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Reflections of my 2014 year on DealDash

As I look around and try to figure out where the last year has gone, I ponder what other bidders are thinking about when they choose to bid on DealDash.

A lot of people see different commercials (I personally have only seen one) that entice them to try online auctions and win great items like TV’s and iPads, etc. Many others, though, are looking for a form of recreation while sitting at their computers, laptops, and now even their phones. In a way we are all taking a chance at getting a deal. So, I wonder what the other bidders have as motivation to bid on auctions.

I have bid on many sites and found DealDash to be the most honest, and fair. I used to bid on other sites where the bidding goes on for hours and there are no block outs. So, if you set your bid count to 200 (by the way you can’t stop the bids on auto for these other sites) and others join in after the price is up high, you know you have lost the auction and will not be able to get your bids back with a buy-it-now option. This is why I choose to play on DealDash, which is different.

When I have won my six auctions for the week, I still look at the other sites to see if I might be tempted to buy bids with them and try again. However, what really stops me is the fact I know the shipping costs are really high and their buy-it-now option is horrible. Shipping is also much slower than what you’ll get with DealDash and the customer service on other sites cannot come close to what DealDash has going.

This Christmas season, which is always a very busy time for any site, it does not seem to have slowed any of my win or buy it now items from being delivered on time. Thanks DealDash for a great 2014, I am looking forward to an even greater 2015!


The 12 Days of Christmas on DealDash

The 12 Days of DealDash

On the first day of Christmas
My DealDash gave to me
Hunger Games on DVD

On the second day of Christmas
My DealDash gave to me
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the third day of Christmas
My DealDash gave to me
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the fourth day of Christmas
My DealDash gave to me
Four Angry Birds
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the fifth day of Christmas
My DealDash sent to me
Five Lego Sets
Four Angry Birds
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the sixth day of Christmas,
My DealDash sent to me
Six Popcorn Poppers Popping
Five Lego Sets
Four Angry Birds
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the seventh day of Christmas,
My DealDash gave to me
Seven coffee grinders grinding
Six Popcorn Poppers Popping
Five Lego Sets
Four Angry Birds
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the eight day of Christmas,
My DealDash gave to me
Eight Dysons cleaning
Seven coffee grinders grinding
Six Popcorn Poppers Popping
Five Lego Sets
Four Angry Birds
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the ninth day of Christmas,
My DealDash gave to me
Nine Greenworks mowing
Eight Dysons cleaning
Seven coffee grinders grinding
Six Popcorn Poppers Popping
Five Lego Sets
Four Angry Birds
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the tenth day of Christmas,
My DealDash gave to me
Ten Tide Pods sudsing
Nine Greenworks mowing
Eight Dysons cleaning
Seven coffee grinders grinding
Six Popcorn Poppers Popping
Five Lego Sets
Four Angry Birds
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
My DealDash gave to me
Eleven Nikons snapping
Ten Tide Pods sudsing
Nine Greenworks mowing
Eight Dysons cleaning
Seven coffee grinders grinding
Six Popcorn Poppers Popping
Five Lego Sets
Four Angry Birds
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds and
Hunger Games on DVD

On the Twelfth day of Christmas,
My DealDash gave to me
Twelve SodaStreams bubbling
Eleven Nikons snapping
Ten Tide Pods sudsing
Nine Greenworks mowing
Eight Dysons cleaning
Seven coffee grinders grinding
Six Popcorn Poppers Popping
Five Lego Sets
Four Angry Birds
Three french presses
Two Sony Earbuds
and Hunger Games on DVD

Merry Christmas

By Dawn Xu

My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 8 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 165 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings” on YouTube, see here: 


madden for ps3

Great Deal on Madden NFL 25 for PlayStation 3

I came on DealDash one day and I saw the video game Madden NFL 25 for PlayStation 3 and I told myself this game is mine.

When the auction finally started I bid on it and so did a few others. I kept bidding against the other bidders Jaybird2013 and Midwayjoel and I ended up winning the video game for $2.63. The regular price of the game was $60.00 new so this was a great deal!
I then saw a pair of Stompeez – Puppy Slippers which I wanted to bid on but knew were going to get lots of bidders. When the bidding was almost over I remember myself and anthonylee started to bid back and forth for the slippers and finally anthonylee gave up after reaching $1.66 so I bid at $1.67 and as the timer counted down 3.. 2.. 1..  I knew he was done and won the auction. I have never won a TV or a Laptop but I am happy with what I have won on DealDash.
If your new to DealDash my tip for you is “Be Patient”  and bid on small, inexpensive items such as video games, bluray movies, $10.00 gift card, etc. I find these items on DealDash are easy to win. It’s important to wait and watch how many people start bidding on it before you bid. There is a 10 second timer that counts down from 10 to 1 and it’s best to bid during the last second because If you wait someone else might bid before you do. Using the bid buddy will help with this.
I recommend going on Deal Dash at late hours Monday through Thursday (not Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Holidays). Also I don’t recommend going on during prime time hours after 5 or 6 pm on weekdays. There are many people online bidding but you never know, even during peak hours, you could win some good auctions. Main thing is you have to have patience!
By 49erFanForLife
how to win on DealDash

Players Tips on How To Win on DealDash

Hello everybody. I would like to share my bidding experience at DealDash auction. I started to bid at this auction approximately one year ago. It was new for me that’s why I had to discover how to win and what tactic would help me do that.

During my first week I bid on everything and I won some cheap items without any problems. But what I really wanted was to win something expensive and useful for me.  I recognized that I needed to study the other people bidding on DealDash and learn how they act. I find this is really important to know to be successful in the auction.
I spent a lot of time to learn people’s auction behavior.  What I learned to understand that is that some people bid everything in the beginning and some people start bidding later.  I just tried to remember who these people were and how they typically played. Another thing which is important to know is that it helps to know exactly what item you want and to focus on that item only.
I chose to go for a $1000 Samsung TV. I knew that I had to have enough bidding power to win this expensive TV and when the time was right I decided to bid till the end. I really felt that I had I chance to win and had a bit of lady luck on my side because I finally WON IT!!  I was very happy and feel like if you really want something it’s possible.
My recommendations to people who want to bid at DealDash, but don’t know how to win, is to try to bid on cheap things in the beginning and try to keep track of your competition by learn their bidding behavior. When you decide to bid on something really serious and expensive, you need to first accumulate power and knowledge for that. Don’t be afraid to lose because the buy it now is a very good option if you don’t win, as this allows you to get your bids returned.
Good luck!
– JoraKvakin
DealDash Win Story

My Best DealDash Win Story

My best DealDash win story was late this past spring when I won two kitchen chairs for under $9.00. I was very happy that I was able to get these exact matching chairs to replace the ones we had that were really past their safe use.

Another exciting detail about the win was that I was able to complete the entire process on my iPhone. The mobile site worked just fine and I could check in and see how the auction was going whenever I wanted and wherever I was. That day was graduation ceremony for my daughter’s boyfriend and I was able to keep up with the auction while still being part of the graduation ceremony.

DealDash has always been fair and honest. What you see is what you get. They don’t solicit you over the phone, there is no high pressure at any time. If you see something you want, just bid on it. If you run out of bids don’t fret, you can always get your bids back using the buy it now feature made available on every item.
DealDash has many exciting promotions, my favorite is the 2x 3x 4x and even 5x bid timers. You earn extra bids at a super fast rate when those are active. Spend a lot of money at Walmart? I sure do! Walmart cards are always a hot item here but don’t back out just because a lot of people bid on them. Use the auction as a way to boost your time towards the next free bid bonus and buy it now when your ready to checkout.
With all the ways to save on DealDash, I spend time each day there.
Good luck!
– Run199
Cabana Banana Chair

Relax with DealDash in a Cabana Banana Chair

I first starting using DealDash 4 years ago.  In that time I have been able to win many items for just a fraction of the cost of retail, like a beautiful Cabana Banana Chair.

This Cabana Banana chair was one of my best wins and sits beautifully on my front porch. It is made of twisted banana leaves which gives it an elegant look while being strong and sturdy. If I remember correctly, retail for this item was around $326.00 and my winning bid was less than $50.00.

Cabana Banana Chair

Cabana Banana Chair I won on DealDash

Many times I have been able to win $100.00 gift cards to my favorite restaurants and stores during “free” days where I ended up paying only the $0.01 processing fee for my item plus any bids I used.  Since I have become disabled and I am house bound, I have done most of my shopping through the internet.  The Amazon gift cards I received from DealDash has allowed me to purchase so many different things from bulk groceries, music, movies, books, gifts for the holidays, medical care items, as well as some clothing items and accessories.  However, for most groceries, I make out my list for the person who helps me and give her a WalMart gift card. This takes care of my purchases without having to keep cash on hand. I have also given her Subway and other restaurant gift cards to pick up meals for me as a treat.

I would not be able to afford some of the things I have without shopping on Deal Dash!  Just be sure to use your bids wisely.  Learn the patterns of how Deal Dash works.  Stock up on bids when the price drops, which is usually a few days before a Free of 50% sale.  Use the Bid Buddy once you have determined how much you are willing to pay in bids for the item, plus the winning cost.  Also make use of the times when the free bid rewards for collecting time counts 3 to 5 times as usual.  Its amazing how quickly time will be used up and extra free bids will be earned.  Deal Dash has made so many things in my life better and easier to accomplish!

Thank you for reading my story.


Deals on Desk Chairs on DealDash

How to get a Deal on a Leather Ergonomic Desk Chair

Writing about my wins on has always been a source of pleasure for me.  I bid on items I want or need around my own home or gift cards that will be used for household purchases.  However, the wins I enjoy the most are for the cards or items I am planning to give away as gifts, like this Leather Ergonomic Desk Chair I recently won for my grandson.

While visiting one day at my daughter’s in late October, she told me to go look at the desk chair my youngest grandson had in his room.  He uses the chair not only to play video games, but also to do his homework.  The chair which I had purchased for him a few years ago was coming apart.  The stuffing was coming out of the seat cushion and pretty much was a disaster.  I decided a new desk chair would make a great Christmas gift for him this year.

It was only a week or so later I noticed DealDash had a lot of desk chairs available for a possible deal.  I decided if I wanted to get him a new chair maybe I could win one on DealDash, so when the auction came up for a Leather ergonomic desk chair with a retail value of $83, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try and win one.  I had never placed bids on a chair before so I was interested to see how the game would play out.  How many bidders were there?  How many bidders were slapping at each other?  And, who had their bid buddies set?  Once I determined there were only a few serious bidders on this chair I was able to set my bid buddy and watch to see the outcome.

Leather Ergonomic Desk Chair

Leather Ergonomic Desk Chair

Within a short period of time I won the deal. Plus, DealDash was having a half-off ending price sale.  So, a smart shopper is going to be watching for these kinds of deals to get an even better price on a special win.  I won the leather ergonomic desk chair with 141 bids using my bid buddy.  The final price I paid for the win was $2.11!  And, of course, on DealDash shipping is free.  What a great win for me, and my grandson is getting a new leather ergonomic desk chair for Christmas.

As a side note, my grandson comes to spend the night ever so often.  While I am on DealDash watching or bidding on auctions, he is usually playing one of his Wii games.  So a few weeks ago he looks over my shoulder to see what I am bidding on.  This particular night there just happened to be the exact same chair I have already won up for auction and he says “Look Grandma there’s something I could really use!”  Little does he know, Grandma already has it wrapped up just waiting for Christmas!


hello kitty

DealDash Supplies, My Secret Habit, Hello Kitty


My best friend and I were really happy when I started winning Hello Kitty items on DealDash. Looking at me, a woman in her 30’s with two children, including a young girl, you might say “Aww that’s cute, you and your daughter are best friends and you share her hobby.” No, I am talking about my best friend that I have known for years, another woman in her 30s!

We are both Hello Kitty fanatics, and between us we have at least 100 Hello Kitty items collected since childhood. I however, am quickly surpassing her in items for our collections because I am winning them like crazy on DealDash!

