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Getting Ready for Spring Break with DealDash

Springtime break is on its way. With the arrival of spring break several families are seeking a change of pace and also are thinking about a getaway. A springtime getaway for families can be an exciting time yet with the existing economic situation and gas prices many households are seeking economical ways to spend their spring trips. Let DealDash give you some ideas on how you can enjoy this spring with your family at an affordable price.

spring break

If a family members trip consists of travel it is smart to make the travel plans in advance. Itinerary might include airline tickets, car leasing’s, and amusement park tickets. To conserve money on airline company tickets or an auto rentals try intending a holiday throughout the week. Attempt avoiding the weekend breaks when it is a more popular time to take a trip could save money. You can get excellent deals on Airline gift cards on DealDash that can save you a ton of money, go to the site and see for yourself.

Be versatile when intending a family members holiday for spring break. Check out locations where it is not the optimal time of year for vacation. During the off season rates for resort rooms, tickets as well as vehicle leasing often be much cheaper as well as more inexpensive. Do not be as well set on one destination. Keep ready for all the choices. Make sure to pick up a gas card or two at DealDash to save you some more on expensive gas. There might be an excellent chance in an area one never believed to check out. Maintaining an open mind could open the doors to a brand-new experience.

Traveling clubs could additionally be practical when preparing a family members getaway. Sometimes these kind of solutions have the ability to obtain discount rates. If you are taking a trip last minute traveling clubs could be the way to go. They have accessibility to hotel areas, automobile leasing, unsold tickets, cruise ships and holiday bundles.

Investigating for tickets, hotels and also other costly products could repay big. Many times specials are provided just by scheduling through the net. Taking time to figure out just what discount rates are provided can conserve money.

An additional economical means to take pleasure in an escape with the family is to stay close to your house. In the economic climate today remaining near to house can conserve valuable traveling money and time. Requiring time to investigate the location around one’s home can confirm to have some wonderful options for household getaways. There might be things around one’s location that every vacationer must see. Treat the family like a vacationer. Explore the surrounding location. There may be archaeological sites, galleries, treks, national parks, local theme parks and also lots of other amazing things taking place in the areas close by. Attempt a brand-new dining establishment. Pampering the family members close to house could supply everyone with a little rest and relaxation. Maybe picking the kids up a new video game system from DealDash could be cheaper than a vacation and actually be a more lucrative, long time investment. Especially when you win the system at auction.

Take time to appreciate the outdoors. The outdoors could supply affordable fun for the entire family members. Do the activities that can be appreciated in the area. A day of snowboarding, snowboarding, snowshoeing, boating or taking a barbecue can be a great time for family bonding. Appreciate the local environment. And go to DealDash to check out all the wonderful pieces of sports equipment and out door, fitness items you can use.

spring break

Family members intending springtime getaways merely need to take a can be break away from their everyday regimen. Despite if one is staying close to residence or traveling away, ensure require time to enjoy the family members. Do away with the cellular phone, computers and other mobile electronic tools and also spend some top quality time with each other. These are all just some ideas to help you save on vacations this year, now head to the DealDash website and see what you can find.

Seasonal Birthday Ideas with DealDash

There are times when you have to toss a birthday event for somebody whose passions you may not know effectively. DealDash can help you with this dilemma.  As an example, a child’s initial birthday provides a challenge as for creating a theme goes since children could not have created an apparent preference for sure points then. So, a fantastic idea is to take signs from the season. Every season has traditional aspects that are quickly well-known, making your job a great deal less complicated when it comes time to think of points like designs as well as food choices. Below are some more certain instances to show this factor:

birthday Fall/Autumn Birthday Celebration

Some themes that are extremely effortlessly connected with the fall are leaves, pumpkins, on special days like Halloween as well as Thanksgiving, as well as the autumn colors. You could very conveniently develop a whole birthday celebration style around these points. And you can find a lot of items you can use on DealDash at an exceptional price. For instance, an invite can have a pumpkin on it and also read, “Our little pumpkin is transforming 2.” You might after that make a pumpkin flavored pie in a Bundt pan and also frost it with orange frosting with fall vegetation designs in the facility.

Mini Bundt pies can be utilized for specific children’s cakes and also tootsie rolls can be made use of for the stems. Serve the pies with pecan praline ice cream or another type of gelato that advises you of fall or uses components that you feel correlate with the season. For a task, you could go to the pumpkin spot as well as choose pumpkins that each visitor can after that carve. These are just some ideas you can use, and I suggest you go to DealDash right now and see what you can find to help you decorate and prepare for your next birthday party.

Winter months Birthday celebration

Wintertime birthday celebrations could include the styles of ice, white, snow, and so on. If you reside in a location where you could go snow shoeing or snowboarding, that might be a fun activity. If you are dealing with younger youngsters, something like having snowmen creating competitions or snow fort structure video games might be better (and economical). White icing can be made use of making individual cupcakes or you could use two or more 8×8 pie pans, pile the cakes on top of each other as well as have an ice birthday pie. You could possibly also incorporate winter season pets like penguins and polar bears into the celebration. Even though winter is soon coming to an end, it wouldn’t hurt to go to DealDash and pick up some winter items at an affordable price for the next winter.

Summertime Birthday celebration

Water games are a superb idea for a summertime themed event. You can bob for apples in a kiddie pool, you can play water balloon volley ball, and also you can even substitute a standard birthday cake and also gelato with snow cones or Popsicles. There are plenty of exterior games that you can think of and all of them would certainly have the advantage that the disruption to the within your residence would be very little. Kids could likewise take advantage of being active and also having even more area to play than they would if they were required to remain inside due to the weather.


Spring Birthday celebration

Spring birthdays are fantastic for girls because this period is quite feminine. There are blooming florals, sweet scents, baby pets and even some enchanting elements like pixies or butterflies. Boys need not feel omitted. Insects and nature exploration can be a fun part of their party. You could have the celebration guest bring their own bug-catching containers and let them cut loose in the backyard. You can conveniently make use of a round pie pan to make an insect body, use licorice for antennae and legs as well as topping for all the other details. Spring favor bags can include any of the above mentioned insect or little lady themes. You could possibly also integrate an egg hunt if the birthday is close to Easter. Keep in mind additionally that, similar to any sort of period, there are additionally shades associated with springtime. Pastels, including great deals of greens are fantastic shades to use to integrate this theme into your birthday celebration event concepts. And now that you have some great ideas for seasonal birthday parties, head on in to the DealDash website and see what you can find.

The Benefits of Having a Pressure Washer from DealDash

Many individuals are aware of the fact, that by pressure cleaning their residence, they will basically have a residence that has a much more aesthetically enticing exterior. However, the advantages of stress washing your house aren’t just restricted to that alone. In all actuality, the advantages of power cleaning your residence could provide a range of other positive aspects too. The problem with pressure washing is machines cost an arm and a leg and to have it done professionally, it costs just as much. That’s why at DealDash we offer pressure washers at a fraction of the cost. Below are some reasons you would want to pick on up.

pressure washer 1) Increases Residence Value

If you have been pondering about the probability of available in your home, you could find this benefit to be particularly intriguing. It’s been stated by realtors that pressure washing your home could improve your home’s price as much as $10,000-$15,000. The factor being is quite simple, by presenting a house with a physical exterior that is spotless, it will certainly heighten the opportunities that the possible purchaser will certainly purchase the residence. It’s additionally worth noting, that power cleaning your home could in fact minimize the time it will certainly take to available a residence, based on that the majority of possible purchasers, will avoid any kind of commercial property that appears as if it has to be cleaned. If that isn’t enough of a reason to go to DealDash right now and pick one up then I don’t know what is.

2) Shields Your Home from Contaminants

If you have actually experienced a scenario where you came across a mold and mildew problem in the indoor parts of your residence, you understand how simple the procedure of removing that infection can be. DealDash cares about the safety of your family. Nonetheless, mold problems usually infect the inside and also exterior sections of the house as well, as well as in some instances, you could have a mold and mildew infestation on the exterior of your residence that you may not recognize. One more benefit you will certainly get from using a pressure washer on your home is that it doesn’t just get rid of filth and gunk, it gets rid of harmful contaminants such as mildew and mold, algae as well as the well-known Stachybotrys/ harmful black mold and mildew, which is a particularly destructive kind of mold and mildew that can trigger respiratory system related issues such as pneumonia, higher frequency of bronchial asthma assaults, seizures, anxiety and amnesia too.

3) Maintains Your House’s Health and wellness

Among the most advantageous functions you’ll get from power washing your house is that it can be used as a preventative measure to make certain that your residence does not struggle with rot as well as decay. The reality of the truth is that impurities and the outdoors components can trigger you’re the home of age too soon. However, by power cleaning your home with a pressure washer at least yearly, you will basically extend the life of your house. Now go to DealDash and pick one up at auction for a great price.

pressure washer

4) Lowers Your Utility Costs

Among the significant elements that affect the quantity that you pay for your energy bill bills is insulation. Said in basic terms a well-insulated house results in a reduced electrical power bill, due to the fact that your air conditioner and also heating unit, will be able to work a lot more effectively in a well-insulated house. Nevertheless, a develop of pollutants of the roof covering as well as exterior walls of your residence causes over insulation and can create your HVAC system to work more challenging than it needs to, in order for it to ensure that your residence continues to be at a suitable temperature. Now that you have an idea of why pressure washers are so good, go to DealDash and place a bid on one.

