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DealDash Kids: Fun Crafts to do on Spring Break


When you have young kids going on a Spring Break vacation isn’t in the cards. Here are some fun crafts from DealDash to do on school break.

When you have kids, you know the importance of keeping them occupied, especially during a school break. Kids need to do things to exercise their mind and creativity. There are so many activities kids can do besides going online and playing video games. Arts and crafts are one of the best things to do with your kids. There are so many crafts to choose from so I have narrowed down the best ones that kids will enjoy on their school break. Read on for some great craft ideas from DealDash.

Spin Tie Dye Art

Tie-dye activities are always a fun activity to do, and now that the weather is getting warmer you can do this one outside if you have a deck or patio.  The best way to do a tie-dye activity is to use your salad spinner as a spin art machine. Your kids can tie-dye many different things by using a salad spinner. It is important to use washable paint so you will not have any permanent marks on the spinner and no splatter. Kids will love this one because they can get outside and get a little messy.

Create a Fairy Garden

If you want to put your child’s imagination to good use, you should create a fairy garden. All you have to do is sprinkle some glitter over your garden and add different things such as colorful stones and rocks. Your kids will enjoy this activity because they will think the glitter is pixie dust.

If the weather where you are isn’t so nice yet, no problem. You can stay inside and help the kids paint stones for the fairy garden. There are kits to do this at the craft store, or you can easily use (washed) stones from outside and acrylic paint. If you would like your designs to last all through the year, be sure to spray a clear coat of paint on after the rocks are decorated to keep the rain off.


Slime is one of the most exciting crafts to do with your kids. All you need is glue, water, food coloring, and Borax solution. You can create different types of slime by using food coloring. Adding glitter and other things to your slime can also make it a lot of fun. Your kids will have a good time making slime and will enjoy playing with it. You can also add larger elements such as beads or foam balls to make textured slime. This activity is surprisingly not very messy.

Thanks for Reading

Crafting with your kids can be a lot of fun. I hope these three crafts have given you some ideas.  These crafts are easy to make, and it very fun for your kids. Arta and crafts are a great after-school activity to do once the homework is done or taking a break from electronics, not just on vacation breaks.  Your kids will activate their creativity and will enjoy spending time with you. Trust me, when they are older they will fondly remember the times spent crafting with you and not watching a screen.

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on crafting with your kids. Don’t forget to check back every day for new articles here. Also read our sister blog, DealDash Tips. We love to hear from our readers. If you have any comments please leave them down below.

Crafting with kids is fun and keeps them happy. You can get gift cards to big box stores that have craft supplies from DealDash. Always get your gift cards DealDash for the best deal. DealDash  has gift cards for all occasions. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Have a great time on DealDash and happy bidding everyone! 


This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. Read even more on DealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Redecorates Your Bathroom

Image result for decorate bathroom

Your bathroom might be the smallest room in your house, but you spend a lot of time there. Why not spruce it up?

The easiest and least costly way to make your bathroom look freshly updated is giving it a new coat of paint. Try a vibrant new color to really make this small space pop! If you’re transitioning over from plain white walls and you’re not ready to make a huge change yet, why not pick a favorite color and get a lighter version? Here’s a hint that I learned from my realtor when we were picking the colors that we wanted the builder to paint each different room – After picking the color on the paint chip that you like from the paint store, pick the color that is 1 color lighter (or above) the color that you chose. Once the color is on the wall it will appear darker, and therefore look closer to the color that you originally wanted.

Another easy (and not too expensive) fix for your bathroom that will transform it’s look is to change all of the hardware in the room. For example, if all of your hardware is currently chrome, change it to bronze or stainless steel. The most common hardware items that will need to be changed are:

  • Knobs on drawers and medicine cabinet
  • Towel rack
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Doorknob
  • Shower curtain rod
  • Shower curtain rings
  • Sink faucet
  • Tub faucet

If you’re not quite ready for the time and commitment to change all of the hardware, but want a totally different looking bathroom, try retiling the floor.  This is a fun project that doesn’t take a lot of money, especially if you have a very small bathroom. You can get a very fancy and luxurious set of tiles for your bathroom and feel like a king or queen.

Lastly, if all of the previous suggestions are not feasible for you at this time, then a fresh set of hand towels, some fancy new guest soap, a new bathroom rug, and a deep cleaning will make any bathroom look great. Scrub that toilet and sink until it sparkles, and you will have a bathroom that anyone would be proud to call their own.

