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Picking the Right headphones

When you are shopping around for headphones on DealDash, there are certain points that you could probably wish to regard to which will guarantee that you end up getting the ideal version for your ears. If you are careful and do check out this, you can feel confident that you are not going to wind up picking the wrong pair. Luckily, you don’t need to be a nerd in order to determine whether you are obtaining the ideal sort of earphones from all the various options that are around. It is rather a simple process. Also consider yourself luck that you can get headphones at a discounted price on DealDash.


To begin with, you need to pick earphones that will fit your ears suitably. There are some actually huge models available on the DealDash site right now, like earbuds and beats. You could try out which may not be overly significant but will certainly nevertheless fit pleasantly. In this way, you should not merely think that larger is always much better. Occasionally, the bulk could make things unpleasant and cause you to be frustrated as well as not actually enjoy the headphones as long as you would have. Consequently, give all sizes a try till you are able to find the dimension that will fit you ideally.

Next off, consider the size of the driver within the headsets. If you are keeping an eye out for something that can produce effective bass, beats style headphones may be more of what you’re looking for. Therefore, it is necessary that you have the ability to get something that will certainly aid you to guarantee that your headphones from DealDash can create a good amount of sound. By ensuring this, you will certainly be able to delight in the music the way you like it.

Another vital element that goes into premium quality headphones on DealDash would be the top quality of the materials made use of for the total building of the headphones. This too is an important factor that can inevitably identify just how great your headsets really are. DealDash headphones are always made of the best quality. Some individuals often disregard this and also only review the driver as well as various other electronic components. Unless all of this is confined in a good body with an adequately lengthy cable television, it would be rather hard to obtain one of the most out of your earphones. Even if the vehicle drivers are expected to be among the finest, it could not do like expected if the top quality of building is not like required.


Consequently, by understanding the various specifications to explore along with bearing in mind a few of the vital points that could make a distinction in the long run, it is possible to get the very best type of headsets on DealDash that you will certainly be quite delighted to make use of. Talk to all the pertinent records or perhaps go out with somebody that has some knowledge right here. In this way, you will have the ability to select the vehicle that will certainly satisfy your needs as well as can guarantee that you are able to get the earphones much like exactly how you love enjoying your music. And now that you have an idea of how to shop for headphones, head to DealDash and see what you can find.

Helping Your Kids Pick and Instrument

One of the important things you will observe as your child grows from being a little kid to an older one (besides the obvious that they are maturing!) is that not only does he or she forms right into their very own one-of-a-kind little person, they may want to decide to play an instrument too. DealDash can help you here with some awesome deals on musical instruments. As for straightforward as well as fundamental interests, which are universal, such as using a bike, playing with dolls and also action numbers, playing computer game, and also the sort, often fade away, and also special pastimes and also passions take over.


A crucial policy to keep in mind is that although we as parents do not constantly concur as well as like our growing youngster’s interests as well as aspirations, combating them is not consistently recommended. Approved, this is not to state that you must offer your child whatever they so wish, as well as definitely not permit them to stray off the beaten path as well as subject them to violence, immorality and non-positive outlets.

As a matter of fact, this is where you need to kick in your authority as a moms and dad. Youngsters additionally have the tendency to want and needs authority and also structure. Don’t worry, DealDash will explain how this can be avoided here shortly. With that said, if your youngster wishes something good or even simply neutral, however it is something that you or your partner dislikes or simply have no interest in, stopping your youngster from pursuing what they feel is fun or crucial is simply is not right as well as can sometimes have a negative result on your kid. Now, let me explain how an instrument from DealDash Can help out here.

Consider for an instance a musical instrument. Although the majority of moms and dads are cognizant of the advantages a youngster can have by discovering how to play an instrument, some parents refuse to offer their kid the opportunity to discover as well as play an instrument due to the fact that they directly do dislike music instruments or music as a whole. This is not just unjust for the kid; however, it can likewise have a long lasting negative effect to the youngster. The youngster will certainly ask yourself why he or she cannot have just what is considered to be a good habit and one that is fun too. Instead of denying your child the fun and excitement that comes with music, why not go to DealDash and pick them up an instrument that is very affordable. instrument

If you see that your kid is passionate concerning discovering as well as playing music, do not stop it from them. Rather, encourage them and also help them fulfill their objectives and ambitions. You will certainly be pleasantly stunned just how much healthier and also very easy going your kid will remain in all areas! At DealDash right now for example, there are awesome deals on guitars, keyboards and the sound equipment needed to use them. So head to site and see what you can find for that little kid you love.


The DealDash Guide to Gift Giving

This post is a detailed overview in locating the perfect present on DealDash for that special someone. It applies to any type of occasion and also is based upon the personal preferences of you, the person and your relationship between you two.

gift Step One– Just how much Time do you Have?

Firstly, you have to know how much time you have until the minute you’ll buy your gift. It does matter if it’s a month, a week or a couple of days. But if you plan ahead, you can win a lot of different items on DealDash and give them as gifts, which will ultimately make things much easier for you.

Pointer Two– Make Your Budget plan

Maybe one of the most crucial facet of discovering the ideal present is your budget. Set the optimum quantity of money you will have the ability to spend on the excellent gift. If you go to DealDash to win your gift, your money will go a lot further than it will at a retail store. Make calculations and wait till you’ll have the sum total in your pocket. This will not only protect you against spending over your set budget you’ve determined, it will allow you to bid on more items at one time.

Pointer 3– Think about the Occasion

After setting your repair budget you can start thinking about the celebration and make it less complicated to locate the ideal gift. And if you go to DealDash and bid on multiple items at one time, you’re sure to win plenty of items that can be given away.

If you’re certain of exactly what things would fit as gifts for this celebration you can do a little study on DealDash or ask your buddies and family members. You could even make a list of things to consider. Why not go to DealDash right now and see what you can find, you may even find something you would like for yourself.

Step Four– That is That Person?

Another important point is what the individual you are intending to obtain a gift for ways to you and the function it plays in your life. It is a difference in between your manager, an associate, your secretary, your brother or the person you chose to invest your life with.

Based on these distinctions you have to adjust your focus on the gift that finest matches the relationship keeping that person. The perfect present can be something helpful, something expensive, or symbolic, or perhaps funny, based upon just how close you are to that person. And no matter what it is, you can more likely than not find it on DealDash.

Step 5– “Do as you Would certainly be Done by”.

Even if they always claim the gesture is just what counts most, let me place one more point on the top place– the present itself. Only few people don’t care regarding the item they get as present and a lot of individuals will certainly remember you only if they like the present. Even if the gift is cheap and also symbolic it truly needs to mean something for that person. It’s rarely about how much you spend and is more often than not about the meaning behind the gift.

Don’t be an egoist, however, think of a gift on your own first, asking on yourself what would kind of gifts would certainly you like to receive. Based upon your answers aim to adapt your sensations and thoughts to the person you’re going to be shopping for and make certain she/he will certainly like your gift.


Pointer 6– A Little Research study.

Treat this occasion like a tiny job. Do some study on DealDash first and make a list of things suitable your budget which the other person would certainly love to receive.

First of all, try to find out exactly what he– she likes, consisting of items, different colors, habits and also others. You can find a ridiculous amount of items on the DealDash website, unreal in fact.

Examine the workplace, the devices he– she puts on, preferred foods and other things come across in his/her life and afterwards make a profile. This will certainly help you a great deal in reducing the list of things you can get. And lastly, do not hesitate, go to DealDash right now and make sure you secure a great gift by bidding today!


Take Care of Your Wine with DealDash

In addition to enjoying the wine right from the glass, many people like the suggestion of having a considerable compilation of different wines coming type various vintages. Serious enthusiasts of such wines must have a respectable idea on ways to save their valuable wines in order for them to be able to understand their very own collection more. A proper storage cabinet from DealDash could be the answer. And also keeping wines is not an easy issue. It needs an extensive understanding of the various factors that compose the proper keeping of wines for long periods.


Most say that wines improve with age. But this is just true if the wines are being stored effectively. Poorly storing wines may be enough to decrease their quality in regards to taste as well as richness. It would be easy for wines to become vinegar if not being kept properly. Appropriate storing of wines has actually been an age old method. And now, DealDash is going to share with you how to properly store wines.

The Romans have very first found that wines put in tightly shut containers could be made to enhance without ever going bad. That’s why DealDash has several options for wine cabinets that help protect your wine. Because the Romans were able to develop additional ways to properly save their wines that they were able to effectively keep some of their wines for as long as a century. It is just regrettable that several of exactly what the Romans knew in wine storing vanished in addition to the demise of their Realm. If you’re a wine drinker, I suggest you go to DealDash and take a look at the multitude of items they have you’ll surely love.

Anyway, the record of wine making additionally gave way to the advancement of even more reliable saving techniques that have permitted wine producers to save their wines longer and better. The discovery of cork in addition to the correct container layout all have actually helped in making wine storage much more reliable. Specific factors likewise influence the correct storage space of wines. Below are simply a few of them:

Temperature level

This is possibly the most essential consider the correct storage space of wines. Wines have to be saved at a particular temperature level that should be preserved constantly. The optimum temperature taken into consideration for keeping wines ought to be in the array of 10 to 12 degrees Centigrade. A consistent maintained temperature at around 5 to 18 levels could also be considered sufficient. Now, if you have white wine, you may want it chilled and if that is the case, I suggest you pick up a wine fridge or similar item from DealDash.

The essential point here is that continuous temperature need to constantly be sustained, keeping fluctuations to an outright minimum. It is the quick weather changes in temperature that confirm to help in the decrease in wine high quality. For one, fast temperature level modifications would certainly enable wines to go through early aging. Fast temperature adjustments would certainly also permit the stress inside the bottle to differ as well as might damage the airtightness of the cork and also permit oxygen to leak in.



It is also vital to keep wines in an area with moderate humidity. The moisture enables the cork utilized on the wines to stay in good condition and prevent them from reducing as well as shed a few of their airtight saving high qualities.

An area with a relative humidity of concerning 50- 80 percent is within the appropriate array yet 70 percent constant moisture is just what is suggested. Since that is not always easy, a nice wine storage cabinet from DealDash may be the answer. Extreme moisture would not create any kind of injury to the wine itself but might instead ruin the tags as well as other paper items that come with the bottle. What enthusiasts should consider is on trying to protect against humidity from obtaining below the intended variety. Now that you have these ideas on how to properly store wine, I suggest you go to DealDash and see what you can find.

DealDash Basic Training, How to Cook Fish

DealDash fish and shellfish basic training is always necessary to those that are attempting to cook fish for the very first time. That is due to the fact that fish, though a pet protein, should be treated a little bit in a different way compared to your conventional chick breast, smoked sausage, or cut of flank steak. It is more fragile than these rest items, and hard enough without fish and shellfish basic training, also one of the most seasoned cooks might wind up generating a rubbery or undercooked plate that no person is particularly thinking about eating, even the most kindest of your visitors. So read these pointers and also get ready to hone your fish-making skills to ensure that you can excite your next dinner party with an impressive item of smoked salmon or mussels sautéed in white wine or an absolutely out-of-this-world crab dip!

The first thing that DealDash fish and shellfish basic training will teach you is that a little citrus goes a long way in the preparation of almost any fish recipe. You must always buy a lemon whenever you acquire some fish or various other fish and shellfish at your neighborhood market. If you are making use of a white fish, merely reduce the lemon in half and squeeze it over the fish before you do anything else. This is called ¨ bathing ¨ the fish, and it will give the final product a depth of flavor that will certainly make their mouths water.


An additional vital point to remember regarding fish is the fact that it could shed its flavor and juiciness rather quickly if you do not treat it right. This is why the second step to learn in DealDash seafood basic training is to put your baking dish in the stove while you preheat it so that it fumes at the same time. This requires having an oven-safe glass casserole dish, which is essential to fish prep work as well as an essential instrument in any kind of equipped cooking area. In this manner, when you placed the fish on the cooking dish, the bottom side will scorch instantly, allow the juices to be closed in.

The final step in the DealDash seafood basic training is to consider not to over-spice it or overcook it. Seafood that originates from the ocean is fresh, savory, as well as tasty, and also you do not should soak the salt or cayenne or oregano like it is a mediocre piece of white poultry. The fish will certainly represent itself highly if treated correctly, if you just let it.


Along with knowing how to cook fish you need to have the right equipment to execute properly. May I suggest you head into DealDash and check out all the great items they have there at incredible prices when won at auction.

DealDash Xmas Gifts to Make a Wonderful Christmas

Xmas is the only celebration that is commemorated in all of the world by various religions, with their very own styles and societies. It falls on December 25 every year as well as prompts us to appreciate our own selves by enhancing our space and also involved with several enjoyable activities. DealDash wants to help you get ready with some killer Christmas decorations.


The idea of decorating the home on the eve of Xmas is something that differs from person to person. Some homeowner delight in decorating their residence with their very own design by following it yearly. Such individuals often follow their traditional method to decorate the home and also delight in with that.

