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How to Make the Best Snacks With Your Microwave

Individuals do not typically think of the microwave oven with being able to create healthy homemade treats. DealDash is here to break that mindset. Typical fare from the microwave is generally acquired pre-made from an establishment and also loaded with chemicals and fabricated tastes. This pre-made food is cooked in a microwave and also eaten by millions on a daily basis, although it is barely the most healthy choice. Below are healthier recipes for 2 incredibly popular snacks: popcorn and potato chips. Both are made quickly and also quickly with the help of your microwave oven.

microwave Microwave Popcorn Without The Additives

Most people don’t realize that you could make air-popped popcorn in your microwave without any elegant devices. The ready to go bags of microwave popcorn from the shop are filled with artificial flavorings, fats as well as sodium. All you need is a 2 quart microwave secure container with a cover and also some snacks bits. This does function finest in an unit that has a turntable, however, that is likewise true for the store-bought bagged things. You can find both microwaves and containers on

Take 1/4 mug of ordinary popcorn kernels as well as put them into the container and put the lid on. Prepare at full power up until standing out slows; this ought to take between 3 – 7 minutes as determined by how effective your microwave is. Take the snacks out and place it in an large bowl of some type. It is now all set to be consumed by your favorite little ones. Flavor however you like, sometimes I like it just covered slightly with additional extra virgin olive oil as well as an excellent grade of sea salt. Other times I desire a crazy combination of parmesan cheese and dehydrated garlic. However you choose to flavor it, you’ll be glad when you get to eat it!

Homemade Potato Chips Minus the Fat Or Salt

You could make a healthy alternative to store-bought potato chips in your microwave. Nonetheless, since the potato slices need to be paper-thin, you will certainly need a mandolin or V-slicer unless you are very experienced with a knife.

Slice a skin-on potato into paper-thin pieces (the skin is packed with fiber and also nutrients.) Saturate the potato pieces in purified water with a teaspoon of salt for 10 minutes. Drain, then pat completely dry on cooking area towels.

Coat a microwave risk-free casserole dish gently with olive oil. This works ideal with an old-fashioned ceramic container rather than plastic. Lay the potato slices in a solitary level (you might need to do numerous batches.) Prepare at full power till the potato slices start to crinkle. This must take between 4 1/2 to 7 minutes relying on exactly how effective your microwave is. The chips are totally done at this moment, however you could include flavorings to them while they are still warm. My favored is a combo of red onion powder, granulated garlic and also sea salt. Simply spray the cooked chips lightly with the spices you select.


These are just a couple ideas for some quick and easy, yet healthy snack alternatives you can cook at home with your microwave. Now we would like to encourage you to head on in to DealDash and check out the appliances and cool cooking equipment items we have for sale.

Simple Ways to Keep Kids Busy On Car Trips

Several family members opt to travel by car when they take place holiday. DealDash has therefore wants to provide you with some ideas for making them more enjoyable.

car trips

For grownups the drive itself is fascinating and sufficient to captivate them, yet when children are coming with on the road travel, they can effortlessly get antsy and also bored. Despite just how breathtaking the view, children require extra stimuli to delight them in the car. By creating a box loaded with car-friendly, age suitable toys as well as video games that is saved in the auto, you will be sure to have all things had to keep kids captivated during lift regardless of for how long the drive. Remember that you can get a lot of items on DealDash for a considerable price. Many of them are toys and games that can be used on road trips to keep children happy.

Choosing What To Pack

Choosing what to cram in your kid’s traveling box of rewards is an exceptional task for the child. Giving them this obligation not just enables them to contribute to travel preparation, it also makes certain that the things are the kind that will certainly captivate and please the child for the entire trip.

If you intend to surprise your kid with this vacation road trip plan, make a checklist of the things they enjoy one of the most. If they enjoy fine art and craft pick up notebooks, sketchpads, markers, as well as crayons. If they delight in finding out think about packing flash cards, publications, and also educational workbooks, pencils -and also have a pencil sharpener!

Another wonderful addition to any traveling activity collection is a youngster’s atlas. This will certainly help the youngster to adhere to along on the road journey option and also participate in the taking a trip activities. It is consistently much more enjoyable for kids to keep an eye out the home window as well as consume the views when they have an estimate of their place.

Alternative Entertainment For Youngsters

Even the most well ready fathers and mothers will certainly discover that video games, books, and puzzles just work to amuse a kid for so long. If your road trip in the vehicle is specifically long, you could find yourself seeking some back-up kid home entertainment approaches. Pick up some great games and other items for your car trip on DealDash

 Think about attempting:

– Automobile games, such as I Spy, certificate plate identification, alphabet games, or imaginative video games with your surroundings.

– If you have actually traveled the path in the past, you could have some preferred landmarks. Encourage the youngster to keep watch for the spots.

– Journaling about the trip can give excellent amusement for older children.

If you have access to an in-car DVD gamer, incentive youngsters for their good behavior by allowing them to view an age-appropriate movie towards the end of the automobile journey. If that is not feasible, set up one more unique reward they will delight in to applaud them for concentrating while in the vehicle.

car trips

What To Avoid While Taking a trip With Children

Make certain there is a general rule in an area specifying that dropped toys as well as activities will certainly not be picked up until the car is at a dead stop and turned off. Kids have to know that it is unsafe to grab playthings while driving. Now that you have some ideas on how to take care of yourself and your kids during a car ride, head on in to DealDash and see what you can find.

Toys that keep Your Kids Growing Right

The toys your kids play with can influence their maturation as they learn, create, as well as grow. DealDash wants to help you by informing you of some great toys that will get your kids thinking again. The ideal playthings could inspire your youngster’s play, motivate his/her tasks, both in as well as outdoors.


Next, toys could release your kid’s creative imagination and enhance his or her skills in the arts. Likewise, the best playthings could promote your little one’s learning abilities and instructional capabilities at any age.

Initially, the standards are normally handed down from one generation to the next. And parents and also grandparents typically love to share their past experiences with their children. This includes old toys and games that parents and grandparents played as children. DealDash has many old and new games and other items to keep your children entertained.

Your old-time favorites of the other day could become your youngsters’ favorites, today! Remember exactly how you felt when you played with etch a sketch?

You could discuss those memories and sensations once again, let the traditional playthings inspire you as well as your kid’s play.

Also, encourage your children’s activities with outdoor play toys, sporting activities as well as fitness toys, car and train toys. Push-button control toys, camping tents and tunnels are all great toys that kids love. Furthermore, playthings like the toys you find on DealDash like the bouncy house will keep kids excited and using their muscles.

Second, you can release your youth’s creative imagination with pretend play playthings, play as well as ability having fun toys, children’ costumes and also clothing. Even certain video games will help to open a youngster’s mind to imagination and also creativeness. Furthermore, firefighter outfits, law enforcement officer attire, jr. Train engineer attire, kitchen area apron sets as well as tea party gowns  set their desires to trip and clarify their course in life.

Next off, enhance your children’s creativity with art & music toys, crafts imagination playthings, musical instruments as well as music toys. Toys like relationship bracelets, sticker manufacturing plant, barrel of beads, silk display fashion designer, and expert vehicle developer drawing set all inspire a kid’s creativity. Plus, the activities and also jobs exercised during using these playthings help enhance motor abilities, eye and also hand co-ordination, creating skills, and creativity.

Furthermore, stimulate your youngster’s understanding skills enhancing their education and learning as well as understanding level at any kind of age. Teach colors, numbers, and also the alphabet with infant as well as young child discovering toys.


Lastly, your child’s toys could influence his/her growing as they grow to adulthood. Toys could influence your kid’s play, inspire his or her activities, both in and also outdoors. In addition, playthings can release your child’s imagination and boost his or her imagination. Likewise, the ideal toys could stimulate your kid’s or child’s learning skills as well as instructional abilities at any sort of age. These classic and also discovering playthings, games, puzzles, as well as playthings can influence, influence, and motivate your child’s physical activities, their mental developing, and growth as a human; playthings can motivate and inspire your youngsters play! Now just head on in to DealDash and see what type of Toys you can find.

