DealDash Seniors: Top Vacation Spots

DealDash Are you a senior who loves to travel? Read on for the top vacation spots for seniors, from DealDash.

Everyone deserves a vacation. When you are a senior, you most likely have a lot of time on your hands since you have retired. One of the many benefits of being retired is that you have time to go on a vacation.  Not only is vacationing a good pastime, but you can also receive senior discounts when it comes to food, events, attractions, and transportation. There are many vacation spots for seniors. Here are the top vacation spots for seniors, from DealDash.

Wilmington, North Carolina

Beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina is a perfect vacation spot for seniors. You can have fun down the seashore and enjoy the three beaches. You can go for a walk and watch the sunset and view the Cape Fear River. Wilmington, North Carolina is filled with historic museums, homes, and good food.  They also have festivals such as the Azalea festival every year. I have to admit, I am a bit partial to Wilmington, North Carolina, it’s where I grew up.


Alaska is a beautiful place to go to. Going on an Alaskan Cruise is one of the best options for a vacation idea. You can enjoy a nice dinner while watching the waterfalls sail by, and see the whales that pop up to say hi. It may cost a pretty penny to go on an Alaskan Cruise, but the experience is priceless. I personally know of a group of seniors, age 60-80 who went on an Alaskan cruise last year and had a wonderful time. They are planning their second one now.

The Carribean

The Caribbean is a great place to go to when you want to relax. The peaceful scenery and the mesmerizing blue ocean attracts many people of all ages.  It is the perfect vacation for seniors because you can enjoy a peaceful cruise to the Caribbean, and then enjoy your time on land. You should book your flight around September or May to avoid a huge crowd. If you hate snow and ice, the Carribean is the perfect place for you to take a trip.

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Going on a vacation as a senior can be a lot of fun. You will have a rewarding experience when you choose one of these vacation spots. So when you are considering where you would like to go on your next vacation as a senior citizen, be sure to check out some of these ideas from DealDash.

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