Undoubtedly, Xmas is the most charming celebration for all of us and we ought to celebrate it with fun. Christmas 2015 is just around the bend as well as all of us are delighted to celebrate it in our own way. If you are interested to make this Christmas unique for you as well as commemorate it with new ideas we’re about to help you out. We are going to talk about some things below, lots of cutting-edge Xmas decoration ideas that will certainly aid you in making your holiday being especially enchanting, thus you could make your party special.

Here is a fast listing of numerous Christmas enhancing pointers that will certainly help you embellish your home in the most elegant fashion.

Iris Themed Christmas Tree, You could make your space mesmerizing by embellishing it Irish themed Xmas tree. Ireland is the most prominent nation, famous for its rich culture as well as pleasant style for a Christmas trees. When you take on the Irish theme, you will have the ability to take pleasure in the sumptuous greenery of the tree and also wonderful icon of the country.

Decoration of Xmas tree with Birds and beads, Christmas designing needs bunches of creativity from your side. You could make your decoration unique by following this suggestion that improvises the beauty of your tree at fantastic degree. Additionally, it could attract the interests of your visitors also.

Christmas card, it comes as a fantastic choice for decorating your living space in a well way. The Christmas card that you get can be accumulated to decorate the home. A few of cards of unique design are needed, so you could collects cards sent to you as well as use them for unique objectives.

if you have prepared to decorate your home just with the Xmas tree that will be the most appreciable concept as the appeal of Xmas is centered on the tree. While decorating the rooms, or youngsters’ space, you have to consider the dimension of the spaces and also embellish it with the appropriate dimension of Christmas trees. Additionally, you could additionally embellish your kitchen area by placing the small Xmas trees.


Lastly, you’re going to need presents. And that’s where DealDash can really help you out in a tremendous way. The website has everything you could want to create a very memorable Christmas. Just head into DealDash, find some great items and start bidding.

Creative Interior Design Ideas

Providing a different measurement to the dull looking office isn’t a laborious task like you may think. DealDash has some cutting-edge interior design suggestions in mind. To resolve this issue there are a variety of wall colour paints and painting methods that could make your office attract attention. To get a suggestion of ways to offer an office space the much-needed makeover without making it look also flashy continue reading. Decorating with new art and furniture like you can find on DealDash is also an easy way to adjust the way you’re office looks.

interior design

Repaint colour option: The variety of paint colours plays a crucial part in workplace making. If you are seeking to execute a certain theme within your office then take into consideration the same when picking paint colour. Make certain your style does not require too much of adjustments within the readily available location as you cannot cut-out the demand of basic furniture like chairs, tables, storage space shelves and so on. A lot can be shared making use of wall surface paints so attempt making the most effective usage of your office walls. Additionally if you wish to make a cramped looking work area appear large and ventilated, a light coloured paint will do the trick. Paint shades hence can make a big distinction to the total look and feel of your office.

Paint methods: There are several methods which paint can be applied over the wall surface. It entirely relies on you to select the suitable one depending on the type of result you want to generate within your office. Using roller brushes, brushing, cleaning, ragging etc. for paint wall surfaces will certainly not merely make them look rich-textured but likewise give them a dazzling surface. Such painting strategies call for knowledgeable experts for best outcomes as well as may take a little bit even more time than the usual wall surface paint tasks, however completion outcomes will surely be worth the wait. Interior decoration suggestions inspired by paints are lots of, you just have to look into a little bit and locate the best suit for your wall surfaces.

Floor covering: When it involves the floor it is very well to adhere to rough and also tough flooring alternatives that can handle the daily web traffic within the workplace. A great deal of moving of furnishings and also people happens in the office properties consequently laminate flooring or plastic floor covering job well. There are unusual chances of damaging and slipping which occurs a great deal in case of floor tiles. Such floor covering surfaces are very easy to tidy and sustain which makes them a very chosen selection for offices. If you thought the range for experimentation is restricted then you are certainly wrong as there are countless interior decoration colours, patterns and appearances where these are offered and also can flawlessly match the look you desire.

interior design

The world of interior decoration ideas is filled of imagination for offices as long as it is for residences. So you got no reason to flee and not provide your office the required break it constantly wished for. Go ahead produce your own distinct interior design concepts and make your office a place your employees will really feel inspired and also excited to work in. And now head over to DealDash and see what type of items you can find to help you with your new design for your office.

DealDash Tips for Easy Home Improvement

When you intend to alter the decor of your residence, there are some very easy home improvement concepts from DealDash that can get you begin on the right track by quitting the old room decoration and also including in it a brand-new visual impact in vogue and performance. You don’t need to buy expensive things in order to change the appearance of the spaces in your home. Rearranging the furniture and also including a few touches occasionally will certainly do wonders to the interior design and also decorating of your house! Let DealDash help you out with some simple tips. You can also find a ton of items on DealDash that can help you with decorating the interior of your home.

home improvement

When it pertains to the bed room, you can change the old curtains and drapes and also include brand-new ones with fresh colors instead. Utilize a big floral pattern or mosaic theme. If you have additional drape product as left over, you could add the additional piece to your bed headboard for matching style. Add some rugs on the flooring, evidently randomly spread about, nonetheless see to it that the colors match those of the curtain and also head board. Additionally any sort of night reading lamps you have must have the lampshade matching in vogue with the already existing area ambient. Lamps can be found on DealDash that are unique and beautiful for all parts of your home.

As for the living-room, usage brilliant shades on your walls and ceiling and also change the ceiling light with a modern-day light fixture instead that has gleaming crystals for an excellent impact. Likewise make use of highlighter illumination with different table lamps or flooring lamps that cast a really narrow as well as focused illumination on the very spot you wish to place the focus on.

Task illumination relying on hanging pendants is a wonderful way to add to the ambient and also functionality of any type of kitchen. You could use it either over the sink or on the kitchen area island. Some people want to make use of track lighting originating from the ceiling and this gives likewise excellent outcomes as long as you transform the instructions of the lighting curve.


There are lots of fantastic suggestions that you can utilize to improve your home decoration without spending a mini fortune on it. All you require is use your imagination and also imagination and it’s OK to take a peek at the different interior design publications that can offer you remarkable suggestions as well as stimulate your creativity with even much better alternatives that you have not considered in the past.

Now that you have some simple and easy ideas you can also head on in to DealDash and see if there is any items you’d like to use to improve your home.


DealDash Tips for Your Kids Exercise

Children are our best and most valuable properties. We must take an energetic part in insuring the successes of our kids. Their scholastic success is crucial but their physical successes are more crucial. A healthy youngster is a child on their way to becoming a versatile person of our society. DealDash wants to give you some ideas you can use for helping your kids stay healthy and get appropriate exercise.


The physical health and wellness of a kid ought to consist of exercises daily. The most effective incentive in getting youngsters entailed with exercising is making the tasks enjoyable for them. When children are among their peers, there are numerous exercising activities they can perform.  They could take part in those things that are enjoyable as well as healthy to prevent weight problems. DealDash has a ton of excellent items kids can play with in addition to the following ideas.

  1. Jump Rope – There are a lot of charities around today that need youngsters to hop rope. One that comes to my mind is “Leap Rope for Heart.” This is a fun task for youngsters and also a wonderful charity to be associated with. Speak with your children about jumping rope for your favorite charity. Tell them they can practice for their task by jumping rope daily.
  2. Running – Your children could have a good time with running. They can race their friends or race each other. Talk with your youngsters regarding running as well as tell them that they could be a challenger for a track group. There is so much a youngster can do if they run. If they are taught to run appropriately, they could have an actual possibility at running in the Olympics.
  3. Hopscotch – This video game obtains children into leaping, jumping, bending and also tossing. A type of cardio workout, this game obtains the heart pumping at a quicker price and also boosts the metabolic process.
  4. Kick Sphere – This video game gets kids into exercise that is fun for them. They have repetitions of kicking and also running. Children locate playing with a round a lot enjoyable. Why not use this form of fun for your kids as a means of workout?

Youngsters could locate fun in nearly every task they do. Along with exercise, playing and learning is important. You can find great toys and other products your kids will love on DealDash. And, since you can win them at auction, you can win them at an incredibly great price.

Another idea, is to put together some games that implement great physical exercises for children? As long as the concentration as well as emphasis is on enjoyable moments, children will certainly take part. Along with a vigorous, durable, enjoyable exercising program, apply a good healthier meal strategy. Children’s hungers will elevate with all of the exercising, so why not utilize this as a way of obtaining children to consume more healthily and nutritious food? Nourishment and exercising are the tricks to an all-around kid helping them to beat weight problems.


Bear in mind, before beginning any type of master plan to combat excessive weight, you need to obtain aid from a specialist. Make sure your youngster does not have any other health problems hampering their success to a healthier future. And now head to DealDash to see what types of items you can find to help your children have fun and stay in shape.

Inexpensive Family Activities for the Winter

Are you seeking household activities that the children will enjoy doing however that do not crack your budget? Then read this article brought to you from DealDash. Though you can consistently visit the park or play a game of tag in the backyard, you could wish to take the children somewhere they can actually engage in fun things to do. You could intend to discover a method to provide them some enjoyment on a cold winter months day. On the other hand, it could be the dead of summer as well as it is merely as well very hot to be outdoors. Be innovative as well as locate enjoyable things to do to keep every person busy. And check out the items on DealDash to see what you can find for your family to use as well. Below are other options families typically love too.

activities Head to the Museums

Many of the galleries provide a range of activities to obtain individuals into their structures. This consists of those centers that you could not think are really kid-oriented. Look for family tasks at the art gallery, as an example. You might discover something going on at the history, kids’s gallery or the science center near you. Discover exactly what options are offered by looking into their schedule of events. By doing so, you will certainly have the ability to obtain something good right into the kids along with giving them something enjoyable to do.

Let the Kids Make a decision

One more way to have fun is to merely obtain the children associated with the planning. You may be shocked at the type of things they truly wish to do. As an example, some might want to discover the wild or woody location near your residence. Some could intend to invest an evening outdoor camping in the yard. They may intend to go fishing, prepare a water day with close friends or simply socialize with the moms and dads playing parlor game. When it concerns locating the appropriate task for your team, why not give them some options to choose from for the day?

Embrace Local Past history

If you need something to give the children some excitement and also get some history right into their day, take into consideration planning a journey that enables you to explore the past history of the town. For instance, you can go to the library to find out exactly what the area made use of to be like. You can determine which home in the city is the earliest as well as, potentially, learn more about individuals that lived there. You can see cemeteries to discover people in the town, as well.


There are several methods to discover and grow as family members and also sometimes it is in the activities that you do that makes the most difference. Find some family members tasks that passion your group and begin having a good time exploring. It does not need to be expensive to have time together. Now you can also head on in to DealDash and see what they have to offer. There are a ton of great items that can be won at auction at incredibly low prices.


Weight Loss Tips from DealDash

From the hundreds and even countless thousands of kinds of weight loss pointers that are out there, which one do you pick? Worry not, DealDash is here to help you out. Just how do you recognize what works? Do you simply attempt all of them? Whatever fat burning pointers you select, we must concur that anything that lasts in life that is rewarding takes work. So what process are we to undergo to receive this long lasting weight-loss? We come establish what the motivation for your fat burning is and also discover solutions to use as well as lastly, we use them!

weight loss

Identifying your inspiration can be hard if you have a tough time recognizing why you want something. Recognizing exactly how you got to a location of wanting weight management will certainly help to develop your motivation for modification. You could start by asking concerns like: What is the factor for you to drop weight? Why do you desire this adjustment? Exactly how did you reach this area of wanting to slim down? What adjustments do you wish to see in your life? Why? Having a better understanding of where you go to, will certainly better established your inspiration for fat burning, which is the driving pressure for your remedies to weight-loss.

So after comprehending your motivation, the procedure ahead up with the solution is simple. First thing to find is an issue that you wish to find solutions for. Exactly what do you see that adds one of the most to your weight gain? Currently, choose something that you have actually preferred to do. There are solutions to troubles that are out of your control, such as medical problems, but let’s start with the ones that you recognize you can change today. If there are numerous troubles that you assume you should transform, make a listing and select one that you assume is adding the most to your weight gain. It would certainly be very important to remember that it’s not the action, or the absence of activity, by itself that’s resulting in weight gain however it’s your choice to receive satisfaction when the moment comes for you to pick, that’s contributing to your weight. Yes, understand that it’s a selection. After that come up with solutions to your problem yet there is a particular way to do this. Manifest the options. Ask three individuals for pointers. First ask those that never ever needed to manage your issue. Find out why they never had this issue. After that ask individuals who lately have actually managed the trouble. Inquire exactly how they managed their scenario and also why because means. Last but not least, obtain some good weight-loss tips from those that not have this problem. What did they do to reduce weight? Why were they able to change? Hearing from these three various sorts of individuals will help you greatly on creating the solution since they not just aid you to get a higher viewpoint yet also a higher understanding on the factors behind the fat burning suggestions. You can also find a ton of fitness equipment on DealDash for excellent prices.

