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DealDash: Is Your Lawn Ready for Spring?

DealDash Spring is here! It’s time to get your lawn items organized. Read this article for some tips and tricks from DealDash.

Whether or not it looks like it where you are living, spring is officially here. To some, it means watching the snow melt; to others, fun in the sun. Sadly, my spring is the snow melting variety. Regardless of the weather where you are located, there are a few things every person should be doing at the beginning of spring. Read on for some suggestions from DealDash to get organized.

Shovels and Snowblowers

If you’re living in the northern states, chances are you know someone who still has snow on their lawn. Even so, it’s time to put our shoveling equipment away for the next two seasons. Remember when you’re doing this, that it is best to put your shovels out of the way, but not in hard-to-reach places. There’s always the chance of another snowstorm if you’re living in New England! Also, you’ll need them in a few months, so it would be wise to keep them where you can get to them easily. 

If you use a snowblower, you’re not likely to need it again until Winter comes again. Any snow from here on out should just be a dusting. You can put your snowblower away in the garage or shed after you have run the gas out. To do this, simply take the snowblower outside, start it up, and let it run until it is out of gas. You’ll want to do this soon so you can put it away sooner. After all, snowblowers are bigger, bulkier, and more likely to get in the way than the shovels.

Is Your Lawnmower Ready?

After that, we can get the lawnmower ready. With the beautiful green grass growing slowly but surely on your lawn comes the work of mowing it. How do we prepare for that task? Simple!

Now that the snowblower and shovels are put away, we must pull our lawnmower out of the garage or shed. That’s only the beginning of lawnmowing prep work, though. We must be sure our mower is ready to go. You can do this by hiring a professional, but it is much cheaper to do these simple tasks yourself.

Only a few things must be checked before mowing the lawn.The first thing I recommend is the air filter. That’s the cylinder of folded paper held together by grates made of plastic, metal, or both. If it’s clean and dry, you can leave it be. Chances are, though, you will need to replace it. After that, you should check the gas and oil levels. If you don’t know how to do this, remember that it is approximately the same process as checking the oil level in your car. When in doubt, please hire a professional.

Thanks for Reading

If you need a shovel, snowblower, shed, or other outdoor items, be sure to check DealDash first. Check out the Home, Garden, and Tools category on DealDash. You can find it at this link right here.

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  This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. Read even more on DealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Reveals Budget Vacation Spots


Vacationing on a budget can be tricky. Here are some great places that won’t break the bank, from DealDash.

Everyone loves the summertime. You have beautiful weather and nice warm days.  Most activities are done during the summer especially going on vacation. Most people don’t want to break the bank when it comes to choosing a vacation spot. You may think that all vacation spots are expensive, but that is not the case. Here are some affordable vacation spots for the summer, from DealDash.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is one of the most underrated vacation spots. It is perfect for a family vacation. You can discover tasty culinary treasures, explore the Andy Warhol Museum, and catch a Pirates baseball game. If you are an outdoor lover, you can go hiking on Mount Washington to watch the perfect sunset. This vacation will be exceptionally inexpensive if you are close enough to drive to eliminate the airfare and luggage fees. 

Oakland, California

Oakland California gets sometimes overlooked because of other attractions in California. However, it is one of the most affordable vacation spots. It has great summer weather, beautiful neighborhoods, and family-friendly attractions. Hotels and flight costs are low compared to other destinations, so it is good to book a trip during the summertime. If you’re done with the typical California vacation of a kiddie theme park, then you should give Oakland, CA a try.

Barcelona, Spain

Finally, if you are looking for a foreign destination to go this summer, Barcelona should be your number one international vacation spot. Barcelona has great weather and short flights that are inexpensive. You can explore the culture, and enjoy the beaches. It may be crowded during the summer, but summer is the perfect time to take a trip to Barcelona. I also have it on good authority that the people in Barcelona are kind and friendly. Do yourself a favor and travel to Barcelona the next time you’re looking for a vacation outside of the states.

Thanks for Reading

These vacation spots are really fun places to go to. I hope these vacation spots will give you the perfect summer vacation. Remember to wear plenty of sunscreen and make sure that you dress cool so you will not get overheated. The next time you go on vacation, you should consider these vacation spots. You and your family will have a great time exploring a new place, even if you’re on a tight budget. If you are ready to book a vacation, be sure to check out some of these ideas from DealDash.

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on vacation spots for those on a budget. Don’t forget to check back every day for new articles here. Also read our sister blog, DealDash Tips. We love to hear from our readers. Leave a comment below and let us know What you’d like to read about.

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  This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. Read even more on DealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Fun Valentine’s Date Ideas

dealdash valentines day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, do you have a date planned out for you and your sweetie? Why do the same old dinner? Here are some different ideas from DealDash.

Dinner and a movie might be a standard date, but why not try something new and different for Valentine’s Day? Some of these ideas from DealDash might not be romantic, but they will be fun quality time spent with your date, and isn’t that the important part?

Comedy Club

It’s said that laughing is a great bonding experience for couples, so perhaps a Valentine’s Day date to the comedy club is in order. Check your local Yelp or Google Guide to see if there’s a comedy club near you. Next, be sure of the hours and if you need tickets in advance. Have a fun time laughing the night away with your honey.

Paint Night

Many smaller restaurants and bars have what’s known as “paint night.” Paint night is a super fun activity that includes instruction from an art teacher how to paint a simple painting, and you can usually purchase wine or bring your own. Have a lovely time bonding with your mate while painting and sipping.

Couple’s Massage

Forget the dinner and a movie, I would trade them both for a massage! Couple’s massages aren’t always offered at your standard chain massage businesses, but sometimes they offer them as a special for Valentine’s Day. If you can’t get a couple’s massage, just get two regular massages booked at the same time. Once you’re face down on the massage table you won’t notice that the other person is in the room, anyway.

Cooking Class

What’s more romantic than Italian food? Italian food that you make yourself! Enroll you and your honey in a cooking class and learn how to make a meal together. The bonding experience will be great for your relationship – and if not, at least you will get a meal out of it!

I hope that you found this new DealDash article on Valentine’s Day date ideas helpful. Reading the DealDash Reviews and our sister blog DealDash Tips Blog  daily is one way to stay “in the loop” when it comes to DealDash happenings.

If you are shopping for a gift, art, candle, or other, check DealDash first. DealDash has it all! Visit DealDash now and get your Valentine’s Day sweetie a gift! DealDash wants to help you. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Makes: Beauty Bath Bombs

Image result for make bath bombs

Many women and children (and even some men!) love to take a relaxing bath before bed. Homemade bath bombs can make your bath extra luxurious.

Bath bombs are very easy to make, the ingredients are relatively inexpensive, and you can make them tailored to your own scent preference. Not only that, you can even make them into fun shapes for your children or to give as gifts. Don’t pay those outrageous mall specialty store prices, make your own! Once you have the basic recipe you can include any sort of color, scent, or shape that you like. This is also a fun project that you can do with your kids, if they are reluctant bathers, this might help.


  • 1 cup Baking Soda
  • 1/2 cup Citric Acid
  • 1/2 cup Epsom Salt (preferably the fine-grained type)
  • 1/2 cup Corn Starch
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons Almond Oil (or grapeseed oil, avocado oil, or any other carrier oil that you choose)
  • 3/4 tablespoons Water
  • 2 teaspoons Essential Oils (Any scent you like, you can even mix them)
  • Liquid food coloring (optional, but extra fun)
  • Mold (Silicone is the easiest to remove the bath bomb)


  1. Using your dry ingredients, combine 1 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of corn starch, 1/2 cup of epsom salt, and 1/2 cup of citric acid in a large bowl. Be sure that your dry ingredients are mixed well.
  2. Using your liquid ingredients, combine 2 1/2 tablespoons of almond ( or other carrier oil) oil, 3/4 tablespoons of water, and 2 teaspoons of essential oils in a separate bowl.
  3. Combine the mixture of wet ingredients into your dry ingredients and mix together. Please be sure that they are mixed extremely well, otherwise you will have chunks in your bath bombs, and no one wants that!
  4. Add your food coloring. Approximately 3-6 drops of food coloring is appropriate, depending on how light or dark you would like your bath bombs. If you would like to make more than 1 color of bath bomb, separate your mixture into different bowls. The more bowls you use separate your mixture, the less food coloring you will need to use in each. Mix food coloring well, you can even put gloves on and squash it around with your hands.
  5. Time to fill your mold! spoon some of your mixture into the mold, and squash down tightly with either a spoon or your hand. Continue filling and squashing until your bath bomb has reached the top of the mold. You can even layer different colors on top of one another.
  6. Let your mixture dry in the mold for 1-2 hours, depending on how big the bath bombs are.
  7. Remove from the mold, put on waxed paper, and continue to let them dry overnight.
  8. After drying you can store them in airtight containers and use as needed.

If you are having a difficult time finding the perfect silicone mold, you can use metal or plastic molds as well. Even a muffin tin will work in a pinch! For kid’s bath bombs I like to use fun-shaped silicone ice cube trays. You can make more bath bombs that way, so they can throw in 2 or 3 per bath.

I hope that you have found this article helpful. Check out DealDash‘s Fashion, Health, and Beauty category for more great beauty products. DealDash is always on trend. Just click here and you will be taken to DealDash so you can browse the auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Image result for make bath bombs

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DealDash Helps: Keep Hobby Costs Low

No matter what your hobby, from photography to knitting and everything in between you can always find ways to cut costs. Let DealDash help you save some money.

Hobbies can be expensive, especially if you are just starting to be interested in a certain hobby. Almost every hobby that you pick up will require you to buy at least something to get started. Some hobbies, like photography can be extremely expensive; other hobbies such as doing hand embroidery or puzzles only require a small amount of money to get started. If you aren’t 100% sure what hobby that you are interested in it might be smart to try out a few hobbies that only need a few inexpensive supplies to get started instead of trying out the more expensive hobbies first.

