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If you are looking for a fun trip to take with the kids (or even by yourself!) Mystic, CT is a great choice. There are lots of interesting attractions for young and old alike.

You might be familiar with Mystic, CT from the classic 1988 movie Mystic Pizza starring Julia Roberts. While Mystic does have excellent pizza, they also have a host of other fun and engaging activities for all ages.

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Mystic Aquarium – Let’s start out with my favorite, the Mystic Aquarium! The Mystic Aquarium is home to the North East’s only Beluga Whales. The photo above is my daughter interacting with a Beluga on our trip to the aquarium this summer. The Mystic Aquarium also has penguins, sting rays, a 4-D theater, and an extremely interactive bird exhibit that allows you to enter the bird enclosure to feed and hold the birds, if you are able to catch them. The Mystic Aquarium gets an A+ in my book for fun and entertainment.

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Olde Mistick Village – The Olde Mistick Village isn’t worth a trip on its own, in my opinion, but it shares a parking lot with the Mystic Aquarium, so it’s definitely worth a look if you are visiting the aquarium, anyway. The Olde Mistick Village is a quaint little collection of shops located in a small walking area with some green areas, a very small duck pond, and a few restaurants. If you’re looking for a unique gift to bring back to someone from your trip to Mystic, you might be able to find it here.

Image result for mystic-seaport Mystic Seaport – Mystic Seaport is an excellent large indoor/outdoor maritime museum. Mystic Seaport was founded in 1929, and is the resting place of the Charles W. Morgan, the last wooden whaleship in the world. Expect to spend at least a half day, or even a full day at Mystic Seaport. Mystic Seaport has a ton of activities, especially in the summer season, including a re-created 19th-century seafaring village, a working preservation shipyard, gardens,  a planetarium, and a children’s museum. You can also take a boat tour and explore the historic Mystic River from May through October. Mystic Seaport didn’t sound very fun and exciting to me when I was reading about it online, but when we visited in person it was actually very fun. The children’s museum was probably my kid’s favorite part, and I enjoyed the planetarium very much.

I hope that this article has gotten you excited to travel and explore. If you can’t make it out to Mystic, CT, why not take a short trip to somewhere closer to you? If you’re going on a trip, I suggest stocking up on gift cards from DealDash. Gift cards are great to take when you are travelling, and if you bid on gift cards on DealDash you can earn clock time for being the highest bidder. If you don’t win you can just BIN (Buy It Now) for face value, get free shipping, and get all of your bids back to use another day. Here is a link to get gift cards from DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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DealDash Helps: Budget Road Trip

Summer is a perfect time to go on vacation, but what if you don’t have the money? Budget road trips can be just as fun.

Normally my family goes on a vacation every year. We’ve been to Bermuda, San Diego, Tampa, and Montreal to name a few. However this year we have a new baby so we decided to stay a little closer to home. While planning our summer vacation this year I noticed how much money we were going to be saving by not going too far outside of New England. As a challenge to myself I decided to see exactly how frugal I could be in my vacation planning and still show the kids a great time. On to the savings!

First of all, forget flying. We were originally thinking about going to Salt Lake City, but plane tickets alone for my family of 5 was going to be in the range of $4,000 for the times we wanted to go, so we decided that this year was going to be a road trip only kind of trip. When you are thinking about road-tripping on a budget, the first thing that you want to think about is what is the maximum distance that you are willing to travel, or even more budget-friendly, what is the maximum distance that you can travel in one day so you can avoid staying in multiple different hotels.

The maximum distance that we decided on was 500 miles, which is a full 8-ish hours of travel. So then we looked to see where we could go in that mileage range and came up with New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Philadelphia, and Providence.  This is really easy to look up using Google Maps.

How will we get a discount on our gas? By using DealDash, of course! You can get a Shell gas card from DealDash by bidding, and if you don’t win you can always BIN (But It Now), get all of your bids back, keep the clock time that you earned by being the highest bidder, AND get free shipping on your gift card. Shell also has a loyalty card that you can get for free, and it will give you .03 off per gallon every time that you use it. It’s not much, but it adds up! If you would like to bid on a Shell gift card you can click this link right here and it will take you to the Shell cards on DealDash.

Now that the gas is taken care of, how about hotels? DealDash offers a variety of hotel gift cards that you can bid on. The hotel gift cards are the same deal as the gas gift cards – if you don’t win you can always BIN (But It Now), get all of your bids back, keep the clock time that you earned by being the highest bidder, AND get free shipping on your gift card. You can check out all of the hotel gift cards that DealDash has at this link right here.

I hope that this article has inspired you to think about going on a budget road trip this year with the help of DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!




DealDash Best Photo of the Week

How to Get Free Bids on DealDash

Do you like FREE BIDS??? Did you know DealDash gives out THOUSANDS of free bids each and every week!!!

All you have to do is win a auction to be able to collect free bids and in this article i’m going to tell you how to do that. I believe in making the most out of every item I win and this makes me very successful when playing DealDash. My wins are sweeter and my losses don’t sting as bad because of all of the money I’m saving when I play.