So now that you have the resource of these options and also from them an excellent checklist of weight loss tips as well as an understanding of how to approach your weight reduction, here are some points to remember. Don’t get discouraged when you learn through these types of individuals, particularly the first team, that never ever had problem with your trouble. Exactly what they state could not apply to you, yet obtain exactly what they claim for a higher understanding of your situation. Connect your choices to them as well as see what they think. Bear in mind that without several of their continual encourage, your chances of not being able to prosper boosts. If you seem like failing, deciding to return to your old way of living, then communicate that to those that are encouraging of you, and also advise on your own of your inspiration. Preferably, obtain others to join in with you to accomplish these good weight-loss suggestions. The even more encourage there is, the most likely you’ll have the ability to make this become a brand-new habit of yours.

weight loss

To close, if you do drop, and get back to your old self of doing things, opt to come back up as well as keep going. If it’s a particular diet regimen program, keep where you fell, preferably. If not, why not begin once more? Remember exactly what your motivation is? Isn’t it worth it? And now, head on in to DealDash to find some great sports equipment and fitness items to help you in your goal.

Banzai Plummet Falls Water Slide

Splashing Good Times With Banzai

The Banzai Plummet Falls Water Slide is perfect for any home and children of all ages.

DealDash has a ton of great products like the Banzai Plummet Falls Water Slide. When you get to the website, head to the search bar and you can look for anything your heart desires on the site. You could win one of these fun water play sets for your family.

Banzai Plummet Falls Water Slide

The Banzai Plummet Falls Water Slide is the ultimate in home water entertainment. Kids will be racing to beat the fill and spill water bucket while racing down the slide. The slide includes a blower for continuous air flow and inflates very fast. In less than 3 minutes, you and your kids will be able to enjoy the Heavy-Duty, Dura Tech construction. The strength of build ensures long lasting strength and durability for a long time. You’ll never have to leave your home for the time of your life.

The slide is made of super tough polyester, lined with PVC and fitted with mesh. The Banzai water slide includes 9 stakes, each of which attaches easy to a corner and secures the bouncy slide. The Banzai Plummet Falls Water Slide is truly the best addition to any home for the hot summer months.

There’s even an awesome pool so your kids can enjoy a nice little paddle in between slides. The Banzai Plummet Falls Water Slide will save you a fortune in water park fees and a lot of time from the river or lake. It’s one of the best play sets I’ve seen on DealDash and I can’t wait to hear how much you all love it.

Of course, winning the Banzai Plummet Falls Water Slide isn’t going to be easy. You’ll have to make it to the DealDash website and start placing bids. But that’s where a lot of the fun comes in. Placing bids is the only way you can win excellent products at great prices. It’s very easy to set up an account and to start bidding.

Banzai Plummet Falls Water Slide

While you’re there, check out a ton of other fun summer items while you’re there and remember that DealDash always carries a 100% money back guarantee.

Donate and bless others

Donate and Give Blessings

Now that the Christmas shopping season has come and gone, what do we need DealDash for? My advice is to get deals all year round, don’t be that last minute shopper, and donate to bless others.

Last year I was actually done with all of the stress of Christmas shopping by July. I don’t know of many folks that could say they were done with all of there Christmas shopping by July, but I was. This made this past Christmas so much fun because I had so many extra winnings I could not give them all to my kids. I went hunting looking for families who were in need of help this Christmas and was fortunate enough to donate my DealDash winnings and bless many kids.
I knew my kids were taken care of so I put all of my focus of other kids. The gifts were so meaningful because, if it was not for DealDash, these kids would not have had a Christmas. I don’t know about you but the chance to bless someone else is the best gift I can ever receive.
To do this it takes planning and I want you on board too! I believe every child needs, at the very least, one gift to open on Christmas day. Here is what I did this past year and what I am going to do next year. Something I hope you’ll also join.
Once I new there was nothing more I could get for my kids, I just started bidding on everything toys!! You would be surprised when you are not bidding for anyone you know, how much you can win. I have won so many toys because I had opened my eyes to all auctions (not just things for my own kids). The trick is to bid on everything, for all age groups! Ok, so you win a baby bath tub for 1 penny… if you don’t have use for, it donate it! I’m sure there is someone who could really use it next year for Christmas. If you have all girls to buy for, don’t be scared to bid on that car set. Maybe it will only cost you a penny and if you don’t need it, donate it next Christmas.
It’s amazing when you’re bidding for things to donate you will win more than you can think of. This past year I won a set of pots and pan valued for $200 for only 2 bucks!!! I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I was sure there was a reason for my win, and there was.
A family of four lost everything to a house fire. As they were rebuilding I felt they needed pans to cook with, and they did! How cool would it be to just go up to a total stranger and say “here is a brand new set of pots and pans!!!” or “here are some toys for your kids this year”. Whatever it may be, you can do it too! And I’m sure it will make all the things you need to win come more easy when you are winning for others too.
Have a blessed and Happy New Year!!!
dealdash beauty skin care

Nurture Your Health and Beauty

I love so many things about DealDash, and one of my favorite things to browse for on DealDash is Health and Beauty products.

If you have a certain item in mind you can search for it, but my favorite way of seeing what new things DealDash has to offer beauty-wise to to browse the Fashion, Health and Beauty category, which can be found on the drop-down menu on the left side of the DealDash homepage.

Fashion, Health and Beauty

DealDash Fashion, Health and Beauty Catergory

I really like using the browse feature of DealDash, it helps me discover new items to bid on that I might not have thought to do a search for.

Health and Beauty products can be very expensive, but as a woman with long hair, I make very good use of the awesome products that DealDash has to offer. I am so happy that I can get things that I would normally buy at Target or Wal-Mart on DealDash, for a comparable price, and with the added excitement of bidding and WINning.

If you decide that you would like to buy a certain product that DealDash has to offer, you really can’t go wrong by setting your Bid Buddy to the amount of bids that it would take to reach the BIN (Buy It Now) price. If you don’t WIN the auction, you can buy the item for the BIN price, and DealDash will return all of your bids to you. As soon as you buy the item all of the bids are immediately returned back to your account and you can use them right away. I use this perk a lot, it’s really wonderful that DealDash offers this option on every single item, and even includes free shipping, too.

Some of the great beauty products that I have won for myself and friends are: Remington Pearl flat iron, Conair Hot Clips curlers, InfinityPro Spin Air rotating hot brush, Conair Ceramic flat iron, Laila Ali purple hair dryer, multiple SpaSonic Face and Body Polishers (they make awesome gifts!), Body Innovations neck massager, and a Revlon Moisture Stay paraffin spa.

There are many other great products that I have BINned and gotten all of my bids back, the ones that stand out most in my mind are the FitBit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker, and the Remington IPL6000USA i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System.

FitBit and Remington Hair Removal


These are both high dollar items that I did not WIN, but I gained free bids for every second that I was the highest bidder, and then when I BINned the items I got all of my bids back. So really, I came out ahead of the game bids-wise!

I love health and beauty products, but I love saving money even more! May you continue to be nurture your health and beauty into 2015.

health and beauty

My name is Dawn, and I love DealDash! I also love Youtube, and I make videos. If you follow the link below you can see a quick video that I made that explains the basics of getting started with DealDash:

madden for ps3

Great Deal on Madden NFL 25 for PlayStation 3

I came on DealDash one day and I saw the video game Madden NFL 25 for PlayStation 3 and I told myself this game is mine.

When the auction finally started I bid on it and so did a few others. I kept bidding against the other bidders Jaybird2013 and Midwayjoel and I ended up winning the video game for $2.63. The regular price of the game was $60.00 new so this was a great deal!
I then saw a pair of Stompeez – Puppy Slippers which I wanted to bid on but knew were going to get lots of bidders. When the bidding was almost over I remember myself and anthonylee started to bid back and forth for the slippers and finally anthonylee gave up after reaching $1.66 so I bid at $1.67 and as the timer counted down 3.. 2.. 1..  I knew he was done and won the auction. I have never won a TV or a Laptop but I am happy with what I have won on DealDash.
If your new to DealDash my tip for you is “Be Patient”  and bid on small, inexpensive items such as video games, bluray movies, $10.00 gift card, etc. I find these items on DealDash are easy to win. It’s important to wait and watch how many people start bidding on it before you bid. There is a 10 second timer that counts down from 10 to 1 and it’s best to bid during the last second because If you wait someone else might bid before you do. Using the bid buddy will help with this.
I recommend going on Deal Dash at late hours Monday through Thursday (not Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Holidays). Also I don’t recommend going on during prime time hours after 5 or 6 pm on weekdays. There are many people online bidding but you never know, even during peak hours, you could win some good auctions. Main thing is you have to have patience!
By 49erFanForLife
DealDash Win Story

My Best DealDash Win Story

My best DealDash win story was late this past spring when I won two kitchen chairs for under $9.00. I was very happy that I was able to get these exact matching chairs to replace the ones we had that were really past their safe use.

Another exciting detail about the win was that I was able to complete the entire process on my iPhone. The mobile site worked just fine and I could check in and see how the auction was going whenever I wanted and wherever I was. That day was graduation ceremony for my daughter’s boyfriend and I was able to keep up with the auction while still being part of the graduation ceremony.

DealDash has always been fair and honest. What you see is what you get. They don’t solicit you over the phone, there is no high pressure at any time. If you see something you want, just bid on it. If you run out of bids don’t fret, you can always get your bids back using the buy it now feature made available on every item.
DealDash has many exciting promotions, my favorite is the 2x 3x 4x and even 5x bid timers. You earn extra bids at a super fast rate when those are active. Spend a lot of money at Walmart? I sure do! Walmart cards are always a hot item here but don’t back out just because a lot of people bid on them. Use the auction as a way to boost your time towards the next free bid bonus and buy it now when your ready to checkout.
With all the ways to save on DealDash, I spend time each day there.
Good luck!
– Run199
Deals on Desk Chairs on DealDash

How to get a Deal on a Leather Ergonomic Desk Chair

Writing about my wins on has always been a source of pleasure for me.  I bid on items I want or need around my own home or gift cards that will be used for household purchases.  However, the wins I enjoy the most are for the cards or items I am planning to give away as gifts, like this Leather Ergonomic Desk Chair I recently won for my grandson.

While visiting one day at my daughter’s in late October, she told me to go look at the desk chair my youngest grandson had in his room.  He uses the chair not only to play video games, but also to do his homework.  The chair which I had purchased for him a few years ago was coming apart.  The stuffing was coming out of the seat cushion and pretty much was a disaster.  I decided a new desk chair would make a great Christmas gift for him this year.

It was only a week or so later I noticed DealDash had a lot of desk chairs available for a possible deal.  I decided if I wanted to get him a new chair maybe I could win one on DealDash, so when the auction came up for a Leather ergonomic desk chair with a retail value of $83, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try and win one.  I had never placed bids on a chair before so I was interested to see how the game would play out.  How many bidders were there?  How many bidders were slapping at each other?  And, who had their bid buddies set?  Once I determined there were only a few serious bidders on this chair I was able to set my bid buddy and watch to see the outcome.

Leather Ergonomic Desk Chair

Leather Ergonomic Desk Chair

Within a short period of time I won the deal. Plus, DealDash was having a half-off ending price sale.  So, a smart shopper is going to be watching for these kinds of deals to get an even better price on a special win.  I won the leather ergonomic desk chair with 141 bids using my bid buddy.  The final price I paid for the win was $2.11!  And, of course, on DealDash shipping is free.  What a great win for me, and my grandson is getting a new leather ergonomic desk chair for Christmas.

As a side note, my grandson comes to spend the night ever so often.  While I am on DealDash watching or bidding on auctions, he is usually playing one of his Wii games.  So a few weeks ago he looks over my shoulder to see what I am bidding on.  This particular night there just happened to be the exact same chair I have already won up for auction and he says “Look Grandma there’s something I could really use!”  Little does he know, Grandma already has it wrapped up just waiting for Christmas!


hello kitty

DealDash Supplies, My Secret Habit, Hello Kitty


My best friend and I were really happy when I started winning Hello Kitty items on DealDash. Looking at me, a woman in her 30’s with two children, including a young girl, you might say “Aww that’s cute, you and your daughter are best friends and you share her hobby.” No, I am talking about my best friend that I have known for years, another woman in her 30s!

We are both Hello Kitty fanatics, and between us we have at least 100 Hello Kitty items collected since childhood. I however, am quickly surpassing her in items for our collections because I am winning them like crazy on DealDash!

