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DealDash Winner

Differences In Bidding On DealDash And Other Penny Auction Sites

I have been a bidder at DealDash since September 2012. I have won over three hundred auctions and just lately have been able to get my 6-win limit for several weeks in a row. While I may sound like an experienced bidder, I believe there is always something new to learn about bidding on DealDash.com.

I started bidding on DealDash and made lots of mistakes. I did NOT read all the articles and advice about bidding, I mean how hard can bidding be? You buy bids, you push the button, you wait til the last second, you bid again, you win! Right? Wrong? It certainly is not that easy! Having bid on several other penny auction sites, I learned various techniques on how to bid. Bid fast, bid first, keep bidding, stay, back out, come back again. All of these techniques can work on any given day. But the other sites have no limits on wins, they will allow people to come in to auctions at all price levels (DealDash has a $5 cut off point on most days), and other penny auctions do not have a buy it now option. The sites that do have a buy-it-now option do not return your bids to you. With the newest sites I have bid on, they have what is called a random reserve. Only so many bids will be placed anywhere from $.01 to $2.00 on a $15 gift card. If you do a bid buddy option you can put all your bids, say 75 bids, on rapid bid and within a second all of your bids can be gone, you did NOT hit the random reserve price, and no, you cannot buy it now. What did you win? Nothing, nada, zilch. So for your $50 bid purchase you got no return and only a second or two of fun trying to win a card??? Hmmm, does not sound like a very good investment.

I have done all types of bidding online, have waited months for my wins and paid a lot of money on shipping charges. With DealDash there is no shipping cost involved, and you never wait very long for delivery of your items. DealDash sends confirmation notices of all items that are sent and you can almost set your watch by the delivery dates they give you. When I won my latest item, the Panasonic 6000 phones, I had them in two days. Who ships in two days?? DealDash has excellent customer service too, just in case you have questions or concerns. They never leave you wondering if they got your email, you get responses within a few hours. Ya gotta love that.

DealDash is the best penny auction site to use if you want free shipping, the buy-it-now option that lets you get your bids back, and excellent customer service. I really enjoy the site!

By Joan Vith

About Author: Live in the Midwest, tired of all the snow and cold. I work full time as a manager at a local not-for-profit. I enjoy my grandsons to the “nine’s” and bidding on DealDash is my favorite past time!

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How to bid on DealDash

The 5 W’s Of Penny Auctions

The 5 W’s of penny auctions and bidding on DealDash.

As we all know, penny auctions can be fun, but can also be very frustrating.  Just when you think it’s going your way, here comes that other bidder that’s been sitting back patiently watching you bid to your limit then jumps in at just the right time to take it home. How do they always jump in right when your close to your stopping point?  Well, they’ve probably taken the time to research the items and the bidders, before they go “all in” so to speak.
Lots of patience and a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in helping to increase your winning edge. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.
Who? Know your fellow bidders!!! There are lots of resources you can use to your advantage. Always look at the bidders that have placed a bid on the auction that could possibly be a threat later. Deal Dash has made this easy for you, just hover over the avatars and see who you’re up against. Pay attention to bidders that are frequently aggressive and remember those names. It may save you a lot of time and bids to know who your up against before you get too far invested and end up with another BIN (Buy it Now).
– What? Bid on items that your are willing to buy anyway.  At least this way if you don’t win the auction, the BIN option will allow you to get your bids back for another auction.
When? Pay attention to the winners list and see what the items you want are selling for. When are they going for cheap and when are they bidding through the roof. Certain times of the month and even certain days of the week can make a difference. You can usually find a pattern if you take the time to research.
Why? We’ll we can all agree on this one… Because it’s fun! Why else would we be here?
And finally….
Where?  Deal Dash of course! Learn how DealDash works in this video.
Remember, it’s as much a game of skill and knowledge, as it is luck. With a little research, you can enter your next auction armed and dangerous!
Happy bidding!
Olympic Medalist Dara Torres training in Coral Springs, Fla.

Learn To Swim Before Diving In

Olympic Medalist Dara Torres training in Coral Springs, Fla.

When entering a swimming pool, some people prefer to dive right in, while others like to ease in slowly. Assuming we already know how to swim, either approach is perfectly acceptable. But, what if we haven’t bothered to learn how to swim? Which would be the wiser approach?

The same holds true for entering a penny auction for the first time.  Unfortunately, many new bidders dive right in before taking the time to learn anything about how penny auctions work. The sad thing is that many of these new bidders end up “drowning”.  The good news is “drowning” here only means losing money. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your head above the water.

