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DealDash Experience: The McGans’ Unique Vision of DealDash!

As I pen this article with paint stained hands, I’m thinking that one could say Deal Dash is ahead of the pack when it comes to fair and honest auctions. I truly believe it and those words are part of their mission statement.

Their customer service team is always there to answer any questions and resolve issues quickly. And you know that they actually care and appreciate you as valued customers.

There are many popular name brand items to bid on and also unique, sometimes hand-made items from distant lands far, far away to keep it interesting. A lot of thought goes into what is presented and it shows.

I won this beautiful Cobraco 3 sided Arbor. I won it and paid just $2.45 and only used 80 bids @DealDash. It was priced at $111.00. Our yard is becoming more beautiful by the day! The birdbath was another great DealDash item.

I won this beautiful Cobraco 3 sided Arbor. I won it and paid just $2.45 and only used 80 bids @DealDash. It was priced at $111.00. Our yard is becoming more beautiful by the day! The birdbath was another great DealDash item.

So why sit there on your sofa in front of the telly, watching re-runs of “Real Housewives Of Frostbite Falls” and picking Cheetos crumbs out of your navel, when you could be on Deal Dash with people just like you, er…. you know… other people, getting great deals, enjoying the experience and having fun!

Winning is a game of chance, and you have a BETTER chance at

Best of Luck,

C. and M. Mcgan, DealDash Customers since 2013.

lettuce set

How to Keep Lettuce Fresh by DealDash

An issue anybody which likes produce faces is how to keep lettuce fresh in the ridge to make sure that it is ready for use when you desire it. Ways to store lettuce can be an aggravating problem for many people as it is not typical expertise. No one wants to have a salad in mind for dinner only to open up the fridge to discover bent and also brown lettuce. The lettuce is fresh and also crisp looking the day of the acquisition, but not long after it is looking quite unfortunate.

lettuce set

Below are simply a few ideas to aid you identify ways to maintain lettuce fresh in refrigerator much longer. The initial step takes place long before you ever obtain home. It is imperative while in the fruit and vegetables part you select lettuce that has the farthest ‘best by’ date and also one that looks fresh as well as new. By doing this, you guarantee on your own of the longest enduring lettuce possible. If it is already looking bent or varicolored in the shop, it is not going to last long in your home no matter exactly how you keep it.

When you obtain your lettuce your home, you will want to place it in the coldest section of your refrigerator, but not cold enough that it will freeze. If you have a crisper drawer, make certain the moisture setting is established appropriately before you utilize it. You really want minimal humidity as excess wetness will certainly speed up the oxidization of the lettuce, which causes spoilage.

The most awful thing you could possibly do is have a high moisture setting and also a truly cool fridge as this can cause frost which will damage the lettuce and also trigger it to spoil quickly. Before you keep it in the fridge, clean and also completely dry the fallen leaves. Once they are entirely dry, wrap them in a couple layers of paper towels, additional absorbing are one of the most suggested. Then, put it in a bag or lettuce keeper. This will certainly assist take in some of that wetness which would create rapid spoiling.

Cleaning it before saving helps to eliminate any dust bits or any sort of little bugs that may have made their way your home with you. This is additionally a practical way to make your lettuce quick and also all set to utilize when desired as all the representative work has actually already been done in advance. If you observe any kind of moisture building up in the bag or a lettuce container, like the lettuce caretaker, you will certainly intend to remove the leaves, pat them completely dry with a brand-new paper towel, then re-wrap them in a fresh towel prior to saving once more. If this occurs often, you might have the moisture set above it must be for the suitable setting.

Individuals usually question if lettuce can be iced up in order to use for a later day, however this cannot be done effectively, regrettably. Lettuce is comprised of mostly water making it practically difficult to freeze. After it is melted out, it is limp, unattractive and unappetizing.

Ensure that you have enough space to keep your lettuce, as it can be conveniently wounded if stuffed in with other vegetables and fruits. Any type of wounding that does occur will certainly trigger oxidization, and that results in quicker decomposing. You will additionally intend to guarantee that you maintain it in a different cabinet than any kind of fruit. Some fruits send out ethylene gas which could create an environment for faster spoiling also.

lettuce set

Now that you know how to properly store and take care of lettuce, how about some salad serving sets and bowls for your home that are handy, unique and designed to look good. Just head on in to the DealDash website and place your bids today.

party tips

How to Plan a Graduation Party

Do you have a child and they will finish from senior high school or college? After that you are probably thinking of the most effective concepts for creating a college graduation party that they would value. It’s no lie and very real that finishing from high school or university is not a very easy task, as well as is one great achievement for both you and also your kid. And also by giving your youngster a college graduation party, you will certainly have the ability to reveal them just how much you cherish the terrific efforts that they has performed in their research studies (and also there’s nothing even more gratifying to a father and mother than having his/her kid finish a higher educational level).


