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DealDash Travels: Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina! “Why would I want to go there?” you might ask. Well, let me tell you all of the great things about my hometown.

The main reason that a lot of people like to travel to Wilmington is the beaches. There are three main beaches – Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Wrightsville Beach, and there is also the beautiful Cape Fear River. I grew up going to Wrightsville Beach. I would say that Wrightsville is the most popular beach around town, Wrightsville Beach is North Carolina’s most accessible beach and known for its clear blue waters and spacious, clean sands. The water sports are amazing here, from Kayaking or paddle boarding, and even surfing. You can also fish, either from the pier, a boat, or even right from the sand.

Wilmington isn’t just about the beach, though. Actually my favorite part about Wilmington is its historic downtown area. The streets are cobblestone, there is some amazing architecture to check out, there are horse drawn carriage rides, trolley tours, ghost walks, paddle boat rides, and even a boardwalk that runs alongside the river. There are also lots of activities that go on downtown, especially in the summer, such as outdoor concerts, the Azalea Fest, fireworks, farmer’s markets, and more. Downtown Wilmington is also where my favorite coffee chain was started, Port City Java. There is nothing better than a summer evening walk along the river, and then a delicious mocha shake from Port City Java.

If you’re a golfer Wilmington has some courses you could enjoy, or you might want to take a side trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. Myrtle Beach is a little over an hour’s drive from Wilmington, and has over 100 courses for you to try. Myrtle Beach also has some great family activities if your family is not interested in golfing with you.

Early or late summer in North Carolina are the perfect times to go, the weather should be in the 80s, perfect for going to the beach. If you’re a brave soul like I was when I was a teenager, you can swim from approximately May through October. Wilmington is an awesome vacation destination, give it a try!

If you’re looking for luggage for your vacation this summer be sure to check out DealDash! They have luggage sets as well as single pieces. If you’re going to be travelling by plane don’t forget your TSA compatible luggage locks, DealDash has those, too! You can check out DealDash’s luggage and lock choices at this link right here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Cooks: With Kids

When looking for recipes you probably don’t take into account how easy they would be for kids to make. However, kids love to cook. Here are a couple easy recipes to start.

My two older kids are 4 and 8, and they both love to help in the kitchen. I think that making Christmas cookies was one of the highlights of their Christmas season. Sometimes cooking with kids can be a lot more work than cooking by yourself, but when you have some extra time why not let the little ones have some fun?

Peanut Noodles with Chicken – This is an Asian-inspired recipe that reminds me of a simple version of Vietnamese Fresh Summer Rolls, but without the wrapper. I can attest that kids love the combination of peanut butter, noodles, and chicken! If your kids are too little to be able to use the vegetable peeler by themselves put them to work shredding the chicken with a fork.


  • 18-ounce package thin rice noodles or sticks
  • 2 to 2 1/2-pound rotisserie chicken
  • carrot
  • seedless (English) cucumber
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce


  • Place the noodles in a large bowl and cover with hot tap water. Let soak until soft, 25 to 30 minutes. Drain with a colander or large strainer.
  • While the noodles are soaking, shred the chicken meat, discarding the skin and bones.
  • Use a vegetable peeler to make long strips of carrot and cucumber.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk together the peanut butter, soy sauce, and 6 tablespoons water until smooth. If you are having trouble with the consistency of the peanut butter you can put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to get it a little softer.
  • Divide the noodles, chicken, carrot, and cucumber among 4 bowls. Drizzle with the dressing.

Baked Potatoes with Broccoli and Sour Cream – I am personally not a fan of broccoli, but every kid (and most adults) that I know love it. In this recipe, my kid’s favorite part is poking the potatoes with the fork. Just make sure that they are extra careful not to poke themselves!


  • medium russet potatoes
  • 16-ounce package frozen broccoli
  • tablespoons butter
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • Kosher salt and black pepper


  • Prick the potatoes several times with a fork. Microwave on high until tender and a fork easily slides into the center, 12 to 15 minutes. Transfer the potatoes to a bowl and cover with a piece of aluminum foil to keep them warm.
  • In a medium microwave-proof bowl, combine the broccoli, butter, ½ teaspoon salt, and ¼ teaspoon pepper. Microwave on high for 3 minutes, stir once, then microwave until hot, 3 to 4 minutes more.
  • Split the potatoes (be careful of the steam). Top with the broccoli mixture and sour cream and sprinkle with ¼ teaspoon pepper.

