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DealDash Buy it Now Review

Review of the “Buy It Now” on DealDash

DealDash Buy it Now Review

The “Buy It Now” is a great feature of DealDash. I really wanted  a pressure washer. Well I wasn’t lucky enough to win it so instead I used the Buy It Now feature on DealDash.com and got the pressure washer I wanted and all my Bids back for free.

I have also used the Buy it now on some other auctions items like a bicycle, lawn fountain, gift cards and more. I then use the Bids I get back to win auctions like an 800 Bid pack I won! Even thought I may not always win with the bids I get back from the Buy it Now purchase, I still have fun trying to win and I’m happy with my purchase.

I think that even when you lose an auction on DealDash, you can still win with the Buy it Now.

I now have a very clean and renewed deck, a happy grand child and other items thanks to DealDash. One of my most favorite things about DealDash is the free shipping. It is wonderful that you don’t have to pay for the shipping of your auction wins like you do on other online shopping sites. DealDash also gives you the tracking information of your win so you’ll know exactly when you can expect your package to arrive.

Another wonderful feature is the ability to earn free bids with the time as highest bidder meter.

I love when DealDash offers 2X and 3X faster timers going so you can earn way more free bids than usual. You can’t beat the Free auction days and 50% off auctions either. This is where Deal Dash pays the final selling price when you win an auction or you only have to pay 50% of the normal selling price.

Be sure to review DealDash bidding tutorials and the blogs for tips other useful features.

DealDash.com offers an outstanding customer service staff and are always good about helping. They are well-trained to help you in every way they can within their guide lines. I have never had a problem and recommend asking for assistance if needed.
Thanks for reading! Please comment below! Written by Pat LaBelle (suvgal)
Cotton Candy Machine Won on DealDash.com

The Sweet Taste Of Winning DealDash Auctions

My first experiences and review with DealDash in the beginning was that I thought I would never ever win.

I had my period of bid stomping which now I sometimes even run to the rescue of people who get their bids stomped by that “newbie”, or person who does not know better, that we all know and love. I don’t recall winning an auction at all with my first few bid packs until during a DealDash FREE Sale where Deal Dash pays the final selling price of the item for the winner!

With the DealDash bids I had available, I was not going to give up on winning something.

Well I noticed a 2000 bid pack and I started bidding on it and actually amazed myself by winning that bid pack and thus leading to this fabulous relationship that I have developed with DealDash.com since August 2013. I have won some high ticket items on Deal Dash for not so much money and I have won some awesome lower ticket items for mere pennies. My advice is simple: take your time, go slow and have fun. You can’t win every auction but then again you can’t lose every auction either. You will get that “Big Win” you’ve wanted one of these days. In the mean time there is the Buy it Now option so you don’t have to lose your bids and keep purchasing more.

Here’s a video demo of the Chef Buddy Cotton Candy Machine which I won for only $0.03 on DealDash.com.

This is something my kids and their friends love when they are over and is used at least weekly! The cleanup is a breeze and it’s easily stored in a cupboard. The cotton candy simply melts in your mouth! Not a bad deal winning this for just 3¢.

Good Luck

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DealDash Reviews

Catching The Real Deal On DealDash

DealDash Reviews

This is my Grandson Justin. He is 12 years old and is into scouting, basketball and of course fishing! I really tried hard to win several items on DealDash that they featured recently. I bid on the Gone Fishing 12 Foot Telescoping Fishing Pole, South Bend 137-Piece Deluxe Tackle Kit and the Big Bobber Floating Cooler.

Although I happened to not win, I did not lose either because I chose to use the “Buy it Now” option that DealDash offers. The “Buy it Now” option is a unique feature and what I think a customer benefit that I use frequently. The “Buy it Now” option allows a bidder to purchase an item they have bid on at regular price in case they lose. The best deal about the “Buy it Now’ option is you get all the bids back that you bid on the item. That is a great deal and it makes great money sense too because I would have bought the item at a store for Justin anyway. I bid on DealDash and can do it from the comfort of my home. I do not spend gas money to go to a store and I do not have to stand in a long line to check out. All items are delivered with free shipping right to my front door.

Justin was so excited when he received the Gone Fishing 12 Foot Telescoping Fishing Pole, South Bend 137-Piece Deluxe Tackle Kit and the Big Bobber Floating Cooler. Ask Justin and he always says, “His Granny is the best!” Thanks Justin and thanks DealDash for offering great items to bid on.

By Victoria L Overton

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