If you are definitely set on one of the more expensive hobbies there are always ways to save money. For example, if you are positive that photography is the hobby for you, then try to buy all of your supplies on sale. As someone who DealDashes, I’m sure that you know that you can get most photography supplies cheaper on DealDash! If you go to the Electronics and Computer category on DealDash you can choose what supplies that you are interested in and stay on budget.

Perhaps you are still trying to choose a hobby and can’t decide. Instead of randomly picking a hobby that you aren’t sure about you should make a list of some things that you enjoy doing, and soon enough you will see if there is a theme present that you could turn into a hobby. For example, if you make a list that has nature, hiking, outdoors, and animals on it you might enjoy birdwatching or plant identification. If you’re more of a homebody and your list includes those same things you might enjoy gardening or maybe even bee keeping! No matter what hobby you pick be sure to do your research on brands and prices. Try to buy the bulk of your supplies on a holiday weekend such as 4th of July, Labor Day, Black Friday, etc. Most places (including DealDash!) usually have extremely good deals on holiday weekends.

DealDash can help reduce your hobby costs dramatically by bidding on and winning gift cards. Most hobbies require you to buy supplies regularly, and if you can acquire any of those supplies at a place that DealDash offers gift cards for such as Wal*Mart, Target, K-Mart, or so many others you can bid on them and get a great deal, or BIN (Buy It Now) and pay face value for the gift card, get free shipping, and get to keep the clock time that you spent as the highest bidder.

I hope that you found this article helpful for money-saving ideas for your hobbies. Think about my suggestions and head on over to DealDash to save some money on your hobbies. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Does Backyard Campouts

When I asked my daughter what she wanted to do this upcoming weekend her answer surprised me. She said she wanted to have a backyard campout.

My son used to request backyard campouts when he was younger, but my daughter was always too scared to participate. I guess this summer is going to be filled with fun nights of camping out in the backyard. It’s the perfect compromise of sleeping out under the stars, yet be close enough to a bathroom, kitchen, and a bed if it starts raining!

If you’ve never had a backyard campout it’s pretty simple to do. All you truly need is a tent, some sleeping bags or blankets that you don’t mind going outside, and some kind of lighting for the little ones. We do our backyard camping on our deck, so we cheat a little bit and just turn the deck light on. However, if you have older, braver kids then you might be able to get by with a camping lantern or even flashlights.

One of the best parts about backyard camping (other than the aforementioned bathrooms!) is playing games and telling stories. Here are a couple of fun games that you and your family can play while you are backyard camping.

  • Obstacle Course – You can easily turn your backyard items into a fun obstacle course for little kids, big kids, and even adults. You can let them jump over low hedges and bushes, do a tightrope walk on the garden hose, crawl under the deck chairs, do a lap around the whole house, and then back to the start. You can make this into a race, and even more fun than a single person race is if you team up a little kid with an older sibling or parent. It’s fun to see the older kids working with the younger ones.
  • Photo Bug Hunt – Photo bug hunt is exactly like it sounds! Make a list of easily found and identified bugs such as ladybug, ant, bee, spider, moth, etc. and send the kids or teams out with a camera or camera phone and see who is the first to bring back pictures of all the bugs on the list.
  • Bean Bag Ladder – Using a ladder from your shed or garage tape a paper declaring the number of points each step will receive. Make a line on your grass with tape, spray paint, or a garden hose. Have people stand behind the line and toss bean bags onto the ladder steps. If you have little kids playing this you might want to have a closer throwing line for them to make things more fair. If you don’t have any bean bags you can always fill up some ziplock bags with rice or beans, and if you double ziplock it they should still be intact enough to withstand the game so you can still use them to cook with after you are done with them.


Grab a ladder from the garage and play bean bag toss.

If backyard camping appeals to you then head on over to DealDash and pick up some camping supplies. DealDash has tents, sleeping bags, and plenty of other things that you can use for your backyard campout. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Picks the Right Knives

Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly which knife that you should use for the job. Here is a handy guide to help sort things out.

  • Chef’s Knife – This knife is your everyday “go-to” knife. You use the Chef’s Knife for all of your basic preparation such as chopping, slicing and dicing, and mincing.
  • Utility Knife – The Utility Knife is very similar to the Chef’s Knife, but the blade is a bit slimmer. This is a very useful knife to have around for everyday jobs such as slicing the meat off of a rotisserie chicken.
  • Paring Knife – This little fella is a huge help in the kitchen with peeling off the skin of veggies, trimming, and slicing veggies up for a snack.
  • Bread Knife – I’m pretty sure you can guess what this one is for! It’s also great for slicing tomatoes without bruising them.
  • Santoku Knife – This knife is a hybrid between a Chef’s Knife and a meat cleaver. This knife is great for those difficult cuts of meat, slicing, and chopping.
  • Carving Knife – This knife’s main job is to carve large cuts of meat such as your Thanksgiving turkey or ham.
  • Steak Knife – Again, I’m pretty sure you can guess how these are used.

There are other types of knives, of course, but these are the most common ones, and the ones that you are most likely to find in a knife set. There are also usually a pair of kitchen scissors and a honing blade to sharpen your knives, as well as a butcher’s block to keep the knives in.

Farberware 20 pc Carousel Cutlery Set

If you are looking for a whole new set of knives, or maybe to just replace one of yours you should check out DealDash. DealDash has some great full sets of knives as well as some singles available for bidding. You can check out DealDash’s knives at this link right here. DealDash also has a lot of other great kitchen items in their Kitchen and Dining category, which can be found right here.

I hope that you found this article helpful in choosing which knife is right for the job! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Travels: Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina! “Why would I want to go there?” you might ask. Well, let me tell you all of the great things about my hometown.

The main reason that a lot of people like to travel to Wilmington is the beaches. There are three main beaches – Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Wrightsville Beach, and there is also the beautiful Cape Fear River. I grew up going to Wrightsville Beach. I would say that Wrightsville is the most popular beach around town, Wrightsville Beach is North Carolina’s most accessible beach and known for its clear blue waters and spacious, clean sands. The water sports are amazing here, from Kayaking or paddle boarding, and even surfing. You can also fish, either from the pier, a boat, or even right from the sand.

Wilmington isn’t just about the beach, though. Actually my favorite part about Wilmington is its historic downtown area. The streets are cobblestone, there is some amazing architecture to check out, there are horse drawn carriage rides, trolley tours, ghost walks, paddle boat rides, and even a boardwalk that runs alongside the river. There are also lots of activities that go on downtown, especially in the summer, such as outdoor concerts, the Azalea Fest, fireworks, farmer’s markets, and more. Downtown Wilmington is also where my favorite coffee chain was started, Port City Java. There is nothing better than a summer evening walk along the river, and then a delicious mocha shake from Port City Java.

If you’re a golfer Wilmington has some courses you could enjoy, or you might want to take a side trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. Myrtle Beach is a little over an hour’s drive from Wilmington, and has over 100 courses for you to try. Myrtle Beach also has some great family activities if your family is not interested in golfing with you.

Early or late summer in North Carolina are the perfect times to go, the weather should be in the 80s, perfect for going to the beach. If you’re a brave soul like I was when I was a teenager, you can swim from approximately May through October. Wilmington is an awesome vacation destination, give it a try!

If you’re looking for luggage for your vacation this summer be sure to check out DealDash! They have luggage sets as well as single pieces. If you’re going to be travelling by plane don’t forget your TSA compatible luggage locks, DealDash has those, too! You can check out DealDash’s luggage and lock choices at this link right here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Cooks: With Kids

When looking for recipes you probably don’t take into account how easy they would be for kids to make. However, kids love to cook. Here are a couple easy recipes to start.

My two older kids are 4 and 8, and they both love to help in the kitchen. I think that making Christmas cookies was one of the highlights of their Christmas season. Sometimes cooking with kids can be a lot more work than cooking by yourself, but when you have some extra time why not let the little ones have some fun?

Peanut Noodles with Chicken – This is an Asian-inspired recipe that reminds me of a simple version of Vietnamese Fresh Summer Rolls, but without the wrapper. I can attest that kids love the combination of peanut butter, noodles, and chicken! If your kids are too little to be able to use the vegetable peeler by themselves put them to work shredding the chicken with a fork.


  • 18-ounce package thin rice noodles or sticks
  • 2 to 2 1/2-pound rotisserie chicken
  • carrot
  • seedless (English) cucumber
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce


  • Place the noodles in a large bowl and cover with hot tap water. Let soak until soft, 25 to 30 minutes. Drain with a colander or large strainer.
  • While the noodles are soaking, shred the chicken meat, discarding the skin and bones.
  • Use a vegetable peeler to make long strips of carrot and cucumber.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk together the peanut butter, soy sauce, and 6 tablespoons water until smooth. If you are having trouble with the consistency of the peanut butter you can put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to get it a little softer.
  • Divide the noodles, chicken, carrot, and cucumber among 4 bowls. Drizzle with the dressing.

Baked Potatoes with Broccoli and Sour Cream – I am personally not a fan of broccoli, but every kid (and most adults) that I know love it. In this recipe, my kid’s favorite part is poking the potatoes with the fork. Just make sure that they are extra careful not to poke themselves!


  • medium russet potatoes
  • 16-ounce package frozen broccoli
  • tablespoons butter
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • Kosher salt and black pepper


  • Prick the potatoes several times with a fork. Microwave on high until tender and a fork easily slides into the center, 12 to 15 minutes. Transfer the potatoes to a bowl and cover with a piece of aluminum foil to keep them warm.
  • In a medium microwave-proof bowl, combine the broccoli, butter, ½ teaspoon salt, and ¼ teaspoon pepper. Microwave on high for 3 minutes, stir once, then microwave until hot, 3 to 4 minutes more.
  • Split the potatoes (be careful of the steam). Top with the broccoli mixture and sour cream and sprinkle with ¼ teaspoon pepper.

I hope this article has inspired you to do a little cooking with your kids or grandkids. If you need any items for around the kitchen be sure to check out DealDash’s Kitchen and Dining section located right here. DealDash has many wonderful useful and decorative items available for bid 24/7. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Makes: DIY Summer Fun

Since you’re a fan of DealDash, you probably like to save money. Here are some fun things you can make for your kids or grandkids to have some fun this summer.