You can always locate great college graduation celebration ideas either on journals or on the web. With these medias, you will certainly be able to obtain a great deal of options when it comes to celebration suggestions for brand-new graduates. Nonetheless, some moms and dads would certainly hesitate when it comes to this matter due to budget plan issues, thinking that a college graduation celebration might need a terrific amount of cash. If you remain in some sort of a snug budget plan, after that you need to after that consider the elements that will be associated with planning for such an occasion. If you have actually currently set a budget for the event, it’s rather required for you to look into the venue, the food and also the number of visitors who will certainly be attending, due to the fact that this is where your spending plan will be made.

If you decide not to spend a bunch of money on the event’s place, after that you can consistently decide to celebrate it in your home. You can prefer to have actually the food dealt with your residence so as to cut down on the expenditures. If you’ll be having a graduation event that will include some programs or presentations, after that you need to have the ability to make a booking for a location to do that.

With the best concepts for intending a college graduation event, you do not should invest that much money for the occasion. All it takes is a straightforward recognition of his success which will undoubtedly be something that he will be grateful for.


Now that you have some great ideas for your child’s big day, how about going to DealDash and picking up some serving dishes that are top of the line. Food is always one of the most important parts of any party. Just head to DealDash and you’ll find some of the coolest party, appetizer sets around.

Back To School!

Before you know it your children will be climbing on the school bus going back to school.  There are supplies every student needs before beginning this new chapter in their life. Our students don’t know just how much we worry about them, but we know we’ve done the best we can to prepare them for this journey.

Every child needs a backpack, it is a simple and essential school supply for holding books, and misc. items needs to be successful, like a calculator and art supplies of course! The kids are so excited and they have so many questions and things to think about, “Am I going to make friends”, “Will I be popular”? “Will I make the sports team?”




They aren’t thinking about the same things you are. “Are they going to do well”? “Do they have all the tools the need to a successful student”? You don’t have to worry when you’ve done your homework! Your kids are going to be a big success!

The weather is only going to be mild for a short time now, unless you live in a sunny region where cold weather isn’t a problem.  It’s time to get out the cool weather clothing, make sure coats are washed or dry cleaned. find the boots and rain gear, you’re going to need it all. Head over to DealDash, where you can take advantage of our Back to School deals!


unnamed (1)


Now that everyone is organized, we’ve all stopped worrying and the school year is well underway, we can relax and know they are safe and ready to go!

Happy Learning!

Written by Donna M.

wooden furniture

Tips on Taking Care of Wooden Furniture

DealDash knows the value of wooden furniture. Wood furniture has actually been prominent with the consumers worldwide. There is almost no residence without these antique looking things. Despite whether it is a classy dining table in your kitchen area or those elegant antique home furnishings in your living-room, they all need appropriate maintenance and care.

wooden furniture

If you believe that dusting this type of furniture once a week is adequate to maintain its excellent shape, you are mistaken. The point is that timber is exceptionally at risk to the undesirable effect of dampness, temperature level changes and also light. This fact makes it realistic to state that with more wooden furnishings of this type you have in your home, the even more time it will certainly take you to clean them thoroughly. Still, this prospective ought to not terrify you, due to the fact that our easy as well as inexpensive suggestions will certainly assist you to deal with this activity swiftly and also efficiently. If you use these suggestions on a regular basis, your furnishings made from timber, will certainly maintain its gloss as well as fashionable feel for years.

First we’ll start with the selection of furnishings cleaning remedies. Keep in mind that though price is essential right here, it must not end up being a crucial factor that may influence your choice. What actually matters below is the high quality of cleansing options you select and their active ingredients. There are lots of instances, which confirm that pricey purifying brokers may ruin your furnishings if they are passed by properly. That is why you have to pay unique attention to their active ingredients. Keep in mind that they need to not contain ammonia or other strong components, which may seriously ruin the surface.

The 2nd pointer suggests that you must aim to keep your wood furnishings far from direct sunlight. This is a general policy, which includes not only your furnishings, however other items (such as pictures as well as paints) as well. Stuff like that might be quickly damaged when exposed to direct UV rays. Thankfully, it is not difficult to follow this safety measure as a result of an abundant option of curtains as well as other items that keep your home furnishings protected from sunshine.

The next vital recommendation underlines the relevance of moisture as well as temperature level control. When it pertains to dealing with furniture made from wood, top quality rollercoasters prove to be a requirement for you. If you do not desire warm or cold cups, glasses and plates to stain as well as harm the area of your recently bought table, as an example, you should consistently utilize them when taking meals.

If you need to polish wooden furniture pieces, it’s better to work with an expert which will certainly do this very carefully. This treatment ought to be done one or two times a year, so let a seasoned person do it for you. Of course, it will require a specific amount of cash, however you cannot even visualize, for how long this choice will certainly prolong the longevity and also life of your pricey furnishings.

wooden furniture

DealDash hopes these tips will help you with your attempts at taken care of your wooden furniture pieces. They also are now carrying and preparing to ship some handmade pieces from Europe that are simple yet beautiful. Simply go to the DealDash website to learn more!