In the past few months I have gotten many wonderful and unique Hello Kitty items from DealDash including a popcorn popper, a laptop sleeve, a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, a bluetooth speaker, a Mega Blocks cruise ship and camper, and a car charger for my iPhone, all Hello Kitty brand!

hello kitty

There have been many other Hello Kitty items up for bid that I haven’t even tried for yet, such as the Hello Kitty karaoke machine, clock radio, and baby stroller/baby carrier combo! And very early morning there was a new Hello Kitty item up for bid that I have never even seen in stores: a Hello Kitty bluetooth headset! Unfortunately I missed out on that one by putting too few bids in my Bid Buddy, thinking that I would wake up and jump back into the bidding when the price got a little higher. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to check my auction and someone had already won it for under $1!! One of the best DealDash tips I can share with you is to learn from my mistake and make sure that you have your Bid Buddy set up with as many bids as you are actually willing to pay for the item if you know that you won’t be around to watch the auction as it’s happening.

I am very excited that DealDash offers me a way to get more items for my collection without having to spend full price! I also love the fact that all of my items come to me with free shipping, it really saves a lot of money when you don’t have to pay for the cost of shipping. Thanks DealDash for making me smile every time I look around my house and see Hello Kitty everywhere.

About me: My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 8 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 165 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings” on YouTube, see below.


Take DealDash Mobile

Bidding On DealDash Using Your Mobile Phone

Well, just when you think DealDash can’t get any better they make an update to their mobile phone application making it easier then ever to enjoy a really great auction and bidding experience while on the go!

If you have an android phone, it’s very simple to go to the Google Play store, search for DealDash, and click Download/ Install – once it’s done installing open the app and enjoy a better shopping experience with DealDash on the go! If you have an iPhone, check out this blog about how to access DealDash easier and faster while on the go!
Having a mobile device has created a way to make shopping and winning much easier with DealDash. Now you can check your auctions and bid from anywhere. It has everything the normal site has with a few changes and includes all of the important things you need to have success with bidding. I find the screen to be much easier to read when your searching for auctions because you can now see more auctions at one time.
I personally really enjoy using the DealDash BidBuddy whenever I bid. This is something I always recommend using as it will place your bids for you. All you have to do is put the amount of bids you would like to bid on the item in the bid buddy area and tap “Book BidBuddy“.
Using DealDash and BidBuddy on your mobile device will make sure, even when you’re out and about, you won’t miss out on the items you want to win. This is really nice if there is a need to be away from your normal computer. I have won gift cards, unique brand items, and gas cards all through using the DealDash phone app. I can quickly and easily check my auctions no matter where I am like work, the doctors office or anywhere else I can access 3G/4G or WiFi. Having this means I’ll never have to miss a beat or a bid which is awesome!
As I always say, no matter where you’re at – be it at home or on your phone – you have to use the BidBuddy!! This is the only way to have the most success when bidding on any DealDash auction. It will help keep your bids to a minimum and keep money in your pocket. Double check the auction first and if there are more than 3 people bidding on a auction,  save your bids and wait for someone to quit bidding before jumping in. You will have more success with bidding when you are careful with your bids this way.
Good luck and happy bidding! Penny Auctions

Discovery of Penny Auctions and How DealDash Reigns

I did not know penny auctions sites existed until I filled out an online survey that asked questions about one. To answer the questions, I became a customer on another site, but there were many things I did not like about it. That’s until I discovered

I became a member on Feb. 8, 2012, and I have been a happy customer ever since.  So far, I won over 565 auctions.  The majority of my winning auctions had a retail value of $100 or less, but I won some high-valued auctions, too, including a 55-inch TV (worth $1,399) for less than $30 and a digital camera (worth $999) for a little more than $18.

At that time, I needed to give a speech in my Toastmasters International home club. My advanced speech objective was to talk about a technical product or service. I decided penny auctions would make a good speech topic if I could compare one with another, so I did a Google search. That’s how I found

When I finished doing some hands-on research for my speech, I was hooked and I wanted to learn more. That is when I got the idea to do a review of penny auctions, narrow it down to four, write my own in-depth survey report and sell my report directly to the CEOs of the companies.  I believed the perspective I could provide as a brand new customer would be very valuable to them. After all, I was also a retired newspaper reporter with investigative journalism experience and, therefore, I already had a trained eye for details.

My report included:

  • What I liked about the penny auction site that would make me want to come back
  • What I did not like about the site that would prevent me from coming back
  • What I liked and did not like about the automated bidder
  • What I thought of each penny auction site’s customer service
  • What I liked or did not like about the ease and speed of the payment system
  • What I thought of the variety of products offered and number of auctions available
  • What I thought of the postage/shipping, transaction fees and speed of delivery
  • What I thought of the number and cost of bid packages offered and
  • My suggestions of what I thought each penny auction site could do to improve and get more customers.

When I finished writing my report, I sent out the same letter to each of the CEOs of all four penny auction sites included in my report. I offered a copy of my report in exchange for a bid package. Only one of them responded—  That impressed me.  Because the DealDash team had an interest in my perspective as a brand new customer, I started playing exclusively on the site, and I continued to share more ideas with them. I knew that any company that listened to its customers was definitely on the right track and they would only get better and grow bigger because of it.

Four of the best features already in place on when I first became a customer included: The Buy-It-Now option, free shipping and handling, the user-friendly automated bidder—Bid Buddy and credit received for time on the clock to earn free bids.

The BIN option is perhaps the most creative feature that made stand out from the others. This feature gives customers who do not win an auction the option to buy the auction item at retail to get all their bids back free.  Therefore, as long as I only place bids on products I would purchase, anyway, I have nothing to lose. I know I am going to always buy gas so, win or lose, it is a sure bet to place bids on gift cards for gas stations in my area. Therefore, customers who understand how works and are disciplined enough to play smart can win more than they lose.

I was so excited to learn that offered free postage/shipping and handling.  Other sites charged such high postage/shipping and transaction fees that by the time winners paid for bids, the closing price and cost of shipping, they could buy the product in a department store for less money.  In an obvious attempt to compete with, more penny auctions are just now offering free postage/shipping and handling, but did it first.

Another feature I absolutely love about is that it has by far the most user-friendly automated bidder—BidBuddy. When I was a Newbie (new customer), I started placing single bids from the home page—big mistake!  I quickly learned that double-clicking on the auction item makes a new window open, and that’s where the automated bidder is located. BidBuddy allows customers to easily and quickly add or delete as many bids as they want.

Having a user-friendly automated bidding system is very important because we live in a fast-paced, busy world, and that means I do not have to be stuck at my computer. I can place my bids in BidBuddy and let it place my bids for me while I go shopping, attend a meeting, mow the lawn, cook, clean house or work on writing my book. Of course, if I want to save as many bids as possible, it is important for me to monitor the bidding process so I can add or delete bids at the right times. With the use of today’s iPhones and other mobile devices customers can easily monitor an auction status at the same time we are busy performing other tasks or on the move throughout the United States.

Many other penny auction sites limit the number of bids that can be placed into its automated bidder to a maximum of 25 at a time. That barely allows customers enough time to go to the bathroom or grab a bite to eat. Another thing I do not like about other automated bidders is that it is often impossible or difficult to cancel bids because the location where they could be cancelled was hidden. By the time I found the place to cancel my bids, they were already gone.  That never happens on because the “add” and “delete” buttons are located together in plain sight.

I also like how rewards its customers with an opportunity to win or earn free bids.  I will not write about the many ways customers can win free bids, but only the free bids we earn whenever we are the highest bidder. The term highest bidder, however, might be a little confusing to Newbies. Perhaps it might be less confusing to say current bidder or latest bidder.  Regardless, after placing a bid, all customers are entitled to 10 seconds on the clock. That is how we earn free bids, and that is why experienced customers get irritated when Newbies cut the clock and treat like a speed-bidding site. By cutting the clock and placing back-to-back bids, Newbies not only cheat other customers out of earning more free bids, but they foolishly waste their own bids as well.  I guarantee that is not the way to win—by accident, maybe, but not with any consistency.

Experienced bidders double click on the auction item, open a new window and place our bids into BidBuddy, the automated bidder. Bids are safe there because they do not get used until they are needed. Sadly, when Newbies cast single bids from the home page and never let the clock run down, they do not even know other bidders are there—until they run out of bids. Then what happens?  Surprise! That is when the real competition begins between the bidders who know what they are doing.

Here’s how it works:  Let’s say three shoppers placed bids into BidBuddy. One placed 25 bids, one placed 99 bids and one placed 150 bids. BidBuddy will take turns placing one bid for each player until they run out.  Customers with the fewest number of bids placed in BidBuddy will be eliminated first. The customer with 151 bids will have the last bid and win the auction—unless one of the other players adds more bids or other inactive bidders reenter the auction again. The only customers allowed to reenter the auction, however, are those who placed at least one bid before the auction price reached $5. That feature eliminates some of the competition and makes it easier for more customers to win.

Throughout the bidding process, whenever your user name appears, the green line on the bottom right of your screen will move to the right. As soon as that green line moves all the way to the other end of the line, click on it, collect your free bids and then you will move up to the next level. The higher the level, the longer it takes for the green line to get full, but when it does, the more bids the customer gets to collect.  Now that I am on Level 46, the next time the green line moves all the way to the right, I will collect 680 free bids.

The ideal goal of any successful customer, of course, is to purchase bids for the lowest price possible and win as many auctions as possible for as little as possible. Because the best sale price for bids is 14 cents each, that is when I will usually buy all my bids.

Another way to lower the cost of bids is to win bid packages. Sometimes, I get lucky and win, but more often than not, I lose more bids than I win. That is probably the biggest mistake I make, but if I see bid packages going for an extra low amount of money, I might risk it.  If you are a Newbie, however, you would probably be better off using all of your bids to put on actual merchandise instead.

Over the last few years, has continued to add even more features. One feature customers really like is locking out new bidders after the auction price reaches $5. This feature limits the competition and makes it easier to win at a lower closing cost. The site also offers some super-fantastic specials, like “free to the winner” and “50 percent off to the winner” auctions.

The more you study the site and learn how to use all of the tools available, the more auctions you will win.  If I am on my “A Game” (serious about winning an auction), some things I do to improve my chances of winning are:

  • First, I place least one bid before the auction price reaches $5 so I do not get locked out. If that auction never closes for less than $5 I usually wait until it gets close to the $5 before I place any bids. If most of the bidders are Newbies placing single bids from the home page, however, I sometimes place more than one bid into BidBuddy at the early part of the auction. Why? If Newbies are randomly placing single bids and experienced bidders are only placing one bid near the beginning of the auction (saving the bulk of their bids for later), I could be the only one with more than one bid in the automated bidder. If so, a break between single bids could occur. If that happens, it would improve my chances of winning before the auction reaches its usual closing price. I love it when that happens!
  • I check to see who else placed bids in the auction. It is very important to know who the other players are and how they bid. I have a list of about 71 bidders I try to avoid because I know from watching them that they are rich or crazy or both. Therefore, I would be wasting my bids by competing in the same auctions with them. If I see one of those screen names in the same auction, I cancel my bids and wait until I see that auction again.
  • I check to see who has already reached their weekly limit or is getting close to their win limit for the week. Customers who already won six auctions worth less than $200 or three auctions worth $200 or more can no longer win any more auctions for the week. It only costs one bid to get the list of everyone who has already reached their maximum. If a power bidder only has one more auction to win, I might let that bidder win one auction to eliminate them from competing in another one.
  • I check to see if the auction item I want is limited to one-per-household. If so, I look at the list of bidders who have already won the auction. I also look at the average winning cost and look for winning patterns. Some auctions that closed for an extra high cost the last time it was won will sometimes go for less money the next time, vice versa. That does not always happen, but I often see patterns that are predictable.

Most questions about how works are answered at the bottom of the home page, where the support team posts a variety of helpful hints. The blog at is also a wonderful resource. Here you’ll find successful bidders share information, bidding tips and winning strategies on the site to help new customers become winners, too. has excellent customer service, and team members are always happy to answer questions and help new customers learn how the site works.

The Community Service team does an exceptionally good job of continually providing new information and the latest bidding strategies to anyone who wants to learn how to play smart and improve their chances of winning. Even experienced and highly successful customers can and do make bidding mistakes.  No one can ever know too much because the customers are constantly changing, technology is changing and this penny auction site is changing right along with it. Chances are, however, the more you learn how to play smart, the more auctions you will win.

The team has never been afraid to try new innovative ideas that no penny auctions have ever tried before. set itself apart from other penny auction sites from the start by building a new and different foundation that other sites are now beginning to copy.  That’s why I was happy to participate in the first TV commercial, and that is also why is the only penny auction site I recommend to my family members and friends.

I truly believe is the best penny auction site online and I believe they will continue to be a leader in the industry for a long time to come.

Written by Barbara Sellers Penny Auctions

Deal Dashing Auctions



Dashing through the auctions

With a bushel full of bids

O’er the hills we go

Laughing as we get the win!


Bids on sleds, and dolls

Bids on cards and bikes

Oh what fun it is to watch

Your favorite bidding site!


DealDash, DealDash

Bidding all the way

Oh what fun it is to bid

On a dark and snowy day!


