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Easter is tomorrow, have you got everything set up for the kids or grandkids? If you need a little help, here are some tips from DealDash.

What does your family like to do on Easter? Do you have any fun family traditions? Easter started as a religious holiday, of course, but there are many people who don’t practice religion who enjoy the fun secular aspects of the holiday. Here are the best things to do on Easter when you have kids or grandkids.

Easter Egg Hunt

In a previous DealDash article, we talked about coloring Easter eggs. If you followed my suggestions, you should have lots of eggs to hide for your Easter egg hunt. If you didn’t dye your eggs, you will need to run out today and pick up some of the plastic eggs and put candies and little surprises in them to hide for the kids.

After hiding your eggs, be sure to jot down where you hid all of the Easter eggs in case they are not all found by the egg hunters. This is especially important if you’re hiding real eggs, as these will eventually go bad and start to smell really terrible.

Baskets of Easter Fun

Having small kids means making Easter baskets! You can get baskets that are pre-filled with small toys and candy from the big box store or even the supermarket. Personally, though, I prefer to buy an empty basket and fill it up myself. This way I know that my children will like everything that’s in the basket, and I can keep the candy to toy ratio in check. I would much rather they have a few small toys, stuffies, or games than too much extra candy. Also, my kids go crazy for those tiny clementine oranges, so those are a great healthy treat to put in their baskets that they love.

Family Brunch

What child doesn’t enjoy seeing their cousins and grandparents? Be sure to invite the relatives over for the egg hunt, and ask them to stay for an Easter brunch as well. Easter brunch is typically ham or turkey and can include many side dishes such as glazed carrots, fruit salad, and pastries.

As you’re enjoying the brunch with your family, try to include the children in some of the festivities. Children love to feel helpful, let them set the table, fill the water glasses, or take the guests jackets and put them away.

Before, during, and after the brunch, be sure to take lots of photos of the happenings. You never know how many more Easters you will get with great-grandma, so it’s always wise to preserve these wonderful family gatherings.

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