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DealDash Tips to Be an Organized Bidder

DealDash Organized

Being organized on DealDash is a key element to being successful. If you’re a new bidder be sire to read these tips so you can start off ahead of the game.

When you first sign up to DealDash you need to get (and stay) organized. An organized bidder is a winning bidder. One of the first things that I would suggest that you do is make yourself an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will be useful for many things that I will tell you about later on in this article. The information will help you make educated decisions when bidding in DealDash auctions.

Keep Track of Bidders

One of the first things that you are going to want to keep track of on your Excel spreadsheet is bidder names. You’ll want to make a notation of any Power Bidders that you recognize, what they’re bidding on, and what price the auction ended up costing. This will be important information, you will eventually uncover different patterns in their bidding preferences and styles.

Keep Track of Auctions

Next, you’ll want to make a notation of the DealDash auctions that you enter. You’ll want to put the name of the auction and how many bids that you placed. You’ll also note the final auction price, and if you won or lost. Finally, you’ll want to note the time and date that the auction started and finished. This information will become useful in figuring out popular bidding days and times.

Your Wins and Competition

You’ll also want to keep a separate area with just your wins.  This will help you stay organized when bidding, and you can be sure that you aren’t “double buying” anything. It will also be helpful to note which bidders were your stiffest competition, and what dollar amount they dropped out at.

Your Budget

Don’t forget to write down every time you make a purchase of bids or BIN (Buy It Now) to help keep you on your budget. Sometimes it’s hard in the heat of bidding to not pay attention to how much you are spending. Keeping a list of bidding and BINning expenses will help you stick to your budget.

I hope that you found this new DealDash Tips article on staying organized helpful. If you are shopping for a home item, kid’s toy, garden implement, or other, check DealDash first. DealDash has it all! Visit DealDash now. DealDash wants to help you. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Winter Dates

Image result for winter date ideas

Winter is not typically a time that’s great for dating if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow. Here are some indoor and outdoor date ideas from DealDash.

Burrrrrr! Who wants to leave the house when it’s cold and snowy outside? Well, if you’ve got a hot date, maybe it will motivate you to take off those fuzzy slippers and put on some boots instead. DealDash has some fun and relatively inexpensive winter date ideas.

Ice Skating

I’m personally not a fan of ice skating, but lots of people love it! If you look at the happy couple above you can see that they are having a lot of fun out on the ice even though they might not be the best skaters. There’s a learning curve to ice skating, maybe you could challenge your date to learn how to ice skate well by the end of the winter.


Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all times when great new movies usually come out. Get your fill of popcorn and romantic comedies at the movie theater this winter. Pro tip: Check the theaters near you, any theaters have discounted evening movies on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during the week.


Tubing is the grown-up version of sledding down a hill. Normally you trudge up a giant hill with your tube in hand, similar to the water-tubing rides at the water park in the summer. It’s a lot of fun and doesn’t require a lot of skill like skiing or snowboarding does.

Make Cookies

Cookies aren’t just for Christmas! Get out that KitchenAid stand mixer and whip up some delicious cookies with your date. And even better, the second part of the date is eating the cookies! If you’re not much for cookies, how about pie instead? The first crops of strawberries and blueberries seem to be arriving at the supermarket right about now, get some and make a delicious pie.

Hockey Game

There’s no more appropriate sport for winter than hockey. Get out there and show some team spirit and go see a hockey game on your date. Do matching face paint for bonus couple’s points!

I hope that you found these winter date ideas from DealDash fun! For winter snow removal tools such as shovels, scrapers, and snow blowers check DealDash first. DealDash has everything you need. Visit DealDash now to save. DealDash now offers free bids for product reviews, check it out! Good luck and happy DealDash bidding everyone!
Image result for snow

DealDash Loves Kittens

DealDash Kitten

Kittens! Who doesn’t love kittens! DealDash loves all animals, but kittens are extra special.

When you ask what someone’s favorite animal is, cat is the overwhelming response. Everyone from little children to seniors love cats and kittens. Here are some fun and interesting cat facts from DealDash.

Fun Cat Facts

Cats are the most popular pet in the United States: There are 88 million pet cats and 74 million dogs.

Cats sleep 70% of their lives.

Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third. If that’s not a great reason to adopt a cat, I don’t know what is!

The world’s largest cat measured 48.5 inches long. That’s over 4 feet long!!

The world’s richest cat is worth $13 million after his human passed away and left her fortune to him.

A cat has five toes on his front paws, and four on the back, unless he’s a polydactyl. Polydactyl cats are also referred to as “Hemingway cats” because the author was so fond of them. There are 45 Hemingway cats living at the author’s former home in Key West, FL.

A cat’s nose is ridged with a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint.

Black cats are bad luck in the United States, but they are good luck in the United Kingdom and Australia. Sadly, these cats are the ones that are most frequently surrendered to the animal shelter and the least often adopted.

The largest litter of kittens produced 19 kittens. That poor Mama Cat!

If you want to adopt a cat, you can visit your local Humane Society or check out petfinder.com.

What Do They Need?

A cat really needs very few items. A food and water dish, a bed, a litter box, toys, and a bed or blanket is all they really need to be happy. Combine that with vaccinations and visits to the vet, and you will have one healthy, happy, long-lived companion.

Luckily, DealDash can provide quite a few things on that list. DealDash often offers food/water dishes, pet beds, and even automatic litter boxes for auction. The pet item auctions on DealDash are always very popular, so be sure to set your BidBuddy! Vist DealDash for all of your pet’s needs. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!
DealDash cat kitten

DealDash Presents: Christmas Memories


What’s your favorite Christmas memory? Today we will explore Christmases gone by with DealDash.

Everyone (who celebrates) has a favorite Christmas memory. My personal favorite is from when I was about 4 years old. On Christmas Eve my parents told me that my Dad was going over to see some other family and wouldn’t be back that night. My mom and I stayed up “really late” to try to catch a glimpse of Santa. Looking back, it was probably only 10 o’clock or so, but to my 4-year-old self, it felt like the dead of night. We hear something at the door…And in came Santa! We hid behind a couch and watched him fill the stockings and put the presents under the tree.

What a wonderful memory. I must not have noticed at the time that Santa was looking rather skinny that year, and arrived on a motorcycle instead of a sleigh. It’s still my favorite Christmas memory. What’s your favorite holiday memory? Feel free to comment down below.

Going back a little further than 1984, if you look at history web sites, you can read about many wonderful old Christmas traditions. If we look back, Christmas, as we know it with the decorated tree, cards, and caroling, started back in Victorian times. At the beginning of the Victorian period families were more likely to give each other presents to celebrate the New Year than at Christmas. However, as time went on, the gift-giving was moved up to Christmas. The presents weren’t anything lavish or amazing. They were more likely to be nuts, fruits such as oranges, and things that were crafted at home.