Common Household Items for Arts and Crafts

Discovering the best ways to utilize regular, every day items for arts and crafts can be a way to produce something fun without spending a lot of cash. DealDash wants to share some of these things with you now. Understanding ways to use what you have to get what you want is a great skill to develop. Nowadays, it can save money, time, and also peace of mind all at once. When your kids are tired and also there is absolutely nothing else to do, take a moment to browse. Just what you view as wastebasket easily be utilized to captivate, occupy, and inform little minds and hands.

arts and crafts Boxes:

If you have actually ever provided a child a present that can be found in a big box, you’ve already taken a look at the sensation. It takes place whenever a child is around a box as huge as they are. Suddenly, chances crest in their creative imagination, and also there’s no stopping them from developing their perfect house, castle, or spaceship, even if the item that was available in the box was an actual plaything home, castle, or The following are some craft suggestions to utilize with boxes:

* Ft: deconstruct several huge boxes to ensure that each becomes a room, device, or roofing. Make windows, doors, and spy openings by cutting out parts of the box. Embellish with paint, pen, or perhaps papier mache. The exact same principle puts on box residences, castles, as well as spaceships. You can find great toys on DealDash that you kids can play with, many of which will come in big boxes, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

* Foundation: make use of shoe boxes or a number of little cardboard boxes. Tape them thoroughly till they cannot be opened and also their form is stable. These could now be utilized as stacking blocks to develop even more residences, castles, as well as spaceships.

* Nesting boxes: start with a very little lidded box, possibly a ring box. Area a small treasure inside. Discover a box that just barely matches this one as well as placed the ring box inside it. Keep this procedure until you have as several boxes as you can. Provide your youngster and see them unpack their treasure repeatedly.


Containers can be filled of fluids as well as little challenge make songs, fine art, and scientific research.

Vocal singing containers: fill up each of a number of glass jars or cups with different quantities of liquid. Put a decrease of a different color of food colouring in each jar. They could now be “played” by blowing throughout the top (if a soft drink bottle) or striking the side with a pencil or spoon.

Maracas: fill jars with dimes, washing machines, rice, and also other items. Shut the jars snugly as well as drink them to hear their songs.

Bean art: gather several uniquely-colored or designed dried out beans, pastas, or peas for this job. Very carefully level them in the container in contrasting colors. Be careful to develop definite lines of shade and structure. These can be provided as gifts for decor or recipe purposes.


When thinking of crafts as well as activities for kids, utilize what you have actually got, yet use it in a special way. Containers as well as smooth, cylindrical jars can be utilized to roll out play dough. Biscuit cutters, jars, as well as cups can make terrific cookie cutters. Garlic presses make wonderful play dough “hair”, as well as dried beans as well as rice make an excellent textural “sand” to have fun with inside your home. Offer your child measuring cups and spoons and also a number of containers and also watch them studiously determine and also dispense beans as well as rice.

arts and crafts

Youngsters already understand how to utilize every little thing around them for play. Even if the impulse has been covered up by hrs of television as well as video games, it is still there, awaiting the opportunity to come out. Your impulse exists, also. Have an experience with your youngsters as you see usual family items in brand-new and also various means with each other. Now that you have some great ideas, head on in to DealDash and see what kind of items you can find to keep your favorite youngsters entertained or that can be used for arts and crafts.

How to Relax With DealDash

Have you ever been up all evening with thoughts competing for space in your head? If so, you have most likely thought about using methods that help you discover the best ways to unwind your mind. DealDash wants to help you reduce stress in your life. Stress could truly take a toll if you let it … and if you don’t do anything regarding it … it often gets worse .


The first thing you need to recognize is that you’re not alone; numerous individuals around the world struggle with anxiousness and panic attacks which prevent them from having the ability to unwind the mind.

This article focuses on methods which you could discover how you can relax your mind. Learning particular leisure methods is important if you wish to reside in healthy, healthy and balanced life, one which is devoid of stress and anxiety and disease.

You’re going to have to find out how to utilize these strategies despite all the stress of any kind of given day. It’s  very important to understand that really, when it comes down to it, you are responsible for your stressed out state. Tension has actually ended up being a way of life – from the minute you awaken to the moment when you get back in bed, you experience a roller-coaster trip of stress and anxiousness.

Among the first things you have to do is to in fact allow on your own relax. Individuals have the tendency to establish such a hectic pace on their own … this often turns into panic as well as anxiousness. You have to discover how to loosen up and also quit working your fingers to the bone without a minute of relaxation.

Understanding how to unwind your mind includes entering the right state of mind. When you do this you can quit your world from spinning, relax, as well as start learning how to relax. Many people are not even knowledgeable about what they are doing … they simply automatically fast-forward through their lives … surviving autopilot. On DealDash you can find all sorts of items to help you relax.

Spend some time with yourself and also ask yourself why you’re so stressed out. It would possibly be beneficial to compose all these things out so you have an excellent grasp on what is troubling you. As soon as you have a clear direction, you can begin to develop a road-map that leads in the direction that you desire your life to be headed in.


Reduce ruthlessly if needed to liberate individual time for youngsters, family members, family pets and most importantly on your own. Knowing relaxation strategies like deep breathing and also meditation will aid you when you’re trying to find out the best ways to relax your mind. Now that you have tips to relax, head on in to DealDash and see what you can find.

The Tools You Really Need for Your Automobile Shop

Some people will tell you that’s it better to be safe than sorry. The question is how can you really be safe? Well, to be prepared is the response. In this world packed with uncertainties, you never ever know when you could face a demanding scenario, DealDash gets it. When it involves vehicles, anything could fail without notice; this is why it is incredibly important to bring all needed car tools with the automobile anywhere you take it to, this is why it’s also important to know enough to repair the car yourself.


There are various types of auto devices needed to do different types of works. For motorbike repair service works you will certainly require motorcycle devices, whereas for car repair work tasks you will certainly require automobile tools. When making the toolkit for your auto, it is advisable making a list of the tools you will certainly have to perform the tasks you are proficient to carry out. The optimal way to create the device list is to check your automobile and search for the components where a trouble could emerge and also the tools you will need to repair it.

A few of the important hand devices consider emergency slit repair package, automobile jack, pliers, screw drivers, wrenches, air pumps, as well as hammers. An air compressor like you can find on DealDash is also needed for bigger jobs and impact wrenches, blasters and other air tools.

Other things you need to keep are merges, few headlight bulbs, circuitry tape as well as some cables for taking care of wiring-related issues. If you do not have sufficient information concerning the best ways to perform repair tasks, you may utilize any video clip streaming web site such as to search for repair service task lessons based on the need. Some one of the most essential tasks you must be able to perform include light bulb replacement, tire replacement, as well as fuse replacement.

If you are planning to shop for automobile or motorcycle devices, you may utilize any sort of search engine to find a list of top online devices shops offering an exhaustive range of automotive devices. You can scan their comprehensive catalogues to buy the tools and also products on the list. Purchasing from an on the internet site not just provides you a problem-free shopping experience; the low expenses cost of keeping an on the internet shop allows their owners to value the devices extremely moderately.


Now that you have an idea of what you will need in your automobile shop, head on in to DealDash and see what type of items you can find. You’ll find a ton of other items as well that can help you with your needs.


Creative Interior Design Ideas

Providing a different measurement to the dull looking office isn’t a laborious task like you may think. DealDash has some cutting-edge interior design suggestions in mind. To resolve this issue there are a variety of wall colour paints and painting methods that could make your office attract attention. To get a suggestion of ways to offer an office space the much-needed makeover without making it look also flashy continue reading. Decorating with new art and furniture like you can find on DealDash is also an easy way to adjust the way you’re office looks.

interior design

Repaint colour option: The variety of paint colours plays a crucial part in workplace making. If you are seeking to execute a certain theme within your office then take into consideration the same when picking paint colour. Make certain your style does not require too much of adjustments within the readily available location as you cannot cut-out the demand of basic furniture like chairs, tables, storage space shelves and so on. A lot can be shared making use of wall surface paints so attempt making the most effective usage of your office walls. Additionally if you wish to make a cramped looking work area appear large and ventilated, a light coloured paint will do the trick. Paint shades hence can make a big distinction to the total look and feel of your office.

Paint methods: There are several methods which paint can be applied over the wall surface. It entirely relies on you to select the suitable one depending on the type of result you want to generate within your office. Using roller brushes, brushing, cleaning, ragging etc. for paint wall surfaces will certainly not merely make them look rich-textured but likewise give them a dazzling surface. Such painting strategies call for knowledgeable experts for best outcomes as well as may take a little bit even more time than the usual wall surface paint tasks, however completion outcomes will surely be worth the wait. Interior decoration suggestions inspired by paints are lots of, you just have to look into a little bit and locate the best suit for your wall surfaces.

