability to cook what you love. Along with being able to cook with any type of food, the Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware also offers the chef a nice and even level of heat distribution. Even heat Distribution is important when you’re cooking any type of food and are in need of a cooking surface that you can count on cooking evenly.

An example would be cooking a steak, when using the Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware; you can count on cooking some of the most beautiful steaks with perfect sears.

Any chef will tell you that non-stick pans are great for a few applications, but all will agree that stainless can’t be beaten for its high levels of versatility and effectiveness.

You can count on the Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware being some of the best cooking equipment available anywhere.

DealDash is excited to carry this high quality cookware at an excellent price not found elsewhere.

Whether you’re cooking pasta Primavera, making butternut squash soup or creating your own delicious dish, the Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware Set is ideal for the job.

Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware

The people at Tramontina stand behind their product and that’s why DealDash stands behind it as well. We only provide our customers with the highest quality products and we always guarantee a 100% money back policy as well.

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a nice gift and take your cooking skills and experience to the next level, then my next piece of advice would be to head over to DealDash and pick up a set of Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware today!

Apple Ipad Mini, Top of the Line

You can count on the Apple Ipad Mini being exceptional; everything the brand makes is the best electronics equipment available.

Whether you’re looking at family photos or surfing the web the Apple Ipad Mini will guarantee clear, crisp graphics every time.

apple ipad mini

The versatility of this powerful little piece of equipment doesn’t stop there. You can watch movies, play video games or Skype with a loved one across the globe. The Apple Ipad Mini is the perfect solution for travelers looking to stay connected without having to carry around a heavy, awkward laptop.

There isn’t much this marvelous piece of electronics equipment can do, it’s also very light, and would be the perfect addition to any family that frequently takes road trips.

The Apple Ipad Mini isn’t just for entertainment purposes, professionals can benefit from the endless amounts of apps that are on it and always being released. The apps can be used to schedule tasks, organize and accomplish several other goals that would help any professional stay productive.

The best part is because of the size of the Apple Ipad Mini, you’ll barely notice your carrying it. Just because its light doesn’t mean its flimsy, Apple only makes the best equipment available and that’s why DealDash is proud to carry it.

The Apple Ipad Mini is built of the highest quality plastics and materials and as always on DealDash there is a 100% money back guarantee. But chances are you won’t need it because Apple builds and produces the best products available anywhere and stands by their level of quality.

There’s a reason the Apple Ipad Mini has become such a worldwide phenomenon and the brand has become one of the best around, it’s because no one else out there can do it like Apple.

apple ipad mini

The team at Apple are the innovators in their respected industry and it shows in everything they produce. Whether you’re looking to get a brand new Apple computer or an Apple Mini, you know when you choose Apple products you’re getting the top of the line equipment.

I suggest you head over to DealDash and check out their Apple Ipad Mini selection and other Apple products; they’ve probably got everything you need.


KitchenAid the heart of your Home

There are many people that believe the heart of every home is in the kitchen.  Preparing and cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner are benchmarks of a family’s everyday life.

Recipes are passed down from generation to generation and sharing food together represents community and tradition. With those traditions comes loyalty. If you’re mother used two sticks of butter instead of one in a certain recipe, you do, too. The same is true of trusted products. KitchenAid is one of them and it can really bring out the best in your kitchen!

KitchenAid KitchenAid began in 1919 by the Hobart Corporation to specifically produce stand mixers. There was a first model called the “H-5” – but as the company faced stiff competition, KitchenAid introduced the model “K” in the 1930s as its trademark. The “K” model was designed by Egmont Arens and the design has changed very little since. In fact, attachments from the model “K” onward are compatible with brand new mixers today.

In addition to the benefits of functionality from maintaining the same design over the years, the Kitchenaid silhouette is a quintessential image in any kitchen. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art selected the KitchenAid stand mixer as an icon of American design.