In the past few months I have gotten many wonderful and unique Hello Kitty items from DealDash including a popcorn popper, a laptop sleeve, a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, a bluetooth speaker, a Mega Blocks cruise ship and camper, and a car charger for my iPhone, all Hello Kitty brand!

hello kitty

There have been many other Hello Kitty items up for bid that I haven’t even tried for yet, such as the Hello Kitty karaoke machine, clock radio, and baby stroller/baby carrier combo! And very early morning there was a new Hello Kitty item up for bid that I have never even seen in stores: a Hello Kitty bluetooth headset! Unfortunately I missed out on that one by putting too few bids in my Bid Buddy, thinking that I would wake up and jump back into the bidding when the price got a little higher. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to check my auction and someone had already won it for under $1!! One of the best DealDash tips I can share with you is to learn from my mistake and make sure that you have your Bid Buddy set up with as many bids as you are actually willing to pay for the item if you know that you won’t be around to watch the auction as it’s happening.

I am very excited that DealDash offers me a way to get more items for my collection without having to spend full price! I also love the fact that all of my items come to me with free shipping, it really saves a lot of money when you don’t have to pay for the cost of shipping. Thanks DealDash for making me smile every time I look around my house and see Hello Kitty everywhere.

About me: My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 8 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 165 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings” on YouTube, see below.


TJ Maxx Humor

TJ MAXX – Great Place to Shop with Gift Cards from DealDash is one of the best places to shop for deals whether you are looking for a particular item, like an iPad, iPhone, or TV; and, it is also a great place to shop for gift cards that can be used across the USA at your local shopping malls, such as TJ Maxx.

One of my favorite places to shop is TJ Maxx.  If I get lost for a few hours my family or friends know I must have gone in to TJ Maxx for a shopping excursion!

I have been fortunate to purchase and win many TJ Maxx cards on DealDash.  I once won, not too long ago, a $50 TJ Maxx gift card on DealDash for only $1.35!  I was really happy to win the card to add my collection since I knew I was going to be doing gift shopping for the holidays.  DealDash offers TJ Maxx cards up for auction in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100.  While I have tried many times to win a $100 card, the win still remains elusive.  When I do my shopping on DealDash I always use the buy it now option to purchase the cards I don’t win during the auction because I know I am going to be able to use it on some really good bargains in the TJ Maxx store.  I also get all of my DealDash bids back so I can try again.

One holiday tradition I started when my grandsons were very small is to buy them matching shirts for their Christmas photograph.  I have done this for more years than I can remember.  Knowing it is getting harder to find matching shirts for the boys as their sizes have gone into the small men’s sizes, I still felt the journey was worth it to try TJ Maxx for what is probably the last season of matching shirts for them.  I was delighted to find matching shirts in just the right size for both of them.  While the Ralph Lauren brand is not something I can usually afford, using my gift cards at TJ Maxx I was able to purchase the shirts.  If you are not a TJ Maxx shopper you may not realize the bargains they offer.  The shirts retailed for $59 each and I got them for $25.  As you can see in the photo the shirts fit great, the boys are my sunshine and I am one proud grandma to say they belong to me!  Thanks DealDash for having such great gift card brands available for us to bid on and win or purchase too.

It sure makes this Grandma’s day!

TJ Maxx and Ralph Lauren


It's a Wonderful Life

Discover Great Brands on DealDash has been my choice of penny auction sites nearly exclusively for the past two years and remains that way today. The variety of great brands they carry and opportunities to win and save is wonderful.

I once had been a customer of a different site which started acting a little suspiciously with their late mailing of my auction wins. As they began arriving later and later, I wondered if I needed to look elsewhere to spend my entertainment dollars. That’s when I found DealDash. Since I was having occasional luck and great fun, I decided to turn to DealDash and become more informed about how to win auctions and discovered how great the buy-it-now feature can be. I find shopping with DealDash to be a lot of fun and it make it easier for me to control my entertainment spending. Plus I’m able to get deals for the great brands I love.

This year I had an amazing summer where I was able to use many of the gift cards I won on DealDash while travelling around the Midwest with my family. Not only did I have a great summer, but this Christmas is going to be one of the best ever. I have been able to win and purchase with the buy-it-now option gift cards to great brands like Home Depot, Kmart, Lands’End, Mobil Oil, WalMart, etc. This accumulation of gift cards has allowed me to purchase gifts for my family near and far this holiday season.

Did I mention Amazon? Oh yes, by far one of the best things I can win or buy on DealDash is an Amazon gift card. One of my first wins was for a $50 Amazon gift card! I won it so quickly I sat and looked at my computer screen in awe! With an Amazon account you can purchase nearly every item imaginable. This past winter I bought a 12-pack of Vicks inhalers. Doesn’t sound like much I know, but for only $10 and free shipping, I saved my entire family from their horrible nasal congestion all winter and sinus headaches of my co-workers too! I was passing them out like life savers! Which in a way they were, since we all breathed a lot easier.

I am grateful to DealDash for all of the opportunities I have had to win, some being items I would never have gone out and bought. I am also happy to share these items from great brands with my family and friends. The HP laser printer I won for less than $13 is an excellent printer and allows me to print out the letters I write, receipts for purchases I make and coupons for grocery items. So, thank you to DealDash for a really great year and I look forward to an even better 2015! Happy bidding everyone, it’s a wonderful life!

By Joan Vith

It's a Wonderful Life

Take DealDash Mobile

Bidding On DealDash Using Your Mobile Phone

Well, just when you think DealDash can’t get any better they make an update to their mobile phone application making it easier then ever to enjoy a really great auction and bidding experience while on the go!

If you have an android phone, it’s very simple to go to the Google Play store, search for DealDash, and click Download/ Install – once it’s done installing open the app and enjoy a better shopping experience with DealDash on the go! If you have an iPhone, check out this blog about how to access DealDash easier and faster while on the go!
Having a mobile device has created a way to make shopping and winning much easier with DealDash. Now you can check your auctions and bid from anywhere. It has everything the normal site has with a few changes and includes all of the important things you need to have success with bidding. I find the screen to be much easier to read when your searching for auctions because you can now see more auctions at one time.
I personally really enjoy using the DealDash BidBuddy whenever I bid. This is something I always recommend using as it will place your bids for you. All you have to do is put the amount of bids you would like to bid on the item in the bid buddy area and tap “Book BidBuddy“.
Using DealDash and BidBuddy on your mobile device will make sure, even when you’re out and about, you won’t miss out on the items you want to win. This is really nice if there is a need to be away from your normal computer. I have won gift cards, unique brand items, and gas cards all through using the DealDash phone app. I can quickly and easily check my auctions no matter where I am like work, the doctors office or anywhere else I can access 3G/4G or WiFi. Having this means I’ll never have to miss a beat or a bid which is awesome!
As I always say, no matter where you’re at – be it at home or on your phone – you have to use the BidBuddy!! This is the only way to have the most success when bidding on any DealDash auction. It will help keep your bids to a minimum and keep money in your pocket. Double check the auction first and if there are more than 3 people bidding on a auction,  save your bids and wait for someone to quit bidding before jumping in. You will have more success with bidding when you are careful with your bids this way.
Good luck and happy bidding!

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Did you know you can buy a Christmas tree from Target? For many years, I have not been a regular shopper of Target stores. That was before I  started winning and using the buy-it-now option on

As a frequent bidder on DealDash, I learned I could win Target cards and save them to purchase larger items. Not only could I use the cards for music, movies, sweat pants, or socks, but the local Target also sells a variety of items groceries and even Christmas trees. I found I could purchase many household items at Target as well and when they were offering special incentives I could also get a free $5 or $10 Target card as a rebate for the items I purchased. This is a win/win for the customer of Not only are you getting the items you use every day, but Target is giving you another incentive to buy those items too. Also, the grocery items I purchase there are not available in other grocery stores in town. My grandson says, “Go to Target, Grandma finds all kind of cool things there.”

Last Christmas I wanted to replace my Christmas tree, but never had found the right tree for the right price. Even the after-Christmas sales left me with no new tree. Prices were still relatively high and even when the half-off sales occurred the tree I wanted was not available. This November while I was grocery shopping in Target, I decided to browse the Christmas decoration aisles to see what was new this year. Lo and behold the Christmas trees were all half-off and the tree I wanted was plentiful. Not knowing I would need my stash of Target cards, I did not have enough with me to make a purchase that day. Working all day and having after-work commitments too just before Thanksgiving, I decided to ask for help in getting the new tree for Christmas this year. I gave my Target cards to my daughter and she was able to make the purchase for me.

Not only did she bring it to my home, but she brought it in and set it up all within just a few minutes. I am attaching a photo of the decorated tree, it’s a beauty! Thanks DealDash for offering gift cards to well-known retailers that we can win or buy on a regular basis. I am thrilled with the new tree!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree

Purchased with Target gift cards received from Penny Auctions

Discovery of Penny Auctions and How DealDash Reigns

I did not know penny auctions sites existed until I filled out an online survey that asked questions about one. To answer the questions, I became a customer on another site, but there were many things I did not like about it. That’s until I discovered

I became a member on Feb. 8, 2012, and I have been a happy customer ever since.  So far, I won over 565 auctions.  The majority of my winning auctions had a retail value of $100 or less, but I won some high-valued auctions, too, including a 55-inch TV (worth $1,399) for less than $30 and a digital camera (worth $999) for a little more than $18.

At that time, I needed to give a speech in my Toastmasters International home club. My advanced speech objective was to talk about a technical product or service. I decided penny auctions would make a good speech topic if I could compare one with another, so I did a Google search. That’s how I found

When I finished doing some hands-on research for my speech, I was hooked and I wanted to learn more. That is when I got the idea to do a review of penny auctions, narrow it down to four, write my own in-depth survey report and sell my report directly to the CEOs of the companies.  I believed the perspective I could provide as a brand new customer would be very valuable to them. After all, I was also a retired newspaper reporter with investigative journalism experience and, therefore, I already had a trained eye for details.

My report included:

  • What I liked about the penny auction site that would make me want to come back
  • What I did not like about the site that would prevent me from coming back
  • What I liked and did not like about the automated bidder
  • What I thought of each penny auction site’s customer service
  • What I liked or did not like about the ease and speed of the payment system
  • What I thought of the variety of products offered and number of auctions available
  • What I thought of the postage/shipping, transaction fees and speed of delivery
  • What I thought of the number and cost of bid packages offered and
  • My suggestions of what I thought each penny auction site could do to improve and get more customers.

When I finished writing my report, I sent out the same letter to each of the CEOs of all four penny auction sites included in my report. I offered a copy of my report in exchange for a bid package. Only one of them responded—  That impressed me.  Because the DealDash team had an interest in my perspective as a brand new customer, I started playing exclusively on the site, and I continued to share more ideas with them. I knew that any company that listened to its customers was definitely on the right track and they would only get better and grow bigger because of it.

Four of the best features already in place on when I first became a customer included: The Buy-It-Now option, free shipping and handling, the user-friendly automated bidder—Bid Buddy and credit received for time on the clock to earn free bids.

The BIN option is perhaps the most creative feature that made stand out from the others. This feature gives customers who do not win an auction the option to buy the auction item at retail to get all their bids back free.  Therefore, as long as I only place bids on products I would purchase, anyway, I have nothing to lose. I know I am going to always buy gas so, win or lose, it is a sure bet to place bids on gift cards for gas stations in my area. Therefore, customers who understand how works and are disciplined enough to play smart can win more than they lose.

I was so excited to learn that offered free postage/shipping and handling.  Other sites charged such high postage/shipping and transaction fees that by the time winners paid for bids, the closing price and cost of shipping, they could buy the product in a department store for less money.  In an obvious attempt to compete with, more penny auctions are just now offering free postage/shipping and handling, but did it first.

Another feature I absolutely love about is that it has by far the most user-friendly automated bidder—BidBuddy. When I was a Newbie (new customer), I started placing single bids from the home page—big mistake!  I quickly learned that double-clicking on the auction item makes a new window open, and that’s where the automated bidder is located. BidBuddy allows customers to easily and quickly add or delete as many bids as they want.