First things first, you have to snag the win. When bidding on a auction, Bid Buddy is really the best option for a cheaper win. Bid Buddy will only bid for you when there is no one else bidding, this way you use less bids and save lots of money. I always make sure I’m not bidding against more than two other people, if there is more than two people bidding I will watch until there is only two left before I jump in. This has been the most successful way of bidding for me and it really works!!!

Once you get that win DealDash will give you the option of buying the item you won or trading it in for more bids.

Example: You won a $100 Gift card for $2.00. You can either pay the $2.00 or trade it in for 100 bids. This is very tricky because if you win a $200 item for 5 cents you may be tempted to trade in that win for a extra 200 bids but if you pay the 5 cents you can get the item and many more bids. I say BUY THE ITEM!!! BUY, BUY, BUY!!! You get free shipping so at this point if it is a $200 item and you win it for 5 cents you are getting quite a deal. I won this projector screen below for 37 cents!!! So yes this can happen!!!

Elite Screens Spectrum Series 100-inch Motorized Projector Screen

Buy it Now price: $207
 Elite Screens Spectrum Series 100-inch Motorized Projector Screen
After the winning item has been shipped to your home you must take a picture of you win and post it to Facebook.
If the item value is $199 or above you’ll get 200 Free Bids!
If the item value is $99 to $198 you’ll get 75 Free Bids!
If the item value is less than $99 you’ll get 10 Free Bids!
Follow these easy steps: 1. Select an item you have won on DealDash to feature in the photo.
2. Take a high quality photo clearly showing yourself and the item you won.
3. Post photo to DealDash’s Facebook page and add a description which should include the following information: the item name, retail price, how much you paid for the item and a personal comment about the win as well. For example: “I got this $688 Garmin GPS on @DealDash. I paid just $6.08 and used 62 bids! Thanks DealDash, I will never get lost again!”
4. In the end of the caption, please include the following sentence and the link (See the picture below):
See how much you can save at: www.dealdash.com/join.php?utm_source=customer%20testimonials&utm_medium=pictures&utm_campaign=facebook

So I know what you thinking this is not a thousand bids. Just reticently the competition has changed, its called the best photo of the week and if you win it is worth 1000 FREE BIDS!!!!!!!!!! I got mine, have you got yours??? If not, you are missing out!!! Get some pictures and post them, the worst thing is your family will want you to win for them too, LOL. But it is well worth all of the money you will be saving with your free bids you can get each week. For more information of other offers that DealDash has for free bids go here >>>>>> DealDash | Notes
Written by Nicole Kososki – Good luck and happy bidding ~loveablenicki~
DealDash Best Photo of the Week

DealDash Best Photo of the Week Contest Will Earn You 1000 Free Bids

loveablenicki DealDash review

Like Kitchen Appliances? You’ll Love DealDash

I have so much fun shopping on DealDash for all kinds of fun and unique kitchen appliances for my home.

So much fun in fact that I’ve now been playing and shopping on DealDash for a few years now and have won so many nice things for my kitchen!!!

At least once A month my fiance comes home and says “That’s new”! It’s almost like a guessing game. 🙂 My big win for the kitchen that I got on DealDash.com is for my new set of pots and pans which I absolutely love! They are Cuisinart 13-Piece Cookware Set, Stainless-Steel and I got them for only $1.79 (normal value about $200). I can tell you they are so nice to cook with. 🙂

Keep reading along to see pictures of my winnings and what else I won but when you have a moment I highly recommend checking out my other article about how I get free DealDash bids each week to help me win more auctions. 

I won my Keurig Mini Brewer ($100 value) for only 1 penny and this K-Cup Drawer valued at $25 for 1 penny as well. Have you tried the Keurig and coffee pods. I can review them with 5 stars – yummy, they are so good! The coffee is awesome and it’s so easy to make and no more coffee grins. 😛

To further add to my kitchen collection of items I’ve won on DealDash, I won two of these Corelle Vive Noir 16pc Dinnerware Set valued at $67 each. One was sold to me at $2.35 the other $0.19. I gave one to my son for Christmas and kept one for my house. They are so easy to clean and dish washer safe.

I love my penny wins!! Every now and again DealDash will pay the cost of the auction when you win the item. When they do this you end up paying 1 penny for what ever you win. This is one of my favorite sales they have on this site because you can follow the auction and as long as you are the last one to bid, you win and don’t have to pay the final selling price. Remember too, if you don’t win you can buy it now and get your bids back plus the item you were bidding on with free shipping. So if you like to have fun while you shop, DealDash is a great place!

DealDash Reviews and Giving

Giving DealDash Auction Wins To Homeless Shelter

DealDash Reviews and Giving

My sister recently got a part-time job at a homeless shelter. She is 62 years old and cannot make it just on Social Security. Surviving on a fixed income in Massachusetts is very challenging unless you have a rich relative!