We can partially credit Charles Dickens with making Christmas the celebration that it has become with Christmas traditions that we are all familiar with such as having a large Christmas dinner with the entire family and other activities that are focused on family togetherness. His delightful book, A Christmas Carol, was very popular in Victorian times, and it even influenced how Victorian families chose to spend their time during the Christmas season. Call me immature, but my favorite Christmas movie is the 1983 Disney cartoon Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

I hope that you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane. If you still haven’t completed your shopping list for Christmas gifts, be sure to check out DealDash. DealDash has gifts for everyone on your list. Visit DealDash now. Good luck and happy bidding everyone! Image result for disney christmas carol cartoon


DealDash has a Fun Email Trick

Image result for email Did you know that the first email was sent 45 years ago?! Here is a fun tip to get the most out of your email experience.

It’s true, the first email was sent by an engineer named engineer Raymond Tomlinson on Wednesday June 8th, 1971. Raymond Tomlinson has been credited with inventing email, and I’m sure that we are all grateful to him! Sadly, he passed away this past summer, but his email legacy lives on. Here is a fun tip that will ensure that your email will be read instead of ignored.

I was recently browsing my email inbox, and came upon a very fun email from my local craft store, and in it’s subject line was an emoji! Up until this point I had never seen (or maybe never noticed) any pictures in my email’s subject lines, and I was intrigued. After a little poking around I figured out how easy and simple it is to jazz up your email subject lines with pictures. Surprisingly, there is actually no trick at all! Just think of the emoji that you would like to use, find it with an internet search, and simply highlight it with your mouse, and cut (CTRL C) and paste (CTRL V)! Here are a few fun emoticons, you can cut and paste them right from this article!

😉👻👏🐋 🐙🐰🌹🌎🌤😀

Speaking of computer-related fun, have you downloaded the DealDash app for your smart phone? If you’d like to be able to browse auctions, buy bids, bookmark auctions, bid on items, and set or revise BidBuddies, you need the DealDash app! The app is 100% free and available for both Android and Apple smartphones.

Here is the Android version on Google Play –https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dealdash&hl=en

Here is the iOS version in the App store –https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dealdash/id965782383?mt=8

I hope that you have found this article helpful. Once you start adding pictures to your email subject lines your friends will always be waiting for the next email so they can see what you chose to spice up your subject line!

After you’ve sent out all of your emails, head on over to DealDash. DealDash has all of the latest and greatest technology up for bid. Just click this link right here and it will take you to DealDash to browse the auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Helps: Better Sleep

Sleep is a wonderful thing. As the mom of a six month old I don’t get much of it. Here are some tips and tricks I have learned to make the most of the sleep that I am able to get.

Trust me, I know sleep deprivation. I used to work 3 overnight shifts per week in addition to taking care of kids during the day. I was a wreck, pretty much all of the time. There are some long-term effects of sleep deprivation such as weight gain, depression, and even hallucinations. Sleep is absolutely 100% vital to your well-being, and having restful sleep helps your body to re-energize and heal itself. Here are some tips to getting the best night’s sleep possible.

  • Have a regular sleeping and waking time. That’s not to say that you can’t vary it by an hour or so, but try to keep things as close to a schedule as possible, even on the weekends. The goal is to get approximately 8 hours of sleep, so if you need to get up at 6:30 for work, looks like you’re going to bed at 10:30. However, some people (including myself) actually do better on 7 hours of sleep. Play around with your schedule at first, and write down your sleeping and waking times, and how rested you feel on a scale of 1-5. If you start noticing a pattern of feeling really rested on 7, 8, or 9 hours of sleep then you have found your sweet spot, and adjust your sleeping and waking schedule accordingly.
  • Don’t use your phone, computer, iPad, etc. for about an hour before you would like to go to sleep. The blue tones in the light that is emitted from these devices help keep you awake. There are special glasses that you can buy to counteract this, or you could also just turn the device’s screen down to minimal brightness, but it’s really easier to just ditch the electronics for an hour before bedtime. Use this hour to catch up on a book, take a warm bath, have a snack, or chat with a friend.
  • Be sure that your bed is as comfortable as it can possibly be. Do you need some new pillows? Maybe a lighter or heavier comforter? Maybe even a new mattress altogether? Figure out how you can feel total comfort in your bed, and sleep should follow.

I hope that this article as given you some ideas on how to get more restful sleep. If you’re in need of new pillows, bedding, soft lighting, or anything else for your bedroom be sure to check out DealDash. DealDash has all of these items and so much more. Check out the Home, Garden, and Tools category at this link right here and it will take you to the home section to browse the auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Helps: Keep Hobby Costs Low

No matter what your hobby, from photography to knitting and everything in between you can always find ways to cut costs. Let DealDash help you save some money.

Hobbies can be expensive, especially if you are just starting to be interested in a certain hobby. Almost every hobby that you pick up will require you to buy at least something to get started. Some hobbies, like photography can be extremely expensive; other hobbies such as doing hand embroidery or puzzles only require a small amount of money to get started. If you aren’t 100% sure what hobby that you are interested in it might be smart to try out a few hobbies that only need a few inexpensive supplies to get started instead of trying out the more expensive hobbies first.

If you are definitely set on one of the more expensive hobbies there are always ways to save money. For example, if you are positive that photography is the hobby for you, then try to buy all of your supplies on sale. As someone who DealDashes, I’m sure that you know that you can get most photography supplies cheaper on DealDash! If you go to the Electronics and Computer category on DealDash you can choose what supplies that you are interested in and stay on budget.

Perhaps you are still trying to choose a hobby and can’t decide. Instead of randomly picking a hobby that you aren’t sure about you should make a list of some things that you enjoy doing, and soon enough you will see if there is a theme present that you could turn into a hobby. For example, if you make a list that has nature, hiking, outdoors, and animals on it you might enjoy birdwatching or plant identification. If you’re more of a homebody and your list includes those same things you might enjoy gardening or maybe even bee keeping! No matter what hobby you pick be sure to do your research on brands and prices. Try to buy the bulk of your supplies on a holiday weekend such as 4th of July, Labor Day, Black Friday, etc. Most places (including DealDash!) usually have extremely good deals on holiday weekends.

DealDash can help reduce your hobby costs dramatically by bidding on and winning gift cards. Most hobbies require you to buy supplies regularly, and if you can acquire any of those supplies at a place that DealDash offers gift cards for such as Wal*Mart, Target, K-Mart, or so many others you can bid on them and get a great deal, or BIN (Buy It Now) and pay face value for the gift card, get free shipping, and get to keep the clock time that you spent as the highest bidder.

I hope that you found this article helpful for money-saving ideas for your hobbies. Think about my suggestions and head on over to DealDash to save some money on your hobbies. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Demystifies Laundry

Are you a laundry expert? As the person responsible for the laundry of 5 people on a daily basis I have to be an expert!