In addition to aesthetics, KitchenAid is a trusted appliance company. The stand mixer can be used for simple baking, of course – but that is just the beginning. More than 12 attachments and 10 speeds can be used to prepare everything from sausage to salsa in the stand mixer. Getting a KitchenAid is an investment and a smart one. Yes, it’s an appliance, but it is an appliance that can do far more than one standard task. The culinary options are endless once you have a KitchenAid on your counter. Just pick a color that matches your kitchen decor and pick what you’d like for dinner. You can always find an assortment of KitchenAid items online on DealDash.

KitchenAid KitchenAid has expanded its product lines over the years, but the stand-up mixer is still it’s flagship product. And with good reason. The old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has much truth to it. A KitchenAid mixer has been on my kitchen counter since I had my very first “own” kitchen country and always will be so go get one of your own today!


Keurig spoils you for choice

Coffee is one of those staples of the human diet that seems like it has always existed. Stories of people drinking coffee date back to as early as the 13th century.

Knowing coffee has been around that long means knowing there is certainly major competition in the coffee industry. There are both powerhouse coffee companies that have been around for well over 100 years and also new, up-and-company coffee companies springing up constantly. Like any industry that has existed and been so popular so long, there is success and failure every day.

Keurig Keurig is an example of a fairly young company that is a huge success and offers 400 varieties of coffee. In 1990, two college roommates at Colby College in Waterville, Maine named Peter Dragone and John Sylvan invented K-Cup portion packs. By 1993, they added another man named Dick Sweeney as a support and he later became a co-founder. Momentum kept building and in 1996, Green Mountain Roasters invested into Keurig. Only 2 more years and Keurig’s first brewer was launched in 1998.    

Today, Keurig is one of the top manufacturers of coffee brewers for home and commercial use. They are available from brick-and-mortar retailers as well as online websites like DealDash. Furthermore, Keurig made a coffee brewer that focuses on one individual cup at a time rather than an entire pot of coffee. You can even choose the size of your coffee cup on the brewer as small, medium, or large. Coffee comes in packs of individual “K-Cups” as mentioned before and you just follow fairly simple instructions and  the K-Cup flavor of your choice in the brewer. It takes less than a minute to brew a cup of piping hot coffee.

With the success of Keurig, the company has expanded their product line now, too. You can get the K-Cup packs in many more varieties than just coffee including tea, hot chocolate, iced tea and ice coffee, and fruit drinks.

Keurig Keurig really has created a product that appeals to a wide range of consumers with their brewers and K-Cup package varieties. If you’d like to quench your thirst in the most quick, easy, and efficient, Keurig definitely has something out there for you. Check them out!

Hamilton Beach Food Processor – Big Mouth Deluxe

Why is the Hamilton Beach Food Processor winning the hearts of chefs everywhere?

Have you ever used a food processor? They can change your life in the kitchen and I should know, I’ve been a chef for over a decade. Chopping, grinding and cutting can all be achieved in record time with the use of the Hamilton Beach Food Processor.

There isn’t much this handy machine can’t do; the Hamilton Beach Food Processor is perfect for making sauces, dressings and pâtés. DealDash is glad to carry the Hamilton Beach Food Processor Big Mouth Deluxe 14-Cup edition as well as other useful Kitchen supplies and gadgets.


I’ve said it before; to be a good chef you need three things, good equipment, quality ingredients and skilled technique. With the Hamilton Beach Food Processor you can count on having part of your equipment base covered.

If you’re a foodie and a chef then you’re going to love this machine. It literally cuts prep time down to minutes and the same can be said for cleanup. The Hamilton Beach Food Processor Big Mouth Deluxe 14-Cup Edition is dishwasher safe and durable.

The durability and versatility make the Hamilton Beach Food Processor a necessity once you’ve used it. After having this wonderful piece of kitchen equipment available you’ll never want to operate without one again.

For example, you can use the Hamilton Beach Food Processor to chop French fries, dice and cut onions and other veggies, slice potatoes for chips and gratins and blend soups and sauces.

There really is no limit to the food you can make with this powerful machine. Just like other Hamilton Beach products, the Hamilton Beach Food Processor is guaranteed by DealDash. DealDash always gives a 100% money back guarantee to its customers so you can decide for yourself that your purchase it right for you.