I especially became interested in what it was really like in a shelter after my sister started working there. I also asked myself, “How much more stuff do my children and granddaughter really need?” Besides my health, what do I really need? My thoughts went straight to Deal Dash. Maybe, a new toaster, dishes, silverware, and clothes are desperately needed. I am sure that is the case.
However, so many people here in “TAXACHUSETTS”, as we call it, lost their jobs and then their homes. Little children are going to school from a shelter and are in great need. Until my sister talked about it, I only thought about the homeless subconsciously or when I went to Boston, it was there.
With my free bids earned on DealDash.com, I am going to do a good deed. I am determined to donate anything that I win on DealDash. Being homeless can happen to anyone. We should think about that as we put our heads on our pillows tonight and be grateful.
I’ve been shopping on DealDash over 2 years and have won over 200 auctions. Iook forward to giving back to those more in need than myself.
Free DealDash Bids Win More Auctions

Win Auctions Collect Free DealDash Bids

Free DealDash Bids Win More Auctions

Deal Dash does a lot to help the player win. They have great promotions you can participate in each week to get some free bids. All you have to do is be willing to participate.

You will notice every month they throw a promotion for three times your bids, or five times your bids. This promotion will help you get the time needed to jump up to the next level. Every level you go up the more free bids you can get. Right now I am very close to getting to level 19, which means 150 free bids for completing level 18.

Deal Dash also allows you to post on Facebook for free bids. The more the item is worth the more free bids you can get. And they allow you to do this every week. If you have a great week on DealDash.com, and happen to hit your limit on small and large items, be sure to take your picture with those items, and get your free bids. It only takes a few minutes, and is well worth it.

Another great free bid strategy is Pintrest. I had never had a Pintrest page until I joined DealDash. Each week I receive 50 bids from Pintrest for pinning my DealDash wins to my Deal Dash board. It was not hard to create the page, or do my weekly pinning. If I have a good week I can get 250 free bids, and my wins from those bids can end up equaling more free bids.

What are you waiting for!! Start collecting your free DealDash bids to start winning and saving more!

By Erica Baughman

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Free DealDash Bids

How to Get Free DealDash Bids

5 Ways To Get Free DealDash Bids

How to Get Free DealDash Bids

How many Free DealDash bids can you get??? Plus $500 Gift card!!!

This is one of the things I love about DealDash, they make it easy for you to keep bidding on the things you want to win.
Its easy, all you have to do is win 1 item!! Then, use that item to collect free DealDash bids!

1. Take a good picture of you with the item you won and post to DealDash’s Facebook page.

If the item value is $199 or above, you’ll get 200 Free bids!
If the item value is $99 to $198, you’ll get 75 Free bids!
If the item value is less than $99, you’ll get 10 Free bids!
When taking the picture, don’t be lazy about it! Take a great picture because every week DealDash selects the best photo of the week and awards that person with a $500 gift card!!!

2. After you posted your picture to Facebook to collect free DealDash bids, go to Twitter and Tweet the same picture.

Tell how much you won it for, and how much its worth and don’t forget to tag @dealdash in your tweet and you’ll get 50 extra free bids!!

3. Once you tweet your picture, don’t stop now!

Go to Pinterest.com to pin your photo on there too! Follow these guidelines and you’ll collect another 50 free DealDash bids!

Professional Plus Toothbrush and Water Flosser on Dealdash.com

I won this Professional Plus Toothbrush and Water Flosser on Dealdash.com valued at $100 for ONLY 18 CENTS!!! You can’t even get a tooth brush for 18 cents!!! And free shipping to boot Thanks DEALDASH!!!!

Once you have Pined it, make sure to email reviews@dealdash.com with the link to your pin.

4. Last but not least, play the game.

You can level up when you are the highest bidder on a auction. The longer you play the more bids you can earn. Im at level 24 and get 200 free bids when I get to the next level. That’s an added bonus to my weekly free bids!!

5. And finally, WATCH YOUR EMAIL!!!

Every now and then DealDash wants to here from you!!! They will send you a customer service link to talk on the phone, it’s that simple and you can get free bids that way too!!! DealDash always wants to hear feedback on what they can do better to improve their service for you!! So don’t be afraid to give them any feedback you can.
Good luck to you!!!
Written by Nicole Kososki

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5 Of My Favorite DealDash Bidding Tips

I am 44 years old and love to shop! Like many of you, I am always looking for a great deal for birthdays, Christmas, and just for me! DealDash is a one stop shop! Here are my 5 favorite DealDash bidding tips I recommend following for a better shopping experience.

When bidding on DealDash it’s good to keep a few things in mind:

1) Buy bids when they are on sale! Sales happen almost weekly and you can get bids for as low as 15¢.

2) Bid responsibly!! One part of this means to let the clock run out for others so they will do it for you! Doing this allows your clock to build up towards free bids! Free is good. Really good.

3) Wait for auction sale days. DealDash runs 50% off and even FREE auction wins frequently! This means that if you win the auction you either only need to pay 50% of the final sales price or then if it’s “Free”, just a 1¢ transaction no matter what the cost. DealDash foots the bill for you.

4) Wait for the “No bidders after $3” days. These auctions alleviate much of the competition! All auctions are “No Jumper Auctions” which prevent new bidders from jumping into the auctions after the price normally reaches $5. When the bidding is closed to no new bidders after $3, the competition is less. 🙂

5) After winning and receiving your item, be sure to post a picture of you and your win to the DealDash Facebook page to receive free bids. Plus, by doing this, you are automatically registered into the weekly running for a $500 gift card! Every week someone who posted a picture wins a $500 gift card if they had the best photo of the week! Also, pin that picture to Pinterest for extra free bids! And remember, you are saving a boatload of money on shipping because on DealDash it is always FREE!  DealDash is an awesome site and they are truly trying to help the bidders! If you play fair, it is fun for everyone!