Playdough – Playdough is super simple to make, and kids can have hours of fun using it. My daughter begs to go outside on the deck every day and play with her playdough. Here’s the recipe:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 Tablespoon cream of tartar (optional for improved elasticity)
  • food coloring (to your desired color)


Add the water, salt and food coloring first. Heat and stir while the salt dissolves, then add the flour, oil and cream of tartar and continue to stir for about 5 minutes. Turn off the stove and let sit for another 5 minutes or so. Then add your coloring. All done!

Bubbles – Bubble solution is inexpensive at your local store, but it can be even cheaper to make at home, AND you get the added benefit of the fun of making it as well.


  • 1 Cup Liquid dish soap (Joy or Dawn brands work best. Try to find one that doesn’t say ‘Ultra’)
  • 6 Cups Distilled water (tap water is okay, but distilled water makes the best bubbles)
  • 1 Tbs Glycerin or 1/4 Cup light corn syrup
  • Clean container with lid


  1. Add water into container, then pour dish soap into the water and slowly stir it until the soap is mixed in. Try not to let foam or bubbles form while you stir.
  2. Add glycerin or corn syrup and add it to the container. Stir the solution until it is mixed together.
  3. You can use the solution right away, but to make even better bubbles, put the lid on the container and let your super bubble solution sit overnight. All done!

Kid’s Tent – If your kids want to have a camp out in the back yard, or if they just want a private and shady place to play during the hot summer day then make them a play tent! It’s easy and your kids will be impressed.


  • Hula hoop
  • Shower curtain
  • Shower curtain rings
  • String/rope
  • Branch to hang it on

Directions: Using the shower curtain rings attach the shower curtain to the hula hoop. Tie 4 lengths of string equidistant around the hula hoop. Hang on branch. All done!

4. Hang a shower curtain on a Hula-Hoop for another type of tent.

Now that you’ve saved so much money on outdoor activities for your kids, how about heading on over to DealDash and bidding on some toys that they can use inside when it’s raining out? DealDash has lots of fun things for kids, just check out the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category at this link here and see how much you can save! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash “Drones” On and On…

Drones are super hot right now. If you’ve never seen or used a drone, you’re in for a treat.

  I can pretty much guarantee the hottest toys for Christmas of 2016 are going to be toy drones, and there are many new models and types of drones to buy already. Drones for the average individual are relatively new in the marketplace, and it seems like it’s hard not to get bombarded with too much information when you are trying to do a little bit of simple research to figure out if getting a drone is a good move for you and your family. Here is a little information that might come in handy when you are thinking about jumping on the drone bandwagon.
  One of the first things that you are going to want to figure out before you go drone shopping is how long you would like your drone to be able to fly. Some drones can only fly for 10 minutes or so, whereas the higher end ones can fly for half an hour or so.
  You should also think about how long it will take to charge your drone. If the drone that you are considering buying takes hours to charge and can only fly for a few minutes is it really worth it? You might want to consider a slightly higher end drone if flight and charge times are important to you.
  The last thing that I would like you to consider is if the quality of the drone’s camera. Some people are satisfied with a lower quality of video while others want the sharpest images possible.
  If you’re on a budget when you’re shopping for your drone you might have to sacrifice in one of these areas to get better quality in another area. It’s completely up to you.
  A great way to get a high quality drone at a discount would be to bid on a drone auction on DealDash. DealDash has different styles of high quality drones to choose from. If you click on this link here it will take you to the drones that are available to either bid on now or set an alert for later. To set an alert simply click on the “Alert Me” button on the drone’s auction page and DealDash will send you an email when the auction is about to begin.
  I hope that this information about drones was helpful to you. Good luck and happy bidding everyone.

DealDash Presents: Skin Care

As a certified aesthetician I am constantly being asked by friends and family for skin care tips. Now you can get the benefit of my esthetic training without having to pretend that you enjoy my cooking!

My number one important tip for having beautiful skin is directed mostly towards the ladies that wear make up – make sure that you wash your face before you go to sleep, and be sure that there’s nothing other than moisturizer on your face when you go to sleep. No make up of course, but make sure that there’s not any lingering SPF sunscreen from the daytime, either. You can use a wash cloth, sponge, or even a fancy sonic cleaner to wash your face at night.
Even if the products that you are using say that they are non comedogenic (non pore clogging) they still aren’t good for your skin to keep on overnight when you are sleeping. Not only are they bad to keep on your skin while you are sleeping, they aren’t great for your pillow case, either!
Spa Sonic Skin Care Face and Body Polisher 7-Piece Kit, Pink
My next tip is even though you need to make sure that you go to sleep with no SPF sunscreen on your face be sure to put it on in the morning! Everyone should be using a SPF sunscreen in the morning, even if you are only going to be out in the sunlight for an hour here and there. 30 SPF is the ideal number for most people for daily use, and check your make up, ladies – a lot of moisturizer, foundation, or powder have SPF built-in, there’s no need to double up unless you are planning on being out in the sun for a longer period of time.
Speaking of the sun, my next tip is to be sure that you wear a hat or visor if you’re going to be in the sun for a longer period of time. For example if you’re going to the beach or lake, be sure that you wear a hat as well as re-applying your SPF sunscreen every few hours. Sunlight is great for your health and getting the Vitamin D that it provides is important, but please make sure that you apply SPF daily to protect your skin and keep it looking healthy.
So as you can see, the most important part of having great skin is prevention. If you’re looking for some skin care or spa items be sure to check out DealDash at this link right here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!
challenges of winning penny auctions

Challenges of Winning Penny Auctions

While the challenges of winning penny auctions has always been one of the reasons we bid, I find it’s the uneducated bidders who make the auction winning the most challenging.

Meeting the challenges requires bidders to be more informed than ever to win. How do we meet these challenges of winning penny auctions while still maintaining our bidding budget? This is the dilemma. While the Buy it Now option which DealDash offers is the best of any other penny auction site, no one really wants to buy it now 10 times more often than winning.

My best advice to keep the Buy it Nows and wins more in alignment is to know who your bidders are in an auction. You can read more about that in this article titled Knowing Your Competition and Why it’s Important.

Determine which bidders is in for the quick win and who is in for the long term. You can tell who has their Bid Buddy set and who is merely bidding one bid at a time and hoping to get lucky. The technique of putting one bid in an auction then resting for a countless number of bids rarely works to score a win. The Bid Buddy really is your best friend, learn how and when to use BidBuddy. Determine before ever entering the auction how many bids you are willing to place and then stick to it. I know it is difficult to not put all of your bids on one auction, but the law of averages is against your actually winning on a long-lasting auction.

challenges of winning penny auctions

Related: New To Bidding? Stop Single Bidding And Use BidBuddy

For several weeks I have watched the auctions on a well-known brand of mixer. Several of these auctions I observed were not won by the person who bid more than 1000 bids but rather by a patient bidder who watched and waited for the right time to enter the auction for a win. While the challenges to winning penny auctions will always exist, help yourself by investing time to understand when it’s the right time to bid.

Read the bidding tips and strategies you’ll find in this blog and put them into practice. Patience and knowledge really do make for a winning combination on DealDash. I encourage everyone to read up on all the tips DealDash has to offer and remember, with free, fast shipping DealDash is the #1 site to be on. Good luck fellow bidders!

You may also like: Ways To Help You Bid Better

By Joan Vith

How to Win on DealDash

DealDash Competition

I have been writing about events and things we can all do to be better winners and fellow bidders on DealDash.

When you think about penny auction sites, being a winner is the main goal. Who wouldn’t want to win a flat-screen tv for $5? I think we are all alike in the fact we want the best deal possible on the prize we try to win.

Knowing we can’t win all of the auctions we bid on, why do we keep bidding? I have gone into auctions knowing full well I was not going to win. But, “you never know”, keeps creeping into your mind. It happened for someone else, why can’t it happen to me too?

RelatedThe Most Challenging Auctions To Win On DealDash


When I was in grade school, high school, and even college, I found my competitive urges were high. I strived to be the best in all of my classes. This urge was even stronger when I returned to college after 20 years and found I was competing with 18-20 year olds who had just graduated from high school. What was the difference? I knew I had to do better to get ahead. Having worked for over 25 years I knew my supervisors and colleagues got ahead by striving to do more, do things better, and generate ideas for even smarter ways to get the job done.

Isn’t that what we are doing now on DealDash? I enjoy the competition on DealDash.com and winning feeds that desire to continue striving to do better. Sometimes I do and sometimes I really get bombed. But, the competition is still there and I keep on using whatever knowledge I have gained on the site to come out on top. Competition is missing in my day-to-day life and I find DealDash helps me keep a strong competitive edge in other venues. DealDash is the best penny auction site online and their customer service is excellent. Free shipping is a bonus, too. Happy bidding fellow bidders, new and old, let the competition begin!

By Joan Vith

How to Win on DealDash

DealDash bidding on Home Computer Or Mobile Device

DealDash Bidding on Mobile or Home Computer

Do you prefer bidding on auctions using your home computer or a mobile device when shopping on DealDash?

Perhaps it might be more difficult for a senior citizen like me to make the leap from using my home computer to bidding with a mobile device, but I wanted to at least give it a try to keep up with my granddaughter’s generation. Therefore, I stared bidding on DealDash auctions using a mobile device I won!

I was lucky enough to win my first mobile device, a $499 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, 16GB white, for only $18.46 and 290 bids on DealDash. At 15 cents a bid (which is what I usually pay) my Samsung Galaxy note cost me a total of $61.96 which is a savings of $437.04 from the retail price.

Before that I always used my home computer to shop on DealDash.com … and I still do. Why? I am retired and I am now writing my first novel, so I am usually working on my home computer, anyway. Most of all, I prefer using a big monitor screen and an actual keyboard.

