DealDash Dogs: Advanced Tricks


If you enjoyed the DealDash article on basic dog tricks, then you definitely need to read this one on advanced dog tricks.

Everyone knows that a dog is a loyal companion, always there to give you puppy dog eyes and a head to pat, but they are actually very smart animals and can learn to do more than “sit” and “stay.” In this DealDash article we’ll look at some more advanced tricks that you can teach your best friend on four legs how to master and be the king (or queen) of the dog park.

Kissy Kissy

  1. Most dogs will lick your face without you even having to ask, but teaching them to give a quick no-tongue kiss without the saliva can be a little tricky. If you’d like, prepare the dog by brushing their teeth.
  2. Hold a treat in front of your face, and say the command “kiss”. Present your cheek near the dog, and get closer until she touches it with her nose.
  3. Immediately pull away, and give her the treat before she is able to lick you.
  4. If you are quick, the dog will learn soon enough that all she has to do to get a reward is to lightly press her nose against your cheek when you say “kiss”.
  5. Please note – If the dog likes to gently (or not so gently!) nip when over excited then this is probably not the best trick to teach her.

High 5

  1. Start by asking the dog to sit, and reward her with a yummy treat.
  2. Hold a treat in front of her but just slightly out of reach.
  3. Say “high 5” while tapping one of his feet. Usually dogs will raise their foot to try to paw at the treat in your opposite hand.
  4. When she raises her foot, lightly grab it with your free hand. When you make skin contact, give the dog the treat and lots of praise.
  5. Keep repeating these steps until the dog raises her foot automatically when you give the high 5 command.
  6. It sounds simple, and it is – but it takes a bit of practice, so make sure you have lots of treats with you.

Dancing Dog

  1. Dancing is usually reserved as a trick for smaller dogs, but medium-to-large dogs can also learn to dance with patience and some treats.
  2. Be warned, though, this trick is not recommended for dogs that are overweight or suffer from problems with their hind legs or back.
  3. As your dog to sit, then raise a treat slowly up and over the dog’s head. Give the command “dance” until she rises up on her hind legs.
  4. For the best results, move the treat slightly behind the dog’s head to get her to stand up on her hind legs.
  5. If the dog already has good balance, and is accustomed to standing on their hind legs and jumping as smaller dogs are prone to do, then hold the treat in front of her nose, and then slowly move it around his head until she spins in a circle.
  6. For bigger dogs that aren’t used to standing on their hind legs, this might take a little time and patience on your part.

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DealDash Keeps Pets Safe


Like many Americans, you probably have some sort of pet, be it a kitty, dog, bunny, or reptile. DealDash wants to help you keep your pets safe over the holidays.

December is here and the Christmas season is in full swing, from the music on the radio, to the decorations, to the baking, and the present wrapping. Which one of these activities doesn’t match the other? The music! Do you know why? Because all of the other activities can be harmful to pets. Let’s go through the other activities, and I will explain why they can be harmful to pets, and what you can do to help keep your pets out of danger.

Decorations – Decorations can be dangerous to pets, especially dogs and cats, because they are prone to playing with them, chewing them, and sometimes accidentally ingesting them. Playing with your plastic or cloth decorations shouldn’t be too much of a problem, if if you have fragile glass ornaments or snow globes, keep them out of the reach of your pets. One wrong move and they could shatter the glass, hurting themselves in the process. You also need to be very careful that your pets don’t ingest any tinsel from your tree. If you have a pet that you know can’t resist tinsel, maybe you should substitute a garland instead.

Baking – Baking itself isn’t too dangerous for your pet, as long as they don’t touch any metal pans while they are still hot. However, chocolate can be extremely harmful, and in some cases even fatal for dogs. If your dog just has a small taste you will probably just end up with a mess to clean, but if they accidentally have a large amount you should call your vet. Remember, your pet is counting on you to keep them safe.

Present wrapping – Present wrapping is another activity that sounds relatively innocuous but can be a danger to pets. Why? Because if a cat or dog accidentally swallows any present-wrapping ribbon it can get caught in their intestines and cause a bowel obstruction. It’s a relatively rare occurrence, but please keep it in mind when you are wrapping your presents this year.

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DealDash Talks: Rescued Pets

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If you’re thinking of getting a new pet, please consider getting a rescued pet instead of purchasing one. It’s the kinder solution.

When you are preparing to get a new pet there are various places to get them – online, the newspaper, a pet store, a rescue group, a friend, or an animal shelter. All of these are viable options, of course, but the kindest thing that you could do is adopt a homeless pet from a shelter or rescue group.

