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Salt might be a delicious additive to food, but it’s not the healthiest. Here are some suggestions to reduce your salt intake, from DealDash.

Firstly, why should you reduce your salt intake? The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends reducing your salt intake to less than 5 grams per day. However, currently, salt is consumed on average twice as much each day. Too much sodium in the diet can cause many more problems than we think, and so many people are trying to reduce their intake. If you are one of them and the process of reducing the salt from your diet is complex for you, then you should follow these tips from DealDash.

Perception of Salty Taste

The intake of salt, by way of a variety of foods and salty preparations, is closely linked to the perception of the salty taste of our body. Interestingly enough, the orbitofrontal cortex in our brain is involved. Here’s how it works:

The higher your perception of salty taste, the more sensitive you are to the presence of salt and the lower its intake as a result. Therefore, those who do not perceive the taste well have a higher consumption of salt. In short, if you have a keen sense of taste, you will need to use less salt than someone who has duller senses. Unfortunately for the person with duller senses, their sodium intake can negatively affect their body.

A recent study published in the scientific journal “Hypertension” points out that spice lovers are more sensitive to salt and therefore consume less sodium and have lower blood pressure values. Therefore, increased consumption of spices increases the perception of salty taste and helps reduce salt consumption

Increase Your Capsaicin Intake

In addition, capsaicin, the substance found in “spicy” spices such as peppers or chili, was linked to a better activity of the brain areas that regulate the perception of taste. Therefore, having a taste for spice and its consumption is associated with a greater perception of the salty taste that contributes to reduce salt intake.

So, if you have trouble reducing salt in your diet and using less salt when preparing dishes, a scientifically proven trick would be to add spices to your dishes. Using spice is great to reduce your salt intake, but it has other benefits as well. 

In addition, spices can provide a variety of antioxidants and good nutrients that can enrich the diet. This will benefit your health in other ways beyond the reduction in salt intake that they promote.

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