The Hamilton Beach Food Processor allows ordinary people to prep like a professional kitchen does. It’s perfect for families and also makes a great gift, if you’ve been searching for that ideal present for a foodie you love then you’ve come to the fight place.


Pick up a new Hamilton Beach Food Processor at DealDash and your kitchen is guaranteed to keep your stay happy for years to come.

t-fal cookware

T-Fal Cookware your Equipment for Cooking

Are you a foodie? Do you love to cook? Then you’ll want to read this article about the T-Fal Cookware Set. This 12 Pc set of anodized hard cookware is elegant and tough.

One problem with modern cookware is it doesn’t have the durability that the old stuff used to have. T-Fal Cookware has changed that, now you can count on top of the line designer cooking equipment that is beautiful, stylish and holds up to everyday use.

t-fal cookware

The versatility of this cookware set is endless. Whether you’re frying chicken, sautéing onions or cooking up mushrooms and garlic for a steak, T-Fal Cookware covers all bases. The anodized hard cookware ensures a long life and long-lasting non-stick surface that won’t contaminate food. It should be noted that DealDash and T-Fal Cookware recommend using wooden or plastic utensils, some of which is included in the set.

Yep, everything you need to complete a full course menu is included in this wonderful set of high quality T-Fal Cookware. Have you ever tried to cook with low quality cookware? It’s next to impossible, when you use T-Fal Cookware however, you’ll feel and cook just like a professional chef.

Having been a chef for over fifteen years, I can tell you that three things matter when cooking: ingredients, technique and equipment. If you don’t have all three of these components in order, cooking can become quite difficult. DealDash helps you secure one of those components by providing you with T-Fal Cookware, using it will cover the equipment aspect. Cooking technique and high quality ingredients are up to you.

Another important to note benefit of T-Fal Cookware is how easy it is to clean. The set is dishwasher friendly and easily cleans off in the sink in most cases due to the stain resistant, anodized and non-stick surfaces.

If you’ve been searching for some excellent cookware or that perfect gift and haven’t had any luck you can rest easy. I suggest you head over to DealDash and take a look at the T-Fal Cookware sets and other accessories they have for sale.

t-fal cookware

go pro hero 3

Go Extreme with GoPro Hero 3 Action Camera

Have you ever seen the videos produced by a GoPro Hero 3? They’re amazing to say the least. At the bottom of this post I’ll make sure and leave one for you to see.

The GoPro is a small, very durable, action camcorder. It can also take high resolution photos and is great for extreme situations. The people that make the GoPro Hero 3 have created a near endless stream of attachments and accessories to make the camera versatile for every activity imaginable.

gopro hero 3

DealDash hash a host of GoPro Hero 3 cameras as well as accessories at a great price. The cameras really took off with their introduction into extreme sports, everything from surfing to mountain biking and sky diving have given the GoPro Hero 3 a name that is synonymous with action.

The quality of picture of a GoPro Hero 3 is nothing short of extraordinary and far exceeds what you would expect from a tiny little camera. Attachments allow you to strap the cameras on your helmet, chest or even handle bars, so you can get the perfect shot in every situation that arises.

Other possible features include waterproof cases, red filters for deep diving and the ever popular “selfie-stick.”

gopro hero 3

The folks that brought you the GoPro Hero 3 make sure that when a need arises for the GoPro they meet it. Some other cool things people have been doing with these wonderful little cameras are strapping them to the helicopter drones and during base jumping.

I think that’s the video I’ll share with you at the bottom of this post. You’ll easily be able to see the fun that people are having with the GoPro Hero 3 and the type of pictures that are being taken with them.

The cameras have become a worldwide phenomenon and people across the globe are taking photography to unexpected heights of what is possible. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly through the air with a flying suite? Well, thanks to the GoPro Hero 3, you can now find out.

And when you decide one of these cameras is right for you, you can pick up a GoPro Hero 3 on DealDash along with a range of useful accessories.