Tips on Saving Gas from DealDash

DealDash doesn’t just carry excellent products, you can also learn tips like how to save gas on this blog.

Because with gas rates getting to all-time highs the inquiry everyone is asking is how you can conserve money on gas? Especially with the economy the method it is every little cent that you invest actually debases your gaining capacity. With oil barrel costs remaining to increase, we need an option that could be effortlessly and also virtually applied to conserving gas. Among the responses that we could think of is raising gas mileage. If we can increase gas mileage, generally you can triple your spending power and conserve money. Let’s take an long hard look at some means that we can save money by boosting gas mileage. gas Routine upkeep is exactly what is essential for raising gas mileage. Your automobile is a device as well as the better you keep that device the much better performance you will obtain and also the better gas mileage you will obtain. What is essential is to keep your automobile appropriately maintained. If your ride is appropriately tuned up, there ought to be no starting problem. If it takes a very long time to start your automobile, you’re using a great deal of gas and also the more gas you make use of the even more cash you waste. One more tip that is very crucial is to inspect the tires and also make certain that they are inflated to the right PSI. One means to recognize what tire pressure you need to have is to look at the decal on the motorist side doorway. It needs to define exactly how much pressure must be in the tire.

Just what is very important is to utilize the maximum stress because that will give you the minimum burden. Just what is suggested by minimal burden implies resistance on the tire. An inadequately pumped up tire slows down the vehicle by developing more resistance when you are driving. Another tip is to make certain your wheel placement is proper. A few indicators of whether your alignment is correct is to take a look at the front tires. If the front tires have unequal wear marks that indicates that most likely you need positioning. The various other point to have a look at is when you are driving. If the steering wheel vibrates and also beverages while you are driving after that you possibly have an alignment problem.

Driving progressively as well as preventing fast acceleration is essential. When you are driving is very important to preserve as well as speed up limit any quick rise in fast by pressing difficult on the gas induces is a better inflow of fuel into the engine and also will certainly trigger you to make use of more gas. Similarly, if you are driving quite slow-moving but you are also producing even more resistance on the car and also that resistance once again slows you down as well as causes you to utilize even more gas. One more fundamental part concerning driving is to reduce just how lengthy your car sits idling. As an example if you wait at a drive-through window or a bank drive-through the time spent sitting is squandering gas. Instead, transform the engine off and go into the establishment to look after your business.

Making use of the air conditioner also causes you to utilize gas. If you are aiming to save gas, one of the things you could do is transform off the ac unit as long as possible. Driving with the air conditioner off will assist in saving a few of that gas that you usually would be making use of. A fast pointer that can help you from requiring to make use of the ac unit is to attempt to park in a location that is cool. If you could park your automobile in the color, as well as one of the things that helps is that your car will certainly get as hot, then you will certainly need as much air conditioner. If you do choose to make use of the air conditioning system, among things that you could do is keep the a/c on full blast when he initially get in the auto. By keeping the auto on full force, you get the air flowing as well as he took down the car quicker. When the automobile is cooled off, then you could transform the ac system setups to a reduced setting, and also you will still have a cooler vehicle and making use of much less gas.


These gas tips work great, and at DealDash you can win gift cards to your favorite gas stations so you can save even more. Just head to the DealDash website, sign up, and start bidding!

5 Ways To Win Auctions On DealDash!

5 Ways To Win Auctions On DealDash!


Written by Donna, customer since 2014 and winner of over 150 deals!

1. Load up on Bids- Although you can often win prizes for just a few bids, one sure way to lose an auction you have been dreaming of is to run short on bids right in the middle of an auction.  You can always buy bids in the middle of an aucton if you need to, but the best way to win an auction is to load-up your Bid Buddy right up front.

2. Don’t get “Bid Crazy” . Bid Crazy= having a lot of bids and blowing them with no regard to the stats of the auction. You can get bid crazy if you win a bunch of bids or even if you buy a bunch of bids. Be conservative with your bids, it will pay off in the end. Like having a good friend looking out for you, use your Bid Buddy!

3. Stay true to one auction, and don’t spread yourself too thin- Bidding on more than 3 auctions at one time is a cause for disaster. In reality, bidding on more than one auction could be disastorous.  Yes you have a Bid Buddy, which can do all the work for you, but you never know if it is finally down to you an one other person your bids are getting eaten up quickly, and you are off at another auction trying to win it for only a few bids, meanwhile your Bid Buddy runs out, and the other guy won.

4. Shop before you bid- never go into an auction without knowing your stats, that means check the winners list to see if someone else has won that auction today or recently, how much did it go for? How many people where in the auction? Different times of the day may be better than others, check the winners list, see what items are going for and also shop 24 hours in advance.  Plan on joining an auction when you can pay attention.  Just remember, if you can’t watch the auction, stock up on bids and set your Bid Buddy…it is your friend!

5. Let the clock run down. It’s been proven that bid stomping is a very poor strategy, since bid stompers end up using many more bids than what they get from the Time As Highest Bidder level rewards. Furthermore, bid stompers rarely win. Remember, the best way to win an auction is loading up your BidBuddy!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding! Don’t Miss out the next deal on DealDash.