If you’re wondering why you should adopt a rescued pet instead of buying one from the pet store, the biggest reason is that you’ll be saving their life! It’s sad to think about, but every year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States. It’s because too many pets come into shelters and there is limited space.

Luckily for some animals, there are places called “No-Kill” shelters, and they are exactly that – they don’t euthanize any of the animals that they get, with a few exceptions. If they receive an animal that is very old and sick and doesn’t have a very good quality of life due to those factors they might euthanize him, or if an animal has shown to be aggressive towards humans. However, that isn’t usually the case, so most of the animals that they get live long lives in their kennels, until someone adopts them.

It’s great for the animal that is being adopted, and it’s great for you as well. There are many health benefits to owning a pet. Cats can lower your stress levels by being a low-key cuddle partner, and dogs can help you get more active with daily walks. Some of the other benefits of adopting a dog or cat from a rescue group or a shelter are:

  • Most either come spayed or neutered already, or come with a certificate to have it done
  • All come with vaccinations
  • Some are even microchipped
  • The cost is significantly less, though most shelters and groups have a small fee to adopt
  • You’ll be saving your pets life, as well as opening up another spot at the shelter to save another animal’s life

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DealDash Pets: Calm in the Storm

Does your dog hide and your cat cower when there is a storm raging outside? Let’s discuss how to help your beloved pet when it’s scary outside.

Dogs and cats have come a long way from their brave and fierce ancestors who lived out in the wilderness. Our pets today have cushy lives with their own beds, bowls, and even clothing! Since we coddle our beloved pets they have lost the fearlessness and have become softies for the most part. Here are a few quick tips on how to make your dog or cat feel better when there is loud booming thunder and flashes of lightning outside.

The first tip, of course, is to let your pet inside! If you have an indoor/outdoor cat be sure that he comes in when it starts to rain. If you have an outside dog that you really don’t want inside on your couch or bed, at least let him into your garage or basement for the night. It will make him feel better, and you won’t have to listen to any terrified barking or howling all night.

Next, did you know that you can swaddle your dog or cat just like you would a newborn baby? There are actually special shirts that you can buy from the veterinarian or the per store that are made for this purpose, but instead of spending $40 and up on a special shirt, you can just wrap up your “baby” and snuggle up with them on the couch. It will make them feel a lot better, and it will most likely improve your mood as well.

Finally, be sure that you have a pet crate or carrier available to your dog or cat if they want to use it. If you normally keep their crate or carrier in the garage or in a closet bring it out and put it in the living room or your bedroom so they can retreat to the safety of their “cave” if they feel more safe and secure in an enclosed space. You can even make it more inviting by putting in a soft blanket, pillow, or even a toy inside to calm your beloved doggie or kitty.

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DealDash Helps Kids Be Pet Owners

No matter what kind of pet your family has, from bird to bunny to turtle to the more traditional cat or dog your child should learn how to take care of the family pet.

What kind of pet does your family have? If its a less hands-on pet such as a bird, fish, or reptile the most loving thing that your child can do for the pet is to take good care of it. Taking good care of it means feeding it on schedule, changing its water, and cleaning it’s habitat. As far as I know turtles don’t really enjoy snuggles, so for these finned, shelled, and feathered pets sharing in the work of feeding and cleaning is a great way to help your child show love for your pet.

If your family has a little furry pet such as a hamster, bunny, gerbil, ferret, or guinea pig your child can definitely do all of the chores as discussed above for the more hands-off pets, but when you get into little tiny furry rodent-type pets then taking care of them can be even more fun. All of the pets that I mentioned above like little treats such as alfalfa hay, chew sticks, fruits and veggies, and more. Just read up on your family pet’s favorite snack and let your child show their love for the family pet by giving them little treats. If you start petting and handling these little pets from the time you get them they should enjoy (or at least tolerate!) being petted or held for short periods of time. Encourage your child to pet or hold their little friend for a few minutes every day, at the same time of day as possible. Pets like a routine, and kids usually do best with a routine as well!

If your family is lucky enough to have a cat or a dog then showing love and affection to these types of pets is the easiest! Almost all dogs and cats enjoy being petted. If you have a kitten or a puppy be sure to pet, love, and hug them as much as possible. That way they will come to enjoy and look forward to these hands-on displays of affection and won’t bite or scratch even when your child accidentally gets a little rough with them as little kids tend to do sometimes. Make sure to include your kids by letting them help you with the daily care of walking and grooming your dog, and feeding and playing with your cat.

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DealDash Dog Training 101

Sit! Stay! Come! Training your dog can be quite a chore if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some helpful hints to get you started.