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Ease In Slowly

If you’re new to penny auctions, you’ll be much more successful if you ease in slowly. So how do you ease in slowly?  For starters, explore the DealDash website completely. In particular, learn about the BidBuddy and DealDash’s incredible Buy It Now option which takes all of the risk out of bidding. Once you’re familiar with the mechanics of how auctions work, it’s time to learn to swim.

Learn To Swim

The best way to learn anything new is to find an experienced teacher. Fortunately, you can find lots of experienced teachers right here on DealDash Reviewed so I encourage you to read through the articles here and learn all you can. You’ll also want to read the Tactics & Tips page on the DealDash website. What’s that you say, you’re getting tired of reading. Fair enough, let’s go study a few auctions.

Clearly there is no better way to learn how auctions work than by studying as many as you can.  From the main auctions page, pick an item that interests you and click on the picture of the item to move to the auction detail page. I point this out because there are new bidders who don’t even realize this detail page exists, and bid directly from the main page. Once on the detail page, you’ll want to first take note of the overall number of bidders involved in the auction. Remember, only one bidder will win the auction.  Let’s say there are 50 bidders involved in the auction. This means each bidder has a 1 in 50 or 2% chance of winning. As the auction progresses, the field will narrow down to several active bidders. Many bidders place a single bid early in the auction so they have the option to bid after the price hits $5.00. Many of these bidders will never place even one more bid, but (and this is a HUGE but) some of these bidders may very well decide to “jump” in much later in the auction after the active bidders begin dropping out. In fact, they will usually wait until the auction comes down to only two active bidders. Suppose you were one of those two bidders who has hundreds or even thousands of bids invested (depending on the cost of the item) when this new bidder comes in with their 2nd bid. What would you do? Well, hopefully you’ll never find yourself in this position unless you entered the auction knowing that you may end up having to use the Buy It Now option, and you’re willing to do so. If you’re willing to use the Buy It Now option and you’ve used more bids than you’re willing to lose, you’ll probably want to continue bidding until you reach the point where the cost of your bids plus the price of the auction equal the retail price of the item (often referred to as “bidding to retail”). If you’re not willing to use the Buy It Now option and you’ve used more bids than you’re willing to lose, guess what, you’re about to “drown”.  Think of the Buy It Now option as your personal flotation device. If you’re willing to swim without it, you swim at your own risk.

Now you may be thinking that this late bidder would almost certainly end up winning the auction. Not so fast. If the price of the auction is not yet too close to retail, we may actually see this pattern of active bidders being “jumped” by yet another late bidder repeat itself several more times. Yes, “jumpers” often end up getting “jumped” themselves.

Hopefully, you’re beginning to see the value of studying many auctions before diving in. The more auctions you study, the more familiar you will become with the patterns most auctions go through. You will also begin to identify certain bidding tactics used by some of the most prolific bidders. For example, you may find that a bidder with the username CuteLittleKitty is a notorious overbidder who stops at nothing to win, and WontStopTilIDrop usually bids heavily in the beginning of auctions, but quits after about 30 bids. Note: both usernames CuteLittleKitty and WontStopTilIDrop are fictitious.

Okay, so you’ve explored the DealDash website, read every article on DealDash Reviewed, and studied hundreds of auctions. You’ve learned to swim, so what’s next?

Always Use Your Personal Flotation Device

As mentioned earlier, the Buy It Now option is your personal flotation device, and it will allow you to bid 100% risk free. My recommendation is that you only bid in auctions that you are willing and able to buy in the event that you do not win the auction. If you will do this, you will never lose money – guaranteed.

Start Out In The Shallow End Of The Pool

Unless money is no object to you, it’s probably best to not dive right in to the $1000.00 Amazon gift card auction. If you do, you will most likely end up buying it for $1000.00.  If you really want $1000.00 worth of Amazon gift cards, you’d be wiser to bid in 10 auctions for $100.00 cards, 20 auctions for $50.00 cards, or 40 auctions for $25.00 cards. I promise you will gain much more valuable experience bidding in 40 smaller auctions than you would bidding in 1 large auction.

A Few Final Thoughts

A day at the pool can be lots of fun, but only if you’ve taken the proper precautions to assure the safety of you and your family. The same goes for playing on DealDash or any other penny auction site. Bidding can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite addictive, and if you’re not careful it can be very costly. So please learn to bid responsibly and we’ll all have some fun.