The only problem is that my computer is downstairs and my TV is upstairs, so I thought I might be able to win more auctions if I used my notebook to monitor the bidding process whenever I am upstairs. After having my new mobile device for a year, I finally asked my son Shawn to show me how to use it. First, he performed his magic to make it recognize my home Wi-Fi. Then he went with me to a local coffee shop to show me how to connect to Wi-Fi when I’m away from home.

Whenever connected to DealDash my mobile device appears to work just as well as my home computer, but I forget how to make the keyboard pop up, causing unnecessary delays. After I get used to it, I might eventually learn to like using my mobile device. In the meantime, I still find it a lot easier to run downstairs and place all my bids from my home computer.

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on DealDash.com since February 2012. So far, Barbara is on Level 41 and has won 460 auctions.

DealDash bidding on Mobile Device or computer

DealDash Amazon gift cards

Start Your Day with DealDash

Early this morning as I got ready for work, I thought about the products I was using and where I had purchased them. I washed my hair with Bath and Body Works shampoo and used their conditioner too. Hmmm, the body wash I was using was from Bath and Body Works as well! The really nice triple thick body lotion, guess what? Bath and body Works too.

As I brushed my teeth with Crest, hmm, this was from Amazon, and oh yes, so was the hair gel, hair spray, and even the Kleenex. I purchased all of these items with gift cards I have won or bought on DealDash. Oh, and don’t forget the pain reliever for the head or body aches that may come. This comes from Amazon too.

As I dressed in my Land’s End slacks and shirt, I realized they had come from Deal Dash gift cards. The Kmart cards offered at DealDash.com are good not only at Kmart, but Sears, Land’s End, and Banana Republic. The finishing touch, the shoes, oh, they came from Amazon. The great thing about shopping online is that the sizes are right and the colors you want are there. No longer do I trek through department stores looking for sizes, colors, right fit, etc.

For those who are concerned about sales taxes in your state, many of the sites I buy from charge state sales tax. I feel the convenience and selection of shopping with my buys/wins really makes shopping on DealDash a grand shopping experience!

Happy Bidding!

By Joan Vith

DealDash Amazon gift cards

Outdoor Fireplace Won on DealDash.com

Double DealDash Win    

Earlier this year I was shopping on DealDash, when I came across two different outdoor fire bowls for our deck.

I decided to place bids on both of them hoping to win at least one of them. I booked 200 bids in my BidBuddy on one valued at $298.00 and 100 bids on the other one valued at $147.00. I continued to look at all the other items being auctioned off when I happened to win!

I was so excited I had won the copper roof outdoor fireplace for $4.18 and 98 bids! I couldn’t believe it! So I placed my order and paid for it and remembered I had booked 200 bids on the other one. So I clicked on it and was going to cancel my bids when all of a sudden it popped up Congratulations you won!

I won the Uniflame slate tiled outdoor fire bowl for $8.27 and 98 bids! So now we have two! I plan on using one to roast marshmallows with our grandsons this summer! The other one I haven’t decided yet what I will do with it, maybe give it away for a gift or keep it for next year! Either way they both will come in handy this summer!

Outdoor Fireplace Won on DealDash.com Outdoor screen fire pit won on DealDash.com


By Dan Boles and Donna

Computer Bike DealDash Win

Win Laptops, Bikes and more on DealDash

My 1st big win on DealDash was an HP Pavilion laptop computer. It has everything you could want on a computer. Windows 8, touch screen and it’s wireless.

The best thing about this computer is I won it on a DealDash.com during a free auction weekend where DealDash paid the final winning sales price. After I won this computer I then had to work hard to convince my kid that I was not going to give them the computer but keep it for myself to enjoy it while bidding on Deal Dash in the future. With the win of this computer my sister and best friend also decided to give DealDash a try. They have some great experiences and won some nice items too!

I must say I was so happy to win this computer. This DealDash win is the computer I wrote this blog entry on. I also recently won two bicycles and did a Buy it Now on one bicycle. The two are identical, I bid on them for my granddaughter and myself to spend quality time when she has sleep overs at grandma’s.

The other bicycle was a 15 speed bicycle. I wasn’t paying attention while bidding and did not read that it was a 15 speed bicycle. A speed bicycle wasn’t what I wanted, so I donated it to a charity that collect bicycles for less fortunate children. I surely hope it made a child very happy.
My winning bids for the bicycles were priced at $3.87 and $8.53! You can’t hardly beat that! My granddaughter says “I have the best Grandma in the whole world.” That meant the world to me. I also like to win movie gift cards on DealDash because they make for great rainy day time for grandma with the grandkids. When it’s rainy we don’t ride the bikes but I do wish DealDash had more bicycle accessories to bid on like front and rear baskets, handle bar rear view mirrors, bicycle locks, etc.
How about you? What was your first win like?
By suvgal
cincinnati reds

Cincinnatti in the Summer

cincinnati reds

I’ve never been to Cincinnati before, but I have a small vacation get away planned for this summer. Knowing I would need to eat along the way, I was determined to get as many gift cards from DealDash as possible to pay for my meals while I was away.

DealDash.com has just about every restaurant gift card you can think of. Bidding on, and winning alot of these gift cards has helped me be well within my budget for this trip!

Checking out the Cincinnati restaurants you will find: Burger King, Panera Bread, Chili’s, lots of Darden Restaurants, including Red Lobster (one of my grandson’s favorites) and the Olive Garden. Just in case we decide on a higher end steak house, we also can try Texas Roadhouse Restaurants and the Outbacks are there too. Staying with these national chain restaurants when you are away from home helps take the stress out of “Where should we eat? Do you think the food is any good?”

With all of the gift cards I have been able to win and buy on DealDash I know I am well within my budget for the week and I am going to have left over money to enjoy the sites while I am out of town. And, with the fast, free shipping, I have all of the cards I need to take along. Thanks DealDash! I am so happy you have such a great assortment of gift cards to win and buy!

By Joan Vith


dealdash tips and reviews

Preparation Pays Off

My youngest daughter travels back and forth to college, which is a 40 minutes drive. I always look for things that would be a benefit to her in case she breaks down. An auction on DealDash for a red Trademark Tools 12 volt Electric Blanket caught my eye. Especially since we had a terrible winter here in Toledo, Ohio, being voted the city with the worst winter 2013-2014 by the Weather Channel.

electric blanket won on DealDash


I often worried about my daughter both being on the road, and possible breaking down while traveling to and from college. Her car is several years old so I figured if I won her the blanket, it would keep her warm should she break down till help arrived. The blanket plugs into the cars cigarette outlet to keep you warm. I bid and won the blanket on DealDash.com for $4.07 using 116 bids. The value of this item was $42.00. I gave it to her once it arrived and she tried it in her car and absolutely loves it! FYI: 116 bids @ 15¢ per bid = $17.40. 

Well my middle daughter saw it and wanted to know where hers was. So I waited for another auction to come up and saw the same blanket in another auction, only this one was blue instead of red, which was perfect. They could each have a different color. I won it for $0.37 using just 11 bids! She drives a convertible so she loves having it in her car just in case. I have one more daughter that wants one too but I haven’t tried yet to win her one yet. Hopefully soon! 

Whether you’re playing on DealDash.com or taking a trip, preparation pays off. Be sure to read more bidding tips, reviews, and strategies on how to win auctions on DealDash for a more prepared and enjoyable experience.

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.

Get discount Toys R Us gift cards on DealDash

Toys R Us Bonanza on DealDash

I was on a mission – a Super Grandma mission! I was determined to accrue as many ToysR Us gift cards as I could. My goal was to be able to provide lots and lots of gifts for my one and only grandaughter on her holiday. I saved all the cards that I would win and bin on DealDash so that she would have a spectacular Hanukkah in 2013. In total I accured 26 cards and her 8 day celebration was a hit.

She got a scooter but because we live in a cold, snowy climate, I let her ride up and down my long entryway which spans the length of the entire house. Her Auntie even had a hat made that said, “scooter girl” on it. It was too cute!

To further spoil her, I was able to get a Victorian dollhouse, Barbies with clothes, Monopoly, and more with the gift cards from DealDash.com. Although some cards were obtained using buy it now to get my bids back, my plan was to keep winning $10.00 cards which were more attainable and generally easier to win than the higher value gift cards on DealDash. I was racking those cards up. If I had more grandchildren, the bounty would have to be shared but life is short and she will have these memories to keep with her forever.

I recommend Deal Dash to people who have some time to play, compete, and concentrate on winning auctions. As one of the biggest tips is to have Patience Patience Patience.

I would rather shop at DealDash than deal with crowds, the horrible cold weather, and being disappointed because the store was all out of the item. Gas in the Northeast is ridiculous too, so it helps to be able to shop from my own home and get free shipping with Deal Dash. DealDash.com can be trusted to say what they mean and mean what they say. In my case, it has been a win-win shopping situation and my UPS man is sure to keep his job too with all the packages I’m receiving.

Sincerely, Grandmadebbie

Toys R Us Gift Card on DealDash

Recently Sold Toys R Us gift card sold on DealDash.com

Electric Fire Place Review Won on DealDash.com

DealDash is Hot

I Won this Electric Fireplace stove on DealDash for 75 cents and 9 bids! I plan on using this in our family room this winter! It puts off a lot of heat and will keep us nice and toasty!

My husband recently turned our attached garage into a family room so there is no heat in there which is why this heater will come in handy this winter to help keep us warm! I’m still going to try to win a bigger fireplace too so we will be really warm, however this will do in the mean time. We have lived in our home since 1990 and my husband has remodelled almost every room! We still need a bathroom make over, which is next on our list of to do things so hopefully DealDash will have some great bathroom items up for auction.

I’m looking forward to my next win on DealDash.com! It is so exciting and addicting lol! I can’t wait to get my grandchildren more items and to get the one due in October a few things too! I’m waiting till we find out if it’s a girl or boy. So far we have all boys. Ultrasound nurse says it’s to early too tell, but she has never been wrong, and she says it’s a girl! But as long as it’s healthy I don’t care what gender it is!