DealDash, DealDash

Bidding all the way

Oh what fun it is to win

The auction I’ve been on today!

Deal Dashing Auctions

Sing or hum this to the Jingle Bells tune. Sometimes we can use a little song to keep our spirits bright. During a dark and snowy night we bid and bid some more. It feels like we are battling more bidders every day. The truth is though the bidders change, but almost all auctions have the same amount of bidders card for card or item for item. Knowing when to get into the auction can only be guesstimated from what you know about all of the bidders you are in the auction with. That is why it is so important to do your home work. Know who your competition is and know what you are willing to bid to win the auction.

If you do your homework, you can take the guess work out of the bidding process. You are informed, ready to win, and know the bid buddy is your best friend. My bidding advice is to let your bids catch the win for you by conserving your bids using the automatic Bid Buddy which will always place your bid at the last second.

DealDash is the most fair and honest penny auction site. They have great customer service that can’t be beat, and their fast and free shipping is always guaranteed. Earning free bids while you are top bidder is another benefit that DealDash offers. I hope you enjoy this holiday season and get that one special auction win that will brighten your spirit too!

By Joan Vith

Gift Cards on DealDash

Gift Cards are Versatile and Make Great Gifts


I have won so many nice auctions and especially gift cards on DealDash that now when I have something new my friends automatically say “Let me guess, DealDash?” And you know what? They are usually right!

A lot of times the object in question is not directly from DealDash, but from gift cards that I have won or BINned (BIN or Buy it Now, meaning I buy the item at full price and get all my bids back free to try again).

For example, just the other day, my neighbour was asking me about my bike that I got this past summer. She had seen that I had gotten a new one and wondered where it had come from, she had noticed it since it was such a pretty purple color. The bike was not won directly on DealDash, but was purchased with a few Target gift cards that I had either won or BINned on DealDash.

Another example would be how one of my friends asked me… “Where did Kat’s (my daughter) sweater come from? It’s so cute!” The quick answer would be The Children’s Place, but a more accurate answer would be that it was purchased at The Children’s Place with gift cards that I had won on DealDash.

Gift Cards on DealDash

DealDash has such an amazing selection of gift cards you are sure to be able to find one that you are interested in for yourself or for a gift with the holidays coming up. Just a few of the many options they have are: Wal*Mart, Dunkin’ Donuts, Auto Zone, Footlocker, Amazon, GNC and so many more. The values range from $10 all the way up to $800, depending on which card you are bidding on. And remember, when you are bidding on those high dollar gift cards be sure to set your Bid Buddies, because you will rack up a lot of free bids with your bid meter at the bottom.

The only tip I have regarding bidding on gift cards is be prepared to BIN (Buy It Now), because you will only pay the face value of the card, there is FREE shipping, and you will get every single one of your bids back to use on another auction. I have used this option many, many times. The main trick here is just to bid on gift cards that you know you will absolutely definitely going to use in your daily life. For me that means Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts, for another person it might mean or Auto Zone. That’s why DealDash is so great — there are plenty of options for everyone!

By Dawn Xu

About me: My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 8 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 165 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings” on YouTube, see below.

challenges of winning penny auctions

Challenges of Winning Penny Auctions

While the challenges of winning penny auctions has always been one of the reasons we bid, I find it’s the uneducated bidders who make the auction winning the most challenging.

Meeting the challenges requires bidders to be more informed than ever to win. How do we meet these challenges of winning penny auctions while still maintaining our bidding budget? This is the dilemma. While the Buy it Now option which DealDash offers is the best of any other penny auction site, no one really wants to buy it now 10 times more often than winning.

My best advice to keep the Buy it Nows and wins more in alignment is to know who your bidders are in an auction. You can read more about that in this article titled Knowing Your Competition and Why it’s Important.

Determine which bidders is in for the quick win and who is in for the long term. You can tell who has their Bid Buddy set and who is merely bidding one bid at a time and hoping to get lucky. The technique of putting one bid in an auction then resting for a countless number of bids rarely works to score a win. The Bid Buddy really is your best friend, learn how and when to use BidBuddy. Determine before ever entering the auction how many bids you are willing to place and then stick to it. I know it is difficult to not put all of your bids on one auction, but the law of averages is against your actually winning on a long-lasting auction.

challenges of winning penny auctions

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For several weeks I have watched the auctions on a well-known brand of mixer. Several of these auctions I observed were not won by the person who bid more than 1000 bids but rather by a patient bidder who watched and waited for the right time to enter the auction for a win. While the challenges to winning penny auctions will always exist, help yourself by investing time to understand when it’s the right time to bid.

Read the bidding tips and strategies you’ll find in this blog and put them into practice. Patience and knowledge really do make for a winning combination on DealDash. I encourage everyone to read up on all the tips DealDash has to offer and remember, with free, fast shipping DealDash is the #1 site to be on. Good luck fellow bidders!

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By Joan Vith

DealDash Best Photo of the Week

How to Get Free Bids on DealDash

Do you like FREE BIDS??? Did you know DealDash gives out THOUSANDS of free bids each and every week!!!

All you have to do is win a auction to be able to collect free bids and in this article i’m going to tell you how to do that. I believe in making the most out of every item I win and this makes me very successful when playing DealDash. My wins are sweeter and my losses don’t sting as bad because of all of the money I’m saving when I play.

First things first, you have to snag the win. When bidding on a auction, Bid Buddy is really the best option for a cheaper win. Bid Buddy will only bid for you when there is no one else bidding, this way you use less bids and save lots of money. I always make sure I’m not bidding against more than two other people, if there is more than two people bidding I will watch until there is only two left before I jump in. This has been the most successful way of bidding for me and it really works!!!

Once you get that win DealDash will give you the option of buying the item you won or trading it in for more bids.

Example: You won a $100 Gift card for $2.00. You can either pay the $2.00 or trade it in for 100 bids. This is very tricky because if you win a $200 item for 5 cents you may be tempted to trade in that win for a extra 200 bids but if you pay the 5 cents you can get the item and many more bids. I say BUY THE ITEM!!! BUY, BUY, BUY!!! You get free shipping so at this point if it is a $200 item and you win it for 5 cents you are getting quite a deal. I won this projector screen below for 37 cents!!! So yes this can happen!!!

Elite Screens Spectrum Series 100-inch Motorized Projector Screen

Buy it Now price: $207
 Elite Screens Spectrum Series 100-inch Motorized Projector Screen
After the winning item has been shipped to your home you must take a picture of you win and post it to Facebook.
If the item value is $199 or above you’ll get 200 Free Bids!
If the item value is $99 to $198 you’ll get 75 Free Bids!
If the item value is less than $99 you’ll get 10 Free Bids!
Follow these easy steps: 1. Select an item you have won on DealDash to feature in the photo.
2. Take a high quality photo clearly showing yourself and the item you won.
3. Post photo to DealDash’s Facebook page and add a description which should include the following information: the item name, retail price, how much you paid for the item and a personal comment about the win as well. For example: “I got this $688 Garmin GPS on @DealDash. I paid just $6.08 and used 62 bids! Thanks DealDash, I will never get lost again!”
4. In the end of the caption, please include the following sentence and the link (See the picture below):
See how much you can save at:

So I know what you thinking this is not a thousand bids. Just reticently the competition has changed, its called the best photo of the week and if you win it is worth 1000 FREE BIDS!!!!!!!!!! I got mine, have you got yours??? If not, you are missing out!!! Get some pictures and post them, the worst thing is your family will want you to win for them too, LOL. But it is well worth all of the money you will be saving with your free bids you can get each week. For more information of other offers that DealDash has for free bids go here >>>>>> DealDash | Notes
Written by Nicole Kososki – Good luck and happy bidding ~loveablenicki~
DealDash Best Photo of the Week

DealDash Best Photo of the Week Contest Will Earn You 1000 Free Bids

auctions easiest to win

Easiest Auctions to Win customers usually want to bid in the easiest auctions to win, right?  Actually, that is the best place for Newbies to start. So how can you find the easiest auctions to win?

I’ll review a few simple steps to help you identify the easiest auctions to win when playing on the longest operating and most trusted pay to play auction website

  • Go to the home page and click on the winner’s list. Look for auctions that are closing for the least amount of money.  That frequently changes—sometimes day-to-day and sometimes hour-to-hour.
  • Try to find an auction that does not have many bidders. Look at about five or six low-value auctions that you would like to win by double-clicking your mouse on each one. When the new window opens, you can count the number of bidders who are interested in winning that auction.  Choose one or two that have the fewest number of competitors.

auctions easiest to win

  • Place at least one bid before the auction reaches $5 so you do not get locked out. Learn more about No Jumper Auctions.
  • Count the number of bidders who have placed bids in the BidBuddy, the automated bidder. Those are the serious competitors you most need to be concerned about.
  • Read what the bidders say in their bidder bio. Some of them will try to intimidate you but if you pay close attention you will soon know if they mean what they say.
  • Place the bulk of your bids after the bidding gets down to only two or three bidders.

Have other tips and insights on how to choose the easiest auctions to win on DealDash? Help others by posting and sharing comments below.

Written by Barbara Sellers is a retired newspaper journalist and grandmother who resides in Tacoma, Wash. She has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012.  Barbara is on Level 48 and has won over 560 auctions.



Santa's reindeer

DealDasher Reindeers Rock

Can you identify a DealDasher on by thinking about the reindeers named in a few Christmas stories and songs?

Just think about the different reindeers Santa had to hook up to his sleigh and how has them all!

First, there’s Dasher! This is the DealDasher who comes in right away, bids quickly then never appears again!

The next DealDasher is Dancer. He is the bidder who comes in and bids a little, bids a little again, bids a lot for a while, then disappears.

Prancer, is quite proud of himself and comes in to many auctions at the same time, makes sure his DealDasher name is on the screen, but does not focus on one auction at a time therefore reducing his chances at winning.

Vixen, is the DealDasher (reindeer) whose bio is a photo or gorgeous graphic, a real cutie.

Comet is the DealDasher who comes in and bids a string of bids like a streak of lightning, let’s his name be seen for a long time then disappears from santa’s radar.

Cupid, awww. This DealDasher wants to win, really is focusing on auctions, but comes in at the wrong time to bid, bids with 5-6 other bidders, uses his heart and not his head; and just does not succeed.

Donner, a steady pace bidder who is content to win a few here or there a little at a time, and is not aggressive. Waits through the bid buddy process and wins some and uses the buy-it-now option too.

BLITZEN – LOOK OUT BIDDERS!!! You are going to get blitzed. It seems a lot of auctions have one of these bidders, she has the BidBuddy set for lots of bids, does not care how many bids it costs, maybe she won a 2000 bid pack and is really trying to knock everyone out of the way. (Remember she can only win 6 auctions that are under $200.)

That leaves us with Rudolph. You know he is not one of the original 8, but Gene Autry made him really famous a long time ago. With his red shiny nose, and radar to all the houses of good little boys and girls, this bidder is not a bully, tries hard to get in on auctions to win, but paces himself so he does not run out of bids or tire too soon to be successful. He loves to see “Congratulations”, and fireworks when he wins. This DealDasher is content to win some and buy it now if necessary.

I hope you can relate to these reindeers, and see how can be quite magical when you are going for your wins. Happy Holidays Everyone, may we all be Rudolphs!

By Joan Vith

Santa's DealDasher Reindeer

Creative Bidders on DealDash

Creative Bidders Become Successful Winners 

Successful customers on often learn to be creative in how they approach an auction. They learn to think outside of the box. I tell you how I mean and how they do it.

Let’s say you see a lawn mower or a pressure washer go up for auction on and let’s say these are both items you might need. Therefore, you immediately start bidding in those auctions, regardless of the fact that many other customers are also involved in the same auction. A few of them are power bidders who will probably outbid you, but you decide to bid, anyway. Hold up! That might not be the best decision. You may want to try thinking outside of the box and find a more creative way at getting the item you want.

People who think outside of the box realize there could be a better way to get the lawn mower or pressure washer they need. If you’re familiar with you’ll know they also put Amazon, Home Depot or Lowe’s gift cards up for auction too and on a regular basis. Creative thinkers might first check to see if any of those companies have the items they need. If it looks like it could be easier to win gift cards with fewer bids, smart creatives might be able to get what they need by bidding on the gift cards instead of an over packed auction.

Successful customers also know that brand new auction items are often more difficult to win the first few times they are listed. Keeping this in mind and knowing those same products might be listed again at a later time, when the competition might not be so intense, is a good option for success. Having a little patience and bidding in a later auction could pay off and help you win more auctions. So before you jump right in, take some time to research and discover the secret to winning auctions on DealDash.

Creative Bidders on DealDash

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012. Barbara is now on Level 49 and has won 560 auctions.

Free Bidding Lessons

Five Bidding Lessons I Learned On  

Since I started shopping on, I’ve learned some important bidding lessons that I wish someone had shared with me when I was a new bidder on the site.