Here are a few tips and tricks about doing laundry that I have learned throughout the years. Some are common sense, but others might surprise you. Read on…

Towels – Towels are a tricky piece of laundry. The first thing that I ever learned about washing towels is only wash towels with other towels. If you wash your towels with your other laundry you are asking for a linty mess. Other than the lint, you should wash your towels by themselves because you shouldn’t use fabric softener when washing your towels. Why? Because fabric softener will make your towels less absorbent over time. If you would like to do a “reset” on your towels and remove all of the left over fabric softener just wash a load of towels the first with vinegar and hot water, and then a second wash with baking soda and hot water. I would also suggest that you might want to get some “dryer balls”, they are round with rubber spikes on them to remove some of the static without using fabric softener sheets. I have some that are adorable hedgehogs!

Fading – There are a few ways that you can slow the fading of your clothing, the first way is to add a teaspoon of salt into your wash! Yep, just toss it right in there! You should also wash (and dry) your dark clothing inside out to help prevent fading.

Shrinking – To prevent your jeans from shrinking let them tumble dry on LOW for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes they won’t be soaking wet anymore, just hang them up with a pants hanger and let them dry the rest of the way hanging up.

Sweaters – Most people know that they shouldn’t put sweaters in the dryer to prevent shrinking, but did you also know that you shouldn’t let them dry on hangers, either? You should lay your sweaters flat to dry. It will prevent the bumps on the shoulders that form when the sweater is dried on a hanger.

Of course, the best tip of all is to get your laundry supplies on DealDash! DealDash has laundry detergents, stain pre-treaters, hampers, laundry bags, and even portable washing machines. Just click this link here and it will take you to all of the great laundry-related items that DealDash auctions off regularly. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Tide 2X Ultra Free Tide 2X Liquid Laundry Detergent

DealDash Helps: Clean Your HE Washer

Most people have changed over to HE (high efficiency) washing machines. They need to be cleaned differently than a regular washer.

HE washing machines are prone to growing mold and mildew because instead of leaving the lid up like you might do with a classic top loading washer most people just shut the door of the HE washer. Some people do this because they don’t realize that mold and mildew can grow in their washer easily, or some people might close the door because they keep their washer in a closet and the closet door won’t shut when the washer’s door is open.

Prevention is the easiest way to keep your HE washing machine mold and mildew free, but the second best way is by giving your HE machine a proper cleaning every month or so. Most HE washers have a “machine cleaning” setting, but there is a little prep work that you need to do before you use that cycle.

  • Wash out the inside of the washer drum and the inside of the door/glass with either bleach or your favorite bleach-based cleaning product
  • Using an old washcloth use your bleach/bleach cleaner to clean around the seal of the washer, pulling it away from the washer a bit to get in all of the nooks and crannies where mold and mildew can hide
  • After cleaning around the seal, soak a washcloth in white vinegar and rub all over the seal, letting it sit for about 20 minutes
  • Wipe off the vinegar with a dry cloth
  • Remove the detergent tray and wash in the kitchen sink
  • Wash the detergent compartment with your bleach cleaner
  • Replace the detergent tray and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar
  • NOW you are finally ready to run the “machine cleaning” cycle on your washer
  • After the cycle is over remove the detergent tray again
  • Leave the detergent try out to dry overnight
  • Leave the washing machine door open overnight
  • You’re done! It’s clean! No more mildew!

Now that everything is clean and sparkly I bet you are ready to do a load of laundry. DealDash often has laundry detergent, laundry baskets, and fabric softener up for auction. These are great products to bid on, because of you don’t happen to win you can always BIN (Buy It Now) for retail price, get all of your bids back immediately, and receive free shipping on the item, no matter how heavy. Click on this link here and it will take you to the laundry items on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone.


Decorate Your Home with DealDash

Decorate Your Home with DealDash

Has anyone been paying attention to some of the really unique and interesting items that DealDash offers up to decorate the home? They seem to have some really great items to decorate every room of your home.

I’ll take you through room by room and show you some of the items that you can bid on that will help your home look wonderful.

Kitchen or Dining Room

Dale Tiffany Flower Vases. Who doesn’t like a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table? DealDash offers a few different types of flower vase, and they are all beautiful.

Dale Tiffany Spring Time Porcelain Vase

Sold for $0.51 on DealDash.com


DealDash has started offering the Interdesign Twigz toilet paper roll stand in bronze, and I am seriously contemplating not putting a toilet paper holder in one of my bathrooms in my new house, because I love this beautiful stand so much, it’s really a work of art, even though it’s meant to hold toilet paper! DealDash also offers different bathroom accessories such as soap and toothbrush holders that will make your bathroom look very put together.

InterDesign Twigz Toilet Paper Roll

Sold for $0.63 on DealDash.com


DealDash always has desks available, some of them are very business-like, but others are really beautiful decorator pieces, my favorite one is Sauder Harbor View Computer Armoire. It holds your computer and all of your miscellaneous papers, but when you fold it up and close the doors it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture that would look at home even in the fanciest house.

Sauder Harbor View Computer Armoire

Sold for $0.17 on DealDash.com

Living/Family Room

One of my favorite things that DealDash offers that would look great in any living room is the Southern Enterprises Loft Portable Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace. It’s made with glass and brushed nickel, and it looks not only fancy but also really is functional and puts out heat.

Southern Enterprises Loft Portable Indoor / Outdoor Fireplace

Kid’s Bedroom

There are SO many adorable things that DealDash offers for a kid’s bedroom, it’s hard to just pick just one to tell you about. Since I have both a boy and a girl, I will go with something gender neutral, and that is the Peel and Stick Wall Decals! DealDash has many, many different kinds, just a few examples are: Hello Kitty (my favorite), Cars the Movie, Alphabet Animals, Cupcakes, Puppies, and many more. Kids love these decals to decorate, and the best part is you can easily remove them and put up new ones without any damage to your walls.

Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Master Bedroom

My suggestion for the Master Bedroom might surprise you, since you are probably thinking that I am going to suggest something expensive for this last room, but my favorite item from DealDash to decorate my bedroom is the WBM Himalayan Salt Table Lamp. It serves multiple purposes, it’s a very pretty and unique lamp, but it’s also a natural air purifier. I love mine, and it always makes me feel very soothed when I turn it on.

WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp

I hope that some of my DealDash decorating suggestions have inspired you. Go out and bid your way to a more beautiful home!

My name is Dawn and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love YouTube almost as much as DealDash. If you would like to see one of my newest “Unboxings” that feature DealDash WINs please visit the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlrCEIQKsis&list=UUkEYnVa-CBrZj8mnOfxQ-Bg

circut Expression 2 Teal

Cricut Crafting Machines Available on DealDash

I love all things creative, from sewing to embroidery to scrap booking to painting. Scrap booking is something that the whole family can enjoy, and I am very hopeful that my kids will be crafty, like Mommy. DealDash has the tools to help me succeed with that goal.