Electric Fire Place Review Won on DealDash.com


By Dan Boles and Donna

Birthday DealDash

Making a Birthday Great with DealDash

Birthday DealDash

My daughter’s 3rd birthday is coming up in September, and since I am extremely frugal I like to plan (and shop!) ahead on DealDash so I can get the best bargains.

After thinking for a while on what might be the best gift for her, I decided to get her a LeapPad2 Explorer tablet. I saw them come up occasionally on DealDash.com, and after price-checking around various stores such as Target they seemed to range in price from $69-$89, depending on if you got just the tablet or if you got the accessory kit to go with it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the BIN price on the Disney Princess-themed LeapPad2 Explorer was only $66 AND included not just the basic (but cute!) Princess decorated tablet, but also a carrying case, 7 Princess wallpapers, 2 sticker sheets, and 5 apps! I actually didn’t even think that I was really going to WIN, but I figured even BINning this tablet would be a bargain since it came with the extras.

But I did win!

DealDash Auction Win LeapPad2 tablet

I used 263 bids X .15 for a total of $39.45, and there was NO final auction fee, because it was a “Free Auction Weekend,” and of course DealDash always provides free shipping.

Since I was so successful in winning the LeapPad2 I figured that I would try and win some of the cartridges to go with it. I was able to win 2 of them at a great price and I ended up BINning the 3rd (and getting all of my bids back). Here is a short video showing how many bids I put in and how great my savings were.

Hint: About 50%!

Thank you DealDash, she is going to have the best birthday yet!

By Dawn X

DealDash Christmas Santa

Getting Deal Dashing For Christmas Gifts

DealDash Christmas Santa

Don’t wait 3 weeks before Christmas to start your gift shopping Start NOW!!!

Yes you will need a place to store all of your winnings between now and Christmas but, why wait??? Last year I did all of my Christmas shopping for under $500 on DealDash.com and my kids got everything they wanted. Video games for my younger ones and kitchen appliances for my older son. They woke up Christmas morning and Santa really came!!! My kids knew there was no way Mommy could buy all of that stuff, it had to be Santa (or DealDash) LOL!. 🙂

I have all ready started my shopping for this Christmas. So far I have a few things lined up, such as…

That is 3 Christmas gifts I already have sitting away which I won for less than $2.00 on DealDash.com.

You might be wondering.. oh yeah, well what about the cost of bids? Well any bids I need to buy I buy at 15¢ during a sale or I get them for free? See How I Get 300 Free DealDash Bids Every Week.

Looks like Santa is going to do it up this year too!!!

So how do I win auctions on DealDash?

I like to take my time with the auctions. I may not win this time around and I don’t like to feel like I have to always win. I can wait till DealDash has the same item up for auction again, and try another time. I save my bids this way. If I feel like this may be my last chance to win something my kids are wanting. Because I’m starting my Christmas shopping now, I can take my time and wait if I have to because I still have 5 months to Christmas.

Related: Patience ❤︎ Patience ❤︎ Patience 

Happy Biding, and good luck!!!

By Nicole Kososki

DealDash Customer Support

Why DealDash Customer Service Is The Best

DealDash Customer Support

After reviews of customer service, the DealDash customer support service is the best and so helpful.

They apologize and sympathize when needed,  they listen, allow the customer to talk, and promise a solution to your questions and concerns. I have had great success with DealDash Customer service on my concerns. If the person you are working with doesn’t know the answer, they will find the right answer for you no matter how silly the question might be.

They sent an email to tell me I had won the Best Photo of the Week contests and won a $500.00 gift card prize. Post your photos of you and your winning item. You could win a $500.00 gift card. I was given time to decide which gift card I would like to receive. After taking time to think about which one I wanted, I asked them if I could trade the gift card for Bids. I don’t remember how many bids I received. But they were very accommodating and gave me the value of the gift card in Bids. That allowed me to go on to other auctions. Some successful wins some not. But they accommodated me and I went to have fun bidding on more auctions.

My DealDash Win

Best Photo of the Week winners on DealDash get a free $500 gift card of choice!

With my free DealDash Bids I won a 42 inch LG flat screen TV. It now sits in my family room. I won it on a 50% off weekend. My $500.00 TV final cost was $22.49.

I love this TV. I won it at a perfect time. The picture tube in my 20-year-old TV blew out a week after I won the Flat screen TV. Timing of that win couldn’t have been any better for me. Most of my bigger wins timing seem to hit at the best times for me. But not always. Being able to pay for your purchases with PayPal is a plus too.

That makes paying for your Auctions wins a breeze. You don’t have to give your credit or debt card numbers if you are already a PayPal member.

Enjoy the auctions and share your favorite bidding wins below!

By suvgal

DealDash Bio

Review of Revealing DealDash Bios

I just finished reading some bios on the DealDash auction page. It really isn’t that late at night so I was curious to ask, “What do bidders hope to gain with the bio’s they write?”

I have seen some advertisements as bios, the bidder has a home business and put up their web address on their bio. I suppose they were thinking they would get some additional business from bidders.

DealDash Bidder Bio

Then, I have seen some bios that I would consider threatening. “Go ahead, waste your bids, I don’t give up.” And, of course you know they do. Or, they say “I am bidding til I win or BIN, you decide.” What exactly does this mean? We are all pretty much doing the same thing, we will bid til we have met our limit,we buy it now, or we win.

The bio that caught my attention in particular tonight is the one that writes, “I am amazed how people pay so much for their auction wins, plus the cost of their bids. This is supposed to be a deal.” Meanwhile, this bidder is in the process of putting more than 600 bids on an auction that started about 6:00pm. It is almost 10:00 pm, the auction is still going with no end in sight. So, I have to ask, “What do you consider a Deal?”

DealDash Tip

The “Grandma” bios are some of my favorites. One bidder stated, “There are some pretty mean Grandma’s out there!” I had to laugh because they were right. One in particular wins cards only from a specific store. I have never seen her bid on any other auctions and if she is bidding and is not on her maximum wins for the week, she will bid until she wins. The cost of bids or the auction win does not seem to matter. She will bid til she wins. Period. Other “grandmas” write how many grand children they have, how many great grandchildren they have, children, dogs, cats, really???? I think we should all just say something nice for these bios. Hello works for me, or just a friendly bidding tip works too.

Happy Bidding!

By Joan Vith

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DealDash Math Infograph

A Review of DealDash with Infographic

I don’t know about you, but my family of 4 goes through essential everyday household items like dish detergent, laundry gel, and trash bags like crazy! Since this eats up a lot of the household budget, there’s less money left for fun, like taking my kids to see the newest movies.

I like to maximize my household budget using DealDash to Win or BIN to get these essential everyday items. Everyone loves to WIN, but even if you have to end up Buying It Now it’s still not a loss, because you will get every single bid that you placed returned to you, instantly.

For example, if I knew that I needed to buy the baby diapers this week I would look ahead and see if there are any diaper auctions coming up in the next day or so. If I see there is a diaper auction coming up then I would use the diaper money from the budget to buy bids. Here is an auction for Diapers which sold for 7¢!

DealDash Diapers

Using DealDash math is easy! I would use the household budgeted diaper money to buy a 200 bid pack, which usually costs around $32-$34 depending on which sale they are currently running. The BIN price is $49, which is pretty close to the price I would normally get them at a Brick-and-Mortar store, such as Target or Toys R Us.

I would load up my Bid Buddy with the 200 bids that I bought, and hope for the best! Sometimes I don’t win and have to BIN for a fair price, but other times I WIN! Not only is it an awesome feeling, but then I also have bids leftover to bid on something fun for the family like a gift card to go to the movies, or if I had a really great WIN then a fun toy that the kids can share like a Lego set.

I love that I don’t even have to leave my house to shop, and I never have to pay extra shipping charges because everything on DealDash has FREE shipping. Here is an infographic to show you how DealDash math works in this situation:

DealDash Math Infograph

Have a great time Bidding, Winning, and BINning everyone!

By Dawn X

How I've Won Over 300 Auctions on DealDash

How I’ve won over 300 DealDash auctions

How I've Won Over 300 Auctions on DealDash

I simply love shopping on DealDash.com.  For the past two years I have won over 308 auctions and DealDash has allowed me to obtain many high quality items and gift cards I would not be able to have if it weren’t for Deal Dash.

Because I am retired and on a limited budget I have to be careful and very serious about the auctions I join.  I don’t bid on items to sell them, I use them for my self or to help support my animal rescue passion.
In the past, I was bidding with emotions mostly for fun and the adrenaline kick when I won. I was on DealDash so much that I won my weekly and monthly limits most of the time.  I went overboard and so did my bank account. No longer. I strive to be a smart bidder these days by reading tips, reviews and strategies on here www.DealDashReviewed.com every single day and utilizing the tips and bidding strategies that work well for me.
Although the But-It-Now feature is awesome, I never actually begin an auction with the intention of using BIN.
I am winning awesome items for a good Return On Investment.  One example is a $210 Citizen Ladies Eco Drive Watch I won most recently with 108 bids and final price of $11.73.  The bids were free because I participated in promotions to obtain free DealDash bids.  Another is a $217 Razor E200S Electric Scooter for $ .01 & 411 bids that I collected mostly free as well.  This will be a birthday present for my awesome and amazing niece!
So, my bidding recommendation is to pull back and bid smart.  Submit photos on Facebook and participate in whatever free promotions for free bids that you possibly can.  AND …. keep reading these tips and strategies everyday!
over the moon

Misconceptions About DealDash.com

over the moon

Ahhh…. DealDash …my favorite place to shop for deals, savings, a great experience, and fun!

I have been a loyal DealDash customer for 2 years and have won over 300 auctions. I am over-the-moon happy with the company, the products, and the support team! It always annoys me when I read comments or articles that are anti DealDash. I am always compelled to put in my two cents worth.
For those of us who take the time to understand how DealDash works and develop strategies, read the DealDashreviewed.com articles, and study the tips on the DealDash site, we know that those anti DealDash scam reviews are incorrect.
If you are a wise and informed bidder, your experience can be nothing but the best. With that said, please take the time to educate yourself so that we all get the best deal and best experience on DealDash possible. Don’t bid with your emotions… bid with your brain 🙂
DealDash money back guarantee

DealDash has Fair and Honest Auctions

My name is Nicki and I’m a real person from Michigan. I have been a customer with DealDash ever since 2012. I work a real job in photography, have 3 kids, brown hair and brown eyes LOL. I enjoy playing on DealDash. There is a lot of scamming going on out there these days and people have a hard time trusting sites like this one because of all of the scamming folks do. Well there is good news!!! And I’m here to tell you DealDash is not fake! DealDash is legit!