Getting Power Tools Ready for Spring with DealDash

It has been a lengthy winter consisting of cold months and before you recognize it the yard will need to be cleaned up as well as the trees will need pruning. Make sure your power tools are really prepared to go when you require them and DealDash is going to share with you how to do just that.

power tools Gas and Oil

If you did not drain the gas storage tank in the fall you have to do it immediately. Bad gas will certainly turn gummy like shellac. DealDash doesn’t want you to let your old tools get ruined. Because gas can damage the carburetor and also create costly harm to the electric motor. Refill the storage tank with fresh gas as well as check your oil on your four-cycle engines. For two pattern engines powered equipment, make sure to mix the appropriate proportion oil to gas as well as fill the container. Most chain saws and weed eaters use a gas oil combination. At DealDash you can also find a lot of electric and battery powered tools which make things so much easier, just head on in to the site and see for yourself.

Sharpen Blades

Mower blades must be honed routinely. Springtime as well as mid period are the very best times. If you hit a barrier when cutting your lawn, be sure to examine the blade right away. A damaged blade can be dangerous and might damage your lawn mower. If you see your yard is not obtaining a nice also cut, it is probably time to develop the blade. Your neighborhood hardware or rental shop can develop your mower blades for a low cost, typically under $10.00. It is very easy to eliminate the blade. Be risk-free as well as get rid of the ignition system initially. Loosen the screw holding the blade with a wrench. Attempt unscrewing in the other instructions if it does not come off very easy, occasionally they are reverse threaded. Investing in an added collection of blades for your lawn mower will certainly eliminate down-time when you are awaiting the blades to be developed. Chain saw blades need to be inspected, developed, oiled as well as tightened prior to use. Hedge trimmer blades should be looked for wear and also honed or replaced before forming those unmanageable shrubs. As an alternative, you can pick up some great power tools at DealDash for a fraction of the cost of buying them in the store.

Hand Tools

Many individuals do not recognize you can have your hand tools honed. Conserve the cost of replacing those hand loppers as well as garden tools. You will certainly be astonished at just how much simpler the task will certainly be with a sharp side.

Yard Hose Pipes

When the snow and ice have actually finally thawed, connect your yard hose pipes and also check them for leaks. (Hopefully you had them drained and did away with for the winter.) If you observe leaks near the fittings, you could need to change the rubber washer. Grab a few added following time you are at your house enhancement store, they cost little and are quite handy to have around. If you notice various other leakages, it is feasible to cut the hose where the holes are and also splice it back together with a suitable and tube clamps. It might be easier and also less expensive to acquire a brand-new hose if you have several leakages.


Now that you have an idea of how to take care of your yard tools and get ready for the upcoming Spring, go to DealDash and see what type of items you can find for a great price. Remember, if you bid frequently, your chances at winning grow exponentially. Have fun and great bidding!

Health and Fitness Tips from DealDash

Loaded on the excess weight and got love handles during winter months? Want to shed winter season weight and also get suitable for springtime? DealDash is here to help and don’t worry, everyone goes through this cycle. You’ve simply passed among the best examinations of your New Year’s resolution, the holidays make it easy to eat loads of food! You might try your hardest to stick to right food options as well as supplements. Yet, still managed to acquire the added excess pounds? Fret not, assistance is at hand from DealDash! You could get in shape for springtime with a few tips from us on health and fitness.

health and fitness Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Among the primary reasons for wintertime weight gain is slow-moving a metabolism during the winter season. It is very important to accelerate your metabolism as well as start a workout routine when possible. Study has actually revealed that individuals who consume morning meals melt more calories throughout the day. Picking a diet regimen plan that works will certainly benefit you. Your type of body is more important than complying with a checklist of diets and good ideas by friends and family also. Also if you want to get some great exercise equipment, head on in to DealDash and pick some items up at cheaper then cost.

Enjoy Nature and Lower Anxiety

Spring, being one of one of the most stunning seasons of the year, supplies an excellent method to de-stress too. Always remember to appreciate the views and also the noises of this lovely period, connect with nature, get out more – it will certainly help you accomplish your weight reduction goals quicker. Besides nature, you can detox with vitamins, minerals as well as water in your diet plan. Make sure to get a physician examination, you could take multi-vitamins, amino-acids, and beverage herbal teas to slim down more efficiently. Eating healthy is key too, steamed veggies and high protein diets work great and can easily be cooked at home with some cooking items like you will find on DealDash.

Revive Healthy Habits

If belly fat is your problem or pesky love handles, you need to chop down your caffeine and also alcohol intake. Research study has actually exposed that liquor and also caffeine plays a huge part in storing belly fat. According to The Cortisol Connection by Shawn M. Talbott, Ph. D, tension creates storage of fat in the tummy. For this reason, belly fat could arise from a variety of variables. Nevertheless, if you have actually identified your trigger, ensure that you prevent it and are rid of the harmful belly fat. In addition to putting healthy things in your diet, waking up and doing just 10 minutes of physical activity will dramatically increase your health and fitness levels, so go to DealDash and pick up some equipment quick.

health and fitness

It consistently aids your goals to check with a doctor before you pick a diet plan. Based upon test and evaluation of your body, the physician will provide ideas concerning diet programs, so you could make the most of fat burning objectives for spring. Now, head on in to DealDash immediately and pick up some great health and fitness items.

Gain Some Convenience with an Electric Fireplace from DealDash

A fireplace has a particular mystique dating from the colonial era where it was used to prepare meals, provide heat and also act as the social center of the residence. So it is not unexpected that a fire place rates high amongst desirable functions in residences today. Thanks to modern innovation and websites like DealDash, reasonable electric fire place heating units offer all the charm of wood-burning fire places but without the drawback of smoke, triggers, woodpiles and also hauling out ashes.

Place Your Electric Fireplace in Renovation or a Build a Brand New One Altogether

Summertime is a favorite time for property owners to include or remodel areas. What much better time to consist of a risk-free, tidy electric fireplace as a part of the task? You will await the warmth and comfort it will provide when the autumn winds strike as well as wintertime brings snow. There are no special building restraints as well as you can find them anywhere that has access to a basic 120-volt receptacle. DealDash offers a supply and broad array of electrical fire place styles. Go the site to find some layout options that may be of interest.

To start with, it is essential to understand that electrical fireplaces are built to conform to electric codes and can be put practically anywhere away from flammable products. Unlike gas fire places they need no outside ducting – just a source of 120-volt 15-amp power. Lots of models can be regulated by wall-mounted thermostats or by a hand-held remote. One more attribute is flame-controlling technology that randomly changes the flame result, elevation as well as rate. You also have a choice of flame impacts such as carefully detailed timber logs or crystalline glass in clear or color alternatives.

Choosing a Design

Purchasers could currently select fire place styles to fit basically every kind of setup and also match any sort of decor. Extensively categorized these designs which consist of fireplace inserts, floor-mounted versions, corner placed units, wall surface placed stoves and electric fireplace options. At DealDash you can find easy to place units which require little to no structural modification.

Store Wisely

Electric fireplace heating units include convenience as well as value to your home – as well as are an exceptional means to decrease the costs of a main furnace. With these systems you heat just the area or rooms that you frequently utilize while holding up the thermostat in other places in the house.


If you are satisfied with these tips, you are ready to make the purchase. And also you will appreciate the positive aspects of your purchase for many years ahead. If you are pleased with the solutions, you prepare to make the purchase. And also you will certainly enjoy the advantages of your acquisition for years ahead. Whether you select a fire place heating system insert or other design it will be a great moment in your home when you finally set up and install an electric fireplace. But picking the vendor requires wise buying. To simplify things and get a great deal, I suggest you head on in to DealDash right now and pick up a unit.

Decorating Ideas with DealDash for the Kids Room

Inside decorating concepts can be over the top, a kids’ area isn’t a theatrical set, or a fairy tale impressive. A youngsters’ mind can possess more imagination than any type of adult can ever have. Throughout the years, DealDash has discovered how to leave this room for creative expression, young people are happy, with simply enough, anything more is too much.


The essential point remember is to keep it simple, as well as maintenance free. Attempt to prevent recruiting outside people to painting murals on the walls, produce pricey cover beds, or swaging home window treatments. Here are a couple of pointers that have actually been success stories for my young customers that grew up, and also left their rooms behind. In the DealDash Website you can find a lot of great items and toys for sprucing up your home and decorating your kids home.

Girl favor a princess, or ballet theme, therefore why not integrate both right into one area. Every princess is a ballerina, and also every ballerina is a princess. Young gents choose area, as well as sporting activities subjects that still stay good fads. Whatever the theme is simply bear in mind, that there’s only one space in the residence, that absolutely comes from them.

The very first area is for a princess, and also start by painting the space with a pastel color scheme. Use soft pinks, lavenders, spring environment-friendlies, pale blue on the ceiling, and inside the wardrobes. Here’s a terrific idea for a head board, a castle tower made from a 4 foot by 7-foot sheet of plywood.

Beginning by attracting castle styled block eliminate on top left of the board. Following step 9, and also one half inches for the first cut. The 2nd cut will certainly go to nineteen inches, and also the 3rd cut at twenty-nine inches. The last cut out is at thirty-eight, as well as one half inches, and each eliminated, need to be 9, one half inches vast, by nine, one half inches long.

The completed top should have, 3 blocks, as well as 2 cut outs appearing like teeth. The left over cut out blocks are perfect for home windows, as well as hand painted connection back curtains include a lively touch of whimsy. Painting the castle in ether an off-white, or white egg covering coating paint. To make things easier, just go to DealDash and pick up some items today.

If the bed is larger than a paired dimension additional towers can be conveniently built by reducing a 4 foot by six-foot sheet right into half, with triangle roofs. Currently make pastel material banners on dowel poles, and connect them on the good points of the roofing systems. Put together the castle, as well as towers, and connect the headboard safely to the wall surface, making it an easy install, and a fast no cost extraction.

Change up the bedding, mix it up with pastels, solids, as well as prints. A terrific way to utilize king level sheets as drapery panels, tablecloths, and a pillow situation over the back of work desk chair.