I hope that you found this article helpful. If you’re looking to redecorate any of the rooms in your home, check out DealDash. DealDash has many decorative items for your home. Here is a link to check out the auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Image result for decorate bathroom

DealDash Crafts: Crayon Art

Image result for crayon melted art ideas

Melted crayon art is beautiful and fun to make. Here’s how…

Making craft projects is what keeps life exciting, and melted crayon art is very easy to do, doesn’t require many materials, and can produce a finished project in less than an hour. What’s not to like?

My daughter brought home a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch at her school, and I was instructed that we needed to decorate it in a non-scary way and return it to school in a few days. Since we needed to transport it back to school I figured that carving probably wasn’t the best option, stickers would just fall off, and drawing on it with a sharpie marker just wasn’t very fun. With those things in mind, I decided that we would make her pumpkin into a melted crayon project. Here is a quick tutorial in case you would like to make your own melted crayon art.


  • Canvas of some type, it can be anything from a cardboard box to an actual art canvas
  • Crayons. They can be the cheap ones from the dollar store, if you like. The amount of crayons you need is proportional to the size of your project. A 24 pack of crayons is good for a small to medium-sized project.
  • Glue gun with glue
  • Hair dryer
  • Newspaper or large piece of cardboard to contain the mess

Step 1:

Using your glue gun, glue the crayons to the top of your canvas. Point the tips of the crayons down.

Step 2:

Using your hair dryer, put it on high heat and point it to the bottom half of the crayons.

Step 3:

Continue along the crayons until you are satisfied with the amount that they have melted. I found that I needed to concentrate the hair dryer in one spot for about 5 minutes to get them melted as much as I wanted.

Step 4:

Let dry. After drying you can remove the crayon wrappers and the remainder of the crayons that weren’t melted – or you can leave them on the canvas. It’s completely your decision.

I hope that you found this to be a fun craft project. If you like crafts, be sure to visit DealDash. DealDash has many fun craft items for auction. Just click this link here and you can browse the auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Image result for crayon melted art ideas


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DealDash Makes: Beauty Bath Bombs

Image result for make bath bombs

Many women and children (and even some men!) love to take a relaxing bath before bed. Homemade bath bombs can make your bath extra luxurious.

Bath bombs are very easy to make, the ingredients are relatively inexpensive, and you can make them tailored to your own scent preference. Not only that, you can even make them into fun shapes for your children or to give as gifts. Don’t pay those outrageous mall specialty store prices, make your own! Once you have the basic recipe you can include any sort of color, scent, or shape that you like. This is also a fun project that you can do with your kids, if they are reluctant bathers, this might help.


  • 1 cup Baking Soda
  • 1/2 cup Citric Acid
  • 1/2 cup Epsom Salt (preferably the fine-grained type)
  • 1/2 cup Corn Starch
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons Almond Oil (or grapeseed oil, avocado oil, or any other carrier oil that you choose)
  • 3/4 tablespoons Water
  • 2 teaspoons Essential Oils (Any scent you like, you can even mix them)
  • Liquid food coloring (optional, but extra fun)
  • Mold (Silicone is the easiest to remove the bath bomb)


  1. Using your dry ingredients, combine 1 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of corn starch, 1/2 cup of epsom salt, and 1/2 cup of citric acid in a large bowl. Be sure that your dry ingredients are mixed well.
  2. Using your liquid ingredients, combine 2 1/2 tablespoons of almond ( or other carrier oil) oil, 3/4 tablespoons of water, and 2 teaspoons of essential oils in a separate bowl.
  3. Combine the mixture of wet ingredients into your dry ingredients and mix together. Please be sure that they are mixed extremely well, otherwise you will have chunks in your bath bombs, and no one wants that!
  4. Add your food coloring. Approximately 3-6 drops of food coloring is appropriate, depending on how light or dark you would like your bath bombs. If you would like to make more than 1 color of bath bomb, separate your mixture into different bowls. The more bowls you use separate your mixture, the less food coloring you will need to use in each. Mix food coloring well, you can even put gloves on and squash it around with your hands.
  5. Time to fill your mold! spoon some of your mixture into the mold, and squash down tightly with either a spoon or your hand. Continue filling and squashing until your bath bomb has reached the top of the mold. You can even layer different colors on top of one another.
  6. Let your mixture dry in the mold for 1-2 hours, depending on how big the bath bombs are.
  7. Remove from the mold, put on waxed paper, and continue to let them dry overnight.
  8. After drying you can store them in airtight containers and use as needed.