DealDash Auction Winner Review

DealDash offers a 100% money back guarantee with your first purchase because they are real. I have played at a few sites where they guarantee you a win, but NEVER your money back. The reason they do this is because your win is not what you spent to sign up! DealDash is not like that, If your not happy they will make you happy one way or the other.

Check it out >>>>

DealDash money back guarantee

Does DealDash seem to go to be true?

Here is some of my winnings, JUST THIS YEAR!!!

Safety First Play Yard Valued at $123 Brand new, shipped from Sears for 29 cents! This was during a 50% off sale therefore made the price 14 Cents! I bid 7 times before I won this crib, and got FREE SHIPPING! I think it is too good to be true, but it showed up at my door 2 days later! 🙂

Safety 1st Prelude Play Yard Rings

$100 BP gas card, 17 cents!!! Cost me 1 BID!!! FREE SHIPPING!!! And again too good to be true??? Showed up 2 days later!!!

DealDash is AWESOME!!! This is one site you have to give a chance!!! DealDash is real and legit!!!

By Nicole Kososki

DealDash winners

Review of my DealDash Experience

I kept seeing the items people were winning from Facebook posts by DealDash. My curiosity got the best of me.

So I decided to check it out. Well after watching some auctions I decided to try it. I didn’t win anything the first few times I tried bidding on auctions. And I don’t win every auction I try for, however I have won some really nice items and a number of restaurant and retail gift cards to list a few.

I gave a number of retail store gift cards to my kids. Barns and Noble Books gift card are one of their favorites that I have won for them. I have used the restaurant gift cards to treat my kids and grandkids to an evening out and a gift to myself of not having to cook dinner. Also we had some quality time together and a very reasonable priced evening out. Thanks to DealDash.

My big mistakes were not watching the tutorials sooner or reading the help blogs. Also by letting my stubbornness get the best of me. More than once I have bid way more for an auction than was reasonable to spend. I have gotten so carried away that I spent more than a thousand bids on an 800 bid pack and still did not win the 800 bids.

At the time my lack of knowledge had cost me to lose more auctions than I won. My DealDash bidding tip is to take time to read the blogs, watch the teaching videos, and just spend time watching the auctions without bidding. It is so amazing how an item might sell for 20 cents or $100.00 plus.

I just love DealDash! I’ve been a DealDash bidder for about a year now.

Recent Winner of $500 Gift Card for having the Best Photo of the Week

DealDash Winner

Best Photo of the Week Winner

Best time to bid on DealDash

3:00 AM DealDash Wins

Best time to bid on DealDash

Although my DealDash wins are limited, I do find that I’ve gotten some pretty good deals. I remember one of my first auction wins and this is the example that got me hooked on penny auctions.

I couldn’t sleep one night and decided that I was going to buy a bid pack because I had gotten an email advertising a 15-cent bid price for the weekend. As I perused the auctions at 3AM, I noticed the lack of people on the site because I was popping in and out of auctions (observing in my conservative way, LOL) to see if the bids being placed were BidBuddy or actual bidding. I found a handful of auctions coming up and bookmarked them. When they started, I put my starting bid in on all of them and two auctions, I won with only a 1-penny bid!!!

SOLD to the first and only bidder, a $10 Burger King gift card!

SOLD to the first and only bidder, an iPhone 5 accessory kit!

And to include free shipping on top of it, I was hooked on the rush of winning. The items were shipped, and I received each one within 4 days of paying. I was so excited and have decided that the best time for me to bid is at night, if I can get myself out of bed.

By Gigi Pence

A little about myself: I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years and really like it. I like to frequent DealDash because it is fun and entertaining. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash because you can get your bids back if you lose the auction using the Buy it Now. 

several different dealdash bidding strategies

Strategies to Save Bids On DealDash

several different dealdash bidding strategies

Perhaps you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to purchase huge bid packages. Many of us shop on DealDash.com to save more money than we spend. With several different auction bidding strategies to choose from, here I came up with some new winning strategies that could help low-income shoppers win an auction using fewer bids.

Auction Bidding Strategy No. 1: Put in at least one bid at the beginning of the auction so you do not get locked out. Then watch and wait. Only place bids in BidBuddy, the automated bidder, when the auction gets down to the last two or three customers still actively participating in the auction. Whenever you see additional customers jump into the auction, cancel your bids and wait until it gets down to only two or three bidders before you put your bids in again. However, before you cancel your bids, make sure the new customers who join the auction have placed more than one single bid.

Watch to see if they have become a part of the roll-over cycle by placing their bids in BidBuddy. Only put your bids in the auction when the competition is low, down to two or three players. The only problem with using this strategy is that you would have to keep a close eye on the bidding action the whole time, but this is a fairly low-risk strategy to save bids and still have a good chance of winning.

Auction Bidding Strategy No. 2: To make your bids go farther, after putting in your bid before $5 so you do not get locked out, again wait until the last two bidders. Then, near the beginning of the auction, put only 20 to 30 bids into BidBuddy, once for every dollar the bidding goes up. By putting in only 20 bids for every dollar the auction goes up, the auction might go to the other players before you put in your next 20 bids. By doing this for a while near the beginning of the auction, however, you are also conserving more bids. After the other customers have used up so many more bids than you that they might be getting ready to do a BIN (Buy It Now), then you could have enough bids left to place all the rest of them in at the end when the auction is most likely to close.

Of course, by using this strategy, you would be taking a chance that the win could go to one of the other two players during the bidding process when you have no bids in the system, but it would also make your bids last longer and it could improve your chances of still having enough bids left over at the end, when it counts most, to actually win the auction.

By Barbara Sellers

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Time Free Bids

The Free Bids Timer On DealDash

I’ve been asked before “What annoys me on DealDash when bidding on an auction?” and I have to say that the one thing that stands out is when people don’t take advantage of the “Free Bids” timer that accrue while you are the high bidder. If new DealDash players did their research before jumping into their first auction, they would learn that DealDash gives you free bids. By this, I mean they have a timer set and every time you are a high bidder on an item, the timer will countdown. Once you collect enough time for each particular level, you can claim a free bid reward.

DealDash Free Bid Timer

The lower your level as a bidder, the shorter the timer but as you earn time and reach higher levels, the time will go up and your reward (number of free bids you can earn) also goes up!

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Collecting time as highest bidder is one of the easiest ways to “earn” free bids on DealDash and the newbies that haven’t done their homework tend to bully the auctions in the hopes of probably scaring people off but in reality, they are just driving up the price and causing others to miss out on their chance of earning free bids. This is discouraging to the other bidders of site but one of the things that we deal with as part of the game called penny auctions.

By Gigi Pence

A little about myself: I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years and really like it. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash.

Time Free Bids

blueberry cascade smart solar sold on DealDash

Honoring Loved Ones

blueberry cascade smart solar sold on DealDash DealDash offers several solar powered items in their large catalog of items offered for auction but one item that caught my eye was the Smart Solar – Solar-Powered 4-Tier Cascading Fountain – Blueberry/Rustic Blue

My oldest grandson Landan passed away in 2006 at the age of 3 from Bacterial Meningococcal Meningitis. Since then I have wanted to create a memorial garden in my yard to honor his memory. I have a good sized backyard with gardens on both sides of the back corners. After losing Landan, I dedicated one of those gardens to my grandson. I really wanted a solar fountain even before it was an option on DealDash. I have even searched them online, pricing the ones I liked.

One of my favorite fountains came up for auction on Dealdash. I knew it would be perfect for my memorial garden. Their was several auctions for them in different color options. It took me a couple tries to finally win it but I did win it for $16.15 using 112 bids. I haven’t got it set up in the garden yet, but I hope to have it there before the summer ends.

I would love to see Dealdash expand their solar options and add even more items for auction. From what I have seen of the final ending prices, these solar items are a big hit with bidders!

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on Dealdash since Sept 2012. I have won over 170 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons {one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart}

Review DealDash Winning Tips

How DealDash’s Winners Tab Helps You Win

DealDash Winners Menu Page

One of the most important things when it comes to bidding in penny auctions on DealDash.com is to review the winners page on DealDash. I can not even begin to explain how important this is.

Here are a few ways I use DealDash’s winners tab to help me win more auctions.

1. Who is winning what? Be sure to keep tabs on your opponents. Has the person you are bidding with just won a 600 bid pack? Or worse a 5000 bid pack? You probably don’t stand a chance if they have. Be sure to scan the winners page and see what’s recently sold and to who.

I like to scroll back 2 or 3 days and double check my opponents to see what all they have won. If you press ctrl f on your pc key board it will bring up a finder bar (cmd f for macs). Type in the bidders user name that you are bidding against and see what they have won over the last few days. You may be surprised to find out that yesterday they won four or five bid packs and have bids to blow a dent in your bidding strategy. Let it go, there will be another of the same item coming up for auction again soon. 🙂 That’s one of the best things about shopping on DealDash, they are constantly adding new items up for auction and many of the same items so that bidders can have another shot at winning.

2. Knowing how much an item usually sells for. Last time the auction may have sold for $100 and the time before it went for $97. Having a good idea about how much an auction will sell for can set you up for bidding success so you know the best point to join the auction for your best chances of winning. Watch the auction price and wait for less people to be bidding on the item before joining.

3. Bonus DealDash Bidding Tip and Strategy: Knowing the average selling price can really help you win an auction with few bids. If you know the average selling price, don’t book your bids on your BidBuddy until the items price nears the average selling point. Discover how to find the average selling price of an auction.