Hang 3 numerous shaped light tones repainted in various colors, as well as trim them in fun fringe, plume boas, or compiled netting for a ballet skirt. Next put on hold tones from establishment the steel structures, with clear fish line. Bring some dazzle by connecting princess crowns, celebrities, moons, and small glass sandals. These products all can be found at most wedding celebration, or craft stores.


Last touches for instance, metal butterflies, ladybugs, blossoms, and frogs readily available for purchase at most garden shops. Display these small sculptures as wall surface decor, drape keep back, or as pole finials. Every little thing can shimmer, by using crystal fringe to the lamp shades, and also cushions. Wood letters that are paint tinged white, and dusted in shine announcing the name of our princess. Now that you have some great ideas for decorating, head on in to  DealDash and pick up what you need to change the home.

Getting Prepared for Spring Gardening with DealDash

As winter unwinds, with crops ripening and also being gathered, seasonal blossoms as well as shrubs being closed beneath a blanket of mulch and also the yard cleaning of debris from the past year, winter months is sneaking more detailed. DealDash is going to help you with this spring cleaning idea. With its arrival, several would certainly think that the year is completed, as for growing’s and so forth. Nevertheless, a horticulture suggestion for spring time is born as you rest beside the comfy fire, thumbing through seed and garden brochures.


Checking out ins 2016 accountancy of horticulture activities, successes and malfunctions, you make a new prepare for a brand-new year. It can’t be started prematurely, some gardeners claim. If you had accessibility to an electronic cam, you may have snapped pictures of the elegance surrounding you outside, to be poured over and enjoyed throughout the lengthy winter season.

It is additionally a fun time, concealed in your garden shop or garage from the chilly, howling winds, to sharpen all of your tools, cleaning them up as well as preparing them for their next years’ duties. Oil the moving parts of devices, sharpen the cutting ones as well as repair any damaged manages of others. Run the gas from the lawnmower before saving it, along with the rotor tiller and also other engines. If you need new gardening tools, head to DealDash right now and pick some up at an excellent price.

When the seed brochures are spread around you as well as your pencil is developed sufficiently, make your order for the next year. Consulting your ins 2016 garden tasks, make your options based on the success and also not so successful outcomes. If a new fruit or veggie captures your interest, decide to try it or not. Progress is excellent but sticking with the tried and also real is also a friendly selection. Perhaps a little of each is in order.

Another smart idea is to use the winter months for preparing your fruit trees for an additional round of fruit-bearing by cutting as well as pruning them to make them stronger. This is also the best timing for dormant oil spray to capture the little animals ‘bugging’ your fruit as well as making it impossible for them ahead out as well as treat on your preferred apple or pear this following having season.

If you have bushes that have outgrown their boundaries, right before the growing season starts, take your handy-dandy little lopping shears out as well as strike it. If the branches are sufficiently tiny, your hedge trimmer will certainly function also. If the branches and arm or legs are huge, chain saws eat them up quickly. You can find chain saws at DealDash at an excellent price right now.

If a new floral or vegetable bed remains in your plan for the list below year, prosper of it by noting it out and covering it with a thick bed of mulch. Lawn clippings, leaves, even paper held down by these various other things, will certainly make it a breeze to till up later on. This is particularly real if it is turf you will be tilling up. By springtime, the turf will be dead.


So you see, the months before springtime are not lost. The effective garden starts in the chilly, extreme winter months’ time. Even if you garden in a moderate climate, the garden will certainly benefit by taking a little remainder in the winter season. It will certainly compile its toughness, with help from you, and also burst forth in wealth with a horticulture concept for spring time. Now that you have an idea of how to get yard work going, head on in to DealDash and pick up some tools today.

Tips for Kicking Your Fitness into High Gear

Springtime impends! Springtime is generally the moment for renewal and rebirth and I constantly consider Spring as a chance to re- energize and redouble on my goals. At DealDash we recommend you capitalize on the adjustment in environment as well as do the exact same. It really can be an invigorating time with longer durations of daylight, blossoms beginning to grow and also a feeling of revival.


To assist and help you get started, I intend to offer you tips for getting back on the fitness and health wagon after a lengthy wintertime of lack of exercise (or much less task for a lot of you). Returning fit does not should be complicated. Forget about complex dish plans as well as counting calories. Let’s begin with going back to the fundamentals. And I suggest you go pick up a grill and steamer from DealDash to help you with cooking healthy food.

– Do 3 complete body workouts a week. If you have not been working out, start there. You don’t need to go crazy to get begun and also workout for hours a week. If you have no idea where to begin, look into the DealDash site where there’s a number of fitness items you can pick up at an excellent price.

– Consume even more vegetables and fruits. Yes, this is an evident one, but lots of people do not get anywhere near sufficient portions. If you consume enough in this group, you’ll feel full longer as well as will not yearn for sweets as a lot. Remember there are steam tables and grills on DealDash you can pick up right now.

– Brown bag it. It’s a lot easier to remain on track when you prepare and load your personal dish. This will certainly help you prevent the temptation of visiting a fast food joint (stay away!!!) and offering right into temptation.

– Avoid the soft drinks. Whether they’re of the diet regimen selection or not, they’re both terrible for you. Actually, some research studies have actually shown that consuming diet plan soda could actually make you FATTER!

– Consume GREAT DEALS OF water. Cannot seen to get sufficient water in your day? Try drinking a number of huge glasses as quickly as you wake up and also two glasses an hour before each dish. If you’re eating 5 to 6 times a day this must assist you drink sufficient.

– Do NOT eat when you’re tired! This is a large one. Among the greatest wrongdoers is eating in front of the TV simply to keep busy while you’re vegging on the couch. If you’re burnt out or antsy when seeing television, try this: During each business try doing hopping jacks till your show is back on or attempt doing as numerous pushups or mountain climbers you can do throughout those 2 1/2 mins. If you’re seeing a one-hour show, you can obtain an actually friendly workout in as well as still appreciate your TV!

– Have a good time! Winter ends. Obtain outside and also move around. Go play with your youngsters. Organize a once a week pickup game of hoops. Invest 15- Thirty Minutes a day playing Wii Fit (not a fantastic way to exercise, yet it is enjoyable and it does obtain you relocating). Any sort of extra task is good, merely do not deceive yourself right into thinking that it could possibly change an excellent exercise. And pick up something like a bike or other fitness equipment from DealDash.


I hope this aids and remember to get your complete body exercises in at least three times weekly. Get out there as well as take pleasure in the climate! Now head on into DealDash and pick up some stuff right way.

A DealDash Guide to Buying a Mountain Bike

One of the most stressful aspects of mountain bikes is the procedure of actually acquiring one. With the lots of variations on the market it can be easy to get puzzled when aiming to figure out which bike you are seeking to obtain. This does not help when most can appear expensive which leaves you thinking do you really wish to spend that much? DealDash understands and is ready to help. Some typical questions we may ask like, is that an adequate rate for its quality? These concerns can be irritating as well as make the process of getting a bike difficult so with any luck this fast suggestion overview will make it less complicated for you to understand what type of bike you are going to get. Here are some tips from DealDash that will help you figure out the right mountain bikes.

Figuring out a budget plan

One of the first things you are going to have to do is figure out how much you are in fact ready to invest in your bike. Many people at this point are newbies and some might want something cheap and also trustworthy to ensure that it is possible to find out the fundamentals and also figure out whether this is for them. Others may intend to sprinkle out on something outstanding to make sure that it lasts them a while along with provides them the performance they desire.

You have to find out your price range, there will be many bikes in the brace you are looking at however if you set on your own a budget plan then you will make certain that you avoid examining.

The style of using

There are various designs of bikes for different hill biking activities. For example, there are cross nation and downhill bikes. I suggest you head to DealDash right now and check out what they have to offer right now, you may find the exact bike you’re looking for.

As a beginner most will certainly go in the direction of the cross nation as these kinds can be made use of for various other kinds and also can be located for cheap as well. This type of style is using up as well as downhills and on different landscapes which makes it a terrific novices option to think about.

Various other types such as downhill are expensive considering that they have to be strong and heavy as well as have suspension for those times when you are speeding up downhill. These are usually used by individuals that have been hill biking for a while as well as they may even tailor them as well.

Suspension alternatives

There are various suspensions that all depend upon just what sort of biking you are wanting to do. The two alternatives are complete suspension and difficult tail suspension. Each of these is great as well as featured their very own benefits.

Full suspension offers even more control over the bike and also makes it much more comfortable when you are going over various terrain as it could absorb a bunch of shock that your bike will certainly look at.

Difficult tail suspension is the type that is lightweight as well as only the front of the bike. It will certainly absorb shock that you may experience and enables you to pedal better too. These are just some tips, go to DealDash and pick up a bike right now.

Entering the sales

Throughout the year there are sales and also you might get fortunate and find that your local dealership is having some sales on some of their bikes. This is something you need to watch out for, generally you will certainly discover the sales in the fall and also cold weather as these are the times when people do not normally head out as well as springtime and summer is the primary buying season when much more brand-new bikes are out so removing worn out stock is needed. If you could await times like this after that you might be able to find on your own a deal.


Much like everything else you buy a good bit of research study in advance is constantly great, opening your search engine and giving a search to evaluations to exactly what individuals have actually believed it always a terrific method to learn whether you want to be making that purchase.


There are lots of other points to keep an eye out for however maintain these in mind when looking to purchase a brand-new bike as it can be highly needed. And now that you have an idea of how to look, go to DealDash and pick up a bike today!