Floor covering: When it involves the floor it is very well to adhere to rough and also tough flooring alternatives that can handle the daily web traffic within the workplace. A great deal of moving of furnishings and also people happens in the office properties consequently laminate flooring or plastic floor covering job well. There are unusual chances of damaging and slipping which occurs a great deal in case of floor tiles. Such floor covering surfaces are very easy to tidy and sustain which makes them a very chosen selection for offices. If you thought the range for experimentation is restricted then you are certainly wrong as there are countless interior decoration colours, patterns and appearances where these are offered and also can flawlessly match the look you desire.

interior design

The world of interior decoration ideas is filled of imagination for offices as long as it is for residences. So you got no reason to flee and not provide your office the required break it constantly wished for. Go ahead produce your own distinct interior design concepts and make your office a place your employees will really feel inspired and also excited to work in. And now head over to DealDash and see what type of items you can find to help you with your new design for your office.

Are You Ready for Power Outages?

We, as a country, are much more depending on electrical power than at any other time in past history. DealDash understands this and wants to make sure you’re ready these long winter months for the times come when power outages happen. Because with the rise of old facilities together with a rise in all-natural calamities endangers our entire modern lifestyle it’s important to be ready.


As need for electrical energy has actually expanded, it has actually placed more anxiety on the production, transmission, as well as circulation of electrical power in the USA. As the requirement for power remains to rise, the electrical grid itself risks of equipment failings. Our dependence on the electrical grid does not just quit at absence of electrical energy in our houses, it is substantially wider and also effects many facets of our everyday lives. The importance of having good flashlights and a generator can’t be stressed enough.

Just what will take place if the electric grid decreases for an extended period of time? Think just how drastically your life would change without the constant flow of electrical power the grid gives. Power outages would certainly be adhered to by media blackouts, telecommunication and also public transportation system failures. Banking as well as banks would all be influenced. Mobile phone towers and also internet ability would certainly be down. Water and energy, which depends upon electrical pumps, would certainly stop streaming in many areas within days and transport would certainly come to a halt. In a worst-case circumstance, business as we understand it would swiftly stop to function.

During those times when whole regions are experiencing black outs, we obtain a check out just what a prevalent emergency situation could be like. Unprepared homeowners of influenced locations will certainly rush to the financial institution, grocery store, benefit and also equipment establishments to acquire crucial products. These materials compiled at the start will certainly give short-term survival for some. Any type of prolonged grid shut-down situation that lasts for weeks or months might prove hazardous and probably dangerous for lots of.


Preppers have actually recognized how delicate this scenario is for a long period of time. Lots have actually seen this problem coming as well as have actually changed their entire way of life by going off-grid. They have actually carried out alternate resources of electrical such as solar, hydroelectric systems, wind and diesel generators to give electrical power to their residences. For the vast bulk of people, that can’t realistically go off-grid, we have to make a collective effort to decrease our dependence on the troubling electrical power grid by minimizing our energy requires. We also need to make sure that we are ready to handle any emergency situations that transpire. With items like those you can find on DealDash,  you can easily be ready on many levels. Just head on in to DealDash and see what type of items you can find to help you with the next black out, power outage in your town.


Kitchen Decorating Tips with DealDash

Get ready for these awesome tips on decorating your Kitchen from DealDash. First, as soon as you have actually made the decision to remodel your kitchen area, the primary step is to assemble ideas on what you want your brand-new cooking area to look like. You could get design suggestions from many different locations, and you can pick certain style suggestions from varying resources to develop the kitchen you’ve always wanted for your home.


You can begin by looking through publications dedicated to houses, house designing, architecture, as well as great living. Start a scrap publication by clipping photos you like, or merely one facet of a kitchen area you find appealing. Don’t be afraid to conserve images of also tiny design suggestions, such as: cupboard equipment you such as, backsplash accent ideas, or unique closet detailing. It’s these little products that could absolutely tailor your kitchen and also make it your very own. It won’t take long before you have a smart idea of exactly what attributes you would such as in your kitchen.

You can additionally become kitchen design suggestions by viewing several of the many cable television networks committed to real estate or residence designing. The Google likewise has several great websites with quantities of information on residence designing. When you are serious about your kitchen area remodel, you will create a feeling to see style suggestions from practically anywhere.

Lots of neighborhoods have a ‘Parade of Homes’ where the neighborhood contractors demonstrate their skills in developing houses. Walking through these program homes will certainly provide you a good feel of what various concepts and also ideas appear like in real setups. You can also take a look at many different styles of cooking areas and also suggestions on display screen in house renovation centers and cabinet manufacturers’ showrooms. Photos are fantastic to discover kitchen suggestions, yet experiencing real cooking areas offers you a far better feel for the real finished idea.

Kitchen cabinet makers, device manufacturers, as well as counter tops manufacturers all have their items on display in your home as well as Yard shows which explore major cities. Spending a day or a weekend break and also among these shows will offer you with ideas on the most up to date kitchen products and also layout suggestions out there place. You can get back from a home and also yard show with pamphlets as well as examples sufficient to offer you all the concepts you need to create you kitchen area. Make sure you look on DealDash for some great items that you can use to spruce up your kitchen.

If you are renovating your old kitchen, you might be rather limited in the style options available to you. This might be especially true if your house is older and your kitchen room is smaller. This is where speaking with a cooking area designer can be very advantageous in aiding you pull together the appearance that you want for your kitchen area. You could reveal the developer your portfolio of kitchen suggestions, as well as with each other you could create your dream kitchen.

The developer will certainly have the experience to steer you towards the style features that will certainly function well with each other, as well as which ideas have to be disposed of. After visiting which cooking area suggestions you prefer, a great designer will certainly present you to suggestions that you may not have actually considered to compliment your basic concepts. A cooking area designer will certainly have the ability to optimize the efficiency of your cooking area by developing the very best layout within your already existing kitchen area room, or maybe remodel your offered space to make your kitchen area a lot more practical.


Becoming concepts on renovating your cooking area are all around you. Put in the time to collect as lots of suggestions as you can as a beginning factor in remodeling your kitchen, you could always sort out the cooking area suggestions that do not fit in your final style strategy. Now head on in to DealDash and see what you can find for your kitchen and your home.

Start Planning for Christmas Early with DealDash

Xmas suggestions for presents could vary from house decoration to electronic gizmos, fashion jewelry, dresses and also much more. Whatever your decide, DealDash wants to throw some ideas your way because presents develop the integral part of Xmas parties. It is throughout this everybody, starting from young to old wait eagerly for presents. Christmas concepts for gifts can vary from residence decoration to electronic devices, jewelry, dresses as well as much more. The whole globe becomes absorbed in picking the most effective presents for their loved ones. You can have a look at the adhering to Christmas suggestions for gifts.

christmas Suggestions for Babies

Infants can be skilled a selection of points during Christmas. From personalized Xmas garments, clothing, clothing to infant covering, a variety of points can be provided to infants. Check out the items you can find on DealDash to get great prices on plenty of great items.

Suggestions for Children

For kids, Xmas is one of the jocund celebrations. Be it homemade packs to readymade stuffs, a great deal of things can be gifted to the kids. Several of the celebrated present things to bring smile in youngsters’ faces are snowflake accessories; reindeer candy holder, celebrity window sticker labels, bikes, TV video games, robotics, snowball craft as well as a lot more.

Ideas for Guy

From watches to perfumes, belts, tones, purse, apple iPhones, iPods, electronic photo structures and much more can be a perfect gift for your boyfriend. Other than this, taking him for a film or offering him something that is his leisure activity can be fascinating. Gifting a fashionable shirt as well as other exclusive wintertime wear can do wonders.

Suggestions for your Sweetheart

Besides cakes, cards and also floral arrangements, the perfect gifts for your sweetheart can be fashion jewelry or any sort of handmade gifts and also iPods. Apart from this, a special supper could likewise be prepared in honor of your partner, shock homecoming celebrations with buddies. Nevertheless, the best feasible present could be dressing up like Santa.