I hope this article has inspired you to do a little cooking with your kids or grandkids. If you need any items for around the kitchen be sure to check out DealDash’s Kitchen and Dining section located right here. DealDash has many wonderful useful and decorative items available for bid 24/7. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Makes: DIY Summer Fun

Since you’re a fan of DealDash, you probably like to save money. Here are some fun things you can make for your kids or grandkids to have some fun this summer.

Playdough – Playdough is super simple to make, and kids can have hours of fun using it. My daughter begs to go outside on the deck every day and play with her playdough. Here’s the recipe:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 Tablespoon cream of tartar (optional for improved elasticity)
  • food coloring (to your desired color)


Add the water, salt and food coloring first. Heat and stir while the salt dissolves, then add the flour, oil and cream of tartar and continue to stir for about 5 minutes. Turn off the stove and let sit for another 5 minutes or so. Then add your coloring. All done!

Bubbles – Bubble solution is inexpensive at your local store, but it can be even cheaper to make at home, AND you get the added benefit of the fun of making it as well.


  • 1 Cup Liquid dish soap (Joy or Dawn brands work best. Try to find one that doesn’t say ‘Ultra’)
  • 6 Cups Distilled water (tap water is okay, but distilled water makes the best bubbles)
  • 1 Tbs Glycerin or 1/4 Cup light corn syrup
  • Clean container with lid


  1. Add water into container, then pour dish soap into the water and slowly stir it until the soap is mixed in. Try not to let foam or bubbles form while you stir.
  2. Add glycerin or corn syrup and add it to the container. Stir the solution until it is mixed together.
  3. You can use the solution right away, but to make even better bubbles, put the lid on the container and let your super bubble solution sit overnight. All done!

Kid’s Tent – If your kids want to have a camp out in the back yard, or if they just want a private and shady place to play during the hot summer day then make them a play tent! It’s easy and your kids will be impressed.


  • Hula hoop
  • Shower curtain
  • Shower curtain rings
  • String/rope
  • Branch to hang it on

Directions: Using the shower curtain rings attach the shower curtain to the hula hoop. Tie 4 lengths of string equidistant around the hula hoop. Hang on branch. All done!

4. Hang a shower curtain on a Hula-Hoop for another type of tent.

Now that you’ve saved so much money on outdoor activities for your kids, how about heading on over to DealDash and bidding on some toys that they can use inside when it’s raining out? DealDash has lots of fun things for kids, just check out the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category at this link here and see how much you can save! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash “Drones” On and On…

Drones are super hot right now. If you’ve never seen or used a drone, you’re in for a treat.

  I can pretty much guarantee the hottest toys for Christmas of 2016 are going to be toy drones, and there are many new models and types of drones to buy already. Drones for the average individual are relatively new in the marketplace, and it seems like it’s hard not to get bombarded with too much information when you are trying to do a little bit of simple research to figure out if getting a drone is a good move for you and your family. Here is a little information that might come in handy when you are thinking about jumping on the drone bandwagon.
  One of the first things that you are going to want to figure out before you go drone shopping is how long you would like your drone to be able to fly. Some drones can only fly for 10 minutes or so, whereas the higher end ones can fly for half an hour or so.
  You should also think about how long it will take to charge your drone. If the drone that you are considering buying takes hours to charge and can only fly for a few minutes is it really worth it? You might want to consider a slightly higher end drone if flight and charge times are important to you.
  The last thing that I would like you to consider is if the quality of the drone’s camera. Some people are satisfied with a lower quality of video while others want the sharpest images possible.
  If you’re on a budget when you’re shopping for your drone you might have to sacrifice in one of these areas to get better quality in another area. It’s completely up to you.
  A great way to get a high quality drone at a discount would be to bid on a drone auction on DealDash. DealDash has different styles of high quality drones to choose from. If you click on this link here it will take you to the drones that are available to either bid on now or set an alert for later. To set an alert simply click on the “Alert Me” button on the drone’s auction page and DealDash will send you an email when the auction is about to begin.
  I hope that this information about drones was helpful to you. Good luck and happy bidding everyone.