You may have noticed that DealDash has kid’s craft sets from time to time, some of the sets I have seen are The ALEX Toys Loop ‘n Loom weaving kit, The Sew Cool Machine, The Knitting Machine Set for Kids, and many more. This is great for a crafty Mommy, because sometimes it’s hard to show kids how to be creative with adult craft supplies. With these fun kid’s kits it’s much easier to get them started.

circut Expression 2 Teal

Another thing that I am really excited that DealDash offers is die cutting machines. There are three machines in particular that DealDash offers, two of them are made by the Provo Craft company, called Cricut machines. There is the Expressions 2, and also the Explore that I have seen offered on DealDash. These are very expensive machines, The Expressions 2 goes for $241, however the last time that it was offered on DealDash was November 26th, and the final auction price was only $3.04, and the winner actually only had to pay a 1 penny transaction fee, because it was offered on a Free Auction Weekend. The other machine that has been offered a few times on DealDash is the Brother ScanNCut Home and Hobby Cutting Machine, which goes for a whopping $491! However, I have seen this machine have a variety of final auction prices, the lowest of which was only $4.05!!! All of these machines are great quality scrap booking and home hobby cutting machines, and I am lucky enough to own the Cricut Explore. I am definitely looking to expand my collection to include the Expressions 2 the next time it is offered up for bid.

The last crafty thing that I would like to bring to your attention that DealDash has quite frequently, and that is both sewing and embroidery machines. DealDash has quite a few different models of Brother sewing machines up for bid, two of the ones that I see most often are the Brother 17 Stitch Machine, and the Brother 20 Stitch machine. I personally was lucky enough to WIN the Brother 20 Stitch sewing machine just last week for only $14.06! That was a great WIN for me, because my old sewing machine is really on it’s last legs! So thank you DealDash, you saved me from having to spend full price on a new sewing machine!!

If you are interested in WINning any of these great creative products I would suggest to you that you do your research before you bid, and figure out exactly how many bids that you are willing to spend on each item. Once you figure that out you should book your Bid Buddy and let it do the work for you. It’s really the best feeling to book your Bid Buddy and come back to find out that you have won. Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone.

My name is Dawn, and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love DealDash as well as YouTube, if you would like to see one of my DealDash “unboxing” videos, check out the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3Wdmo2sv0

Play to Bid Bid to Play on DealDash

Play To Bid Bid To Play – DealDash

One of the most important and valuable tips of advice I can give you when bidding in the auctions on DealDash is to concentrate!

When you decide to bid make sure you focus on what you doing otherwise you may end up hating what happens. Here’s what I mean. You open up DealDash.com and start scanning the auctions to see what’s up for auction. You move a few to your favorite auctions to your bookmark page because it will be a few minutes until they start so you go check your email or Facebook page. You then get caught up with email and go back awhile later and low and behold someone wins the auction for a few pennies! Darn it!
This just happened to me yesterday! What did I learn from this? If you’re going to bid then do it. That’s even what the bookmark page is for after all. To put your favorite auctions on that page so you can check on the auction faster. Also, don’t forget to actually put some bids on what you want also! Yikes, that’s a mistake! Have you made that one before?
Another thing that happens is putting in too few bids in on something. I tried to win a pressure washer half a dozen times but I only put in a few bids and was going to come back later to find it had been sold. If I had only put more bids in chances are I would have won it. I finally put enough bids in on a All America Electric Pressure Washer and finally won. The total cost with ending price and bids was $12.83.  It was valued at $117.00.  Now that’s I call a good deal dash deal.
Use your bookmark page for what it was designed for.  You might just win more auctions.  I will try to not make the same mistake and I hope this article possibly helps someone else to do the same.  Happy Bidding!
DealDash Bidding Tips

Biggest DealDash Attribute

DealDash Bidding Tips

I think the biggest attribute you have to have when bidding on DealDash is patience. You also have to have the time to be patient.

My personal DealDash rules and strategies are:

1.  Only buy bids when they are on sale for 15 cents.
2.  Only bid on items that I really need.
3.  Research those you are bidding against on APA and on the winners page.  I don’t bid against someone who has just won a large bid pack.
4.  I place just a few bids at the beginning of an auction and then sit back and watch until it gets down to two or three people.  This is where patience and my free time available comes into play.
5.  Bid on an auction with my head and not my emotions.
6.  I no longer bid on more than 2 auctions at the same time.
7.  I always remember that the same item will come up for bid before too long.
8.  I do a search for any item I need and then I request to be alerted when it comes to an auction.
9.  I try not to pay/spend more than one third of the item value between cost of bids and final cost of item.

Everyone is different. What are your DealDash tips, rules, strategies when bidding on DealDash.com???

Written by Dianne Aikman
Joined DealDash:  9/2/2012
I retired from AT&T after 25 years of service in 1998.  I have been a Nanny for 8 years and currently care for one little girl who soon turns 1 year old. One married daughter who is a mortgage underwriter and son-in-law who is a SAG actor. My husband is a master finish carpenter and we have been together for 36 years and soon married for 34 years. Some of my hobbies include animal rescue, fostering and gardening.
DealDash Bidding Tips

DealDash Bidding Tip: Know Who You’re Bidding Against.

DealDash Bidding Tips

It is very important to know a few things before you start your bidding and hopefully winning on DealDash.

One of those important bidding tips is to know who you are bidding against in the DealDash auctions. Knowing who you are bidding against can end up saving you a lot of money, bids, and patience in the long run. Taking some time to look at the auctions, and the people in the auctions will help you not only conserve your bids, but hopefully win.

Before I began my bidding on Deal Dash I took a few days to just watch the auctions. I got know the names of certain bidders (which if you do this, you will know who I am talking about). As well as the types of items these bidders go for, and the amount of time and bids they are willing to risk.

I have seen these people win the cameras and the tablets, and the computers, sometimes for good prices, but sometimes for more than what the item is worth. So when I go into a computer, and I see these people in that auction, a lot of the time I know they will put at least 500-1000 bids in before they are willing to drop. I also know there are those who are not willing to drop at all. Even though I may really want the computer, it’s better for me to wait for next one and save my money and my bids.

What are your bidding tips? Comment and share below!

By Erica Baughman

I’ve been shopping and bidding on Deal Dash since summer of 2013. I’ve won over 70 DealDash auctions and counting.


Why You Should Keep A DealDash Budget


DealDash Bidding Tips Collected Since 2012


I am a 60 year old grandmother hoping to retire soon and have been bidding and shopping on DealDash.com since September 2012.

When shopping on DealDash it’s important to keep some things in mind. For example when purchasing bids, DealDash has many bid sales. I only buy bids when they are 15 or 16 cents. You need to be a responsible bidder by remembering what you paid for your bids and what the item will cost you because if you don’t know this, it is easy to spend more on the item than it is worth. See Track Your DealDash Stats for a good article about this.