Suggestions for a Partner

If you are thinking of offering something giant to your spouse this Xmas, then the perfect present would certainly be his favorite automobile. In case, you are considering offering something truly charming after that a host of gifts can be offered to the most important person of your life. Beginning with offering key chains to taking him to romantic dinners, creating Christmas poems and more can be rather romantic as well.

Concepts for Male

If you are perplexed concerning exactly what to give your man this Christmas, then you have actually come to the right location, DealDash has everything you need. Digital devices being the favorite for a lot of experts can be an ideal gift for your expert as well. You can present him iPod or apple iPhone, laptop, desktops as well as many more other than this, if your guy is a physical fitness fanatic, then exercise devices will certainly be a fascinating present.

Suggestions for Spouse

The very best time to spoil your better half is Christmas when you bathe her with gifts. Some prominent Christmas concepts for a wife might consist of arrangements of floral, pricey jewelry, purses, romantic dinner, streamlined smart phones and other new technologies like those you can find on DealDash.

Suggestions for Mother

Christmas gifts are probably one of the much better methods to express your mom just how much you enjoy her. To begin with, pearl jewelry can be by far the very best present for your mother. On top of that, you can also offer travel accessories; take her for a beauty treatment, house equipping items, picture structures as well as even more.

Ideas for Papa

Alcohols can be the best gift items for any kind of daddy. If your dad is interested in reading, you could likewise provide him books by his favorite writer. Besides this, you can additionally give him wellness products, electronic gizmos as well as many more.


Now that you have some great ideas for Christmas presents, head on in to DealDash and see what you can find for the upcoming holiday season.

Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner

Thanksgiving holiday is near, DealDash wants to help you prepare so your holiday is magical. You just finished celebrating Halloween; my, my, just what are you going to do? The idea of intending a Thanksgiving holiday celebration so soon will certainly get a lot of personality types in a tizzy; specifically if you are a recently wed couple, and also you are doing your family celebration for the very first time. Having some suggestions to aid you with your celebration is the way to go. DealDash has some great tips to share with you.


First you should consider that Thanksgiving holiday is less than two weeks away, and also in order to have your guest at your table, then you should send invitations out early. You can get pre made invites or you can be creative as well as make yours personal. These can be fits of pumpkins, turkey, pilgrim’s hats, or whatever you like, with the style saying Thanksgiving holiday, if you like, you may merely email your guests and follow-up with a quick call to verify they’re attending your party.

If you are seeking a sit down event then you will certainly get a chance to use your elegant flatware, and also tableware you obtained for wedding celebration gifts. Your table should be enhanced with shades of fall; in oranges, yellows, browns as well as reds, that will establish the feeling of heat and also welcome. Your home has to share the exact same feeling as your table; you decorate with colors as well as candles that will give the house an intimate environment. Candles are optional, but I like them. Decorating and how your home is set up is important, you can find a lot of items to help in this area on DealDash.

Food is what many people anticipate throughout this season, so your food selection is significant. Turkey is always the piece de resistance, then baked pork, rolls, corn bread, cranberry sauce, pleasant potatoes, and mashed potatoes. You can also begin a tradition of your personal by including something that is not a conventional recipe. Thanksgiving holiday has to do with fun and also family getting together to celebrate as well as bless God for his True blessings and also Love during the past year.

Dessert is consistently something to look forward to; wonderful sweet potato pie is traditional, yet you can do apple pie, pecan pie and of course pumpkin pie. You can do one that will end up being a practice at your next Thanksgiving holiday party’s ahead of time to practice. You can even do a pumpkin cheesecake as well and enhance it with colors of the season. Make it joyful!


Wines are to be had that complement your food selection. The selections of wines are to be investigated, so you make educated selections. Have fruit punch for the youngsters as they cannot be neglected. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re thankful and now you can head on in to DealDash to see what type of items you can find for your holiday.

A Table For Your Living Room is a Must

Your living-room, it’s the one place that you visit to simply chill and relax. You have your television therein, a comfortable area to rest with your sofa, as well as you use a TV tray to set down your remote, snacks, as well as beverages. DealDash also knows a stylish living room is a sign of a stylish house. And no living room is complete with a table of some sort. In reality the TV tray is kind of awkward as well as every now and then, it drops. Well, all you need to do is upgrade your room with coffee and end tables. With them in place, you’ll never need to bother with disastrous spills. You can find a full range of end tables on DealDash along with other great items to help you decorate your home.


Coffee as well as finish tables are a sensible selection because of their fundamental layout, which is that they have actually table tops assisted by sturdy bases that could contain 4 legs or have a pedestal layout, which is much more typical with the end table range rather than the coffee table. Their table top permits you to quickly set down pretty much anything that you desire. Like, maybe you wish to bring some more illumination into your space, well, all you have to do is set down a lamp on completion table and you’re good to go. Or, if you desire a convenient place to put down a television remote or a magazine as well as those treats and drinks, resort to one of the coffee tables from DealDash.

In addition to being an excellent area to send out down various things, coffee and also end tables also have various other design aspects that make them a wonderful location to save things as well. Like, you could obtain ones that have actually drawers developed right into them so if you intend to clean a piece and rapidly put items and things away, you could just by placing the stuff in the cabinets. There are others that actually have flip to covers that are available to large storage areas, excellent for the storage of board games as well as cushions and also coverings if you wanted.

Not just are coffee and end tables an excellent selection for including some usefulness to your area, but it is the excellent way to place a lovely ornamental item on it too. This is feasible due to the fact that they are readily available in all sorts of stunning styles from those that have a modern look, others that are more traditional in nature, and some that have an antique look. You can even obtain ones that blend designs called transitional alternatives, ideal for an area that includes different appearances.


In the end, if you want one comfortable living room, make sure that coffee and also end tables are furnishings you purchased. Without them, the space would really be incomplete. And to check out some great tables for your home, head on in to DealDash and see all the great items you can find.

DealDash Tips for Easy Home Improvement

When you intend to alter the decor of your residence, there are some very easy home improvement concepts from DealDash that can get you begin on the right track by quitting the old room decoration and also including in it a brand-new visual impact in vogue and performance. You don’t need to buy expensive things in order to change the appearance of the spaces in your home. Rearranging the furniture and also including a few touches occasionally will certainly do wonders to the interior design and also decorating of your house! Let DealDash help you out with some simple tips. You can also find a ton of items on DealDash that can help you with decorating the interior of your home.

home improvement

When it pertains to the bed room, you can change the old curtains and drapes and also include brand-new ones with fresh colors instead. Utilize a big floral pattern or mosaic theme. If you have additional drape product as left over, you could add the additional piece to your bed headboard for matching style. Add some rugs on the flooring, evidently randomly spread about, nonetheless see to it that the colors match those of the curtain and also head board. Additionally any sort of night reading lamps you have must have the lampshade matching in vogue with the already existing area ambient. Lamps can be found on DealDash that are unique and beautiful for all parts of your home.

As for the living-room, usage brilliant shades on your walls and ceiling and also change the ceiling light with a modern-day light fixture instead that has gleaming crystals for an excellent impact. Likewise make use of highlighter illumination with different table lamps or flooring lamps that cast a really narrow as well as focused illumination on the very spot you wish to place the focus on.

Task illumination relying on hanging pendants is a wonderful way to add to the ambient and also functionality of any type of kitchen. You could use it either over the sink or on the kitchen area island. Some people want to make use of track lighting originating from the ceiling and this gives likewise excellent outcomes as long as you transform the instructions of the lighting curve.


There are lots of fantastic suggestions that you can utilize to improve your home decoration without spending a mini fortune on it. All you require is use your imagination and also imagination and it’s OK to take a peek at the different interior design publications that can offer you remarkable suggestions as well as stimulate your creativity with even much better alternatives that you have not considered in the past.

Now that you have some simple and easy ideas you can also head on in to DealDash and see if there is any items you’d like to use to improve your home.


DealDash Tips for Your Kids Exercise

Children are our best and most valuable properties. We must take an energetic part in insuring the successes of our kids. Their scholastic success is crucial but their physical successes are more crucial. A healthy youngster is a child on their way to becoming a versatile person of our society. DealDash wants to give you some ideas you can use for helping your kids stay healthy and get appropriate exercise.