Having a user-friendly automated bidding system is very important because we live in a fast-paced, busy world, and that means I do not have to be stuck at my computer. I can place my bids in BidBuddy and let it place my bids for me while I go shopping, attend a meeting, mow the lawn, cook, clean house or work on writing my book. Of course, if I want to save as many bids as possible, it is important for me to monitor the bidding process so I can add or delete bids at the right times. With the use of today’s iPhones and other mobile devices customers can easily monitor an auction status at the same time we are busy performing other tasks or on the move throughout the United States.

Many other penny auction sites limit the number of bids that can be placed into its automated bidder to a maximum of 25 at a time. That barely allows customers enough time to go to the bathroom or grab a bite to eat. Another thing I do not like about other automated bidders is that it is often impossible or difficult to cancel bids because the location where they could be cancelled was hidden. By the time I found the place to cancel my bids, they were already gone.  That never happens on because the “add” and “delete” buttons are located together in plain sight.

I also like how rewards its customers with an opportunity to win or earn free bids.  I will not write about the many ways customers can win free bids, but only the free bids we earn whenever we are the highest bidder. The term highest bidder, however, might be a little confusing to Newbies. Perhaps it might be less confusing to say current bidder or latest bidder.  Regardless, after placing a bid, all customers are entitled to 10 seconds on the clock. That is how we earn free bids, and that is why experienced customers get irritated when Newbies cut the clock and treat like a speed-bidding site. By cutting the clock and placing back-to-back bids, Newbies not only cheat other customers out of earning more free bids, but they foolishly waste their own bids as well.  I guarantee that is not the way to win—by accident, maybe, but not with any consistency.

Experienced bidders double click on the auction item, open a new window and place our bids into BidBuddy, the automated bidder. Bids are safe there because they do not get used until they are needed. Sadly, when Newbies cast single bids from the home page and never let the clock run down, they do not even know other bidders are there—until they run out of bids. Then what happens?  Surprise! That is when the real competition begins between the bidders who know what they are doing.

Here’s how it works:  Let’s say three shoppers placed bids into BidBuddy. One placed 25 bids, one placed 99 bids and one placed 150 bids. BidBuddy will take turns placing one bid for each player until they run out.  Customers with the fewest number of bids placed in BidBuddy will be eliminated first. The customer with 151 bids will have the last bid and win the auction—unless one of the other players adds more bids or other inactive bidders reenter the auction again. The only customers allowed to reenter the auction, however, are those who placed at least one bid before the auction price reached $5. That feature eliminates some of the competition and makes it easier for more customers to win.

Throughout the bidding process, whenever your user name appears, the green line on the bottom right of your screen will move to the right. As soon as that green line moves all the way to the other end of the line, click on it, collect your free bids and then you will move up to the next level. The higher the level, the longer it takes for the green line to get full, but when it does, the more bids the customer gets to collect.  Now that I am on Level 46, the next time the green line moves all the way to the right, I will collect 680 free bids.

The ideal goal of any successful customer, of course, is to purchase bids for the lowest price possible and win as many auctions as possible for as little as possible. Because the best sale price for bids is 14 cents each, that is when I will usually buy all my bids.

Another way to lower the cost of bids is to win bid packages. Sometimes, I get lucky and win, but more often than not, I lose more bids than I win. That is probably the biggest mistake I make, but if I see bid packages going for an extra low amount of money, I might risk it.  If you are a Newbie, however, you would probably be better off using all of your bids to put on actual merchandise instead.

Over the last few years, has continued to add even more features. One feature customers really like is locking out new bidders after the auction price reaches $5. This feature limits the competition and makes it easier to win at a lower closing cost. The site also offers some super-fantastic specials, like “free to the winner” and “50 percent off to the winner” auctions.

The more you study the site and learn how to use all of the tools available, the more auctions you will win.  If I am on my “A Game” (serious about winning an auction), some things I do to improve my chances of winning are:

  • First, I place least one bid before the auction price reaches $5 so I do not get locked out. If that auction never closes for less than $5 I usually wait until it gets close to the $5 before I place any bids. If most of the bidders are Newbies placing single bids from the home page, however, I sometimes place more than one bid into BidBuddy at the early part of the auction. Why? If Newbies are randomly placing single bids and experienced bidders are only placing one bid near the beginning of the auction (saving the bulk of their bids for later), I could be the only one with more than one bid in the automated bidder. If so, a break between single bids could occur. If that happens, it would improve my chances of winning before the auction reaches its usual closing price. I love it when that happens!
  • I check to see who else placed bids in the auction. It is very important to know who the other players are and how they bid. I have a list of about 71 bidders I try to avoid because I know from watching them that they are rich or crazy or both. Therefore, I would be wasting my bids by competing in the same auctions with them. If I see one of those screen names in the same auction, I cancel my bids and wait until I see that auction again.
  • I check to see who has already reached their weekly limit or is getting close to their win limit for the week. Customers who already won six auctions worth less than $200 or three auctions worth $200 or more can no longer win any more auctions for the week. It only costs one bid to get the list of everyone who has already reached their maximum. If a power bidder only has one more auction to win, I might let that bidder win one auction to eliminate them from competing in another one.
  • I check to see if the auction item I want is limited to one-per-household. If so, I look at the list of bidders who have already won the auction. I also look at the average winning cost and look for winning patterns. Some auctions that closed for an extra high cost the last time it was won will sometimes go for less money the next time, vice versa. That does not always happen, but I often see patterns that are predictable.

Most questions about how works are answered at the bottom of the home page, where the support team posts a variety of helpful hints. The blog at is also a wonderful resource. Here you’ll find successful bidders share information, bidding tips and winning strategies on the site to help new customers become winners, too. has excellent customer service, and team members are always happy to answer questions and help new customers learn how the site works.

The Community Service team does an exceptionally good job of continually providing new information and the latest bidding strategies to anyone who wants to learn how to play smart and improve their chances of winning. Even experienced and highly successful customers can and do make bidding mistakes.  No one can ever know too much because the customers are constantly changing, technology is changing and this penny auction site is changing right along with it. Chances are, however, the more you learn how to play smart, the more auctions you will win.

The team has never been afraid to try new innovative ideas that no penny auctions have ever tried before. set itself apart from other penny auction sites from the start by building a new and different foundation that other sites are now beginning to copy.  That’s why I was happy to participate in the first TV commercial, and that is also why is the only penny auction site I recommend to my family members and friends.

I truly believe is the best penny auction site online and I believe they will continue to be a leader in the industry for a long time to come.

Written by Barbara Sellers Penny Auctions

Deal Dashing Auctions



Dashing through the auctions

With a bushel full of bids

O’er the hills we go

Laughing as we get the win!


Bids on sleds, and dolls

Bids on cards and bikes

Oh what fun it is to watch

Your favorite bidding site!


DealDash, DealDash

Bidding all the way

Oh what fun it is to bid

On a dark and snowy day!


DealDash, DealDash

Bidding all the way

Oh what fun it is to win

The auction I’ve been on today!

Deal Dashing Auctions

Sing or hum this to the Jingle Bells tune. Sometimes we can use a little song to keep our spirits bright. During a dark and snowy night we bid and bid some more. It feels like we are battling more bidders every day. The truth is though the bidders change, but almost all auctions have the same amount of bidders card for card or item for item. Knowing when to get into the auction can only be guesstimated from what you know about all of the bidders you are in the auction with. That is why it is so important to do your home work. Know who your competition is and know what you are willing to bid to win the auction.

If you do your homework, you can take the guess work out of the bidding process. You are informed, ready to win, and know the bid buddy is your best friend. My bidding advice is to let your bids catch the win for you by conserving your bids using the automatic Bid Buddy which will always place your bid at the last second.

DealDash is the most fair and honest penny auction site. They have great customer service that can’t be beat, and their fast and free shipping is always guaranteed. Earning free bids while you are top bidder is another benefit that DealDash offers. I hope you enjoy this holiday season and get that one special auction win that will brighten your spirit too!

By Joan Vith

challenges of winning penny auctions

Challenges of Winning Penny Auctions

While the challenges of winning penny auctions has always been one of the reasons we bid, I find it’s the uneducated bidders who make the auction winning the most challenging.

Meeting the challenges requires bidders to be more informed than ever to win. How do we meet these challenges of winning penny auctions while still maintaining our bidding budget? This is the dilemma. While the Buy it Now option which DealDash offers is the best of any other penny auction site, no one really wants to buy it now 10 times more often than winning.

My best advice to keep the Buy it Nows and wins more in alignment is to know who your bidders are in an auction. You can read more about that in this article titled Knowing Your Competition and Why it’s Important.

Determine which bidders is in for the quick win and who is in for the long term. You can tell who has their Bid Buddy set and who is merely bidding one bid at a time and hoping to get lucky. The technique of putting one bid in an auction then resting for a countless number of bids rarely works to score a win. The Bid Buddy really is your best friend, learn how and when to use BidBuddy. Determine before ever entering the auction how many bids you are willing to place and then stick to it. I know it is difficult to not put all of your bids on one auction, but the law of averages is against your actually winning on a long-lasting auction.

challenges of winning penny auctions

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For several weeks I have watched the auctions on a well-known brand of mixer. Several of these auctions I observed were not won by the person who bid more than 1000 bids but rather by a patient bidder who watched and waited for the right time to enter the auction for a win. While the challenges to winning penny auctions will always exist, help yourself by investing time to understand when it’s the right time to bid.

Read the bidding tips and strategies you’ll find in this blog and put them into practice. Patience and knowledge really do make for a winning combination on DealDash. I encourage everyone to read up on all the tips DealDash has to offer and remember, with free, fast shipping DealDash is the #1 site to be on. Good luck fellow bidders!

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By Joan Vith

DealDash Best Photo of the Week

How to Get Free Bids on DealDash

Do you like FREE BIDS??? Did you know DealDash gives out THOUSANDS of free bids each and every week!!!

All you have to do is win a auction to be able to collect free bids and in this article i’m going to tell you how to do that. I believe in making the most out of every item I win and this makes me very successful when playing DealDash. My wins are sweeter and my losses don’t sting as bad because of all of the money I’m saving when I play.

First things first, you have to snag the win. When bidding on a auction, Bid Buddy is really the best option for a cheaper win. Bid Buddy will only bid for you when there is no one else bidding, this way you use less bids and save lots of money. I always make sure I’m not bidding against more than two other people, if there is more than two people bidding I will watch until there is only two left before I jump in. This has been the most successful way of bidding for me and it really works!!!

Once you get that win DealDash will give you the option of buying the item you won or trading it in for more bids.

Example: You won a $100 Gift card for $2.00. You can either pay the $2.00 or trade it in for 100 bids. This is very tricky because if you win a $200 item for 5 cents you may be tempted to trade in that win for a extra 200 bids but if you pay the 5 cents you can get the item and many more bids. I say BUY THE ITEM!!! BUY, BUY, BUY!!! You get free shipping so at this point if it is a $200 item and you win it for 5 cents you are getting quite a deal. I won this projector screen below for 37 cents!!! So yes this can happen!!!

Elite Screens Spectrum Series 100-inch Motorized Projector Screen

Buy it Now price: $207
 Elite Screens Spectrum Series 100-inch Motorized Projector Screen
After the winning item has been shipped to your home you must take a picture of you win and post it to Facebook.
If the item value is $199 or above you’ll get 200 Free Bids!
If the item value is $99 to $198 you’ll get 75 Free Bids!
If the item value is less than $99 you’ll get 10 Free Bids!
Follow these easy steps: 1. Select an item you have won on DealDash to feature in the photo.
2. Take a high quality photo clearly showing yourself and the item you won.
3. Post photo to DealDash’s Facebook page and add a description which should include the following information: the item name, retail price, how much you paid for the item and a personal comment about the win as well. For example: “I got this $688 Garmin GPS on @DealDash. I paid just $6.08 and used 62 bids! Thanks DealDash, I will never get lost again!”
4. In the end of the caption, please include the following sentence and the link (See the picture below):
See how much you can save at:

So I know what you thinking this is not a thousand bids. Just reticently the competition has changed, its called the best photo of the week and if you win it is worth 1000 FREE BIDS!!!!!!!!!! I got mine, have you got yours??? If not, you are missing out!!! Get some pictures and post them, the worst thing is your family will want you to win for them too, LOL. But it is well worth all of the money you will be saving with your free bids you can get each week. For more information of other offers that DealDash has for free bids go here >>>>>> DealDash | Notes
Written by Nicole Kososki – Good luck and happy bidding ~loveablenicki~
DealDash Best Photo of the Week

DealDash Best Photo of the Week Contest Will Earn You 1000 Free Bids

Gift Cards for Traveling Can Help

How DealDash Helped Me “Deal” With a Tragedy


Normally I bid on DealDash just for fun, it’s something to keep me occupied while I am home with the kids during the day. It’s such a great feeling to see those fireworks and “Congratulations, LandOfNope!” across the screen.

