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DealDash Helps Connect to Family

DealDash connects family

When your family lives far away it’s hard to connect. Let DealDash help you.

I bet you’re wondering how a shopping entertainment website can help you connect with your family. The number one way to keep in touch with your family is the internet, of course, and DealDash can help you keep up with the latest in technology. There are other ways to connect to your family, of course, but let’s talk about the technological ones first.

Video calls. You can use Skype, Facetime, or any number of smaller websites to video chat with your loved ones. You’ll need a current computer or tablet, though, so be sure that you check out DealDash‘s electronics and computers category to make sure that you’re up to date.

Another fun way to keep in touch with far away family members is group messaging on your smartphone. It’s easy to add multiple people to a group chat on your phone’s texting program, and you can keep in touch with family members, and help other family members stay connected to each other, as well. If you’re looking for a new smartphone, be sure to check DealDash first.

There are many other websites that have social media aspects that you can take advantage of so you can stay connected to family. A few of my favorites are Pinterest, My Fitness Pal, YouTube, and Twitter. By using these sites you can keep in touch with family and also make some new friends.

All of the above ways make use of modern technology that some of your older relatives might not understand or want to use. For these relatives, you will have to either call them on the phone or send them something in the mail. If you’re not really a phone person (I’m not!) it might be more fun to get postcards and write your older relatives a short message on a postcard every few weeks. If you’d prefer something more personalized, you can print out some photos on 4X6 photo paper and use those as postcards.

Lastly, everyone from kids on up to seniors would enjoy getting a small package in the mail. Collect a few things that remind you of the recipient such as a favorite candy, pictures, a magazine, or maybe even one of your wins from DealDash and send it out! Your relative will be so excited to get a fun package in the mail and will be sure to think of you fondly.

I hope that you found this DealDash article helpful. If you need anything such as a new computer, tablet, or gift be sure to check DealDash first. DealDash has everything you need for the home. Visit DealDash now. Good luck and happy bidding everyone.

DealDash apple computer

Missing Your Family with DealDash

Everyone loves spending time with their family, but what about when one of your family members is far away? Here are some ideas from your friends at DealDash.

If you are missing a family member the emotions can be a little tough to deal with. It’s especially difficult if you are missing your child or your parent – someone who you are used to spending every day with, enjoying their company. The most important thing to remember is that it’s okay to feel a little sad when you think about them and miss them.

If the person is far away but still has access to their cell phone, computer, laptop, iPad, or other electronic device it will make things easier on everyone if you both learn how to do video chats with each other. If you have an iPhone or iPad then FaceTime should already be installed. If you have an android, or if you are using a computer, then there are a few different options such as Skype or Google Hangouts. There are lots of different options out there, and most of them are free to use. Video chatting isn’t exactly like having your loved one by your side, but it’s a great solution to be able to “see” them and hear them, versus just chatting on the phone. At my house we FaceTime Grandma and Grandpa every night while I am making dinner, so the kids can have a great relationship with them even though we live a few hours drive apart.

If you are feeling a little lonely for your family, why not send them a quick text? If you can’t think of anything to say other than “I miss you.” How about a quote? I found a lot of nice quotes just by Googling “Missing Family” such as “Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life” If you sent your Mom or your Grandma a quote like that, I bet they would be thrilled!

If you are missing your family but don’t have a way to Skype or Facetime with them, DealDash can help. DealDash always has the latest iPads, iPods, laptops, and cell phones available for auction. Be sure to check out DealDash’s Electronics & Computers category located at this link right here, and get ready to bid! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Tips to Caring for Your Laptop

Now that you have your personal laptop computer from DealDash, you will want to know ways to keep it secure right? Our laptop computers, or any type of sort of computer system, are essential to our lives and also for a lot of us, our work. Due to the fact that these machines are so crucial to utilize we want to do every little thing in our power making sure they are shielded.


If something should occur to your laptop computer there goes every little thing that you had on it, whether it be pictures of family and friends or company documents – you wouldn’t intend to loose any one of it. Below are 5 ways making certain you maintain your laptop computer risk-free. And if you don’t have a laptop computer for DealDash, then what are you waiting for? Go get one right away while you can for an excellent price at auction.