On DealDash there are a wide variety of items for every need. From baby items, children’s toys, and video games to camping gear, 35mm camera’s, and wine coolers! Have fun shopping on what you love!


DealDash Tips

Why It Pays To Sit Back And Watch DealDash Auctions

DealDash Tips

Over a week ago, DealDash offered 5x your free bids to generate more bidding on auctions. I have been a bidder since 2012 and have never looked for a reason to continue bidding! I am hooked and really enjoy the challenge of possible winning a great item or gift card.

Free bids have lost their attraction for me as I continue to move up in levels. It takes a very long time to fulfill the time required to earn bids. So free bids usually does not cause me to bid more or take more chances on auctions I know I will not win. However, the day I was bidding just happened to be the 5x your bid day. I tried repeatedly to win auctions, usually items I would buy anyway, but kept getting over bid by some zealous bidders looking for the 5x offer. It took me a while to determine the bidder was not wanting to win an auction at all, he was just wanting to get his time in. He (or she) must have bought more than fifteen $10 cards that day, he just slapped everyone that was on an auctionto be on top until the card went over $5, then he stopped. It did take me a while to see what he was up to and, knowing this bidder like I do, this was totally out of character for him. I actually won a card that day with less than 66 bids and the price was over $14! Needless to say I did not pay for the win but took the bids instead. Thank goodness DealDash offers this choice.

I have been very fortunate on some of my wins and I do not have rose colored glasses when it comes to my expectations of what I may or may not win. I stay on gift cards that I will really use and do not waste my bids on frivolous items just to get a win. I would rather enjoy what I won than be stuck with an item I have no use for. Imagine my surprise last week when I won a set of Panasonic phones! And, not only did I get a great deal, but they were delivered in two days.

Sometimes it just pays to sit back and watch. You have to know that you will pick the right auction and get a great win and not be influenced by other snipers, slappers, or over-bidders. DealDash is the best penny auction site on line and the trustworthiness of the organization is A+. My top choice by far!

By Joan Vith

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About AuthorCollege graduate with over 30 years work experience in professional organizations. Worked mainly for non-profits. Really enjoy working with people and making a difference in our world. I love my grandsons, who still think I am cool, and I am very proud of them. Live in the Midwest.

Big Wins Small Steps DealDash

Why I Bid Small

I’ve been shopping on DealDash.com for over 1 year and my auction bidding strategy is to bid small.

I enjoy bidding on the lower valued items DealDash lists up for auction. Why? I continue to choose this strategy because I am able to win easier and I enjoy winning auctions. Since beginning my shopping and bidding experience on DealDash I have won 93 auctions in total and have received some really great deals. Another reason I like bidding on small items is because I have not been as successful with the big ticket / high value items like I have been with the smaller items, which I love.

I mainly like to bid on gift cards but here are a few of the items which I have won.

  • Foscam Wireless IP Camera = 52 Bids used
  • InnoTab 2 Learning Tablet by Vtech = 21 Bids used

DealDash Auctions

In total for these two items above I used 73 of my bids. Here’s an article worth reading about how you can get free bids on DealDash. It’s called How I Get 300 Free DealDash Bids Every Week. Did you know it’s possible to collect that many free bids every week just for sharing pictures of the items you won?

More examples of auctions I have won:

  • $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card = 62 Bids used
  • $25 Cabela’s Gift Card = 30 Bids used
  • $10 Cabela’s Gift Card = 3 Bids used
  • 25 Bid Pack! = 11 Bids used
  • 60 Bid Pack! = 32 Bids used

I may have won 93 auctions so far, however I have also used the buy it now probably 150 times to get my bids back! This helps me prevent from having to spend additional money on new bids in order to play. Rather I can continue shopping normally and I always have bids loaded back to my account. If you don’t know what the “buy it now” is, you better learn it! It’s pretty simple… if you don’t win, you can buy the item you tried to win and get your bids back.

I say let the big fish try for all those laptops, large TV’s, pro cameras, etc! I am happy with my gift cards and the little items I can easily give away as presents.

Happy Bidding!


DealDash Bidding Tips Winning DealDash Auctions DealDash Average Selling Price

How to bid on DealDash

Enjoy Wasting Bids And How To Stop

How to bid on DealDash

Over the past few months I have watched “new” bidders come to DealDash, and waste their purchased bids and free bids by jumping into an auction and bidding after every single person places a bid.

This must seem like a good idea, and a very easy way to win some great items.  The problem with this type of bidding is that very rarely will it result in a win. A simple DealDash tip is to study the auction and look who all is involved in an auction and how they are bidding.  You’ll notice most people will use the BidBuddy feature.

The BidBuddy allows you to bid on auctions even when you can’t be on the computer yourself. It will automatically place bids for you within last seconds of the auction clock.

Jumping in after every single person, or (my favorite to watch) bidding back and forth with another bidder will only waste your bids. Perhaps these bidders enjoy it and therefore don’t think their wasting them. As the saying goes “The Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time” – are the bids you enjoy wasting not wasted bids? That’s up for you to decide.