How to Take Care of Your Lawn this Summer

DealDash knows the importance of efficient lawn care and is here to help you with the best tips.

It’s fuming hot. And while you might like indulging in the summer sunlight, it could be tough on your lawn. So equally as you put on sun block before going on a sunny day, it’s important that you think about summer season lawn care to make sure that your turf could stay green all summer season long. When the sun expands intense and also enthusiastic in June, July, and also August, it beams down sunlight that is both helpful and damaging to plants. As the days increase longer as well as hotter, keep an eye out for your turf. We have actually got merely the ideas you should keep your yard brilliant, lovely, and nurtured. lawn

To start, you must feed your turf. Using a plant food made especially for lawn (which implies it must be high in nitrogen, which advertises development as well as greenness) and also a spreader completely circulation, feed your grass. For best results, hesitate until the lawn is completely dry and also mowed. You really want the fertilizer to penetrate the ground (if it adheres to the wet cutters, it might burn them). When you pour the fertilizer right into the spreader, do it over the driveway, sidewalk, or road in situation of a spill. After that, established the spreader scale on a low setting and also start fertilizing. You’ll have to examine the grass a few times and also overlap paths as you walk to avoid touches. When you’re finished, water the yard. That’s it! Easy sufficient, right? Just bear in mind that due to the fertilization, your grass will certainly expand faster, so if you despise mowing, limit feeding to a number of times each summertime. That’s all the fertilization your grass needs for excellent summer lawn care.

Next, as the sunlight oppresses as well as dries your grass, watering is crucial. Certainly however, the amount that you sprinkle all relies on your location’s environment. Use your very own judgment: if you remain in the middle of a dry spell, go hefty on the sprinkling, yet if you’ve had a lot of rainstorms lately, lay off it.

If you desire to offer your yard the most effective water feasible, begin early in the morning. 5 AM is the optimal time to water due to the fact that it allows the lawn to completely dry by nighttime (when fungi’s are most active). Plus, you will not be utilizing water at the peak use times each day (and also therefore, will not influence your community’s water system). You ought to also do less, bigger sprinklings instead compared to light, regular sprinklings. Deep soaks make the follicles grow longer and stronger, while light watering keep follicles near the surface area. Those deep roots could protect the lawn in a drought.


Now that you know some great lawn care tips, you need the right tools. Head over to DealDash and see what you can find to keep your lawn beautiful.


Tips on Packing for Your Next Trip

Let DealDash help you get ready for your next big trip in the right way.

Prior to you going on your next getaway, you can find here some travel pointers for packing baggage. If you have babies in baby diapers, have an additional luggage merely with baby diapers. As you utilize them up on your travel, you could have some added space for items you might buy. trip

To promptly spot your baggage at luggage belief, purchase one of the most obnoxiously loud colors of luggage you can locate. This will help you in two ways. One, you will certainly have the ability to effortlessly discover your bags, and two, anybody assuming to take somebody’s travel luggage will not select such an apparently blatant color.

An additional suggestion to conveniently discover your luggage is to link a brilliantly colored ribbon on the luggage or wrap it around your bags handle. If you are flying, do not have any kind of sharp items in your carry-on travel luggage unless you never wish to see the thing again. It will be permanently contributed to the airport security team.

If any person asks to take your luggage, be certain they are who they say they are. Request recognition. Burglars occasionally go around posing as airport officials. It’s a great idea to put an emergency situation collection of garments and also toiletries separately in a carry-on. This is in case you’re in a situation where your bags are lost or stolen. But no sharp items, do not forget that.

You might think a rolled bag looks geeky rather than a great purse when carry-ons on are concerned, however after shuffling all over the flight terminal with your heavy bag, especially if it has such points as a laptop or various other electronics, you will certainly be happy for the rolled geeky carry-on!

On a plane, occasionally the storage space area under the seats is narrower in the aisle seat. So for even more storage, obtain a home window or middle seat.

For more traveling pointers for having luggage, try to have just exactly what you love and need. If the garments have been putting up in your storage room for months as well as you never ever wear them, exactly what makes you believe you will wear them on your next trip? This is a blunder I have actually made many times. So stick with exactly what you like, you’ll take a trip lighter and also really utilize what you take along with you.

It is rewarding to buy quality travel luggage. I know it’s appealing to cut corners by purchasing your luggage at a discount establishment, but over time it will pay for itself. You’ll make it to destination after destination with all your valuables undamaged.

Do not neglect to consult your airline for their specific weight restrictions for baggage. All the travel tips in the globe will not be useful if you are packing 75 extra pounds of clothing into your travel luggage when the weight limitation is 50 extra pounds.

Keep in mind that you can normally do some laundry at your hotel or traveling location. This could assist you load a little lighter. To stay clear of wrinkles, try rolling your clothing as opposed to folding. Have some comfy footwear, or far better yet, wear them and pack plenty of comfortable socks. Specifically if you plan to do a lot of walking.