Top Traits of a Portable Grill

Have you ever before tried to find the best portable grill, one that would be excellent for your auto, watercraft, or RV? Not easy, is it? Initially, you need to choose what is necessary to have in a portable grill, after that you need to discover it. Let DealDash set out the leading seven points you should purchase in a mobile grill.

portable grill

Initially, your mobile grill ought to be … well, portable! That suggests it must be portable and suit a fairly small area for packaging purposes. You want a grill that occupies less than 2 square feet, as well as one square foot is also better. Anything bigger than that, as well as you’ll be having a hard time to discover area when you load, as well as more than likely choosing to leave your grill behind.

2nd, your portable grill should be lightweight as well as easy to carry. Anything much heavier than 10 pounds or so and also you’ll dislike hauling your grill from location to location. What good is a grill that sits in your home on a rack considering that you simply cannot bear the thought of bring it? At DealDash you can see a lot of different grills, some portable and some not that you can go pick up now at an incredible price.

3rd, your grill must be quite effective, using little energy to get the food preparation job done. Why? Considering that if you have to carry around a large bag of charcoal, or a huge cylindrical tube, that voids all the benefit of having a small, portable grill in the first place. The optimal grill for traveling will certainly utilize simply a couple of briquettes per dish, or a small amount of propane.

4th, your mobile grill ought to come up to food preparation temperature level lightning fast, as well as cool off for cleaning and also storage space in a flash. You don’t want meals when traveling or in your boat to reduce you down any more than necessary. A grill that gets ready to cook swiftly and also cools down just as quick will be a grill you’re glad to take along despite where you’re headed.

5th, any type of mobile grill like those you can go find on DealDash needs to be a breeze to clean up. The cooking surfaces should all be non-stick, and also everything else needs to be made of durable, long-lasting, easy-clean materials that don’t make clean-up a grind. Preferably, you must have the ability to wipe your grill off on the road, as well as offer it a thorough cleaning when you get to your destination. Purchase a grill from DealDash that features a good lug bag to shop and also lug your grill in. That makes stashing a greasy grill much easier.

6th, Your mobile grill ought to be actually flexible, able to deal with nearly any type of sort of food preparation duty you throw at it. Obtaining one grill from DealDash to do several jobs, like toasting, steaming, smoking cigarettes, pan-frying, as well as obviously barbecuing, makes your mobile travel grill a real workhorse, and worth having around. A grill that could only complete one, or at most 2 of those tasks just isn’t really worth the trouble.

portable grill

Lastly, the portable grill you select really ought to be made to last a long period of time and also withstand years of tough use. It’s finest if your grill is constructed from long lasting products like aluminum, stainless-steel, and also Teflon. You’ll probably should invest a few dollars in any sort of grill that can do every little thing we’ve spoken about, and also you want it to last a very long time to make your investment worth it. Now that you have a good idea of what type of grill to get, head on into DealDash and pick up a grill at an excellent price at auction along with other kitchen appliances.

Why You Should Eat Sushi

If you have not tried eating sushi yet, I presume you’re not the only one. DealDash is here to tell you why sushi is a good food to eat. There are a bunch of people who have actually most likely lost out on this tasty and nutritious Japanese delicacy. Wherefore reason, I’m quite certain it’s due to the fact that it’s fairly unfamiliar to us North American people from eating raw fish. We are a bit wary due to the fact that we are much also afraid to contract some sort of viral or microbial infection produced by eating incorrect selections of food. On DealDash you can find everything you need to roll and cut sushi.


I cannot actually criticize you since although consuming raw fish and meat is rather acquainted to some cultures, specifically Japanese society, presenting this to individuals that extremely consume convenience food and also well-cooked food can be extremely weird. This was exactly how I felt at first, however not up until I attack on my very first sushi experience. I have to say that the sensation of a raw fish melting in your mouth is fairly extra regular. The soft smooth structure that explodes with flavor can be quite welcoming momentarily, a third or even a 4th piece.

But do you recognize that more than this extra normal culinary experience, there are other a lot more convincing needs to each sushi. And this is the wellness benefit of this traditional Japanese meal. All of us recognize exactly how eating convenience food that are subjected to high warmth and also are primarily fat-laden can be really bad for our wellness. Well, fortunately exists is an alternative to this routine. You could change to consuming healthy and balanced sushi, which are packed with high protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Since the main ingredient is mostly fish of high quality nutrition, such as tuna and also salmon, you expect that your body will certainly be nourished deeply by the nutrients that this main ingredient reaches the body. If you’re a fan of sushi, head into DealDash, pick up some knives and a sushi board for your friends and guests.

One more effective active ingredient of sushi is the item of wrapping that the fish as well as the rice mix are placed. It is called nori sheets, made from fresh seaweeds that contain ocean-enriched vitamins and minerals. As well as the addition of vegetables as well as fruits that offer extra resource of anti-oxidants and also vitamins. Every one of this benefits packed in a small but horrible protein-enriched, low-calorie meal. Currently how’s that for a nourishing alternative to your typical convenience food dish.

Nonetheless, although sushi by itself is really healthy, you have to careful in putting or dipping it right into way too much soy sauce. This condiment is fairly well known for its high salt content as well as other types of chemicals, which can be hazardous to your health and wellness. So, the following time you enjoy your sushi, ensure that what you will take pleasure in are the combined flavors of the cornerstone, yet less of the soy. And if you practice, it’s actually pretty easy to roll. It’s important to have a good set of knives, you can find the perfect set at DealDash so you may as well head in their right now.

You additionally need to be cautious not to over-eat. It may be sushi really appealing to eat many of this delicacy considering that it is low-calorie, however you have to understand that an item could effectively be around 100-300 calories per piece. So, consuming more than what is moderate can likewise become harmful.


The following time you feel the cravings, head out and check out a sushi restaurant for a modification. You will not just have a satiating meal, yet you will certainly likewise enjoy all the wellness advantages of this traditional recipe. Now that you understand the benefits of eating sushi, head on in to DealDash and see what you can find.

All About Generators from DealDash

Quality personal generators can be incredibly beneficial if you stay in a location that experiences normal power blackouts. DealDash has some great deals on exceptional generators you can get when you win them on auction. Yet while home generators are becoming much more prevalent and simpler to utilize, there are still a great deal of guidelines as well as rules to abide by when running them.


If you’ve never ever utilized a home generator before but have actually merely bought or rented out one, bellow is some useful do’s as well as don’ts to comply with. Following these simple rules from DealDash will help you keep power on at your home year round.Checking the power level and choosing a desirable location.

One of the most important food item to do is check the power level of your generator Tiny house generators aren’t generally efficient in powering a whole home. Rather, try to establish which devices you’ll be able to run pleasantly on your generator.

For example, you might have the ability to turn on the lights in the living-room and enjoy TV, however you could not have the ability to run your computer simultaneously. Heavy energy users like electric showers, pots and washing machines will certainly almost definitely not run on a tiny personal generator. If you’re unclear of the wattage of each of your appliances, examine the maker’s instructions – as well as don’t be attracted to run a home appliance if you’re not certain your generator could accommodate it. Why wait, head to DealDash now and pick up one of these awesome generators at an unbelievable price.

You likewise have to pick an excellent area for your generator once you get to DealDAsh. This needs to be somewhere you can find quickly at night, if the power fails suddenly. See to it the course to the generator is clear, so you don’t come across any kind of obstacles while the lights are off. A garage or effortlessly reachable shed might be good places. You must additionally make sure there’s a lantern near it, so you could see clearly when you turn it on. And also always see to it that the gadget has enough fuel in it – re-fuelling your generator at night is hazardous as well as unadvisable.

Keeping your residence generator.

If you have actually bought your home generator outright, keep in mind that it’s your duty to keep it. Even if you do not have a power blackout for a number of months, you should execute regular examine your generator to make sure that it still works. You can do this by running the engine monthly, but you might have to get it serviced annually to prevent the development of any sort of severe technical issues.


Conversely, if you have actually rented your residence generator briefly, upkeep could be much less complex. Some power rental companies consist of maintenance in their costs, so you could not should take duty for normal examinations. Nevertheless, it’s worth establishing that has obligation for keeping your generator from the beginning of your hire duration to avoid any type of mix-ups in the future. Alright that’s it, head into DealDash right now and pick up some great generators for an exceptional price right now!

Professional Kitchen Tools From DealDash

Walk into any kind of professional kitchen as well as you are likely to see a similar variety of tools that they use to prepare their luxury offerings. You can find almost all these tools on DealDash right now, and instantly turn your home into a professional style home within a few days. While not everyone can work as a specialist cook, you could ideal your very own strategies for more specialist outcomes. Making use of great kitchen area tools makes this less complicated, cuts prep work time while cooking, and also can give you much better overall results. Here you will certainly encounter several of one of the most preferred expert cooking area tools, in addition to a description of just what they provide to a professional or hopeful chef.

professional kitchen


This is a usual kitchen tool, discovered in both house and expert kitchen areas. This is because this kitchen area tool is genuinely the jack-of-all-trades when it involves cooking area jobs. Expert chefs use their food processors for much more than cutting and grating. An excellent food mill can be used in place of a mixer to blend creamy soups, for instance. Food mill are likewise superb at blending active ingredients. No specialist kitchen would be without this functional device. For cook high quality cooking, use this tool to its maximum capacity. You can find excellent Kitchen Aid mixers on DealDash for a fraction of the price of what it would typically cost.

Stand Mixer

After the food processor, the stand mixer is possibly one of the most common kitchen tool utilized by expert cooks. For kitchens that consistently offer treats or any type of sort of baked items, this is an indispensable kitchen area device. As a matter of fact, several cooks have several stand mixers to ensure that they can execute various jobs concurrently. Huge commercial stand mixers are common in specialist cooking areas, but smaller models are additionally utilized and function extremely well. Purchase the best stand mixer that you could afford. Stand mixers are wonderful for cooking, blending bread, whipping components such as mashed potatoes, and whipping egg whites or lotion. Make sure that you comprehend exactly how your mixer functions as well as comply with appropriate operating procedure. For instance, thick blends, such as bread dough, must constantly be mixed at reduced rates.