I have actually jumped into an auction (just to get into the auction) and booked my bids into the BidBuddy. While the “new” bidders are going back and forth, wasting bids, I have my bids booked and ready to bid automatically in case the timer gets down to the last second.  I can easily walk away from an auction having only used 50 bids at $25 while the ”new” bidder will be 500 bids at the $25 mark.  In the end they usually do not win the auction, it is someone who was using the BidBuddy.  This is just something to think about next time you decide to bid in a DealDash auction.

– e4481girl

I have been a member of DealDash for almost a year.  I go for lots of bid packs, but my biggest win was a Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm and 55-200mm Lenses. Valued at $500 I got it for only $1.42 using the Bid Buddy.

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera Sale DealDash


Golla Sling DSLR Camera Bag


Pac Man Level Up Free Bids DealDash

DealDash Always Finding New Ways To Reward Bidders

When I started as a bidder on DealDash in 2012, I was excited each time I reached a new level and could claim my “Free DealDash Bids” !!!

As I have continued to climb to higher levels, it has taken me longer and longer to claim those “Free Bids” I love. As always though, DealDash has listened to their faithful bidders and found new, and awesome ways to help us reach those ever increasing challenges of claiming free bids. DealDash introduced a promotion that multiplied your Time As Highest Bidder rewared 2X, 3X, and even 5X for each second you remain the high bidder in an auction, therefore reducing the time it takes you bank those free bids at each level up.

DealDash Free Bids

They also recently had a promotion that multiplied the amount of free bids added by 2 and then 3 times the amount you would normally get for moving up a level. Personally I was getting close to level up so fortunately I was able to take advantage of this promotion and claim 2X my normal free bids of 540 and bank a whopping 1080 free bids for reaching my next level !!!

Free Bids on DealDash

I am always impressed with DealDash’s desire to help us bidders and reward us in ways that help us stretch our dollars. That’s why I am a faithful DealDasher.


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 14.19.39 Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 14.20.26 DealDash Reviews Tips Strategies

DealDash Free Bids

New To Bidding? Stop Single Bidding And Use BidBuddy

DealDash Free Bids

Time after time, I see DealDash bidders jumping in immediately after someone places a bid (call it Bid Stomping if you will).

As one of my DealDash strategies I will often count how many different bidders are actively pursuing whatever item I am bidding on at the time. Usually it never fails that there are 6, 8, or even 10 different bidders in an auction, yet someone chooses to bid after each bid placed. I wonder if they know they can’t outbid the Bid Buddy?

Nine times out of ten, when I look at the Bidder who is jumping in after every new bid (Bid Stomping) I see it is a new bidder who has just joined DealDash within the last few days or weeks. Keep in mind if there are even just 6 different bidders who have each plugged 20 bids into their Bid Buddy, that’s 120 of their bids against 120 of the Bid jumpers/stompers bids. This is because they bid after every other bidder and automatically are going to be outbid by the next persons Bid Buddy. These “Bid Stompers” usually do not ever win the item.

Although it’s possible the auction perhaps ends a little earlier by jumping, it doesn’t happen that often; especially on big ticket items. I wish newbies would take the time to observe a few auctions and learn what it’s all about before storming into multiple auctions and outbidding everyone immediately. Most seasoned bidders are going to sit back and watch you spend 6 times more bids than they do and when you are “done”, they will swoop in and claim the prize. I was a newbie once but I was raised knowing a fool and their money are soon parted and Mama didn’t raise no fool !! I admit, it is getting harder to win with all the new bidders joining but I manage to still win a few auctions. Do your homework and stop wasting your bids and others bids. The Bid Buddy places your bid at the final second of the auction and will help conserve your bids. DealDash says the majority of auctions are won with the help of the BidBuddy.

How to access BidBuddy? Click auction on front page to open the auctions main bidding page

DealDash Bid Buddy

Hope this helps, good luck !!

Win Learn Play DealDash

Do Work | Calculate Math | Have Patience

Win Learn Play DealDash

It takes time to learn the ropes to bidding on DealDash. However, you can win some really nice items at incredibly low prices if you are willing to do the work, the math and most of all have patience! If you are a newcomer, watch a couple of auctions from the beginning to end before bidding. You learn a lot watching the bidding practices of others!


Plan before entering an auction. Buy your bids when they are at the lowest price. The lowest I’ve seen is 220 bids @ .15 cents each totalling $33. I personally would not enter an auction with a buy it now price (BIN) of more then $30 based on 220 bids. Hope to Win but be prepared to lose. Find an auction that you would not mind buying now.


Most important! Deal Dash is awesome in that you can still bid, have a great time, buy your item if you are not lucky and still get all your bids back! Resist over-bidding and spending way too much for the item you have selected. Say you choose to bid on a $10 Wal-mart gift card. Do the math first: $10 divided by .15 cents equals roughly 67 bids. There is a catch… you have to include the going auction price at all times! Say you jump in the auction at $4. Don’t place 67 bids on a $10 BIN auction that has reached an auction price of $4 already. If you won on the 67th bid you would be paying a total of $14 dollars for the auction you’ve just Won! Bids + Auction Price = Money Spent.


