DealDash Kids: Why They Need a Home-Packed Lunch


Your kids might ask to buy lunch at school, but sending them with a home-packed lunch is much better. Here are the reasons why, from DealDash.

Now that kids are starting or soon to starting back to school soon you need to start thinking about school lunches. There really are some nice advantages of packing a school lunch for your child including some of the following reasons, from DealDash.

Save (Lots) of Money

Packing your child’s lunch can end up saving you money. School lunches can get to be expensive especially if you have more than one child in school. When you pack your child their own lunch you can take time to plan and get the things that you need. All without things becoming incredibly expensive. You can also make use of coupons and sales to further maximize your savings for school lunch supplies. 

For example, I have two kids who go to the same elementary school. Lunch is $2.50 per child, which doesn’t sound like much, but at $5 per day, $25 per week, and $100 per month for two kids, that’s a lot! I can pack them both a sandwich, fruit, crackers, and fruit snacks for about $3 per day for both of them. That’s only $60 per month compared to $100! Not only am I saving $40 per month, it’s more filling and healthy than a school lunch.

Speaking of Healthy…

You can help to ensure that you are feeding your kids a healthy lunch when you pack them their own lunch. You can decide exactly what they are going to eat so you know that they are eating healthy at school. This is also important if your child has any type of food allergies so you can be safe in knowing what they are eating at lunch is safe for them. 

My own daughter has a food allergy to a particular food dye. It might be simple to avoid peanuts in a meal, but avoiding certain numbers and colors of food dye is much harder. This is another reason why I pack her a lunch every day.

Let Your Child Have Some Input on Lunch

Packing your child’s lunch can also be a great way to bond with your child as they can be included in the lunch making process. Apple or banana, ham or turkey, fruit snacks or Jello – there are many choices that your child can assist you with when they make their lunch.

Let Them Know You’re Thinking of Them

You can also do fun things like leaving encouraging notes in your child’s lunch. This can be a great pick me up for your child during the school day. This can be especially important for you and your child if you are a very busy family.

Thanks for Reading

There are so many great reasons as to why you should pack a lunch for your child for school. They can really benefit from taking you taking the time to put together fun and healthy lunches for them to enjoy when it is lunch time at school.

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