Meat Slicer

A professional quality meat slicer is great for making homemade sandwiches and slicing things like veggies. Just think, you can roast your own meats and then easily slice them on the slicer for whatever reason you need. They’re typically very expensive but you can find them on DealDash at an excellent price if you head there right now and place a bid.

Excellent quality Pots and also Pans

While your ingredients will certainly be the structure of any sort of dish that you prepare, you cannot complete your goals without excellent pots as well as pans. Poor quality pots as well as frying pans can affect the taste of the end product, in addition to trigger your dish to burn. Purchase the best quality frying pans that you could manage, consisting of a great sauté pan, a good Dutch stove, as well as a deep stock pot. These are the fundamentals that you have to start with, however adding specialized dishes later on is a great idea if you are serious about cook quality cooking.

Bar-b-que Grill

One more specialist celebrity that cooks use on a regular basis is a barbecue grill. Numerous cooks prefer gas grills, as they are simpler to manage, yet some aficionados are adamant that charcoal gives the most effective taste to smoked items. If you intend to deliver chef top quality dishes, utilize your grill frequently. Even having a small counter leading kitchen area grill is great for searing as well as cooking. Bigger offerings ought to be prepared on an outside grill, continued your deck or garden enjoyable area. For summer season events, nothing will certainly exceed the influence of a well ready barbequed dish.

professional kitchens

After reading this, you can easily go to DealDash right now. At the DealDash website you’ll find just about all these items for a fraction of the price. I suggest placing bids on as many of them as you can to truly have the best chance of winning big and turning your home into a professional kitchen.

Why You Want a Paper Shredder From DealDash

Paper Shredders from DealDash are superb, although we can see how they could seem a little top secret, or James Bond for many individuals and also actually they were just truly utilized by federal government agencies up till the 1980’s. Now nevertheless, they are extremely frequently utilized by companies and by lots of people in their own residences. DealDash has a large range of paper shredders and other useful items for your home and office, head to site right now to get the best items fast.

paper shredder

As for shredders it’s probably not as well unusual taking into consideration that there are merely under 10 million of instances of identity theft yearly in the in the United States alone, and with industrial keys and trademark ending up being an increasing number of those which are attacked. If that frightens you, keep reading to learn how a paper shredder from DealDash can help you out.

Paper Shredders range from big industrial design shredders right to tiny shredders, made for home use. The larger commercial design ones can be shredding numerous countless files each hour.

Naturally most people do not need anything near that scale. For those individuals that are searching for a shredder, it boils down to comprehending just what their requirements are and after that measuring that versus the HUBBUB range.

The range runs from 1-6 and also pertaining to the degree of shredding that is done to each record, or simply puts the degree of safety that each paper shredder deals. As an alternative, head on in to DealDash right now and pick one of the many paper shredders available to you at an excellent price.

Levels 1 as well as 2 are taken into consideration for standard papers, degree 3 would certainly connect to confidential files and value 4 for more readily vulnerable things.

Levels 5 and 6 shredders are checked out at being for super-secret documents. These sorts of shredders are the ones that are still be used by federal governments around the world.

paper shredder

For a lot of people seeking a paper shredder the Net is definitely a desirable location to begin looking. There are some large amounts around and normally makers have the ability to sell at costs rather a great deal less than people would usually be able to enter a routine store. Merely have a desirable check out to encounter the most effective bargains and also see to it that the paper shredder has the right RACKET degree that you are looking for. Now that you understand the difference in paper shredders, and you know why they are important, go to DealDash, find one you like, and place a bid today.

When it Comes to Valentines Day, Listen to DealDash

When it comes to commemorating Valentine’s Day, the majority of people find it difficult to make one of the most Valentine’s Day as a result of one tiny detail – ways to choose the best present for their companion. So when it pertains to deciding as well as purchasing the ideal gift for your loved one, below are the 4 Valentine’s Day suggestions for you:

valentines Idea 1: Flowers Are Not Presents.

They’re more like garnish for the actual present(s). Incorporating blossoms possessing the present will make you superb brownie points. Merely obtaining florals and also absolutely nothing else is just inviting the wrath/disappointment of your loved one. If you’re lost on a gift idea, don’t waste time, head on in to DealDash right now and find something quick, better late than never!

However, wait! Right here’s some good news – if you cannot choose anything past blossoms, after that go in for the good ones – orchids on stems, single tulips, chrysanthemums, or find out which flowers are a favorite with your companion.

Pointer 2: Music Presents Are Not OK.

CD, DVD, and so on are offensive on Valentines. You simply cannot present these. You’re better off acquiring a solution for your companion: a massage, also an entire day at health club. Make certain to prepay the idea. You can however, give a nice gift like those you’ll find on DealDash.

Suggestion 3: Practical Gifts Are Offensive Too.

Attempt NOT to offer the following: coffeemaker, paper shredder, smoke detector, vacuum cleaner, and of course, an elegant pen, even a computer system. These don’t specifically mean “I Love You”, so avoid these in any way costs.


Tip 4: Paper Is Not Wrapping Paper.

It merely isn’t. And neither is a plastic bag. When you spend so much of your effort and time, and also obviously money, to get the best present, why not go all the way as well as gift wrap it as well? Most shops provide gift wrapping free of charge. And even if whatsoever there is any fee, it’s not much actually.

So these were the 4 vital tips for you making one of the most of Valentines Day this year. Instead of trying to cut corners with that special someone, it’s important that you take the time to find a good gift that will create lasting memories. I suggest you head on in to DealDash right now and place some bids on some great gifts and make sure that special someone knows you care.

Crucial Tips to Keep for Child Safety on the Road

Over and over, the boy jumps the large red round off the sidewalk. Then the toy hops awkwardly off the surface area and starts bouncing to the opposite side of the street. Screeeeeech! The vehicle driver of a car jetting later on involves an abrupt stop, as he saw the ball bouncing across the street. Fortunately, the child identified from the traffic indicator later on that a crosswalk was there. And just as his mom had actually taught him, he understood that he needs to only go across the street where he detected that sign. DealDash truly cares about your children and wants to help make sure they are taken care of on the road.

child safety

With the rise of vehicles on today’s roads, parents should exercise child safety on the road, proper education can maintain him or her to be safe and sound near roadways. As a matter of fact, specific guidelines could help your child to continue to be safe in different areas connected to roadway safety:

  1. Show your kid the steps stop, look, and then go. The kid should Eliminate one go back from the shoulder of the roadway or visual prior to making use of a crosswalk. Second, the young person needs to Look left as well as best for web traffic going down the road. Next off, the youngster must Think of whether all web traffic has actually cleared the roadway. Ultimately, your child needs to frequently Look and Pay attention for cars as well as trucks while crossing the roadway.
  2. Child must only open up and close the Security Door. It is essential that your kid always uses a car’s “Safety and security Door,” such as when your family comes to Amish Nation Ohio Lodging. This is the rear door on the passenger’s side. Go to DealDash right now and you can also find great deals on child safety seats for the car.
  3. Kids have to only play in locations that are secure. These consist of locations such as driveways, which are surrounded and also a country mile from traffic.
  4. Be a good example to your youngster. Kids typically copy the habits of grownups, so it is necessary that your child see you practice roadway safety on your own. Guidecraft website traffic signs can be made use of to instruct youngsters concerning the definitions of various roadway signs.
  5. Always utilize child seat security. To avoid injuries, child seat should be:

* Positioned in the rear if the seat encounters the rear and the front seat has a passenger air bag.

* Securing the kid effectively using shoulder as well as lap belts.

* Exchangeable for babies and toddlers (to save cash).

* Simple to make use of.

* Appropriate for your youngster’s weight and age.

* Suiting correctly in your automobile.

* Facing the back of the automobile for as long as possible.

* Appropriately set up.

You can find high quality safety seats on DealDash at an incredible price and all of which have passed rigorous safety standards and qualifications. Just head on in to the DealDash website right now and see what you can find.

  1. Get your kid to put on security gear when playing. Youngsters ought to wear protective gear when playing on dabble wheels: bikes, mobility scooters, skateboards, roller skates, Large Tires, and so on. Helmets are one of the most vital, to stop head injuries, though elbow joint and also knee pads are also practical.
  2. Educate your kid solid policies. They should never ever cross a road other than at traffic control, crosswalks and also overhead links; never go anywhere with complete strangers; never run into the street; never ever play along the roadway; and never ever speak with unfamiliar people.
  3. Constantly hold your youngster’s hand. You need to consistently do this when you’re near the road, website traffic, or even a group of parked cars. Your youngster is still expanding, but they is not psychologically mature enough to have the understanding as well as knowledge making certain choices. Hence, they ought to be supervised 100 % of the moment when nearby traffic.

child safety

Whether your kid is playing outside or your family is driving to Amish Nation Ohio Lodging, it is essential that she or he consistently exercise roadway safety and security. Traffic signs could assist to reveal them the method. And a child safety seat from DealDash can be the determining factor to the safety for your child when the unfortunate time comes that an accident occurs. Don’t hesitate, go to DealDash right now and see the amazing deals on high-quality child safety seats.

Make Sure You Check your Yard Tools for Spring

You’ve been considering your blower and other yard tools. You recognize the winter season is quickly coming close to an end in the next couple months, but you haven’t checked your yard tools yet.  Nonetheless, you realize that if you hang around till the first snowfall you’re going to need to rush to get your yard tools cleaned up, serviced and also prepared to do their job. Let DealDash help you get prepared and offer you a quick solution for any missing or damaged tools. There isn’t much time left until spring and when winter ends, you’ll need your tools ready for spring. You know that you must change that blades before plants start to grow.

yard tools

Each season brings with it a new set of tools and also devices for lawn treatment and also maintenance around the residence. As several have figured out the hard way, if we postpone in relation to upkeep of our yard tools, we could wind up reluctantly on our neighbor’s doorstep borrowing a device or more.