The secret to Winning! It’s fine to bid and buy now because Deal Dash is not going to rip you off! But we are all here to WIN! Do a quick google search of the item you’ve chosen to bid on. You’ll find Deal Dash is fair at listing the BIN price competitively. Every auction you enter is going to be different from the number of bidders entering the auction, bidding practices of your competition, ect.. I’ve found that I love to set a bid-buddy up of maybe 5-10 bids before the auction even begins. Many bidders place 1 bid go off and forget the auction only to come back and find out that the auction ended at .17 cents! If you are going to leave, make sure some auto-bids are happening first! It’s better to not leave at all! Patiently wait, watch and find the perfect moment to really enter the
auction! I like to wait until there are only three auto-bidders running. Eventually one of them is going to drop out and that is when I like to jump in! Of course I don’t mind jumping right back out for awhile if I happen to see a 4th bidder join in. I like to save as many bids as I can for the win but you got to watch the auction really close! Just the strategy that works best for me. I did all my Christmas shopping with items I won on Deal Dash for 2013!

Helpful Note

The free bids that Deal Dash offers is a really cool feature! Try not to abuse it and stomp on others to get free bids. Bid-Stompers rarely win an auction! They only accomplish irritating their opponents, raising the auction price and are most likely going to get stomped back! It takes an awful lot of bids to move that meter as you level-up! In the end they really only cheat themselves.

Thanks for reading, Happy Bidding & Good Luck!

– kgthan

Deal Flash Dash

Deal Flash: A Picture’s Worth……$500.00

Deal Flash Dash

As soon as I discovered that DealDash rewards bidders for posting pictures, I did whatever I could to acquire free bids by posting pictures to the DealDash Facebook page, or to my Pinterest profile and tagging DealDash.

I was making sure I got a picture with every item I won.  I had also read that they pick one photo each week, that has been posted to the Facebook page, as their “Best Photo of the Week” and reward them with a $500.00 gift card, letting them chose from 4 or 5 retailers of choice. I signed onto Facebook one morning to see a notice that someone had commented on one of my posted photos. I clicked on it to see what comment was left. I was shocked to read…

DealDash Facebook

Click to see photo on Facebook

What? Was this real? I was elated! I then received an e-mail from DealDash customer service confirming that I had indeed won the weekly contest and ask me to chose a preferred retailer such as Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, etc. Since I work at Target and could stretch my winnings even farther, I chose my prize to come from Target. The card literally arrived in 3 days.

What to buy, what to buy… I had tried many times to win the elusive Apple iPad so I used my $500.00 gift card to buy my very own iPad. I don’t know of any other Penny Auction website that rewards their bidders with gift cards or free bids. DealDash is leaps and bounds above the other auction sites and they have won me over!!

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Three Potential Ways DealDash Bidders Could Get More Free Bids


I love that DealDash is an open minded company, listens to their customers and welcomes new ideas from their Bidders.

Here I will briefly share some of the ideas I have on how to reward the Bidders with more free bids.

1. After purchasing a determined number of bids the bidder receives a specified amount of free bids. For example: for every 1,000 bids purchased, the bidder would get 10% or 100 Free bids!

2. Shorten the amount of time to receive free bids or make the Time As Highest Bidder Rewards more frequent and fun!

The Time As Highest Bidder reward is a really nice bonus DealDash offers its members. After the set amount of time spent as the highest bidder, you earn free bids. I am up to 200 free bids when my amount of time is met and I reach the next level.

3. On your yearly DealDash anniversary date from signing up, you get some type of anniversary bid reward. Perhaps this could be tiered rewards. For example: 1 year = 100 free bids | 2 years = 200 free bids | 3 years = 300 free bids, etc. DealDash recently had their 5 years in business anniversary last month so the DealDash members who signed up with them back in 2009 would be receiving a 500 free bid reward for their loyalty.

These were just a few thoughts I had about how DealDash could possibly improve their service and reward their customers with free bids. I love how DealDash really listens to customer suggestions and takes them into serious consideration. Can’t help but like a company with such willingness to accept new ideas and talk with their customers.

As for sharing some bidding tips and advice, I wish and would like to recommend to bidders to use your Bid Buddy. By using the BidBuddy your bid is placed at the last second of the auction. Plus, by using the BidBuddy you’re not only conserving your bids when someone places a single bid but you’re also allowing others to collect their Time As Highest Bidder rewards. It can get frustrating when people out bid you after every 2 seconds. That makes it so mush longer to collect enough time to reach your next bid reward level. Please be fair, and let the other bidders get their time on the clock.

– suvgal

St Patricks Day DealDash

St Patricks Day “Free Auction Win” Special On DealDash

St Patricks Day DealDash

Deal Dash gives us the chance for a really great bargain especially when they have a ‘Free Sale’ like this year’s St. Patricks Day Special!

The opportunity to acquire an item you want for only a penny plus the cost of your bids may be too good to pass. However, you MUST consider the cost of the bids you use to be sure you do not exceed the retail value of the item. As an example:

Saturday March 15th, a lovely Tiffany Modern Lamp came up for auction at noon. The bidding closed after 12 hours and the winning bidder would have paid $51.70 if not for the free weekend. He used 1,037 bids to win. Let’s do the math using $.16 as the bid cost.

