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Choose the Right Coffee Maker with DealDash


If you’re in the market for a new coffee maker you’ll want to read this article. You’ll learn all about the different types of coffee makers and be armed with the information that you need, from DealDash.

Coffee machines have been around for practically forever. Beginning in the olden days with cowboy pots steaming coffee over the coals to today’s smooth premium makers, there’s a coffee machine to fit every preference. There’s one for every counter, every way of life, and even every budget plan. Where do you start locating the coffee maker of your dreams? Learn all about them, and then go shopping on DealDash. Read on for helpful tips about coffee makers.

Fast, No-Frills Coffee

Common coffee enthusiasts that like to have a pot of coffee readily available are a popular type of coffee fan. These folks aren’t curious about cappuccinos or various other variations of coffee, they just want coffee, and they want it fast. These people have a tendency to choose a non-espresso coffee machine. Non-espresso coffee machines function well for individuals that make a pot of coffee in the morning while they are getting ready for work or school. They acquire coffee pre-ground and don’t bother with beans or coffee bean grinders. These people typically just buy a standard coffee maker with a carafe and are done with it.

A Step Above – the Espresso Coffee Machine

Real coffee fanatics frequently choose to make use of the espresso coffee machine. These machines are amazing! They have the computerized designs inside that do every little thing from grinding the coffee to putting it right into the mug for you. These coffee makers are for people who love to experiment with their coffee and like to enjoy the finer things in life.

Plain or Fancy, What’s Your Choice?

Prior to going to the kitchen aisle at your favored shop or bidding on a coffee maker on DealDash, do a little research. Consider what type of coffee you like, exactly when you consume alcohol coffee, the space you have for a coffee machine, and how much you can pay for a coffee machine. These are the concerns associated with determining whether to buy a coffee or a non-espresso coffee machine.

Coffee Maker Pros and Cons

Firstly, the standard machine scores a point on price. The non-espresso kind of coffee machines are a lot less costly than standard coffee devices. Espresso coffee machines are expensive. They set you back even more than various other coffee makers. Some are thousands of dollars! However, if coffee is a favorite hobby of yours, then perhaps it is worth it to you.

As for volume, if you require big amounts of coffee, you should go with a standard machine. Huge percolator kind coffee drip machines can be utilized to make large carafes of coffee and keep them warm for hours.

Coffee Pod Makers

There are capsule coffee machines readily available. These utilize small pods to make coffee. This coffee machine can be cost-effective, however, the coffee itself will set you back more than common canisters of pre-ground coffee. These machines are excellent for people who only have one coffee drinker in the house. This way you don’t have to make a whole pot of coffee for just one cup.

Be International! French Press Machines

French Press coffee makers are terrific for a couple of mugs of coffee each time. The French Press coffee machine can make both regular coffee and also espresso. This device offers coffee enthusiasts the most effective option if you love both coffee and espresso drinks but don’t want to spend lots of money.

Thanks from DealDash for Reading

The very first choice when picking a coffee machine is to identify whether an espresso coffee machine or a non-espresso coffee machine is right for you. Coffee choices, budget plans, and also the amount of coffee you need impacts your choice. Use these tips from DealDash to decide which machine you need.

Then Visit DealDash and View the Coffee Makers

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Do you need a coffee maker? Go check DealDash for standard and espresso coffee machines. DealDash has all of the items that you need. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Have a great time on DealDash and happy bidding everyone!

Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine, ECMP50

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DealDash Helps: Interesting Uses for Coffee Grounds


Coffee is the most consumed breakfast drink in America. But what can you do with all of those coffee grounds? DealDash can help.

Now would you say is completely useless refuse? People use kitchen refuse for things like creating their own garden, so why can’t you make use of something as commons as coffee grounds? With so many people enjoying coffee they should definitely be looking into the many uses of coffee grounds. Here are some interesting uses for old coffee grounds, from DealDash.

Deodorize the Fridge

You can make use of coffee grounds to deodorize your refrigerator. It will help to keep your fridge smelling great and many people say it works even better than using baking soda to do the same job. You can also use coffee grounds to neutralize other fouls odors in your home. Why buy baking soda to deodorize the fridge when you can use coffee grounds for free?