Here are five of the most important bidding lessons I have learned so far:

  1. Only bid in auctions if the product is something you would go to a store to buy. It is so exciting and fun to bid on that it is very easy to get carried away and start bidding on items that you do not really need and will not use.
  2. Before bidding, watch and learn who the “power bidders” are and avoid getting into the same auctions. You will only waste your bids if you get in an auction that has bidders with an endless supply of bids. Save your bids for the next time the same product comes up for auction or bid in other auctions you know you can win.
  3. Mainly bid in auctions you can afford to BIN (Buy-It-Now) if you do not win, so you can get all your bids back free.
  4. Only bid in one or two auctions at the same time. Granted, I might put a few bids on several gift cards at the same time so I do not get locked out. However, I watch to see which ones I might have the best chance of winning and then I seriously bid on one or two.
  5. Make a monthly spending budget. Decide how many bids you will buy for the month and how much money you can afford to spend. Write it down and stick with it.

If you follow these basic bidding lessons I learned on you should have a happy and positive bidding experience. Do you have any good bidding lessons to share? Post in the comments below!

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012. So far, Barbara is on Level 49 and has won 560 auctions.

Free Bidding Lessons

window shopping pays off on DealDash

Window Shopping and Discovering New Unique Gift Ideas

Have you ever gone “window shopping” ? Whenever I do, I usually come home with stuff that I really didn’t need but thought would be nice to have.

My favorite place to do window shopping is on DealDash! I love to do window shopping on DealDash because there are so many up-coming auctions, over 1,000 per day, and I discover so many unique items and get wonderful gift ideas!

One day I was just sitting there browsing the auctions, also known as window shopping, on DealDash when I noticed a silk ficus tree was starting soon. I haven’t had one of those in years. I thought for a moment and decided to go ahead an bid on it because I tend to have trouble keeping the real trees alive on my deck; so wouldn’t a silk tree look OK..  It’s valued at $57.00 and thought I would go for it even though this is an item I would not use the Buy it Now option on.

Before joining the auction I wanted to make sure this window shopping experience was going to pay off with good savings, especially because I decided I was not going to Buy it Now. I therefore went to check what the average selling price for this item was.

To find the average selling price, you have to log out of your account. Then go to the auctions until you see the item you are interested in. Click on the item and it will give you the average selling price. This article better explains how to find the average selling price of a DealDash auction.

Once you find the average selling price, decide if you want to go for it or not. For those of you who don’t understand averages it really could go either way. You can win it for mere pennies or it could go for retail. The average selling prices is the sum of the all final prices the item has sold for divided by the number of times it was auctioned. I decided to start bidding in this auction pretty early, before the price reached 40¢. Shortly thereafter I happened to win my Nearly Natural Ficus tree for a total of $1.18 including the cost of my bids. 75¢ in bids + 43¢ final price. This was a great window shopping experience I had on DealDash and it payed off! The Ficus Silk Tree is actually really nice.

window shopping pays off on DealDash

Winners List on DealDash

How the Winners List Helps You Win

Do you periodically check the winners list before you invest a large number of bids in an auction? I started doing that. Why? The winners list provides valuable information that could help you win auctions using fewer bids.

For example, on Nov. 19, I looked at the winners list to see who recently won big bid packages. I saw that jeanice083071 won 2,000 bids, Melgrant44 won 800 bids, Car7570 and ilmnanaag each won 600 bids, FelixtheCat won two bid packages of 300 bids each and lynn1998 won 300 bids. I wrote down those screen names, knowing that if I were to get into the same auction with any of those bidders, chances are they could easily out-bid me.

I looked at the auctions I wanted to win and I found two of those bidders in the same auctions. Therefore, I immediately cancelled my bids and decided to save them for later.

It is especially important to pay attention to the winners of the 2,000 and 5,000 bid packages. They will have a lot of bids to waste. If you get into the same auction with a big bid winner, chances are slim that you will be able to win the auction, unless you won or purchased an equal number of bids. However, even if you do have an equal number of bids, would you really want to spend your bids by going up against someone who might still have such a good chance to outbid you?

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In summary, you could save a lot of bids by periodically checking the winners list to see who the biggest bid winners are. Once you know that, look for auctions where those bidders are not going to compete with you or wait until those bidders have had enough time to burn up some of those bids.

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012. Barbara is on Level 49 and has won 560 auctions.

Winners List on DealDash

Toys, Kids & Baby on DealDash

Toys, Kids & Baby is Fun for Everyone on DealDash


Hello fellow DealDashers, today I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite sections that DealDash has called “Toys, Kids & Baby.”

This is an absolute great category that DealDash offers, no matter if you are a New Mom, a Mom of Many, a Father, Grandma, or just someone who enjoys things traditionally labeled as “kid’s” things such as Lego sets. I’ll admit, I am a grown woman with 2 kids and I still like to play with Legos occasionally– It’s great that my son likes them, too, it’s a great bonding activity and I don’t have to feel embarrassed that I like to play with Legos!

There are always so many fun and interesting things that you can get in the Toys, Kids & Baby section, such as the aforementioned Lego sets, but also everything from baby teething toys all the way up to big ride-on RC cars and even nice wooden Train Tables. Traditionally this section has been very good to me – it seems like even though you end up BINning (Buying It Now) once in a while these auctions are a little bit easier to WIN than some of the other sections such as “Cameras & Camcorders” or “TV and Home Theater.” You always have to remember, if you have joined an auction and it seems like you are up against some bidders who are way more experienced than you, or they are just throwing the bids around like they aren’t even worried about the cost you can always back out and try again another day if you don’t have too many bids invested already. DealDash will usually offer the same item again in the next few days, so you can have a second chance at getting a great deal.

I have done a lot of my Christmas shopping already in the Toys, Kids & Baby section, hoping to beat the crowds at the stores. I used to go out in the cold at 2AM on Black Friday to go shopping, but I will definitely NOT be doing that this year, since I found DealDash! I have a TON of presents stored away just waiting to be wrapped and put under the tree. So thank you to DealDash, for saving me the aggravation and sleep-loss that I would have gotten this upcoming Black Friday. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

By Dawn X

About me: My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 7 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 140 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings”, here you go!

Toys, Kids & Baby on DealDash


Saving Wins and Bins

I am not so good at saving. That is the whole truth. Finding the cash to buy expensive items for the home has been a struggle for me.

When I found a few years ago, I realized with the bidding, winning or buy-it-now options I might be able to get ahead on saving towards large ticket items I have not been able to save for before. I have been bidding on Home Depot gift cards quite often and find the time of day has a lot to do with the competition and your saving ability. In the morning hours when others have gone to work, I have set my bid buddy, won and saved a great deal on Home Depot gift cards. I even won two in a row on two different days!

When I set my bid buddy on day three, I was not as lucky, but I did use the Buy-it-Now option and paid $25 to get all my bids back – plus I received free shipping!

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Now we all know $25 does not buy you a lot when you are a home owner, but, I started saving the gift cards I was winning on DealDash. The last Home Depot card I won cost 65 cents! How did that happen? I can’t answer that, but I do use my bid buddy on almost all auctions I would like to win. And, it works. I know because I just bought a new hot water heater at Home Depot by saving the gift cards I won our purchased on DealDash using the Buy it Now option. How happy I was to hand them my gift cards and pay for it! Thanks, DealDash. Your auction site is the best!


Reasons Why I Bid on DealDash

Why I Bid For Gift Cards

My house is now 38 years old and any house that old is usually in need of renovation and repairs. That is why I bid for gift cards to Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond and more.

I am now in the process of renovating every room in my house, one room at a time. Therefore, I know I can use those gift cards which is why I bid on them.

I use my Home Depot gift cards to purchase items like paint, paint pads, brushes, sand paper, green frog tape, new light fixtures and/or lamps, updated floor registers, door knobs and locks. I even discovered that I could purchase liquid wood to repair gouges and scratches in my bedroom and closet doors. I simply patched the damaged areas of my doors, sanded them down smooth and then painted them. Instead of buying all new doors, I was able to make the doors that I already have look new again. I also plan to refurbish my kitchen cabinets.

I use my Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards to purchase items like new curtains, linens, sheets and other bedding, new bathroom towels and shower curtain rings, scatter rugs, and hand mirrors.

Attached is a photo of one of my newly renovated bathrooms. The gold paint on the walls was purchased with my Home Depot gift cards won on DealDash and the new towels and hand mirror were purchased with my Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards. Winning some of those gift cards on has not only been a lot of fun which is one of the main reasons why I bid there but it has also helped me save money on everything I need to do home repairs. That’s why I bid on gift cards and play DealDash.

Reasons Why I Bid on DealDash


Thank you, DealDash!

high-value auctions

How to Win High-Value Auctions

If I cannot afford to Buy-It-Now, I seldom bid on high-value auctions because I know I will have to let it go and lose all my bids if I do not win.

I’ve been shopping and bidding on DealDash since I joined on February 8, 2012. Here are a few of the high-value auctions I’ve won and some tips on how I did it so that you can hopefully win some high-value auctions too!

high-value auctions

By looking at my list, I can see that most of my best high-value auction wins closed in the early part of the auction and did not require many bids. Therefore, instead of placing 1,000 bids on one high-value item, I believe we would have a much better chance of winning a high-value auction by placing 100 bids on that same auction 10 times. After all, winning is often a matter of being in the right auction at the right time and that would increase our chances of hitting a lucky one.

It might also help to be patient and not bid on high-value auctions until after the well-known power bidders have already won and get eliminated (blocked out) from the competition. For example, screen name RichnBorrd won the $500 Amazon gift card and he already won the $1,000 Amazon gift card, too, so this rich competitor with endless bids has now been blocked from returning to both of those high-value auctions for gift cards. Couples rickyandann and SandraandTom, who appear to be more competitive by putting two incomes together, have also already won the $1,000 Amazon gift card. Therefore, now that they have all been eliminated from that auction, the rest of us might have a better chance of winning it in the future.

I hope this helps you develop your own strategy for how to win a high-value auction on DealDash!

By Barbara Sellers

How DealDash Can Help You Save

How DealDash Can Help You Save

DealDash gives you numerous opportunities to help you save.

For example, I only buy bids when they are on sale. Bids go on sale just about every day of the week so be sure to stay on the look out for these special promotions to help you save on the price of bids. I will usually buy bids when they are down to 15 cents or 16 cents. Occasionally DealDash will even mark the bid price down to 14¢ however it’s more rare.

When making your purchase, be sure to buy enough bids to be able to win what you are looking for. You don’t want to be in the middle of an auction and run out of bids. What if this happens just after a sale ended? Then you might have to pay as much as 60 cents per bid for them and that would raise your bottom line and not help you save.

Another way to help you save is to watch for special promotions when DealDash offers a half off ending price day to the winner. That’s when DealDash pays 50% off the ending price for you. Even better, there is the FREE ending price day to the winner. This is where your winning ending price is free. You will only be charged one cent just to process an official transaction.

Have you ever thought of ways you can you add to these bargains you already get on DealDash to help you save even more? If you have won something like a restaurant gift card at a pretty good price, why not add to it with a local coupon. I occasionally get coupons in the mail from Ruby Tuesday or Olive Garden. I can then use their coupons which may be a buy one get one free entree. I’ll then pay for it with a gift card I won on DealDash and also have the buy one get one free offer.

So if you won a gift card at let’s say 50% off and used a buy one get one coupon at the restaurant, that would bring you down to paying, say five bucks for a steak dinner! Use everything in your arsenal to get the lowest price on products and gift cards. Be creative! Happy bidding!

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By Donna Smith

About author: I’ve been playing on DealDash for over two years, won 275 auctions and love it! 

How DealDash Can Help You Save

DealDash Secrets Facebook

Secret to Winning Auctions on DealDash

As my husbands asks from across the room… “Are you on DealDash again?”. Yes, of course! I have a secret to winning auctions and patience patience patience is one of them honey!

That’s right, I have a secret to winning auctions on DealDash and patience is one of them. I will share a few others with you in this blog article. Before I jump right into it, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. First of all, I’ve been shopping on DealDash for over two years now so I’ve had my share of bidding experiences and over the course of these two years I’ve been able to gather what I like to call a secret to winning. I do have a regular job working many hours per week however I’m afforded the luxury of working for a while, breaking a while, back to work and so forth. Fortunately DealDash offers auctions 24 hours per day so I’m able to play at anytime. If you’re just getting stated with DealDash, one thing to keep in mind when joining an auction is to make sure you bid in the auction before the price reaches the $5.00 No Jumper limit.

DealDash also provides a ton of information for you to study which will help give you the best chance at winning and understanding how the auctions work so be sure to take the time and research how to play. For example here’s one article found on the Official DealDash Blog titled: Looking for the Best Time to Bid? Asking These Questions May Help. I could say that simply reading the bidding tips in the blogs about DealDash is a secret to winning auctions.