I bid and WIN and BIN a good amount of gift cards. I WIN and BIN them for my own daily use, to save for the upcoming Christmas season, and also as little “tips” for my mailman, lawn guy, etc.

I have a pretty good stock of gas cards, department store cards, and of course restaurant cards which came in very handy a few months ago. Unfortunately my Father passed away on August the 3rd, very unexpectedly. So unexpectedly in fact he just bought himself a new (classic) Mustang three weeks prior! Anyway, it was a tight financial time for me since my family just got back from our summer vacation a few weeks earlier and used up our travel budget, and my Father lived about 8 hours away. That’s where DealDash came in and made a bad situation a little bit better.

On our way down to the funeral we used up my stock of 5 Shell gas cards and 1 Exxon Mobile card. Once we got there we used up most of my restaurant cards – Applebee’s, Subway, Panera Bread, and Dunkin’ Donuts. It may not have made the situation any happier, but it was definitely a relief to be able to use my gas and restaurant gift cards from DealDash to alleviate some of the financial tension.

My advice to my fellow DealDashers – have a small stock of gift cards WINned or BINned from DealDash, because you never know when they might come in really handy. And if you find yourself being very lucky and WINning more than you think you might need, they make excellent tips for service people, or little pick-me-ups for friends in need.

By Dawn Xu

Gift Cards for Traveling Can Help



high-value auctions

How to Win High-Value Auctions

If I cannot afford to Buy-It-Now, I seldom bid on high-value auctions because I know I will have to let it go and lose all my bids if I do not win.

I’ve been shopping and bidding on DealDash since I joined on February 8, 2012. Here are a few of the high-value auctions I’ve won and some tips on how I did it so that you can hopefully win some high-value auctions too!

high-value auctions

By looking at my list, I can see that most of my best high-value auction wins closed in the early part of the auction and did not require many bids. Therefore, instead of placing 1,000 bids on one high-value item, I believe we would have a much better chance of winning a high-value auction by placing 100 bids on that same auction 10 times. After all, winning is often a matter of being in the right auction at the right time and that would increase our chances of hitting a lucky one.

It might also help to be patient and not bid on high-value auctions until after the well-known power bidders have already won and get eliminated (blocked out) from the competition. For example, screen name RichnBorrd won the $500 Amazon gift card and he already won the $1,000 Amazon gift card, too, so this rich competitor with endless bids has now been blocked from returning to both of those high-value auctions for gift cards. Couples rickyandann and SandraandTom, who appear to be more competitive by putting two incomes together, have also already won the $1,000 Amazon gift card. Therefore, now that they have all been eliminated from that auction, the rest of us might have a better chance of winning it in the future.

I hope this helps you develop your own strategy for how to win a high-value auction on DealDash!

By Barbara Sellers

DealDash Secrets Facebook

Secret to Winning Auctions on DealDash

As my husbands asks from across the room… “Are you on DealDash again?”. Yes, of course! I have a secret to winning auctions and patience patience patience is one of them honey!

That’s right, I have a secret to winning auctions on DealDash and patience is one of them. I will share a few others with you in this blog article. Before I jump right into it, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. First of all, I’ve been shopping on DealDash for over two years now so I’ve had my share of bidding experiences and over the course of these two years I’ve been able to gather what I like to call a secret to winning. I do have a regular job working many hours per week however I’m afforded the luxury of working for a while, breaking a while, back to work and so forth. Fortunately DealDash offers auctions 24 hours per day so I’m able to play at anytime. If you’re just getting stated with DealDash, one thing to keep in mind when joining an auction is to make sure you bid in the auction before the price reaches the $5.00 No Jumper limit.

DealDash also provides a ton of information for you to study which will help give you the best chance at winning and understanding how the auctions work so be sure to take the time and research how to play. For example here’s one article found on the Official DealDash Blog titled: Looking for the Best Time to Bid? Asking These Questions May Help. I could say that simply reading the bidding tips in the blogs about DealDash is a secret to winning auctions.

In my personal experience I find certain bidders are only on at certain times of the day while some people only bid on certain items and others bid on just about everything they can. A secret to winning auctions is to study the habits and the amounts certain bidders are willing to bid. Although bidders may sometimes change their bidding strategies to appear unpredictable, most of the time they fall back to the same bidding patterns.

Another secret to winning auctions on DealDash is to check the average selling price for an item. There’s a couple ways to do this. 1). Log out of your account and visit the particular auction. 2.) Open a new browser window and look at the auction – this prevents you from having to logout of your current browser and log back in. Here’s an article about how look up the average selling price of an item. Knowing the average selling price is a secret to winning auctions because it will give you a good idea as to when you should join the auction and increase your chances of winning.

The blog articles about DealDash post all of this information for you to read and study. Be sure to read the tactics and tips page found on which will also give you some good bidding guidance.

What’s your secret to winning auctions?

Secret to Winning Auctions on DealDash

Click to See DealDash Secrets Facebook Page

Accessorize your win

Accessorize Your DealDash Win


DealDash Winner I had been a member of the Deal Dash website for about six months when I finally won my first big item, a Nikon digital camera with extra camera lenses. From that moment on I always kept my eyes open to accessorize my camera win with other items that would compliment it.

The great thing about Deal Dash is the wide variety of items they have to choose from. If you win a camera they most certainly at some point will have lenses to go with it; or a tripod to use; or even a camera bag. These were the things that I kept my eyes out for.

After I won my camera I went out to actually buy a camera bag, thinking they were not that expensive. Since I now have a nice expensive camera, I want to make sure that it is stored properly. However, I soon found out they cost more then I wanted to spend. I therefore searched Deal Dash, and sure enough I found a great camera bag that would accessorize my win perfectly. The best part is, I happened to get very lucky that day and only had to use 2 of my 10 bids booked in my bid buddy. The camera bag works great for my new camera, and looks great as well.

Now I keep my eyes open for some lenses to go with the camera. I know that they can cost lots of money, so I make sure that I do my research into the camera lenses that I want. I am not a professional photographer yet so I know that I do not need the lenses that cost thousands of dollars. Who knows, maybe someday I will.

DealDash Winning Product Review

About me: I have won over 100 DealDash auctions. I also enjoy painting, and my new hobby of photography.

DealDash Thriller

Shopping on DealDash is a Thriller

I was thinking about the ABC’s of bidding and the 1,2,3’s of what not to do when bidding and shopping to see if I could educate the new bidder a little better.

For some reason Michael Jackson’s song came to mind. The “A” stands for Auctions, the “B” stands for Bids, and the “C” stands for Cost. When shopping on DealDash bidders have so many auctions to select from that a new bidder should have no problem deciding which one to get started with. The Bids come in packages from 200 to over 1,000. Buying bids on sale is really the only way to go. With bids being offered for 15 cents from time to time, a smart bidder will only buy bids on sale. This way, if you spend 100 bids or $15 to win a $25 item you are really a “winner”. And, the Cost of an item is the amount of bids you put on an auction, plus if you win, the final price you will pay for the auction. Remember, there are NO shipping charges when shopping on DealDash, unlike other penny auction sites.

Here are a few other good rules to follow when shopping on DealDash

1. DON’T be in a hurry! If you do not have the patience or time to watch an auction and bid, then you are simply throwing your money away.

2. You must NOT slap bids at auctions or other bidders. The timer is there to help all bidders earn free bids. Let the timer work for your benefit as well as other bidders. Free bids are a great reward for bidding and shopping on DealDash, let everyone get in on some free bids.

3. DON”T spend more than the item is worth to get the “win”. Paying $14 for a $10 gift card is crazy. I actually won a $10 gift card for $14, having put on the bid buddy and leaving the site. After all the slappers and over-bidders got done, I won the card for a few bids! I am grateful that DealDash lets you exchange your win in for bids, which is what I chose to do.

I have watched a new bidder who had become an incessant slapper. This bidder will eventually think about their penny auction experience shopping on DealDash and blame everyone else for their lack of good and genuine “wins”. In reality, if this bidder had done his homework, he would realize jumping on every bidder costs him 5 times what it cost everyone else and even if he did win, he would be losing a lot of money.

I could name other countless tips to use while bidding and shopping on DealDash auctions. The best advice is use the BidBuddy. You set how many bids you are willing to pay to win the item and watch the auction. The BidBuddy prevents you from over-spending your bidding budget and also keeps you in the game. Watch auctions, learn what techniques others use, and you will be a “winner” on DealDash. Last of all, DealDash offers you the buy-it-now option. You get the item you were trying to win, you get ALL of your bids back and you get to try your skill at another auction. DealDash is a great site to bid on, learn and enjoy the fun of being a competitive bidder! Happy bidding and enjoy this excellent video in the spirit of Halloween!

By Joan Vith

bidding recommendations and tips

DealDash Bidding Recommendations and Tips

I have had a wonderful time over the last year bidding on Deal Dash to improve my home with items I love, without always having to pay the full retail price.

I have won over 100 auctions and used the Buy it Now option to get other items I was not successful winning. I have reached over 30 levels bidding and I am well on my way to receiving more free bids for reaching the next level. Shopping on DealDash can be a lot of fun, but just like anything – moderation is important. This is what I consider to be a key part of responsible bidding and shopping.

When I bid, I have always learned to calculate, in advance, how many bids I am willing to spend to win the auction and stick to my number. Here’s an example as to why I always calculate bids in advance and stick to my number. I was bidding on a set of soup/cereal bowls. The first time it came up I used 84 bids then dropped out thus not to exceed my limit. Later, this same set of bowls came up for auction again. I set my budget, started bidding and guess what? I won the set of soup bowls for 18 bids at $.99! This is why I always calculate bids in advance and stick to it. Most of the time the same item will come up for auction again where you’ll have a better chance at winning within your budget.

I only buy bids when the price is $.15 per bid, I always use my bids carefully and only go for items I will really use. We all eventually find what works best each of us and keep us going with this great site that helps us all.

Thanks Deal Dash for being there to provide a fun shopping experience!

bidding recommendations and tips


How Respect Helps you Win

How Respect Helps You Win

R – E – S – P – E – C – T is what my mother taught me. If you respect other people they in turn will respect you.

DealDash gives you the appropriate tools to respect the other bidders. Yes this an auction, sometimes you win and sometimes you will lose. However, if you use the bid buddy and allow the timer to run you will earn more respect from the other bidders.

More often than not if you are jumping other bidders they will stay in longer and quiet possible try to make sure that you don’t win – even allowing someone else to win who was playing with respect. My bidding advice to gain respect in the auctions is to set your bid buddy with what ever amount of bids you have allotted for that auction. You can add or remove them amount at any time. When you set your bid buddy it will place you “in line” with the other bidders and therefore help conserve your bids because you won’t be using an excessive amount compared to people to bid immediately after someone else.

Also see: 15 Inspiring Quotes I Read About DealDash

If you prefer to bid single bids that’s ok too, it’s just important to bid when the timer gets down to 2-3 seconds. However, when bidding like this there is more risk your bid is not accepted so be careful. DealDash even recommends that, if placing a single bid, you bid with at least 5 seconds on the clock. Using the bid buddy guarantees your bid will be placed during the final seconds of the auction so you’re best option is to use this tool and don’t risk losing respect from other bidders.

Keep in mind that if you bid hastily you take the time away from the other bidder and trust me they will not be happy about that. Taking their time away does not benefit you at all. So have respect and possibly win more auctions!