“Salt” Your Walkway

If the weather happens to have made the sidewalks icy you can use coffee grounds to “salt” the sidewalks. The acidic content of the coffee grounds helps break through the ice faster. This is a much less expensive and safer alternative than commercial salts that do the same job. If you start saving up your coffee grounds all year round in a container, then you should have enough to salt your steps or walkway in the winter – assuming you don’t live in Alaska!

Help in the Garden

If you enjoy growing your own food in a garden, coffee grounds can assist. Coffee grounds can help to grow foods like mushrooms, radishes, and even carrots. So certainly consider adding coffee grounds to your gardening repertoire for some really excellent results.

In addition, there are also many flowers and fruit plants that thrive when coffee grounds are added as a fertilizer. Roses and blueberries are two of plants that benefit from the use of coffee grounds.

Use for Scrubbing

Do you have any pans that have really caked on gunk and grit on them? Coffee grounds can assist you in cleaning them. Just do not use them on any pan that would stain easily. You also want to avoid using this trick on ceramic pans. Otherwise, scrub away!

Thanks for Reading

This is really just the beginning of the helpful things that you can do by putting coffee grounds to use. So if you enjoy a cup of coffee anytime during the day at home than you should think about putting this versatile refuse to good use in your home.

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This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. Read even more on DealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

Strange Uses for Coffee from DealDash

dealdash coffee

Most people love to drink coffee, but did you know that there are lots of uses for our favorite bean? Read on to find out, from DealDash.

Iced, hot, or lukewarm – I don’t care what the temperature is, I love to drink coffee. However, coffee isn’t just delicious to drink, you can also use the beans and grounds for some pretty strange and useful things. Are you ready to hear some of the strange uses? Read on…

Steak Rub

I would have never thought to run coffee on my steak – even just the thought of it sounded very strange to me. However, my husband and I are avid fans of Restaurant Week in Boston, and one of our favorite places is Capitol Grill. They have the most delicious Kona-Crusted Sirloin on their Restaurant Week menu every year. Yum, yum! The next time you’d like to try something new on your steak, use some freshly ground coffee that’s been toasted for just a moment under the broiler in the oven. Just mix it in with your regular steak seasonings, and rub it onto the meat before you stick it on the grill.

Face Exfoliant

Coffee grounds make an excellent facial exfoliant. Put some of your regular facial cleanser in your hands, and mix in the coffee grounds. Rub this cleansing scrub all over your face for approximately 2 minutes. Rinse off, and top with moisturizer. The coffee grounds will help get rid of your dry, flaky skin, and the caffeine in them will temporarily tighten your pores. Win-win!

Composting and Fertilizing

If you’re looking for a cheap composting agent, try coffee grounds mixed with lye. Surprisingly, the grounds themselves are a good food source for worms, and it adds grit to the worms’ digestive system allowing them to digest better.

Additionally, coffee grounds can make an excellent fertilizer for plants that like acidic soil. Why? This is because Coffee is high in nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals which are excellent for your plants.

Thanks for Reading

Finally, thanks so much for reading this new DealDash article on unusual uses for coffee. Do you have any other strange and unusual uses for coffee or coffee grounds? Leave them below in the comments.

If you need anything for your lawn or garden check DealDash. DealDash has many different items for indoors and out. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Don’t forget to tell all of your friends about DealDash! Good luck and happy bidding everyone! DealDash flowers

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DealDash Makes: Latte Art

DealDash latte art

Latte art is a fun, creative, and inexpensive hobby. Read on for tips and tricks from DealDash to get started.

For starters, if you aren’t familiar with latte art, it refers to patterns made in the foam that tops espresso drinks. It can be just about anything that you wish, from the simple such as the heart design up above, to extremely intricate, such as the series of cats pictured below.

DealDash cat latte art

Aren’t those latte art pictures of cats amazing?! Those were most likely done with a combination of pouring skills and stencils. There is truly no right or wrong way to make latte art, as long as you are having fun and are happy with the art that you produce.

How Do I Do It?

First, you will need a latte coffee drink in a cup and some steamed milk. The best way to get steamed milk is with the milk frother on your coffee maker, but you can also make steamed milk by putting milk in the microwave for a few minutes, then putting a top on your container and shaking it. You can also get frothy milk by heating milk in a pot on the stove and whisking it.

Pour your espresso into the bottom of the cup and then add a small amount of your steamed milk and swirl to incorporate it. Pour slowly and evenly at a fairly high distance. As you reach the second half of the cup, bring the pitcher closer to the surface. This layer will not incorporate, creating a distinction between the white foam and the body of the latte.