Here’s a video on Base Jumping that is mind-blowing.


Magisso products are simple but smart

Who is this Finnish Company and why are they making Such a Name for themselves?

Magisso has come to the market with one idea in mind. They intend to solve the problems of their customers. With a team of well-established and creative designers they are making a name for themselves worldwide. Their products range in purposes and your kitchen could almost be completely stocked with what they design.


What Makes Magisso Stand Out?

One word that comes to mind is creativity; they keep coming up with uniquely designed products that work. Their team isn’t just designing and building junk like you see on late night infomercials, they actually create products that serve a purpose.

Some examples of Magisso products that you may find useful would be: high quality serving sets, magnetic tea ball infusers, and self-cooling ceramics. All of their products are designed and manufactured in Finland. In case you didn’t know Nordic countries are well respected for their high standards of product design and manufacturing, think Ikea.


Magisso delivers on each of their products; they only use the highest quality materials. As a bonus the materials they use are 100% non-toxic and friendly for all human use. Besides designing their products with safety in mind, Magisso also takes convenience into mind. Each of their products is designed to make your life easier while at the same time helping you stand out from the crowd. You can pick up a full range of Magisso products here on DealDash; they only use the best products that money can buy and feel that Magisso is top of the line in quality.


It’s safe to say that although the company is still new in relative terms, they have already gained popularity and earned world’s most prestigious design awards. The next time you need something like a cutting board or shot glass, try checking out Magisso’s products first. You can easily find something that will meet your standards and more while delivering a truly unique experience.

All of their products have a very sleek and futuristic feeling to them which is always cool when you have friends and family over. Keep an eye on this company that has dedicated their business to problem solving. Chances are you’ll be hearing a lot more about them in the future.

Thin King

Thin King is today´s wallet

The World is moving away from Cash Money and here’s the Answer to the Digital Age of Currency.

The Thin King, a sleek designer credit card holder that conveniently fits just about anywhere. Most people rarely carry cash with them anymore and checks are all but non-existent in most of the world. The Thin King has therefore been designed to help eliminate the need for a large empty wallet.

Thin King Instead, customers who purchase this modern day pocket book can store their credit cards in a case that is about a third as thin as a pack of cigarettes and slightly smaller in width and length. The Thin King makes for an easy to carry, easy to pop out solution for a modern world that is dominated by the use of plastic.

With one swoop, the Thin King can easily give you access to your important forms of payment with a single hand. In addition, the creators of this wonderful little accessory have deigned it with several options and styles.

Thin King

Whether you’re a twenty year old heading out to see the world for the first time or a corporate executive that lives in style and class there is a Thin King for you.  Think to yourself what James Bond would be carrying his plastic in and you’d get the Thin King.

This team has effectively used their creative ingenuity to deliver us a piece of fashion like commodity that will help us in the transition to a period of the world where cash is no longer king, credit cards are. If you’re still carrying around a big bulky a wallet, maybe it’s time you tried something new by giving the Thin King a shot. Did I mention that this handy little piece of elegance is nearly indestructible? You can literally drive a car over it and your plastic will be safe and sound. You can now easily purchase one right now on Deal Dash.

Whatever style of life you’ve got, there is no disputing that it’s time to get comfortable with credit cards and ATM cards and the Thin King is the exact accessory to help you do that. Count on Deal Dash being your source for all of the world’s latest and hottest trends, like the Thin King.

PlayStation 4

Playstation 4 Gaming Console

Let’s talk about the Sony PlayStation 4 Gaming Console.

Nearly everybody on planet earth has heard of Sony and a majority of them have heard of the PlayStation 4 Gaming Console. The Brand Sony is synonymous with quality and considered to be, by many, the best electronics manufacturer in the world.

Many gamers feel the same way about the Sony PlayStation 4; they feel it is the best gaming machine available on the market today. There is good reason to believe that it’s the best, the graphics are sharp, crystal clear and the gameplay is fluent and smooth.

playstation 4 gaming console

To simply call the Sony PlayStation 4 Gaming Console a console system is an understatement however. The system can be used to watch Blu-ray movies, surf the web and stream online. It’s more of an entire entertainment system that specializes in gaming.