Obviously, we’re rather embarrassed by this, knowing that it might’ve been avoided if we had actually only taken a couple of minutes to cleanse, oil as well as solution our devices so that it’s ready to go when required. DealDash is here to help remind you and offer you cost efficient solutions to your needs this upcoming spring. It’s a frustrating sensation when we draw the starter cable on our weed whacker, leaf blower or hedge trimmer for the very first time after concerning a year, only to find that nothing takes place.

Remain Ahead of the Game When Caring for Yard Tools

You have actually most likely been collaborating with tools as well as lawn devices long enough to know just what it requires to maintain a device in good working order. However, a little correspondence course never hurt anyone. Let’s quickly review a few things to pay attention to when maintenance and preparing your yard tools for another period. Constantly maintain your yard tools and follow this guideline around for every tool to utilize as an upkeep reference overview if needed.

Weed Whacker: Replace the oil. This opts for every tool run by a gas engine. Likewise, examine the wheel to ensure it spins properly. Take a look at the ignition system making sure it is not put on or filthy. If you do see indications of wear, change it. Inspect the line for deterioration, changing it if it does not appear like it’ll last one more period. Additionally, consider the pole and all the binding screws to make sure everything is tight.

Hedge Trimmer: The exact same basic engine upkeep procedures apply in regard to changing the oil and also examining the spark plug and all other connections. Additionally, check out your blades to see if they need sharpening or replacing. If it is dull and nicked up, you’ll possibly wish to change it. After draining the engine for the oil adjustment, drain the remainder of the energy from the energy storage tank, either by running the engine or thoroughly slipping off the gas line. Proceed to check the trimmer to make sure there are no cracks or breaks. If there are you can pick up a new trimmer on DealDash at an incredible price along with other useful gardening and yard tools.

Blower: If your fallen leaf blower is electrical, inspect the cord for any kind of harm. Take a moist towel and also clean the blower tube. This can also be followed if your trimmer or weed whacker is electrical as well. A lot of tubes just need to be cleaned and not replaced. If your leaf blower is gas-powered, the exact same general policies use similar to any type of small engine; replace the oil, examine the ignition system as well as inspect all links. And right now, you can find a great combo set on DealDash of all three of these items listed in this article at one convenient place for a great price.

yard tools

Miscellaneous: When it comes to power tool repair work, whether it’s a screwdriver, a drill or a saw, each item has its own one-of-a-kind collection of qualities. Yet they likewise have points in common, such as a power source. Whether the tool is run by power or is battery-operated, always check the power source as well as cables for harm as well as rust. When storing, eliminate batteries or complete cables evenly. Keep this guideline in mind when getting ready for the spring and too make things easy, go to DealDash and pick up some brand new tools at an incredible price.

Is it Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovation is among one of the most common tasks homeowners option for getting done. That’s due to the fact that the cooking location is frequently a high-traffic area in several houses. DealDash knows how important your kitchen is, it is where the kids like to rest and also do homework for example. Parents often relax there to draw up costs and do taxes. So if your food kitchen is not living up to its needs, explore a few reasons that you might want to remodel yours.

kitchen remodel It’s Too Small

If the kitchen area’s ended up being too small to fit your family, it’s a good time to think about seeking improvement. If you’ve remained in your house for a number of years, you’ve most likely experienced a wonderful growth of occupants. Originally, your cooking area may have been the ideal place for you and also your spouse to awaken, eat morning meal as well as unwind in a comfy dining room over a mug of coffee. Currently, as the years have actually gone by, your little comfy morning location is currently busy with kids and points are a bit as well close for convenience. As a result, you will certainly really feel the need to increase. DealDash also knows that not everyone has the money to remodel a kitchen, so they offer a full range of products and items, designed to help save space in the kitchen and around the home at a fraction of the cost of a kitchen remodel.

It’s Not Practical

Sometimes, you might question what looked at a designer’s head when they created specific spaces in houses, a quick look may make you question why you have waited so long for a kitchen remodel. If you’re a devoted chef, but the area where you make your magic take place doesn’t allow you to work in an effective manner, then you could most likely benefit from some desirable kitchen remodel. You could also benefit from some items found on DealDash that are designed to improve your kitchen. Because these days, there are numerous alternatives available to help get you create your desired kitchen. From a lazy Susan to island cook tops, you could have a functional cooking space that will make food preparation for those special meals even more special. And the great thing is that with some styles, this space will not only be an area to cook, yet it will likely come to be the centerpiece of your house.


Do you hear that knock at your door? That’s the year 1968 as well as it wants its kitchen area back. If your food preparation room is embedded in a time warp, then don’t hesitate, get a kitchen remodel immediately. Kitchen area remodeling is a legitimate alternative to assist you leave the past and also move into future. Many of the items found on DealDash for example are designed to improve your work in the kitchen. The amusing thing is that many individuals don’t understand just how bad their cooking situation is until they see all the new tools available, choices as well as designs that have actually appeared throughout the years. When you get a kitchen remodel, you’ll possibly be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

kitchen remodel
You Can’t Move Your Family

Occasionally, no matter exactly how bad you may intend to relocate to a new residence, the concept of moving is merely not in the cards. Fortunately, that does not suggest you need to be stuck with the exact same design for any of your residence’s areas. Kitchen area renovation is all the rage and the fantastic point is that it’s more inexpensive than moving into a new location in order to get more area. Do a bit of study and work with an expert company to ensure you get the space you have actually constantly wanted. And head in to DealDash now and see what type of useful kitchen items you can find to help you in your endeavor to create the perfect home.

Make Things Easy at the kitchen with DealDash

Some concepts are simply too unique to go un-noticed, DealDash is here to share with you an old, timeless and truly desirable item that can make things much easier in the kitchen and around the home. The lazy Susan offers home owners simple convenience. Extremely easy in its function, as well as really creative in practice, a lazy Susan permits one to have easy 360 level access to whatever item is positioned upon it and you can head into DealDash right now and pick one up. Put your things on a one of these then spin it – what a simply powerful way to assist people and give access from every angle! The constraints of uses are just established by your own limitations for imagination. When you begin utilizing one you will certainly wonder exactly how you ever lived without them in the past.

lazy susan

The real toughness behind a lazy Susan is its simplicity of use. Little power is needed to revolve a product placed on a lazy Susan and also the very smooth circular activity makes it an excellent enhancement for placement. Think of having the ability to frost the sides of a pie in one basic liquid movement instead of having the herky-jerky motions that a person obtains aiming to relocate their body around the table or to turn a regular plate in a round style. One could conveniently make perfect cakes with making use of a lazy Susan with beautifully smooth sides and top. One of these items along with countless others found on the DealDash website can be used to make your home beautiful and convenient as well.

The lazy Susan can be made use of in combo with offering trays to enable guests easy access to hard to get to things beyond of an offering tray with a simple spin. This idea works remarkably when having a fondue event where a variety of people relaxing a table would certainly desire simple accessibility to different products to dip into the fondue pot put in the center. With a straightforward spin, a guest can conveniently access all of the things made available for dipping. It could even end up being a little a chat starter as individuals typically communicate with each other to aid supply access to the different foods offered for dipping. And with the other great items found on DealDash you can easily cook the delicious foods you’ll place on your lazy Susan. Just head on in to the site right now to check out all the wonderful items that can be found at an incredible discount when won at auction.

Another excellent use idea in the kitchen area is to mount a one of these turnatables inside a kitchen cabinet that maybe has a challenging location for giving accessibility to products stored in the cupboard. Once more, you are a simple spin away from being able to access products that are being stored in the rear of the cabinet; no time at all consuming discharging and also refilling all the products from the front to be able to gain access to the products in the back. This can be particularly valuable in a cupboard near to the cooking area where one wants the ability to swiftly access spices and also spices while food preparation.

lazy susan

Lazy Susan’s are not limited to utilize in the kitchen area as there are numerous sensible applications for this special appliance throughout the house. Use it in utility closets, think of using it with a stand for holding precious jewelry, also think garage! The usages end up being ever more noticeable the much more you begin to take a look at restricted spaces where you would love to keep things but do not as a result of the minimal accessibility nature of the area. A turntable is commonly a quick and inexpensive addition for converting tight spaces right into totally functional and conveniently obtainable ones. By applying a little imagination together with a lazy Susan turntable, you will certainly discover that your life simply got visibly less complicated. Now that you have learned all the benefits of the lazy Susan, we recommend you head on in to DealDash and check them out along with all the other great kitchen items. You can spruce up your home and make it convenient all at the same time.

5 Favorite DealDash Wins I Use Daily

I have 5 items to share, I love these wonderful items that I have around my house and won at your penny auction site.

There are more than 5 believe me, but I am going to share five.
Not a day goes by that I don’t use my Presto Coffee Maker, Price $54, Ia have also won a drip pot, but I use the percolator every single morning!  I make a pot of coffee, check my email and pop into DealDash to see what’s going on the market.  I look at my favorite categories and bookmark them, this way I don’t start bidding on random items that I really don’t want.
I won the Sunbeam microwave with about 200 bids, I didn’t have a microwave for years before I won this one, but now that I have it, I don’t know how I lived without it.  This was so popular among my friends, I had to win one for one of them too!