Basic Designs


  • Starting off with the milk container close to the top of the cup, pour a little bit of milk in.
  • Lifting the pitcher an inch or so up, pour one-half of a circle, making sure to move the milk pitcher, not the mug.
  • Hold the stream of milk in the same place, but wiggle the milk pitcher back and forth as you make a ringed circle.
  • When your milk is almost completely poured, swing the milk up to create the bottom tip of your heart.


  • Pour the milk about an inch away from the bottom.
  • Once the cup is about half filled, gently shake the milk container back and forth while slowly moving backward. The flower design will move forward, filling the cup.

As with anything else, these things take a lot of practice. Finally, here is a quick YouTube video to get you started.

Thanks for Reading

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Latte art is much easier with an espresso machine and milk foamer.  Go check DealDash for everything you need for the kitchen. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash latte art

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DealDash Health: Be Careful with your Coffee

DealDash coffee

Coffee is the morning beverage of choice for many people. Here are some interesting things you should know, from DealDash.

After your alarm wakes you up in the morning, you will most likely head to the kitchen to prepare your morning coffee. If you belong to the category of people that can not start their daily activities without a cup of coffee, then you should know what you do not have to put anything in your coffee for you to enjoy the real benefits of it.

What Should You Avoid When Drinking?

The dark elixir, as some call it, it helps us to function during the day. Unfortunately, does not have only positive effects. Whether we want to admit it or not, caffeine is a drug, and you need to be careful when you mix coffee with other things. Here are some things you should not add to your coffee if you want it to act as a medicine to your body and not as a drug.

Analgesics – It Can Affect Your Liver

Thankfully, your liver is a very resilient organ, 75% of its tissue can be affected or removed with surgery without liver failure. Even so, it can be affected by too much coffee, especially when it is combined with acetaminophen (Tylenol). This was discovered after scientists from the University of Washington made a study that targeted the effects of the coffee in combination with other substances.

Make it Black (for Your Health)

The consumption of excessive amounts of coffee flavorings such as cream, sugar, and flavor shots. Try not to combine flavorings, the worst thing that you can do for your health is to add not only cream and sugar, but any of the pre-sweetened flavorings that are now offered at various coffee shops. Coffee should be black, nothing more, if you want to keep it healthiest. When you add more flavors, you make your coffee more of a risk to your health. This is because they contain high doses of sugar and artificial flavors and coloring. If you do not like your coffee to be natural and you want to change the taste, try some drops of vanilla or mint or make it sweeter with a more natural sweetener like honey or Stevia.

Grind it Fresh

Remember that if you use coffee beans, you should keep them in the fridge. This is especially important if the package has been opened. The flavor will last for a longer time if you keep things sealed and in the fridge. The fresher the coffee tastes, the less likely you will be to add extra sweeteners and flavors.

Thanks For Reading

I hope that you enjoyed this article on coffee. I admit that I’m guilty of having multiple cups of coffee per day. How about you?!

Need a new coffee maker? Check DealDash for all of your kitchen needs and more. DealDash has everything. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

dealdash coffee

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Tea Time With DealDash

  Tea has been around for thousands of years, and almost everyone has tried tea in some form or another over the years. However, there’s more to life than just Lipton.

As someone who grew up in the Southern United States, extra sweetened iced tea, more commonly known as “sweet tea” was a staple in my household growing up. Now that a lot of the national fast foods chains are serving sweet tea it’s only grown in popularity over the last few years.

I would like to share my Southern Sweet Tea recipe with you today – it’s super simple, but there is a surprise ingredient in there that you probably would have never thought of that makes it taste even better!


  • 6 tea bags
  • 2 Cups boiling water
  • 2 Cups sugar
  • 1/8 teaspoon baking soda (yes, really!)
  • 6 Cups cold water


  • Place the tea bags in your pitcher and add the baking soda
  • Pour the boiling water into the pitcher
  • Cover and steep for 15-20 minutes
  • Remove tea bags (No squeezing now!)
  • Add your sugar
  • Stir it up until the sugar is dissolved
  • Add your cold water
  • Let cool before placing in the fridge, serve with lots of ice

Please be sure to let it cool down significantly before placing the pitcher in the fridge – if you are using a glass pitcher and  place it in the fridge when it’s still hot it can crack.