I also recommend you let the clock run down. This is common courtesy and let’s others and you collect time as highest bidder to get free bids. BidBuddy is the way to bid because the BidBuddy will place your bid during the final second of the auction. Using the BidBuddy helps conserve your bids because if someone else places a manual/single bid, it will be placed before yours, therefore you don’t use that bid and conserve more! I try never to bid on something I am not willing to buy so I always go to amazon.com to see if I can buy it cheaper there.

Some of my best auctions I won have been a Kindle Fire HD for $15.35 and I think about $10.00 on bids. I gave this to my granddaughter.  Also, I won an Apple iPad mini on a free auction day and I spent $7.45 on bids and 1 cent for handling this. I was able to give my son a great gift!  I also love to bid  on gift cards because when I get close to the value of the card I go ahead and buy it and get all my bids back using the Buy it Now (love this)! I love giving gift card as gifts and also for no reason. My smart phone broke so I am currently bidding on a new one but in this case I won’t buy it for $600.00 but if I can win it for much less that’s great. I rarely do that but once in awhile I do take a chance.

– MeMe2727

Experience DealDash Oscar Wilde

Learn To Play DealDash With Informed Bidding Decisions

I’m usually the good guy, women, or person, but tonight I want to talk about how people play on DealDash. How can we focus on playing our own game…win or lose? How can we prevent being effected by the way others choose to play their game?

Providing helpful tips and explaining the games strategy are wonderful, but what I’ve found is we can’t tell others how to play. What we can do is focus on what works good for us and pass those tips and strategies forward to others. Perhaps they will listen and implement some of the strategies we find useful; especially since we’ve already learned from the mistakes we’ve made…hopefully.

Experience DealDash Oscar Wilde

There are so many games for everyone to choose from these days. Gaming has become much more apart of everyone’s life. Mundane actives and even some work places are adding games to stimulate people and make the experience more fun. Similar to what DealDash has done with shopping. DealDash makes shopping more fun by making it more like a game. But what do we do if we don’t like the way someone is playing? We can try and educate them on responsible bidding manners. That is what this blog site is intended for after all. Here we can read about the experiences others have had and eventually learn to make better decisions and play smarter. We can also choose to play another game which provides us with enjoyment if we no longer enjoy it. I’ve been a DealDash member for almost 1 and 1/2 years watching and bidding, and it’s so funny just how many complain about how others play but end up doing the very same thing they complain about. Even if may not like a particular bidding strategy, maybe it’s part of the game and maybe it can help you get to the end goal which is to win the game.

After all we are all here to win on DealDash…no one wants to lose, right? I understand that it is foolish to waste money and I hate when other people overbid in auctions, however how do we really know if a person was overbidding. Perhaps they were using bids that they won, and this is why they overbid. Maybe it’s cheaper to just spend another dollar to win, rather than BIN (Buy it now) to get the item and your bids back. Whatever the reason, it’s the individuals reason, and for me that’s good enough. I encourage you to make informed decisions when it comes to bidding on auction sites. Learn how the auction site works and make informed decisions. Read what other experienced bidders have to say and decide for yourself if that strategy fits into the way you play. Finally, don’t let others influence how you play. Stick to your bidding strategies and what works good for you.

DealDash Bidding Tips

6 DealDash Bidding Tips To Help You Win Auctions

I’ve been a conservative recreational bidder, winner and shopper on DealDash since 2011. I’ve won approximately 50 auctions and used the BIN (Buy it Now) on approximately 50 auctions.

Here’s an example of one of the large TV’s I won on DealDash at 54% off retail price.

LG TV WON On DealDash

Here are 6 bidding tips I recommend to follow to help you win more auctions when bidding on DealDash.com.

1. Try bidding on something that you want which is of lower value at first and would buy anyway even if you did not win.

2. Place a bid on the item to “get in the auction” and then watch how the auction unfolds and how the bidding action takes pace. The reason you have to “get in the auction” is because on DealDash all auctions close to new bidders that did not place a bid before the auction reaches the $5 No Jumper limit. This helps keep reduce the amount of competition in the auctions.

3. If you notice that way too many people are bidding in the auction, it may be a good idea to wait until the same item comes up for auction again.

4. Know what the item you are bidding on is worth and how many bids it makes sense to use in the auction. Also see these other articles: Part One: Computing Bidding Cost and Part Two: Bidding Strategy

5. If you decide to bid, use the BidBuddy! You can always cancel your BidBuddy and the unused bids are returned back to your account or you can add more bids to the BidBuddy at anytime.

6. Be prepared to Buy it Now and get your bids back in case you lose the auction. This is a smart way to bid and keeps you from having to purchase more bids.

Choose to follow some of these bidding tips for a better shopping experience on DealDash.com!

– sgtfn2

Focus on DealDash Auction

Tips On Staying Focused Like Indiana Jones To Help You Win Auctions

Focus on DealDash Auction

As I was bidding on a DealDash auction earlier today and again this evening, I noticed many people bid on many of the auctions at the same time.

It would appear to be counter productive to bid on too many auctions at once since you are limited to 6 auction wins in one week under $200 and 3 auction wins over $200. If a bidder is serious about “winning” an auction, I would recommend concentrating on one or two auctions at a time. Spreading yourself too thin causes several things to occur.

  1. There ends up being 40 bidders on the auction, however, there are only three or four serious bidders.
  2. You run out of bids and end up winning no auctions, because you were not focused on the prize.
  3. Other bidders see you not as a serious threat but as an auction jumper going from auction to auction with no real intent or plan to win.

Having won my share of auctions during the past year and a half I really believe the best advice is to study the auctions you want to bid on, know what your limit is and stay committed to that one or two really choice items you would like to win. Using the bid buddy is a must. This is the process most often over looked by new bidders who think if you stomp on other people they will go away. Most likely, however, the bidders have their bid buddies set, are in for a hundred bids or more and your slamming means nothing. Especially if the bidder sets the bid buddy and comes back later to check on the auction site. The slapping is never even seen. Free bids at the higher experience levels take many hours to accumulate, so rarely will I bid on auctions to get free bids. I am trying to win the auction and the item I have set my sights on, not get free bids. While the free bids are a great side light to the auctions, after a certain level, like 25 or more, it is just not that important. Slapping my bid does nothing but burn your bids faster and I win!

DealDash is the best penny auction site in my opinion because of the buy-it-now feature, no new bidders after $5.00 (usually) and the free shipping is huge. Other sites charge $2.99 or more to ship a $15+ gift card that you won. Really? Not such a good win there. Customer service is excellent as well, and I can honestly say I have never had a negative experience with anyone I have had contact with in all this time. My site of choice for sure!