If you are having a difficult time finding the perfect silicone mold, you can use metal or plastic molds as well. Even a muffin tin will work in a pinch! For kid’s bath bombs I like to use fun-shaped silicone ice cube trays. You can make more bath bombs that way, so they can throw in 2 or 3 per bath.

I hope that you have found this article helpful. Check out DealDash‘s Fashion, Health, and Beauty category for more great beauty products. DealDash is always on trend. Just click here and you will be taken to DealDash so you can browse the auctions. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Image result for make bath bombs

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DealDash Makes: Mason Jar Candle

Image result for mason jar candle

Mason jars have been very popular lately, and you can bet that mason jar objects are a little bit more expensive than plain ones. Why not make your own mason jar crafts? Let’s start with a mason jar candle.

Mason jars are a classic example of Americana, they bring back great nostalgic memories for a lot of people, especially people who had a grandma who loved to garden and can her own vegetables. Mason jars are everywhere now, and more often than not they are merely vessels to hold another decoration. Today we will use a mason jar to create a candle that you can enjoy for yourself or give as a gift.


  • Block of meltable candle wax – you can get this at any craft store
  • Mason jar
  •  Candle wick about as tall as your mason jar
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Pot that the measuring cup will fit in
  • Candle scent (optional)
  • Coloring (optional)


  1. Cut enough wax off of your block to fill your mason jar about 75% full – this doesn’t have to be an exact measurement, you can always save the rest of the wax for another time if you don’t need all that you prepare.
  2. Put your pot on the stove, place your glass measuring cup in the pot. Place your wax in the glass measuring cup. Put enough water in the pot to come about 1/2 way up the glass measuring cup.
  3. Put your burner on medium heat and wait for the wax to melt.
  4. Put a dab of super glue or glue from a glue gun on the bottom of your mason jar and stick the bottom end of the wick down. You can then put a pencil across the top of your mason jar and lightly tape the top of the wick to the pencil to anchor it so it doesn’t move around when you pour your wax in.
  5. When your wax has melted you can now add your scent and color if you so desire. You can also leave it scentless and colorless if you like.
  6. Using a pot holder, pick up your glass measuring cup and pour your wax very carefully into your mason jar. Try not to disturb the wick too much, and don’t over-pour the wax, be sure to leave some of the wick visible.
  7. Remove your pencil anchor and trim the wick to your desired length.
  8. All done!

Wasn’t that an easy and fun project? If you are in the market for more home decor items be sure to check DealDash. DealDash has many home decor, art, and useful home items up for bid. Just click this link and it will take you to DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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5 Tools You Should Win on DealDash

Image result for pile of tools

With so many tools out there, sometimes it’s hard to choose what you should have in your toolbox. Here are 5 tools that you can get from DealDash that you shouldn’t be without.

You could make life super easy on yourself and get one of those large “All-in-one” kits with 100 tools, but most people don’t really need that many tools to do simple projects around the house. Here is a list of 5 tools that you need to get from DealDash before you start on your next project.

  1. Cordless Drill – Everyone needs a cordless drill. I use my cordless drill for everything from craft projects, to putting up pictures, to putting together toys, and so much more. There are many different variations of the cordless drill, you can get a very affordable one with a BIN (Buy It Now) price of around $60, or go with a more expensive one, it just depends on what you plan on using it for, and how often. Just click on this link here and you will be taken to a selection of drills on DealDash.
  2. Saw – If you have any kind of trees, brushes, or shrubs in your yard you should consider getting some kind of saw. There are many different kinds of saw that you can get, from a small handheld one all the way up to a large chainsaw. To see the different saws available on DealDash, just click this link here.
  3. Dremel Rotary Tool – Dremel Rotary Tools are great for lots of different things around the house, from cutting small objects to sanding and much more. They are especially great for doing craft and small woodworking projects. Just click this link right here and it will take you to the Dremels on DealDash.
  4. Pliers – You absolutely need pliers in your toolbox. They are handy for lots of small tasks around the house and you never know when you might need them, so it’s good to be prepared. Just click on this link right here and it will take you to the pliers on DealDash.
  5. Wrench Set – As with the pliers, you never know when you are going to need a wrench set. It’s great to have one around the house, especially if you are the one in charge of putting together the kid’s bikes! Here is a link to the wrenches available on DealDash.