DealDash Presents: Skin Care

As a certified aesthetician I am constantly being asked by friends and family for skin care tips. Now you can get the benefit of my esthetic training without having to pretend that you enjoy my cooking!

My number one important tip for having beautiful skin is directed mostly towards the ladies that wear make up – make sure that you wash your face before you go to sleep, and be sure that there’s nothing other than moisturizer on your face when you go to sleep. No make up of course, but make sure that there’s not any lingering SPF sunscreen from the daytime, either. You can use a wash cloth, sponge, or even a fancy sonic cleaner to wash your face at night.
Even if the products that you are using say that they are non comedogenic (non pore clogging) they still aren’t good for your skin to keep on overnight when you are sleeping. Not only are they bad to keep on your skin while you are sleeping, they aren’t great for your pillow case, either!
Spa Sonic Skin Care Face and Body Polisher 7-Piece Kit, Pink
My next tip is even though you need to make sure that you go to sleep with no SPF sunscreen on your face be sure to put it on in the morning! Everyone should be using a SPF sunscreen in the morning, even if you are only going to be out in the sunlight for an hour here and there. 30 SPF is the ideal number for most people for daily use, and check your make up, ladies – a lot of moisturizer, foundation, or powder have SPF built-in, there’s no need to double up unless you are planning on being out in the sun for a longer period of time.
Speaking of the sun, my next tip is to be sure that you wear a hat or visor if you’re going to be in the sun for a longer period of time. For example if you’re going to the beach or lake, be sure that you wear a hat as well as re-applying your SPF sunscreen every few hours. Sunlight is great for your health and getting the Vitamin D that it provides is important, but please make sure that you apply SPF daily to protect your skin and keep it looking healthy.
So as you can see, the most important part of having great skin is prevention. If you’re looking for some skin care or spa items be sure to check out DealDash at this link right here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!
Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

I am originally from North Carolina, I moved up here to Massachusetts in 2004, so you would think that I would be used to the weather by now! However, every time the weather turns cold I dread the ice and the snow. Luckily, Dealdash offers some awesome winter products, including Snow Joe!

The first product that DealDash offers that’s great for the winter is probably the most obvious– The snow blower! There are a few different brands, but the one that I think that I see come up most often is the Snow Joe brand. There are a few different varieties of the Snow Joe, but the one that I think I see come up most often is the 18” electric snow blower. 18” is a great width for a snow blower– It’s wide enough for a sidewalk or walkway, and perfect for a small to medium size driveway. It’s the perfect size because it takes much less space to store than one of the wider ones, yet it still has a lot of snow clearing power. This snow blower has a 13.5 AMP motor, which translates into being able to move up to 800 pounds of snow per minute! Can you imagine how much your back will thank you when you use this snow blower from DealDash?

Another great winter product that DealDash offers is ice scrapers with brushes for the car! I have no idea how, but it seems like I misplace my ice scraper every year or so and need to get a new one. It was time to get a new one this year, and I was so happy that I started seeing them come up for bid on DealDash last month. The one that I got was the Hoppy Ice Crusher Extendable Snow brush, and I have used it a few times since it arrived. It breaks up the ice really well, and the extending brush is really great for shorter people (like me!) to be able to brush the snow off of the top of the car. I am really very happy with it, it feels very sturdy and works well. Dealdash also offers a smaller scraper, made by Snow Joe, that has a brass blade and is compact and perfect to stash in your glove compartment for when you need it.

These great winter products come up pretty often on DealDash, so my best advice would be to do a search for the winter product that you are interested in and hit the blue “Alert Me” button at the bottom of the product screen, and DealDash will send you an email when there is one coming up for bid soon. That way you will know when they are coming, and you can go book your Bid Buddy! Good luck Winning some great winter items!

Fight Winter Weather with Snow Joe

My name is Dawn, and I am a Mom of 2 in Massachusetts. I love DealDash as well as YouTube, if you would like to see one of my DealDash “unboxing” videos, check out the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3Wdmo2sv0

DealDash Auctions

How I got started bidding on DealDash.com

DealDash Auctions

I admit I had heard of penny auctions but I knew nothing about how they worked. I kept seeing the ad on my Facebook page for several but the one I saw the most and what made me finally join was the ad for DealDash.com.