By Donna Smith

To respect others it’s important to be able to respect yourself. Here are 21 steps with illustrations on how to respect yourself 


DealDash Payment Offers Superb Payment System has developed and put into place one of the best payment systems I have ever used online.

Although I am not a computer whiz, I find it very easy to navigate and use the payment system. With all of the user-friendly payment options in place, it is almost too easy to spend money on this site.

Making payments for bid packages, auction wins and Buy-It-Now orders are safe, convenient and fast. Not only that, but the DealDash payment system is secure. Only the last four numbers of my bank account and credit card numbers show up and they use SSL encryption, so I know my financial information is well protected.

If I am low on bids while participating in an auction, sometimes I have only a few seconds to add more bids. When this happens, the speed and ease of making a payment transaction becomes very important. In fact, it could determine whether I win or lose. That is why I truly appreciate the speed and ease of making payments.

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Whether I am purchasing a bid package, paying for auction wins or taking advantage of the BIN option, I can use PayPal or any major credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express or Discover). If I click on PayPal, all of my information is already there and all I have to do is click on “check out with PayPal” and type in my password. If I do not have a balance in my PayPal account, all I have to do is click on “change” to get three more payment options:

  • Bill me later—gives me up to six months to pay interest free
  • Pay directly from my bank account after delivery–get up to 14 days before paying and I always receive an email to tell me when the payments will be withdrawn
  • Credit card—using the credit card information already has on file.

DealDash Payment

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., and retired Army newspaper journalist. Been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012 and has already reached Level 43.


self-talk from Her loading

Self-Talk…How Does YOURS Sound??

For me, self-talk is when you are thinking something and say it out loud. Not to anyone in particular, but you just have to say something.

I noticed this self-talk first when everyone started using computers at work. You would walk past someone’s work station and they are talking, you look around and they are not talking to anyone in particular but just talking to their screen. Of course, my come back was, “You know you won’t get a response, right?” We would laugh…..because, we all do it. Just self-talk to the computer like it can do something about what you are working on! LOL! I noticed my entire family has self-talk with their iPads, iPhones, iPods, and any other hand-held device they own.

When bidding on my favorite self-talk saying has to be “Really?” Like I expect someone to answer, but it’s just me. When I am in the middle of a hotly contested auction and it is down to two bidders, someone from nowhere pops in to place a bid. “Who the heck are you?”, I ask no one. Then I look at the avatars to see if I can find this bidder and sure enough there they are, the first or second bidder just hovering for the two-person match to start. While this is an okay way to bid, I just come back with the “Really?”

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Also, while I am bidding I will set a limit and determine how far into an auction I will go. If the auction seems to be taking on another “life” I might change my mind and add more bids. “Really?” “I thought you had a limit?”, again, I say this to no one. This self-talk is certainly a phenomenon. What are your self-talk habits? How do you sound? What if someone were listening? Are we bonkers or just really into what we are doing? I like to think we are just focused and really enjoy the challenge. Thanks, this sure can be fun!

By Joan Vith

self-talk from Her loading

Here’s a clip from the motion picture “Her” where a lonely writer (Joaquin Phoenix) develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need.

Experience DealDash

Experience DealDash and Learn From Others

DealDash is growing and improving the experience by leaps and bounds.

We always have awesome promotions to experience and look forward to when playing DealDash. We also have a new DealDash app and we can experience the thrill of winning free bids in various ways. Plus we are sure to get a great experience from the support staff who is always there for you.

When I found DealDash two years ago it was fairly easy to win auctions. However, in order to continue the experience of great wins, we must work hard to develop and learn strategies to get the best deals possible winning experience. That’s why it is imperative to read tips, strategies, and articles from other bidders perspectives which you can try and experience on your own.

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I urge everyone to experience the ways to earn free bids anytime possible by posting photos and videos of their winnings and participating in customer satisfaction calls. In order not to waste your money, I recommend to be selective about the auctions you join and know when to just stop. With more bidding experience you’ll begin to see that there is usually an auction for the same item coming up again very soon. You can even search for an item and ask to be alerted by email once it comes up again.

I read the biographies of others and look close at bidding patterns. It pains me to see that some are obviously bidding to win anything at all and for only the thrill of it. Please, please don’t do that! When you over spend, your DealDash experience is not as pleasurable as it should be. I know this from my own experience!

And lastly, please don’t simply waste your bids by bid stomping :(. That is completely counterproductive 99.999% of the time. I don’t mind if I am stomped because it actually benefits me when my Bid Buddy is set. So really you are actually helping other bidders by doing so! My goal in writing this is to help others gain the best DealDash experience possible with the least expense. I hope it helps and you continue to enjoy your shopping experience on DealDash.

By Dianne Aikman

DealDash Sales and Promotions

DealDash Sales and Promotions

DealDash sales and promotions are diverse and many times offer something new and exciting.

I recently participated in a DealDash sales promotion which offered 50% off the entire weekend to a person who won an auction. The winner only needs to pay half the final sales price during these specials. These 50% off DealDash sales are very similar to what you’ll hear people call a “Free Auction Weekend”. During the DealDash sales free auction promotion, the winner does not have to pay any portion of the final sales price. They only need to process the transaction with a 1 cent charge and that’s all. No other charges are involved and the item ships free.

I love when DealDash sales team hosts both the 50% off promotion and better yet the free auction weekend promotions. Not only is it a great time to buy bids but it is a really good time to win.

A couple of my wins during the 50% off DealDash sales weekend was a 70 bid pack for $2.45 where I only paid $1.22. Another win was for a Lego Duplo Disney Planes Skipper’s Flight School set. This win was a $40.00 value and the final selling price was just 51 cents. Of course as it was a 50% off weekend, therefore I only needed to pay 25 cents for the Disney Planes Lego set.

You just cannot get better deals than that. I wanted the Disney Duplo Plane’s Skipper’s Flight School Lego Set because of my 2 year old grandson, Luke. He is absolutely crazy about Dusty that I think he is going to be a pilot when he grows up.

A few other DealDash sales I enjoy are when you are able to collect 2X or 3X time towards your high bidder rewards. These DealDash sales are so fun because they give you a chance to collect many more free bids than you normally can.

DealDash Sales and Promotions

I enjoy the DealDash sales and being a savvy shopper. DealDash saves me a lot of money on the things I want for my family which is why I continue to shop with them even after four years!!

Thank you Deal Dash!!!!!

By Victoria L Overton

I’ve been shopping with DealDash since September 2010. 

Bidding For Fun on DealDash

Bidding for Fun and Knowing How

Ever wonder why the blogs posted about DealDash include all kinds of bidding tips and strategies? Do you really not care about what other bidders have to say because you are just bidding for fun?

There just might be a few things that you should listen to. Yes, bidding for fun is great but you will eventually stop bidding when you just can’t seem to get that “elusive” deal or you are out of bids.

The reason some of us give you the tips about bidding or bidding for fun is because it makes our time on DealDash more productive and well.. fun!  Bidding competitively or bidding for fun in an auction many times will come to the same results: you win some, you lose some. I consider that a bidding for fun mentality and it’s definitely apart of it. Bidding against someone that is bidding for fun and in a responsible way is the fun part of it! There is nothing more aggravating than bidding against a bid jumper who doesn’t have a clue as to how auctions are played. Many times someone will stay in just to make sure you don’t win and that does not make it feel like you’re bidding for fun.

Go to the DealDash site to check out the tips they provide and read the DealDash Official Blog. You can even contact DealDash customer support and they will give you tips and strategies to help you with knowing how to win a DealDash auction on a limited budget. With everyone’s help you will start bidding for fun, winning, saving money, and have a much better experience. All of the other bidders will enjoy having you around and that way you will be here for a long time to come. All and all we do want you to be here and enjoy the bidding for fun mentality.

By Donna Smith

Fisher Price Step N Play Piano won on DealDash

Toy Around To Get Great Deals On    

I saw this adorable Fisher Price walker and play toy on and just had to have it! This children’s play toy was so cute I knew I wanted to bid on this and win it for my grandchild!

I booked bids into my DealDash BidBuddy and won it! Of course it took awhile to win because everyone must of thought this toy was as cute as I thought it was! Although there were a lot of bidders going for this item as well, I was bound and determined my grand-baby was getting this toy as the first christmas present from us! I ended up finally winning this for $21.76 and I did not overspend on bids therefore it turned out to be a really good deal and savings!

Of course everything ships free from DealDash and most of the time very fast to! This toy arrived just 2 days after winning it and it is adorable! This toy has the capability of a normal walker but it’s more fun with piano keys that the baby stands on, so as the baby walks from side to side it makes music! It has flashing lights and attachable toys so it grows as the baby grows! This toy can start off as a walker, then you can convert it when the baby can stand so it becomes a table too. When the child starts learning how to walk they can push it along and walk behind it.

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I know our son will get a kick out of it as much as his baby because he loves music and has been in bands since he was 14 years old and he is now 29! He will be playing his guitar while his baby is playing piano in this toy walker. Too cute! If you’re looking for a fun and  interchangeable toy as a baby gift for your friend or family member, this is a good one to consider. Although it’s pretty expensive for a toy (retails around $100), lists them up for auction so you’ll have a chance to get a good deal like I did.

By Dan Boles and Donna

Fisher Price Step N Play Piano toy won on DealDash

Toys-R-Us DealDash gift card auction

Free DealDash Auction Bids Help You Win     

Hello DealDash community! Winning auctions is a lot of fun and I’m super excited to share with everyone my recent DealDash auction win for a $100 Toys R Us gift card.

What’s really important to know when bidding on a DealDash auction that you can earn free bids in a variety of ways. For example the more you bid the more bids you earn free as you collect time as highest bidder. Also, DealDash allows you to post pictures of your wins to their Facebook page, Google plus page, Twitter page, and Pinterest page to get even more free bids and more DealDash auction wins! I love receiving free bids to help me keep bidding and keep winning so I recommend you learn how to earn free bids on DealDash.

After collecting my free DealDash auction bids I placed a few of those free bids on a $100 Toys R Us gift card and yes I won it! I am so excited about winning this because we went to Massachusetts to get our two grandsons and bring them to our house in Ohio for awhile and now we can take them to Toys R Us and let them pick out a couple of toys for free!

They will each able to pick out something worth 50.00!

I won the Toys R Us gift card during a DealDash auction free day so I only paid 1 cent for the card plus free shipping as always! I won this gift card at 1:34 am est., and it took 148 of my free bids to finally win it. I like to go on a DealDash auction in the late night or very early morning because I seem to have more luck at these times!

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When bidding on a DealDash auction I always use the bid buddy because I have never won a auction by only using 1 bid. As a DealDash auction tip and if you are new to DealDash, please USE your bid buddy! Otherwise you will just waste your bids by jumping over the other people who have their bid buddy booked and make us even more determined to win the auction! So please be kind and you might get the kindness returned to you too. Here’s an article you may want to check out if you’re not sure what bid buddy is: DealDash Tip – BidBuddy and how to use it.

By Dan Boles and Donna

Toys-R-Us DealDash gift card auction




Omaha Steaks on DealDash

Omaha Steaks For Dinner On The Cheap

Omaha Steaks for dinner is a high quality meal which is so easy and so very good!

I just love telling my family when I’m preparing something for dinner from Omaha Steaks because they know dinner is going to be good, and of course Mom’s cooking is always the best! LOL “ya, ya, ya I’m patting my own back”.
I’m pretty fortunate and happy my family is able to eat good home cooking from Omaha Steaks on a regular basis thanks to DealDash. A while back I was playing on DealDash when I won the Omaha Artichoke Parmesan Chicken Breasts, and oh my they were so good! My family just loved these and we ate the entire 8-pack (valued at $88) in just two days! The best part about this is I only paid $1.25 because I was able to win them on What a great deal and they were delivered with free shipping directly to my front door.
Im even more excited because just today I got a knock knock from my favorite UPS guy. He brought me my most recent win. The Omaha Steaks Fantastic Feast, This one has it all!!! Regularly priced at $185 I paid 1 penny from DealDash.
The Omaha Steaks Fantastic Feast comes with:
  • 4 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins
  • 4 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops
  • 2 (4.5 oz.) Stuffed Sole with Scallops and Crabmeat
  • 8 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks
  • 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers
  • 4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (1 lb. pkg.)
  • 4 (5.75 oz.) Stuffed Baked Potatoes

All I can say is “it’s barbecue time at my house”! I’m planning to have the family over for a wonderful Omaha Steaks feast dinner. It’s great to be able to feed my whole family a BBQ dinner and only cost me a penny!!! Omaha Steaks food has been so good, I cant wait to hear what my family has to say about this one.