Good luck and happy bidding 😛
DealDash.com Steaks

Moooing for More DealDash.com

DealDash.com Steaks I love it when DealDash offers their Free Win specials. During these times you bid as you normally would bid, but instead of the winner paying the final selling amount, DealDash pays the final winning amount. It’s one of the times that I am most active on DealDash, and much to my dismay, probably one of the times that I use more of my bids.

Recently there was a Omaha Steaks Fantastic Feast package being auctioned. The retail price was $185.00. I could just imagine how wonderful those tender, juicy steaks were going to be. I could close my eyes and almost smell them, as they were sizzling on the grill. I had planned on having fresh corn on the cob with butter dripping off the ears with them and maybe even a margarita to accompany the meal.

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Yes, I really wanted those steaks. I used 173 bids, more bids than I have ever used for one item in my entire DealDash history. I was determined that this prize was going to be mine, but it was making me crazy seeing the bid amount go higher and higher. I kept forgetting that this was a Free Win time and I was wondering where I was going to get the money to pay for the win.

Finally I had set my bid buddy and walked away, returning in time to see that there were five bidders that had joined the activity. Guess many people had the same grill vision I had – these were popular! I decided that there were too many participants so I backed out of the auction, intending on going back in when I saw just two or three participating bidders.

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Evidently some of the other participants must have thought the same thing because the two people who were bidding ahead of me never showed back up on the bid screen either, and the person who had been immediately after me for each of my prior 10 bids won the auction right after I cancelled my bid buddy.

The winning price closed $46.55 and DealDash paid that final selling price for the winner. Here’s what I have to say about that. MOOO…

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013. I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia currently searching for a job as an administrative assistant.

Hard Day's Night Beatles

A Hard Day’s Night

Hard Day's Night Beatles

Beatles Hard Day’s Night Video

After a really long day at work, it is always nice to come home and relax by watching and bidding on DealDash. I really like to watch the bidders who slap everyone. It really can be entertaining to watch! They go from auction to auction and bid against everyone. Meanwhile the bid buddies are in use and the slapper gets no where. The slappers are easy to spot and watching them bid on every auction, you have to wonder if they are aware they can only win 6 auctions in a week?

RelatedDealDash Auction Winning limits

The technique of slapping really helps experienced bidders so we don’t have to waste bids on an auction. They take away the drama of one or two bidders on an auction and we can wait until they are out of bids so we can seriously get to the point of trying to win an auction.

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It is always a good feeling to win an auction and light up another winning bar across the top of your screen. I know some people think if they read that you have one win out of six that you are not a successful bidder. In reality it means that you may be selective, you may only bid on gas gift cards, or you may have just opened up all six of your auctions for the week.

I am sure DealDash will have another promotion this weekend and I look forward to having a chance to win some amazing items. Good luck to all those serious bidders, I enjoy the challenge!

The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night – Official Video

By Joan Vith

Old Rusted Pots and Pans

Replacing Old with New on DealDash.com

Corningware White Blue Flowers I don’t have to cook very often but I do love it. When there is only two of you it seems easier to go out most of the time.  Decided to cook a nice meal the other day and was taken off guard. Looked at my pots & pans and realized that some of my kitchen basics were 20 years old! Yes I said 20. Does anyone still have the vintage corningware that is white with little blue flowers? Or a set of Ginsu knives? How embarrassing. I take very good care of my things but that is ridiculous.

I thought to myself, it’s time to go shopping on DealDash.com and started bidding on kitchen items. In no time I had replaced most of my stoneware, knives, utensils, and saucepans. I even won a non stick skillet and an electric triple slowcooker just for fun! All of the items are very good quality including brand items from Paula Deen & Rachael Ray. So the shopping might have gotten a little out of hand. But how could anyone stop when you get a non stick skillet for 5 bids or a slow cooker for only 10 bids!

That’s what you call a kitchen remodel for sure! I replaced most of all my old stuff with new items from DealDash. I probably would not have spent the money to replace all of it if I had to buy retail. That’s the best part about Deal Dash. It is possible to get the things you want at a huge savings. There must be others out there like me who mostly shop for others rather than themselves. Deal Dash makes it possible for it to be your turn now.

So now I’m thinking what I can remodel next. On to the next department, maybe the deck or yard maintenance…

Have fun bidding!

By DealDash Bidder Newfden

See DealDash Fireworks Explode
Win coffee on DealDash

See what Deals are Brewing on DealDash

Win coffee on DealDash

photo credits: snapground

After receiving a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas two years ago, I ended up using K-cups my family bought me for gifts. My daughter was always trying different flavors, but she always used flavored creamers too, something I really don’t care for. I happened to notice one day while I was looking over the various auction items on DealDash, that there were several different types of K-cups being offered for auction. Alot of K-cups. Alot of varieties. Alot of good deals, too.

While I have had some pretty amazing wins on K-cups, (5-10 bids) it has also given me the opportunity to try different brands and different blends. I am surprised at how many types of coffees there are that come in K-cup form. I am also amazed at the variety DealDash has to offer for us to bid, win and buy it now if necessary.

Having the different varieties to bid on, I got to try all kinds of coffees, all kinds of brands and determine for myself which ones are too strong, too mild, or just right. I didn’t know until last summer when DealDash offered them that K-cups come in iced tea flavors too. What a great treat on a hot day to make yourself a really tall glass of iced tea on the Keurig! Happy bidding everyone, enjoy your favorite coffee blends or teas all offered at DealDash!

By Joan Vith


Differences In Bidding On DealDash And Other Penny Auction Sites

dealdash new

Discovering New Products on DealDash.com

DealDash egg cooker reviewTechnology changes so quickly these days that it is difficult to keep up on the greatest and latest new gadgets available in the marketplace that are designed to save time and make our lives easier.

However, the DealDash.com team in charge of selecting products does a super great job of keeping up with it. That is one of the things I like most about shopping on DealDash.com.

I not only find nearly anything I need or want on the DealDash.com site, but I often see new and interesting products that I did not even know existed. Even when I am not shopping, I still enjoy opening up the DealDash home page to look for new items that I might need or want to give to a friend or family member as a gift.

One of my favorite products I found on DealDash.com that I use often is a chicken that takes all the guess-work out of knowing when my boiled eggs are done. I ended up doing a Buy-It-Now on that item, but I am so happy that I found it. Another new product I recently discovered on DealDash.com, which I did not win yet but still hope to win, is the cordless, electric lawn mower. I have been looking for a mower that would be easy to start so I do not strain my back, and that one might be what I need.

Some other products I discovered on DealDash.com that I already won are the Barska Hidden Book Safe, a 4-piece glow-in-the-dark non-slip mat set for my front porch steps, the WristAid Ergonomic Mouse Pad (which I love because I am on my computer several hours a day), the Conair facial sauna system, and the Vinotemp Alcohol Breath Tester keychain. I never drink and drive myself, but I give that keychain to people I know who may like to know when they are over the legal limit of alcohol to drive safely, perhaps it could save the lives of innocent sober drivers who share the same roads.

Written by Barbara Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on DealDash.com since Feb. 8, 2012. Barbara is on Level 41 and has won 459 auctions.


DealDash Bid Exchange

Winning to Exchange for DealDash Bids

Some of my wins on DealDash.com consisted of a low dollar item that I would be able to trade in at payment for bids instead of the actual product.

When browsing the penny auctions on DealDash I came across a few things which were not useful for me however decided to bid on them anyway. I didn’t actually know about the item to bid exchange option at the time or never really noticed it because I was always winning items that I wanted so it did not pertain to me. When you win an auction you actually have two options: a) purchase your item and option b) exchange to bids!

DealDash Item to Bid Exchange

I came across it by accident when I won an auction for a pack of markers. I was paying $1.25 for some Crayola markers I thought my niece may like. There was the usual option to pay for the item and have it shipped or exchange it for a number of bids. I thought about it and decided to give it a try and went ahead and exchanged it for bids this time.

Since then, I’ve found myself watching small dollar items a bit more just to win them and exchange them for more bids than I used to win the auctions. It’s one of the processes I use when bidding and it’s gained me a few product exchanges for bids. I think this fits my “conservative” bidding style and would venture to bet that others do this as well. Whenever you do decide to press that exchange for bids button DealDash prompts you to confirm this is something you actually want to do.

DealDash Item to Bid Exchange Prompt

What kinds of DealDash strategies do you use? Do you use the exchange to bids option?


A little about myself: I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years and really like it. I like to frequent DealDash because it is fun and entertaining. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash because of it’s ability to exchange for bids when you win an auction and the ability to buy it now and get your bids back if you lose an auction.

By Gigi Pence

Elite chopper sale DealDash

Chopping Up Elite Deals

Elite chopper sale DealDash Since my life seems to have revolved around the kitchen for the last 42 years. I recently bid on and won two of the handiest items that would help us all in prep time. It is the Elite Cuisine Mini chopper.

I actually won two of them! One for 13 cents, the other for $2.54. I gave one of these choppers as a gift to my sister, who is a queen in her kitchen, and the other I kept for myself. Who really likes to drag a big, clumsy food processor out each time?

One of the things that I use my chopper for is to make potato pancakes. These hot, crispy pancakes are made with ease. I peel 6 potatoes and leave them in cold water. Then, I cut potato chunks and chop them up. I do the same with an onion.

Grab an egg, salt, pepper and we are ready. Mix all ingredients into a large bowl and spoon into a hot oiled fry the way you would make pancakes. Work fast with the potatoes so that they won’t burn. Brown on both sides, serve with sour cream or applesauce and you have a wonderful side dish.

This is popular during the winter holidays in my culture. I also use this chopper to make the ingredients that I use in bread stuffing, salsa, dips, or anything that need to be cut. The parts are dishwasher safe and it makes recipes a breeze.

Thank you Deal Dash for making shopping so much fun! I’m happy to win good deals for myself and also for my family members. If you don’t win you can buy the item and get your bids back. 🙂

Sincerely, Grandmadebbie

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DealDash Fireworks Winners

See DealDash Fireworks Explode

We all like fireworks, those bursts of color and light. They light up the night sky in abundance on the 4th of July. However, we can see fireworks any day of the year whenever we win an auction on DealDash. It is such a thrill to see the fireworks and the ‘Congratulations – You Won’ banner.