In my personal experience I find certain bidders are only on at certain times of the day while some people only bid on certain items and others bid on just about everything they can. A secret to winning auctions is to study the habits and the amounts certain bidders are willing to bid. Although bidders may sometimes change their bidding strategies to appear unpredictable, most of the time they fall back to the same bidding patterns.

Another secret to winning auctions on DealDash is to check the average selling price for an item. There’s a couple ways to do this. 1). Log out of your account and visit the particular auction. 2.) Open a new browser window and look at the auction – this prevents you from having to logout of your current browser and log back in. Here’s an article about how look up the average selling price of an item. Knowing the average selling price is a secret to winning auctions because it will give you a good idea as to when you should join the auction and increase your chances of winning.

The blog articles about DealDash post all of this information for you to read and study. Be sure to read the tactics and tips page found on which will also give you some good bidding guidance.

What’s your secret to winning auctions?

Secret to Winning Auctions on DealDash

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relax and have fun on DealDash

Relax and Bid to Have Fun!

Don’t let bidding be stressful, have fun with it and relax! After all bidding is supposed to be fun! This is entertainment shopping at it’s best and you’ll find it on DealDash.

So you’re going to sit down, relax and have some fun bidding on Deal Dash. You scroll through the auctions and find two things that you would like and they are starting at almost the exact same time. Darn…. how can you bid on both at the same time? Easy answer, use your Bid Buddy.

You have seen it many times, people placing single bids one after the other. Do they win? Usually not. This is the reason to use the fabulous tool called Bid Buddy. It’s simple, easy to use and will conserve your bids by not placing them until the final second of the auction. Go to the auction you want and set whatever number of bids you would like to spend on that item in the Bid Buddy. Go to the other item you want and do the same thing. Done. Sit back, relax and watch. Have a sip of coffee or a snack and enjoy the fun!

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Occasionally open the item you are on and check the progress. You can add bids or get out of the auction at any time. You will be in that auction until you run out of bids or you pull out yourself and any unused bids are returned to your account. That’s how you use a friend called Bid Buddy. So put your bids in and wait until you win!! No stress about missing the timer if your bid doesn’t get in. No wearing out you finger or bid now button. Relax already. Have Fun. Sometimes I will scroll through other auctions to see what’s coming up and wouldn’t you know I go back to the auction I am in and I have won! So go win something already and take your friend along!

relax and have fun on DealDash You may also like to know 40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less – a blog article by Shana Lebowitz @shanadlebowitz



adapt to your environment

Adapt To Be Successful on DealDash

I have seen and experienced a lot of changes in the bidding habits of long-time bidders, which I presume have occurred because of new bidders and of course the need to adapt.

Having been on for over two years now, I have watched and participated in many auctions. I have had to adapt my own bidding strategies by tweaking, readjusting and tweaking again in order to be successful and stay competitive. Knowing that you’ll have to adapt and continuously adjust your bidding strategy is important and will help you stay competitive too. What may have worked for you six months ago may likely no longer be a viable bidding strategy.

While “newbies” have had the advantage to adapt quickly by reading some great tips and hints about being successful on auctions, not all of them have taken the time to adapt to those tips and have instead used all of their bids on any and all auctions.

In a recent bidding experience with several 2014 bidders, many were using their bid buddy and what I would call “playing nicely in the sand box”. Unfortunately, just because someone is using the bid buddy and letting others earn their time for free bids, they can also be driving up the cost of winning an auction. Rather than being focused on one or two auctions, one particular bidder was bidding aggressively on more than four (4) auctions at the same time! Since he had already won 5 of his 6 win allotments for DealDash’s Weekly Winning Limits.

The mentality of driving up prices and hoping to get “lucky” on one of those four auctions caused the price on all of the auctions to be higher. Of course knowing your DealDash competition is critical if you would like to win the auction. If you want to win and experience the “deal” in DealDash, then stay focused, use your time and bids wisely and adapt to different bidding strategies. We all benefit from those strategies. Happy Bidding!

By Joan Vith

adapt to your environment

DealDash Thriller

Shopping on DealDash is a Thriller

I was thinking about the ABC’s of bidding and the 1,2,3’s of what not to do when bidding and shopping to see if I could educate the new bidder a little better.

For some reason Michael Jackson’s song came to mind. The “A” stands for Auctions, the “B” stands for Bids, and the “C” stands for Cost. When shopping on DealDash bidders have so many auctions to select from that a new bidder should have no problem deciding which one to get started with. The Bids come in packages from 200 to over 1,000. Buying bids on sale is really the only way to go. With bids being offered for 15 cents from time to time, a smart bidder will only buy bids on sale. This way, if you spend 100 bids or $15 to win a $25 item you are really a “winner”. And, the Cost of an item is the amount of bids you put on an auction, plus if you win, the final price you will pay for the auction. Remember, there are NO shipping charges when shopping on DealDash, unlike other penny auction sites.

Here are a few other good rules to follow when shopping on DealDash

1. DON’T be in a hurry! If you do not have the patience or time to watch an auction and bid, then you are simply throwing your money away.

2. You must NOT slap bids at auctions or other bidders. The timer is there to help all bidders earn free bids. Let the timer work for your benefit as well as other bidders. Free bids are a great reward for bidding and shopping on DealDash, let everyone get in on some free bids.

3. DON”T spend more than the item is worth to get the “win”. Paying $14 for a $10 gift card is crazy. I actually won a $10 gift card for $14, having put on the bid buddy and leaving the site. After all the slappers and over-bidders got done, I won the card for a few bids! I am grateful that DealDash lets you exchange your win in for bids, which is what I chose to do.

I have watched a new bidder who had become an incessant slapper. This bidder will eventually think about their penny auction experience shopping on DealDash and blame everyone else for their lack of good and genuine “wins”. In reality, if this bidder had done his homework, he would realize jumping on every bidder costs him 5 times what it cost everyone else and even if he did win, he would be losing a lot of money.

I could name other countless tips to use while bidding and shopping on DealDash auctions. The best advice is use the BidBuddy. You set how many bids you are willing to pay to win the item and watch the auction. The BidBuddy prevents you from over-spending your bidding budget and also keeps you in the game. Watch auctions, learn what techniques others use, and you will be a “winner” on DealDash. Last of all, DealDash offers you the buy-it-now option. You get the item you were trying to win, you get ALL of your bids back and you get to try your skill at another auction. DealDash is a great site to bid on, learn and enjoy the fun of being a competitive bidder! Happy bidding and enjoy this excellent video in the spirit of Halloween!

By Joan Vith

When to Buy it Now on DealDash

When to Buy it Now on DealDash

One thing many customers appear to be most confused about is when to Buy It Now, also known as BIN.

Perhaps some new customers do not yet know when to buy it now because they are not even aware they can stop bidding at any time during the auction, buy the auction item at retail and get all of their bids back free to use again in another auction.

I once stopped bidding on a $25 gift card, did a BIN, got my bids back and put them on a $50 gift card (with fewer competitors) instead. I ended up winning the $50 gift card (worth twice as much) for half the bids. You need to know when to buy it now because once you win an auction, it’s no longer possible to use the BIN option on the item you win.

So when to buy it now on DealDash? That mostly depends on the cost of your bids and the closing cost of winning. If the cost of your bids and the final closing cost combined are about to exceed the retail value of the auction item, it is definitely time to BIN. That is the point at which it makes no sense to continue bidding. Let me give you an example.

According to my calculations, a long-time Deal Dash customer “won” a $25 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card for a total cost of about $59.33—more than enough to do a BIN on two $25 gift cards. Her first bid was placed at 26 cents and she continued to bid until the auction closed at $9.83 (which I will round off to $10 because she used even more bids at the end). Based on the number of bidders actively participating in that auction, she must have used at least 33 bids for every dollar. That means this bidder used about 330 bids to win a $25 gift card. Even if she bought her bids on sale for 15 cents each, she used $49.50 in bids and still had to pay an additional $9.83 when the auction closed. *Of course it’s possible to collect free DealDash bids and win bid packs, so perhaps many of the bids were free bids this bidder had earned which we are not aware of.

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The point of this article is that you have the option to gain the best shopping experience from DealDash when utilizing the features offered to you. Take some time before jumping into an auction and determine when to buy it now. If you do not win an auction, you have seven full days to go to your dashboard and do a BIN. Compared to other penny auction sites, has the best BIN option I could find.

When to Buy it Now on DealDash

bookmark dashboard page

7 Most Useful Dashboard Functions

DealDash gives you your own personal dashboard page which has all of the information you need to keep track of your bidding.

Your dashboard contains a public profile page to say a little bit about who you are. This is called the Bidder Bio and when you fill this out DealDash actually gives you 3 free bids! Your bidder bio will show up every time you place a bid on an auction. I see a lot of people who don’t bother to fill this in. Why not? Go claim your free bids!

Also see: Review of Revealing DealDash Bios

There is a won auction page and an order page. You can use these links to keep track of what you won and especially when your item has been shipped. That way you know when your item is coming and you can even follow this with the shipping tracking code provided.

You’ll find your transaction history and a bidding history as separate links in your dashboard. With these links you can see how many bids that you have placed on an item and also how many bids have been added to your account. So for example let’s say you posted a picture to DealDash’s Facebook page to get free bids. Once the bids are added to your account you’ll see it pop up in your dashboard transaction history with a note referencing the bids were added for posting a Facebook photo to get free bids. You may also want to read 5 Ways To Get Free DealDash Bids.

One of the most important links on your dashboard is your bookmark page. This is where you can go through the auctions that are coming up and place them here. That way instead of scrolling through all of the auctions let’s say for the next 5 or 6 hours you pick the ones you want and put them here. This makes bidding on the auctions you want more organized and a lot faster to find. Here are some screen shot examples of what this looks like after you have booked marked an auction.

bookmark dashboard Last but not least there is a support page.  E-mail Deal Dash at any time and they will be happy to assist you in any way.
Lose To Win Strategy

The Losing to Win Strategy Explained

Often times I enter a couple of auctions simultaneous, for similar items, hoping to come out on top of at least one of them. I do this by losing to win. Here’s how.

Once I was bidding in two different auctions for the same sound sleep machine and against the same bidder. We were just slowly losing our bids by trading them back and forth for the auction win between the two of us. I wondered, what if one of use stopped bidding in one of the auctions. Would the other bidder do the same in the second auction? Would this losing to win strategy work? After all, we seemed to be the only two bidders passionate about winning this item.

There was one way to find out if losing to win would be a viable strategy! I took the chance and let the other bidder win the first auction. Sure enough, one sound sleep machine was enough for this bidder and he/she exited out of the second auction, allowing me to win.

When I find myself bidding against the same bidder in two auctions for the same item this losing to win strategy is one I will always keep in mind. I also think several other bidders have the same philosophy. However, just as the auctions can be unpredictable, so can your competition. I’ve found that not all follow the same losing to win strategy.

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I again found myself it two auctions for a similar Home Theater system, bidding against the same bidder. As both auctions seemed to wind down, with just the two of us trading bids, I decided to see if I bailed from the one auction, would this bidder do the same. Keep in mind these items were in fact different brands and had prices however I elected to jump out of the higher valued auction, in hopes they would reciprocate and stop bidding in the second auction. I took that leap of faith!

Well this bidder was obviously not willing to do the same and proceeded to bid, stomp, and bid some more with me. I guess she needed two Home Theater Sets. We went on for another hour or so trading bids with each other while other bidders came and went. Finally after burning over 450 bids I decided this was enough and left the auction. Strangely enough, this other bidder also left the auction soon after, giving the win to someone who had used less than 1/4 the bids just one of us had used. I of course ended up using the Buy It Now option to get all my bids back, but it just goes to show, not everyone you bid against will allow you to use the losing to win strategy.

By Kim Finnegan

Losing To Win Strategy  About me: I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012. I have won over 170 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons {one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart}. 

Online Shopping with DealDash

Online Shopping and Surprising Friends

How impressed are your friends when you tell them you do online shopping? How about if they know you did your online shopping on DealDash?

I have one friend that I told to star online shopping on however they weren’t as impressed because she has not won as many auctions as I have. The problem with that is she is not bidding responsibly. I have explained to her how to use all of the tools that DealDash gives you to make your experience an enjoyable one, however she has not “followed the directions” and therefore has not done as well.

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My other friends however are very impressed! These friends live about 4 hours away from me and come down every other month or so. We love to swim in the lake and just hang out, cook and enjoy each others company. I did not tell them at first about my great wins and the online shopping I do on DealDash, however by the lake I have a bench which I won on DealDash. One of my friends asked where I found it and I just said from online shopping. Then we grilled out on my new gas grill which I had also won on DealDash; “where did you get this grill?” again I answered, online shopping. I also have a very nice new set of Paula Deen pots and pans and of course one of my friends asked…  “Where did you get these”? I only had to repeat myself, online shopping. After awhile my friend said to my husband “she sure is doing a lot of online shopping” and he replied, yes.