Retail Value: $151.00

Out of Pocket: $0.01
Bid cost: 1,037@ .16 = 165.92
Winners cost $165.93

Potential Loss: $14.93

The reason this is a “potential loss” is because it’s possible for bidders to earn many free bids such as collecting time as highest bidder rewards and up to 300 Free Bids every single week simply by posting pictures of their other wins. The winner may have also recently won a Bid Pack therefore does not value each of their bids at 16¢ per bid.

If this had not been a ‘free’ weekend and he paid the final auction price, it would have been 34% of the retail, if he had to use the same number of bids, his potential loss would have been $66.63. Not a good outcome. The winner was also a bidder that had been in the thick of bidding from the start. With the time and effort plus the number of bids used to acquire the lamp, it does not make this a great deal.

Even with the joy of not paying more than a penny out of pocket you still have to be sure you do not overbid. Nothing is a bargain if you over-pay. This is why I am very careful when bidding on these specials days. In fact I often sit out the entire ‘Free’ period and wait to pay when I win.

So the moral of this story is ‘Count your bids like money and make sure you do not exceed the retail value of the item you are bidding on’.

300 Free DealDash Bids

How I Get 300 Free DealDash Bids Every Week

300 Free DealDash Bids

I have had so much fun shopping on DealDash since becoming a member back in November 2012.

I have won so many things to give as gifts as well as things to keep around the home like this Red KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer I won with 11 bids and final sales price of 61¢. The savings are endless!!!

KitchenAid Sale

In this article I am going to share with you how I get up to 300 free DealDash bids every week just by sharing my winnings on social sites. Here are a few ways DealDash let’s you get free bids with the items you win.

  1. Posting your photo to Facebook can earn you up to 200 free bids every week! Plus a chance to win a $500 gift card if the item you are showcasing is valued at $100 or more! Keep reading on but you can find the guidelines to this promotion by clicking here.
  2. Pin it on Pinterest for another 50 free bids!!! Click here for details.
  3. Tweet it on Twitter, and again 50 free bids!!! Again, click here for details.

For a grand total that is 300 free DealDash bids you could earn every single week! Just make sure your photo is great and creative because DealDash selects the best photo posted every week and awards the winner with a $500 gift card – wow!! You can read more about the Best Photo of the Week Contest and see the previous winning photos of people who won the $500 gift card!

I like to use the same photo on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter once a week to help keep track of which photos I have posted, but if I do happen to post the same photo again they will let me know to post something new. This is a nice way to get a head start on bidding for the week, and a little extra to go on top of my purchased bid packs!!

One last thought… I just found out that if you have a specific item your looking for, you can go search for it on DealDash and if the item is listed you can have DealDash remind you when it is going to be a live auction by setting an alert for yourself. DealDash will then send you an email reminder when the auction is scheduled and when it’s about to start.

KitchenAid sale on DealDash

Good Luck to all of you, and remember to USE YOUR BID BUDDY 🙂

Written by Nicole Kososki

Watching DealDash Auctions

Observations From The DealDash Sidelines

Watching DealDash Auctions

I have been watching DealDash auctions for the past couple of weeks, participating in a few, but trying to figure out the best system to aid in winning.

A few observations I’ve recently noticed:

  • $10 Burger King gift cards – closing over $8.00 not counting the number of bids the winner had to place. I have closing costs of $9.95, $9.79 and $9.05. Where is there a deal in that? I give up on bidding on those for now.
  • New bidders seemingly do not equate bids with money. They waste bids, run up the cost for everyone and do not allow the clock to run down so everyone can earn free bids. If you look at the most frequent bid jumpers and see the date they joined it is normally within the last few days.
  • High value item auctions can go for days. The auctions eventually get down to 3 or 4 bidders in sequence. Once the auction closes I will check AllPennyAuction.com and most of the time, the last bidders will have come close or gone over the value of the item itself. I really question the math ability of some.

I come at this entire venture from an accountant’s point of view. If I can get an item for no more that 25% of value (bids & final cost combined) then I know I got a bargain. The most I will go is 50%. So anytime I see something I want, I figure what my max will be, enter the fray and watch what happens. If I see it will go for more than I am willing to spend I leave.

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I know that there is no way for DealDash to monitor or shut down abusive bid jumpers, but I can hope that someday, DealDash will set something up so that when a person joins, they must view all the hints and tips, plus suggestions from this blog, before they can bid on anything. At least they will read what is said on the various methods of bidding before they start.

I will keep watching and taking names so I know if a name pops up in something I am bidding on, I may just leave and wait for the item to come up again.

Happy bidding everyone, and lets be successful!

des sculptures vegetales monumentales installees dans les jardins de montreal

What’s The Best Bidder? A Power Bidder? A Bid Stomper? An Over Bidder?

des sculptures vegetales monumentales installees dans les jardins de montreal

If I could sculpt the perfect DealDash bidder, what would he/she be like? A Power Bidder? A Bid Stomper? An Over Bidder? None of the these.