The processor is top of the line and able to render some of the most beautiful graphics that can be found anywhere. Moreover, with hundreds of options there is no short of quality games to be played. DealDash is proud to offer deals on the Sony PlayStation 4 Gaming Console; while also carrying several accessories and other Sony products as well.

If you’re into gaming then you know the quality of machine that Sony makes. Other benefits of choosing the Sony PlayStation 4 Gaming Console is faster load times, crisp clear sounds, high-speed online play and streaming music. Sony has been around since 1947 and only delivers the highest quality goods to its customers. The company has a worldwide reach and the PlayStation 4 Gaming Console can be found in nearly every country on the planet. Maybe the quality can also be seen by the fact that the PlayStation 4 is the highest selling gaming platform and has beat out all of its competitors.

The console itself also looks beautiful; it’s elegant and sleek and is what you would expect from a modern gaming machine. You can count on the Sony PlayStation 4 Gaming Console being the pack leader for years to come and with good reason. Sony makes only the best electronics equipment and delivers a constant stream of fresh games to keep its players happy.

playstation 4 gaming console

You can find Sony PlayStation 4’s and other high quality Sony Products here on DealDash, and remember DealDash always gives a 100% money back guarantee to it’s customers.

GreenLife Cookware, Foodie Inspired

If you’re looking to pick up some high quality GreenLife Cookware you’ve come to right place.

I’ve been a professional chef for over fifteen years now and I can say that good cookware is hard to come by. It’s especially difficult to find cookware that is eco-friendly and 100% free from toxic substances. If you’ve been facing the same problem, GreenLife ceramic cookware is right for you. There are several other reasons to choose the high quality cookware that GreenLife creates and we will be talking about those reasons in this post.

foodie inspired greenlife cookware

The modern cookware can easily be found on DealDash at a great price too, which is always nice. GreenLife Cookware is known for creating some of the most versatile cookware that you can find and it comes in a wide selection of styles and colors.

Another bonus of GreenLife Cookware is the bake safe handles you can find on many of their products. The handles ensure that you won’t accidently burn yourself if you’re reaching into an oven and forget to grab pot holders, they’re also great if you have children.

Just like DealDash, GreenLife cares about you and their other customers. They have made it their mission to provide excellent professional style cookware that is stylish and affordable. The Cook Ware at GreenLife can be purchased by individual pieces, or you can buy entire sets of cookware and stock your whole kitchen at one time.

DealDash loves to make things convenient for you, so you can find several GreenLife Cookware items here to meet all your kitchen needs. We work closely with the people at GreenLife Cookware to make sure we carry a variety of their modern-day products, so you can always count on finding what you need.

foodie inspired greenlife cookware

Whether you’re looking to bake a cake, cook a casserole, or sauté up some delicious linguine and prawn, GreenLife Cookware is perfect for the job. You can find different styles like their sleek and sturdy professional line, safety inspired soft grip models, or their brightly colored “Foodies” line designed to brighten up your kitchen and your life.

GreenLife Cookware is easily considered to be some of the best cookware you can find online or off and is frequently presented at trade shows across the country. You won’t find a better line of solid, dependable cookware that is versatile and beautifully designed all at the same time. I encourage you to head over to DealDash and take a look at the wonderful GreenLife Cookware products as well as other kitchen ware and appliances, all of which you can purchase from one easy to use website with friendly service. And DealDash always carries a 100% money back guarantee for all new customers.

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks – Making People Smile for Nearly 100 Years!

When you try to decide what to have for dinner, there’s a reason that choosing nice savory Omaha steaks puts a smile on your face.

Steaks might be one food that runs a close second to being “American as apple pie”.  If you want a steak company who has an American dream story to match, you want Omaha Steaks.

Even though Omaha Steaks is now America’s largest marketers of beef, the company remains a fifth-generation, privately held family business. The original founding family members were J.J. Simon and his son, B.A. Simon – two men from Latvia who traveled through Ellis Island into the safe haven that was America to escape religious persecution. The two men actually chose to settle in Omaha because the land reminded them so much of home.