Do not forget your prescription medicines in addition to a list of them which you ought to keep with you. Do not put belongings right into examined luggage ideally. Keep them with you or in your carry-on bags. I hope you are able to use the traveling ideas for your next trip and be better prepared when packing your luggage.


For excellent luggage at an affordable price, head to and start placing bids. You can also find a ton of other items for your next trip.

Back Yard Makeover!

It started with a Cuisinart 3 pc. grilling set and once I won that, I was on my way to a complete back yard makeover! DealDash has a wide variety of yard accessories, from grills, swimming pool items, furniture and decorations. It wasn’t long after that when I won a Smart Solar Chameleon Gazing Ball, one of my favorite wins from DealDash.  The solar panel absorbs energy all day, and at night it illuminates the yard with all the colors of the rainbow.


No back yard makeover is complete without a Bon Fire Pit for the patio, and I won one for just one penny! From the patio, here in Vermont, we have a stunning view, but it’s much closer now with the Baraska Spotting Scope, which I also won for less than a dollar.

For the swimming pool I’ve won several floatation rafts with cup holders, and an interesting floating light with a solar panel and in the evening the pool is illuminated in a myriad of colors.  The swimming pool vacuum was an amazing score for less than $3.00! I didn’t win everything I wanted for the pool, but I did use the BIN (Buy it Now) feature to get the multi-colored fountain for the pool. Once you use the BIN feature, you will receive all the bids you used trying to win it deposited back in your DealDash account.  It’s a win-win I got my item and all the bids back to try for another prize.


On the deck too I have decorated it with a nearly Natural 4′ Sago Palm Tree which I won for only .17 cents. A Cobraco Growers Style 12″ hanging basket  for .12 cents, that’s a penny an inch! And, as luck would have it I won the Avant Garden Cupola Wild Bird Feeder which hangs on the barn keeping all the Blue Jays and Chickadees happy. I even won a couple of shovels for gardening, and I BIN’d a Bocce Ball Set.

It’s fair to say every where you look in my back yard, you will see an item I won or purchased from DealDash.  Their collection of back yard items is extensive.  These are only a few of the items I won for my yard and I’m not done yet!  As the summer is winding down, now is the time to look at and bid on Summer items. Shoppers are going after the next season of items and it would be my stradigy to shop now for summer. Keep it simple, bidding on items you want and like, and load up on bids, but don’t be afraid to walk away, there is always another one later!

Happy Bidding!


Yard Care Tips from DealDash

Right here are some beneficial gardening and yard treatment ideas for late summer and also very early autumn from DealDash.


  1. Remain to weed your yard frequently to remain ahead of weeds. Weeds can spread very swiftly throughout the late summer season, and they’ll rob your plants of both nourishment as well as water. Draw weeds when the soil is damp and the weeds are tiny. Morning weeding sessions after an over night rainfall can be extremely efficient.
  2. Take ideas while your garden is totally expanded. They’ll assist you remember exactly what you grew, and where. Plant turning is an excellent practice that helps in reducing illness as well as the impacts of some pests. If your tomato plants or yearly flowers are also crowded, make use of these images to advise you of appropriate spacing following season.
  3. Make some notes. This is a suitable time to establish up a horticulture notebook or a PC file. Note just what functioned well, what you would love to do far better, exactly what you wish to find out before next season, as well as any type of devices or products you might require for next period.
  4. Produce squash and beans prior to they get also large. If you have extras, and pick not to could or freeze your bounty for later use, discover a way to share it. Lots of food kitchens and also churches will certainly accept fresh produce for distribution to those in need.
  5. If you don’t already have a garden compost bin or pile, currently is a good time to start! You’ll soon have actually completed tomato plants and various other yard leftovers. Areas with a great deal of deciduous trees will soon be covered with dropping leaves. Composting is simple with the assistance of a composter!
  6. Make a strategy to collect as numerous fall leaves as you can effortlessly compost or store. If you accumulate more compared to your compost container or stack could take care of, shop completely dry, shredded fallen leaves in huge trash canisters or bags. Shred them with a shredder or a yard mower; see to it that you keep them completely dry throughout storage space. The shredded fallen leaves could be used following period to mulch veggie gardens, as well as they could provide the essential “brown” product that your compost needs when it could be bewildered with “environment-friendly” products.
  7. As autumn techniques, prevent the lure to prune … other than big, overlapping branches that might damage under the stress of snow or wind. Trimming always encourages new growth and ought to be avoided as winter season approaches. New, tender branches are far more vulnerable to winter season damage.
  8. Aerate as well as Dethatch your lawn if it needs it. The really completely dry summer season that many of us have actually experienced has caused abnormally high thatch buildup. Aerate as well as dethatch your yard at least 6 weeks before completion of its expanding period, to make sure that it will certainly have time to recuperate prior to winter months dormancy.
  9. Proceed to include mulch to your flower as well as vegetable yards throughout the period. A combination of shredded completely dry leaves as well as turf trimmings is our favored. The leaves aid prevent the lawn trimmings from matting, as well as the turf clippings assist avoid the fallen leaves from blowing away. Mulch assists subdue weeds as well as maintains your dirt maintain dampness. As compost decomposes, it will improve your soil’s tilth as well as fertility.
  10. Plan to tidy up your gardens when they’re “done.” Not just are cluttered yards an eye sore, yet they’ll harbor much more damaging bugs and illness. Tidy up your vegetable and yearly flower yards before the ground up ices up and you’ll prepare to obtain off to a clean beginning next season


To find some of the best yard and home care items on discount, head over to DealDash. Once you get there, don’t forget to sign up and start bidding.

