DealDash’s Study Tips for Your Teen


If you have a teen who needs some study tips, then read this article. Give the tips in this DealDash article a try.

No teen likes to study, but it has to be done in order to pass an exam. It is not easy to stay focused when you are studying because there are so many distractions going on around us. In order to pass a test, your teen will have to make sure that they stay focused. They may feel tired or lazy when it comes to studying, but they will have to work through it to get a good grade. Here are some tips to stay focused when your teen is studying, from DealDash.

Eliminate Social Media

Social media can be a big distraction when your teen is studying for an exam. It is best to turn off all phones and the internet off of the computer while your teen is studying. They need to try not to look at tweets or post any statuses on Facebook. If your teen needs a break from studying, they can take a stroll around the neighborhood or park for 20 minutes. I know it may be tempting to check on social media while studying, but ignoring those urges will help your teen’s studying become more effective.

Study Group

One way to stay focused when studying is to study with some classmates. Having a study group is beneficial because your teen will have someone that will keep them accountable. They should go to a quiet place such as the library to study with their classmates. A study group will help your teen stay more alert and motivated to study. However, your teen needs to make sure that they choose the correct people to join their study group. They wouldn’t want to be distracted by people who want to chat instead of study.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Food is fuel. Sometimes when your teen is studying a lot they forget to eat. A studying brain needs to stay alert and focused so eating healthy foods that give energy will help them stay focused. Urge your teen not to have a lot of caffeine or eat things with a lot of sugar in it. That will make them have a major crash. Eating is an essential part of staying focused while studying.

If you would like to help, why not prepare some simple and healthy snacks for your teen to choose from while studying? You could cut up carrot and celery sticks and keep them in a Tupperware in the fridge. When your teen takes a snack break they can easily put some on a plate with some ranch dip. Or you could also keep pretzels and hummus stocked in your kitchen. Both of these are great quick snack options for your teen.

Thanks for Reading

Studying does not have to be something your teen dreads. Once they get the task of studying out of the way your teen can go on and do the things they like to do. Following these tips will help them stay focused when they are studying so that your teen can pass their test with flying colors.

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