By Nicole Kososki

Omaha Steaks on DealDash

How to give great gifts

How To Give Great Gifts

How to give great gifts can be challenging however, I’ve learned how to become the best gift giver with a little help from DealDash.

DealDash has been helping people give great gifts since they started making shopping fun in 2009. All the items they offer are brand new and come directly from their supplying partners with manufacturers warranties. With so many different products that Deal Dash offers you don’t have to be a “re-gifter” ever again. DealDash offers everything from home improvement items for men to personal grooming products for women. They really offer just about anything and everything for yourself or to things to give great gifts for everyone in your life.

With DealDash I was able to win items for cheap and therefore be able to give great gifts to my husband like a battery operated blower and chain saw which works great! We had a few little trees that had to come down and these electric tools were a lot less strenuous to use than the gas powered versions. If you want to give great gifts like the gas operated tools, well DealDash has them too.

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I replaced a lot of my old kitchen utensils and pots & pans. I liked them so much that I went back and placed bids on the same items to give at my friend’s birthday. I gave my friend a Paula Deen saucepan and a set of kitchen knives. She was very happy to receive and I was so happy to be able to give great gifts like this.

There are friend’s and family birthdays, anniversary’s, weddings, and don’t forget about Christmas. You don’t have to wait until the occasion arrives. The same products come up on DealDash time after time so you can bid on things that you may not need for awhile. It takes some time to win enough presents for everybody but you should see the look on people’s faces when they say “Wow, where did you get this” and I say DealDash.

I love being able to give great gifts to my friends and family!

By Donna Smith aka Newfden

How to give great gifts

Additional Info: WikiHow has a good article called How to Give a Great Gift to Someone which covers these 12 steps to giving great gifts.

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Research
  3. Pick a Hobby or area of Interest
  4. Get creative
  5. Give the gift of written word
  6. Listen up
  7. Draw on your own experience and those of others
  8. Spend time with the recipient
  9. Go shopping with recipient and see what they gravitate towards
  10. Consider personalizing a gift
  11. Ask
  12. Wrap the gift attractively once you select a great gift
Win DealDash Auctions

Win and Sing the Baseball Boogie!

Spending the weekend in Illinois for a baseball tournament with my grandsons and daughter, we found ourselves starving after a well-earned win.

In the heat of the day, we were determined to win the game and head on home but we were all starving and dying of thirst. Armed with my DealDash wins and bins (Buy it Now’s), I suggested a variety of restaurants where we could cool off and have a really good meal with the gift cards I like to win on DealDash.

My grandson, the ball player, loves Red Lobster. Luckily, there was a Red Lobster Restaurant just across the street as we navigated our way home. My grandson was already excited just knowing he was going to Red Lobster, and the rest of us knew it was a win win because you can get a good meal there no matter what city or town you are in.

As we ordered our dinners, my grandson was so happy, he thanked me a zillion times. When his Ultimate Feast arrived, he was half way through when he decided to break out into song. “Keep on bidding, keep on winning, go Grandma!” Not sure what tune he was singing to, but everyone started to laugh and say here is another DealDash story. We could not have this much fun without winning and buying the restaurant cards offered on

With the buy it now option I get to keep bidding and try to win the cards I want. My family is loving the restaurant cards especially and now we can sing a song to Grandma! “Keep on bidding”, and I will, too! Thanks, DealDash, this is a great way to win gifts for the family and spend my time and money. I love the penny auctions you offer.

By Joan Vith

Win DealDash Auctions

won shopping on dealdash

Shopping on DealDash with Seasons

As each new time of year approaches I daydream about all the different items one could use seasonally that are available when shopping on DealDash.

Summer in Virginia is hot, even if you live near the mountains. Of course if I had one of those 12 x 42 inch Splash Pool Deluxe packages I might be convinced to spend more time outside. Or, I could drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway and get on the section called Skyline Drive where the temperature is at least 10 degrees cooler. I could take in a day hike and follow that up with something prepared on the Chef Buddy Portable Grill and Cooler Combo Set. All items mentioned are ones you could get from shopping on DealDash.

Fall brings cooler temperatures and enticing colors. It would be perfect for a late afternoon or early evening ride on the mountain, and with a Trademark Tools 12 volt Electric Blanket for the automobile, we could keep the windows open and watch for the animals as they come out of hiding in search of food. As a bonus, if we timed it right we could even go to the section called Big Meadows, lay out that blanket and enjoy the night sky using the Celestron SkyMaster 15 x 7 Astronomical Binoculars before venturing home. It’s also possible to do shopping on DealDash while out and about thanks to good accessibility with mobile devices these days.

Brisk winters have me envisioning the fun the grandkids would have on the BenBat Winter Fun Walrooz Connectible sleds as they slide down the hill at the side of the house.

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While I love all the changes in seasons, my favorite season, Spring, would have me outdoors to work on the garden with my son-in-law. I wonder if that tiller has enough life left in it so that we can plant a vegetable garden. If it does not work right, I might have to encourage him to pitch in on the sale price of the Earthquake Front Tine Rototiller.  Oh, I almost forgot, I’d really like one of those Poly-Tex Mythos Series 6 x 8 foot Greenhouses too!  Guess what? Yes, it’s possible to get a good deal on that when shopping on DealDash.

So as you can see, I dream seasonal, and while at times, I dream big, my pocket-book deals in reality, so when shopping on DealDash I saw a Ludell 1.5 lb Tiller Mattock with a 16 inch American Hickory Handle available and I bid on it. It retailed for $20.00 but I won that auction, participating against just four other bidders. I used my bid buddy and only 14 free bids, and ended up paying just 38 cents. When shopping on DealDash one can get several great deals making the experience really exciting!

My garden is coming along, slowly but sure, and I’m getting some exercise in the process. When all is said and done, I hope to have some corn, sugar peas, wax beans, zucchini, summer squash, strawberries, green peppers, beets and several kinds of tomatoes. The beets are not looking too promising but at least I got some fresh air and we will enjoy whatever manages to reach edible stage… hopefully before the animals get to it.

By Mary Dowdell

I have been shopping on DealDash since August 2013.  I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia. Here’s a picture of me in the garden using the 1.5 lb Ludell Tiller Mattcok with the American Hickory Handle. When shopping on DealDash I won this with only 14 bids! 

won from shopping on DealDash

Customer Service DealDash

Customer Service Experience – How DealDash Does It

Have you ever had an experience of great customer service and told others about it? How about awful customer service? Have you told others about it? The answer to both questions, of course, is “Yes!”

I had a customer service experience at a local grocery store/pharmacy many years ago and have repeated the horror story so many times, it seems like yesterday. The experience for me was so horrible that I have never set foot in that store again. It is a good store, has lots to offer, decent prices, and awesome produce, but my treatment at Customer Service was so bad that I swore I would never go back and I have not.

Now, on the flip side of this is customer service that is so good, so respectful, and so timely that you can’t help talking about the experience either. I have had occasion several times to contact customer service at and the results have always been surprising.

I had been bidding on another penny auction site and the customer service had gotten to the point that you would dread contacting them.

  1. No one answered the phone, so you left a message.
  2. Your call was never returned.
  3. You contacted them by email and you never got a response except for an acknowledgement that they had received a query.
  4. It got so bad that if you contacted them with a complaint the person you did get to speak to came very close to suggesting you were lying about your concern.

At, whenever and for whatever reason I have had to contact someone I have been treated with respect, kindness, and concern. I witnessed what I supposed to be an advertisement for someone’s on line business on the bio of a bidder, within a few minutes the bio had been removed. I contacted customer service for what I took as a nearly obscene user name, it was gone within minutes. When shipping became very slow one Christmas season, DealDash apologized often and promised it was going to improve. Guess what? It DID. Within a few weeks, the shipping was fast as ever, and we all received our items. I contacted customer service because I had put the wrong state on my order for a recent win. I was so upset, it was clearly my fault. The customer service person told me the item had already been shipped with the wrong state printed, but I should call them back if I did not get my item. In two days, I received my item even though the state was wrong. I did not call customer service back to let them know I had received my card. Shame on me. THEY called me!! Who does that??

DealDash, they really care about their customers. If you truly want to bid on a penny auction site that listens and tries to help their customers, is your site. It is definitely mine!

By Joan Vith

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Customer Service DealDash

DealDash Bid Packs

How Small Bid Packs May Help You

We all know that you can spend a lot of money on bids and still not win the items you want when playing DealDash. You can use all the tricks in the world like waiting people out and bid buddy, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to win you that elusive auction. One of my DealDash bidding recommendations to remember is to slow down and don’t forget to go for some bid packs.

Now when I say bid packs, most people think the 1000 to 5000 bid packs are the way to go. Which is really great if you get lucky. However, be sure to remember and not to under estimate the power of a small bid pack, because that can always take you a long way. The 40 bid pack for example can be just enough to get you that item you have had your eye on. Just remember not to pay 40 bids for the pack! A lot of the time the smaller bid packs go a lot cheaper than the larger ones which can make it a little easier to win.

You never know when it might just be your lucky day, and winning a small bid pack can lead you to a big win. There have been times when I was down to my last 20 bids and rather than throwing them into an item, that I probably wouldn’t win anyway, I threw them into a small bid pack instead. My motto is 40 bids are better than 20, and 70 bids are better than 40.

Another important DealDash bidding tip to remember is not to over bid in the auctions. Here’s a good blog article with a Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping.

By Erica Baughman


DealDash Auction Review Winner


Shopping on DealDash

Shopping for Gift Cards Make My Day

I recently went on a casual shopping trip to my favorite TJ Maxx store using the gift cards I received from

I have won and bought many gift cards while shopping on during the last 2 years for TJ Maxx. I love to use these gift cards and wander around shopping for that special something for my home or for my family. I was looking for new clothes for my grandsons who are growing an inch a day and outgrowing all of their clothes! While shopping I was able to find the right t-shirt and shorts in red for the youngest and a very nice dress shirt with matching t-shirt for the oldest. I knew the dress shirt (a Ralph Lauren) might get worn once or twice this summer, but with the good deals I get on the gift cards from DealDash, I don’t mind paying the price for nicer items at TJ Maxx.

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Recently, my daughter received an email from the boys’ school. Both boys will be honored at the school for outstanding achievement for their grade point averages. The oldest has earned a 3.0 or better for three years consecutive in middle school and the youngest is receiving an award for the all “A” honor roll at the middle school. What an honor it is for me to be able to see them receive these awards. I know the new clothes will be worn for the recognition breakfast and it is because of DealDash I am able to go shopping and buy the items I want them to have. DealDash is the best penny auction shopping site around. Free and fast shipping, great customer service, and the chance to win items you will use or need. It’s a great place to bid and shop!

By Joan Vith

Shopping on DealDash

Cost to bid on DealDash

Cost to Purchase Buying Power on DealDash

So you’ve looked over the DealDash site and found a number of items that interest you. You’ve decided which one you are going to focus on, how much you are willing to pay for that item and are planning on sticking to that budget. Have you bought your bids yet? What was the cost or how much did you pay for them?

My advice is “don’t buy bids at full price unless you absolutely cannot avoid it”. In my opinion, if you paid full price for them, you did not make an educated decision and here’s why I say this. While DealDash does sell bids for 60 cents each, they frequently run sales on their bids at a reduced cost. The minimum purchase of bids is usually for 200 – 220 bids. When DealDash has a sale on bids, the discount available reduces the cost by as much as 75 percent. Once you have purchased your initial bid pack, you can bid on any item you want including other bid packs available at auction. The bid backs available at auction come in a wide variety of packages, including packs that have as few as 25 bids and as many as 5000 bids.