DealDash Experience: Les’s Wins on DealDash

“Coming up on my second anniversary with DealDash, I started on 8/29/13. I remember seeing all the ads on TV, and couldn’t resist. Over 260 wins so far but picking up steam now, lol”.

Les, customer since 2013.

10333750_916818728363887_5958037986768743558_o (1)

My very first win was a $10 Burger King Gift Card. I like to see laptops and Ultra HD Big Screen TV’s up for auction, but enjoy winning items I can use daily around the house. The huge selection of different types of items always keeps me interested. The Free Shipping is fantastic and generally very fast and Customer Service is quick and efficient. Any questions I have had have been answered to my complete satisfaction and with a friendly attitude.

Some of my favorite wins would be the BountyHunter Lonestar Metal Detector or the Garmin GPS Golf Watch, both have given me hours of entertainment and sport. My wife loves the Kareoke Machine and the Bissel Carpet Steam Cleaner and our entire kitchen has been remodeled with new appliances.

I like the fact that when there are particular items I’m interested in, DealDash email me alerts so I always know in advance. I use 3 different devices to play, my Android smartphone, my iPad, and my laptop, so I’m good to go any time anywhere, and of course I’ve won on every device I use…Yippee!



home stereo

How to Get Great Sound from a Home Stereo

How to set up the items you find on DealDash like a home stereo is as important as winning the bid.

A  quality home stereo is essential and could make seeing motion pictures as well as listening closely to music great for the entire family members. Having specialist audio noise makes this experience even better and also enables theater noise in addition to real sound for music. But just how do you establish your residence stereo to have this high quality when you purchase a brand-new system?

home stereo

The most vital point that should be considered is the equalizer that could help to “tune in” the noise more realistically. An equalizer on a home stereo could have a few or numerous channels that can be adapted to enable small changes in the treble, bass and also mid array speakers. Commonly, the appropriate side is for the luxury, the middle is for the mid array as well as the left side regulates the bass.

Some manufacturers could change this around yet for the most part, it is a good standard to adhere to. While paying attention to the songs or enjoying a movie, change the different sliders up until the sound is excellent. Several of the electronic equalizers give the conserving of the setups to make sure that they can be brought up once again.

This suggests that it only requires the should change for sure motion pictures or kinds of music once. You can then raise these presets whenever you alter from a flick to music. This permits simple transforming as well as true audios for every song as well as every flick or game that is being played.

If you intend to have specialist audio noise with your personal home stereo, after that you need to find out ways to function with your equalizer. It is the very best device for getting the appropriate noise for every flick and also style of songs that is delighted in. The very first time it is established up might spend some time, however saving the setups can suggest much easier equalization later on in the future.

home stereo

If you’re looking to furnish your home with top of the line stereo and electronics equipment, then head to DealDash and see what you can find. You’ll be amazed by the awesome home entertainment equipment that is available on the site.

walkie talkies

The Perfect Gifts – Walkie Talkies

Communication is everything, and teaching kids at a young age about it with walkie talkies works wonders.

With the passage of time choices of the kids in toys are altering dramatically. Currently rather than having toy automobiles, planes or video clip games, they such as having some thrilling as well as special present things like walkie talkies. At times when the birthday or Christmas event is on, buying your children can truly shock them and can make the day special for them. Though these are not something new for the youngsters, prior to cellular phone they were substantially admired by the children, however as the cellular phone made an entry, the walkie talkies lost the majority of their market to this brand-new device. Though a mobile phone possess a lot many features compared to an easy them, yet the appeal of the them is there and also the youngsters whom we could not handover the cell phones could actually make good fun with these tools. Offering the youngsters with walkie talkies would substantially how they have a good time. walkie talkies

The great thing concerning them is that they only have an actually restricted array. As well as unlike the cell phone, instead of disturbing every various other individual by giving miss out on calls. By having the walkie talkie they would only utilize it to communicate with their brother or sisters, friends as well as other household participants. Unlike the cell phone, the kids would certainly not request for cards to fill the equilibrium for utilizing these devices. As a matter of fact they could utilize them whenever they would certainly seem like.