We have a notification system called “Alert Me” which automatically notifies you when auctions are scheduled. If you find an item on the site that isn’t currently scheduled for an auction and says “Coming soon”, simply click the yellow “Alert Me” button. An e-mail will automatically be sent to you when the auction enters the queue. You will receive three e-mails for each alert: one when the auction is scheduled, one 8 hours before the auctions begins, and one more when the auction starts.

I hope that you found this quick list of 5 indispensable tools helpful. DealDash has many tools available for auction, and remember – if you don’t WIN you can always BIN. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Dremel 200-N/15 120V 2-Speed Rotary Tool

DealDash Makes: A Chalkboard Calendar

As a busy mom of three sometimes I struggle with remembering who has a doctor appointment, who has a dentist appointment, and what I have planned for the week’s dinners. Enter the chalkboard calendar.

There are different kinds of pre-made chalkboard calendars out there, and of course there are plenty of plain chalkboards, but I was looking for something more special than that. I was planning on giving it a prized position in the kitchen above my new buffet cabinet, so everyone could easily see what was going on the upcoming week. I looked and looked, but I had a hard time finding one that was big enough, framed tastefully to match my kitchen, and wasn’t $180. Yes, the only one that I found that I liked was $180.

So I decided to make my own! It’s really very simple and easy. You only need a few items to make your new chalkboard calendar, and you can spend only a few dollars on up to as high a limit as you would like to go. The smaller chalkboard calendar that you make the cheaper it will be, because the most expensive thing that you are going to need is a picture frame, and picture frame prices seem to raise exponentially with size.


  • Picture frame – Any size that you want that will fit your space and your budget. I personally went to the craft store and used a 40% off coupon on a beautiful bluish-gray frame that was sized 16X20. After the discount I paid around $20 for it.
  • Chalkboard contact paper – They sell rolls of this at the craft store, and also at Wal*Mart in the drawer liner section. The chalkboard contact paper is very inexpensive.
  • Paint pen – You can get them at the craft store in any color that you like.
  • Chalk or chalk markers
  • Hanging supplies for your frame
  • Ruler, scissors


  1. Measure a piece of chalkboard contact paper that will fit your frame and cut it out.
  2. Draw on the chalkboard with your paint pen, this information will be permanent. I chose to put our last name at the top, the days of the week, and then a section for “To do”.
  3. Peel off the backing on your chalkboard contact paper and stick it right on the glass of the picture frame.
  4. Hang up your picture frame.
  5. Bam! You’ve got a personalized chalkboard calendar! Use those chalkboard pens and write out your agenda, dinner plans, appointments, anything that you would like to remember. The chalkboard paint should rub off easily with a cloth and a little water, but the paint pen words should stay put. You may have to refresh them occasionally, or you could just peel off the chalkboard decal paper and put a new and fresh one on occasionally.

Wasn’t that easy? I found that it was really fun to make and looks very nice when hanging on the wall. It’s nice because you can get any frame you like from the craft store to match your decor. If you are shopping for any other decor for your home be sure to check out DealDash. DealDash has decorative items as well as furniture. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Makes: a Pillow iPod Stand

You might not realize how much you need an iPad pillow stand until you have one. Here is a quick and easy lesson to get you started on your road to comfort with your iPad as your co-pilot.

The iPad pillow stand will cushion the iPad and keep it standing, and it will also be a very comfortable stand that can be placed on your lap or stomach while you are reading, FaceTiming, or browsing on DealDash.