I clicked on the ad link and was taken to the website. I watched the clock running down and the top bidder change for several minutes. I finally got up the courage to click the join link, and I was on my way!

I am not rich so I knew I wanted to be smart so as to not waste my money, so I watched a lot of auctions before I decided to get my feet wet and jump in on my first auction. I loved DealDash from the start but I did want to see what one other penny auction site was like so I checked out another auction site. I was not able to get a clear insight as to how that other penny auction site worked. On Dealdash, they describe how their auction site works so well, I had no doubt what to do and how to do it. Still I observed many auctions before I engaged in bidding.

Well, once I won my first few auctions, I was sold and have been a loyal bidder ever since 2012. I only use DealDash and I have never regretted it. Thanks DealDash for being a Top Notch Penny Auction site!

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a DealDash bidder since 9-2012. I have won over 150 auctions. I live in Ohio with my family.

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reasons I love you

Reasons I Think DealDash Is The Best Penny Auction Site

Here are my tops reasons and tips why I think DealDash is the best penny auction site available.

They are fair to everyone with the win limits

  • Everyone has a limit of 3 winning auctions worth 200 dollars or higher and 6 winning auctions under 200 dollars per week. Therefore making it fair for everyone to win!

Buy It Now option

  • If you bid on a item and don’t win you have the option to buy it at regular price and get what bids you used on that item back to try again.

Free shipping

  • What can I say, Dealdash always has FREE SHIPPING on every item!

Special promotions

  • Free auction wins. I love these! On special days DealDash has free auction wins, this is when no matter what price you win your auction, DealdDash picks up the tab and you only pay 1 penny for the item you won!
  • 50% off wins. This means if you win your auction item you only pay 50% of the price and always free shipping!
  • Free bids. If you win an item worth 199 dollars or more and submit a picture to DealDash’s Facebook page showcasing the item you get 200 free bids, if the item is 99 dollars to 198 dollars you get 75 free bids and if the item is less than 99 dollars you get 10 free bids.
  • Free 500 dollar gift card. When you submit your picture with auction wins to get your free bids, you get entered into this drawing to win a $500 gift card for Walmart, Target, etc. Dealdash chooses 1 winner every week!
  • Special bid prices. I try to buy bids when they are marked down, which is all the time!

Good chances to win and save

  • I have won 76 auctions since august 2013.
  • My first auction win I purchased 200 bids for 32 dollars and I used 30 bids to win a 2000 Bid Pack! I then placed bids on a 46 inch led TV and won that too! It was a free auction week so I only paid 1 penny plus 32 dollar bid pack.
  • But thats just the beginning! I submitted my picture with my TV for my free 200 bids and I won the best photo of the week contest for a 500 dollar gift card! That got me hooked! I have also won 25$ ,50$ gift cards and my grandsons toys and household items!

DealDash Bidding Tips

  • Always use Bid Buddy! I have won most of my auctions using this feature.
  • Never bid stomp! This means Do Not immediately bid after someone else bids. Let the timer countdown before bidding, that way everyone has a chance to get their time in to collect free bids. Bid stompers never win and they waste a lot of bids!
  • Do research on DealDash auctions. I watch auctions to see what price certain items go for and what time of day is best to bid!

So what are you waiting for? Go to DealDash.com right now and start winning! Happy Bidding!!

– suncrafts

Friendship Quote

15 Inspiring Quotes I Read About DealDash

Have you been thinking about giving DealDash a try but are still on the fence? You’re not alone. There’s been a lot of hype about penny auctions these days and with so many to choose from, which one do you go with? Here are 15 inspiring quotes I read about DealDash along with a few extra tidbits of information you should know.

Let’s start with a few good facts to know about DealDash

1.  It’s said DealDash is the longest operating online penny auction in the United States – this is nice to know because it proves DealDash is legit because they’ve been doing this for a long time. Well, at least since the beginning of penny auctions. They were established in the beginning 2009.