The physical health and wellness of a kid ought to consist of exercises daily. The most effective incentive in getting youngsters entailed with exercising is making the tasks enjoyable for them. When children are among their peers, there are numerous exercising activities they can perform.  They could take part in those things that are enjoyable as well as healthy to prevent weight problems. DealDash has a ton of excellent items kids can play with in addition to the following ideas.

  1. Jump Rope – There are a lot of charities around today that need youngsters to hop rope. One that comes to my mind is “Leap Rope for Heart.” This is a fun task for youngsters and also a wonderful charity to be associated with. Speak with your children about jumping rope for your favorite charity. Tell them they can practice for their task by jumping rope daily.
  2. Running – Your children could have a good time with running. They can race their friends or race each other. Talk with your youngsters regarding running as well as tell them that they could be a challenger for a track group. There is so much a youngster can do if they run. If they are taught to run appropriately, they could have an actual possibility at running in the Olympics.
  3. Hopscotch – This video game obtains children into leaping, jumping, bending and also tossing. A type of cardio workout, this game obtains the heart pumping at a quicker price and also boosts the metabolic process.
  4. Kick Sphere – This video game gets kids into exercise that is fun for them. They have repetitions of kicking and also running. Children locate playing with a round a lot enjoyable. Why not use this form of fun for your kids as a means of workout?

Youngsters could locate fun in nearly every task they do. Along with exercise, playing and learning is important. You can find great toys and other products your kids will love on DealDash. And, since you can win them at auction, you can win them at an incredibly great price.

Another idea, is to put together some games that implement great physical exercises for children? As long as the concentration as well as emphasis is on enjoyable moments, children will certainly take part. Along with a vigorous, durable, enjoyable exercising program, apply a good healthier meal strategy. Children’s hungers will elevate with all of the exercising, so why not utilize this as a way of obtaining children to consume more healthily and nutritious food? Nourishment and exercising are the tricks to an all-around kid helping them to beat weight problems.


Bear in mind, before beginning any type of master plan to combat excessive weight, you need to obtain aid from a specialist. Make sure your youngster does not have any other health problems hampering their success to a healthier future. And now head to DealDash to see what types of items you can find to help your children have fun and stay in shape.

Home Decorating Tips with DealDash

Purchasing house is not an obstacle, however how you enhance your residence is really challengeable nowadays. Home furniture is mostly crucial at the time when you are intending to furnish your house. Nowadays, home furniture is incredibly popular. For home furniture, we don’t require to use our lifetime conserved money. Besides, Home furniture has turned out as less complicated with affordable furnishings. If you have cutting-edge head then you could boost your house on your own and also do not require any sort of interior decorator. One option is to head over to DealDash and pick up some awesome pieces of unique furniture. DealDash has some amazing pieces of furniture you can use to create unique style in your house.


You have to take into consideration some things, prior to equipping your house with furniture. First, list out essential furnishing that you require for home decoration. There are discounts on furnishings that you will certainly get in your nearby stores. You could find unfinished and unblemished furniture at lots of furniture stores that will certainly conserve your numerous budgets.

Several furniture dealerships supply you special deals on furnishings and also some dealerships wholesale their furniture sets as package deals. DealDash has some of the best pieces of  furniture you’ll ever find online or off. Likewise, you can work out offers at many markets like developers that remodel their homes have old furnishings for sell, shipment establishments who vend their old furniture and so on. You can additionally obtain inexpensive furnishings in flea market where you could discover low-priced, interior ornamenting materials. Designer furnishings transcends as it is produced with proper dimension such that the door, cabinet as well as panel match well and also precisely.


Devices are also as important as furnishings. You need to find out some reasonable devices that can add some unique style to your home. For bed dressings, you need to purchase some vivid cushions. Shades play incredibly essential parts in the decor of the area. Soft as well as Light shade provides affection to room. Wall paper and wall surface wall mounts are likewise great ways to spruce up your home. You’ll want to take some time to move furniture and set up the rooms of your home in different fashions to see what serve you best. Color coordination and other factors may take time to develop but with persistence you can create a truly beautiful home. Lastly, make sure you head on in to DealDash and pick up some great items for your home.

Keeping Healthy During the Holidays

Keeping up your health can be a year round task, yet it seems to be particularly difficult throughout the holidays. DealDash wants to help you by offering some great tips to help you stay healthy this holiday season. On top of the stress of getting every little thing taken care of in time for Xmas and making sure to stay warm while running duties you could use all the help you could get to staying healthy and balanced.


Consuming the right food is the initial step to keeping up your body’s immune system. It is essential that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs to remain strong. Without a strong immune system your physical body will certainly have a tough time fighting illness. Consuming entire foods is a wonderful way to do so. This can be quite difficult specifically during the holidays. With all the candy and sugary foods we have right at our finger tips it can be tough to stay with eating healthy entire foods. Making it simpler can be easy though. Make certain to maintain your cooking area at a clean level and keep it equipped with healthy foods. Taking healthy and balanced snacks with you is additionally a wonderful suggestion. By doing this you will certainly be less lured to get something undesirable while you are out looking for Xmas presents.

Obtaining a complete nights rest is essential to staying healthy and balanced throughout the holidays. Maintaining yourself well relaxed could aid exceptionally in battling a health condition. Everybody is different and needs a various amounts of rest. Usually most adults will want to get around 8 hours of rest every night. DealDash carries a lot of different items that can be used to cook healthy food this holiday season.

Remaining well and staying hydrated is also a vital factor in remaining healthy and balanced. The majority of people don’t assume it is as essential to drink a bunch of water throughout the winter months since it is not as hot outside. It might not be as very hot outside however this does not suggest we should not still be obtaining the required amount of water that we require every day. Drinking water helps to flush out the germs in our system and keeps us safe and secure.


Complying with these basic steps and doing a couple of other points, such as cleaning your hands frequently, will assistant you in staying bacteria-free and clean. Maintaining healthy fitness habits throughout the holidays is also important. It can be hard, but it’s important to make at least 20 minutes a day available for fitness. Even going on a walk is a solid form of fitness, but riding a bike of other forms of cardio are just as important. It’s very important to begin utilizing the pointers in this write-up and to head to the DealDash website in order to find some great fitness and sports items that can help you stay in shape. Just head on over to DealDash and see what types of items you can find to help you stay healthy this holiday season.

Inexpensive Family Activities for the Winter

Are you seeking household activities that the children will enjoy doing however that do not crack your budget? Then read this article brought to you from DealDash. Though you can consistently visit the park or play a game of tag in the backyard, you could wish to take the children somewhere they can actually engage in fun things to do. You could intend to discover a method to provide them some enjoyment on a cold winter months day. On the other hand, it could be the dead of summer as well as it is merely as well very hot to be outdoors. Be innovative as well as locate enjoyable things to do to keep every person busy. And check out the items on DealDash to see what you can find for your family to use as well. Below are other options families typically love too.

activities Head to the Museums

Many of the galleries provide a range of activities to obtain individuals into their structures. This consists of those centers that you could not think are really kid-oriented. Look for family tasks at the art gallery, as an example. You might discover something going on at the history, kids’s gallery or the science center near you. Discover exactly what options are offered by looking into their schedule of events. By doing so, you will certainly have the ability to obtain something good right into the kids along with giving them something enjoyable to do.

Let the Kids Make a decision

One more way to have fun is to merely obtain the children associated with the planning. You may be shocked at the type of things they truly wish to do. As an example, some might want to discover the wild or woody location near your residence. Some could intend to invest an evening outdoor camping in the yard. They may intend to go fishing, prepare a water day with close friends or simply socialize with the moms and dads playing parlor game. When it concerns locating the appropriate task for your team, why not give them some options to choose from for the day?

Embrace Local Past history

If you need something to give the children some excitement and also get some history right into their day, take into consideration planning a journey that enables you to explore the past history of the town. For instance, you can go to the library to find out exactly what the area made use of to be like. You can determine which home in the city is the earliest as well as, potentially, learn more about individuals that lived there. You can see cemeteries to discover people in the town, as well.


There are several methods to discover and grow as family members and also sometimes it is in the activities that you do that makes the most difference. Find some family members tasks that passion your group and begin having a good time exploring. It does not need to be expensive to have time together. Now you can also head on in to DealDash and see what they have to offer. There are a ton of great items that can be won at auction at incredibly low prices.