You have to see to it your computer stays appropriately aerated to avoid overheating. If your laptop overheats it could cause your DealDash CPU and various other parts to fry leaving you without a computer. You must make sure that you never leave your computer system remaining on a soft surface area while it is on so the vents will constantly get the air they have to keep your computer cool. You can also find great laptop cases and sleeves at DealDash too.

Do never drop your computer system. All of us understand that crashes could happen however one decrease and also your laptop computer could be a goner. You should make sure that if you are carrying it from one place to an additional that it is safely in your laptop computer bag. Make sure that when you establish it on a table that it is level as well as not near the side. You wouldn’t desire someone to stroll by and inadvertently knock it over.

When you open your laptop computer make certain that you do not put excessive stress on the display. You will likewise intend to stay clear of touching the screen as well as having fun with the liquid within. LCD displays are extremely delicate and also can be quite conveniently ruined. You likewise do not want to clean it with anything but the cleaning services that are particularly developed for LCD screens. DealDash carries a bunch of different types of computers so go take a look while you can.

Aim to maintain beverages as well as foods far from your laptop unless you completely need them there. If you have to have a drink or food near your laptop be really careful not to spill anything. Take this from individual experience, one little decline of liquid in the wrong area can be damaging. Try to keep your liquids on a various surface areas other than your laptop computer and when you’re having a drink, make sure that you are not leaning over your laptop computer. DealDash would hate to see you spill something on your new laptop.

Make sure you have anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer if you use the Web. This will keep your computer system secure from horrible viruses and also spying eyes. There are a number of excellent cost-free anti-virus and anti-spyware software on the marketplace however you could likewise get good software application for a suitable price. DealDash laptops always come with preinstalled softward and often have included virus protection software.


These are simply five of the many methods you could ensure your computer system from DealDash safe. Make sure you adhere to all the precaution as noted above and also your computer system needs to be risk-free. Nonetheless, as pointed out earlier accidents happen and sometimes we might not have the ability to control the bad points that can take place to our laptops. And now that you have some great ideas on how to take care of a laptop, head to DealDash to pick some great one’s up at discount.

Taking Care of a Laptop with DealDash

A laptop computer is a costly item that is frequently prone to harm, mainly as a result of owners not usually knowing the best ways to keep it from damage. In this DealDash article I will certainly educate you on the best ways to care for your laptop computer in order to see to it you will certainly have the ability to appreciate it for several years. If you don’t own a computer or laptop yet, I suggest going to the DealDash website right now and picking one up at a bargain price.


Now, many of the laptop computer’s problems are created by the things that make it eye-catching for customers to begin with: its portable dimension as well as the fact that it’s by definition a mobile device. As a result of that the laptop situation is so small, all its internal components are stuck close together inside with little to no area around them. This creates a large issue when it pertains to cooling down and having a great air flow around the elements. With time, heat triggers irreversible harm to all the sensitive electronics inside the computer system. You can find cases for carrying laptops as well as cleaning supplies on DealDash, go to the site right now and check it out for yourself.

So, the first thing to get after buying a new laptop is a high quality cooling pad. The pad is absolutely nothing more than a slim board with a number of small fans in it that rests underneath the laptop. I suggest you buy an air conditioning pad that attracts its power from the laptop computer itself by means of a USB port. This makes sure that your laptop computer will remain a portable device as well as not end up being dependent on a plug for the air conditioning pad.

Dirt and also tiny sand particles are a real danger for your laptop computer. Dust is drawn right into the case by the coolers and also rapidly collects on the inner circuits. This blocks them up as well as makes them get too hot even more. Make sure to maintain your laptop computer on a clean table as well as clean the air conditioning pad regularly. Clean around the area of your laptop with some cleaning supplies from DealDash. You must also take your computer system for an extensive internal cleansing to an authorized solution center annually.

Laptop housings are typically made out of black plastic. Needless to say this brings in sunlight rays like a magnet which will in time deteriorate the breakable instance. So make certain you do not leave your equipment in straight sun light (a veranda, the dashboard of your auto, or perhaps a table that gets a lot of direct sunlight day-to-day). Direct sunlight can melt or ruin your laptop in a matter of hours.