2.  DealDash only want customers who enjoy their shopping experience. Unlike some of the other penny auctions out there who just want your first purchase and don’t care if you come back; DealDash has opted for a really different and fair approach. DealDash provides all its customers with a 100% money back guarantee on the first purchase. That’s a really nice option and basically let’s you try the site risk free. This really shows their commitment to the customer. If you’ve never tried a penny auction site before wouldn’t you want this option? Plus, this is a no questions asked guarantee. They’ll even let you keep any item you may have won. After all DealDash’s tag line is “Fair and Honest” and clearly they are stepping up to the plate to provide their customers with a fair and honest guarantee such as this. I don’t think any other site provides this type of guarantee to their customers.

3.  Auctions can only have one winner which means the odds are against you and you’re probably going to lose most of the time. So what happens if you don’t win? DealDash provides customers with a Buy it Now option. This means you can buy the item at the normal store price and get back all the bids you used in the auction for free. As their Community Manager put it in his quote found on DealDash’s Google Plus page, I’ll start with this one to count down the 15 inspiring quotes I read about DealDash.

Number 15:

Why not shop on DealDash for a fun chance to win and save if you’re planning on buying the item anyway? Even if you don’t win the auction, you can purchase the product at regular price using DealDash’s unique Buy it Now option and get a full return on all the bids you used back to your DealDash account to try for something else. DealDash is not just a bidding site, it’s a fun and entertaining shopping site! – Dave, Community Manager

Number 14:

I was given a fully explained answer as to why I have yet to receive my product. I don’t use deal dash often but the reply I received is something I’ll tell others about when suggesting they look at the site.

Number 13:

Dealdash support has got to be the fastest company to respond to their customers. Anytime I’ve had an issue or even a basic question they respond sometimes within minutes where other companies out there respond days and days later or not at all.

Number 12:

For my money, DealDash is the best penny auction site out there and has the best support team in the Industry

Number 11:

Being new to this I thank all the support team who have ALWAYS answered my questions even when I am the frustrated one. The support teams goes out of their way to help and are always pleasant under the worst of times. THANKS FOR BEING THERE, grtgramto8

Number 10:

Extremely nice. As a former supervisor, I always trained my staff on the importance of respect and listening skills. Chris was very professional in his emails. Job well done.

Number 9:

I didn’t understand how it works and it was explained very well, also I was told I would get my bids back, since this was my first time and I appreciate that. I’ll try again, more cautiously this time. Thanks for taking the time to explain.

Number 8:

I’m in sales / customer service for 11 years now and it is very hard to come by these days. Wonderful/ helpful experience with Andrew. Thank you for setting the bar Deal Dash 🙂

Number 7:

Chris has been SO helpful with my return issues and questions. I have to say, ANYTIME I’ve needed to contact customer service, I’ve always been happy with the service I receive. Deal Dash, you hire some awesome folks to take care of your customers, and I appreciate that IMMENSELY!

Number 6:

“Shopping was never a game before; it was just shopping. But times are a change; and so is shopping.” “DealDash makes shopping a game” – Huffington Post

Number 5:

When you play, play for items you really want or need and if you lose the auction, be prepared to purchase it.  This is a win win for you too.

Number 4:

Let the clock run down so that you and everyone can earn those free bids.

Number 3:

If you post pictures of your wins on DealDash’s Facebook page, you’re given free bids to use in the auctions.

Number 2:

I love shopping on DealDash. It’s the first place I go online everyday and it’s the last place I check before I go to bed.

Number 1:

I like deal dash because of all the diversity as a penny auction. All the different ways to win free bids is awesome. The communication with staff is excellent. No other penny auction is this involved with its customers as Deal Dash.

Look what may be up for auction soon on DealDash – the funny Anchorman movie!

Anchorman DealDash

Penny auctions may not be for the faint hearted or busy people because there’s no guarantee of winning and it can be very time consuming. However, for those with time on their hands and patience to learn how it works, shopping like this can be a lot of fun and people are really getting some great deals. DealDash is known to list over 1,000 items up for auction every single day so there’s A LOT of variety and auctions to choose from. They also just posted a blog post on their official blog site DealDashBlog.com with an article listing the Best DealDash Wins in 2013 – have to say there are some great deals there.

Here are some other websites about DealDash where you can see what people are saying along with tips and bidding strategies.

DealDash TipsIs DealDash LegitDealDash DealsDealDash Shopping Review

Friendship Quote