While DealDash provides discounts for purchasing some of their bid packs, they also have special auction times when the winning bidders pay either 50% of the cost for the winning bid, or get it free except for a 1-cent processing fee. Honestly, because of my limited budget and cost of bid packs at full price, I haven’t even really considered bidding on the bid packs. There seems to be such a crowd trying to win the big bid packages that I imagine I would go through my purchased bids way before the end of an auction.

What is wonderful about DealDash is that if you do bid on something, and you are not the winning bidder, you can purchase the item for exactly what it retails for and get back the bids you used on the auction. This is called the BIN (Buy it Now) option. Something else you may consider is the Exchange for Bids process. This is when you “give up your win”, in exchange for bids.

Yes, it will cost you to play and you will need to buy some bids initially at retail price. Then you have to strategize on how you use those bids in the most cost effective way. In 12 months, I have earned more than 1500 free bids just by filling my bid meter and taking advantage of participating in auctions during the times when DealDash offers double or triple credit for the time you are the highest bidder.

Taking advantage of one of the free weekends, I bid and won a Science Tech Galaxy Planetarium with Night Light. It was a big hit at Christmas time for six year old and 8 year old brothers who share a bedroom. The item retailed for $37.00. It sold for $7.34 and I placed 104 bids to get it. I used 75 of those free bids I earned so I only had to consider the cost of the remaining 24 bids, approximately $3.50, plus the 1-cent administrative fee payable during free weekends.

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013.  I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia.

Cost to bid on DealDash

Bidding Strategies of DealDash

Bidding Strategies and 2+ years DealDash Experience

In the past almost 2 years, I have tried all sorts of bidding strategies to determine the best way and the best times to bid.

I literally must have read every tip and all bidding strategies available. However, I have never seen anyone else talk about the bidding strategies of seasonal bidding. I was looking around my backyard, patio, and pool the other day and realized that I have a great many DealDash items out there …. AND … I got practically all if them in the fall and winter!!!

CAUTION: A dozen auction wins ahead…

  1. Swimways Newporter Pool Lounger
  2. Pool cleaner bought with Amazon gift cards from DealDash
  3. 18 fence lanterns that I won or “BINed”
  4. Schwin adult tricycle and a man’s bicycle bought with won Amazon gift cards
  5. Solar powered window thermometer
  6. Hedge shear
  7. Toscano Garden Gnome statue
  8. Touchless Automatic Stsinless Steel Trashcan
  9. Dyson Air Multiplyer Fan
  10. Flowerhouse Storage House
  11. Lorex 4 Camera Indoor/Outdoor Security System
  12. Suncast Large Dog House

…just to mention a few.

I haven’t done the math but I know my bidding strategies of going for items in the fall and winter have saved me thousands of dollars shopping on Recently I won a Razor E200S Electric Scooter for $ .01 and 411 bids that I collected as FREE BIDS from promotions that I participated in.

SO… I have learned that my very best bidding strategies and best deals come from shopping for off-season items! I live in south Florida, so you won’t see me requesting an auction for, and bidding on, a snow blower anytime soon! 🙂

Thank you DealDash and all of the fabulous Support Team!!!

Happy bidding! Read the reviews and bidding strategies daily, comment on them, and use your brain and not your emotions when bidding. It makes for a better deal and a great experience. 🙂

Free Auction Win on DealDash

Free Auction Wins and Promotions

I was hoping and praying for a win recently during one of the free auction times, a time when if you win an auction, all you pay is the 1-cent transactional fee and Deal Dash pays the winning bid amount.

Sadly, I did not win the item that was being auctioned at that time and even though I lost the free auction item, I do not consider my efforts a total loss.

I was using bids that I had earned from prior auction efforts when I filled the bid meter. The free auction bidding session was taking place during one of the times when you could fill your bid meter 2 or 3 times faster than normal.

As I said before, I did not win the item I was bidding on during the free auction win and 3X faster time promotion, and even worse, I did not follow my personal rule of avoiding bidding on something more expensive than I could afford to pay using the Buy It Now (BIN) option. However, the mere act of participating in the auction helped me fill the bid meter faster, and that action put me well on my way to earning the next round of free bids (Round 15 for 75 free bids) thanks to the generosity of DealDash and activating my bid buddy.

It wasn’t too long before I put those free auction bids I earned into action when I bid on a Puzzled Fantasy Villa Wood Puzzle that retailed for $62.00. I won it and it only cost 52 of my free bids and $1.73 for the winning auction. The villa was a precut dollhouse with doors that really opened and when my 8-year-old great niece saw her grandmother putting it together, she wanted it for herself. It was just a few days later that they went in search of miniature furniture for it.

Now her little brother wants to know when his grandma will build him something.

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013.  I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia.

Free Auction Win on DealDash

DealDash Christmas

Christmas Is Four Months Away

I know we are still four months away from Christmas but I am starting my DealDash Christmas shopping now!

I need to stretch my gifts budget as far as I can so before the Christmas shopping rush gets too overwhelming, I’m stocking up on my stocking stuffers and gifts. 

My oldest daughter is married and they live on the income her husband makes as the sole bread winner. I know they need household items, including furniture, so I scanned the pages of DealDash auctions in hopes to find something suitable I could win and gift to them. I saw an upcoming auction for a Faux Leather Club Chair. I have never won furniture before, so I was unsure of how it would go but I wanted to try. With my luck, I would get into an auction with one of those power bidders who have an endless supply of bids at their disposal. However, to my delight I was able to win the chair for $5.24 using 145 bids. The value of the chair is listed at $194.00. The furniture they have in their living room now, will go perfectly with this new chair. 

I’m excited and can’t wait for Christmas to give it to them! I know she will like it! Now I just need to find a place to hide it till then. Now that I have won my first furniture auction and feel a bit more comfortable with these types of items, I am going to try again to win more furniture. Although, I am sure they will not all be quite so easy to win as this one was. But for that, I am grateful! 

Tell me about some of your favorite DealDash wins and what bidding strategies you use.

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.

DealDash Christmas

DealDash Username

DealDash Username – What Does It Say About You?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in William Shakespeare‘s play Romeo and Juliet. This got me thinking about my DealDash username.

What’s Your DealDash username and what does it say about you? Is it tricky? Is it threatening? Is it cute? Or, is your DealDash username just your name spelled out a bit differently? On there are over 4,000,000 registered users all with unique DealDash usernames. Think about the different usernames we have to come up with in order to be unique or different!

Some of the usernames I have seen recently have me questioning what the motives are for the choices. When I first see the person’s username come up I always check the bio to see where they are from. The California choices are alot different than the ones from the deep South. Other names are specifically geared to all of the grandmas out there that are bidding on all kinds of items for their families and grandchildren. It is a wonder that the grandma and grandpa names are not all used up!

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The threatening names, while they might be intimidating at first, are really not indicative of the way the user actually bids. Example: Gonnabeatyou Really? In my experience bidding on DealDash I can tell you the way the person bids shows more about the person than the DealDash username ever could. When my brother was registering he made a typo which he has to live with. It’s kind of funny though and I definitely know when he is bidding since no one else has or is even close to have that spelling!

So what were you thinking when you chose your DealDash username? It’s kind of fun to look at the varieties out there and while you are waiting to get into an auction, let your imagination roll, who are my fellow bidders?

By Joan Vith

DealDash Username

Buy it Now on DealDash

Buy it Now After Quick and Easy Math

Before I begin bidding on I figure out how many bids I am willing to use to win each auction, based on the retail value of the item I want and the final closing cost before I decide to move forward with the Buy it Now option.

It is not necessary to use a calculator to get an exact figure. Instead, I found a quick and easy way to do the math and still get a pretty good idea how many bids I can use in an auction without paying more than an item is worth, and know when to Buy it Now.

I purchase most of my bids when they go on sale for 15 or 16 cents a bid. During a “free to the winner” special, I could use up to six bids for every dollar value of the auction item. That means I would be spending 90 to 96 cents per dollar (15 x 6 = 90 and 16 x 6 = 96), only slightly better than breaking even. Regardless what I am bidding on, I know I never want to use more than six bids per dollar during a “free to the winner” special. Whenever there is a closing cost in addition to the cost of my bids, I never want to use more than three or four bids per dollar to get a good deal or break even. This helps me quickly decide when it’s the right time to Buy it Now.

For example, if a $25 gift card closes at $5 (when it is not free to the winner) I would take $25 – $5 = $20. Then 20 x 6 bids per dollar = 120, the maximum number of bids I could use to win a $25 gift card without over-bidding. If I do not win that card for 120 bids or less, I am better off using BIN, the Buy it Now option, and getting all of my bids back free to use in another auction.

I see some long-time customers who apparently do not know how to use the Buy it Now option. They must not be doing the math or they must be too addicted to stop. Otherwise, why would anyone use 2,000 bids or more, to “win” a $200 Amazon gift card? Even with the bids on sale at 16 cents a bid, a 1,800 bid package costs $288.00. I witnessed one customer use $300 or more worth of bids to “win” a $200 Amazon gift card, over-bidding the value of the card by at least $100. Why not just Buy it Now and get your bids back?

Winning at any cost only hurts the bidder financially, defeats the purpose of the site and ruins the fun for everyone. Therefore, please do yourself and other customers a favor. Do the math and use the Buy it Now.

By Barbara Sellers

Buy it Now on DealDash

Penny Auction Sites Vs DealDash

Penny Auction Sites vs. DealDash

Of all of the penny auction sites I have bid on, DealDash is the best. If you are looking for a penny auction site that you feel is honest and trustworthy, DealDash has met the challenge.

I have bid on at least ten other penny auction sites and here are some of the differences.

Bid packs – on DealDash – usually can get them on sale for 18 cents or less. Today (Labor Day) they are on sale for only 14 cents!
Bid packs – on other penny auction sites – could be anywhere from 60 cents to 80 cents depending on the site.

Shipping – on DealDash – free – ALWAYS no matter how big or small the item.
Shipping – on other penny auction sites – anywhere from $1.99 to more than $7.99 depending on the item.

Buy it Now option – DealDash – available and you get ALL of your bids back.
Buy it Now option – other penny auction sites – available, pay shipping, and you do not get your bids back.

Customer Service – DealDash – always speak with a friendly person on the phone or get a respectful response to my emails.
Customer Service – other penny auction sites – don’t get an answer on the phone, leave messages that are never returned, speak to a customer service person who implies you are lying when you state you have not received your items. (Really happened)

Listen to the Customers – DealDash – in 2012 when shipping went to long delays, several new customer service people and shipping staff were hired.
Listen to the Customers – other penny auction sites – in 2012 when shipping slowed, not only were customers ignored with their requests for their items, but the delays went from one week shipping to two week, to three week, to never shipped! Alot of promises and no action. This particular site went out of business not too long ago and left their customers owed a lot of items and money!

Bidding on DealDash is never a given that you will win. What it does give you is a fair chance to win an auction item or gift card that you or someone in your family can use. You will never pay to have it shipped and often you will receive it within just a few days. DealDash cannot prevent bidders from over bidding or using their big pockets to win items at exorbitant prices. But DealDash does allow a smart bidder and a wise shopper to get items they want, have fun winning and if the win isn’t there, you can buy it now and try again.

DealDash offers so much to the consumer who wants to do this kind of bidding and buying compared to other penny auction sites. Try bidding with the best, you won’t regret it. Happy Bidding fellow bidders and happy Labor Day. May we all have some awesome stories to tell about our auction wins!

By Joan Vith

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Penny Auction Sites Vs DealDash

DealDash Review TV Auction Winner

DealDash Review Screaming High Def

I’m giving my DealDash review of a TV I won on DashDeal … I mean DealDash, Lol!!

After I won my high definition TV I got an e-mail telling me I could get extra free bids for submitting a picture testimonial and DealDash review of my wins. DashDeal 🙂 will give you 200 free bids if the value of the item you’ve won is worth $200 or more when you post the picture to the DealDash Facebook page. As an added bonus, your picture is automatically entered into a weekly contest for a chance to win a $500 gift card of your choice. Can you believe DealDash gives out a $500 gift card away every week for submitting a picture of your winning item! I know of no other bidding sites that will do something like that. One more reason why my DealDash review is 5 stars!!