My hope would be that he/she would be someone who allows the clock to count down so bids could be accrued with the DealDash feature called Time As Highest Bidder.

The Time as Highest Bidder Clock is a timer that measures how much time bidders spend as the top bidder in every auction. Once the Time as Highest Bidder Clock reaches a certain level bidders can claim free bids!

The perfect bidder would be someone who could grasp the concept of a “good deal” by never over bidding on an item, one who is taking into consideration the total amount of bids placed, not just what they have invested. I am always amazed to see an auction go for hours and hours. Seeing a $200.00 item at a current winning bid price of $125.00, and when I do the math, should that auction end there, DealDash has made 1,875.00 @ 0.15 per bid. Even though not all bids are “paid bids” and people who use the Buy it Now get their spent bids back from DealDash, I still imagine even DealDash says “Wow Really”? Now some of you will say “I don’t care as long as I win it for a few bids of my own“. That’s the mentality that keeps the “deal” out of a good deal. Remember the bidders who have pulled out of the auction, making you the winner {even if they fall asleep bidding like I have before}. Be the kind of bidder you would want bidding in your auctions. Winning is great, don’t get me wrong, but losing is a humbling experience. One we try to teach our kids everyday. “Winning isn’t everything“.

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Deal Dash

3 Smart Questions To Ask Yourself Before Bidding

Make a Deal Dash I love a deal and Deal Dash provides the opportunity for some fabulous ones.

Depending on the time when you obtain your bid pack you could pay as much as 60 cents per bid, as little as 15 cents per bid or or, even better, you could earn them for free. Let’s assume that you purchased 200 bids during a 15 cent sale at a cost of $30.00. You want to bid on a laptop cooling fan, that retails for $20.00. Before you go too far you would want to determine several additional factors.

  1. How much do I want to pay in the end?

  2. What would I consider a deal?

  3. How many bids am I willing to use?

This is Deal Dash after all and one of the main reasons you come to the website is to get deals.

If you use 100 bids, and win, you have used $15.00 in bids plus you have to pay the winner’s final sale price. Let’s say the fan sold for the final sale price of $2.95. Your total cost is $17.95. Yes, it is cheaper than what you would pay if you went to a retail outlet, it didn’t cost you shipping or gas, and hopefully you had a little fun playing too, but, do you feel you really got a bargain worth bragging about?

Now, let’s assume that the bids you had were free bids that you had earned. You opted to work with some of those bids to bid on the lap top cooling fan. You were the winner and the final sale price was $2.95. Your total cost is $2.95. Now that is a deal!

PS: If you really wanted a deal that can’t be beat, use the free bids you have earned to bid during times when Deal Dash offers specials where you only pay 50% or when they offer free win days. Free days are when you only pay a 1-cent transaction fee and Deal Dash sends the winner their product for free.

reasons I love you

Reasons I Think DealDash Is The Best Penny Auction Site

Here are my tops reasons and tips why I think DealDash is the best penny auction site available.

They are fair to everyone with the win limits

  • Everyone has a limit of 3 winning auctions worth 200 dollars or higher and 6 winning auctions under 200 dollars per week. Therefore making it fair for everyone to win!

Buy It Now option

  • If you bid on a item and don’t win you have the option to buy it at regular price and get what bids you used on that item back to try again.

Free shipping

  • What can I say, Dealdash always has FREE SHIPPING on every item!

Special promotions

  • Free auction wins. I love these! On special days DealDash has free auction wins, this is when no matter what price you win your auction, DealdDash picks up the tab and you only pay 1 penny for the item you won!
  • 50% off wins. This means if you win your auction item you only pay 50% of the price and always free shipping!
  • Free bids. If you win an item worth 199 dollars or more and submit a picture to DealDash’s Facebook page showcasing the item you get 200 free bids, if the item is 99 dollars to 198 dollars you get 75 free bids and if the item is less than 99 dollars you get 10 free bids.
  • Free 500 dollar gift card. When you submit your picture with auction wins to get your free bids, you get entered into this drawing to win a $500 gift card for Walmart, Target, etc. Dealdash chooses 1 winner every week!
  • Special bid prices. I try to buy bids when they are marked down, which is all the time!

Good chances to win and save

  • I have won 76 auctions since august 2013.
  • My first auction win I purchased 200 bids for 32 dollars and I used 30 bids to win a 2000 Bid Pack! I then placed bids on a 46 inch led TV and won that too! It was a free auction week so I only paid 1 penny plus 32 dollar bid pack.
  • But thats just the beginning! I submitted my picture with my TV for my free 200 bids and I won the best photo of the week contest for a 500 dollar gift card! That got me hooked! I have also won 25$ ,50$ gift cards and my grandsons toys and household items!

DealDash Bidding Tips

  • Always use Bid Buddy! I have won most of my auctions using this feature.
  • Never bid stomp! This means Do Not immediately bid after someone else bids. Let the timer countdown before bidding, that way everyone has a chance to get their time in to collect free bids. Bid stompers never win and they waste a lot of bids!
  • Do research on DealDash auctions. I watch auctions to see what price certain items go for and what time of day is best to bid!

So what are you waiting for? Go to DealDash.com right now and start winning! Happy Bidding!!

– suncrafts