DealDash Fireworks Winners

You sit at your computer, looking for that special item you want and then you start bidding. I have found, on several occasions, that if I watch too closely I seldom win. When I start bidding, but do not watch every bid, I do better. During the Memorial Day special of ‘free wins’ and 3 times the count down, there were a lot of bidders for all the items.

When a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card opened for bids, I placed my bids using bid buddy and was also caught up in a book. I would check back every now and then and add more bids as needed. Low and behold, suddenly from the corner of my eye I saw fireworks and knew I had won by not watching too closely again!!

If you watch every bid, try looking away for a short while and see if this works for you. Try not to let your emotion overcome you when bidding. See these critical mistakes people make when it comes to bidding in auctions.

Regardless of how you win, love the fireworks and enjoy your win!

Happy 4th of July Deal Dashers!!

Now go get your fireworks! Deal Dash is selling bids at 14¢! That’s the cheapest amount they’ve sold bids in over a year!


DealDash Gas Gift Cards

Anticipating DealDash Auctions

DealDash Gas Gift Cards

Automotive/gas gift cards featured on DealDash.com

I had a fun week waiting on the DealDash items I had coming from USPS mail, UPS and FedEx guys. I didn’t win any larger items last week, but I had a lot of fun and got some cool things I really wanted and needed.

In the mail I got a $150 gas card that is being put to very good use. I work with our county and some animal rescue organizations and I use a lot of gas running around town going to the shelter, to pick up animals, to deliver animals, to the pet store, and to pick up supplies. The gas cards are some of my favorite items to bid and win on DealDash.com and they have a really good variety!

craftsman torpedo level won on DealDash.com I also received a neat Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level, valued at $47, for $ .01. It will go with the iWork 50-piece Pink Home Tool Set that I used the Buy it Now on to get my bids back recently. No more asking my husband or struggling to get that wall picture to hang straight. 😉

Today I was very excited because I received the Wooden Jewellery Armoire worth $101 that I won for $0.01. The $20 Conair Classique Collection Lighted Mirror that I won for $ .01 is sitting on top. Inside is my recently won $76 Blue Sapphire Heart Bracelet in Sterling Silver that I won for $14.65. My jewellery is finally organized!

And remember, everything from DealDash always comes with free shipping! 

I am pretty much on a fixed income so I have to wait a couple of weeks to do some more shopping. In the meantime, I need to place a pet food order so I am going to BIN (Buy it Now) a $200 Amazon card that I spent way too many bids on …. I know that we’ve all done that!  Happy Bidding!

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By Dianne Aikman


dealdash auction win limit

DealDash Auction Winning limits


auction winning limits on dealdash A lot of new folks don’t realize they can only win so many auctions in one week. In case you’re one of them and not sure of the winning limits on DealDash.com, you can win 6 auctions that have a value of less than $200 a week. You can also win 3 auctions valued over $200 in per week. Once you have reached your max wins you can no longer bid on those kinds of items.

DealDash Auction Winning limits

To ensure equal chances for everyone to win you can win up to 6 items valued less than $200, and 3 items valued more than $200 per week. You can follow the status of your wins by logging in and looking at the winning limit slots right next to the bid amount. The system will not allow you to bid after you have reached your limit. All remaining Bid Buddies will be automatically cancelled. Please plan your bidding strategy with this in mind.

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I love using this to my advantage when I want an item and the person I’m bidding with is in two or more auctions I’m in. Let one go, just let them have it. They will no longer be able to bid in any of the other auctions so that’s one less person you have to worry about. If it is just me and them on 2 auctions I pick one that I want and let them have the other one. We both win but it is my choice which one I win. Or watch the auctions, if they are bidding with someone else and win one auction then they can’t bid on the other auction they are in, and there is your chance to jump in and grab a win.

You also have the option to see who is on their winning limit by going to your dashboard and clicking on who’s on their limit button. It will cost you 1 bid but it is 1 bid well spent. You can see everyone’s username that has reached their winning limits. This is another helpful tool that DealDash has set up for you to plan in your next bidding strategy.

Good luck with your bidding 🙂

Play dealdash

How Simple Distractions Can Ruin Plans

It is rare when I am in possession of both the available time, and the buying power, to survive a long and sometimes costly auction. With a limited budget, I can’t just dig into the bank account to add to my bid buying power. When I am lucky enough to have the bids available, and a little time to “play”, I do it with a high level of desire and it doesn’t take much to disappoint me. My bidding plan can be upset with some of the most simple distractions.

While bidding on a much desired, Cabela’s $100.00 gift certificate. I had been bidding without my bid buddy, since I had to carefully select just when I wanted to place my limited number of bids. I was well on my way to obtaining one, when the battery died on my computer. By the time I got it plugged in, the next bidder had won. This was especially difficult for me to accept since I had only entered four bids. I guess it could of gone on for quite a while but as it happened the very next bidder got the certificate for $1.40. Unfortunately, I couldn’t count on the BIN option this time.

For many years, I’ve had to answer the telephone as part of my job. As a result, it seems wrong if I detect a telephone ringing nearby and don’t answer it. Not so long ago, I was participating in the auction for a Dance Central DVD for that Xbox 360, when I heard the telephone ring. I thought I had added additional bids to my bid buddy, but I actually had keyed in the amount of the bids I wanted the bid buddy to use and forgot to push the book bid buddy button losing the auction as a result. Buy it Now (BIN) to the rescue for this lost auction.

I have lost auctions when I left the computer for seemingly seconds. Like the time when I bent down to retrieve a paper that had floated to the floor, and the time when I took 10 steps away to stir something that was cooking on the stove. Then there was the time when I got out of the chair to peek on children that were being too quiet, only to discover that they weren’t into any mischief but had simply wore out and fallen asleep.

Like many DealDash customers, I have a busy, sometimes hectic life. Bidding on penny auctions offers a form of stress relief in some instances and on other occasions, it adds to the stress. I love watching the action when it gets down to the last few seconds and watching to see that I am the one who has received the “you’ve won” fireworks!

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013. I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia currently searching for a job as an administrative assistant.

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Skeptical about DealDash

Skeptical about DealDash? What I learned

Sceptical about trying DealDash.com? Don’t worry I was skeptical too and this is what I learned.

Skeptical about DealDash Just to start I will have to own up to the fact that I am not an “online” person when it comes to anything to do with a computer. Just like to do things the old fashioned way like keeping real accounting books, writing actual letters or cards and picking up the phone when you want to talk with someone, not texting. So when I heard about Deal Dash I had no clue to what it was or even how to do it. Could it be true?  Needless to say I am online bidding or watching Deal Dash almost everyday. Who would have thought?

I started with research and questions. What is Deal Dash? Who are they? What do they offer and is it for real? What I found out was astonishing. Yes Deal Dash is real and fair. The products are 100% brand new and of good quality. Best of all you can win an auction if you play with integrity. I have received all of the auction items that I won and all of the Buy it Now (BIN) orders too. There has never been a mix up on what I have been charged or any wrong number of bids deducted or placed in my account. I am a small business owner myself and to run a company ethically and with hardly any mistakes is a huge achievement in itself. If you ever have to contact customer service for anything, which I have had to do because I was confused, every person employed  at Deal Dash has the best customer service skills I have ever encountered, including my own!

So with a little learning, everyone young and old and everyone in between, computer savvy or not, can be a Deal Dasher too. If you need any help with anything all you have to do is call or email  customer service and they will be glad to help. You can also read about good bidding tips from this blog site where the articles are written by people who have experience shopping on DealDash. Thinking of trying DealDash.com, NO skepticism required.

By Newfden

DealDash Buy it Now review

Reviewing why to Buy it Now on DealDash

Reviewing DealDash's buy it now feature

One of the absolute best reasons for bidding on DealDash.com is their Buy it Now option. While other penny auction sites offer a buy it now feature, none of them offer to return ALL, yes I said ALL, of your bids back for free!!!

I can buy it now for the full retail price (say $25 for a $25 gift card) and have all of my bids returned to bid again if I would like.

When the buy it now option first came on to the scene, I was skeptical and wondered why would someone pay full price? You really are trying to win the auction. Your intent is to win. Well, most of the auctions I am on are competitive auctions and the other bidders are all trying to win too. So, I spoke with a few other bidders, and their reaction was pretty simple and clear cut. “Why not?”

After all, if there are 30 bidders all going for the same item, and you have reached your own personal limit, the buy it now option lets you get the item you wanted, and for free, all of your bids come back to you to try again. Oh, and shipping is always free on DealDash. You really don’t lose. My daughter says I skip to the mailbox! Not sure about that, but I am awfully happy to collect my winnings and plan my next adventure on DealDash!

By Joan Vith

I’m a grandma of two boys, who are my pride and joy, and a retired HR Specialist currently working as a volunteer manager at a non-profit. I have been playing penny auctions since 2011 as it lets me enjoy being competitive and win. You don’t get those opportunities at work or being a spectator of sporting events.

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DealDash Buy it Now review

DealDash Buy it Now

Graco DuoDiner High Chair

Sitting on the High Chair of DealDash

Graco DuoDiner High Chair My “job” is as a nanny for a sweet little 12 month old girl. I have cared for her since she was 6 weeks old. This is work that I have done for family and friends for almost 8 years.

I sometimes go to my own home during the day for a few hours. My high chair was worn and a little ratty so I tossed it and needed to buy a new one.
I saw a Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 High Chair come up for auction on DealDash.com during a “Final Auction Price FREE” promotion. I have always gotten my best deals during FREE promotions so they are my favorite. I had just collected 630 FREE BIDS for reaching level 41 on DealDash. I used 447 bids for the high chair. I was lucky enough to win the chair and then only pay $0.01 for it with FREE shipping!!
What a great deal! The high chair arrived yesterday and I am simply thrilled with the item and the quality! Savings just does not and can not get any better than that! Thank you Deal Dash!!!!