Your basic Lipton tea is what is most commonly used for sweet tea, but you can use just about any type of tea that you would like, you can even make healthier sweet tea by substituting the regular tea for green tea, and the sugar for honey.

If iced tea isn’t your “cup of tea” so to speak, then you have a lot of wonderful options for hot tea. In addition to more choices, you will also get the benefit of having fresher tea. The tea bags that you buy at the supermarket are made in huge batches, and sit around for months at a time in warehouses and storerooms before they are even put out on the shelves. When you buy loose tea it’s much fresher. Try going to a tea shop to sample some of their loose teas before buying a large amount of it.

Once you have purchased your tea at a tea shop then it’s time to brew it. The process is extremely simple:

  • Boil water in your tea kettle
  • Add 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup into a tea infuser or re-usable tea bag
  • Cover and let steep

How long? Well, that depends on the type of tea you are brewing. A good rule of thumb is 2 minutes for green or white tea, 3-5 for black or oolong, and 5-7 minutes for herbal or rooibos.

If you’re in need of a new tea kettle, or perhaps a cream and sugar set be sure to check out DealDash. Just click this link here and it will take you to a great selection of tea kettles you can browse on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

The Benefits of Drinking Coffee with DealDash

Excess amounts of coffee can have adverse impacts on the body, however, the positive aspects of drinking coffee in the early morning many when the coffee consumption is kept at modest degrees. A moderate amount arrays between 1 to 3 mugs daily, and staying within that limit can be of positive aspect to the overall health and wellness of the body, according to some researches. Coffee can be a pain to make, but you can find high-quality and simple to use coffee makers on DealDash. Convenience is one of the keys to drinking good qualities.


Coffee is a powerful energizer, that is able to stir up and energize people with less adverse effects than many other energizers. For that reason, it is a great selection for beginning the day, specifically for those that have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning. For these people, nevertheless, the coffee must just be taken in the early morning, as consuming it in the future in the day could interfere with the resting pattern during the night, making it much more very difficult to get up in the early morning.

Consuming coffee in the early morning can be quite beneficial for those working in a workplace, as it can help to enhance their mental power to get the job done a lot more successfully. The energizer effect of coffee can help them to remember more and also be more focused as well as alert. Coffee has actually likewise revealed to assist boost the moods of individuals, particularly for those who are utilized to consuming coffee. DealDash has some of the best coffee makers you can find anywhere and for great prices.

Not only is coffee able to raise psychological power, but it has the ability to raise physical energy also. For that reason, consuming coffee in the morning could likewise profit those that have a tough physical labor ahead of them, as it could enhance their power and also endurance additionally.

The advantages of drinking coffee in the early morning, nonetheless, are not simply noticed by the working class, but for students and also the elderly too. Studies reveal that the start of mental diseases is reduced in individuals who take in coffee on a regular basis. And also for students, consuming a mug of coffee before heading into class for an exam could assist to raise their emphasis and mental quality as well.


Despite the benefits of drinking coffee in the morning, it should not be overdone, as coffee in excess quantities could have adverse effects on the total wellness of the body. DealDash just wants to make you aware because we care. Now that you know the benefits of drinking coffee, let’s head over to DealDash and you can pick one out today!

Win coffee on DealDash

See what Deals are Brewing on DealDash

Win coffee on DealDash

photo credits: snapground

After receiving a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas two years ago, I ended up using K-cups my family bought me for gifts. My daughter was always trying different flavors, but she always used flavored creamers too, something I really don’t care for. I happened to notice one day while I was looking over the various auction items on DealDash, that there were several different types of K-cups being offered for auction. Alot of K-cups. Alot of varieties. Alot of good deals, too.

While I have had some pretty amazing wins on K-cups, (5-10 bids) it has also given me the opportunity to try different brands and different blends. I am surprised at how many types of coffees there are that come in K-cup form. I am also amazed at the variety DealDash has to offer for us to bid, win and buy it now if necessary.

Having the different varieties to bid on, I got to try all kinds of coffees, all kinds of brands and determine for myself which ones are too strong, too mild, or just right. I didn’t know until last summer when DealDash offered them that K-cups come in iced tea flavors too. What a great treat on a hot day to make yourself a really tall glass of iced tea on the Keurig! Happy bidding everyone, enjoy your favorite coffee blends or teas all offered at DealDash!

By Joan Vith


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