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Have you ever noticed that after the long winter your body feels different in Spring?

In most parts of the USA the winter is cold, rough, dark, and rather unpleasant. Have you ever noticed that when Spring comes it feels like your body has a weight lifted off of it, and everything looks a little brighter? Here are some of the changes that your body goes through in Spring, from DealDash.

It’s Getting Warmer

The daylight savings time change to the clock created a little discomfort in your life, I know. Also, with Spring general cleaning, you became more stressed, and the rising temperatures don’t help.

Don’t worry; the good part is going to come soon. At least, this is what scientists from The University of North Carolina are saying. As the temperatures start to rise, our bodies start to adapt to the warmth, and this changes the way we behave during the day. Our metabolism and well-being along with the way we think is going to be less stressed. Here is a list of the most important changes to your body during Spring, when our immune system becomes stronger:


The warmer temperatures are taking us outside, and we throw off the heavy, bulky clothing. We start to take walks and enjoy jogging and other physical activities around our home. Walks generate more oxygen to your brain, and you are going to have more energy to spare. You might find yourself able to do more things than you were doing during winter time.


The sun and the clear sky is going to be more gentle to your skin than the harsh winter wind. Along with bronzing your skin, the sun boosts the vitamin D in your bones, and your endorphin levels rise because of the exposure to the ultraviolet rays. This, in turn, makes you happier and puts you in a better frame of mind.


In the late ’80s, scientist Norman E. Rosenthal discovered Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a disorder that affects a huge percentage of the world’s population. Spring brings optimism and good thoughts because of the high level of endorphins you have when it is hot outside, the flowers are blooming, and nature revives itself.


Along with the heat comes the fact that you can spend more time out in the fresh air, which limits the contact with various viruses. You will not be exposed to the flu virus so easily, and we start to eat healthier, with fresh fruits and veggies. This way, your immunity becomes way stronger than it was during winter time.

So, as you can tell from the above article, Spring is an excellent time for us humans. It’s great for our health and emotional well-being. In other words, yay for Spring!!

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