DealDash Pets: The Art of Dog Walking


Have you mastered the art of walking your dog? No? Let DealDash help!

Walking your dog is good for you and your dog’s health. It can be challenging to walk your dog because some dogs like to pull on leashes and other dogs don’t like leashes. Some people have mastered the art of walking dogs, and they can walk more than one dog at once.  There are some easy ways to help you master the art of walking your dog if you are struggling to walk your dog. Here are some tips and tricks from DealDash.

Walk in Front of Your Dog

When you walk in the front of your dog, it gives your dog the message that you are the pack leader. If your dog is in control of the walk, he will get the wrong message.  You should be the first one leaving your house and the first one going in the door. It is best for your dog to be beside you or behind you when you walk. A dog feels happy and secure when he knows that he has a pack leader. Dogs can feel insecure and develop bad habits if they aren’t sure who the pack leader in the family is.

Use a Shorter Dog Leash

Using a shorter dog leash allows you to have more freedom and control. You should attach the dog’s leash to the top of his neck. This will help you easily guide, and correct your dog. Always correct your dog in a safe way when you are walking him.

When you use a longer leash on your dog he can easily get out of control. Eventually, if your dog is a good student, you can move on to a longer leash. You can enjoy walks and hikes much more when he is on a longer leash, so try to work with your dog so he can eventually use one.

Spend Enough Time Walking

It is imperative to spend enough time walking your dog each day. Taking your dog for a walk in the morning is ideal.  Setting aside thirty minutes to an hour of your time is just enough for a walk. However, each dog is different, so it is best to talk to your vet to see if your dog’s needs are being met. Taking longer walks with your dog is not only good for him, it’s good for you, too. You will feel your stress and tension melt away with a nice long walk with your dog in the morning and the evening.

Thanks for Reading

Walking your dog is an easy process. Following these tips will help your dog feel safe and comfortable when he walks.  It is good to reward your dog for good behavior when you are walking with him.  Rewarding your dog with his favorite meal will help him enjoy walking even more.

I hope that you found this DealDash article on mastering the art of walking your dog helpful. If you have any tips for pets and their owners please share them below in a comment. Also, if you have any questions about dogs, swimming, or DealDash, please leave them down below as well.

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