By Joan Vith

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Part Two: Bidding Strategy

DealDash strategy

This is part two of a two part series which focuses on computing the cost of bidding and my auction bidding strategies. Here we will review the bidding aspect and how I implement my personal bidding strategy on DealDash.

When I locate an auction item that I want, I make one bid as soon as it goes live and of course before the $5 No Jumper limit. I then just sit back and watch the auction bidding patterns for a bit. For those of you not aware of what the $5 No Jumper limit here’s a clip from the Official DealDash Blog Glossary.

No Jumper™ auctions is a type of auction that makes winning easier. The big difference between No Jumper™ auctions and normal auctions is that new bidders can’t enter the auction after $5.00. This means you won’t have to compete with users that didn’t bid in the auction from the start, before the price reached $5.00! (sometimes the price is set at $3.00 too!)

Depending on the item you can sometimes just leave and come back in an hour or so. It just depends on how valuable the item is. Usually the higher the value the longer it will take for the auction to end, however this is not always the case.

DealDash deals

Here is the trick. Watch and try to determine who is bidding on auto bid / Bid Buddy. Keep track of that, and when you see that it is down to three people that is when you start your auto bidding. Put in the whole amount that you want to bid and then just let it run. Keep checking it and watching, so if it goes back up to like four or five bidding again on auto, take your bids out and conserve your bids again until you get back to just three bidders, and then you jump in again. Eventually what happens is it will be you and 1 other person, and if you have more in your Bid Buddy then the other bidder does, you will win. Just remember to figure out the total cost and then only bid the amount that you know you can and still save money. Sometimes you will just have to walk away and bid the next time or use the Buy it Now, but do not just waste your bids.

Thanks for your time and happy bidding on DealDash, what I consider to be the best auction site on the net after trying many!

– Fred

DealDash target price

Know Your Limits To Get More Wins Using Less Bids

DealDash target price

If you have an unlimited supply of cash, you may not want to read any further. If, on the other hand, you’re like most people and you don’t enjoy wasting your hard-earned money, you’ll benefit greatly by setting reasonable limits and sticking to them.

While the Buy It Now option provides an excellent “safety net”, it should only be used as a last resort. After all, your ultimate goal is probably not to pay full retail. Hopefully, your goal is to save money on the items you bid on. One thing’s for sure, you do not want to pay more than retail, but that’s what can happen if you fail to Know Your Limits.

Going into an auction without a game plan is never smart and will often lead to overbidding.

My suggestion is that you begin by setting a reasonable limit for what you’re willing to pay for an item. A good place to start in determining this number may be to look at the average selling price for the item. In case you didn’t already know it, if you log out of DealDash and view any of the current auctions, you will see the average sale price for that item.

DealDash Average Selling Price

While determining your limit or “target price” you must take into consideration the cost of the bids you’ll need to win the auction. For example, let’s say you’re looking at a $100 gift card, and, based on the average sale price, you decide $65 is a reasonable “target price”. At this point, it’s a good idea to look at things in terms of percentages. This makes it easier to quickly determine your limits for any auction. For this example, our $65 “target price” represents 65% of the retail price so we must decide what portion will be used for bids and how much will be sale price. You’ll want to experiment with different numbers and probably want to use different numbers for different auctions. For the sake of this example, let’s start out with 15% going towards bids and 50% going towards the sale price. I like using 15% because it makes it very easy to quickly determine how many bids to limit myself to. Here’s what I mean. 15% of $100 is $15 and, of course, we only buy bids when they go on sale for $.15 so $15 worth of bids turns out to be 100 bids. $100 retail price equals 100 bids, $200 retail price equals 200 bids. You get the picture. Now, some of you may be thinking that 100 bids is just not enough to win a $100 item. If that’s the case, then simply increase the percentage to suit your own bidding style. But, make sure to decrease your sale price percentage accordingly. Once you’ve determined the number of bids you plan to use, you’ll want to split them up rather than using them all in one shot. You might like to try using a portion of your bids early in hopes of capturing one of those “early bird specials” that happen occasionally, then save the majority of your bids to use after the others have reached the point where it makes more sense to Buy It Now. See “Patience, Patience, Patience“.

Again, the numbers you feel most comfortably using will vary. What’s important is that you have a game plan going into every auction, and that you stick to your plan. Placing limits on the number of bids you spend will make you a much more disciplined bidder, which will most likely result in more wins using less bids.

DealDash Bidding Tip

5 Simple And Useful DealDash Bidding Tips And Strategies

DealDash Bidding Tip

I love DealDash and am writing here to share some of my useful DealDash bidding tips and strategies; so here goes:

Don’t Make It Personal

Just because you might spot an aggressive or obnoxious bidder, remover yourself from any personal reaction. Focus on the bidding process of the auction and not on the bidder(s).

Remain Detached

If you HAVE to have something at all costs, you will lose. See Winning At All Costs And What We Can Learn

Set A Budget

Decide how much you want to spend and remember bids are not free they are cash (often 17 cents a piece.) Do the math.

Keep To Your Budget

Decide what that item is worth to you and do not spend more.

Timing Is Everything

I will let you all figure out what that means.

Good luck & bet with your head; not over it!

– Anne0135

New DealDash Bidder Tips And Etiquette Guidelines

Bidding Etiquette and Tips

Are you a new bidder on DealDash? Here are some general bidding etiquette guidelines and tips I wish everyone would follow.

DealDash Tip Number One (and the most important): DON’T STOMP OTHER BIDDERS!!

Take if from experience, Bid Stomping makes more experienced bidders a tad angry causing them to a sit back and wait until you get the “I’m going to win an auction” tantrum out of your system which basically means you will…

  • A.) Run out of bids
  • B.) Need to buy MORE bids
  • C.) Become angry because you’re out of bids, can’t buy more and therefore can’t bid anymore

Meanwhile you’ve lost your bids, money and the auction while the other bidder who was sitting back and waiting for your bids to expire has only spent a bit of money, a few bids and won the item.

DealDash Tip Number Two: Try lower retail price items first before bidding on higher valued items.

Only after you’ve gained a bit of bidding experience should you move up to higher valued items. Give yourself a chance to become more familiar with the bidding process and with the other bidders. Read their profiles, notice how long they’ve been a member, how many items they’ve won and if you don’t remember anything from this blog post, try to remember this.

The longer time someone has been a DealDash member = a bidder with LOTS more experience.

These are a few tips from what I’ve learned. Start small and go slow. If I see something coming up for auction that I am interested in bidding on, especially high ticket item, I’ll place one bid before the bidding reaches $5.00. This 1 bid placed guarantee’s me a spot in the auction in case the item reaches a high dollar amount. In case you did not know, when the auction price goes above $5.00, the auction is closed only to those bidders who placed at least one bid before it reached the $5 No Jumper limit. If you don’t bid at least once before this limit, you’re not eligible to participate in the auction.

