My Favorite Things at DealDash

There are so many things to love about DealDash, they have been around for 8 years and was founded on being fair and honest, which they are… I’ve used several of the other sites out there and I use DealDash exclusively now.  It’s the most fun, it is by far the best prices and the Buy It Now Option is outstanding.

So, here a few of my favorite things about DealDash.

  1. Bid Buddy, this feature bids for you and places a bid only when it’s appropriate for your turn.  If you don’t use the Bid Buddy, you are using too many bids, I assure you.
  2. Buy It Now Option, If you don’t win an item, you have the option to purchase the item and get your bids back.  DealDash doesn’t want us to go away empty-handed and they want us to be happy.
  3. Bid Exchange, let’s say you’re bidding on an item and suddenly decide you really don’t need it, it’s ok, go on to win it and you can exchange it for bids determined by the value of the item, usually between 50% -100% of the value in bids
  4. The Dashboard is essential to successful bidding, it’s filled with information, like how many auction you are involved with, how many bids you have left on that item and there is where you will find your BIN option
  5. “Who’s On Their Limit” Tab, I love this tab, it tells me who’s in and who’s out because they have reached their winning limit for the week.
  6. Winning Limits established by DealDash ensures everyone is on a level playing field, if there is a power bidder out there today, he may reach his limit for the week and be gone for a few days until his start day.  To determine this type into your search bar “what day of the week was…..insert players date opened account.  This will give you the day of the week they started.  This is helpful if you are trying to win something that will take days to win, like a high end camera or a computer.
  7. New items all the time DealDash adds new and exciting brands and products all the time, lately they have added, more art, clothing, and house wares.  They change the technology all the time, for example, if you won a computer that has a limit of one per customer, tomorrow there may be a completely different computer to go for.  You can even win a swimming pool!
  8. Customer Service, DealDash has an outstanding customer service team, they are kind, understanding, knowledgeable and fair.
  9. Facebook Page, Their Facebook page is a great resource to see other players wins, get information on contests, share photos, find sales and they even publish some human interest stories as well as brand recognition.
  10. FREE BIDS! Free Bid multiplier, for every minute you are high bidder, and for posting photos to

These are just a few of my favorite things about DealDash.  If you’ve tried DealDash you know, if you haven’t what are you waiting for?! Go open an account, buy some bids and get your amazing deals coming directly to your home with 11. Free Shipping!!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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