Shortly thereafter I explained the whole story about all my online shopping experiences and great wins I’ve achieved on DealDash. They were astonished! My friends thought that I was using up all of my retirement money and couldn’t believe how much I had actually saved.

As long as you bid responsibly you’ll experience a lot of fun doing your online shopping with DealDash. A great place to bid, win and save on just about anything you need. Plus everything comes with free shipping which is a nice plus. Not all online shopping retailers provide this option.

Overbid Risk

Two Reasons I Might Overbid on Purpose

Why would anyone purposely overbid on

“How dumb is that?” you might ask.  Actually, it might not be so dumb… sometimes.

I have been bidding on DealDash for over 2.5 years. Most of the time, I do not overbid but I might choose to overbid on purpose when:

  1. is running a special offer and customers earn 3X or 5X on their Time as Highest Bidder clock to win free bids.
  2. I recognize screen names of one or two stubborn bidders that I know will never quit and never allow me to “win.”

That is when I know it is “safe” for me to overbid on purpose to get more time on the clock. Regardless, I will get all my bids back free in the end, anyway, so why not use this opportunity to get more time on the clock? Additionally, it might teach some players a lesson to think twice about bidding with me in the future because it will not be an easy win.

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Once I have used enough bids to equal the retail price of the auction product, it usually makes more sense to stop bidding and BIN (Buy It Now) to get all my bids back free, but this is one exception. Of course, once the bidding reaches this point, I do not want to “win” the auction because it would hurt me more than it would help me. However, if DealDash is giving us three to five times credit on the time as highest bidder clock to win free bids and I see one or two bidders still playing who are too stubborn to allow me to “win”, I might be willing to risk overbidding on purpose. This way I get to collect more free bids and use the Buy it Now option to get the item I want and my bids back.

What reasons and situations would you overbid in an auction?

By Barbara Sellers

Overbid Risk

DealDash Social Sites

Why Staying Social with DealDash Pays Off

DealDash is not just a shopping site, it’s more of a social community. It’s a huge business that really cares about its customers.

There are a lot of ways to get involved in what’s going on in the social life of DealDash. In this article I am going to tell you a few different ways on how to stay connected and why it pays off to stay social with DealDash.

Facebook, the most popular social network, for one is a awesome way to see who is winning what. You can visit DealDash on Facebook and view hundreds of photos with different folks showcasing their winnings. This is also a good way to see who is winning what. I personally like to see how much people are paying for the items I may want to win and this is a great social place to do just.

You can also visit the DealDash Reviews Tips Strategies page on Facebook to find out how folks are winning and what tips and strategies they are using. In fact, all of the articles you read here on this DealDash Reviews blog site are posted to the social page: DealDash Reviews Tips Strategies on Facebook. So if you use the ultimate social network yourself and follow that page, you’ll get the new articles posted directly to your news feed.

Another social site is Pinterest which has lots of updates too! DealDash has a pin it to win it board you must check out!!! This is a great way to earn some extra free bids just for pinning some pictures when there’s live contest happening. You can also follow DealDash on twitter to say on the up and up with promotions and special social offers! Following DealDash on Google Plus is also very good to follow. This way you can make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to collect free bids to help you win more auctions and develop better DealDash winning strategies.

Last but not least, watch your email for surveys and opportunities to speak on the phone with DealDash employees to provide feedback about your experience for free bids. DealDash has a lot of things going on and although you may need to get a little social, it’s well worth it. So don’t be afraid to get social and comment, share or post an image of your wins to collect some free bids!

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One Bidding Tip before you go: Always use your BidBuddy. This is the best chance for a win on DealDash.

By Nicole Kososki

DealDash Social Sites

tips to stay cool

Stay Cool in Summer with this Shopping Strategy

It can be tough to stay cool in summer, especially on those super hot days with no breeze. My family and I were able to stay cool this summer with a few things we got from DealDash at major discounts.

One of the best things I got was a Hunter outside ceiling fan. This was valued at $141.00 and I only used 6 bids when I won it. The total cost including my bids was $2.14, that is amazing! Just in case the ceiling fan isn’t enough when it’s 100 degrees outside I thought we might need another fan. So I bid on numerous amazon gift cards. See how you can save with gift cards on Deal Dash.

After a few great deals I had enough cards to go to Amazon and purchase a very nice powerful floor fan. I paid for the entire order with Amazon gift cards I won on DealDash. If you find a particular item on DealDash to be difficult to win, don’t worry. You can either buy it now to get the item directly and any used bids back or you can go shopping for gift cards like I did so you can purchase the item you want another way.

I travel with my dogs very frequently and they need to stay cool in the summer heat too. So just like using the Amazon gift cards, I used Home Depot gift cards to get a portable a/c unit. I had won enough home depot gift cards to pay 90% of the cost. To run the a/c unit I then decided I might need a generator therefore I went back to bidding on the Amazon gift cards and again won enough gift cards on DealDash to pay 70% of the entire cost of a generator.

Does any of this make sense? DealDash offers enough products and gift cards to stay cool in the summer and make anything you might need achievable. You might have to be a little inventive but it will work. Might I add that it is super fun to figure all of this out! I have a blast on DealDash and continue to shop with them year after year.

By Donna Smith aka Newfden

Gift Cards Available on DealDash

Why Gift Cards Make a Perfect Gift

Do you enjoy gift cards? I certainly do. When giving gifts, and no matter who you’re giving to, gift cards make the perfect gift.

I shop for my gift cards on DealDash where I also have a chance to win them at incredible discounts. Although I have won a few other types of auctions on DealDash too, I typically only bid on gift cards and gift cards with extra DealDash bids attached.

I usually bid for gift cards the most because of two main reasons.

  1. I can “re-gift” gift cards.
  2. I can bid on more things when I win bids, like more gift cards.

Gift cards make perfect gifts because they allow for versatility, randomness, variety and most of all, the opportunity to not buy the wrong thing for that good friend and perhaps the somewhat “picky or difficult to buy for” type. I know I have friends that I just can’t find the perfect gift for and these gift cards have been used on many occasions to get myself out of some sticky situations. Best of all, my friends get to purchase what they want and I only paid a fraction of the cost that I would have normally paid if I bought these gift cards in a store and not DealDash.

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When shopping on DealDash for gift cards, the ones I like to bid on the best are the gas cards. These are always welcome when it comes to giving as a gift and I have never disappointed with this card. I will bid on specialty stores when I’m looking for someone specifically. Otherwise I will tend to always go for gas gift cards until me and my friends are all driving electric cars which no longer require gas.

What do you consider to be the perfect gift.

By Gigi Pence

A little about myself:  I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years and really like it. I like to frequent DealDash because it is fun and entertaining. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash because of the ability to buy it now if you lose an auction.  

Gift Cards Available on DealDash

Here’s an example of different gift cards available on DealDash



How to give great gifts

How To Give Great Gifts

How to give great gifts can be challenging however, I’ve learned how to become the best gift giver with a little help from DealDash.

DealDash has been helping people give great gifts since they started making shopping fun in 2009. All the items they offer are brand new and come directly from their supplying partners with manufacturers warranties. With so many different products that Deal Dash offers you don’t have to be a “re-gifter” ever again. DealDash offers everything from home improvement items for men to personal grooming products for women. They really offer just about anything and everything for yourself or to things to give great gifts for everyone in your life.

With DealDash I was able to win items for cheap and therefore be able to give great gifts to my husband like a battery operated blower and chain saw which works great! We had a few little trees that had to come down and these electric tools were a lot less strenuous to use than the gas powered versions. If you want to give great gifts like the gas operated tools, well DealDash has them too.

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I replaced a lot of my old kitchen utensils and pots & pans. I liked them so much that I went back and placed bids on the same items to give at my friend’s birthday. I gave my friend a Paula Deen saucepan and a set of kitchen knives. She was very happy to receive and I was so happy to be able to give great gifts like this.

There are friend’s and family birthdays, anniversary’s, weddings, and don’t forget about Christmas. You don’t have to wait until the occasion arrives. The same products come up on DealDash time after time so you can bid on things that you may not need for awhile. It takes some time to win enough presents for everybody but you should see the look on people’s faces when they say “Wow, where did you get this” and I say DealDash.

I love being able to give great gifts to my friends and family!

By Donna Smith aka Newfden

How to give great gifts

Additional Info: WikiHow has a good article called How to Give a Great Gift to Someone which covers these 12 steps to giving great gifts.

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Research
  3. Pick a Hobby or area of Interest
  4. Get creative
  5. Give the gift of written word
  6. Listen up
  7. Draw on your own experience and those of others
  8. Spend time with the recipient
  9. Go shopping with recipient and see what they gravitate towards
  10. Consider personalizing a gift
  11. Ask
  12. Wrap the gift attractively once you select a great gift
Buy it Now on DealDash

Buy it Now After Quick and Easy Math

Before I begin bidding on I figure out how many bids I am willing to use to win each auction, based on the retail value of the item I want and the final closing cost before I decide to move forward with the Buy it Now option.

It is not necessary to use a calculator to get an exact figure. Instead, I found a quick and easy way to do the math and still get a pretty good idea how many bids I can use in an auction without paying more than an item is worth, and know when to Buy it Now.

I purchase most of my bids when they go on sale for 15 or 16 cents a bid. During a “free to the winner” special, I could use up to six bids for every dollar value of the auction item. That means I would be spending 90 to 96 cents per dollar (15 x 6 = 90 and 16 x 6 = 96), only slightly better than breaking even. Regardless what I am bidding on, I know I never want to use more than six bids per dollar during a “free to the winner” special. Whenever there is a closing cost in addition to the cost of my bids, I never want to use more than three or four bids per dollar to get a good deal or break even. This helps me quickly decide when it’s the right time to Buy it Now.

For example, if a $25 gift card closes at $5 (when it is not free to the winner) I would take $25 – $5 = $20. Then 20 x 6 bids per dollar = 120, the maximum number of bids I could use to win a $25 gift card without over-bidding. If I do not win that card for 120 bids or less, I am better off using BIN, the Buy it Now option, and getting all of my bids back free to use in another auction.

I see some long-time customers who apparently do not know how to use the Buy it Now option. They must not be doing the math or they must be too addicted to stop. Otherwise, why would anyone use 2,000 bids or more, to “win” a $200 Amazon gift card? Even with the bids on sale at 16 cents a bid, a 1,800 bid package costs $288.00. I witnessed one customer use $300 or more worth of bids to “win” a $200 Amazon gift card, over-bidding the value of the card by at least $100. Why not just Buy it Now and get your bids back?

Winning at any cost only hurts the bidder financially, defeats the purpose of the site and ruins the fun for everyone. Therefore, please do yourself and other customers a favor. Do the math and use the Buy it Now.

By Barbara Sellers

Buy it Now on DealDash

Penny Auction Sites Vs DealDash

Penny Auction Sites vs. DealDash

Of all of the penny auction sites I have bid on, DealDash is the best. If you are looking for a penny auction site that you feel is honest and trustworthy, DealDash has met the challenge.

I have bid on at least ten other penny auction sites and here are some of the differences.

Bid packs – on DealDash – usually can get them on sale for 18 cents or less. Today (Labor Day) they are on sale for only 14 cents!
Bid packs – on other penny auction sites – could be anywhere from 60 cents to 80 cents depending on the site.

Shipping – on DealDash – free – ALWAYS no matter how big or small the item.
Shipping – on other penny auction sites – anywhere from $1.99 to more than $7.99 depending on the item.

Buy it Now option – DealDash – available and you get ALL of your bids back.
Buy it Now option – other penny auction sites – available, pay shipping, and you do not get your bids back.

Customer Service – DealDash – always speak with a friendly person on the phone or get a respectful response to my emails.
Customer Service – other penny auction sites – don’t get an answer on the phone, leave messages that are never returned, speak to a customer service person who implies you are lying when you state you have not received your items. (Really happened)

Listen to the Customers – DealDash – in 2012 when shipping went to long delays, several new customer service people and shipping staff were hired.
Listen to the Customers – other penny auction sites – in 2012 when shipping slowed, not only were customers ignored with their requests for their items, but the delays went from one week shipping to two week, to three week, to never shipped! Alot of promises and no action. This particular site went out of business not too long ago and left their customers owed a lot of items and money!

Bidding on DealDash is never a given that you will win. What it does give you is a fair chance to win an auction item or gift card that you or someone in your family can use. You will never pay to have it shipped and often you will receive it within just a few days. DealDash cannot prevent bidders from over bidding or using their big pockets to win items at exorbitant prices. But DealDash does allow a smart bidder and a wise shopper to get items they want, have fun winning and if the win isn’t there, you can buy it now and try again.

DealDash offers so much to the consumer who wants to do this kind of bidding and buying compared to other penny auction sites. Try bidding with the best, you won’t regret it. Happy Bidding fellow bidders and happy Labor Day. May we all have some awesome stories to tell about our auction wins!

By Joan Vith

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Penny Auction Sites Vs DealDash