Weight Loss Tips from DealDash

From the hundreds and even countless thousands of kinds of weight loss pointers that are out there, which one do you pick? Worry not, DealDash is here to help you out. Just how do you recognize what works? Do you simply attempt all of them? Whatever fat burning pointers you select, we must concur that anything that lasts in life that is rewarding takes work. So what process are we to undergo to receive this long lasting weight-loss? We come establish what the motivation for your fat burning is and also discover solutions to use as well as lastly, we use them!

weight loss

Identifying your inspiration can be hard if you have a tough time recognizing why you want something. Recognizing exactly how you got to a location of wanting weight management will certainly help to develop your motivation for modification. You could start by asking concerns like: What is the factor for you to drop weight? Why do you desire this adjustment? Exactly how did you reach this area of wanting to slim down? What adjustments do you wish to see in your life? Why? Having a better understanding of where you go to, will certainly better established your inspiration for fat burning, which is the driving pressure for your remedies to weight-loss.

So after comprehending your motivation, the procedure ahead up with the solution is simple. First thing to find is an issue that you wish to find solutions for. Exactly what do you see that adds one of the most to your weight gain? Currently, choose something that you have actually preferred to do. There are solutions to troubles that are out of your control, such as medical problems, but let’s start with the ones that you recognize you can change today. If there are numerous troubles that you assume you should transform, make a listing and select one that you assume is adding the most to your weight gain. It would certainly be very important to remember that it’s not the action, or the absence of activity, by itself that’s resulting in weight gain however it’s your choice to receive satisfaction when the moment comes for you to pick, that’s contributing to your weight. Yes, understand that it’s a selection. After that come up with solutions to your problem yet there is a particular way to do this. Manifest the options. Ask three individuals for pointers. First ask those that never ever needed to manage your issue. Find out why they never had this issue. After that ask individuals who lately have actually managed the trouble. Inquire exactly how they managed their scenario and also why because means. Last but not least, obtain some good weight-loss tips from those that not have this problem. What did they do to reduce weight? Why were they able to change? Hearing from these three various sorts of individuals will help you greatly on creating the solution since they not just aid you to get a higher viewpoint yet also a higher understanding on the factors behind the fat burning suggestions. You can also find a ton of fitness equipment on DealDash for excellent prices.

So now that you have the resource of these options and also from them an excellent checklist of weight loss tips as well as an understanding of how to approach your weight reduction, here are some points to remember. Don’t get discouraged when you learn through these types of individuals, particularly the first team, that never ever had problem with your trouble. Exactly what they state could not apply to you, yet obtain exactly what they claim for a higher understanding of your situation. Connect your choices to them as well as see what they think. Bear in mind that without several of their continual encourage, your chances of not being able to prosper boosts. If you seem like failing, deciding to return to your old way of living, then communicate that to those that are encouraging of you, and also advise on your own of your inspiration. Preferably, obtain others to join in with you to accomplish these good weight-loss suggestions. The even more encourage there is, the most likely you’ll have the ability to make this become a brand-new habit of yours.

weight loss

To close, if you do drop, and get back to your old self of doing things, opt to come back up as well as keep going. If it’s a particular diet regimen program, keep where you fell, preferably. If not, why not begin once more? Remember exactly what your motivation is? Isn’t it worth it? And now, head on in to DealDash to find some great sports equipment and fitness items to help you in your goal.

DealDash Experience: Bubba’s Deals on DealDash!

“Just want to let everyone know that DealDash is the real thing, honestly. Great deals and customer service with James and Adrian. They make DealDash far above the better sites”.

Bubba, DealDasher since 2012.




I joined DealDash on 7/11/2015, after watching a TV commercial I decided that I needed to give it a try!

My first won item was a Marshmallow 2-in-1 Flip Open Sofa for only $18.57! I got hooked right after that and have won 54 items in just one year!

DealDash Customer Support by far is the best. I have been on other sites and no one can compare to Deal Dash.

I have won about 54 items from DealDash this is truly a site that is honest and fair here are a few things I have won. Most of my item’s I try to get for my Kids and Grandkids!


DealDash Experience: Julie’s 3 Years on DealDash!

“I stumbled upon a Dealdash post on Facebook on October 17th 2012 I was immediately intrigued and joined that very day! Love Love Love Dealdash!!!”

Julie, DealDasher since 2012.

The Microsoft Xbox holiday bundle was definitely something my entire family enjoys!

The Microsoft Xbox holiday bundle was definitely something my entire family enjoys!


The very first item I won was 25 bids plus a $25 American Eagle gift card, it was so exciting! The second item I won happens to be one of my favorite things to win on DealDash… Beats by Dre headphones. I have been fortunate enough to win several sets!!!

Of all the items I have won it is so hard to pick a favorite! The Microsoft Xbox holiday bundle was definitely something my entire family enjoys, although my very favorite has to be not one of the most expensive but is my granddaughters absolute favorite toy the Bright Stars Sensory Giraffe which I one for a penny!

I love many of the items up for auction on DealDash and feel they have a great variety of products to suit many tastes. Their customer service is absolutely amazing always prompt, courteous and efficient!


Their mobile app is the greatest while on vacation I was going to dinner with family there was a bassinet/stroller coming up for auction that I wanted badly and was disappointed I could not “watch” and participate in this auction, I placed some bids on “Bid Buddy” while at the restaurant and after having dinner I checked the app on my phone…..I won!!!

Start winning today on!


DealDash Experience: Stacey gets Wonderful deals for her son on DealDash!

“I joined DealDash on the 1st of April 2015. After doing some extensive research on online penny auctions,  I came to the conclusion DealDash was the best, safest and most well organized. I did not hesitate to join”.

Stacey, DealDasher since April 2015.

I did extensive online research, and regularly saw DealDash pop up as result (Google search). I read various reviews, comments and criteria (including critique). Again, DealDash came out on top.

My very first win was a Samsung 16GB microSD Memory Card in Bulk Packaging ( This great item I got for exactly 1 (one) penny. I would like to see more toys up for auction, with different age ranges. I really do like the kitchen equipment / appliances currently up for auction, but would really like more items in general to be added. Especially toys.

My experience with DealDash customer service has been beyond excellent, and far greater than I had expected. That is, as a matter of fact, what got me hooked on DealDash. I asked a simple question before joining, and it was answered very professionally and quickly. Superb service, without a doubt.

My best win has been a WowWee Roboraptor X Dinosaur Robot (, for my son. Got it for $ 1.56, valued at $ 99. But what made it the greatest win for me was not so much the price I paid for it (or the deal I got), but rather the complete joy in my son’s eyes when he got it. He was so happy … and it made me extremely happy ! The fact that I got the toy for such a great deal, just made my day better (the greatest stress reliever one can imagine).

DealDash rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

What are you waiting for? See how much you can save on DealDash!

DealDash Tips on Buying Waterproof Bags

Water resistant bags are offered in an entire host of different shapes, sizes as well as designs, and are typically specifically designed for a particular purpose. Nevertheless, a high quality water resistant bag will certainly supply protection from the aspects of weather, as well as versus harm from general wear and tear. It is essential to identify which attributes and perks will be essential to you before you deal with picking the appropriate waterproof bag for your requirements.


Depending upon the activity, you could either require a roll-top bag, knapsack or backpack if you just want something for basic usage. Nevertheless a water resistant bag that can be connected to a bike rack might be more suitable if you need something for a more specialist objective. On the other hand if you’re searching for a water resistant bag to take place the roof covering top of your car or for lugging large loads, after that a roof freight case could be the apparent alternative. Or possibly all you want is a tiny water-proof bag for usage on the beach or by the pool as well as giant sufficient to hold some cash and a phone.

A buying guide to waterproof bags

There are hundreds of stores that market water resistant bags from an entire variety of different produces from different countries. A whole selection of different dimensions, forms and colors are additionally available. What to buy as opposed to where to acquire is for that reason the most essential question. I wish that this post will provide you with in-depth details that you can utilize when buying. At DealDash you can find waterproof bags as well as other items like luggage and back packs. All of the items on DealDash are high quality and can be purchased at incredible prices when won through auction.

The partnership in between top quality and also price is constantly the first thing to consider. Also on top end of the market from a rate perspective there are some bad buys, with bags of poorer quality compared to those at half the cost. Clearly these are most ideal prevented. It is very well to establish a clear spending plan before your acquisition then after best value for money at that price factor.