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This is my first blog entry and I’m going to try and post one a week but no guarantees because I’m a very popular guy ;). Oh, and BTW, I only have 22 wins under my belt so far and a whole lot of Buy It Now’s.

Good Luck, Happy Bidding!

By Michael Barnes

bidding mistakes

Critical Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Bidding In Auctions

bidding mistakes

Since joining DealDash back in August 2013, I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes. Hopefully I can help you avoid making some of the same mistakes I’ve made.  Why, you may be asking, would I be interested in helping you avoid making mistakes.  Great question!  Most of the mistakes we make result in something nobody wants – HIGHER PRICES!

If we were to talk about all the mistakes I’ve made, we’d be here for a long time, and I know you’re anxious to get bidding so let’s just look at the three most critical mistakes.

One of the most critical mistakes is having unrealistic expectations.  This one mistake is responsible for just about every other mistake we can make.  We see someone snag an iPad Air for $37.35 and decide we’re going to do the same.  Could we be so fortunate to get a deal like this? Absolutely.  Unfortunately, we could also end up spending lots of bids and ending up with nothing.  Many people might be surprised to learn that most bidders average less than a 5% win ratio.  This means that most bidders lose more than 95 out of 100 auctions they participate in.  If we’re talking about an item like an iPad Air, our chances are even lower.  I’m not trying to discourage anyone here. I just want to make sure you take off your rose colored glasses before you start bidding.

As I mentioned, having unrealistic expectations ultimately leads to other mistakes.  The primary mistake we’re likely to make when we begin bidding and our expectations are too high is to become emotionally involved.  

Let’s just say we set our sights on that iPad Air, and say we’re looking to get it for less than $50.00.  Seems reasonable.  After all, we saw someone on a TV commercial who got one for less than $50.00 and we just personally witnessed one go for $37.35.  So, we decide to go for the next iPad Air we see.  Guess we should probably buy some bids, but how many should we buy?  We’re feeling lucky so we get 200, and start bidding.

Fast forward several hours….

Our iPad Air is currently at $53.50, we’ve exhausted our original 200 bids, bought another 200 and those are running low. The good news is we’re down to only 2 regular bidders besides us, so surely the other 2 will drop out soon.  Maybe we miscalculated a little bit, but we’re not too worried yet.  After all, even $75.00 would still be a great price for a brand new iPad Air.  And, let’s face it, we’re having some fun!!  

A little while later…

What the heck is wrong with these people?   Don’t they know this is my iPad?  One of the other bidders finally dropped out, but then some other jerk jumped in out of nowhere and started bidding.  That’s just wrong, we think (actually we shout it out loud), don’t they know how long I’ve been bidding here?  Guess what?  We’ve become emotionally involved!

I’m going to spare you the details of how our pretend auction ended up, but let’s just say it got pretty ugly.

I promised to talk about three critical mistakes, so here’s number three. As they say, I’ve saved the worst for last.  While the first two mistakes are very easy to make and can be very difficult to break, there is no reason for anyone to make the final critical mistake.  So, what is it?

People begin bidding without doing their homework.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the TV commercial where the man tells the woman about DealDash for the first time and seconds later she tells him she’s got to go start bidding.  She’d be much better off is she said she was going to go visit DealDash Reviewed, of maybe go watch a few dozen auctions instead.  The fact that you are here reading this blog puts you ahead of a majority of your competition, but don’t stop there.  For every auction you participate in, sit out 10 or 15 and just observe what happens.  While you’re watching all those auctions, you won’t be winning any of the great items available on DealDash, but you also will not be losing even a single penny, and you will learn a lot.  I can just about guarantee you will be much more successful in the auctions you do take part in.

Had our pretend bidder done their homework there’s no guarantee they would have won that new iPad Air, but they could have saved a lot of money and unnecessary frustration.

I challenge everyone reading this article to go find the average selling price of an iPad Air with Wi-Fi and 16GB in Space Gray, come back and post a comment .

Bidding Tips

Smart Bidding Tips To Keep In Mind

Bidding Tips

Hi all! I’ve been a member on DealDash since March 2012 and I have a blast on this auction site!

I’ve even stopped going to the other penny auction sites because DealDash is my favorite. I have won a lot of great stuff, like one day I won a Women’s Pearl Dial Silver Tone Leather Watch Set for $6.59 with a retail price of $249 and only used 48 bids in total, not bad. On a another auction I won a Fish Eyes Rod & Reel with Underwater Video Camera and I only paid $0.42!

The best bidding tips I can give you is:

First is to have patience and once you decide on what you want, watch it and get at least one bid in on time (before the No Jumper™ Limit) so you can bid later on it.

Second is to know how much you want to pay for it and wait to bid on it until there are only two bidders. If for example there are four people biding on it, don’t bid yet because all you will do is waste your bids. I wait until only two people are biding before I seriously bid on it.

Finally, I buy bids win they go on sale and store them for later. Now don’t get me wrong, I have lost a lot of auctions too but all in all I have lost about the same amount as I have won.

Good luck all!

color choices

What is DeaDash? What Makes DealDash Legit

I am a bidder on DealDash since 2010. I bid for many reasons and will let you know a bit about DealDash and why it is not a scam.

Here are a few reasons why I like to bid on DealDash auctions.

  1. Fun and entertainment
  2. Great deals on merchandize
  3. Gifts for family and friends
  4. Upgrading items I need for my home

I have won or used the Buy it Now option for many items. Lately I have been almost offended at a few bidders that bash DealDash. I feel like these bidders do not understand the process of bidding. So I would like to help you understand DealDash.

You must understand just because you bid you will not always win. But the beauty of DealDash is that they offer a buy it now option.

Here is how DealDash works

color choices

You place the number of bids you are willing to bid on an item either by bidding live or by placing the number of bids you are willing to risk with BidBuddy (BidBuddy bids for you automatically). Remember you can win or lose with either option. But losing is not really losing if you have planned you bids properly. Let me explain: If I was willing to use 25 bids to try and win an item; and both the live option and bid buddy has been completed, I then use the buy it now option. The buy it now option is the ability to purchase the items at a normal retail cost plus get your bids back. Now that is a great deal!

Another great deal is DealDash regularly offers bids at a reduced rate. They return bids with the buy it now option. Also, they give you options of winning bids or getting free bids in many ways.

I believe DealDash go out of their way to make your experience of bidding successful. Plus bidders like me are trying to help others by answering your questions and attesting to winning many items.

I am taking time out writing you to let you know how DealDash works, how to make you successful, and explaining the process of bidding. I love DealDash and I will continue to bid.

By Victoria L Overton

Leave your comments below!

losing is winning

Why Losing Is Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Losing in some cases is really like “winning”, you get the best of a fun shopping experience.