  • Pattern
  • large piece of soft and comfortable yet sturdy cloth for the pillow’s exterior – This should measure at least 16 inches long and 45 inches wide
  • Scissors
  • Chalk or a fabric pencil
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Box cutter/Razor knife
  • Ruler
  • Large chunk of craft foam for the soft body of the pillow – You can get this at a craft, hobby, or sewing store
  • Sewing machine (optional)


  • The first thing that you are going to need is a pattern. You can get the pattern from this link right here: http://blog.ipevo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/PadPillow_sewing_pattern.pdf 
  • Print out the pattern from the link. It will print the size that you need. Cut out the pattern, trace around them on your fabric with the chalk, and then cut out the sections from the cloth with the scissors.
  • Follow the directions that are enclosed in the pattern .pdf. You can then sew the pieces together using a sewing machine or the needle and thread. When you’re done sewing all three fabric cutouts together, you’ll have the basic shape of the iPad pillow stand. There will be an unsewn space in the back of the pillow to allow you to stuff the foam inside the fabric stand.
  • Next you need to cut the pieces of craft foam. Cut the first piece of craft foam using a ruler and box-cutter-type knife. This smaller piece should measure 12.6 x 9.1 x 1.6 inches.
  • After you have cut the basic shape and size then you need to shave down one side of the foam piece to form a semi-triangular shape instead of than leaving it as a simple rectangle.
  • After you’re done with the first piece of foam, cut the second triangular piece of foam. This larger piece should measure 6.3 x 5.7 x 12.6 inches where 6.3 inches is the base of the triangle, 5.7 inches is the height, and 12.6 inches is the length.
  • Next, put them into the fabric cover that you have sewn. Just add them one at a time, shoving them in through the opening of the fabric cover.
  • Lastly, sew up the seam that you have left open.

See, simple, easy, and fun! If you are looking for a project to do with your child, this would be a fun one, as long as your child is responsible enough to use the sharp materials. Please supervise your children closely.

If you’re in need of a new iPad, iPhone, iPod, or other tablet be sure to check out DealDash. Apple products are very popular and come up often on DealDash, be sure to load up your BidBuddy to be sure that you have an edge in the auction! Just click on this link here to be taken to the Apple products on DealDash.

Apple iPad mini 4 128GB Wi-Fi, Gold

DealDash Builds: a Bench

Building a simple bench from scratch is very easy even with a minimum of woodworking skills and can even be a fun family project.

Building a bench from scratch can be a wonderful bonding experience with your kids, and should only take an afternoon unless you decide to turn the “simple” bench into a much more intricate one.

The first thing that you are going to need to do is make sure that you have the proper materials for the job. The bare minimum of what you will need is listed below.


  • Saw (or pre-cut wood)
  • Paintbrush
  • Drill
  • Wood screws
  • 2×10 wooden board
  • 2×2 cut to 8′ length
  • 1X4 wooden board 8′ (2)
  • Wooden dowl rod
  • Paint or wood stain


  • Cut the side pieces for your bench. Take a single 2×10 wooden board and cut two equal sized pieces to the height of your new bench using a saw.
  • Attach the brace bar. Using wood screws for each bar, attach a 2×2 cut to 8′ length to each side piece. This 2×2 should be attached 1 ½” from the top of the side pieces. Be sure not to use the screws closer to any of the edges of the board so your wood doesn’t split.
  • Attach the sides of the bench to each other. Use two 8’ 1x4s to attach the sides of the bench to each other. The top edge of the 1×4 will be flush with the top of the side pieces.
  • Drill dowel holes into both ends of the 2x2s and the matching location on the 1x4s. Use dowels to attach these and then use your wood screws, pass from the outside of the bench sides and into the 1x4s, use two screws for each end of the 1×4 boards.
  • Add the seating area. Use two 8’ 2x4s. Use long wood screws, go through the side boards and into the seat boards, please use 6 screws on each side.
  • Paint your creation. If you made this bench with your kids, how about letting them paint this bench however they would like? When they get sick of it being lime green or hot pink you can always paint it a more “grown up” color.

That’s it, folks. If you need to get some supplies before you get started on your project make sure you visit DealDash. DealDash has the tools that you will need for this project as well as just about any other home improvement that you can think of doing. Just click on this link here and it will take you to the Home, Garden, and Tools category.

DealDash Speaks On: Outdoor Ponds


When you hear the phrase “outdoor pond” does your mind conjure up a fabulous mansion? The good news is that you can have a pond on a budget in your own backyard.

The great thing about an outdoor pond in your backyard is that you can choose if you want it to be an extremely budget-conscious small one, a medium-sized one, or go all out and break the budget with an extremely large and fancy one. What’s also nice is that you don’t have to get everything all at once. You can start your project, complete the basics, and then add-on more decorative or additional items later on.

Building your own backyard pond can be a bit labor-intensive, but if you put your mind to it (and don’t plan too big of a pond) you can knock this project out in a weekend. Read on for a quick primer of installing your new outdoor pond.

