DealDash Gets Kids Back Into School Mode


Kids are still in a summer frame of mind. How do we get them back into school mode? Let DealDash help.

Earlier this week we talked about getting kids back on a school time schedule. (Click right here to read it if you missed it!) However, even if you get their schedule back on track they still might not be in a school frame of mind. Luckily, there are a few simple things that you can do to help. Read on, for more tips and tricks from DealDash.

Do a Little School Work

Some kids like doing workbooks and many others don’t like it. However, if you want to get them thinking about school, then it’s time to get one. They have workbooks for all ages at the bookstore. They even have them at the dollar store for younger kids. If you can manage to get your kids to do a page or two of school work every day, then they will be better prepared to head back to school.

If your kids really dislike workbooks, or if you can’t find one that suits them, then hit the books. Get your kids to read every day. If they are younger then have them read a story book every day with your help. If they are older, then have them read a chapter of a longer book every day. This will get their brains back into learning mode.

Go Back to School Shopping

I confess, I didn’t like school very much when I was a kid. However, one of my favorite activities was back to school shopping. I loved picking out my folders, notebooks, and other school supplies.

Other than actual school supplies, I loved picking out a new backpack, outfit and new shoes for the first day of school. There’s just something about fresh new clothes and school supplies that gets you in the mood to go back to school.

Get Together With Friends

There are still a few weekends left before school starts. Why not invite a few school friends over to play so they can renew their relationship before school starts? I know that a big part of not being ready to start school again can come from anxiety and worry that they won’t have any friends in their new class. Inviting some old friends from last school year can help, and show your kids that even if they don’t know anyone in their new class they will still have friends to ride the bus with and sit with at lunchtime and recess.

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