As stated over, the need for them is again boosting out there. Not just the little youngsters however the children are likewise fond of these tools. They offer the very best help in interacting with the close friends and also family members that live nearby. With the help of these devices one can chat constantly without fretting about the expenses. The gadgets are not just a source of fun for the children; they likewise help the moms and dads to watch on the kids when they are playing around the home. Such devices are also practical while father and mothers are there with their kids in some large shopping center or stores. By having these walkie talkies the father and mothers would certainly stay certain that the kids would be around despite the fact that whole of the focus of the father and mothers is there in purchasing the essential goods.

Walkie talkies are just pleasure to play with. While your kids are playing in the timber or hectic in journeys sports and also tasks, you could continue to be intact with them. This helpful kitchen appliance would certainly aid you to monitor your children each time when you wish to know exactly what they are doing.

walkie talkies

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How Eating Right Can Keep You Healthy

One of the most important things at DealDash is helping make sure our customers are happy and healthy.

In order for your body to stay healthy, you will have to eat healthy and balanced. Exactly what are the benefits of eating healthy and balanced? You see, there is not just one or two perks of healthy eating, there are lots of advantages. It’s crucial for your youngsters to take in foods that are healthy, yet it is additionally essential for you to eat healthy. You see, every human physical body available has to take in foods that are energetic as well as great for their body. As you review this write-up, we are visiting tell you the benefits of organic food.


To start with, you must avoid snacking on a large amount of fast food. Why? Because those junk foods are no good for your physical body. Why those scrap treats are no good for your body could be discovered in an entirely different short article. Now, we are visiting concentrate on those benefits of healthy foods.

Healthy and balanced provisions is not only important for wellness property development, however it is likewise important for reducing the danger of those chronic illness. Firstly, it will help you out with cancer prevention. There is a list of foods, which will certainly help you with preventing cancer. The foods that are included in this checklist include a vast array of vegetables and fruits, which have heaps of anti-oxidants in them. High fiber foods in addition to low fat will certainly likewise help to stop cancer cells.

When you consume nourishing food, you will certainly have more energy compared to normal. There is also a checklist of foods that will certainly offer you more power compared to others. Those grocery stores that have a high price of nutrients such as iron as well as B12 are perfect for raising the energy in your body. Specific rations are understood for reducing cholesterol, also. Now, you ask yourself this: “What are the benefits of consuming healthy?


Some of the healthiest ways to cook food is by grill, steam and methods other than frying. DealDash carries a full range of kitchen equipment that can help eat healthy and maintain a quality lifestyle. To see what type items are available, head to the website and have a look.


Storage Ides for Your Pantry

DealDash has all the goods you need to take care of your kitchen and do some excellent cooking.

This post will give you some great tips on setting up your pantry. Because having a kitchen pantry installed right into your house can make a huge difference to the quantity of storage you have readily available when cooking and also storing food. A kitchen area pantry can be used for keeping many things besides food, relying on its dimension. You could possibly use the flooring area or bottom racks to keep cleansing items as an example. For the leading shelves, you could even keep towels as well as dish fabrics for easy reach when they are required. pantry

There are numerous kitchen organizers that you could acquire to ideal make use of the offered area. Rather of just having a couple of shelves set up, there some really creative organizers that really offer space where you didn’t believe was possible. These coordinators are able to make use of every edge within the kitchen and even the lost room in between shelves. Difficult to get to places are no exemption with coordinators that can swivel out for easy access to its components.

It deserves bearing in mind to maintain your food products separate to your cleansing things for safety and security factors. Cleaning items must consistently be put on the floor to stop any sort of cross contamination in between the chemicals as well as food. As you will be needing accessibility to the food a lot more usually, you will also want the food to be at a more practical level so you don’t have to keep flexing down. Rather of attempting to stack tinned food on top of each various other, you may wish to check out buying a pantry could dispenser to further minimize space.


For the top rack you can also keep small cooking devices that just get used every once in a while. They go to the very least stored out of the primary kitchen, but still to hand when required. The cupboard might get jumbled in time, so it is worth checking out the items you have actually stored in there every number of months. It is really simple to acquire food then ignore them with time. This often cause expired items that can create unpleasant scents over time. Use these tips to set up an awesome kitchen pantry and head over to DealDash to stock it with the best kitchen items.


How to Improve Home Security and Safety

DealDash cares about your safety and home security, this post should help you keep your family safe.

The best idea you take will certainly have the ability to increase the home security given so you will certainly be sure that it is the best choice for your safety requirements. In deciding on the ideal suggestion for your requirements, you have to make certain that it agrees with your budget so you can be certain that it will certainly work well for your family. security

The initial concept regarding residence safety and security takes careful planning about making your residence look like someone is always home. It is able to improve the safety of your home without spending a great deal of cash. To run keep on a radio or television with the volume up. In this case, you must be sure that the voice might be heard from the door.

The following idea you need to think about is to install fencings and exterior lighting. When chatting about fences, it will certainly be an excellent suggestion to choose the ones that are made from iron so you will certainly be sure regarding the sturdiness. Additionally, it is an important point to illuminate all home windows and doors with motion-sensitive lights so you are able to add the safety that will certainly be excellent for your home.