Materials needed

  • Shovel
  • Tape measure
  • Flexible pond liner
  • Water pump
  • Filter
  • Edging stones
  • Heater (optional)


  • Use your shovel to remove the grass in and around the area where you want your pond to be located. Remember to remove the grass 6 to 12 inches beyond the perimeter so you’ll have a flat surface.
  • Starting along the outside edge, dig out the edging to a depth of around 10 inches. Then remove all dirt within the pond area by layers, digging from the center outwards. Dig out an extra 2 inches deeper for an underlayment. Most people use sand. If you live in a colder climate be sure to create a spot to overwinter plants and fish. In cold areas, you need a zone that won’t freeze to keep your fishies happy. It should be 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide. Don’t place a fountain or pump in this deep zone. Alternately, you could skip the no-freeze zone and purchase a pond heater that you would need to use as soon as the night-time temperatures drop to anywhere near freezing. The top of the finished edging should be 1-2 inches above the area outside your pond to prevent runoff from entering the pond.
  • Be sure to inspect the hole for sharp stones or roots and remove them. Flexible liners can easily puncture from rocks, gravel, and other sharp objects. Cushion the liner with an underlayment of some kind. Options include 2 to 3 inches of sand, fiberglass insulation material or newspaper. Place your chosen material in the bottom of the hole and on any shelves cut into the sides of the pond. Also, pack damp sand into any holes in the sidewalls where large rocks were removed.
  • Using a partner, drape the liner loosely into the hole with an even overlap on all sides. Then weigh down the edges with a few of the pieces of edging that you are planning on using when the pond is complete. Once the liner is in place to your liking, fill the pond with water. As the pond fills with water, adjust the liner to conform to the sides of the pond, and smooth out as many creases and wrinkles as possible. When the pond is full, trim off excess lining with sharp scissors. Leave enough liner around the pond rim to extend underneath and a few inches behind the first row of edging stones.
  • To keep the liner in place while adding your edging stones, push long nails through the liner into the ground every foot or so around the pond rim. You can use natural flat stones that you find yourself for the edging, or you can purchase stones. You can even use driftwood, or bricks. To prevent your stones (or bricks or driftwood) from moving, mortar them in place. Mortar comes premixed and is fairly inexpensive.
  • After the liner is installed and the water has been filled then you can add your pump and filter. Please consult your local pet shop to figure out what sort of living animals that you would like to put in your pond, anything from cheapie feeder goldfish, frogs, koi, etc.

I hope that you found this article about backyard pond installation helpful. If you would like to save some money with your project be sure to check out DealDash. DealDash offers both Lowe’s and Petco gift cards up for auction regularly. Check out the Gift Card category on DealDash and see how much you can save! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Building a Birdhouse With DealDash

  If you read my article on birdwatching but would like to watch birds a little closer to home, how about building a simple bird house?

Building a bird house can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. As someone with limited woodworking skills we are going to keep this simple!

The first thing that you need to do is gather your materials. You will need:


  • One 5-foot 1- x 6-inch No. 2 pine board
  • Measuring tape
  • 2-inch galvanized finishing nails
  • Power drill
  • Appropriate-size spade bit
  • Hand saw
  • Hammer

The first thing you need to do is measure and cut your board. You will need to cut out 2 pieces that are 10″ long, a piece that is 7.75″ long, two slanted pieces as shown in the diagram below, and 1 piece that is 4″. You will end up with an extra piece at the end of your board, you can save that in case you would like to make a second bird house later on.

Simple DIY Birdhouse 2

After you have cut your board down go ahead and make the round hole in the first 10″ long board. Using your drill and the spade bit make a round hole about 2″ in diameter 2″ down from the top of the board.

Next, it’s time to put the pieces together and secure them with the finishing nails.

  • Attach the FRONT (A) with the SIDES (D)
  • Attach the BACK (C) with the SIDES (D)
  • Attach the FLOOR (E) 1/4 inch up from the bottom of the house, then attach it with 2-inch finishing nails from the sides and back.
  • Attach the ROOF (B)to the sides

DIY Birdhouse assembly

You’re done! If you don’t have all of the equipment that you need to build this simple bird house, be sure to go to DealDash! They have a great selection of tools, as well as gift cards to Lowe’s. Check out this link here to see all of the drills that DealDash has up for auction. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!