I submitted my TV picture for the contest and received my 200 free bids right away! To top that off, by the end of the week I got an e-mail saying I won the $500 gift card!! Again I just couldn’t believe it! So I chose a Walmart gift card because I’m always shopping there.

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One week later I’m sitting in our family room and it’s my birthday and I’m feeling a little down because I miss my Mom and the UPS truck pulls into the driveway and I’m thinking what? I didn’t order anything. I received a envelope from DealDash with my $500 Walmart gift card inside! That brightened my Birthday so much! Again deep down I know my Mom had something to do with that too! That’s my DealDash review! My favorite bidding site to shop and win?

What about you? Would love to hear your DealDash review and story of an item you won!

By Dan Boles and Donna

P.S. I used the $500 gift card to buy christmas gifts for my family and friends!

DealDash Review of TV Auction Winner

Pink Tool Set Sold on DealDash

Bidding Sites for the Best Tools and Tips

My husband is a master finish carpenter and as the old saying goes, “The shoemaker’s children have no shoes.” Advice for choosing the best bidding sites with great tools and tips for you to have the best experience.

If you’re thinking about trying some bidding sites, let me share my story about a couple items I won on the bidding site This story may especially work well for the folks out there who have a difficult time getting their honeys to hit the “Honey Do” jar.

I have always had a few miscellaneous tools and my own drill in the house because I can do some small things myself.   Recently, I needed a few cable ties and a particular wrench for a project I was planning and I had to wait two days for my husband to loan what tools I needed from his shop! By then, I was out of the mood.

I decided then and there that I needed my very own tools kept right here in the house and because DealDash is my favorite among all other bidding sites, I went to check out what they had up for auction.

Shortly thereafter, there was an auction on DealDash for a $29 iWork 50-Piece Pink Home Tool Set which came up for auction during a Free Final Price promo as I remember. I thought “this is the ticket!” By the way.. most other bidding sites don’t have the fun bidding promotions DealDash offers in my opinion. I really wanted this tool set so I’m so happy DealDash offers a Buy it Now option to anyone that does not win.

I had used 211 bids that cost me $31.65 so I smartly stopped bidding and “BINed” it (used the Buy it Now) to get my 211 bids back. I really recommend only using bidding sites that have a buy it now program like DealDash does. If you don’t win the auction you can buy what you wanted and get your bids back free plus they’ll send you the item free!

Here’s an image of the Tool bag I won! It’s a very nice, quality bag and tool set!

Pink Tool Set Sold on DealDash and not other bidding sites

The Original Pink Box 30-piece Pink Tool Set. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Sold on DealDash

Recently, to add to my little tool bag, I won a $47 Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level for 131 bids and $ .01 during another Free Final Price promotion. Whoohoo! Love hanging these pictures to keep them perfectly straight!

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Mmmm… what else do I need. I have the drill and drill bits but I sure could use a variety of pliers and small wrenches now. I know what to do! I will use the DealDash search functionality to locate what I’m looking for.Again I must say that out of all other bidding sites DealDash has a really good search functionality. As you begin typing what you’re looking for the auto-fill feature kicks and and makes suggestions for you.

If the item you’re looking for is not up for auction I can set an alert so I’ll be informed if and when it get’s scheduled for auction. Of course I also have the option to email the customer support team (best of all bidding sites) and ask for it to be added to the diverse item catalog.

What are your favorite bidding sites? Auction Win Deal Product Review

Save Summer Sensations and Drink Up Before It’s Too Late

One of my favorite items to bid, win and save on are the K-cups for my Keurig coffee maker.

I love to shop on DealDash for these because they actually have a really great selection of flavors from coffee to tea; and I have managed to save a lot by winning many of them. I like to take advantage of the fact that the retail price for the K-cups on the website is the same, if not cheaper than what I can find the store. With that added bonus of having the chance to win and save of course.

I think that another advantage of winning the K-cups on Deal Dash is the fact that they are somewhat of a specialty item. In order to use them you need to have a Keurig one cup coffee maker and in my mind that makes the amount of people who try for them smaller. It’s not like trying to win and save on a computer, camera or kitchen appliance, or something anyone can use. Since they are a specialty item I find less people bidding on them giving you a better chance to save.

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By throwing 10 bids into a coffee pack you can usually tell if it is going to go cheap or not. My stopping point is 50 bids, because that will put me $7.50 into the coffee. If I happen to get carried away in the bidding, it is very easy to simply buy the K-cups and get my bids back; and in a few days I will have great coffee delivered straight to my door, with free shipping.

During this summer I’ve really been enjoying great refreshing and summer iced drinks of Green Mountain Lemonade K-cups The best part is that the 16 pack only cost me 2 cents and 1 bid so I was able to save quite a lot!! Now that is a Deal Dash Deal – yippee!!

By Erica Baughman

Save on Keurig K Cups on DealDash

Win More Auctions on DealDash

Win More Auctions on Deal Dash by Counting

A great tip for any DealDash auctioneer is to not only be aware of the auction you are in, but also the other auctions happening around you. One must pay close attention to the amount of auction wins a bidder has in order to improve their chances to win more.

Deal Dash does a great job as far as limiting the amount of auctions you can win in a week. This lets a wide variety of people play and win which ultimately leads to a better shopping and bidding experience for everyone.

The win limits are the same for all Deal Dash bidders. Everyone is allocated the same amount of win limits so no one has a competitive advantage over others. The win limits state you can only win six items per week that are valued under two hundred dollars, and three items per week that are valued over two hundred dollars. It is very important to pay attention to those limits, not only for yourself but also for other bidders.

Example: If you have won 2 out of 3 auctions on your big item limit for the week (above $200), it is really pointless to throw your bids into multiple big ticket auctions at the same time, since you can only win one more item valued above $200. 

This sounds simple, however if you watch the auctions carefully you’ll notice there are several people who are not thinking about the winning limits and therefore are not being smart in the way they bid.

Example: If you are in an auction with only one other person, who is one item away from their win limit, look around and see what other auctions they may also be involve in. If the other person is bidding in multiple auctions maybe you can get lucky and they will win another auction causing them to automatically drop out of the auction you’re participating in – resulting with you as the winner.

In another scenario it may be beneficial for you to drop out of the auction and let the other person win so that they will automatically drop out of the other auction and again awarding yourself the win. 

Important Win Limit Reminder:

The system will not allow you to bid after you have reached your limit. All remaining BidBuddies will be automatically cancelled. Please plan your bidding strategy with this in mind.

What Deal Dash bidding win tips and reviews do you have to share?

By Erica Baughman

Win More Auctions on DealDash

DealDash Bidding Tips

5 Bidding Tips To Overcome Your Losing Streak

I am happy to share some of my strategies and bidding tips for winning more frequently to help promote auction eduction and responsible bidding.

I have collected bidding tips on DealDash for over 4 years and play on over 15 other penny auction sites. DealDash is hands down the best site with the most items, remarkable shipping speed, fantastic customer service and truly fun and fair auctions.

Some basic bidding tips and strategies:

1) My number one bidding tip is to know your opponents.

I can’t stress this enough. If you are jumping into an auction blindly then you are going to lose far more often than you win. A key bidding tip I can share is to keep track of who your bidding against.

One way to track your opponents is to watch the site to become familiar with people’s bidding habits. There are some bidders who go “all the way” every single time and it isn’t wise to challenge them. I keep a list next to my computer with these names and avoid auctions with these people in them. I know if I go against them I have very little chance of winning without putting in a large number of bids, if I’m lucky enough to win at all. If you’re not tracking your bidding opponents, start practicing this bidding tip for more chances of winning.

2) Second bidding tip is to choose which auctions you bid in wisely.

In addition to choosing the auctions you bid in based on who is in them, DealDash gives you another tool to help find auctions where you have the best chance of winning. For higher valued items which are marked “one per user” you can see the “blocked bidders” list. If I see items where most people who are heavy bidders that I wouldn’t want to challenge are on the list, then I know this is something I have a better chance of winning since there is less of a chance of a heavy bidder joining the auction.

previous winners list on DealDash

3) Bidding Tip number three is to Be Patient. Be VERY Patient.

Just because you really want the item that is coming up doesn’t mean it is wise to bid on it. If there are people that you have researched that are very difficult to beat in the auction then it is usually better to wait for the next one. Many don’t realize that these items are up again and again on the site, and if this time isn’t a good time to get in just wait for the next one where you have a better chance at a good deal (don’t forget this bidding tip: once a person wins a one per user auction, they are blocked from the next time it is available making your chances that much better!). If you have a hard time being patient here’s a practice guide on WikiHow to be patient.

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4) Number four bidding tip is to understand your odds of winning.

DealDash shows you how much competition is in an auction and for most part there are 30 to 110 people that place a bid before it locks. That’s a lot of competition with only one winner, and you have a much greater chance of winning against 30 people than you do against 110 people. If you look at both the number of people in an auction, and take into account the other things mentioned above you will increase your chances of winning by a gigantic amount.

5) My final Bidding tip for you is to: check prices before you bid.

I hope the above things help you win more often. There is more than enough out there for everyone, and bidding can be a LOT of fun! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win right away, with more observation and following the above tips you will improve your chances drastically and you will be winning a lot more often!

By Zyekad

I’ve saved thousands of dollars shopping on for over past 4 years. 

DealDash Bidding Tips

Bid Smart on DealDash penny auction

Penny Auction Tips To Keep You From Making A Mistake

My first experience with a penny auction was with another company and I thought my relationship with that company began without too much drama.

Within just a few days of trying my first penny auction, I had won a cruise, 260 e-books, a beer bottling system, and a health and wellness gift card. My total winning bids had me spending less than $50.00. This sounds like I got some terrific deals, but there is more to the story.

Over the course of several months, I had numerous unsatisfactory communications with the online customer service at this penny auction and had to threaten to report the company before they gave me an actual phone number to speak directly with someone. I received emails directing me to claim numbers, which gave me further directions for redemptions, followed by additional membership fees. In short, there were a lot of extra expenses and delays that I had not planned on. It took weeks, and in some instances months, for my wins to arrive. To add to the frustration, the products were not as advertised, unless you could read the small print, which was not available until you had paid for your win and received the redemption details.  One example of the unpleasant surprises was the e-books; you could only select from a list of classics. I had paid for something that most eBook readers can access for free, but I didn’t find out any of these things until I had already paid for my wins. Eight months have passed and I still have not accessed any of the eBooks I paid for.

One day as I was trying to communicate with that other company when I heard an advertisement for DealDash. The woman on the commercial said they were “The Fair and Honest Bidding site”. That was nice to hear. I went right to the DealDash site and saw that it even looked dramatically different than the other penny auction site I was having problems with. 

The items listed had clear photographs and detailed descriptions of both affordable and luxury items. There were winning limits in place to prevent the same people from winning and best of all, if you were not the winning bidder you could still buy the item at retail cost and get the bids back that you used for the auction. There are also opportunities for you to earn free bids, see who else was bidding, and DealDash stated that all items come with free shipping and would be shipped within 4 days of receipt of my payment. The more I read, the more excited I got.

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My first bidding session with DealDash started out great. I purchased the smallest bid package, at a cost of $30.00 for 200 bids, when they were on sale for 15 cents each and began enjoying and winning auctions. The shopping experience has been exactly as you would expect with no hidden fees and no hassle. Customer service is not only prompt and easy to communicate with, they are very courteous and helpful to ensure a good experience. The penny auction site will even give you a full money refund on your first purchase if you’re not satisfied for any reason which is valid for 90 days from when you make your first purchase. 

As a result of the very positive shopping experiences I have been a happy DealDash customer ever since the day I joined one year ago on August 25 2013. My tips to you if you’re planning on trying a penny auction site is to chose a site like DealDash, one that has been in business for several years and has a proven track record like DealDash does. They treat their customers good and you won’t be disappointed.

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013.  I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia.

Bid Smart on DealDash penny auction