The Spa Sonic is an amazing skin care Face and body Polisher! It’s valued at $80, but I won it for only .83 cents! This was one of the first items I won, I didn’t even know I wanted one, then when I got it, I fell in love.  It’s great in the shower, it’l like getting a facial every day!
This item I don’t use, but I enjoy it very much, my husband uses it every day and he loves his Phillips Norelco Razor, this razor is valued at $117, but I won it for only $2.35

This last item I use everyday is not only useful but very decorative, I get a lot of compliments from people who visit my home and I’ve sent a friend or two to DealDash with this item alone, I have won quite a few Old Dutch items, but this is the Old Dutch Cast Iron Tea Pot $103,  I use everyday, it’s right on top of my wood stove and I use it as a humidifier.

So I won $431.00 worth of prizes that I use every day and I only invested $49.33 plus $72.00 on bids, I saved over 80% on the items.  Every item was delivered FREE, that’s their policy! Check out DealDash and see how much you can save!

Good Luck and Happy bidding!!!

Look Good with Gold jewelry from DealDash

Gold jewelry never ever goes out of style, especially that won at auction from DealDash. Considering that ancient times people have been using jewelry made from gold. Aside from its extraordinary appeal, gold has outstanding properties that make it suitable to obtain molded into any sort of form. It is incredibly wearer friendly as well as generally does not trigger any sort of skin allergies. Because 100 % gold is really soft, it is mixed with other steels to offer it stamina and longevity needed for jewelry. You can find a range of gold jewelry on DealDash right now and It is combined with other metals like nickel, silver, copper or zinc to make different shades. Rose gold is one of the most preferred colours followed by yellow gold and white gold, though other colours are in some cases also readily available.

There are usually 3 colours of gold that are readily available nowadays:

  1. Yellow Gold-Yellow is the initial colour of gold and various other tones are established by alloying it with various aspects in a variety of percentages. It has actually been the typical selection for guys’s and also female’s jewelry. One cannot imagine an Indian wedding event without yellow gold jewelry.
  2. White Gold-White gold is the new preferred metal for jewelry; it looks similar to platinum and also supplies a terrific appearance with rubies as well as other jewels. When white gold rings are new they can be coated with another white metal called Rhodium. It is very just like platinum as well as shares a number of the properties of platinum including its white colour.
  3. Rose Gold-Rose gold has a pinkish tint to it and also is developed by blending pure gold with blends including copper. The copper provides the red colour to this gold and silver. Why wait and miss out, head on in to DealDash right now and pick up some great pieces of rose gold.

Dual-tone or three-tone gold jewelry is a craze everywhere. Two or 3 tones of gold combined to develop a jewelry item looks incredibly attractive. However, recognizing the purity of your gold is really vital. You can select from the various qualities varying from 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K and 22K. Lots of on the internet jewelry stores are giving customized two-tone and three-tone gold jewelry at inexpensive costs. You can select the type of metal as well as rock for your jewelry as per your choice as well as budget plan. Also with the advantage of totally free delivery as well as cash on delivery, you could obtain your jewelry delivered to your door step. And also your jewelry will consistently have BIS as well as IGI certifications of authenticity. You merely have to compare the designs, prices as well as plans of different on the internet jewelry shops prior to acquiring your precious metal jewelry.

Gold jewelry is perfect for any kind of celebration, be it a formal, ceremonial or a casual one. Different online jewelry shops are providing a considerable array of traditional and also contemporary jewelry which is unique as well as trendy. Every Indian lady loves to put on gold jewelry. And also if you are planning to gift her something special, after that it is needed that you pick the very best layout from a relied on online jeweler shop. Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of gold, head on into to DealDash and pick up a piece of jewelry at an excellent price!

The Benefits of Drinking Coffee with DealDash

Excess amounts of coffee can have adverse impacts on the body, however, the positive aspects of drinking coffee in the early morning many when the coffee consumption is kept at modest degrees. A moderate amount arrays between 1 to 3 mugs daily, and staying within that limit can be of positive aspect to the overall health and wellness of the body, according to some researches. Coffee can be a pain to make, but you can find high-quality and simple to use coffee makers on DealDash. Convenience is one of the keys to drinking good qualities.


Coffee is a powerful energizer, that is able to stir up and energize people with less adverse effects than many other energizers. For that reason, it is a great selection for beginning the day, specifically for those that have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning. For these people, nevertheless, the coffee must just be taken in the early morning, as consuming it in the future in the day could interfere with the resting pattern during the night, making it much more very difficult to get up in the early morning.

Consuming coffee in the early morning can be quite beneficial for those working in a workplace, as it can help to enhance their mental power to get the job done a lot more successfully. The energizer effect of coffee can help them to remember more and also be more focused as well as alert. Coffee has actually likewise revealed to assist boost the moods of individuals, particularly for those who are utilized to consuming coffee. DealDash has some of the best coffee makers you can find anywhere and for great prices.

Not only is coffee able to raise psychological power, but it has the ability to raise physical energy also. For that reason, consuming coffee in the morning could likewise profit those that have a tough physical labor ahead of them, as it could enhance their power and also endurance additionally.

The advantages of drinking coffee in the early morning, nonetheless, are not simply noticed by the working class, but for students and also the elderly too. Studies reveal that the start of mental diseases is reduced in individuals who take in coffee on a regular basis. And also for students, consuming a mug of coffee before heading into class for an exam could assist to raise their emphasis and mental quality as well.


Despite the benefits of drinking coffee in the morning, it should not be overdone, as coffee in excess quantities could have adverse effects on the total wellness of the body. DealDash just wants to make you aware because we care. Now that you know the benefits of drinking coffee, let’s head over to DealDash and you can pick one out today!

DealDash Tips to Buying Portable Speakers

There are thousands of portable speakers commercially offered. They are available in various shapes and sizes, have various functionalities or specs, and at different costs and you can find some of the best on DealDash. The majority of people get one as a result of the rate or its aesthetic style. A bunch of people do not provide much thought or focus on the speaker’s descriptions or to other more crucial aspects because they are conveniently offered either on-line or in-store.

Here are 3 ideas on how to pick budget friendly yet dependable portable sound speakers.

As the name suggests, mobile speakers ought to not be a problem to lug about and have to be light-weight. They should fit effortlessly inside any kind of typical sized bags – really, some could even suit pockets. This is the reason why it is necessary to focus much more on the audio speaker’s form, dimension, and weight as opposed to its layout or appearance. Naturally, it’s so much better when you locate one that provides extraordinary mobility, terrific sound top quality as well as a great layout visual.

Audio results are one more essential element to consider. A lot of are compact in size which might appear to make reduced or insufficient noise. Look on DealDash and you can find some great speakers like the Schlutz Bluetooth Speaker, why wait? Head to DealDash right now and pick up one today!  While many speakers that are portable have low quality noise, this is not the case for many of the products you will certainly come across on DealDash.  Compact or ergonomically designed sound speakers, whether portable or not, still should create professional sound, especially when utilized outdoors or in a noisy atmosphere. This is the reason why it is consistently a great tip when buying a mobile audio speaker to look at its specs. Actually, some audio speakers with excellent requirements could fill up an entire area with their noise.

The following tip when buying mobile sound speakers is the most important. Certainly, it would certainly be recommended to opt for the ones that are not as well pricey and also not as well low-cost. With the raised appeal of mobile audio speakers, several premium companies are producing designs valued at $100 per audio speaker or more. While several of these are considered premium, cost wise, couple of justify their price by giving up noise for layout as well as brand name loyalty. At the other end of the range are mobile sound speakers valued so low that all they offer is novelty and sacrifice design and audio top quality. On DealDash you can find high quality speakers at a great price and without sacrificing sound. The wonderful aspect of their appeal is that there are companies producing well-made items with excellent audio quality at an economical rate. Consumer evaluations are a terrific means to extract audio speakers with poor efficiency or high price tags.

portable speakers

Mobile audio speakers been available in hundreds of shapes and also designs, wired as well as Bluetooth wireless. We suggest you head over to DealDash and see what you can find, you’ll be happy that you do. Whichever you pick they make an excellent accessory to appreciate outdoors, specifically poolside or at summer and spring BBQ’s. Since you have these tips you could begin by going to DealDash right now and picking up a portable Bluetooth Speaker for yourself.

Weekends Are Fun And Competitive at DealDash

Yes, weekends are just about as much fun as you can have at DealDash, this is if you are in it for the game.  There are so many people who DealDash just for the thrill….I am one of those players, I will often exchange a win just to go win another item.

I’m not sorry at all for this because I am not alone.  There are dozens of people who are like me, we don’t need much “stuff” and we’re only here to win.  I can’t say that is my thought all the time, and in fact, if there is a new item at DealDash I am first in line to win it because they are constantly upping the game and adding new and exciting items that I just have to have!

So, you can only bid on the weekend because you work all week and can’t get to DealDash.  Be aware to do battle!  The weekends have a whole different group of players and I love them just as much at the mid week people.

Weekenders tend to overbid, so you have to plan accordingly.  Once you get to know the names of other players, you will be able to predict what they are going to do as they play.  Are they going to jump out only to come back later? perhaps, but time will tell.

Everyday there are new people joining DealDash, every one of them will develop their  own style of bidding and you will learn what the is.  Does this guy stay or does he go? Does this person jump back in?  One thing I can tell you is you can’t count on “human nature”  it’s the one unpredictable aspect of DealDash, just when you thought you had someone figured out, he changes!  I change, actually that is one of my strategies, be unpredictable.  Some people bid only in the first dollar of an auction, others only bid in the end.  Get to know these players and it will help you win.

The best way to keep track of this is to use the Winner’s List, it is an essential tool to the player, as well as the “Who’s At Their Limit” tab found in your Dashboard.  These tools are truly ESSENTIAL to your winning.  Also, keep a journal, no kidding it will help you be a better player.

