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So Fresh And So Clean Deals On DealDash

Having three daughters in the house, there was always one of them dressing up from time to time and as usual, a dress needing to be pressed.

steam clean dealdashWhether it be a dance or a meeting, a wrinkled dress was a definite no-no. Now that my youngest was in college, and in a Sorority, she was always wearing a dress.

As I was scrolling through the available auctions on DealDash, I spotted the Hamilton Beach – 90 Minute Fabric Steamer in the color Silver/Black . It seemed like it would be the perfect answer to our needs. I decided to plug in a few bids and I ended up winning it for $0.13 using just 6 bids. The steamer DealDash.com listed is valued at $82.00 and it looks just like the professional steamer that the upscale dress shop used where we bought my daughters prom dress. This unit gives you 90 minutes of steam time to handle all your needs. 

As an added bonus, it offers a brush that can be used on upholstery. With 3 dogs in the house, we can sure use that. And should you need a crease added, this steamer comes with a crease tool for just that reason.

Now my daughters never have to be wrinkled again!

I have been a bidder on Dealdash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.

By Kim Finnegan

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