Back Yard Makeover!

It started with a Cuisinart 3 pc. grilling set and once I won that, I was on my way to a complete back yard makeover! DealDash has a wide variety of yard accessories, from grills, swimming pool items, furniture and decorations. It wasn’t long after that when I won a Smart Solar Chameleon Gazing Ball, one of my favorite wins from DealDash.  The solar panel absorbs energy all day, and at night it illuminates the yard with all the colors of the rainbow.


No back yard makeover is complete without a Bon Fire Pit for the patio, and I won one for just one penny! From the patio, here in Vermont, we have a stunning view, but it’s much closer now with the Baraska Spotting Scope, which I also won for less than a dollar.

For the swimming pool I’ve won several floatation rafts with cup holders, and an interesting floating light with a solar panel and in the evening the pool is illuminated in a myriad of colors.  The swimming pool vacuum was an amazing score for less than $3.00! I didn’t win everything I wanted for the pool, but I did use the BIN (Buy it Now) feature to get the multi-colored fountain for the pool. Once you use the BIN feature, you will receive all the bids you used trying to win it deposited back in your DealDash account.  It’s a win-win I got my item and all the bids back to try for another prize.


On the deck too I have decorated it with a nearly Natural 4′ Sago Palm Tree which I won for only .17 cents. A Cobraco Growers Style 12″ hanging basket  for .12 cents, that’s a penny an inch! And, as luck would have it I won the Avant Garden Cupola Wild Bird Feeder which hangs on the barn keeping all the Blue Jays and Chickadees happy. I even won a couple of shovels for gardening, and I BIN’d a Bocce Ball Set.

It’s fair to say every where you look in my back yard, you will see an item I won or purchased from DealDash.  Their collection of back yard items is extensive.  These are only a few of the items I won for my yard and I’m not done yet!  As the summer is winding down, now is the time to look at and bid on Summer items. Shoppers are going after the next season of items and it would be my stradigy to shop now for summer. Keep it simple, bidding on items you want and like, and load up on bids, but don’t be afraid to walk away, there is always another one later!

Happy Bidding!

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