DealDash Tricks: Become a Morning Person


How Can You Become a Morning Person? Let DealDash clue you in on some tips and tricks to help.

Every morning, you hit the snooze button on your alarm at least two times before you get up from the bed, right? That is the moment when you know that you need to do something to change this behavior in order to become a morning person. You want to be that person who radiates energy and has a healthy morning glow, right? Let’s find out how you can do this, with a little help from DealDash.

Get Used to Going to Sleep Earlier

It’s probably obvious that this tip is crucial for you to get up earlier in the morning the next day. By going to sleep earlier you give your body enough time to rest and heal for the day to come. If you try to go to sleep a little earlier every night until you are going to bed at the optimum hour, your body will create a little routine out of this. Thus, in time you will find out that is easier for you to go to bed earlier.

When is the optimum bedtime for you? I couldn’t say. It depends on your body as well as how restless a sleeper you are and when you need to wake up. As someone who typically goes to bed around midnight and wakes up at 7, my optimum bedtime is probably somewhere between 10-11PM. Your results will vary depending on your lifestyle.

Wake Up at the Same hour Every Day

Too much sleep can make you feel tired, as well. If you do not create a routine, your body will not adapt to your new wake up schedule. It is necessary that you wake up at the same hour every day, even on the weekend (groan!), for your body to adapt to the new schedule. Ultimately, you will not need an alarm to wake you up. It might take months to adapt to your new schedule. Stick with it.

Exercise Right After Breakfast

Sports and exercise can help you feel more energized in the morning, and it can also bring a better sleep at night. This practice brings only benefits in your life, there really is no downside. You can also do a light work out right after work, as well. This can be something as simple as a walk or bike ride after dinner. Doing this, you are going to eliminate your additional energy and sleep better.

Redecorate Your Bedroom

How can you sleep well when your bedroom is not a soothing  and restful environment? Professionals say that TVs or Laptops that produce light or create sounds can distract you from sleeping. Your bedroom should not have a TV, Radio or PC in order for you to have a silent sanctuary for healthy sleep. This also applies to your smartphone. Don’t use your phone in bed right before you sleep. The light that the phone emits can wake you up rather than put you to sleep.

Hydration is Essential

If you do not hydrate yourself enough during the day, it is possible that you will spontaneously wake from your sleep because you are thirsty. You need to drink water throughout the day. Starting in the morning when you wake up, down a full 8 ounces of water before you do anything else. This will start you on your way to having a healthy and hydrated day.

Continue this practice as often as you can throughout the day, stopping about an hour before bedtime. This should ensure that you’re hydrated as well as able to have a final bathroom visit before bed. Hopefully, you won’t wake after this due to thirst or a need to use the bathroom.

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