So, you need to bid on the weekends?  There is hope for you.  Know your fellow players, load up on bids, bid only on things you really want, BIN  if you need to. Binning allows you to get any bids you invested in an auction back.  No other site does this so enjoy the wealth at DealDash! Remember, the best thing you can do for yourself on the weekends is use the tools DealDash has provided, the Winner’s List and the Who’s At Their Limit Tab.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Super Bowl Week Sales At DealDash

Every week at DealDash they feature a new sale!  There are a few different sale types, and everyone has their favorite.  Well, if you’re favorite sales includes 50% Off Wins  and Free Wins, these sales are for you!

On Monday and Tuesday February 01 and 02, 2016 DealDash is having a “50% Pre-Game Sale”, all wins are 50% off.  If you bid in an auction, and it ends at $4.00, and your the winner, you pay only $2.00 and get Free Shipping.  If you’re not the winner you can BIN (Buy It Now) at the regular retail price and get any bids back you used in the auction and Free Shipping.  It’s a great benefit of bidding at DealDash, they really don’t want anyone to to away empty handed.  If you bid on something you want to win, right? Well, you can’t win them all, it’s that simple, but you can BIN, so stick to items that you really want, need or could really use.

For the remainder of the week Wednesday February 03- Super Bowl Sunday 2/7, DealDash is having “The Big Game Super Sale” All wins are FREE!  Your wins are Free your shipping is Free, so if you are the winner you pay a one penny transaction fee and the next thing you know your item is at your door.

Not only are wins free for those 5 days, the bid prices will range between .12 and .15 cents.  On Sat. and Sun. they will be .12 cents so if you want to load up on bids on sale that’s a good time to do it.  Keep in mind that during Free Sales, players will use more bids to win.

The “Big Game Super Sale” has more to offer, on Sat. the 6th DealDash will have 50 auction start at 2PM and on Super Bowl Sunday 100 auctions will start at 1:00 PM.  Not only can you get .12 bids and free wins, there will be a windfall of items.  It’s a lot of fun and excitement bidding during the frenzy created during these auctions, and some people love it, the first items start selling off at only a couple of pennies, then some less than a dollar, then a few more will end at a dollar or two, and so on until all items are won. DealDash likes to mix it up for the players and this week at DealDash has a lot of great opportunity for us to win big and save money.

If you want to stay updated on what’s going on at DealDash visit their Deal Dash Facebook Page, Like and Follow them, and they will follow you, then you will get notifications about sales at DealDash and find other information, like who’s winning and what they paid for their item.   You can also visit the site at DealDash the sales are always posted right on the home page.

See you in the auctions! Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Keeping It Clean At DealDash

This has been one of the mildest Winters I’ve ever seen here in the Northeast, but across America we are still getting our floors and mud rooms filthy with boots, ski equipment, and hiking or biking gear.  One sure way to begin beating the winter blues is start your Spring cleaning and DealDash can help.
DealDash carries a nice variety of floor cleaning utilities.  From mops to floor cleaning systems.  I won this O’Cedar Mop and Bucket System for less than a dollar.  As always, it was shipped free and was here is just days.  I have never touched a mop-head since.  This bucket actually does everything including wring the mop.  The head is strong and has mopped up some tough messes from my pets.  The bucket holds a good amount of hot water and has a convenient, sturdy handle.

It retails for $56, but the average selling price is only $8.60! So let’s say there are five people in the auction and the mop goes for 860 bids divide that by 5 and your average amount of bids required to win will be 172.
You bought your bids on sale for .12 cents each used 172 bids that is 20.64 plus the 8.60 = $29.24 a 50% savings! Now let’s say DealDash is having one of it’s amazing sales like 50% Off or Free item wins, then the price would be $25.00 or $21, respectively.  Getting to know how the auctions work with items under $100 are the best way to get your auction “sea legs” because they end sooner and you get the benefit seeing an auction from beginning to end come and go.
Equally as easy to win would be any one of these other floor cleaning devices.  They are popular items, but most people won’t get into a two day bidding war over a mop.  I can’t say it won’t happen, I did get into a war for the O’Cedar a couple of times before I won it, but you can’t win them all!  But hey, everyone needs a mop, right?! So Go after you favorite one!

So before you get started on your floors, get started at
DealDash and win yourself the floor cleaning tool that best suits your needs.The Bissell Pet Upright Deep Cleaner is a heavy-duty carpet cleaner with 6.2 amps of power to clean even the toughest stains.   It retails for $245, I would estimate this to end somewhere around $25 give or take.  You will learn this the more you bid.  If you are a beginner, the best thing to do, if you haven’t already, is to watch a bunch of auctions.  It’s very tempting to get involved, but if you watch without getting emotionally engaged, you can see how it ends, who’s bidding, who wins, the final price and not spend any money doing it.  It doesn’t take long to catch on, and in a few hundred bids you’ll feel like an old pro, but before you go for the big item bookmark a few and see where they finish.  You’ll get an idea where the auction might end next time when you will join in.  One tip, don’t bid manually, the Bid Buddy is the only way to conserve bids, bid in order and save money. Definitely get involved but in the beginning, keep it simple, you’ll win more and that always feels good!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

DealDash Strategy For Change: Know When It’s Time

Every single day on DealDash hundreds of people bid at any given time, we all want the same thing, to win, but some more than others!  I can’t stress enough how important it is to know the competition and what they are capable of.  So, let’s say you do know the completion, you’ve been in this auction for two hours and suddenly someone jumps in who you know to be a late bidder.  Now if you want to conserve bids, you have to back out or will soon be out of bids….and you knew this guy was going all the way, by going all the way, I mean,  you know when to come back, after they have exhausted a couple hundred bids, and this auction isn’t going to end soon and requires great patience.  

This is a strategy of many, many players.  You must get to know them.  On high ticket items there are the bidders who bid a lot early, go away, and come back tomorrow.  They have no doubt had a strategy for change.  It does take time to become familiar with the site, so do that first, but you have to know when your strategy is just out of date!

I know this because I have changed my strategy, I’ve had to, I’m bidding on a budget, you just don’t want your competition to know that.   You know it’s time for change when you see yourself not winning as much as you used to, or you’ve gotten to know the site very well and you spread yourself too thin.  I can’t tell you how many auctions I’ve lost doing that!  


Spreading yourself thin should be saved for the sales where 100 auctions start at once, then I can see getting into 6 auctions, people make mistakes, and that’s how we win! However, on an average day, stay focused on a manageable number of auctions; one or two.  That is the best way to conserve bids, because the odds are strongly against you winning every auction.

The you have the newbies who “you’re going to teach a lesson”, don’t do that, let them have it, they’ll be done and gone.  It’s that simple, walk away from stompers, there is always someone else out there to teach them a lesson, don’t let it be you.  Here’s the exception, you have 10,000 bids and won’t lose to anyone.  This isn’t a great strategy it costs a fortune, but believe it or not, those players are out there.   Newbies seem to love the smaller prizes, that is something you can put in your strategy.  

If you are in a rut, and it happens, change your strategy. Don’t bid on too many auctions at once, stay focused.  Stay away from stompers, you don’t need to teach them a lesson, karma will get them.  Know the late bidders and return after they leave, unless it’s just you and him, then you would set your Bid Buddy and hit him with bids!

From day one you have been winning at DealDash and once in a while you may experience a losing streak, it’s normal.  Don’t get discouraged, get smart, change your strategy, and win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

My First Four Weeks at DealDash!

My first day at DealDash was exciting to say the least! I have never in my life had so much fun trying to acquire an item.  I bought a bid pack and spent the next few hours getting to know DealDash.

The first thing I won was a Celestron UpClose 8×12 Binocular for one penny!  It was so exciting to see the fireworks and get that feeling of accomplishment!  The next thing I won was a Walmart Gift Card,  that was an easy win, no one else was trying to win it, so I was the first person and the only person to bid on it.  After that, I won a few more gift cards and when they all came in on the same day, I was lucky enough to go out for lunch and go shopping.  Later that day, I also went out for dinner with my Applebee’s card! I recouped my investment the first day!

Once I found gift cards to be so much fun at DealDash I decided to go on to  win some prizes for little to no money, and I did! Not only did I win prizes I won a 2000 Bids Pack for only $1.39.  You can only win that once, so it makes the pool of players smaller, don’t be fooled though, once you get to know the other players, you will see who is still trying to win that one size bid pack, keep track of other players habits knowing who will overbid.  There were many, many more bid packs to be won that month, well over 2000 bids, plus all the free bids you get for being the highest bidder.  DealDash rewards players with every second you spend at their site.  The longer you play the higher your reward. Just set your Bid Buddy and watch your free bids rack-up!

I went on to win a Cuisinart 3pc grilling set, for a penny, a Cuisinart Deep Fryer for $1.38, a NJ Croce Felix The Cat Wall Clock for $2.02.  A well fought battle was mine but I was victorious in winning the Nesco Jerky Express Food Dehydrator, the auction closed at $4.53, but DD was having a great All Items Free Sale, so I paid a one penny transaction fee, that’s it, even the shipping was free. 

When all these great prizes started showing up at my door, I had no idea how much merchandise I would acquire in my time at DealDash. Today, I am on a first name basis with the UPS and FedEx Drivers!

dd timexMy first few weeks wrapped up with me winning an iron, a drill, a light mirror and a Timex Watch.  It’s interesting to look back on the auctions to see what I won, every auction is special, I remember every win.  You can research all your wins on your Dashboard where all your stats are stored.  You can find information on your purchases, win, and bid history.  If you click on the auction it will direct you to the auction as it closed.  This is a great way to see who you might need to keep an eye on.  

dd drillEvery day at DealDash is exciting and interesting.  I have been very pleased with all my wins and could not be happier with the way DealDash has transformed the site to the new, funner, more-wins, more items, more auctions site that it is. 

Keep track of your wins, take a photo and post to the DealDash Facebook page, and you will get free bids for bragging rights! Every Monday, DealDash rewards one player with 1000 bids for the “Best Photo Of The Week”

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.