For the following idea, you could consider the installment of deadbolts, peepholes as well as intercoms. Those systems will certainly aid you to speak with a visitor to your home before making a decision whether to allow them into our home. In this situation, you will make certain that in this manner is truly efficient to do so you can be sure that it is actually practical for you needs. In choosing the right devices for your needs, it is a lot better for you to do some research study that will certainly direct you to take the finest ones for your requirements.

Then, it will certainly be a smart idea if you set up safety and security systems that will certainly alert authorities when a person enters your house via windows or doors without permission. In this case, it is a crucial thing to place cams near fencings as well as entryways to your house. Likewise, you could think about how to utilize panic switches which are simpler to press if you require an aid.


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Tips to Keep Your House Free From Pests

This summer DealDash wants to help you rid your home of pests, this article will give you some great tips.

To enhance the overall top quality of your residence, it’s not exclusive to caring for the outside and inside of the home. It’s up to you to make certain that every single thing throughout your entire home is dealt with properly. From the fundamental elements and also structure to the minutest specifics, it’s important to stay on top of home care. Therefore, to really assert that your residence is indeed your desired home, make sure that it is a place worthy of your family and friends. Absolutely nothing is a lot more frustrating, that drives owners away, than the invasion harmful pests inside your home. Innumerable sources links bad hygiene and home upkeep with the existence of infestations of pests in your property. As a result, to maintain the value of your home, it’s important to eliminate insects and pests immediately. pests

How do you maintain a clean home totally free from insects?

Prior to you looking for the appropriate chemical and also pest control alternatives to solve your situation, begin with your residence foundations as well as components. The outside of your house is necessary to keep insects and also other pests from entering your house. Any kind of cracks or leaks that you will certainly find are possible passageways for these frustrating animals to enter your interior and also make it their very own house location to live and also increase in number. Besides the common fractures and also leaks, frequently examine and also wash your drainpipes, gutter systems as well as other areas of your house which contribute to insects that populate and multiply in your home.

The next thing to do is to inspect and wash the interior which is basically the most effective ways of insect avoidance. Dirty surroundings are the most common cause of pests because they offer the perfect breeding ground for such pests as well as insects to thrive. Even more than anything, sanitation is the most amazing and also efficient method to drive problems away. Discover any sort of corners of your residence that are loaded with needless extras like heaps of cardboards, papers as well as boxes amongst others. Additionally, the household kitchen area is one of the most conducive location susceptible to bugs and also insects such as cockroaches and also mice. Clean the location like taps, racks and areas where food leftovers are plentiful.

Finally, after making certain that you home is well examined and also assessed, as well as all the structures are fixed as well and repaired to maintain the insects and pests from your house, it is about time to search for the excellent insect control system to entirely eradicate as well as do away with the infestations that are concerning to attack and conquer your apartment.

You and your household or loved ones was worthy of a premium house that is basically healthy and balanced to stay in, cost-free from all the troubles as well as annoyances that parasites as well as various other pests may bring. Spending resources on your residence as well as making certain that your house is immune to all infestations is a smart as well as sound venture you should start the earliest possible time.


DealDash carries a ton of items that can be used for home improvement to secure your house from pests. They also have items like mosquito repellent systems to keep your home clear this summer, just head to the site and see what you can find.

mountain bike

Picking the Perfect Mountain Bike

Choosing the appropriate type of mountain bike for yourself can be a challenging task.

With many styles as well as options available. Where do I begin? How do I understand I’ve made the ideal option? What am I seeking when hunting for the excellent bike? mountain bike

First of all, a terrific and quality mountain bike has to suit you just like a great set of running shoes. Some mountain bicycles are highly-designed riding machines that could set you back up as well as over $5,000. The only issue is that if it doesn’t match you, it’s not the best bike.

The first thing you wish to do is ask yourself exactly what will I be doing with my bike. If you intend to hop off 7 foot rock ledges, then you’ll require a full-suspension bike with the most up to date and also greatest of the mountain bike parts.

Yet possibly you’re not so daring. All you wish to do is drop some tracks and also have a little fun with your day or good friends. In this case, you might wish to think about a hybrid style mountain bike. These bikes can be made use of on trails as well as roads alike.

Or perhaps you have a little budget restriction. Well these low-end bikes exist as well! This kind of bike may be just what you’re searching for to obtain your feet wet prior to buying a costly full-suspension mountain bike.

Anyhow you place it, I would suggest you to go DealDash and see what you can find, because they have excellent deals on all types of bikes and other vehicles. They also ask the individuals there for some pointers on discovering an excellent bike that will match you.

Just how considerably you need to invest for a high quality mountain bike? Now days a mountain bike could run you anywhere from $600 to $5,000 plus. On DealDash though you can find them at huge discounts. If you’re out to acquire a low-end bike anticipate a tough tail with no suspension and on the high-end a totally tuned suspension as well as modern parts.

mountain bike

As soon as you get that dream bike you’ve been hesitating for, you’ll wish to have it suitable for you. Just head to DealDash and see what they have to offer, there are tons of other items you’re sure to love as well.