A strong zipper, buckles and/or fasteners are the first telltale sign of a well-made water resistant bag. Locating an available bag is often a sign that one of these parts is of a substandard quality. If you need to replace the bag quicker than you’re meant after that this initial saving can turn out to be a false economic situation. Value for money at your budget factor is consequently of the utmost worry. In some scenarios a crappy bag could also risk your life or anyway could spoil your gear which you would certainly assumed was being maintained wonderful and dry. Not good if you’re bring something pricey like a laptop computer.

Convenience is also a critical point to consider, specifically if the bag will be brought for any type of country mile. Some style of bags are not well matched for carrying over far away. This could be OK if they are primarily utilized for storage space, however if you plan on bringing them for any size of time comfort, or ease of carrying, is well worth thinking about.


To stay clear of stretching the seams, potentially making it simpler for water to infiltrate your bag, it is essential that you don’t stuff the bag too much. It is consequently essential that the bag you buy is sufficiently big to hold all you equipment as well as a little more.


Chances are your waterproof bag will certainly be taking a bit of a beating. You’ll want to guarantee that your bag is durable and able to stand up to a fair bit of misuse. Sturdy construction is a feature of a lot of water resistant bags, a number of which have a slit resistant strengthened bottom (that will not conveniently pierce when dropped or thrown about) as well as a reinforced copper or brass zipper. Any manages or straps should all be double sewed or treble stitched as well as for ideal longevity the stitching need to remain in the design of a X.


You can find some great, high-quality waterproof bags on DealDash and other great items for travel as well.

How to Care for Chef Knives from DealDash

Knives designed for the kitchen need to be taken care of in a specific way. DealDash wants to give you the best items you can find, and also wants to help you keep them at their best quality for as long as possible. Kitchen knives are an essential part of any kitchen area as you will  discover.


The blades we have in our cooking areas are all there for different reasons. We have sharp blades for chopping as well as serrated knives for cutting bread as well as knives for slicing steak. These are only several of the different knives discovered within a kitchen area as well as there are several others for various activities

If you prepare a lot of food then you will understand the importance of having accessibility to a variety of knives for food preparation. These are like various devices to a carpenter. Cooks often have different sets and types of blades yet do not constantly take care of their knives effectively

How do I care for my blades?

If you have acquired a collection of kitchen blades then inevitably it will have additionally came with a storage space block. This block has a number of different excellent benefits. The evident one for a lot of is that it is a wonderful place to store their blades. Another excellent advantage is that it will store your blades in such a manner that the sharp parts are concealed and as a result makes them risk-free. A 3rd perk that many people forget is that the storage of your blade embedded in the block will stop the knives from being ruined and it will certainly safeguard the sharp edge.

How Do I Know An Excellent Set Of Knives?

A great collection of blades are made from excellent steel as well as with a full tang into the handle. For better blades you will certainly pay a little more for them. That said with the knives, if taken care of properly will outlast most different more affordable versions of knives.

Any Way To Look after My Knives?

Various other cares you could take of your knives is the cleaning and also drying out of them. I recommend that you only clean your knives in light soapy cozy water as well as to completely dry instantly. If you wash your knives in the dish washer you need to make certain to remove and also extensively dry them before putting them away. If blades are not cared for effectively after that they could show signs of oxidizing and also slight surface corrosion. Make certain to look after your blades carefully.

Taking care of Your Knives

Storage space of knives is additionally very important. If you do not have the high-end of a storage block then you need to think about how you store your knives so they do not obtain destroyed. At DealDash you can find plenty of knife sets along with different blocks for storage. Storage is important because if they are saved, say in a drawer with various other utensils, then the knifes will certainly knock together with other items and harm the edge amongst various other products.

The Cutting Edge

In everyday usage of your kitchen area knives you will certainly gradually wear away at the cutting side. This will occur by slicing, cutting and also reducing versus tough areas. You will should take into consideration the small upkeep of your knives. To prolong the life of the knives it is most effectively to utilize an ideal slicing board so you could secure the cutting edge.

Blade Maintenance

Even on the occasion that you take care of your high quality knife, they will still require some upkeep. Using blades in the kitchen area, in time will certainly lead to a dull edge on them. This is a basic job to repair and sharpen the edge. A fast run through a blade sharpener will certainly re-sharpen a knife for you in seconds. All great cooks know why a sharp knife is a requirement for cooking.


Now that you know about taking care of knives, head on over to DealDash and find some great knives for yourself.

DealDash Experience: Candace’s great deals on Electronics!

“My best win on DealDash was an Acer Aspire laptop, valued at $800 and the final cost for me was 0.01, because I won it during the frees!”

Candace, DealDasher since 2013.

YESSSSSS!!! I won this Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 worthed $214 using 178 bids playing DealDash. The final price was $0.01 and they shipped it to me for FREE! Now I use it to play DD on the go! Thank you DealDash for another great deal!

YESSSSSS!!! I won this Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 worthed $214 using 178 bids playing DealDash. The final price was $0.01 and they shipped it to me for FREE! Now I use it to play DD on the go! Thank you DealDash for a great deal!

I have been a member on DealDash since August 26, 2013. I learned about DealDash from commercials. After seeing it on the commercials, curiosity caused me to give it a try.

The first item I won on DealDash was a $15 Amazon card for 0.01! I was so excited and kept trying for more great deals. I would like to see more $25 restaurant cards, Visa gift cards, outdoor patio furniture, more 4k ultra hd tv’s, and please bring back the $100 Marriott cards!!

Overall my experience with customer service has been satisfactory. Each member has always tried their best to answer any question I may have had.

My best win on DealDash was an Acer Aspire laptop, valued at $800 and the final cost for me was 0.01, because I won it during the frees!

Go For The Sports Package at DealDash!

If you read my blog, it’s no secret that I love DealDashing!! One reason I love DealDash so much is that no matter what I think of that I could use for myself or a friend, I usually find it there.  When it comes to sports at DealDash you will find some fun and interesting choices.

I’ve had a lot of fun using my sports related wins from DealDash, starting with my two bikes!  They have really gotten a lot of mileage on our local bike path.  I won a Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser Men’s bike for my husband for only a penny and used 405 bids, about $49.00.  The other bike was a Ladies Schwinn Fairhaven Cruiser, also for a penny and I used $73.00 for bids.  The bikes have a value of $302, so I saved 60%!

DealDash has everything from a Fishing Kayak to a spotting scope for hunting!  Sports items are very popular at DD, so be sure to stock up on bids and be patient, it’s going to take a while.  Hundreds of bids will take hours and depending on how many people are in the auction, it could take days.  The more people in the auction, the longer it takes to tic down, therefore, more time to the finish.

What ever your taste in sports, DealDash has an interesting variety of sport items to please anyone  Whether you like to be involved in the sport or participating in a sport video game, you can find something interesting for anyone.

     Let’s say you need a gift and you know your gift-receiver loves sports, go to DD and type “sports” in the search bar, you will be able to view a variety of ideas to choose from, one your friend will really enjoy.  They have items of varying retail cost to fit every budget.  This is the  best time for deals at DealDash, they have brought on many new items, not only in sports, but in every category.  .

When you are trying to win a sport item, it’s very important to use the Bid Buddy, or you’re just throwing away bids, especially if you bid after every player.  There are usually a lot of newbies and young people in the sports auctions so be prepare to step back and watch them waste bids.  When it comes to learning the competition’s habits, there is a lot you can learn from the Avatar and a few words their comment.

Pay attention to this information, and read between the lines.  If they say they are a dog groomer and  you are battling for a pet item, be very prepared to do battle.

Whether you are sports active or sports minded, get your DealDash Sports Package in the mail, open I up and start having fun!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Bidding in Multiple Auctions at DealDash!

Sometimes it makes sense to have a couple of auctions going at the same time, but then how to keep track of them becomes a balancing act.  Here is a tip that I use to help.  Let’s say you have three items, while on the home page, click the star in the upper right hand corner of each item you are interested in.  That will bookmark the item, then refresh your browser, that puts all three items together.  Then, go into each auction all at once place the same amount of bids on the Bid Buddy for all three items, let’s say 100 each.