Bidding on Deal Dash is like shopping at the mall.  Once a decision is made to begin bidding the auction goes at a snail’s pace or quick as lightning!  Depending on how many people are bidding, and you can see that when you isolate an auction, the auction can take off quickly and end just as fast.  If there are only a few “serious bidders”, those that set their bid buddy, the auction could take a while.  I have found that I can make up my mind pretty quickly about how much I am willing to spend for an auction win.  If a $25 gift card has alot of bidders the price can go up to as high as $25 or more! Who would spend $25 on a $25 auction win?  It really does not make any sense.  If I find the auction has gone beyond what I am willing to spend for the card, I cancel the bid buddy and settle for the buy it now option to get my bids back.

You know DealDash is the only penny auction site that lets you buy it now AND gives your bids back.  Now how sweet is that?  I get the card I wanted, and now I have the bids back to set my sites on another auction. Losing in some cases is really like “winning”, you get the best of a fun shopping experience.

Oh, by the way, shipping from DealDash is top rate! You never wait long for your cards and/or items and it’s free no matter how BIG or small the item is. DealDash really is a great place to shop!

By Joan Vith

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Leave a comment below about how your DealDash shopping experience been.


Bidding Tips

Three Good DealDash Bidding Tips

Each month I like to decide what I’m going to bid on and how many bids I need to invest in. When I buy bids I always try to get them when they are the cheapest (15¢), this also helps to increase my return. So this month wasn’t any different…after thinking about it, I purchased some bids and decided to bid on several items including Lowe’s gift cards. As faith will have it, I won some and lost some! Guess what…I was fine with that since I was going to go to Lowe’s and purchase some new ceiling fans anyway. Now, I can go shopping with my gift cards and purchase those ceiling fans at a deep discount. Wow…I love to save and I’m doing just that!

Three DealDash Bidding Tips:

  1. Buy bids on sale
  2. Decide how many bids to use in advance
  3. Bid on something you need or want

Win or Lose…I love this site. Thanks DealDash!

Lowe's Gift Cards on DealDash

Examples of recently sold Lowe’s gift cards on DealDash

Friendship Quote

15 Inspiring Quotes I Read About DealDash

Have you been thinking about giving DealDash a try but are still on the fence? You’re not alone. There’s been a lot of hype about penny auctions these days and with so many to choose from, which one do you go with? Here are 15 inspiring quotes I read about DealDash along with a few extra tidbits of information you should know.

Let’s start with a few good facts to know about DealDash

1.  It’s said DealDash is the longest operating online penny auction in the United States – this is nice to know because it proves DealDash is legit because they’ve been doing this for a long time. Well, at least since the beginning of penny auctions. They were established in the beginning 2009.

2.  DealDash only want customers who enjoy their shopping experience. Unlike some of the other penny auctions out there who just want your first purchase and don’t care if you come back; DealDash has opted for a really different and fair approach. DealDash provides all its customers with a 100% money back guarantee on the first purchase. That’s a really nice option and basically let’s you try the site risk free. This really shows their commitment to the customer. If you’ve never tried a penny auction site before wouldn’t you want this option? Plus, this is a no questions asked guarantee. They’ll even let you keep any item you may have won. After all DealDash’s tag line is “Fair and Honest” and clearly they are stepping up to the plate to provide their customers with a fair and honest guarantee such as this. I don’t think any other site provides this type of guarantee to their customers.

3.  Auctions can only have one winner which means the odds are against you and you’re probably going to lose most of the time. So what happens if you don’t win? DealDash provides customers with a Buy it Now option. This means you can buy the item at the normal store price and get back all the bids you used in the auction for free. As their Community Manager put it in his quote found on DealDash’s Google Plus page, I’ll start with this one to count down the 15 inspiring quotes I read about DealDash.

Number 15:

Why not shop on DealDash for a fun chance to win and save if you’re planning on buying the item anyway? Even if you don’t win the auction, you can purchase the product at regular price using DealDash’s unique Buy it Now option and get a full return on all the bids you used back to your DealDash account to try for something else. DealDash is not just a bidding site, it’s a fun and entertaining shopping site! – Dave, Community Manager

Number 14:

I was given a fully explained answer as to why I have yet to receive my product. I don’t use deal dash often but the reply I received is something I’ll tell others about when suggesting they look at the site.

Number 13:

Dealdash support has got to be the fastest company to respond to their customers. Anytime I’ve had an issue or even a basic question they respond sometimes within minutes where other companies out there respond days and days later or not at all.

Number 12:

For my money, DealDash is the best penny auction site out there and has the best support team in the Industry

Number 11:

Being new to this I thank all the support team who have ALWAYS answered my questions even when I am the frustrated one. The support teams goes out of their way to help and are always pleasant under the worst of times. THANKS FOR BEING THERE, grtgramto8

Number 10:

Extremely nice. As a former supervisor, I always trained my staff on the importance of respect and listening skills. Chris was very professional in his emails. Job well done.

Number 9:

I didn’t understand how it works and it was explained very well, also I was told I would get my bids back, since this was my first time and I appreciate that. I’ll try again, more cautiously this time. Thanks for taking the time to explain.

Number 8:

I’m in sales / customer service for 11 years now and it is very hard to come by these days. Wonderful/ helpful experience with Andrew. Thank you for setting the bar Deal Dash 🙂

Number 7:

Chris has been SO helpful with my return issues and questions. I have to say, ANYTIME I’ve needed to contact customer service, I’ve always been happy with the service I receive. Deal Dash, you hire some awesome folks to take care of your customers, and I appreciate that IMMENSELY!

Number 6:

“Shopping was never a game before; it was just shopping. But times are a change; and so is shopping.” “DealDash makes shopping a game” – Huffington Post

Number 5:

When you play, play for items you really want or need and if you lose the auction, be prepared to purchase it.  This is a win win for you too.

Number 4:

Let the clock run down so that you and everyone can earn those free bids.

Number 3:

If you post pictures of your wins on DealDash’s Facebook page, you’re given free bids to use in the auctions.

Number 2:

I love shopping on DealDash. It’s the first place I go online everyday and it’s the last place I check before I go to bed.

Number 1:

I like deal dash because of all the diversity as a penny auction. All the different ways to win free bids is awesome. The communication with staff is excellent. No other penny auction is this involved with its customers as Deal Dash.

Look what may be up for auction soon on DealDash – the funny Anchorman movie!

Anchorman DealDash

Penny auctions may not be for the faint hearted or busy people because there’s no guarantee of winning and it can be very time consuming. However, for those with time on their hands and patience to learn how it works, shopping like this can be a lot of fun and people are really getting some great deals. DealDash is known to list over 1,000 items up for auction every single day so there’s A LOT of variety and auctions to choose from. They also just posted a blog post on their official blog site DealDashBlog.com with an article listing the Best DealDash Wins in 2013 – have to say there are some great deals there.

Here are some other websites about DealDash where you can see what people are saying along with tips and bidding strategies.

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