In 1917, Omaha Steaks was founded as a simple cattle carcass operation. Over time, the business grew and changed.  By the 1920’s, Omaha Steaks began selling cuts of meat to grocery chains, hotels, and restaurants. By the 1940’s, Lester Simon (B.A.’s son) secured a deal with the Union Pacific Railroad for Omaha Steaks to be served in their dining cars. By the 1950’s, the first mail order operation was launched. The company has only continued to grow, prosper, and expand since then.

In addition to a great narrative, Omaha Steaks have the brand reputation to back it up. Their steaks are well-known to be hand-trimmed, well-marbled, and incredibly flavored. In addition to a diverse selection of meats ranging from filet mignons to bison to burgers, Omaha Steaks also has expanded their products to include gourmet side choices as well as desserts. You can’t deny the allure of ordering a complete gourmet meal delivered to your door and can easily find Omaha Steaks for affordable prices and with ongoing promotions on

Omaha Steaks on DealDash

By ordering from Omaha Steaks, you’re not only getting a delicious gourmet meal of the best quality, but you’re also supporting a company steeped in hard work and tradition. If you’re going to have a steak, what would ever stop you from choosing the best steak for the best price from a company that has been doing it right for nearly 100 years?  With Omaha Steaks, all you really need is an appetite and you’re set!

Nikon Camera and Accessories

Nikon Cameras and Accessories

Nikon Cameras and Accessories are some of the best and this post will explain why. 

I love photography, but the problem is I’m not very good at it. If you ask me, there’s something special about a beautiful shot that is taken at the opportune moment.

Purchasing a high quality camera like a Nikon can be expensive, sometimes the prices range upwards of a thousand dollars or more. It’s understandable, you truly get what you pay for, I guess that’s why not many cameras in the world can take the type of picture of a Nikon is capable of, they are amazing. Either way, you can count on DealDash to be one of the best sources for purchasing high quality Nikon cameras, lenses, and accessories. You can also count on them always being at an affordable price.

Nikon Cameras and accessories What makes Nikon cameras and accessories so attractive?

Maybe it’s the easy to use interface that anyone can learn. It could also be the beautiful high-resolution graphics. Or maybe its the reliability that is associated with the brand.

In any case, the name Nikon has become one of the most trusted in the world and when it comes to photography, there’s nothing better. Nikon cameras are professional pieces of equipment designed to give ordinary people the ability to take extraordinary photos.

The cameras are sleek, versatile, and well equipped with the latest technology. The advanced technology makes these cameras ideal for any purpose. After the photos are taken, you can then upload them to your computer or other device. Once they’ve been uploaded the friendly interface make for easy altercation and editing.

Nikon has made it their purpose to give their customers cameras that will capture any moment and the picture quality captures all the emotion that is involved.

DealDash is proud to be one of the best sources for purchasing high quality Nikon cameras. Accessories, lenses and other camera equipment can be found here too.

Nikon Cameras and Accesories

Nikon cameras and related accessories come in a wide selection. There is a large variety to cover every need of the photographer.

DealDash holds true to the Nikon name and quality, and they also only provide authentic products from the manufacturer. Other aspects that make Nikon cameras so desirable is the elegance, that’s because they are well-balanced to help create a steady shot.

The important moments in life are always much better when there is a way to remember them and using one of these cameras is one of the best ways to do just that. If you’re looking to pick up a new quality camera that takes professional looking photos be sure to check out what DealDash is offering. Your experience and satisfaction is their 100% guarantee.

Here’s a fun fact to leave you with. Nikon’s perfect focus system is used for biological research microscopes. That is the type of quality associated with these state of the art cameras.

Here’s a quick video that shows the quality of picture you get when you choose a Nikon digital cameras.

Four Sigma Foods

Mushroom Wisdom by Four Sigma Foods

How are a Team of Mushroom Enthusiasts making the World a Healthier Place to Live?