Then go back to the main page and watch.  You now have a gage at the top of the page where each item has a handy bid meter.  The meter tells you how many bids you have on an item while you are at the main page.  Once you put the same number of bids on all three items they will tick down at the same pace, except when all the bidders leave quickly on one item an suddenly you will see that one item has very little bids left, that’s because it’s down to you and one other player.  Click in that auction to pay closer attention and add more bids if you plan on winning.  Now, don’t forget to go back to the main page to keep track of the other two.

Visit-Site12 (1)

Often you will find several of the same item you want and you aren’t sure which one to join, so join them all!  This activity is not for the faint of heart, it takes perseverance and close attention to detail to pull it off, but this has paid off for me in the past.  This will eat up your bids, so be sure to have plenty on hand to try this.  If you are planning on using the Buy It Now option, stay focused on one auction, you will get all your bids back if you don’t win it.

Try to stay focused on one type of item at the same time, remember, there are a dozen other people trying to win this.  For example,  you want the crib and a couple of other baby items, they are very popular items and can bring a lot of bidders, stay true to the crib until it’s just you and another player, then pop into a couple of other items, you want to WIN or BIN (Buy It Now).  You can still use the same gage, using less bids. Keeping in mind the lower the retail value the fewer number of bids needed to win.

When you are trying to win at a bargain price, and so is everyone else, it just makes sense to get into several auctions, but if you are planning on Binning, stay true to one. It always helps to know the competition, because you know when you can hold them, and you know when to walk away.

Happy bidding on DealDash!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

DealDash Experience: Shaun has been a DealDasher for over 2 years!

“I have been a DealDasher since July 2013. I want to say my best win so far was a $250 Exxon Gas Card I won for $3.05. But ask me again in a couple of months :-)”.

Shaun, DealDash customer since 2013.



I won this National Presto Hot Air Popcorn Popper for just $0.01 during a Free Auction Wins promotion!

I have been a DealDasher since July 2013, that more than two years now. It all started when I was talking to my family about auctions. My sisters told me about penny auctions so I did some research and tried a couple of sites before settling in with DealDash, because of their fair and honest auctions.

The very first item I won was a $10 Burger King Gift Card. My first bid pack was a 60 Bid Pack. I want to say my best win so far was a $250 Exxon Gas Card I won for $3.05. But ask me again in a couple of months 🙂 As far as the item selection go, DealDash offers a wide range of great items. However, I would like to see more more small electronics and everyday items.

Another great aspect of DealDash is they are always there for their customers. Their Customer Support team is awesome now. A few years ago they weren’t as quick to respond and come up with a resolve. Nowadays, C/S is on top of everything. They listen and respond and treat me EXCELLENT. And they are always available to chat, ask questions, help and even complain. lol

I won this JLAB Crasher Portable Bluetooth Speaker (valued at $59) for just $1.3 with free shipping!

I won this JLAB Crasher Portable Bluetooth Speaker (valued at $59) for just $1.3 with free shipping!

I love the DealDash Mobile App, which allows me to bid at any time. It works out when I have to go to the restroom and when I’m at the store or just waiting in the car 😀

What are you waiting for? Go to and win your own deals!

Finding Your Way at DealDash With No Trouble

Every aspect of DealDash is fun and exciting, however, there is one thing that might cause you some trouble, and that is your competition.  Yet, without them, your day at DealDash would just be shopping!  You can do that, but isn’t it much more fun to beat someone else for the best deal of the day?  I think so!

DealDash has evolved greatly over the past year, I have seen more items to bid on and a wider variety of items.  There are many, many new items to fill your home with.  They have decorations and home accessories that have charm and class, or you could go with a steam punk look, there are so many choices! The trouble you may have is deciding what to bid on!  However, don’t let that distraction get in your way of making sensible choices.  Just go through the pages and pages of items to bid on, it’s fun!

Visit-Site12 (1)

Choose only items you would like to have or give to someone as a gift, I have found the best gifts ever at DealDash, items I would have never found in the stores, but DealDash has them.  The site is my go-to for small appliances or anything for the kitchen, and you can’t find a better deal on cutlery, DealDash carries the latest, cutting edge, knives.

Bid Packs are fun, but the competition is often fierce and there can be some trouble navigating through a large bid pack if you don’t know your competition. You could randomly win a bid pack quickly, but I tend to stay away from them.  DealDash has added about a half dozen new size bid packs and eliminated the ones under 100.

You  could get into trouble if you don’t use your Bid Buddy.  The Bid Buddy IS your friend.  I even use the Bid buddy even if I only going to place 10 bids on an item, this ensures you your space in line to bid and prevents any over bidding! Over bidding is the worst trouble you can get into at DD.  It costs you and your competition more money and more time than reasonable. There is always another of the same item coming and you could try for the next one.

One thing you will never have trouble with is the Customer Service, DealDash has the kindest, most reliable CS on the internet.  They pay immediate attention to your issue and move quickly to resolve any problems you may encounter. They are kind and cheerful and always respectful.

It isn’t always easy to stay out of trouble while shopping at DealDash, but that is the thrill of the chase.  Get to know your competition and use your Bid Buddy.  Don’t over bid! And, know that you can always count on the outstanding Customer Service.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Get Free DealDash Bids with Facebook!

Everyone who plays at DealDash has a budget so it’s always nice to there is a great way to get free bids at DealDash every week.  All you have to do is to share a photo of yourself with one of your wins, then post it to the DD Facebook page @ . There you will learn about upcoming sales.

Be sure to Follow them, and then you can then post comments about you experience at DealDash.  DealDash has a very liberal reward system for players who care to share their wins with the Facebook community, so you need to subscribe to Facebook.  See the guidelines here.


DealDash and the community like to see the item, out of the box and in use, take a clear picture of you or a family member to post.  Add comments about the value of the item, how many bids you used, the final selling price and  comment about the win.  Follow the guidelines as described in the link.

Once you have taken the picture add the following link. See how much you can save at:

If the item value is $199 or above you’ll get 200 Free Bids!
If the item value is $99 to $198 you’ll get 75 Free Bids!
If the item value is less than $99 you’ll get 10 Free Bids!

Share a win $99 or above and be entered in the weekly 1000 bid give away! It’s that simple!  It’s also a lot of fun.  I love getting involved with the community to see what the other players have won, and I wonder, did they beat me for that?

So get out the camera, snap a photo and earn free bids at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014

DealDash Experience: Interview with Kathleen!

I have been a member since June 2014. I learned about Deal Dash from the Internet! The best deal Dash win that I’ve ever had was a tennis package for one cent. I guess you would call that a GOOD DEAL! Lol

Kathleen, DealDasher since 2014.

I WON 4 gift certificate cards. Old Navy $25, Target $25 and 2 each of Spa Finder $25!   The target card for 15 bids and 1 of the spa finder's for $1.10 and the other one for $2.15! Totaling $5.25 for $100 worth of gift certificate cards!

I WON 4 gift certificate cards. Old Navy $25, Target $25 and 2 each of Spa Finder $25! The target card for 15 bids and 1 of the spa finder’s for $1.10 and the other one for $2.15! Totaling $5.25 for $100 worth of gift certificate cards!

My best experience with the Deal Dash customer support is excellent! Everyone of the technicians that I have talked to have been extremely helpful, nice, wonderful on tips and the best thing is they make me feel like I am their only customer ! They left with me when I when I bid and make sure that I get the best deals! They are so helpful. Also… I never have to wait very long for anyone to talk to me or you can get back to me!

The best deal Dash win that I’ve ever had was a tennis package, because I went to bid on something else and I actually made a mistake and bid on it and got it for one cent. I guess you would call that a GOOD DEAL! Lol

I got this tennis package on Deal Dash. It is a tennis package that has a regulation tennis court net, poles and a carrying case! I got it for 3 cents which is 3  bids! The retail price is actually $115.

I got this tennis package on Deal Dash. It is a tennis package that has a regulation tennis court net, poles and a carrying case! I got it for 3 cents which is 3 bids! The retail price is actually $115.

I love the DealDash Mobile App! The only way I’d be it is on my phone! And I also could not get the formation to work the way that I want it to look on my phone, so Mark worked with me and showed me how to make it look three across instead of three down. He was EXTREMELY HELPFUL in this area because it took him quite a while to figure it out with me.

Go to and win appliances electronics and gift certificates. It’s a lot of fun!