The first command that most dogs learn is “sit.” This is a very important command to learn, because it can help keep your pet out of danger, for example if he escapes his leash and is running into traffic, or if you see a skunk in your yard you might be able to save him from being sprayed, which can be very unpleasant. Teaching a dog how to sit is the foundation to teaching your dog other commands as well, such as “stay.”
Teaching your dog to sit is actually pretty simple. Here is a quick course in Sitting 101.
  1. Get on the dog’s level, either on the floor or in a chair next to him. It will help him pay attention to you.
  2. Hold a dog treat or a sumptuous piece of lunch meat or cheese close to his nose and let his head follow the treat as you move your hand up.
  3. As his head moves up, his hindquarters will lower.
  4. When his bottom hits the floor, immediately give him the treat.
  5. Repeat multiple times every day. This is where using lunchmeat or cheese can come in handy – rip them up into tiny pieces and keep them in a ziplock bag. One piece of meat or cheese can last you for many many lessons.

Once he’s learned how to sit, it’s time to teach him how to “stay.”
  1. First, tell him to “Sit.”
  2. Then open the palm of your hand in front of you, like you are trying to get a car to stop, and say “Stay.”
  3. Take a few steps back…
  4. If he stays call him to you and immediately give him the treat.
  5. Do this multiple times per day, taking a couple more steps back each time.
  6. Always reward him for staying — even if it’s just for a few seconds.
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How to Care for Your Dog this Winter

The entire team at DealDash loves dogs just as much as some of our customers. We always are looking to give tips on proper care and help our customers give their pups the best life they can. This is simple article, probably a lot of stuff you already know, but is always good to be reminded about. So please keep reading and enjoy this delightful posts about dogs.


Similar to people, canines have unique requirements throughout the winter to maintain themselves and stay safe, healthy and also satisfied. It is essential for you making sure that specific safety measures are taken during the cold months for the security and wellness of your dog. This post is stock-full of info on what to do and just what not to do, for your dog throughout the winter season and colder months. Adhering to these standards will certainly assist your pet in staying out of injury’s means and enable you as well as your pet to appreciate what to some folks is the best time of year.

Supply Fresh Water

Make certain your pet dog has fresh water during the cold months equally as you would certainly during the warmer months. They are equally as most likely to end up being dried out and suffer from dehydration in the winter as they are in the warmer climate. Remember that snow is not an excellent replacement for fresh water. Even if your pet dog avoids it, snow will not replace fresh water. It is specifically essential to be absolutely sure that they have a fresh supply of water if they stay outside in the cool air as the water will freeze – so alter it and move it on a regular basis.

Give Adequate & High quality Food

If your pet dog is outside a great deal or is a working dog, he will require additional calories to keep his body temperature controlled in the cold as it takes much more energy for his physical body to do this. Make sure to feed a quality food to ensure that your pet dog obtains ample nutrients (you’ll likewise have fewer poops to grab!). A good general rule of thumb to determine if the food is a high quality – if you can locate a pet food in the food store … DO NOT BUY IT! Visit a pet store as well as check out the whole list of ingredients on the bag. The initial 3 active ingredients need to be some type of meat (2 ingredients) as well as a whole grain, like rice (1 component). Stay away from corn as it is merely a filler – and a poor quality one at that.

Keep Your Canine’s Paws Clean and also Dry

Always make sure to wash and dry your pet’s paws after strolls as well as being outdoors throughout the winter. You could make use of either a warm, damp washcloth or a pail of warm water to clean your pet dog’s feet and also other damaged areas like the legs, belly and face. It likewise washes away any type of salt, sand or various other irritants that are made use of when driving as well as walkways that could jump on your canine’s pads. DealDash has nice warm dog beds available for your dog after he/she is done with their bath and needs to warm back up.

Cleaning the pads will help avoid pain as a result of little cuts and also cracked pads due to the cool, ice and snow. Making use of bag balm or petroleum jelly helps to make sure the pads on your pet’s paws are soft as well as protects against more fracturing. If your pet will use booties, they can be an excellent source of protection additionally. Canines could likewise obtain ice rounds in between their pads from walking in snowy locations. This could cause your pet dog to raise their paws or even limp. Make certain to clear the ice from between their pads. To assist them and avoid this from occurring, you can cut the hair in between their pads and toes to make sure that ice is much less likely to build up there.


We hope this article helped you with some ideas on how to help your dog have a much nicer time this winter. These are just some ideas we have tried out and found to work. Now, we recommend you go into DealDash and stock up for the winter with heaters, and pet beds and anything else you can find to help you stay warm.