Four Sigma Foods specialize in giving you the benefits of the world’s finest mushrooms in easy to use teas and beverage mixes. In case you didn’t know, mushrooms are one of the world’s finest superfoods and now Four Sigma Foods is sharing this knowledge with us. My personal favorite are their Chaga products, which make your immune system bulletproof!

The benefits of mushrooms are endless. Mushrooms provide an excellent source of anti-oxidants that fight free-radicals, immune system boosters, and other nutrients that are great for the skin, hair and digestive system. You can count on quality because Four Sigma Foods only uses the best sourced, all-natural mushrooms for their entire product line.

Four Sigma Foods

Why are Sigma Foods products so effective?

I believe it’s because the team at Four Sigma Foods have a passion for health and service. Combine those two aspects and you get the best holistic supplements and teas that money can buy.  The team isn’t just about the money; they genuinely care about providing their customers with the best all natural products available.


There is a large variety of mushroom based products to select from. Chaga and Shiitake teas, chocolate shots with Reishi and a host of powders have been created for several purposes. The powders range in their spectrum of provided benefits. You can buy powders with anti-aging properties or muscle-building growth benefits. The selection is varied and designed to suit the needs of every customer.

The team at Four Sigma Foods has truly gone above and beyond the scope of business to provide their consumers with some of the best holistic products available online. These Finns have thoroughly done their research to bring you the best possible supplements and now DealDash is making Four Sigma Foods available to their customers.

If you’re looking for an excellent source of reliable superfoods that is beyond your level of expectations in terms of quality, then Sigma Foods is the right company for you. My best piece of advice is to do a little research into their products and find one that is right for you right here on DealDash.

You’ll surely find something that can benefit your physical, mental and emotional health. Remember, Four Sigma Foods products are all 100% natural foods straight from the earth!

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Beautify Your Kitchen With Tonfisk Design

Is your kitchen a little dull? Does it need a little beautification? Take a peek at the Finnish company that can help, Tonfisk Design!

Translated from Swedish, Tonfisk actually means “tuna fish”, which might sound a little strange, but when you see their products you will look past the strange name and be amazed at their design.

Tonfisk Design has a lot of really cool and unique products, but I am going to tell you about possibly the most ingenious things I have ever seen – It’s called The Newton. The Newton is an incredibly smart design that holds both milk and sugar together in the same container. Milk is in the bottom in a small pitcher, and the sugar bowl rests secured on the top, and when the pitcher is poured the bowl tilts due to gravity and keeps the sugar safe in the bowl instead of spilling out. It’s not only an interesting conversation starter, it’s also a space saver.

One of my other favorites from Tonfisk Designs is called KasVu, it’s an extendable flower vase – perfect for when someone brings you flowers that are just too short or tall for any vases you have. It’s made of two parts, the lower part is made of porcelain and the upper part is made of laminated oak or walnut. The upper part can be raised or lowered to fit your flower’s height with ease.

If you like the clean and functional yet beautiful design that the Finnish are known for, then I suggest that you check out the products from Tonfisk Design that DealDash will be offering soon. I understand that ordering things online from abroad can be difficult, so we are all very lucky that DealDash has started importing these great new brands and products for us to bid on. The best part about winning these items from DealDash is that instead of ordering them directly from Finland, DealDash ships it to us for free! I am absolutely thrilled that DealDash has brought Tonfisk Designs to bid on, and I’m sure you will be, too. Good luck everyone!



Eliminate static with Ultrasonic Drop Shape Humidifier by Crane

These past two winters have been really difficult and the dryness in my home is visible.  Not only on the skin, face, and throat, but the static electricity could light up my electronics.  Sparks fly when I come home from work and take off my wool coat!

I have not owned a humidifier for over 10 years. I noticed while shopping this winter that there were a lot of displays set up for the Ultrasonic Humidifiers. With their unique shape and colors, you could not help but notice how different the Ultrasonic Drop Shape Humidifier was compared to the older humidifiers.