Laptops are also sensitive to shock. The hard disk is particularly fragile and also the disks inside it can get promptly harmed if the computer obtains trashed about. A good alternative to consider is acquiring a laptop with SSD hard disks. The SSD has no relocating components and also can take any kind of sort of punishment without obtaining damaged.


A laptop is a great piece of equipment, and when treated appropriately can last for years. Now, as we said before, if you need a computer, laptop or other piece of electronics, head in to DealDash and see what you can find. You’ll be surprised by the affordable prices of such high-quality brands.

How to Take Care of a Laptop

A laptop is a costly piece of equipment that is on a regular basis prone to harm mainly because of the fact that owners don’t generally know how you can keep it from being damaged. In this post I will teach you the best ways to care for your laptop in order to see to it that it will last for years.


Numerous laptop computer’s problems are due to the fact that they’re eye-catching for customers to begin with: the compact size and the fact that it’s by definition a mobile device. Due to the fact that the laptop situation is so little, all its inner parts are stuck close together inside with little to no space around them. This produces problems when it concerns cooling and having a great air circulation around the elements. With time, heat creates irreversible harm to all the delicate electronic devices inside the computer system.

So, the first thing to obtain after purchasing a brand-new laptop computer is a top quality pad for cooling. The pad is absolutely nothing more than a slim board with a number of mini fans. It rests underneath the laptop computer. I suggest you acquire a cooling pad that attracts its power from the laptop computer itself by means of a USB port. This makes sure that your laptop computer will stay a mobile device and not come to be dependent on a plug for the air pad.

Dirt and also minute sand particles are an actual danger for your laptop computer. Dust is pulled right into the casing by the fan as well as rapidly collects on the inner circuits. This obstructs them and also makes them overheat. Ensure to maintain your laptop computer on a tide table as well as clean up the cooling pad on a regular basis. You should also take your computer system for a detailed internal cleaning to an authorized solution center yearly.

Laptop computer cases are typically constructed out of black plastic. Obviously this attracts sun rays like a magnet which will in time degrade the case. So ensure you don’t leave your device in direct sunlight light (a porch, the dashboard of your vehicle, and even a table that obtains a great deal of direct sunlight day-to-day).

Laptop computers are additionally susceptible to shock. The hard drive is especially vulnerable and the disks inside it can get swiftly destroyed if the computer gets trashed about. A good choice to consider is acquiring a laptop computer with SSD hard drives. The SSD has no relocating parts as well as could take any type of sort of punishment without getting harmed.


Now that you understand how a laptop works. Go to DealDash and see what you can find when it comes to laptops and computers in general.

Computer Bike DealDash Win

Win Laptops, Bikes and more on DealDash

My 1st big win on DealDash was an HP Pavilion laptop computer. It has everything you could want on a computer. Windows 8, touch screen and it’s wireless.

The best thing about this computer is I won it on a DealDash.com during a free auction weekend where DealDash paid the final winning sales price. After I won this computer I then had to work hard to convince my kid that I was not going to give them the computer but keep it for myself to enjoy it while bidding on Deal Dash in the future. With the win of this computer my sister and best friend also decided to give DealDash a try. They have some great experiences and won some nice items too!

I must say I was so happy to win this computer. This DealDash win is the computer I wrote this blog entry on. I also recently won two bicycles and did a Buy it Now on one bicycle. The two are identical, I bid on them for my granddaughter and myself to spend quality time when she has sleep overs at grandma’s.

The other bicycle was a 15 speed bicycle. I wasn’t paying attention while bidding and did not read that it was a 15 speed bicycle. A speed bicycle wasn’t what I wanted, so I donated it to a charity that collect bicycles for less fortunate children. I surely hope it made a child very happy.
My winning bids for the bicycles were priced at $3.87 and $8.53! You can’t hardly beat that! My granddaughter says “I have the best Grandma in the whole world.” That meant the world to me. I also like to win movie gift cards on DealDash because they make for great rainy day time for grandma with the grandkids. When it’s rainy we don’t ride the bikes but I do wish DealDash had more bicycle accessories to bid on like front and rear baskets, handle bar rear view mirrors, bicycle locks, etc.
How about you? What was your first win like?
By suvgal