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How to Get Free DealDash Bids

5 Ways To Get Free DealDash Bids

How to Get Free DealDash Bids

How many Free DealDash bids can you get??? Plus $500 Gift card!!!

This is one of the things I love about DealDash, they make it easy for you to keep bidding on the things you want to win.
Its easy, all you have to do is win 1 item!! Then, use that item to collect free DealDash bids!

1. Take a good picture of you with the item you won and post to DealDash’s Facebook page.

If the item value is $199 or above, you’ll get 200 Free bids!
If the item value is $99 to $198, you’ll get 75 Free bids!
If the item value is less than $99, you’ll get 10 Free bids!
When taking the picture, don’t be lazy about it! Take a great picture because every week DealDash selects the best photo of the week and awards that person with a $500 gift card!!!

2. After you posted your picture to Facebook to collect free DealDash bids, go to Twitter and Tweet the same picture.

Tell how much you won it for, and how much its worth and don’t forget to tag @dealdash in your tweet and you’ll get 50 extra free bids!!

3. Once you tweet your picture, don’t stop now!

Go to Pinterest.com to pin your photo on there too! Follow these guidelines and you’ll collect another 50 free DealDash bids!

Professional Plus Toothbrush and Water Flosser on Dealdash.com

I won this Professional Plus Toothbrush and Water Flosser on Dealdash.com valued at $100 for ONLY 18 CENTS!!! You can’t even get a tooth brush for 18 cents!!! And free shipping to boot Thanks DEALDASH!!!!

Once you have Pined it, make sure to email reviews@dealdash.com with the link to your pin.

4. Last but not least, play the game.

You can level up when you are the highest bidder on a auction. The longer you play the more bids you can earn. Im at level 24 and get 200 free bids when I get to the next level. That’s an added bonus to my weekly free bids!!

5. And finally, WATCH YOUR EMAIL!!!

Every now and then DealDash wants to here from you!!! They will send you a customer service link to talk on the phone, it’s that simple and you can get free bids that way too!!! DealDash always wants to hear feedback on what they can do better to improve their service for you!! So don’t be afraid to give them any feedback you can.
Good luck to you!!!
Written by Nicole Kososki

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