The Crane USA company founded in 2005, started on the belief that design is an attitude and the home is a personal expression of an individual’s life style. They realized more people are looking to improve their health and their home environment and Crane prides itself in recognizing their customer’s health and home concerns.

ultrasonic drop shape humidifier


This is evident in the design of these Ultrasonic Drop Shape Humidifiers. The colors are bright and whimsical and the design on the Ultrasonic Drop Shape Humidifier makes it an interesting looking household item that can actually start up conversations;  “What is that?”  will often be heard when a visitor sees this for the first time. I am very pleased with the Ultrasonic Drop Shape Humidifier, the static cling has gone away and it has proven to be quite helpful in easing my sinuses.  My skin does not feel as dry as it did before either. This is a great benefit to us in the Midwest as we do not seem to pass the harsh weather months quickly enough.

This is another example of DealDash being right on track with the latest and most useful  items available. The staff at DealDash is doing an excellent job of offering household, yard, garden and personal items up for auction, and I am really pleased to have this new Ultrasonic Drop Shape Humidifier in my home. Thanks DealDash!

hot dog roller

Hot Dog Roller by Chef’s Basic Cooks the Perfect Dog

Maybe it’s the season, but the thought of cooking on a hot dog roller sounds really good!

Although I don’t really care for hot dogs myself, I have a son-in-law who makes the best dogs on the grill and two grandsons that practically live on hot dogs all summer long!

When I saw the Chef’s Basic hot dog roller on DealDash I knew this was something we had to try. I found some reviews from users on the Internet, and basically they all said the same thing. There was one con that kept popping up in the reviews, and that was having to stand there and move the roller back and forth. However, the rest of the reviews were positive and people seemed to enjoy the concept of the hot dog roller.

Two review comments mentioned the ease of cleaning. The wooden handle is removable and is hand washed, but the stainless steel parts can be put in the dishwasher. One review from another family said the metal is now turning brown, but that it has not affected the taste or usefulness of the hot dog roller. I know the Chef’s Basic brand offers less expensive household products, and the items are made in China. However, for me the item was priced just right at only $18.

Hot Dog Roller

I used the Buy it Now option for the Chef’s Basic Hot Dog Roller to make sure I was able to use it this spring. My son-in-law is our outdoor Grill King, and he is looking forward to using this new hot dog roller. I know he will be using this pretty soon as snow does not keep him away from his grill!

Thanks DealDash, for offering the items we didn’t know we needed until you had them on auction! Again, it is a great find for the outdoor grillers and I would not have known to get one for him without discovering it on DealDash. The shipping was free for the item, the hot dog roller arrived very quickly, and I received all of my bids back for free because I used the Buy it Now!!


Panasonic Gear

A Fun Way to Shop for Panasonic Gear

A few months ago I found an auction on DealDash for a Panasonic telephone 3-set. This set had three different handsets to be used throughout the home.

Since I have been a Panasonic telephone owner for years I was happy to see DealDash offer them for auction. While 3 handsets are more than I normally use, I thought about how convenient it would be to have a hand set nearby no matter where I am in the house so, I decided to try and win the auction. I’m glad I did because it was my lucky day and I was able to win the Panasonic phone set for just a few bids and final sales price of $9.41! There is nothing like seeing “Congratulations!” and fireworks come across the screen. And, of course I received them freaky fast with free shipping from DealDash!

Panasonic Phones

I have owned and used Panasonic phones for the past 15 years and have never had to be concerned with poor reception or noises on my side of the phone. Panasonic has been providing quality office and home electronics for decades. While they are a huge company their goal is always to listen to the customer and provide the products we use in our homes or businesses every day.

Customer service is extremely important to me, and Panasonic believes in assisting customers any way they can to make things right. In this matter they are very similar to DealDash who always provides great customer service. When family, friends and co-workers ask why I shop on DealDash I always tell them the items I bid on, win, or buy are always top quality name brands that I can trust and that it’s just a lot of fun! The new phones work great and I am glad I decided to bid on them!

Click the image below to check out some of the up-coming Panasonic items coming up for auction on DealDash.